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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody, thank you for joining us on this friday morning, september 30. i am gene lavanchyaa i am sara underwood. wind, rain, fog. not just your favorite words on a friday. meteorologist shiri spear has it all in her weekend forecast here on fox25 storm tracker weather sent we are what time things are going to go downhill. >> reporter: kind of a slow start to our day because we have rain slowly progressing northward through the morning commute. weil coast for some of those scattered showers. but in boston, we could ea little bit of drizzle by the time we hit 11:00. so far so good. clouds and 58 in boston, plymouth and down to the cape upper 50s. 49 in portsmouth, new hampshire. 50 in lawrence. 48 in worcester. definitely chilly spots north and west of boston now. another breezy morning with 17 miles per hour sustained winds in boston and 24 miles per hour on the vineyard. get ready to be wind opinion
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week at this point i assume you were used to it and rain chances in boston starting up at 11 a.m. and much steadier and heavier into the evening. time out the showers hour by hour with future cast and send it over to jewel why you will with drive time traffic. >> so far so good. shiri. still early out there and nice and light north of the pike on route 1 into saugus into revere and chelsea. 93 south no issue. south expressway. seeing a little yellow and just from overnight construction work that is clearing out. we shouldn't have any issue on the expressway. live drive times. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 49 to mass avenue. 8 minutes on the expressway. 22 minutes southbound as you approach the weston tolls. back to you. well, this morning, a 21-year-old man will go before a judge accused of trying to kill his 3-year-old nephew >> the boy's uncle then called 911 and made a chilling statement to dispatcher. fox25's stephanie coueignoux
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case is rattling this neighborhood, stephanie. >> reporter: yeah, and these details are very difficult to hear. police were here at the lincoln village complex for hours yesterday after 21-year-old taj mcdonald made that call to 911 saying that he had killed his 3-year-old nephew. >> we just received a call from a -- [bleep] -- that said he killed his 3-year-old nephew inside of the apartment. >> part of that 911 call and you heard the disparker there relaying the message that a man had called them to say that he had killed his nephew. when police arrived at the apartment they went inside and found the 3-year-old boy on the couch. police say he did have injuries to his face and next, but he was conscious. he was then rushed to the hospital. now according to police, mcdonald was babysitting his new year's eve few while the boy's father was at work.
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boy crying hysterically but wasn't sure what was going on. >> sounded like he was screaming, but, i mean, pretty much crying and sometimes screaming but i don't know -- i don't know what -- if he was in pain. i don't know. i have no idea. >> mcdonald is now facing a number charges including attempted murder and indecent assault and battery on someone under the age of 14. a spokes woman with the department of children and families wouldn't previous cases involving the family or if the boy had siblings. we are also reaching out to get an update on the boy's condition, and, of course, we will be in court and pass along any new informations in we receive it. testify steph, fox25 news. police working late into the night of the home of the woman last at sea as new information surpasses about suspicions surrounding her in the death of her father. fox25's daniel miller joins us live from the news room.
