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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  October 2, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> thank you. thank you very much. all of you. thank you. >> big papi's big night. red sox nation pays tribute to david are ortiz at his regular season fenway finale. >> plus, number 34 sits down with fox 25 before he walks away. a state trooper struck by a motorcyclist and seriously injured that operator now under arrest. next at 10:00 hear from the first witness to rush in and help. >> more heading our way. i'm tracking the risk of some scattered showers and even a few thunderstorms for your monday. >> complete new england news coverage starts right now this is fox 25 news at 10:00. >> the troopers up ahead had to slow down to make him stop and pull him over he didn't stop he swerved over the way. >> the state police trooper fighting for his life tonight the wrong way driver who police say ran him over is in custody.
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>> that trooper working traffic after the patriots game today. christine mccarthy live where witness say he was fleeing from police when the bike hit that officer. >> reporter: yeah i talked to witness who tells me he was the very first civilian here on the scene right outside gillette. he tells me that he actually heard that motorcycle speed by and watched him swerve in the wrong direction before striking the trooper. >> i was just kind shocked favorite. like did that really happen in front of me. >> that was en route 1 adam was driving when a motorcycle sped by. >> we heard a motorcycle coming up pretty fast. there's a lot of traffic. >> reporter: mass state police tell fox 25 the driver, 25-year-old jose perez rodriguez of everett, was eluding troopers who were trying to stop him on foot when he allegedly drove on the wrong side of the road striking the trooper. >> the guy pulled into the
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trooper first he was laying face down and trying to get him to stay something to me he wasn't saying anything. >> reporter: the trooper was initially unconscious suffering from serious injuries. >> i shook his legs a few times and said sir, are you okay, sir, are you okay. a lot of blood on the ground from his head area. >> reporter: the motorcyclist was also injured. he rushed over to him next, helping another trooper who was shaken up. >> i said we should probably get some handcuffs on him he agreed. he pulled him. he fried to get them on the guy was fighting. i pulled the motorcyclist's arms together so the trooper could get the cuffs on him. >> reporter: chris mcdonald and other witnesses gathered as the motorcyclist tried to get up. he was just yelling i'm okay, leave me alone, i want to leave. >> when he came too he's like i didn't do anything wrong, i'm a good person. i have my permit. >> reporter: state police say the trooper will arrive his -- survive his injuries.
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>> reporter: perez rodriguez is facing charges as soon as he's released from the hospital he'll be behind bars. live in foxborough tonight, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. happening tomorrow fox 25 has learned lawsuit agencies from around new england will meet to talk about the investigation into this mystery at sea. local, state and federal authorities will discuss nathan carmen and his missing mother. linda carmen was lost at sea. she's presumed dead. last week a freighter foun nath -- nathan carmen on a small boat. the agencies are expected to meet in new london, connecticut. the f.b.i. may also take part. according to a search warrant police say they're investigating nathan for reckless endangerment resulting in death. two local men have been indicted in connection with the murder of two brothers from taunton. authorities announced today that a grand jury indicted kevin cox of berkley and matthew lander. prosecutors say in 2008,
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found ken and sean vargas shot to death inside. sean's young children were in the apartment at the time. they were not hurt. all new at 10:00 the superintendent of wilmington public schools facing o.u.i. charges. mary was arrested six weeks ago. fox 25 and malini basu joins us live from the newsroom. malini you spoke with parents who are upset roar we did early today, chris, details are still limited. as you mention wilmington school superintendent mary charges. several parents and students we spoke with want to know why these allegations are coming out now more than a month after the arrest. >> they should start by recognizing are. >> reporter: that's wilmington school's superintendent speaking at a committee meeting. now she finds herself in hot water. fox 25 has learned that state police arrested her on august 25th for o.u.i. foch operating under the influence.
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kids are. >> reporter: state police will only confirm she was arrested and provide no other details. parents we spoke with are fuming because this news came out a month after her arrest. >> that's the worst part about it. should have been taken care of back in august snerp just talking last year about the promise and the kids all no drinking, and driving, and that kind of stuff. then here she is and she gets picked up for it. it's kind of a slap in the face. >> reporter: this news also comes teacher who was arrested on domestic assault charges on september 11th. >> one teacher back in the school now this comes out. >> reporter: that's about two weeks after the superintendent's arrest. she allowed him back on the job just a few days after. >> which is even crazier. >> parents are rench more upset that delie was allowed to make that decision while no one often knew about her o.u.i.
