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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  September 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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event recorder this evening. from the event recorder, we hope to get information such as speed and braking. >> the reporter: the end of the line for trains 1614, the end of life for a woman in her 30's, hit by debris while standing on a platform. listen to new jersey transit employee, william blaine. it happened right in front of him. >> the hardest part that hurts me is when i went to run in, i woman's body. that bothered me, you know, i backed up and said what the -- and nothing can you do for her. >> the reporter: the train, traveling at an estimated 30 miles per hour, it took out the bumper block at the end of the track and plowed into a covered area between the waiting area and the platform. >> actually sounded like a bomb went off. it was really loud. the train flew in and never stopped. >> it was going faster than it should have normally been at the
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stop about 10 to 20 feet before the bumper block. >> the reporter: the majority of the people hospitalized, passengers on the train. lacerations, broken bones, whiplash, head injuries. at this point, investigators do not suspect terrorism or foul play. that leaves only two other options -- human or mechanical error. >> we have no indication that this is anything other than a tragic accident. we're going to let the law enforcement professionals pursue the facts. >> the reporter: so the train station is closed right now. and structural engineers are trying to determine the structural integrity of the building, because of the impact was so strong. we're told it will not open until it's deemed safe. the one person who knows exactly what happened here, the engineer, as we reported at the top of 6:00 p.m., the ntsb tells us, he has been released from the hospital and they are hoping
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a short time ago, that the train did have a camera on it, it's mounted at the front of the train, and that is another thing they are going to try to access tonight. that's the latest reporting live in hoboken, new jersey, ted daniel, newspapers. newspapers -- fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: this is the train traveling down the tracks about 40 minutes before it crashed, and as you see here, it's moving along smoothly, everything seems to be ok, but then, of course, something went horribly wrong. here is where that train ended up. we overview of this. this is the hoboken terminal and to give awe perspective here, this is the hudson river, commuters can pick up a ferry and go to manhattan or take a bus. this was the track the train was traveling on and somewhere in here is where something went wrong, because the train continued past the platform, and rammed right into this area here. this is actually where the most people were waiting. all of the damage or most of it was done right here. ock? >> mark: well, the images from
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collapsed when the train went right through that station. debris flew everywhere. wires fell down, it was simply chaotic. when you see what's left behind, it's incredible that more people weren't hurt. the platforms were packed like ours are at that time of the morning. and there are a lot of questions tonight about what's happening with automatic braking technology that can slow a speeding train. the problem is, the technology is available, but this is a very big but, it still hasn't been installed here. fox 25's chris fla gigging to find out why and the mbta is planning to spend a huge amount of money in life-saving, safety upgrades. >> the reporter: mark, they certainly are. this new technology could be a lifesaver for commuters, but the mbta taking a long time to install it. today, we pressed the state secretary of transportation as to why. we got stonewalled. just hours after the hoboken crash, the spokesperson for massdot stephanie pollack
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answer questions about required safety systems for the mbta while at a conference in boston. to prevent a catastrophe, the mbta is installing new technology required by haw called positive train control, or ptc, on all of its commuter rail lines. >> the safety upgrade can automatically stop a train if the engineer misses a signal or it's going too fast, like this amtrak derailment in philadelphia, that killed eight people two years ago, or perhaps even the new jersey crash. priorities. we know that it can prevent accidents. whether it is involved in this accident, that is definitely one of the things we will look at carefully. >> the reporter: u.s. rail lines were supposed to install the technology by the end of last year. it took seven years to make the deadline. the south side commuter rail out of south station will be ready by december 2018, followed by the north side commuter rail out of north station in march of 2020.