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getting deeper. >> daniel: it is, gene. and police in four states and federal investigators are trying to get to the bo bottom of what happened out at sea. nathan carman and his mom left for fishing trip two weeks ago. last sunday nathan was found floating on a life raft without his mom. last night police in middleton, connecticut searched linda carmarcman's home. not clear what they were looking for but were seen taking things from the house. the boat sank and he was he is now being investigated for reckless endangerment as police try to figure out if he made repairs to the boat that caused it to sink. but this morning, we are also learning more of the murder of nathan's very wealthy grandfather. in 2011, nathan was checked into a psychiatric ward. it was there that his mother and grandfather got into a fight about nathan's medical care and money. linda was charged with assault after allegedly punching her
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two years later in 2013, the grandfather was found shot to death in his home. nothing was stolen and no one broke in and they looked to linfs as the -- lindas at main suspect. the man left $42 million to his four children. nay chance was the subject in the murder well approximately prosecutors rejected a search warrant on him during the investigation. of course the story will continue to develop and we will be following the steps every step of the way. in the newsro in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 morning news. investigators in new jersey say that the engineer of a train which slammed into a busy station is fully cooperating with them. one person died. more than 100 were hurt when the new jersey transit train sped over a safety barrier and partly cloudy into the reception of a station in hoboken. the engineer 48-year-old thomas gallagher was hurt and doctors released him from the hospital hours after the crash. investigators say the train cass speeding as they approached the station and now
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activate. >> we are going to be pulling that event recorder from the locomotive. also an event recorder in the cab car. >> sara: the woman killed in the crash is a 34-year-old lawyer from new jersey. the young mother was waiting in the station when a piece of debris hit her. the crash is renewing charges to install an automatic braking system called positive train controls. the system is delineed to slow down trains which are going deadline and congress passed a three-year extension; however, the mbta does not plan to have it up and running on all trains until 2020. the new braking system will cost the t $450 million. 5:06. two people are hit by a t+ ow truck at a busy intersection in newton breaking on fox25 at 10 and 11. the victims were hit at beacon street and langley road. both were rushed to the hospital. one of them was in critical
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no word on any charges as of now. happening now, police continue to search for two robbers accused of storming into a local home. a manhunt where students hit nearby schools to shelter in place. a picture of one of the suspects. he and three other men broke into a home yesterday morning and one of them had a gun. the suspects took two safes from the home but dropped them when officers arrived. police quickly captured two of the men and spent hours searching for the other two. during that time officers made sure students at local schools >> when school dismissal time came, and we had state police, as well as local police escorting the buses into this area. >> a woman who lives at the home was not hurt. police don't know what the thieves were after, but they applied for a warrant to search the house for clues. a scare for dozens of people at the big e. a popular ride gets stuck leaving them stranded in midair. this happened last night on the wipeout. the ride goes around in a
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some reason, it suddenly stopped. fire fighters used a truck to rescue the riders. no one was hurt but stranded for nearly two hours.i got up and they left all of adults on the bottom on because it was unstable. >> witnesses say they heard loud grinding noises before the ride stopped but investigators don't know what went wrong. the ride will be shut down for the rest of the fair. anothe an 18-year-old woman in weymouth called police to report she had been assaulted, bound with duct tape an left in a ravine. we have been covering the story all morning long yesterday and now we are learning she has admitted to make the whole story up. came clean after testing. no word if she will face any charges. this morning chris christie and the donald trump campaign are denying reports that the new jersey governor
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for the next presidential debate. christie said he wasn't asked but will be willing if it was deemed his help was necessary. this as donald trump took his campaign to new hampshire. he was in bedford yesterday trying to gain more support and going after his democratic rival >> the clinton campaign focuses on small and petty distractions. this will be the year the american people say finally >> gene: trump said it came a day after hillary clinton was in the granite state. both will return to new hampshire several more times as election day draws closer. hillary clinton supporters are eyeing more support in the major swing states. the top dollar super pac announced a new ad taking aim at donald trump. priorities usa shelled out $10 million for the ad and takes place at an incident where mocked a new york times report we are a disability.
