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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  September 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> it sounded like a bomb went off. like it was really loud. the train just flew and it never stopped. >> i didn't feel or hear anything. the only thing i felt was the feeling of my car going off the track. >> new jersey governor chris christie said most of the injuries came from people aboard people on the train not on the platform. he said there is no indication the crash was anything but a tragic accident. but, he noted it is still early to assumptions. coming up at 5:00, we will show taking next in the investigation. mock, fox 25 news. >> and we have continuing coverage of the train tragedy in new jersey flout the night. fox 25's ted daniel just arrived on the scene. he is gathering information right now and putting together a report. at 4:30, we will go live from the scene to see how the cleanup efforts are progressing now 7 hours after that crash. at 5:00, we will look into the similarities between this crash and one that killed 8 people in philadelphia last year.
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to install to prevent tragedies on our tracks here in boston. >> developing right now, new hampshire and massachusetts police are look for two people who caused at least one school to go on lockdown, at one point police were looking for four area, but now they have caught two. the places near pembroke are impacted by the search and they will update the public once they know more, the safe mode was lifted and the di after school activities are being held as usual. >> police in multiple states are now investigating the disappearance of a connecticut crt woman while her son maintained he had nothing to do with her presumed death. nathan and his mother linda went for a fishing trip off narragansett 11 days ago, the boat chickenpox mysteriously sank and his mom was lost at sea, all day today detectives searched carmen's home in vermont taking a number of items. nathan was considered a suspect
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in 2013. his father said nathan loved spending time with his grandparents and would never do any harm. >> they were the two most important people in his life. nathan told the a.p. he feels healthy and no charges are filed though a criminal investigation is underway. >> some improvements in the weather, the sunshine is trying to peak out from the clouds a few times. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz joins us from the storm tracker weather center, and despite the sun you are tracking rain? >> the the heaviest rain we will see from the system is from friday night into saturday, we are hoping to get it in between the k activities this weekend, if it times out just right, might be able to do that. here is the thing, this afternoon, we have seen the clouds dipping south wad and it came out in boston. you can see it there on the invisible satellite imagery off the sun and it's the best way to see where the clouds are, clearly plenty of sun off to the north and west of boston. that's something we are talking about a lot all week long, how the further north and west you
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sunshine with the the on-shore wind, through the afternoon the clouds are tough in the south shore, we know that and and they will start to move back in over everyone tomorrow. i don't expect rain by the morning, although there can be a touch of drizzle with the coast and on shore wind. showers appear in the futurecast, there is steadier rain around new york city and that's what i'm tracking in by our area tomorrow night. i will show you a timeline when we can get out of here but it's not the last time we will see it this afternoon. what happened to a woman before she called 911 from down an embankment along the highway bound and duct taped. robert goulston got the tip on this breaking news last night for our news at 10:00, he is live in weymouth and robert you tracked down a business that was able to provide video for a police investigation. >> jackie, yeah, police are going through the video, to figure out exactly what happened to this young 18 year-old woman and how she ended up where they found her.
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now they are trying to fill in the blanks. >> it baffles me, honestly, because you don't know. >> weymouth residents can't imagine how an 18 year-old woman ended up in a are vene near route 3 last night. police say they got a 911 call from the woman who said she was bound and duct taped and she didn't know where she was. police were able to find herbie keeping her on the phone and having her listen to their sirens. >> [inaudible] >> everyone stay where she is. >> the woman had duct tape on her hands and feet when officers finally got her out of the ravine. she told them the man gave her a ride and he dropped her off near where she was located. she also told police she had been meeting different men on an on-line web site. her bike and backpack were found behind a row of businesses in clubbian square, the building owner found video that police are now looking at.