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that's two years past the federal deadline. some commuters today saying the safety technology is needed, but wonder why it's taking so long. >> we are way behind on a lot of things. the redline too. the upgrade will cost more than $451 million, just for the commuter rail upstate and. project could -- updates and the project could mean weekend shut downs from march 2017 into 2018. we did try to get an update on the state secretary of transportation would not go on camera or not give us an interview for that timeline on this life-saving technology. live in boston tonight, chris flanagan, fox 25 news. >> mark: we have been getting updates throughout the day on the crash investigation and we expect to learn more throughout the night as well. so keep it right here with fox 25, we'll bring you updates on the air and on line as we get them. >> vanessa: well now to more breaking news, closer to home. there is a big police presence right now in hanson. that's where officers are
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search that locked down an elementary school for a big part of the afternoon. fox 25's john monahan is there, and john, it's still unclear what started this search. >> the reporter: right now, police are investigating this, but i'll tell you, it was a wild scene here. police do strong gusty two suspects in custody. this all happened just before 11:00 a.m. this morning, in that white house, about two doors down from where we are. police say it was a house break, four men went inside and a woman was in that house. she ran and called police at 911. police front lawn with items from inside that house. they had just stolen. why they would target this house is unclear. the four suspects took off. police caught one almost immediately. he had a gun. not long after, they were able to catch up with the second suspect, with k-9 dogs. schools in town were put on a shelter in place alert just to be cautious and police were on hand as students were released throughout the day. hanson pace police chief tells
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>> there was also some breaks reported in pembroke down the street over the line, we're looking into that. we believe they're connected. >> when you say breaks in pembroke, today -- >> today. house breaks this morning. >> the reporter: now, police recovered a safe from the house, the white house there in the backyard. they're hoping to obtain search warrants to get inside that house to see what else may have been taken. right now, police believe the other two suspects have left the area, and the chief tls suspects in custody are from brockton. live in hanson, john monarchs fox 25 news. >> mark: investigating a mystery at that time sea. we're learning more about the circumstances surrounding a connecticut woman's disappearance. linda carmen is presumed dead after her son's boat sank during a fishing trip. jason law is live in connecticut, with new information about another unsolved death in the staple family. -- same family. >> the reporter: that's right, mark, tonight, there are still posters and ribbons outside linda carmen's home in
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friends and family shortly after she disappeared with her son. tonight, we are learning more about her father's unsold murder three years ago and the millions of dollars left behind. john was known for his massive christmas lights display on his sprawling 82-acre property if chesterfield. just days before christmas, 2013, john was found shot and killed new side his home. when he died, he left behind answer at a time worth millions. that showed 87-year-old left more than $44 million to his family. no one has ever been arrested for his murder, but police records show nathan, his grandson, was the prime suspect. investigators said they found inconsistencies in nathan's story. he was the last one to see his grandfather alive and according to a police affidavit, he threw away his computer and other pieces of potential evidence. in 2014, police in windsor, connecticut, requested an arrest
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documents showed their request was denied. thursday, we asked police and prosecutors why. we were told they could not talk about that case, because it was still an active investigation. well the investigation into linda's disappearance, very active as well. we've learned the coast guard will be meeting with various police agencies to go over what they know with her disappearance. and that meeting will be on monday. for now, live in middletown, connecticut, jason law, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: turning now to the weather. the sun breaking through in boston after another gray start to the day, but tonight, fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is tracking even more rain. we're kind much stuck in the rut. >> kevin: we have been and that next batch of rain will be steadier and heavier and bring the end of this kind of -- well, not so nice weather we've had around here. love all weather, don't get me wrong, but it's murky on the south shore. we had breaks in clouds from the live shot we are showing you from beacon hill. this is the rain i'm talking about, out on the coast.
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coming northward as the system starts to let go of its grip on our atmosphere, the one spinning around in the ohio river valley, bringing heavy torrential flooding rains to the mid-atlantic states. it's 60 in nashua, new hampshire right now. but those clearer skies to the north and west will also allow the temperature to drop a little bit more, so going down into the 40's in worcester, southwest new hampshire, in to southern vermont as well. and into boston, you'll stay in the 50's, about 55 degrees all night long with those clouds rolling back in. just ahead, i'll track when the you can plan your weekend. >> mark: take a look amount your screen right now. how cool is this? look closely in center field right here. >> elizabeth: i see it. >> mark: yes, emerging from the grass. the big man himself. red sox putting big papi on the grass at fenway park ahead of his three regular home games. 2016al east division champions was put up over at fenway park
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corner of yawkey and van ness. beautiful as always. if you're headed to fenway this weekend, they are asking that you get there early for all the celebrations and there will be celebrations aplenty and don't say, big papi didn't bring people together. apparently number 34 has support from both parties on beacon hill who want to rename brookline avenue's bridge after him. just minutes ago, the senate approved a supplemental budget to pay for the renaming of what would become the david ortiz bridge, it passedhe earlier today, it spans the pike, near fenway park. you come over as your headed to the ballpark. the bill now goes to governor baker's desk. what do you think he'll do with that. >> the reporter: if you get a package delivered to your house and it has someone else's name on it, it could be a mistake, or it could be part of a big scam. what police want you to know. >> elizabeth: but first, a heartbroken widow keeping her husband's memory alive by taking
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>> it's a void we will never be able to fill. >> elizabeth: she makes sure no other firefighters' family feels
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joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> mark: the wife of a fallen chelsea firefighter is making it her mission to help other first responders and prevent tragedies like the one that killed her husband. he died earlier this months as a result of cancer, after years of being exposed to intense fires. >> elizabeth: blair minimummer sat down with his -- miller sat ever sat down with his wife.