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more than a week out before the second presidential debate with the town hall format and take place at washington dwroovt in solution, missouri. fox25 has everything that you need to know every step of the way. join us on air and online now through election day. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. good morning, everyone, right now on 93 south, still 20-minute ride from 495 in andover down to the zakim. shiri? >> shiri: right now upper 40s to 50s out there. we are facing mostly dry conditions. that drive home, what a world of difference it is going to be. wet, winnie and temperatures closer to 60 test. 5:10 this morning. a frightening scenario in one local neighborhood. a woman confronted with a masked man with a gun. coming up at 5:30, the similar case in a community that happened days ago. a dog nearly swallowed up. the animal sunk into the ground and how police were
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yankee stadium, big papi
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it is the final weekend of the regular season and the final regular season game with david ortiz in the line-up. >> gene: he has been honored by every major league team that the red sox has faced, but now time for the fenway big faithful to honor big papi. live at fenway park of what tributes >> reporter: yeah, they are ready to pay honor and homage to this living red sox legend. big papi's last homestand here at fenway. take a look to the side of fenway park. you can already see that big thank you 34 sign on the side of the stadium. now some tickets for this weekend's games on secondhand markets are selling as much as $13,000 as this big papi farewell tour moves from his
5:15 am
stadium to here in fenway park. >> he is a member of the 500 home run club. >> reporter: the evil empire played nice. showering red sox slugger david ort irk z with honors, gifts -- ortiz with honors gifts and the arrival of mariano rivera. and now he heads back to his homestand in boston the city where he left his mark. big papi's image has been mowed into the fenway grass the big number 34 has been making its way through boston giving fans a chance to say thanks papi for all the dramatic home runs, charity work, emotional rally after the marathon bombings and, of course, those three world series rings. the state legislature and governor have come together to rename the brookline avenue bridge over which so many red sox fans have walked to fenway to see big papi play the david
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with the playoffs around the corner this red sox living ledge end will have one more chance to make his mark. so if you do want to take your picture with that big 34 around town, it will be at faneuil hall between and 2:00, and if you are coming to the game, they are urging you to use public transportation and get here early and want fans in their seats for tonight and tomorrow night's game by 6:30. and the 3:00 new your seat by o'clock. an incredible weekend and the playoffs are just around the corner after that. michael henrich, fox25 morning news. the red sox have clinched the division but the games this weekend do have some meaning. red sox is competing with texas and cleveland for home field advantage in the playoffs and the sox are behind the rangers for home field. if things ended today were the ranger will host and red sox and irnd ianss would face off each other with the red sox having home field.
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big heroes in canada. here is why, team canada am trailed team europe 1-0 in the finals of the world cup of hockey, but with under three minutes left. bruins center patrice bergeron ties the game with the deflection. and then just 43 seconds later, and on the power play, brad marchand rifling home a shorthanded goal and canada takes the win. bruins captain sdmrshtion deno chara cord for team europe. gold. let's get them back to boston and get ready for the upcoming 2016-2017 julie which should be right in the mix, you would figure. >> reporter: yes, we will. good morning, everyone. checking traffic and weather every ten minutes. seeing a lot of green out on our maps. expressway wide open. 128 moving along without issue. as we shift north of the pike were route 1 is clear. 93 south and 128 is also wide open. here is a live look at the zakim bridge.
5:18 am
not exactly the occasion though. coming into town in the zakim you should be fine. live drive times. 12 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 20 minutes on 93 south. 22 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. gene and sara, back to you. well, we all know by now that tuesday is gene's least favorite day of the year, but i think friday is number one. >> gene: friday is pretty good with everybody. feel good into the weekend. a little bounce in your step. it is all good. even if the weather doesn't cooperate it is still good. >> shiri: you know what i mean, we are kind of used to it by now. i feel maybe more of the same. felt back on tuesday and now yesterday. that chance of rain will really be climbing into friday night and into the day on saturday. what we get, though, this morning is going to be some patchy drizzle forming once we hit the afternoon. widely scattered showers. saturday kind of a wash out in.