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back that she left and then a car drove up and that's all i really know. and the woman was treated at the hospital. she is expected to be okay. police are continuing to talk to her coming up at 6:00, we found the man who apparently just sold her a cell phone, we will tell you how he helped police, live in weymouth, robert goulston fox 25 news. >> a murder victim's sexual history will remain sealed. ruled in favor of the marriott family, keeping the seal on a sexual history of rape and murder victim lizzie marriott. the defense attorneys for seth nazzalia wanted her sexual history unsealed so they can move forward with it unsealed, supporters of the bill say it's a victory for all victims of sexual assault. >> fresh off both deit whats both are looking to drum up support in new hampshire. right now donald trump just wrapped up a rally in bedford,
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trump is reportedly blasting his aids for admitting to reporters he struggled in the debate and as they urge him to change his tactics before the next go. >> around. political reporter sharman sachhetti is at trump's event in bedford and putting together that report for you and we will bring it to you in the next hour. >> trump's visit comes one day after hillary clinton left new hampshire with a big promise on the table. the democratic nominee held a rally at the university of new hampshire wednesday with one-time rival bernie sanders at her side. she future of education. clinton's day did not end in new hampshire, we spotted her mote tore cade leaving the fairmont copley hotel in boston last night. >> new at 4:00, a local congressman is upset with the obama administration's plan to send hundreds of more troops into iraq in the coming days. defense secretary ash carter announced wednesday more than 600 troops will help iraqi forces retake the city of mozul from isis. seth moulton who is a veteran
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how this will time be different? in a statement, moulton said in part, we cannot in good conscience send young americans into harm's way without a clear plan. >> a doctor in wellesley convicted of killing his wife will have to wait to ask the federal court to grant him a new trial. derek griener is serving a life sentence for the murder of his wife, may bell, in 1999. he now claims his trial attorney made a crucial error in the case. the federal judge who was said to hear his appeal this afternoon recused herself so a new judge and a hearing date had to be assigned. his previous appeals in the state courts have been denied. >> a south carolina teen is behind bars accused of killing his father and shooting two students and a teacher on the playground of their elementary school yesterday. now, this is breaking news at 4:00 yesterday. police say the 14 year-old teen walked up to the playground with a handgun, started shooting, and didn't stop until he was tackled by a volunteer firefighter. according to the state
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before opening fire. the coroner said he called his grandparents just moments before the shooting. >> he was crying and upset, they couldn't understand what was going on. so, they went to hess home, which they live just 100 yards away, to see what was going on. because they couldn't understand why he was crying on the phone and couldn't make sense of it. when they go into the house, they find their son has been shot. >> investigators say there is known connection between the school and the suspected shooter. the school is ease klod for the rest of the week. >> we know the man shot and killed by the police in the suburb of san diego was homelanding a vaping device in his hands when he continue fronted officers. his sister said she called 911 for help saying he was mentally ill but not armed. >> i call you guys to come help and not to kill my brother. >> one of the officers shot and killed alfred alango tuesday, police say he was acting
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still picture from a witness, showing the man pointing his item at officers and that's when one used a taser and one a gun, they didn't find a weapon on him. people are calling for an investigation into this. >> the wal-mart employee accused of starting a fire where she worked is arrested and charged with arton. we have been covering the story since the fire broke out tuesday afternoon at the wal-mart on route 20 in stir bridge. police say mya cruz of southbridge set the fire. they arrested her yesterday. the wal-mart will remain tempor and fire damage. >> a new hampshire toddler is recovering in a bots ton hospital this afternoon after getting hit by a car at her own house. yesterday, we told you the girl's 7 year-old sister was the one at the wheel and tonight, we have the mother's frantic call for help. >> [inaudible] >> okay. >> officers in salem say the mother told the 7 year-old to start her ford focus on tuesday evening. but the girl also put the car
