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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 29, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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time for great viral videos right this minute. helmet cam shows a rider on a motorcycle. turns right here at the stop sign. why that right turn put him in the wrong place. >> the good news is i saved all these little boogers. >> a reptile expert saved seven baby turtles. >> trying to make their way across t where he discovered one more. >> it was actually eight. >> it looks like something out of independence day. but is it real or fake? >> you have to be honest. it's pretty good. >> the extraordinary video lighting up social media. we all know those guys. >> let everybody know they're so buff. >> i'm not even flexing right
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that biker dude youtube channel just posted this video of an incident he had a while back riding his beautiful yamaha r 1 sport bike. turns at the stop sign. meanders down the street at a reasonable pace. oh, no! >> how do you not see the motorcycle cin direction? >> every motorcyclist who has ever been hit by a car says the same thing. how did you not see me? >> it's red! like a glowing red light that says stop! >> he was remarkably okay. police arrived. paramedics arrived. he called his dad and said, this is bad but i'm okay. >> he is probably so thankful his son is okay.
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tumbled to the ground. could have been so much worse. to mexico. boy, the nice tight curved entrance ramps to the highway kind of beckon to us riders. gives you a chance to lean over, ride tight. that's a bit too low, buddy. >> oh! >> up against the wall. >> that k-rail came up quick. the rider said he put his foot out to soften the impact so it >> [ bleep ]. >> couple drivers stopped quickly. asked him if he is okay. he says i am fine. nothing is broken. wrong! his foot is broken. >> both of the drivers in the video have on tennis shoes and jeans. >> there is better gear out there to protect you from the slide. they always say dress for the slide, not the ride.
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on the road. last week he encountered an unfortunate situation on the road in florida. >> i noticed something moving. i thought it was leaves but it wasn't leaves. i saved all these little boogers. >> they're little turtles. >> look. they just hatched. >> oh, my god they're so cute. >> they're baby florida soft shells and he said the mothers lay the eggs on the side of the road because it's high enough and and elevation but they're too close to the road which means that there is potential they'll go the wrong way once the turtles are hatched. >> how do you know which way they were going? >> he's collected them and he's going to take them away from the road and find a safe place away from any civilization where he can safely release them again. >> i am heading to my little undisclosed location.
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right with my hat. here we go. >> oh. >> it turns out -- a tiny little turtle hid behind the liner of his hat. >> just five more minutes. i'm not ready for life yet! >> i love this. the turtle is like, i know how you are with animals. maybe i should hang with you. >> i think i found a nice spot for us to let these guys go. >> there they are. he starts putting them handy. >> a happy ending here for our story. >> he is a conservationist. he loves to protect reptiles and turtles. >> i love it. i love doing what i do. he shares a lot of his experiences on his youtube channel called camp kennan. if you want to see what he's doing head to our website or our mobile app. a leaf out of christian's
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bloody, gray aliens? >> yes! yes! >> come on. >> no oh come on. check this out. i want some credit. this one is kind of good. reportedly from a small village in malaysia. you can hear people reacting to what they're seeing. you also see cameras going on. straight out of "independence day," let's be honest. >> moves over the top. you can hear loud thundery bang. heads behind those trees. not done yet. you can see as it gets further away it's fading. like i said, guys, you gotta be honest, it's pretty good. but it's coming back. this is where it starts shifting over its axis here. giving us a good look at the burning light in the middle. >> and then everybody gets zapped!
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wrong, a small amount of skepticism at the table. >> no! >> oh. >> you're right. it is a very good, most likely, hoax. >> right. i'm going to put it out there that whoever did this, i think this is good enough for hollywood. they're expecting. what other way to figure out the sex of their baby. in the big blue sea. >> duh! >> the scene is pink balloon and a blue balloon. they're both filled with bait. >> so the fish is going to choose? >> yes. he's going to leave it to the hammerheads. not the baby. the balloons, right? >> he's going to leave the balloons to the hammerhead to figure out the gender of the baby. >> wait a minute. it doesn't work like that. if the hammerhead chooses a blue balloon that doesn't mean you get a boy. >> here comes the hammerhead.