5:19 am
and a little good weekend news. spots like new bedford will be the first to see those showers which are right now arriving in nantucket as light rain. 58 degrees now in new bedford. and you can see by 8, 9:00, we will have to incorporate that risk for showers and stays planted for the rest of the day. takes a little longer to reach lawrence. mostly cloudy skies. you don't have hopes of seeing too much sunshine but likely early afternoon that we get those showers working their way in. i can see a couple at 1:00 in the afternoon but for the afternoon scatter southern youening land. temperatures today will be lucky -- southern new england. temperatures today. upper 50s and many towns and cities because of the clouds and showers. sunshine not able to get down and do its job today smp showers hitting the coast by the cape and islands by 11:00 that drizzle will approach boston and you will see
5:20 am
focused over eastern massachusetts. the mass-new hampshire border still mostly dry. there could be a spot sprinkle out there. but then as we get into the afternoon, we deal with scattered showers. not all light either. moderate showers out there. downpours working their way in during the evening hours. at 10 p.m., you can see that we have a pretty wet outlook for the friday night plans. pretty wet outlook for all your saturday plans as well. this area low pressure will be closest tomorrow and help swing in some additional showers both so at 3 p.m., off goes the shower activity. heaviest rain over southeastern mass, and most towns and cities in southern you england seeing an an inch of rainfall. saturday is drier day -- excuse me, sunday will be our drier day. showers are easing up. a slight risk for a shower but most of the day is going to
5:21 am
temperatures go up a little bit just because we are not seeing as much rain. so upper 50s tomorrow in boston followed by 60 on sunday and worcester, 53 followed by 57 on sunday. lower 60s both days for the cape. we are also watching hurricane matthew. a brand-new update that came out now a category 2 hurricane expected to be a major hurricane as it swings toward jamaica and cuba and into the bahamas. it should see a little bit of weakening there by day five. we will have to keep e as it could be close and way too soon to nail down that track. we are working on the next five days for that storm. slow to warm up. rainy conditions through the weekend. monday a couple much spot hours. drizzle through tuesday and drying on wednesday and thursday. back to you. a disturbing discovery inside of a local mailbox. coming up this hour, the changes the post office are making after syringes are found inside of a drop box. taking in nature's beauty.
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it happened in a nearly dried-up pond near liberty road. people heard the dog making noises and this he called for help. it looked like the dog was there for a while because only his head and front legs were visible. he was taken to a vet to be checked out. a man in michigan learned a scary lesson of losing your keys. we have all done that. >> i have done that this morning. >> julie: glad you made it, sara. the man couldn't basement -- his feet got stuck and he ended up hanging upside down. this didn't happen to you this morning. >> sara: no. >> julie: heavy rains and rising water when his basement started flooding. the rising water came dang us us willly close to his head. 13 hours later a neighbor found the man calling for help. 15 hours inverted.
5:26 am
for 13 hours. >> julie: i never done a 13-hour yoga pasture. i think it would drive you maybe a little crazy. the capital of an entire country went dark to take in one of nature's most stunning light shows. check this out. >> julie: ooh. >> sara: yeah, one of the many pictures from iceland. the bbc reports that the city switched off the city street lights to give everyone an amazing lights. they planned to turn it off from 10 to 11 but the northern lights did not show up in time so they kept the lights off until midnight. residents were told to turn off their lights at home. and as you can see the results were absolutely spectacular. looks like a painting it is so beautiful. >> julie: and use the. and very beautiful.