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over her 2 year-old sister. her legs were crushed and she has cuts and bruises all over her body. neighbors try to rush in to help. >> to have a 7 year-old start your car? i'm like in shock. >> police say they are considering criminal charges against the mother. the department of children youth and families is also investigating. >> and an unusual scene captured on a police dashcam. coming up the bizarre fight between a woman and an angry animal. >> and some long lines crowded frustration for riders. the proposed solution to get commuters moving again. >> break in the action today, saw some sun in parts of new england, even into bots ton for a short time. now i'm tracking this, more rain coming up the coast when you can expect that to arrive. >> we are staying on top of breaking new, one dead, more than 100 hurt after a train slammed into a station in new jersey. an investigation underway right now, a live report from the scene in 20 minutes and an
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joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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here is a live look at the zakim bridge in boston, not too bad, considering the time of day. it is slow, but it's volume is building on 93 north coming out of the o'neill tunnel. >> now to the maps where you can see a lot of red areas, that means heavy congest especially on the mass pike west and east and also typical traffic for the hour on 93. >> now, the shift over to the live drive times to see what is
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to the split, 19, weston tolls to 128 will take you 45 minutes right now. >> speaking of getting around, angry mbta riders are demanding changes saying scenes like this one, congest and unreliable buses are making them late for work. fox 25's kathryn burcham is live in southie where you spoke with two lawmakers trying to help? >> yeah, here on the east side of southie, t. riders are nearly 2 miles fm they are forced to take bus lines like this one that are now the focus of a new push to fix a broken system. this week, representative nick collins testified before the mbta, asking for major changes to the 7 line, which runs from south boston into downtown. take a look at these photos, which show a daily occurrence. 50-100 people crowded and waiting at one of the several stops along the route. the buses are so packed riders have to wait for multiple buses
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the legislators are asking the t. to build a bus depot on first street, that would centralize service and guarantee a steady stream of buses. they are also hoping for new express routes into the city that would dump passengers directly into south station. >> taking a look at how the buses leave south boston into the city, it's critical. we think there is one way to shorten up the trips with the express line. >> t. riders say they are happy to hear of the changes, but they woy coming up at 6:00, what they say is actually needed to fix the problem. for now, we are live in southie, i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> today, hundreds of cyclists press mayor marty walsh to make city streets safer for bikes and pedestrians. the group wants the mayor to move faster on a traffic safety plan unveiled last year. the plan calls for lowering speed limits in parts of the city to 20 miles per hour, safety advocates also want more dedicated bike lanes and money for construction projects to
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streets. >> now your local forecast from chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz and the fox 25 storm tracker weather team. >> no rain out there? are you kidding? there was some drizzle at times and certainly a northeast wind blowing the clouds onto the south shore and cape cod continuously, but note the dry air back here. actually had some sunshine, that even ekes into the boston area this afternoon. just a little improvement. and you know it's not going to last. that system is still dominating our weather back here, spinning around that bowling ball, that cameut canada, remember last time we talked tuesday, now it's slid into the midwest and it's still spinning lots of heavy rain through the mid atlantic into pennsylvania. a piece of that is heading in our direction. not tonight though. the the clouds will start to thicken up again overnight and into the morning hours. we will see that happen. maybe a break of sunshine first thing in the morning, better chance the farther north you are. but the rain holding off to the south, for now. couple of showers start to appear in the afternoon. let's dot the area, don't expect much rain activity through the evening tomorrow, that's important, of course, for those
4:17 pm
tomorrow evening. temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50, consequence of clear skies is your temperature can drop, that will be the case back hooker to the north and west, staying in the ooh 50s on the coastline and cape cod. by lunchtime, warming up, into the upper 50s to 60 degrees tomorrow, another cool day, we still have that northeast wind after all and it's coming off the cold atlantic ocean waters. so that fenway park forecast, yes, we have a shower coming through but not a game-canceling rain coming 60 degrees, northeast wind 10-15 miles per hour, i expect a shower but it won't be a problem for the ballgame tomorrow. this rain to the south moving north ward after the game tomorrow night, bringing some steady and even heavy rain from that batch to the south, finally getting onto the cape cod and island, by about 2:30 in the morning, after midnight then making it way northward through 6 a.m. to 10:00 which is when we have the walk happening at the half shell.