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>> the reporter: very much so. firefighter pete candler was 37 years old when he died. he and his wife had two daughters and life was busy like most young families but that all changed last year and now this woman is still fighting for him. >> it was absolutely his world. his world came to an en, just 27 days ago. pete candler, a chelsea firefighter, who spent a lifetime fighting fires, died at the age of 37 >> how did you all know something was wrong. >> we didn't. we had no idea that anything was wrong. he wasn't simeon poematic. >> the reporter: his wife michelle said pete had hurt his foot and the pain wouldn't go away. >> he was taking the high doses of motrin a couple times a day and i was at work and he called me and he said i think i have a bleed. it wasn't an ulcer bleeding, it was the tumor that was bleeding. the goal was to get him as much time as we could. >> the reporter: less than 13 months later, pete was gone. >> it was so fast.
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fires and chemicals is what doctors said led to his cancer. today, with the flowers from his service still hanging in their home, and surrounded by his memories, michelle now finds it her calling to help other firefighters. >> not only getting the word out about how serious the cancer and the fire service is, but it's also what can we do to help prevent this from happening to somebody else. >> the reporter: pushing for changes within the fire service, including cancer screenings at a younger age, a wakeup call for everyone. >> it's an diagnosis to death on peter, it was a year and like i said, you would never know he's sick a day in his life. >> the reporter: michelle and pete had two kids together, a lifetime of love, dreams, still to be pursued. now, no more. >> as a wife, best friend, how much do you miss him? >> i miss him more than the world. more than the world. and i would do anything to prevent this to happening to
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>> the reporter: woman fighting on. firefighters in chelsea sunday see told us they now have two sets of gear, so once they return from a fire, that gear gets cleaned. if there's then another call, they then use their backup gear, which is cleaned. michelle candler hopes it's one step that leads to change all across-the-board. reporting live, blair miller, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: blair. >> elizabeth: new at 6:00 p.m., a truck ignored height restriction warnings not to enter the callahan boston. when the truck ex i wanted, it scraped a panel on the roof as you saw there, letting fire retardant powder loose. no one was loose, but state police cited that driver. new at 6:00 p.m., an explosive discovery in gloucester. investigators are trying to figure out how a suspicious device ended up on a field. environmental police were doing some work on that field, on ferrington avenue this morning, when they came across what appeared to be a pipe bomb. the state police bomb squad went to the scene and determined the
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>> kevin: ok. so it was gray still, for much of the coastline especially south of boston, but that sun did eke out. much of the metro west area and into boston at times today. but that's going away again tonight. the clouds are rolling back in. we're not totally done with this system. it's still spinning out here, and still dominating our weather, just by blocking up the atmosphere, not allowing us to get out of it. but it's coming. it's and if you're thinking there's no sun in the picture, there's some shining off the buildings here. the clouds have moved back northward through boston. 56 for dinnertime. why you had breaks in the sun all has to do with the dew point, dried out into the 40's today, so the lower level water coming in off of the ocean in our atmosphere, started to decrease today, allowing for those clouds to break up, even with the northeast wind, that changes again tonight. dinnertime temperatures in the 50's everywhere.