5:27 am
i would like to. >> i have not seen it either. it looks amazing. the fenway forecast tonight, tomorrow night, all involving rain. sunday. we have a chance for a couple of showers and not huge warm-up on the way and a lot of wet weather. i will time out the best breaks of dry conditions coming up next. samsung dealing with a new problem.the overheating phone saga. the problem plaguing replacement forms. police are warning plain on alert after a woman
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. complete new england news coverage continues right now, this is the fox25 morning news. good and bad weather news. things will start dry today,
5:31 am
tonight. >> gene: we may get few breaks in the form of dry weather but i don't know if washout is the right word for tomorrow, but rain and not have rain. does that even -- is that english? i am sorry. >> shiri: i follow where you are going and i concur. a friday night washout. a saturday washout. by sunday i wouldn't use the word "washout." a few spot showers out there. nantucket right now starting to see that light rain. the rest and bostoned in the upper 50s. a little cooler points north and west. waltham at 53. pelham new hampshire only at 48 degrees and the clouds are substantially thinner up in southern new hampshire allowing for that cooldown. nashua at 46. leominster at 48. even worcester at 48 degrees. the clouds are traveling northward. the showers are traveling northward. right now although dry in boston, by noontime, by 11
5:32 am
turning steadier as we make our way through the afternoon and especially into the evening hours. a lot of upper 50s on my map for highs today. i will break down the wettest towns and cities coming up. julie grauert with live drive time traffic. take us out to the expressway. >> the expressway moving along fine. we have an hour before things really start to pick up and slow down. kind of an oxy moran. around 6:30 where we start to see the highest volume or the volume begins to set in. i turn on a few more traffi the pike north of the pike and 9 south is clear. 23 minutes on the pike eastbound. 11 minutes on the expressway. 20 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. back to you. well, today, 21-year-old man will be in court accused of trying to kill his nephew. this all started with the 911 call yesterday. taj mcdonald told dispatchers he had killed the 3-year-old. when worcester police arrived,
5:33 am
mcdonald is accused of strangling and sexually assaulting the little boy when he was baby sitting. the boy is hospitalized in stable condition. the department of families is notified and working with police on sh investigation. connecticut police spent the night searching the home of the mother who disappeared at sea during a fishing trip with their son. this comes as more of their family history is revealed. nathan carman who lives in vermont being investigated for endangerment dangerous repairs to his poet. found on a life raft on sunday and tells police he did nothing to harm his mom. we are learning that his pother linda carman was the prime minister suspect in the murder of her father five years ago. she inher ripted millions of dollars when he died and charged with assaulting her father in the past. police in four states are working this case. a hunt is on this morning for a masked man who sexually
5:34 am
live in jamaica plain this morning. and catherine, people who live in this area were already on alert. >> reporter: that's because there had been a prior incident about a mile away but in the same neighborhood. this is what we learned about the one yesterday morning. it happened just around quarter to 2:00 thursday morning in this neighborhood and boston police say the suspect in this latest case police were called to the area of gayhead and mendon streets around 2:00. a suspect approached her, showed a gun, forced her to give him her cell phone and walked her into a back yard where he sexually assaulted her. police say the suspect took off toward walden street. local residents are concerned. >> it is kind of crazy.
5:35 am
>> reporter: the boston police say the other incident happened last thursday night around 10 p.m. the victim was a woman walking on the jamaica may near the pond with her companion. both of these incidents happening a week apart. the latest one happened down the street and the home where this happened, the back yard, is behind a building currently under construction and something to take into account as well. boston police are searching for the suspect or suspects. they haven't said if these two suspects might be the same person orot if you have any information, give boston police a call. live in jamaica plain, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. braintree police are searching for a man that stabbed two people outside of a movie theatre. officers say beau both of the victims are 36-year-old men from hingham. ran into the lobby of the amc theatre to ask for help. both are expected to survive. police say their attacker was gone by the time officers arrived. the theatre remained open while investigators searched for clues.