4:18 pm
some of the most fun years are in the rain after all. some rain moving through in the lunchtime hour and pushing north in the afternoon a evening and in fact we have another break for saturday night and then by sunday we have to wind chill a couple showers, moving the our way. here is the good news. that spin back here? it's moving to the north. that's pulling the last of the showers on through here. this is when real improvement is going to happen. we get the system to push on/off to the north and out of here. the seven-day forecast, the weekend is always in view, of course here and you see the rain on saturday. wish i could give you bette chance of rain. it is likely going to rain, i didn't want to put 100% because i wanted some optimism? sunday 40% with the showers coming by but showers are coming, not all day, here is a closer view of what it looks like this afternoon. saturday is the soggy day, the j. d.r. f. walk and there is a game so a lot of wet events saturday. things look better on sunday. if you think red sox, friday night looks okay, saturday night
4:19 pm
again looks okay and dave mill lar will get it ready. despite the rain in the forecast, we have the weekend series on in and improvement into next week, notice increasing amounts of sunshine but i want you to keep this in the back of your mind. by tend of the week there is a hurricane out there named matthew showing hints it wants to come up the coastline, that's why the increase in clouds. we have to watch to see where that is going. still 7 days away, just something to keep in the back of your mind. >> lot to talk about. a large portion of wild winds ripped at least 22 transmission towers from the ground across the mid north. locals are calling this a storm of historic proportions. there were strong winds and heavy rains, rather, but also an estimated 80,000 lightning strikes. >> home and business owners are starting to return to cedar rapids iowa after severe floods forced more than 10,000 people to evacuation. tonight, flood waters are receding and people are making their way back to the homes
4:20 pm
together than ever before. >> people ask me if i need help emptying my basement, i had 16 people at my house all of a sudden, helping to empty my basement. i mean, unbelievable. i just never seen anything like that. >> the evacuation zones in cedar rapids are slinking and there are signs that life is getting back to normal in parts of downtown. >> worshiping in the days before an act of hatred, coming up at 4:00, the video of the orlando nightclub shooter and the message of peace from the place of what we are working on for fox 25 news at 5:00. >> we are gathering information on the train cash in new jersey. fox 25's ted daniel is there talking to witness and those impacted by the tragedy. >> we are also looking into the similarities between this crash and the one that killed 8 people in philadelphia last year. then, rape kits, destroyed before anyone is ever charged or charged for violent crime. fox 25 uncovers the plan to make
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it makes it impossible. >> his counsel said it stands for peace and mateen does not represent all muslim americans. >> today a superstar pitcher for the marlins wuh laid to rest nearly a week after he was killed in a boating accident. this is video from the private funeral for jos? fernandez. the teammates, family members and fans poured into the catholic church yesterday for a public memorial, lining up to pay their respects. >> the 24 year-old is being remembered as a talented young baseball player and a hero in the >> volume involve is calling 120,000 vehicles for a possible airbag problem. they say the cars and suvs have a leak in the air conditioning system which can cause an airbag recall malfunction, it includes 2016 and 2017, the x. c. 90 and v. 90. volume involve said it will fix the problem for free if you bring it to a dealer. >> the ceo of walls fargo is back in the hot seat.
4:25 pm
meeting. wells fargo has admitted previously employees at the bank created as many as 2 million unauthorized accounts, blaming it on controversial sales goals. today a lawmaker called it a case of egregious fraud. stumpf apologized but one lawmaker said that is not enough for the damage done. >> a new report now said it costs more to put a child in day care full-time than it does to pay for some state colleges. this study says the average cost of fult day care up to 4 the average cost of in-state college tuition is $9,400 a year. >> a new reason to go on a roller coaster coming you. the painful health problem that a bumpy ride may help solve. >> i love them though. just so much fun. some rain moving up the coast, going to bring showers on in here. not tonight, so i will show you when they will move on in. >> >> we are updating the breaks news out of new jersey, one person dead, more than 100 hurt after a train cashed into a
4:26 pm
the latest on the cleanup efforts, and where this investigation stands right now,
4:27 pm
4:28 pm
bracing news out of new jersey, this is video after a commuter train crashed into parriers onto a platform. this happened during this morning's rush hour commute. one person was killed, 108 people were hurt. >> scott mcclane joins us live from the scene and, scott, i
4:29 pm
imagine a number of emergency vehicles are behind you, it looks like? >> yeah, we are almost 8 hours now, since this happened and there is still a huge police presence here and it will likely be there for some time. just to give you a quick update on the injuries blair and jackie, we have gotten new numbers that 108 number is gone up to 112, the number of people who went to area hospitals after this, some of them were taken in ambulances and some of them were taken by others. is actually not too far from here, so a lot of people officials called them the walking wounded. they were able to just walk over to the hospital and get themselves checked out for whatever injuries they may have had and, obviously, we know that that really ranged from, you know, minor whiplash right up to really severe cuts and, sadly, in one case death. >> yeah, scott, what is the latest on the information from your end? is there any word if this was
4:30 pm