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warmer this evening. there are the clouds, first thing in the morning, there will even be drizzle blowing in off of the ocean. the clouds on the lower part are blowing in off the ocean. the upper part, they're. coming in our atmosphere over the top of us. so we're getting clouds from two different directions tomorrow. by noontime, there will be showers appearing, rotating northward from the mid-atlantic states. a couple of showers in boston through the evening. don't expect it to be a problem for the fenway return of the red sox, the bluejays, but something we'll be watching closely. the steadier rain holds off until 56 degrees in the morning, drizzle, particularly soul of boston, clouds are for just about everybody. we have a break in the clouds farther to the north and west where it's been the same every day. you get a couple breaks the farther out you go. high temperatures tomorrow will also be warmest north and west. 60 in andover, but not much different in the immediate boston area, a few degrees cooler, quincy to boston to mall didn't and up around 60, 61 degrees just to the wells of the city. let's fast forward in to saturday. really, this takes us past
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night. red sox done their ballgame at fenway and then the steady rain progresses northward. 3:00 a.m., much of the area south and west of boston, cape cod and the islands seeing rain and some of it can be heavy at times. same thing comes into boston by 7 hamm, and through 11:00 a.m., that's important, because you know we'll be at the hat show for the jdrf walk. come on out and support the walk, bring an umbrella, we'll have a great time in the mud. heavy rain drifting on through. pushes to the northeas a break saturday night into sunday morning. that's because this system is pushing off to the north, now it's going to drag a front through, it's going to bring a couple of showers on sunday, but sunday is looking drier to me overall. we'll be watching the seven day forexavier nady is this system. that's hurricane matthew, show you more details on matthew next half-hour, but the bottom line is in the seven day forecast, you get to thursday, that's a long way off, that's why i have the increasing clouds there because of the potential for tropical moisture to come streaming northward. i'll keep an eye on the changing
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>> mark: foxborough firefighters rescued a dog today stuck in a muddy pond. police caught the whole thing on video. people heard the dog making noises and called for help, appeared to have been there for quite some time. the animal control officer took the dog to be checked out. within the last hour, police told us, they believe the dog after all of this, is going to be ok. >> elizabeth: long-term. we've got the chance of a lifetime for you. how you can win a dream date in boston with tom brady, ben affleck and matt damon. this is for stay with us for that. >> the reporter: angry t riders demanding change after dozens of them are stuck every day at bus stops. the new express route that's in the works, but why so many worry, it won't be enough. >> the reporter: donald trump trying to stay on the issues
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tag! you're it. tag, you're it. yes! new gogurt write-on tubes. this back to school, say it with gogurt. kelly: you know me. not from thousands of false, negative ads- but as your first female attorney general- appointed by republican and democratic governors. as your senator, i'm fighting for equal pay and against workplace discrimination, to expand access to birth control, and i reached across the aisle to protect access to mammograms. i approve this message because after all the false, negative ads, i'm still the kelly ayotte you know-
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>> elizabeth: for the second day in a row, a presidential candidate is in new hampshire stumping for votes. >> mark: yesterday it was hillary clinton. today, donald trump, 60's it'sed bedford, new hampshire. fox 25's politi rally. >> the reporter: donald trump back in new hampshire, speaking to a crowd at the new hampshire sports plex in bedford. >> you don't look deplorable to me. he gave a typical trump speech, if there is one. he called for lower taxes, stopping the heroin crisis and painted hillary clinton as a washington insider, who answers only to her donors. >> we're going to end the clinton corruption. >> the reporter: and yes, he called his opponent, crooked
6:25 pm
blasted the clintons for nafta and trade, but trump's campaign has struggled in the days after the debate. he made no mention to the crowd about the controversy surrounding the 1996 winner of the miss universe pageant and how he criticized her weight. and he said nothing about the clinton campaign's claim that trump violated the u.s.-cuban embargo in 1998 for staking an investment there. >> the clinton campaign focuses only on small and petty distractions. this will american people say finally, enough is enough. >> the reporter: trump's appearance here comes one day after secretary clinton and bernie sanders spoke at u.n.h. in durham. it shows you how close this race is and why this battleground state matters. the election is just 40 days out, and we'll likely see both candidates come back to new hampshire many times before then. in bedford, new hampshire, sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> mark: meanwhile, hillary clinton spent the day at
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is now underway. she made the pitch to iowans to get out and vote and sympathized with the thousands of people in cedar rapids, iowa, dealing with extreme flooding after early fall storms. >> vanessa: prince frederick and his wife mary joined mayor marty walsh at an event at boston university today. the couple will attend a business luncheon at the state house with governor charlie baker and later, the prince will make a return trip to harvard where he attended while the hospital. >> the reporter: there's a new scam police want you to know about. why you should be paying attention to your credit card statements and also to what's being delivered to your mailbox. >> mark: but first, new information about a bizarre incident in weymouth. a woman found duct taped at the bottom of a ravine last night. what investigators are saying about the big track on the
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>> mark: if you are justening us at 6:30 p.m., we continue to follow breaking news from new jersey, where a train crashed into a station right in middle of rush hour. one woman was killed while she was waiting on the platform. 112 other people were hurt. tonight, the investigation into what went wrong is just beginning. but we do know so far, it appears to be just a tragic crash, not an act of terror. hello everybody, i'm mark ockerbloom. >> elizabeth: i'm elizabeth hopkins in for vanessa welch. that train left spring valley new york, at 720 they'll a.m.