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aside and let somebody else take over or something. i think it's crazy. >> reporter: tonight the cool committee tells us -- school committee tells us they we will be meeting in executive session monday night, tomorrow. a statement will be made after that. i have nothing more to say at this point. we also have reached out to the superintendent we still have not gotten a response from her yet. for now we are live in the control room, malini basu, fox 25 news. all right, around the caribbean tonight island nations at this hour. the category four storm prompting warnings in jamaica, cuba and haiti. >> here in new england a weekend of wet weather coming to a close so that drizzle could turn into storms come monday. fox 25 meteorologist sarah wroblewski tracking both weather systems tonight, sarah. and tracking both to see what impacts they may bring to new england. that's something i'm going to be talking about with matthew as we head later on in the forecast. right now we've got this
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this is going to be pushing eastward. with that being said we'll hold on to the unsettled conditions and renew our chances of some pop-up showers and storms as we head into the day tomorrow. currently it's mostly dry but a lot of clouds out there. temperatures in the 50s. really haven't budged much because of the cloud cover and the drizzle we saw throughout the day. dew points also in the 50s to when you have temperature in the 50s dew points in the 50s you tend to get low clouds you tend to get low visibility. visibility as you're travelling through the overnight hours. watch out for that patchy fog as you will be headed out the door. hour by hour boston temperatures staying in the 50s when you wake up we'll start to see that temperature crime. look at that you may even see a few breaks in the cloud cover as you go on through your day on monday. low clouds may be tough to clear so cool and mostly cloudy with the bus stop wind. the temperatures will be in the mid-50s. but i am expecting to see
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head late morning into the afternoon we're still going to be dealing with the risk of some of those showers that will be popping up -- perhaps some thunderstorms and then a return to dry and pleasant conditions. it will make its way as with you get in through the week. then as we get closer to the weekend in the holiday weekend we're going to be watching the tropics. because the latest track hurricane matthew is slow but it looks as though it could be impacting parts of new england. i'll have those details coming up in just a few minutes. well, a big tribute for big papi from the team he spent last 14 years playing for. >> they thanked their slugger for the hugs, smiles and for being the centerpiece of the golden age of this franchise. then it was the fans turn to thank number 34. and in final regular season
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spelling out thanks papi. >> as you saw before the game the fenway faithful out in force to send big papi out in style. >> please welcome to the field the man to whom we our thanks, our beloved big papi, number 34, david ortiz. [cheering and applause] >> reporter: big papi emerged through the october mist to a standing red sox nation. his wife and children by his side as the fenway fateful honored number 34's moments and memories that are the type of baseball in boston. he was presented with custom boots a gold bat. >> this bat a david ortiz model is like your heart.
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6-year-old boy who received a lifesaving surgery thanks to the david ortiz children's foundation. despite city leaders were on hand to ensure papi's presence will continue to be felt across the city. the bridge over the mass pike on bribe line avenue will be named the big papi bridge. >> and the roads connecting fenway for the new commuter rail stop will be named david ortiz drive former teammates took to the field hoisting the werz trophy they along with ortiz helped the sox finally reverse the curse. at long time last it time for big papi the man with the big smile and bigger heart to say his good-byes. it began with an emotional thank you. >> i want to thank my mom.