>> so authors have not given us any hints at all as to what they suspect may have been behind this crash. we know that the driver of this train was heading into the last station, hoboken station,. he would have gotten signals, lights or signage, telling him to slow down. but, in this case, he would have had to have physically slowed the train down himself and in this case, according to witnesses, the train didn't slow down at all. it just kept it hit the block attend of the station and ended up killing one person who was actually on the tracks. and actually collapsing part of the canopy above the station, luckily though, there is no structural damage, so believe it or not, there will be trains running from this station for this evening's rush hour. >> scott, you were talking about the injuries, you mentioned the person killed was standing on the platform, but the other people were hurt, updated to 112, the they were mostly on the
4:31 pm
>> >> some people said they basically looked up from what they were doing and some reported hearing an explosion, problemly, we know it wasn't an explosion, it with us the train crashing in and the first car crumbling, and you can imagine the injuries, some really graphic things some of these witnesses were describing but a lot of the people injured were on the track as well. waiting for that train to come in and so you looking at the pictures just how much debris there would have been and how dangerous that situation that would be. estimates are around 30 miles per hour, that's how fast they suspect the train was likely going. >> a scary situation, scott mcclane reporting, thank you, scott. >> such a busy part of the day and so many questions what happened. we will have continuing coverage of the tragedy throughout the night. our ted daniel is at the scene as well right now. he is gathering information and putting together a report on
4:32 pm
he will join us live from new jersey here in about 30 minutes. >> >> clouds in the sky, but the sun did make appearances, live look at the boston common and the city skyline, you can see a little blue among the gray. kevin lemanowicz is in the storm tracker weather center. and, kev, despite the improvements a lot of drizzle and actual rain in the forecast for the weekend? >> it will get heavier and worse before it gets better, jackie, monday, how it was going to be a week-long event and we had to worry about the clouds and drizzle and not relenting although we got a break today. this is something we saw starting up in the model, a little more dry air sinking southward and the possibility of some sun poking out. didn't happen for the south shore, boston saw some dplimtions, to the west is where the pin is and it's still dominating our weather. pulling most of the heavy rain to the west which is good, but a peace of that, down here off the coast, is going to slide north
4:33 pm
and out of here this weekend. so, at the same time we will see an improving situation in the atmosphere we have to get through some heavier rain and it's not happening to night. partly cloudy skies become totally cloudy in the morning, we will watch for a couple showers to pop up during the afternoon and into the evening, you will see a couple here. they will be scattered. nothing that will really interfere with your plans so much during the day tomorrow or tomorrow evening. however, there is that steadier and heavier rain on the way for the weekend. something i'm timing out for you coming up. >> new at 4:00, a man long new england mafia plans to plead guilty to lying to investigators in the disappearance of a boston nightclub owner. sten disaro's body was found in rhode island, he was missing since 1993. today we learned bobby delieuca is expected to enter a guilty plea for ock instruction of justice during the investigation. delieuca told authorities cadillac frank sa lemmy killed him (^). >> police in nashua say this man broke into a house in the middle of the night and stole a t.v.
4:34 pm
surveillance video caught last weak's theft. investigators were able to identify bri ontib bits from the video and arrested him tuesday. he is now out on bail and due back in court on november. >> the site of the so called house of horrors in blackstone has been seized by town. two years ago the remains of three dead babies was found in the house along with piles of trash and animal corporations. four children were also found living there with their mother. she faces murder charges and the house was later demolished. fox 5 learned t failed to pay thousands in back taxes and interest. >> now to some breaking new, just into the news room out of worcester, sky fox is arriving over the scene. a lot of police activity on country club boulevard, we know a child was rushed to the hospital. we are trying to find out more about the child and their injuries, police we understand are interviewing a man right now for some more information. fox 25's molly boss is there on the ground to talk to investigators, again, stye cox
4:35 pm
we will bring you information as we get it in the news cast. >> cameras were rolling as students drove in front of a high school waving a confederate flag outside the window. it happened outside newton north high school. that video is now making the rounds on facebook and the district is not happy about the incident. fox 25's kathryn parotta went to newton and learned the district is taking action. >> i'm honestly at a loss for words. >> it is something he didn't expect the see out his cafe >> a car with three students seen waving a confederate flag, he didn't know what else to do, captured it with his phone- >> it's one thing to fly it outside, but to bring it to school and it's not a respectable way to display any flag, out the car window? i just have no words for them. >> he posted the video to facebook, quickly getting attention from students. among them, josie joseph, who
4:36 pm
students of color to come together. >> i'm part of a minority, and to see that happen at our school, which is predominantly white in itself, to see that that's what they represent the school, themselves and us as, it's kind of -- it's hurtful to be honest. >> today, newton police are investigating the incident, as are school administrators. the principal releasing a statement reading in part "at north we siv diversity, and create safe and supportive learning environments for all. therefore, i look forward to working with our students and staff in working to repair and move forward from this incident." something he said is overdue. >> i think ultimately there needs to be more discussion and the school needs to open up, discussions on race, so that we can actually move forward as a culture. >> he said the majority of students who have seen the facebook post are disgusted by the video.