6:30 pm
station in hoboken, new jersey, around 8:25 p.m. ted daniel is live in hoboken, where this is still a very active scene. ted? >> the reporter: mark and vanessa, the station is shut down right now and all new jersey transit train service in and out of hoboken is suspended for the evening. as you may be able to see behind me here, the building, it is inundated with law enforcement, both inside and out. initially, people on the train and inside the station thought a bomb had gone off. the train literally went airborne when it left the tracks, and the impact was so loud and powerful, it shook the entire station. in the last hour or so, a couple of key developments, the ntsb says it's been unable to access the train's event data recorder or black box, because of fears that the roof of the train station is unsafe and may further collapse. right now, we're told that
6:31 pm
shore up the roof, and the ntsb is hoping to get the all clear to get that box tonight. we also learned that the train's engineer may not have been as seriously injured as once thought. in fact, we're told, he is now out of the hospital. >> the engineer, as you may know, was injured, he's been released from the hospital and we will be interviewing him. >> the reporter: back to a picture now. engineers are working inside to shore up the structural integrity of that building and they also plan to seek out the engineer tonight to try and interview him. in the meantime, the station remains closed and it looks like until they can make sure that that building is structurally sound for people to be in it, that it will not be able to open any time soon, or at least until that portion is completed one
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than 100 people injured. many of those still in the hospital this evening. that's the latest reporting live in hoboken, new jersey, ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> mark: we've been updating you throughout the day on the crash investigation, and we expect to learn more throughout the evening and tomorrow. so keep it right here on fox 25 news, we'll bring you updates on the air and on line as we get them. >> elizabeth: now to our other top stories tonight. right now, hanson police are searching for two people who broke in to a home. sky fox over the scene near main and liberty streets earlier to looking for four people, they tell us they caught two of them. at least one man had a weapon. >> mark: the 911 call was intense, a woman telling police, she was somewhere in weymouth, bound and duct taped. tonight, we are just learning, she made the whole story up about being assaulted. >> elizabeth: fox 25's robert goulston has been piecing the story together all day and has the new developments. >> there was probably ten crews across the highway. >> the reporter: it took ropes and ladders to get down the
6:33 pm
when she first called 911, she had no idea where she was, so police kept her on the phone. >> telling us that she's tied up. cars are going by. we're going to have her -- >> everybody stay where you are. >> the reporter: when police did get her up, she had duct tape on her hands and feet, saturdayed telling them a vague story about how a man gave her a ride, and dropped her off near where she was located. she also indicated, she had been meeting different on-line web site. the woman's bike and backpack were discovered more than a mile away in a parking lot in columbian square. police found the woman's belongings back here, after they got a call from a cellphone dealer who recently sold her a phone and found her bike in a back lot. police went through the surveillance video showing the women earlier in the night. >> they did see activity. there was a woman who had a bicycle in back that she left, and then a car drove up, and
6:34 pm
>> the reporter: but after police investigated all night and day, the woman told investigators, she was not a victim of any crime. and she somehow got herself into the ravine with the duct tape on her hand and feet. it's unclear if she'll face any criminal charges. in weymouth, robert goulston, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: police are looking for a sex assault suspect in jamaica plains. this happened early this morning in the hyde square area of the neighborhood. the woman says she saw a man show a gun, he demanded her cellphone, and then he made her walk to a backyard on gay head street where he right now, we're looking for a man who had a mask over his nose, he was wearing a hoodie with a white logo on the front of it. we have a reporter working the story in jamaica plain right now. look for a live report tonight at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. >> mark: turning now to the weather, a brief break from the rain. the sun breaking through the clouds in boston earlier. as sun sets on the city. but tonight, kevin is tracking more rain coming our way. >> kevin: it's important, because it's going to impact your weekend plans, not so much
6:35 pm
every day in the last week. 56 in boston for your dinner time. 50's everywhere for dinner time tonight. a little warmer back here where you saw more sun today. keene, new hampshire, 63 degrees. had some breaks in those clouds today, but the clouds are moving back in, ahead of this rain pittsburgh -- rain pushing back our way, rotating around the big spin, which is going to start to move, which is good for us. it's actually going to relent and release us from its grip and allow our weather to changeby we'll be tracking the clouds thickening up tonight. here come the first showers during the lunchtime tomorrow and afternoon and evening. scattered showers, heavier rain waits until after midnight. i'll show you that impact through saturday just ahead. >> vanessa: a frightening situation for a merrimack, new hampshire woman. strange man broke into her home demanding mail that he said belonged to her. as fox 25's bob ward found out, police suspect this is all part of a larger scam that's been operating in the area. >> you talking about going into
6:36 pm