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>> it looks like it clobbers the blue balloon. >> so the shark got the blue balloon. >> the captain says the hammerheads never lie. so looks like it's a boy. >> shark gods said it's a boy. from the size of the shark, looks like it's going to be a pig. >> folks at home are probably thinking, how would the shark >> he says the hammerheads don't lie. i hope for the sake of the hammerhead and for the baby who goes home in the blue onesie that it's a boy. >> it's a girl. no, it's a boy. >> it's a boy. off-roading is great fun until your vehicle turns into -- >> potentially a submarine. >> find out if they managed to pull it out. and these snakes are not
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it's great fun, especially when you get off road. unfortunately, that's where the problem started when this vehicle got quite literally off the road and started becoming not so much an off-road vehicle but potentially a submarine. it was on its way to south wales. went through what's ordinarily a simple crossing but that river, that creek, running pretty high
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they got a tow rope out there. the other vehicle looks like it's going to pull it out. like i said, quite a bit of pressure put on it by the water. >> you can see the two guys working on the back trying to attach the tow rope. things are not going according to plan. look at the guy in the white t-shirt. he's holding on to the rope. almost gets swept away. loses his footing. >> get out of the way. >> telling the guy in the black t-shirt to move out of the way because they're expecting this fj cruiser to start cruising down the river. that's what's happened. they basically lost control of the vehicle. the driver now getting out from inside. the guys are like, that's a bad place to be. looks like he gets out just in the nick of time. when we finally get a look to where the fj cruiser ended up, you can see a bit of it right there. >> man. it turned into a boat that sunk.
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and ford that river. >> i think the creek was a bit deeper than they were expecting. once it got hung up. that was all she wrote. won't take you long to figure out where this is happening because it happens a lot down under. >> ireland? >> more like -- oh! ah! >> they want to be. these are carpet this is how males battle it out when it's that time of year for them to get their groove on and try to make some eggs with some ladies. but these two are multi-tasking because not only are they hanging off the side of this house, they're fighting. >> wow. wow. >> no. i love burpees said no one
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minnie. >> minnie is a miniature pincher. her burpee game is on. her owner says when the german shepherd is out, she wants to go play. >> open the door. let her go play. >> they say she does it when anything -- when there is a bug outside, she'll do the exercise. filled with thrills and activities. like this kid. riley. riding along and playing with the sky combat aces in las vegas. you can pay to fly along in these planes. riley said, i want to go night-night. ?? >> oh, oh. >> troubling. very troubling. >> that's about eight gs.
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the plane can do more than that. but riley wakes up up side-down. >> poor baby. >> poor baby nothing. he is smiling after he comes to. >> it looked like he was made of wax and he was just melting. it's time for our morning speed flying session. hold on to something. it's pretty intense. see how starting the day this way is sure she is a little girl who loves to belt it out! >> wingo, wingo. where are you? >> she is singing "twinkle, twinkle little star" as she has
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as the sun peeks up over the horizon, some people like to wake up like me andav of tea. some people need a little espresso. jamie here needs more than that. a shot of adrenaline straight to the central nervous system. it's intense. he has something highly maneuverable. highly speed flying. one of the most incredible ones i have ever seen. we're away, up into the air. let's get exciting. let's get straight away exciting. let's go straight down.
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just skimming his feet on the floor. it's so close, left, right. another barrel roll to the left. it's getting crazy. look out. now we can see there is a big cave. now gets so close to the ground he could run his fingers through what i am only assuming is the grass before basically giving me a full-on heart stop. pulls back on the brakes and relaxes. >> that's incredible. >> i think that will shake the sleep out of your eyes if that's what he did first thing in the morning. >> there was a full minute or so at the end where he does just cruise through the air gracefully and slowly. getting close to the trees which enabled me to calm down. but the speed flying when he was passing inches off the ground by the looks of it, just missing the rocks and walls.