4:37 pm
people. as for the students allegedly involved in this, they said they were suspended for three days. in knew newton, kathryn parotta, fax news. >> a car slammed into a deer and the deer hit back, one woman's fight to keep the angry animal out of her suv. >> first, technology meets health insurance. still ahead, the reason a new promotion is here to help people buy apple watches. >> now let's get an update on the roads out there using live drive time traffic, here is another live look. this time on the slowing down on both sides, but it's really kind of moving well here on the expressway. >> now to the to the map where you can see red and orange areas on 90 and 93, this traffic is slow moving in and out of boston. >> now let's shift over and show you the update on the live dive times, tobin to 128 on route 1 will take you 25 minutes. on 93, the o'neill tunnel to the split 22 and 128, weston tolls
4:38 pm
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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diagnose and started treatment. she will find out this week if her cancer is gone. >> a health insurance provider hopes to get more people to track their health by helping them buy apple watches. aetna plans to create several mouth apps on it, it says it will help pay the cost for people who want to buy an apple watch. employers who use aetna will decide whether they want to offer the program to employees, the cost would be subsidized and the rest of the price would be taken through monthly payroll deductions. >> a new study said if a person needs to pass a kidne well, they should ride a roller coaster maybe. the doctors say the roughness of the coaster may not may knock the stones through your system. the surgeon tested the idea after patients said she passed three kidney stones while riding a coaster at disney world. that surgeon brought a 3d model of a kidney on the ride and tested it and sure enough, it worked. a royal visitor in new england, the prince turning heads in boston. >> and this thing has been
4:42 pm
it's spitting rain up the coast, like solid rain. when you can expect that to mess up your weekend. >> first, the varsity football coach accused of inappropriate behavior. the fine line investigators are trying to figure out if joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead.
4:43 pm
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a local varsity football coach is on paid leave after he was accused of behaving inappropriately. the burlington superintendent of schools described what happens add inappropriate verbal conduct toward players. the coach sean mcguire was placed on paid leave while the claims a we spoke parents and a student who only had good things to say about him. >> i don't know if he fully deserved that. he wanted the best out of his players and wanted them to perform to the best of their ability. >> i know the family, they are a great family. >> are you surprised by the allegations? >> very much so. the school superintendent said there are many questions and thanks the community for patience and support. >> well, a bizarre deer attack caught on camera. look at this. the police officer is on his way
4:45 pm
car in front of him had just hit a deer. that deer didn't just run off, instead it started attacking the woman inside her car. >> it was mad, it was real mad. >> it is not unusual to see a deer on glen oak road especially this time of year but it's unusual to see a deer do this anywhere, that is ellen snyder struggling with and kicking one out of her truck sunday night. >> it was trying to get in. yeah, it was -- it was definitely trying to get in. >> to be fair, she did hit the deer with her truck first. it left a small mark on the hood and then seemed to take off. but, it didn't. just as ellen opened the door to see what happened, the animal tried to climb inside. >> i was up like this, and i hold homeland of him here and my foot into him. you know, i mean it happened so
4:46 pm