hampshire police detective scott park tells me about a disturbing credit card scam that saw this man allegedly breaking into a woman's whom and angrily trying to collect mail, he said belonged to him. it happened on tuesday after a woman took in an envelope that contained her street address, but featured someone else's name. then a strange man came to collect it. she called police when he refused to leave, but then -- it got worse. >> he forced his way right into the house, grabbed the envelopes, never thinking that you know, that we were going to be that close, and we this man, 21-year-old charles anthony washington, of wallden new york, detective park thing he's part of a larger ring that takes credit cards delivered to addresses and takes out credit cards. most homeowners don't know they've received one of the packages, because the scammers track these packages and they
6:37 pm
the trouble comes when the homeowner picks up the package first. detective park tells me, that's when the homeowner will get someone knocking on their door to collect the mail. he adds, if you get a letter delivered to your home with someone else's name, call police. >> any time you get a package, knowing what we know now, contact us immediately because it is most likely the individual is right behind that delivery. >> the reporter: police say, these envelopes contain new credit cards taken out in a victim's name, and that the scammers the gift cards or merchandise that they can quickly sell. that's why police say, it's very important that if you get one much these strange packages or envelopes, give miss a calm -- police a call. in merrimack new hampshire, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: a. >> elizabeth: a wal-mart employee suspected of starting a fire at the store where she worked is charged with arson. we've been covering the story since the fire broke out tuesday afternoon at the wal-mart on route 20 in sturbridge. mia cruz of southbridge, police
6:38 pm
auburn. that wal-mart will remain temporarily closed due to smoke and fire damage. >> mark: several schools across our state dealing with racial incidents over the past few months. newton school administrators are looking in to why students would wave a confederate flag on school grounds. crystal haynes has the story. >> the reporter: a group of newton north high school students are at the center of a police investigation after this video of them waving a confederate flag grounds went viral. >> we want our schools to be welcoming, inclusive and safe places for all and having a confederate flag outside of school does not create that kind of environment. >> the reporter: but it's not the first racist incident at newton north and it's not the only one in the state in recent weeks. on monday, u.s. attorney carmen ortiz found that boston latin school had violated federal civil rights law in its mishandling of reports of racism and last week, fox 25 told you
6:39 pm
school where students have been the target of racial slurs. >> we have get calls from -- >> the reporter: matt craiger tells me oftentimes districts handle incidents of racism as isolated cases and that's a mistake. >> we're not paying attention to what we have done to change the >> the reporter: the school administrators are constantly struggling with that. >> the reporter: the massachusetts association of school committees says state and federal guidelines are clear on dealing with issues of racism, but districts don't always get it right in their interpretation. >> we need to fight continuously tore disspell any notions of prejudice, but we're not always perfect at doing it and that happens in schools. >> the reporter: the superintendent says they have an
6:40 pm
in newton. bringing the discussion not only between individuals involved, but into classrooms as a teachable moment. reporting in newton, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> mark: everett police are thanking a couple from ipswich for replacing an american flag that had been burned earlier this month. police got a call from paul and mary after seeing the burned flag on the street corner at everett and wanted to replace it. two weeks later, the new flag is back up and flying. >> elizabeth: coming up, a story you don't want to miss. how you can win a dream date in boston with tom brady, ben affleck and matt damon. that's all for a good cause. >> mark: plus, one of the fastest growing areas in boston, but there's not a good way to get around on public transportation. the new plan though to change
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joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac
6:43 pm
[ clock ticking ] time. you only have so much. that's why we wanna make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all... we should fit into your life. [ laughing ] not the other way around. [ clock ticking ] >> mark: it's a parts of the city of boston that's going fast. but, every morning, hundreds of people wait in line for a long
6:44 pm
change that by building a new bus depot in south boston. >> elizabeth: angry commuters reached out to fox 25, frustrated about the lack of serve advice there. fox 25's katherine burcham outlines the new plan to help passengers. >> the reporter: every morning, dozens of passengers wait up to 45 minutes to catch a ride, and watch as crowded buses pass them by. and this is just one of many stops along the route. it's something that legislators say needs to change. rather than hopping regulars on the mbta 7 bus -- >> it's jam packed. >> the reporter: are used to the site of it pulling away. >> you have to wait and then you get like two buses that goes by and you're still waiting for the third one. >> the reporter: over the past several months, t riders have snapped these photos, showing the massive crowds waiting at southie bus stops. others sent angry tweets to the mbta saying i can't remember a time when i wasn't waiting 30 to 45 minutes and that the t needs higher capacity transit. >> people are trying to get
6:45 pm