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wherever you are i love you so much and i miss you. >> reporter: then one more tip of his cap to red sox nation. i want to thank all of you the fans. thank you. thank you so much. thank you very much. thank you. certainly won't be the same without him. another honor. the red sox alg league baseball announced today the creation of the david ortiz fellowship program that will promote diversity and fronted office position. new video tonight tv 12 ready to go. a fox 25 viewer sharing this video. the patriots quarterback working out at the dexter school. brady returns from his four game suspension tomorrow and just a little while at midnight. earlier tonight we got information that deflategate now officially over. the nfl players association
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appellant council we have decided not to pursue additional appeals in this matter. some had expected the case gould all the way to the u.s. supreme court. tom leyden will have more on tv 12 later in the show. he's back and not a moment too soon. he reported a $915 million loss, donald trump's taxes back in the spotlight tonight. >> the reality is this is part of our tax code. >> the new report that shows the republican nominee may have avoided paying taxes >> a weekend of many accidents with a direct hit to a house and a near miss for a coach and his young basketball players. later, a minute of magic growing gesture sick kids are looking forward to every
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kelly: you know me. not from thousands of false, negative ads- but as your first female attorney general- appointed by republican and democratic governors. as your senator, i'm fighting for equal pay and against workplace discrimination, to expand access to birth control, and i reached across the aisle to protect access to mammograms. i approve this message because after all the false, negative ads, i'm still the kelly ayotte you know-
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vo: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump: trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. vo: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that - defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. trump: ...there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. vo: ayotte and trump: wrong for new hampshire women. senate majority pac is responsible for the
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>> a "new york times" report saying donald trump may have avoided paying taxes for almost 20 years. >> peter doocy reports both campaigns now trying to control the damage. >> reporter: donald trump under fire again today as the controversy over his tax returns heats up. a new report reveals that the republican candidate could have avoided paying federal income tax for almost 20 years. new jersey governor chris christie defending trump on fox news sunday. >> what it shows is what a absolute mess the federal tax code is that's why donald trump is the best person in position to fix
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more genius in the way to maneuver around the tax code as he rightfully used the laws to do that and he's already promised in his tax plan to change many of these special interest loopholes. >> reporter: clinton supporters pushing the narrative of donald trump as a failed businessman. >> guess who this tax plan benefits billionaires this tax plan benefits donald trump that should be no surprise to anyone since that's the way he sees the world. >> meanwhile hillary clinton back on the campaign trail a day after aned she can be heard criticizing bernie sanders supporters was leaked. secretary clinton focusing on gun violence today during a visit to a church in charlotte and not passing you up the opportunities to take a swing at her opponents's message of law and order. >> of course, we need safe neighborhoods, no one is against that, of course we need communities that are free from the epidemic of gun violence, of course, we need that.
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dignity and equality and we can have both. >> the latest fox news poll has clinton with a 3-point lead over trump in a national head-to-head race. in new york, peter doocy, fox news. it's important that we talk about the records and i'm looking forward to that debate. >> i'm calm and things work out the way they're supposed. to i'm calm. >> republican indiana governor mike pence and senator tim kaine are getting ready to square up time in the vice presidential debate. you can watch that debate tuesday night tuesday night right here on fox 25. worcester police are investigating a shooting that sent a teenager to the hospital. offers were called out to lincoln street around 7:45 last night. officers tell fox 25 the teen who was brought to the hospital by a friend had one gunshot wound to his back. his injuries are nonlife-threatening. police say they are looking for a suspect. they say it's possibly a man with a medium complexion,
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a head- collision left two people dead in yarmouth saturday morning. police were called out to buck island road near an apartment complex just before 11:00. first spoirnced say a third person was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police have identified the two people killed as 22-year-old caroline liberty and 56-year-old thomas arden. according to police they were driving separate cars. the clash is still under egg -- crab is still under investigation. a man is facing drug charges after a shortly after midnight officer pulled over a carron route 9. police searched the car and say they found the cocaine that you see here. the 25-year-old man was arrested also charged for driving with a suspended license. a car skidded off the highway in rhode island and nearly split in half. but a pregnant woman behind the wheel walked away without any serious injuries. this was the woman hydroplaned hitting a barrier.
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down an embankment before slamming into a tree. she was wearing her seat belt and able to free herself. pugs up on scene and seeing what i saw then the outcome it -- i was very relieved. to know that she was pregnant and everything was fine it was even better. >> i'd say. the woman was taken to the hospital after the crash as a precaution. close call in brockton today after a driver losing control crashing into a home fox 25's jim the man sleeping inside had no idea he was just feed away from being killed. >> he was driving down the road kind of fast all of a sudden i saw him cross the double lines and i pulled over. >> reporter: a direct thought a telephone pole and house and house on brockton morning. a youth basketball coach headed for a game with four young players in his car, including mick ferreira. >> and the whole house it's just falling over and
10:20 pm
863 north main street about 8:00 this morning during which brockton experienced about two dozen motor vehicle accidents. coach boone and his boys the first ones on the scene of this one. >> i went over to the car to make sure the guy was all right. just a couple bruises. >> reporter: the driver not the only person of concern sins the house was fully rentedded. but fortunate news. >> at the time of the crash only one person was inside the house he lives on the first floor and tells us he was asleep in fact the renters use that room only for storage. by early afternoon utility crews had replaced the snapped pole with a fresh one. as for david boone's team well, they got to their game after all and won. the boys mighty proud of their coach for what he did before tipoff. >> he was the first one that helped out, you know. he said call 911. >> reporter: in brockton, jim morelli, fox 25 news. it means a lot.