5:36 am
be able to reveal his victim's sexual history during his appeal. the defense attorneys on behalf of convicted killer seth mazzalia argued that lizzi marriott's sexual history would prove that mazzalia didn't intend to kill her but said her past was protected because he was a victim of sexual assault. the lawyer for the wal-mart employee accused of setting several fires in the store says she is mentally ill. the attorney claims that cruz was hearing voices the time of the fire set in different locations inside the sturbridge store. urging the state to commit cruz so she can undergo a mental health evaluation. cruz expected back in court next tuesday. a disturbing find for a mail carrier in lowell. he opened a mail collection box to find several needles and syringes inside. the postal service says half empty beer cans and debris were found inside of a mailbox
5:37 am
company disposed of. >> we are finding needles everywhere, neighborhoods, no safe place any more. >> sara: the mailbox is getting relocated because the area is known for heavy drug use. the big changes for bus service to get people in their seats faster. a kidnapping caught on surveillance video inside a store. why police believe this man planned out this attack for weeks. a truck driver's mistake shuts down a
5:38 am
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weather, traffic every ten minute. a good time to leave the house. >> julie: first get your forecast. a 22 minute ride from peabody to the weston tolls. everything moving along fine. earlier we saw when you have those drive times up. when to hit the roads today. >> shiri: here is my thinking. not make for a miserable commute. the drizzle problem around 11 a.m. travelers south of the activity will to watch for it. early this afternoon when we start to pick up the rain, and by the end of the weekend, one, two inches in a couple of spots. i am timing out pretty heavy downpour tonight and throughout parts of the
5:41 am
back to you. a truck driver has been cited for ignoring height restrictions and forcing the callahan tunnel to shut down for a few hours. the truck ended up scraping its roof along the top. the surveillance video show the truck coming out the other end leaving a cloud of white dust in its wake. a protective fire coat. they had to shut down the tunnel to make sure it was safe for other drivers in no e wal-mart making another big move to compete with the big box store is buying part of a company called flip cart an e-commerce giant worth $16 billion. earlier this year wal-mart purchased online shopping firm for $3 billion. despite wal-mart's big move amazon's share price is up 23% this year. a toddler hurt and his uncle facing charges this morning. plus police conduct a new search in the case of a woman missing at sea.
5:42 am
all of our reporters after the break. the threat of the zika virus spreading to nearly a dozen more countries. the places u.s. officials are warning pregnant women to stay away from. and the royal siblings showing off their sharing
5:43 am
kelly: you know me. not from thousands of false, negative ads- but as your first female attorney general- appointed by republican and democratic governors. as your senator, i'm fighting for equal pay and against workplace discrimination, strengthen and preserve medicare, and i reached across the aisle to protect access to mammograms. i approve this message because after all the false, negative ads, i'm still the kelly ayotte you know-
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it is 5:44 on this friday morning. if you are just joining us. you are getting us up to the minute on all of our top stories. >> gene: indeed. a late-night search of a home of a woman lost at sea. and big papi is preparing for the last regular homestand as red sox fans celebrate number
5:45 am
hospital. his uncle under arrest accused of hurting him. fox25's jessica reyes live in worcester. >> reporter: and, yes, i am stephanie coueignoux here in worcester, and we are, again, reaching out to see how the boy is doing this morning. his uncle, 21-year-old taj mcdonald now under arrest. he will be in court this morning. he was arrested yesterday after calling 911 to say that he had killed his 3-year-old nephew. when police arrived at the lincoln they found the boy injured and crying but conscious. he was rushed to the hospital with injuries to his face and next. now mcdonald was apparently baby sitting his nephew while the boy's father was at work. mcdonald is charged with attempted murder and indecent assault and battery on a child under the age of 14. we will be in court and let you know what happened. coming up at 6:00, we will share part of that 911 call with you. in worcester, stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news.