these buses. >> the reporter: senators and representatives are trying to help, they want to build a new bus stop on east first street, providing a safe central place for riders to catch a steady stream for buses. >> imagine leaving two miles away and not being able to rely on public transportation to get to the work, so people are frustrated. >> the reporter: this week, representative collins testified before the mbta, asking for a new express route to south station, where most commuters work. >> trying to get to is where it starts. >> the reporter: t riders say they're happy to hear some help could be on the way, but think the real solution is far more simple. >> more buses. yeah. i think you need more buses. >> the reporter: mbta officials say they have a limited amount of resources and budget deficit, but say, they are considering the suggestions by the lawmakers, and that they are evaluating the efficiency of the currents bus routes. public meetings about these changes are planned for late october. in south boston, katherine
6:46 pm
emists are pressing boston mayor marty walsh to make city streets safer for bikes and pedestrians. the group wants the mayor to act faster on the traffic safety plan that boston unveiled last year. including lower speeds limits to 20 miles per hour in areas of city, more dedicated bike lanes and money for construction projects to improve dangerous streets. >> elizabeth: ok. stop the show. we have something very important to talk about right now. not one, not two, but three of new england's hottest guys. ben affleck, matt damon panned wait for it, tom brady together at the same time and you know, all they need is you. >> hey, tom. tom. hey. hey. tommy. what's up? t bone that touchdown tommy. >> sorry i'm late, i just got down with body work. >> me too. i do stretching. >> yeah.
6:47 pm
kate's head is about to explode. one lucky fan could be invite today a pizza party all you have to do is donate to a combination of their personal charities, you only need a minimum of $10 to get in the running, so really open to everybody. we have more details on the home page at and you can watch the entire video, which is pretty good, it's pretty funny, so load book. >> -- so good luck. >> mark: how about that. >> elizabeth: pizza and beer. to chat with the men. >> elizabeth: i don't think there's much eating going o. i think drooling. >> kevin: i have wouldn't be drooling. i'd be eating pizza and beer. no offense, guys. let me show you what's going on out there with the weather. in the 50's at dinnertime. around 60 in south new hampshire, southern vermont, you had sun earlier today, so warmer for you, but the clouds on the south shore of cape cod, those will take over the area, they've already started moving back northward, ahead of this rain to our south. to our west, there's this system
6:48 pm
night. when it starts to move our weather will change. it's been blocked up, a big traffic jam in that atmosphere, there are the clouds first thing in the morning, of course, there could be drizzle, onshore wind especially south of boston, the way the winds will be blowing tomorrow morning from the northeast. here comes some showers though, starting to trickle on in. you'll be able to follow that on the fox 25 weather app with the showers coming in. radar on it so you can keep up with it. everybody will get rain, but there will be a couple out there. if you need bring an umbrella with you. it's tomorrow night late night when the rain arrives in earnest. drizzle during the morning, 56 degrees at wake judgment time on average, fog, cool, breezy still. high temperatures tomorrow afternoon, don't get much heighter than that. in to the low 60's again, methuen to haverhill, 61 degrees. aim burrsry -- aimesbury, 60 degrees. 59 in wellfleet. 59 in bourn tomorrow afternoon. fenway park tomorrow evening, we know there's a game tonight, but
6:49 pm
and at fenway, only 56 degrees at first pitch. it is going to be cool. northeasterly winds and there is the risk of a shower to come on through. i don't expect the rain to come on in an cancel the game or even delay it. it's going to wait until after the ballgame, so take you to midnight saturday, this is after tomorrow night's game. here comes the rain moving across the south shore and some of it is coming down heavily. could use the rain, we've been talking about that too this summer. let's get it saturday night or friday night in to saturday morning. of course, it's not going to cooperate with around during the morning at 10:00 a.m. when we're talking the stage to say hi to you on the jdr walk. on the esplanade. this all starts to push off to the northeast in the afternoon. there's plenty of activities going on saturday. there are high schoolz"?[ and college football games as well, it's going to be a wet day. now, here's the good news. that pushes off to the north. look at the break in the action, saturday night into sunday morning. that's because this system is finally on the move to the north, drag our front through
6:50 pm
saturday and into monday. afternoon sunday and into monday. but not nearly as wet as saturday is going to be. the latest on this storm, that's hurricane matthew, still 75-mile-per-hour winds, still wants to track off to the west, a little farther southern jog with in computer model run, backing a category two hurricane spinning it up through jamaica, cuba and then into the bahamas. if that track verifies, we have to watch it closely next week for some impacts here by the end of the week, that's why i have the clouds and the 20% chance in there. it's a long ways off, but that's the seven-day forecast. for tomorrow, expect a lot of clouds around, and that potential for drizzle, a couple showers and then saturday is when the heavier rain is going to arrive. the jdrf walk, here's a break down of what to expect. 9:00 a.m. as the crowd gathers, 58 degrees, high risk of rain at 90%. kick off the walk, it's 59 and by the time we kick off the walk, 60 degrees and wet. >> ahead in sports, quite
6:51 pm
at the ryder cup and it wasn't a pro who got it done after 40 years of making soup at progresso, we've learned chicken is king.