keep it from killing me. >> patrolman nicholas austin happened to be diving behind her on another call and caught the whole thing on the dashcam. >> i have never seen anything like this, and i'm glad i did see it because if i din, i never would have believed it happened. >> the deer did not make it and ellen and the officer feel horrible about that but also say they have to laugh watching the video now, knowing how differently this could have turned out. reporting. ellen said she had bruises but otherwise she is okay. the the deer did die a few minutes after the attack from the injuries it got when it was hit. >> imagine working on a construction site and finding these guys here. these are two photos from animal rescue league pulled in to pull two skunks from a work site in southie, both skunks were pulled out and they are now safe. the decoration many say is too creepy, even for halloween. take a look at this item being pulled off the shelves at home
4:47 pm
on windows. it's creepy stuff actually. it looks like a man is peering in a hood, a man in a hood, peering inside your window and a customer complained that the peeping tom decoration is making light of joyerism, which is a crime. the item is still for sale on-line and it is at stores in the u.s. >> now your local forecast from chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz and your storm tracker team. >> it's supposed to be creepy, but i don't know. least when i was a kid, it was creepy. up to the north and west sunshine -- i don't know why you are laughing so much over there. a popout into the boston area, but the rain has relented at least for now. now, tonight there will be drizzle along the coast. you will get used to that. but back here this big spin in the atmosphere continues to dominate the weather. there is good news on that, but before we see much improvement, we have to get through the worst weather from system yet to come. this evening you will see clouds start to roll back and overnight, after a partly cloudy
4:48 pm
there. a little cool right now. this rain starts to roll northward toward us, a couple showers ahead of the main batch of rain, through the afternoon and into the evening friday. don't expect much to happen out there. shouldn't be a problem for your plans tomorrow into tomorrow night. remember, it's been cool and cloudy, there's been spots of drizzle, the same kind of weather can be expected but as far as the te di rain coming through, that's not for tomorrow. in worcester overnight dropping down into the upper 40, you see where it did clear out, your temperature can drop more quickly this even and the temperatures will be the coolest t the cloud coming back later on. in boston, the temperature here will be dropping into the 50s, but stay in the mid 50, clouds come back faster here, to stop the temperature from free falling and where it's cloudiest all day on the cape, temperatures didn't go up much and won't go down much, 56 for a low temperature, 57 when you wake up in the morning. types tomorrow to the north and west of boston, where you expect it to be warmest in the situation, we will get to the low 60s, up there in the merrimac valley, methuen 61, andover same thing for you, out to worcester county generally in
4:49 pm
62. south shore though, you will see temperatures will stay in the 50s where the wind is blowing off the water and you go inland and get a couple 60 degrees readings and finally in the boston membership area, in boston, it will be 59, same for you in quincy and braintree, 60 cambridge tomorrow afternoon. so, what is ahead? here the rain i'm talking about, after midnight tomorrow night makes it way on coimed, spinks northward, light at first, heavier rain pushing right toward boston and the esplanade by 10:3 why if you have not heard already. through 2:30, steady rain coming from the eastern part of massachusetts including boston, the cape ann area, cape cod area, all the activities basically inside 495 look to be a washout for the middle of the day saturday. here is good news. that spin is back here, and notice it's rotating back northward. as it does it will drag a front and bring us a couple showers on sunday, but it won't be the wettest day of the weekend, in fact it's an improving situation. meanwhile, there is this.