5:46 am
vanished at sea one week before her son was found floating on a life raft. we are learning this morning she was a prime suspect in her father's murder three years ago. last night in middletown, connecticut searched linda carman's home. they left for rhode island for a fishing trip two weeks ago. nathan who lived in vermont said his boat sank and was unable to save his mom who is now presumed dead. nathan is being investigated for reckless endangerment and police are trying to figure t boat that led to it sinking but we are learning more of the murder of nathan's wealthy grandfather. he was a developer. five years ago nathan was checked into a psychiatric ward. his mom and grandfather got into a fight about nathan's medical care and money. linda was charged with assault after allegedly punching her father repeatedly in the head. two years later, he was found shot to death in his home, and linda was the prime suspect. the murder remains unsolved and nathan's grand father left
5:47 am
now coming up in 15 minutes, what linda carman's lawyer is saying about that old murder investigation. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. i am catherine parrotta live in jamaica plain where police are investigating two sexual assaults. the latest just happened early yesterday morning. and here is what we know about that one. police they were called to this neighborhood in jamaica plain after the woman gave them a call saying that a masked man with a gun was the suspect there. police were called to the area of gay head and around a quarter to 2. the woman said the suspect approached her, showed a gun. forced him to give her the cell phone and walked her into a back yard near 24 gayhill street where he sexually assaulted her. suspects took off in the other dremtion. again only the second sexual assault they are investigating here. the first happened a week prior. we will tell you more coming up in the next hour. i am michael henrich reporting live at fenway park
5:48 am
last three regular season home games starting today. and plenty of tributes are in store for this legendary last home stand for david ortiz for mowing ortiz's image to a big 34 to say thanks. and that's not all. the state of massachusetts offering up its own sort of permanent tribute. details on that coming up in the next report in the next hour. live at fenway park. michael henrich, fox25 5:48 now on this friday morning. and we have got the rain. you said we needed it and showing up on the weekend. >> sara: i know and i was thinking -- we would have the jdrf walk at the hatch shell tomorrow and a big rain event too. >> julie: rain or shine. >> shiri: rain or shine, we are out there, great cause. you will need your water bottle -- as if you need it turn to the sky and open your
5:49 am
we have a lot of rain and a whole lot to the south that will be traveling up toward us. do start with it today and we have showers just arriving nantucket right now. kind of lightly it is all green on the map now and not all going to be green. not all goes to be white. so let's time it out. futurecast 8:00 this morning we will see the islands seeing drizzle and sneak up toward new bedford in the south side of the cape. it takes a little time to get up to boston. i am seeing 11 a.m. for start times reefing boston and the mass pike. heaviest still be focused south of the city. so if you do have morning travel plans or lunchtime plans, i don't think this will slow you down too much until we hit the afternoon because after 2 p.m., everybody in southern new england at risk for showers and some of them are going to turn into some pockets of heavier rain, in particular start being 5 and 8 p.m. tonight. that means your friday night plans here, guys, you can see it scattered showers and those scattered showers will go right into the day tomorrow. 58 degrees right now in
5:50 am
just simply the clouds. another blustery day expected, yes and dry until 11 a.m. then we start with the drizzle and start with those more intense showers as we get into the evening hours. but no real warm-up in boston today. boston because temperatures where up in the upper 50s. we play catch-up and upper 50s in fitchburg, framingham and manchester. 59 in plymouth and lower 60s everybody will get rain today and tomorrow as we get into sunday. you can see that we have some cloudy not necessarily rainy icons out there because we are going to see more dry breaks. 59 tomorrow in boston. 60 here on sunday. a messy picture morning and in the afternoon. 3 p.m. on saturday. we have got green and that orange, that yellow denoting more intense showers. a lot of that heavy stuff will be over southeastern mass.
5:51 am
mass as well. just get ready for waves of showers there starting really to the with the heavier stuff. and continuing during the day tomorrow. look at that sunday 2 p.m. a lot of dry times. can't rule out spot showers and i am seeing a lot of cloudy and perhaps dry conditions, but still going to be kind of cool with a high of only 62 degrees on sunday. monday, we will see spot showers and 65 degrees. and by tuesday, we have drizzle in the mix finally drying out by wednesday and thursday with temperatures back in the upper 60s and lower 70s. julie grauerup drive time traffic starting south of boston. >> shiri, route 3 moving along fine. if he look to the discoloration on the map. usually the sign that something is coming up. new stent on 24 northbound. off on the shoulder approaching 128. and we are seeing things slow down a little bit earlier than usual on 24. as we head over to the live drive times. 10-minute ride on route 3. 25 minutes on route 24 in that section i pointed out because of the accident. 13 minutes on the expressway