6:52 pm
long live chicken! tag, you're it. tag! you're it. tag, you're it. yes! new gogurt write-on tubes.
6:53 pm
special interests that oppose question 2 claim district schools lose money to charter schools. that's "absurd," says the boston herald. "outright lies," reports the lowell sun. charter schools "don't siphon off state dollars" from traditional schools, says the boston globe. in fact, public schools get more money. the truth is question 2 will give parents more choices for public education. please vote yes on question 2. for stronger public schools. >> mark: i like the way you look there, tom. i mean, you know, no more hair stuck to your head from champagne, but that looked great
6:54 pm
is a great feel. i just baghdad all that stuff up and -- bagged all that stuff up and dropped it off at the dry cleaners. it smelled disgusting. red sox reminding us they want fans in the stands early before the game this weekend. one more night in new york and the red sox will return to boston for the final series of the regular season against toronto. and look what awaits them. an incredible depiction of david ortiz mowed into the outfield at fenway park. this might be dave mill i struggled the most with straight lines and i'm sure i'm not alone. that's absolutely incredible. last night, no concern for the yankees, still partying in the clubhouse, american league east division title in the bag. thanks to an orioles win over toronto. john farrell told the guys to enjoy it and they did. largely because they like each other so much. >> there's no magic formula that says, if you have this much team chemistry, you'll play well, but
6:55 pm
the same goals, and getting to where we are right now, but we still have a long ways to go. >> the reporter: four more regular season games patriots getting ready for the bills to invade gillette stadium on sunday. all systems appear to be on track for jimmy garoppolo or brissett to be ready to play against the bills. whoever is in there, i have advice, keep handing off to la garrett blunt, he was named afc officer dougherty player today, short of 300 yards on the ground through the first three games. he has scored four patriots wins. did you see the awesome scene during practice for the ryder cup. a family was calling out henrick stenson saying there was no way he would make the putt. so henrick called him downtown the green and said big guy, show us what you've got. johnson nailed it. that's the best ryder cup fun since justin leonard at brookline. it does get crazy in the clubhouse when a baseball team is celebrating.
6:56 pm
sprayed, and sometimes a little contact. >> great guys, great mix. >> i'm sorry. >> the reporter: and if you don't know, that is our guy, walt mcgraw and as we were driving back to the hotel last night, i checked my phone and i saw that walt was going viral, so we're going to have to get aaron hill a helmet. in case, just in case he runs into walt again during another one of those >> elizabeth: poor walt. viral for all the wrong reasons there. >> all good. >> mark: at least his eyes were protected. who needs the held exiting the home. >> elizabeth: showers that are not of the champagne variety. coming our way. >> mark: wow, you are an expert segue. >> kevin: there is the rain coming in tomorrow night especially saturday morning will be heavy. we'll look ahead to the improving weather and have the latest on hurricane matthew.
6:57 pm
capital one believes your bank should work for you, not the other way around. so capital one reimagined banking... with a place that feels nothing like a bank. and helpful people that talk to you...not sell to you. with free checking accounts that are actually free... no minimums. no fees. and a top-rated app, let's you bank right here. that's banking reimagined.
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joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac
7:00 pm
?? ? shocking new revelations in the brangelina divorce battle. >> why what you heard so far is just the tip of the iceberg. >> this wasn't the first incident. there were many, many more. >> why angie was thinking about ending the marriage much sooner and how long have they been janet jackson's baby bump. now we take you inside her life as an expectant mother at 50. >> plus two hot hunks and two blockbusters. "e.t." is first behind the scenes of affleck's new movie and the new transformers. >> transformers 5, baby. >> why josh duhamel is literally painting the town red. >> this is all legal, right?


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