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tv   FOX 25 News at 1130PM  FOX  September 29, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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>> i want to send our thoughts a horrible accident. >> presidential candidates hillary clinton and donald trump offering their condolences today to the victims of the new jersey train crash. >> late tonight we have learned new information about both the victim and the conductor. fox 25's ted daniel joins us again live. he's been in hoboken all day for us. ted, let's first talk about the victim. we know she's a hoboken resident
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she died by the falling debris at the platform area, not from the train. >> yeah p. we learned that from new jersey governor chris christie this afternoon. he said that he was flying debris that hit her while she was standing on the platform. the majority of the people injured were on the train, mark and elizabeth. but the woman killed, she was just standing there rush hour just waiting for her >> we want to talk now about the conductor here, ted. he's been with the transit is system for some time and i understand police actually went to his home earlier. this is the man they wanted to talk to. >> we understand that a woman was accompanied by police at the conductor's home, the engineer's home, and she went in to grab some items, new york is like boston. it's a large aggressive media market, and there are a lot of
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he's likely trying to get some privacy. we know that the ntsb wanted to interview him. originally we were told he was in critical condition, but that obviously may have been incorrect because he was released from the hospital this afternoon. witnesses say that they saw him in his chair slumped over and immediately following the crash, but we don't know if that was the result of the impact or something leading up to it. but the ntsb does want to conduct a thorough interview with him, right now. he's the only one who would really know what happened this morning. >> still no time frame when the station will be rebuilt and service will be resumed? well, that's a good question. so they have the train which is the subway train that is operating a couple of blocks from here but the new jersey transit train similar to our commuter rail, those are bypassing hoboken right now
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it just cannot re-open due to structural problems. if you look at the video, you see that that train barreled right into a mall, into an area, essentially between the waiting and area and the platforms. it did serious damage to an old historic station. the station is more than 100 years old. so they first have to democrat how badly the building is damaged and highway it -- its struct they're able to allow people back in it. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is standing by. kevin, we will have a nice dry stretch before the rain starts to fall.
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picture of the day shows we didn't have the rain falling. but the sun did poke out. you can get yours on the air too. this spin continues to dominate our atmosphere and throwing this batch of rain toward southern new england. we'll watch that continue to encroach on the area, so far going through fairfield county. breaking apart as it comes in. we'll see some showers by lunchtime at the latest tomorrow, moving across the south coast, the southshore and into the boston area. the steadiest and still offshore even at then at nate. but numerous showers in eastern central massachusetts. temperatures tonight in the mid-40s to as warm as is sit degrees out there on the island. your wake-up forecast will average a lot of clouds to be some drizzle, particularly on the southshore. we'll track the raven right into the weekend and talk about hurricane matthew,as well, in
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>> a 21-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly trying to kill his 3-year-old nephew. police say teenage mcdonald called 911 telling dispatchers he had just killed the boy. when police arrived they say mcdonald way loud them into the home. one man fox 25 spoke with wanted to remain anonymous but told us he was painting his deck and heard the child hysterically crying. >> sounded like he was screaming but, i mean, crying and i don't know if he was in pain. i don't know. i have no idea. >> tonight police tell us the boy is in stable condition with non-life-threatening injuries. mcdonald is also charged with reckless endangerment and assault and battery. he'll be arraigned in court tomorrow. following breaking news out of west springfield where several people on a carnival ride at the big e had to be rescue the tonight.
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leaving a number of fair-goers unable to get off. crews took each one off the ride using a ladder truck. there were no injuries. donald trump will have big name health to get ready for a second debate with hillary clinton.