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? twinkle, twinkle, little star ? >> she's singing twinkle twinkle little star as she has a tracheotomy tube. little olivia has to put her finger in the tube to actually get the words out. one of the reason she is becoming such a little sensation is because she has had the tube since she was really young. she is now 3 1/2 years old. first place is because she was born prematurely at 25 weeks. >> whoa! >> yeah. she had to have a breathing tube. every time they tried to take it off and remove it, she still had trouble breathing. the next best option is to actually put a tracheotomy tube in her, that she's had the entire time. >> shows you the resilience of kids. they can adapt to any situation. they can find the fun and the
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her voice and in the video. >> obviously because of that issue she has also had speech developmental issues. so the fact that she is still singing and trying to speak and she's doing it clearly, it's a huge accomplishment for her. according to reports she will eventually be able to have it removed. she'll obviously have a scar but that's inconsequential to how beautiful her life will be able to develop. these guys are flexing their pranking muscles. >> i am really ripped, right. >> see the hilarious way they prove they're fit to provide
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anonymous. he has been checking out this cliff in crystal cove, california. this is the day he's going to jump off. >> has he done the research? >> can he jump far out enough? >> estimates it's about 100 feet high. you can see the estimate looks pretty accurate. you can hear his breathing. so quick. getting obviously quite nervous. >> this is foolish. >> he could stop right here. it's beautiful. look at the the side. you already scored, man. >> it's something he's always wanted to do. he is ready to do it. not a millisecond after he's jumped, he has made a huge mistake. >> oh! >> did he hit or did he just miss? it looked like he just missed it. >> he must have every single bone in his body broken right now. >> i was just waiting for the bad news to hear he was taken to
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his back is a bit sore and he got scraped up, but that's it. >> no! >> he literally by the skin of his back he just missed that rock. >> let's call it quits right here, brother. >> don't do it again. >> he admits it was a bit crazy. he says i won't be trying that jump anytime soon. this is what he likes to do. he's been doing stuff like this for about ten years. this was almost the time when his career came to an end. we all know those guys, big muscle guys who have to let everybody know that they're so buff! >> oh, yeah. huge. my gosh. look at those guns! >> hey. it's okay. >> the guys at the studios muscle up and head to the library. >> wow. he's been hitting the gym. >> ladies, did you know that i'm not even flexing right now?
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>> ha, ha! >> this is my favorite book. see how ripped i am? you want it? >> no. i want you to go away. >> i would push you but i'm not sure if that's real muscles. >> this won't take long. this has 15 grams of protein in it. >> i don't understand. >> oh. maybe you heard of protein? >> yeah. >> okay. >> i wish his shirt was definition of the muscles. because right now he looks like maybe he has been working out or maybe he's been investing in the ice cream. >> if you can see muscles through a big sweatshirt you know he's pumped underneath. >> are you going to gold's? >> no. i have work tonight. >> school sometimes get in the way of my routine. i have to stay on top of it. >> that guy looks like he actually lifts.
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>> time to do some weights. i am actually not vegan, just to clear the air. i was wondering if you want to be lifting buddies. i think i qualify. we can be the biceps brothers. >> here is the question we all want to know. >> finally somebody calls him out! nope, they don't. it's a body suit. >> thanks for hanging out with us today, everybody. join us on the next "right this
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time for great viral videos right this minute. >> a raft ride is rapidly going south. >> something is about to go down. >> why it's more like someone. >> wow! >> a woman makes it her mission to get older dogs adopted. >> so she started muttville. >> how she is building the program one forever home at a there is no chance the driver could even see it coming. why the clue is in the bounce. >> holy -- and the big difference. >> between a man-cold and a mom-cold. >> i understand that you're achy. i'm achy too. i am doing laundry. >> see who's got no sympathy for the sniffles. >> i know you feel like you're going to die. you are not going to die. i will dig a hole and kick you into the hole and cover you up. you just have a cold.


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