4:50 pm
caribbean will go south of the dominican republic as well before it take as right-hand turn. that is hurricane matthew, yeah, a hurricane this afternoon now at 75 miles per hour winds, and forecasts are strengthing the category 2 will take a turn. if it does end up in here in the bahamas as a named storm, that is when we have to way attention. that is the rule of thumb. you get a named storm in the bahamas they start to accelerate to the north and potentially impact new england in some form. not necessarily a direct hit, but the end of the seven-day forecast, i have clouds increasing on thursd purpose. but in the more immediate future, tomorrow is not an awful day. a lot of clouds, some breaks of sun especially farther north and west you go. saturday though looking very wet. we talked about saturday earlier. and you know how we have the big j.d.r.r. walk, i will give you a more specific forecast for the walk because i know you will come down to join us. >> all right, kev, thank you. denmark's crown prince is kicking off a two-day trip to boston. for instance frederick and his wife mary are here on a trade mission, they join mayor marty walsh for an event at boston
4:51 pm
luncheon. prince frederick attended harvard and will visit the college and his wife will stop at boston children's hospital. >> simba is making a return to the big screen. disney said it plans to remake the academy award winning film and it will be reimja ginned to the jungle book and include music from the original version, the the lion king debuted in 1994. a local woman launch add new social media app just for tweens it is a chat at photo sharing app specifically for kids under 13. the globe reports it was created by a woman in west boxbury designed to limit who kids can contact and it has a parent portion that allows adults to monitor their children's on-line activity. the app launched yesterday on boyd droit and apple platforms. >> the last few. >> --
4:52 pm
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this year on december 9th to israel. the focus will be cyber security and digital health innovation, two areas that israel dominates on a global scale. nearly 40 business leaders are expected to join the governor for the trip. no public money will be usinged to finance the six day trip. >> vanessa: final preparations are underway for the official state funeral of former israeli president shimon peres. he died at the age of 93. people gathered to pay their president obama will gather for his funeral. he's remembered as the man who helped shape the modern state of israel. >> i feel heartbroken also for israel, and for the world, because i think the world lost one of its greatest statesmen, a giant. >> elizabeth: more than a dozen world leaders are expected to join president obama at the funeral tomorrow, including prince charles and the president of france and germany. >> blair: president obama held a town hall forum last night, discussing issues related to national security, veterans
4:57 pm
the president was asked why he chooses not to use the term, radical islamic terrorism when discussing terror incidents involving people inspired by isis or al qaeda. >> when you start calling these organizations islamic terrorists, the way it's heard, the way it's received, by our friends and allies around the world, is that somehow islam i >> mark: active-duty military members and veterans had an opportunity to ask the president questions in fort lee during the form up. >> john brennan says the u.s. is doing its best to prevent terror activity in the country, but the likelihood of such activity remains strong and authorities must continue to remain proactive on the terror front. >> you cannot assume that there is nobody in the homeland. what you need to do is to be able to continue to uncover and
4:58 pm
with whom. >> elizabeth: he's also confident the u.s. will break down the senior leadership of the terror group isis. he does admit though, it's impossible to say whether isis has operatives or themselves working in the u.s. >> blair: the search for a suspect triggered a school lockdown. >> fox 25 news at 5:00 p.m. starts right now. >> mark: the train the morning rush hour commute no hoboken left 112 injured. many are still in the hospital right now. good evening, i'm mark ockerbloom. >> elizabeth: i'm elizabeth hopkins in for vanessa welch. tonight, we know that this was a tragic accident and not an act of terror. here's the very latest. most of the people injured were aboard that train. the person who died was a woman standing on the platform. she was hit by debris. the train engineer behind the controls was found unresponsive,
4:59 pm
>> mark: fox 25'sed daniel is live in hoboken tonight and officials say the train was speeding as it entered the station. >> the reporter: passengers say they never felt or heard the brakes, mark and elizabeth. right now, we are about as close as we can get to the hoboken terminal. right across the hudson there is manhattan. just to give you an idea of where it's located. this happened at a busy time around 8:45 a.m. this morning, during the height t we got on the road to come down here and cover the crash a hill bit after it happened. -- little bit after it happened. cellphone videozs 9p taken bipartisanship leadership witnesses, it's astonishing. we can go ahead and show you come of that. authorities say the train should have been traveling around 15 miles an hour when it pulled in to this station, but it came in at more than double that speed. the train plowed through a bumper spot and the first car went right into the station.
5:00 pm
of the roof and a few beams. a woman, believed to be in her 30's was killed. new jersey governor chris christie says she was standing on the platform when she was struck by flying debris. listen to new jersey transit worker describe what he saw immediately after the crash. >> the hardest part that hurts me is when i went to run in, i ended up stepping over a dead woman's body. that bothered me, you know, i backed up and looked and said what the -- and nothing you can do for her. >> right reason to believe that there will be further fatalities, but again, that's going to be things that are determined by the care and treatment given at the hospital. but right now, the only fatality we have is the one that we mentioned. >> the reporter: so authorities do not suspect terrorism or foul play. so that leaves only two other options. human or mechanical error and they leave that ruling pretty this morning. right now, we're told the


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