5:52 am
columbia road. back to you. world leaders have gastered this morning to say their final goodbyes to prime minister shimon perez. yesterday israelis paid tribute to him his body laid in state where he served for decades. president obama led a u.s. delegation to the fine lal. former president bill clinton spoke of the nobel laureate. president clinton met with peres while president. >> he imagined all the t he started off life as israel's brightest student. became his best teacher and ended up its biggest dreamer. >> shimon peres redied on wednesday two weeks after a stroke. he was 93 years old. today a police officer charged with killing an unarmed man will make her first appearance in court. tulsa, oklahoma officer betty shelby is charged with
5:53 am
killed 40-year-old terrence crutcher after spotting his vehicle abandoned on the street. shelby is expected to plead not guilty as a judge will set a date for a preliminary hearing. a man caught on camera kidnapping a woman is now in custody. the chilling surveillance video show the man dragging the victim from a convenience store where she worked and he forced her into a car. she managed to escape. the suspect had stalked the woman and delivered flowers to a find out her address. the man was caught after a police chase last night. ceo of wells fargo are returned to capitol hill this time in front of a house committee and he is attempting to calm the outrage over the bank's creation of fake customer accounts. ceo john stumpf says the company is making shining and they want stumpf and other wells fargo executives to face criminal charges including one
5:54 am
capuano. >> you think today is tough, it's coming. when the prosecutors get a hold of you. you will have a lot of fun. >> gene: as many as 2 million fake accounts were opened by bank employees and 5300 people were fired as a result of this scandal. so far stumpf has refused to resign and gave up $41 million in stocks and bows news for the year. zika warnings are expanding. advising pregnant women to avoid travelling to 11 countries in the dcc says outbreaks in indonesia, the philippines and other countries. zika has been these areas for years and some are immune. a number of travelers from the u.s. have been infected there in the last year. samsung customers are complaining about the new version of the note 7. they say that batteries on the new phones are also overheating and samsung said
5:55 am
million galaxy note 7 because the batteries sparked fires while charging. prince william and kate are finishing their week long tour of canada. they were in victoria to visit military families. they played with animals at the party and as usual, the kids were dressed to perfection. charlotte's sweater is a hand-me-down from george. it is official, lady gaga will headl halftime show. the pop star announced on twitter she will take the stage on houston. rumors swirling for months and no confirmation until now. this is the second year in a row the super bowl has featured an appearance by lady ga ga. last year she brought down the house with her version of the national anthem. the game airs on fox25 on february 5. >> gene: wouldn't it be nice if the patriots were part of that.
5:56 am
the big increased risk of heart failure facing those who take common drugs. three of new england's hunkyest guys are looking for one person to join them for dinner. the charity challenge they are issuing to all of their fans. >> julie: my schedule just opened up. i am available. amazing how that happens. on the expressway, 17-minute ride from the braintree split. shiri, are you free? >> shiri: i am totally free. i am there. you name the time and place
5:57 am
5:58 am
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now at o'clock, a 3-year-old boy rushed to the hospital. his uncle under arrest accused of trying to kill him. the chilling confession when he called police. new developments in the mother missing from sea. the new suspicion about her as police conduct a late night search of her connecticut home. tragedy on the tracks. a in new jersey. the technology that is supposed to prevent something like that from happening on our commuter trains. fleet new england coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us friday morning, september 30. we are already done with september, can you believe it? >> sara: i cannot believe it. it goes by way to fast. great to see everybody. wind, rain and fog. those are the three main words today.
6:00 am
it all in the weekend forecast. looks like a good movie weekend, shiri. >> shiri: great movie weekend. kind of weekend to stay in your pajamas. rain moving up from the south reaching nantucket as light showers. pretty patchy stuff across western massachusetts as well as connecticut. so far here at home, mostly clouds in boston 58 degrees. worcester, a 48. the thicker clouds haven't quite clung to new hampshire. everything is traveling northward. first th showers. mention it is quite breezy. 17-mile-per-hour wind sustained in boston. time line on the rain reach boston i expect around 11:00. temperatures not moving very much in the city itself. a lot of temperature readings in the upper 50s to about 60 degrees there. and rain chances straight through the remainder of the afternoon here. 56 to 60s today. rain developing south to north.


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