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?? with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, withdrawal, transfer, or payment each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright with simply right checking from santander bank. ? are you feeling alright, baby? ? vigil is held for a clairemont new hampshire man shot and killed by police tomorrow. autopsy results show cody la tonight was shot three times in the chest on sunday after police were called out to his home. more than 100 people are expected to attend the candlelight vigil tomorrow at 6:00. it will be at the opera house square in clairemont. several schools across the state are dealing with racial incidents over the past few months. >> tonight newton school administrators are looking into why students would wave a
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>> a group of students at the center of an investigation after this video went viral. >> the. >> we want our schools to being with, inclause assist and safe places for all and having a confederate flag outside of school does not create that kind of environment. >> reporter: but it's not the first racist incident at newton north and not the only one in the state in recent weeks. monday u.s. attorney carmen school had violated federal civil right law in its mishandling of reports of racism and just last week fox 25 told you about the latest in a series of incidents at the oddison middle school in arlington where students have been the target of racial slurs. we get at a least a call of month from families of color
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>> reporter: matt craiger tells me oftentimes districts handle racism as isolate the cases and that's a mistake. >> we're not paying attention to what we've done to change the environment of the school. >> school administrators constantly struggling with that. >> reporter: glen is with the massachusetts legislation of school committees and says the guidelines are clear dealing with issues of racism but district its don't always get it right. >> we ne t to dispel any notions of prejudice but we're not always perfect at doing it and that happens in schools. >> the superintendent says they have an open policy of communication around incidents of racism here in newton bringing the discussion not only between individuals involved but into classrooms as a teachable moment. reporting in newton, i'm crystal
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returning now to our coverage in the race for the white house. according to an average of all the polls by real clear politics hillary clinton is holding a 3 point lead over donald trump. that makes their upcoming debate on sunday october 9th critical for both camps. let's toss it over to ock for more on that. >> we're joined now by bu political professor and historian tom wayland. let' we're four days removed now from this debate, yet, donald trump, the fallout continues. >> he sounds as if he cannot help himself. he cannot let it go, and really to be a successful candidate he has to let it go. he did not perform up to snuff in the first debate. but he really has to prepare for the next one because really all the chips will be on the table for him. he blows the second debate i
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>> he damaged himself. >> yeah, seems like the polls in terms of women in the suburbs were going his way who were concerned about flagsal security, i think he lost that momentum and probably lost ground overall. more polling needs to be done there but i think it's constant really did not help. >> and an email today was sent out, a debate preparation survey asking supporters to give
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what does that say? help, help, help. that is unprecedented. and the that's coming out today is chris christie is going to be his kind of debate partner in the prep, and that's kind of an odd choice
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know, trump didn't come off well in that first debate. his temperature was kind of bombastic, out of control. chris christie is going to be the guy who's gonna reel him in? i don't think so. i think it's a major mistake on his part. this is a guy who stood by every word that he's said, it appears, and now he's reaching out for help. >> the problem that he's had is he's always had debates where there's several people on the same platform. he's never had that one on one experience, and frankly he has the attention span of a 2-year-old, apparently. he loses his train of thought very easily. >> and we talk about how he would go after hillary, about her health, he did do that during the debate, transgressions about her husband, didn't do that, why the in an interview one to one he's more likely to say that and maybe that's going forward? >> right. and i think the next debate which i think is a town meeting, that is more in his daily wick. he didn't really have an
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being a reality television star, i mean, he's like a fish out of water. >> hillary clinton made it a point during the debate that she said, i've been practicing for donald trump, from what we're reading here, says he doesn't like practice. likely we'll see a change in
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hasn't changed up this point. he's very stubborn. and the problem is the message to voters is well, we want a
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>> the hangover game, but they also get swept by the yanks and that is never good. jacolby elsbury with what tons out to be the game-winning double for new york. the yankees win this 5-1 and sweep the series and take all three games in the bronx. patriots are going to go into week 4 knowing that they have already gained a two and a half game lead on the dolphins who would be 0 and 4 if only the field goal. andy dalton, aj green, five field goes, i love thursday night's football. 22-7, that's the final score. the dolphins drop to 1 and 3. so it gets a little crazy in the clubhouse when a baseball team is celebrating. a lot of champagne getting sprayed. a lot of people, a lot of cameras. sometimes unfortunately a little
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>> that's the guy. i love him like a brother. we were driving back to the hotel last night and i checked my phone and he was going viral. >> gonna have to give aaron hill a helmet. >> every time i see it, i laugh. >> he almost got beer poured on his head. we appreciate that aaron did not do anything to destroy our equipment. >> yeah, he's ready to go? ready to go. >> with the belichick report that wouldn't mean much at all. >> some rain is trying to wheel its way northward. the spin still dominating our weather. the clouds thickening up. through the morning you'll see the showers start to appear here in southern new england and become more numerous as the day and evening progresses. we'll have to watch for fenway park tomorrow evening.
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saturday, something we'll be watching closely. this is happening saturday morning. gonna be a wet one with temperatures in the 50s to near 60 degrees. i promise you'll look at matthew, that is the storm, winds now at 80 miles per hour. so strengthening a bit. the seven-day forecast, quick look at that, as well, shows you the rain coming in this weekend but slowly getting out of here if matthew will impact us at all, it's the end of next week. shiri spear is here first thing in the morning and the latest on the timeline coming up. >> yeah, lots of teams, everybody fired up to go. >> yeah. taking some selfies and post them and do everything else out there. >> we've had pouring rain for that and have still had the best time. the mud and the muck out there, no matter what. bring your umbrella, come on down and have a great time. lots of smiles. >> so you get a little wet like
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> never say never because taylor swift and calvin harris ? are back together -- sort of. >> we're told that shortly after tom hiddleston and taylor swift broke up, calvin and taylor came in communication again of the only through text. >> who texted first? >> calvin klein sent like a photo. and she's like yeah, you're right. and texted again. >> photo >> there's video of a different angle of this guy trying to kiss kim kardashian's butt showing her body card, pascal is his name, and how it ended where he tried to subdue that guy. he's scary. he has like a batman belt on. >> no, he doesn't have a grapple. [laughter] >> one direction fan going crazy right now. zayn posted this video and


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