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fight them. >> it's one of the largest walks of its kind in the country. coming up thousands come out in boston to help put an end to breast cancer. >> sooner rather than later britain lays out man's to exit the european union
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>> developing tonight russia is warning the united states not to take direct action against the syrian regime intense fighting continuing one of the banned the wearing of face vails in public. those who violate the ban face a fine equivalent to more than $800 i have been
10:25 pm
year but yes something i will be saying in my speech today we will trigger before the end of march next year. british and prime minister teresa may now moving forward with the u.k.'s plan to leave the european union. that involves triggering article 50 of the treaty that would set the nation on a course to move the e.u. by 2019. a woman whose husband is killed on 9/11 has filed a lawsuit against saudi arabia two. days ago congress passed a law allowing am stephanie's husband killed in the pent gong. at the time she was two months pregnant with her first child. the lawsuit accuses the saudi government to providing material support to al-qaeda. she is seeking damages. wednesday both houses of congress overwhelmingly overrode president obama's veto on the bill. iran has built a new aerial attack drone based on a model it captured from the
10:26 pm
american ar-170. it's long rain are drone capable of carrying four middle cision guided bombs. iran said it shot down the american drone in december, 2011 and broadcast footage of it captured the aircraft. police in china are using drones to keep an eye on the roads during the week long national holiday. the number of people traveling boomed saturday which was the first day of this holiday. 14 million people took the train, roads, looked like up but another surge expected at the end of the week. after some much needed rain this weekend we've got another chance of some scattered showers on monday. i'll have the latest timeline of when to also
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maggie hassan cut taxes for small businesses, protected education... created jobs. in washington, what's kelly ayotte done? voted to cut college grants, cut medicare. but kelly ayotte voted to protect tax breaks for millionaires and big oil. that's what the koch brothers and big corporate interests wanted. they're spending millions supporting ayotte. kelly ayotte's not working for us.
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okay is breast cancer awareness month and today in boston thousands came together to help put an end to the disease in the largest one day breast cancer walk in the country. i beat to beat breast cancer. >> hi, i'm joe and i'm walking for a cure today.
10:30 pm
walking for a cure today. >> it's amazing it makes me try. so amazing i have a wonderful family all with me today each year we see so many shirts that say in recognition in honor of this. is the 24th year for the making strides against breast cancer walk the first though for this team from duxbury. they had a pink ribbon in
10:31 pm
now. there's a huge support team behind everybody. the money raised today goes towards breast cancer research and also to help those battling breast cancer. weekend of rain across new england on the cape. robo, more chances of rain to start the week. >> which is a good thing look at this. we're still in this rain may have dampened your plans but averages good thing for us. extreme drought for over 50% of the state and these rain reports really coming in even boston picking up just under an inch of rain. today just strays amounts with that drizzle that stuck with us. we had a lot of clouds out there, too, that allowed for temperatures really not to
10:32 pm
typically we should be in the upper 60s. although we don't have as much drizzle out there there's still some patchy and some fog, too so be aware of that if you are going to be traveling out tonight. this is this upper level low and it will keep the risk of some scattered showers in our forecast. look down at the tropics 145 miles per hour we have watches and warnings in place for jamaica. haiti, cuba parts of the dominican republic. we are expecting to see matthew bring good amount of wind but also torrential rain. we're talking feet of rain for parts of the dominican
10:33 pm
cuba 20 inches then through the bahamas eight to 12 inches. so taking a look at the track it's going to remain a major category major hurricane as it pushes through and heads through cuba late monday into tuesday. winds of 1finish thirp but there is the potential it may track up coast and that could bring us impacts there's also the possibility
10:34 pm
temperatures mainly in the with that puppion showers could potentially contain be aware of that make sure have you your fox 25 weather app going through the day 50s to start but that's where we'll have to watch for those showers even continuing into the evening hours. of course kevin lemanowicz will be here tracking any of those showers and storms. it does feature the risk of a pop-up shower. i'll have an update of the
10:35 pm
>> what happened tomorrow 6500 middle school bostons in will kickoff stem week. standing for science, technology, engineering and math. three dozen boston public middle schools will take part. classrooms will be turned into learning labs where students will work in teams to solve real world problems and working towing using hands on experiments and also critical thinking. also tomorrow secretary of congressman invited anthony fox to see firsthand the federal grant had on the city. it has helped repair eight canal bridges and senator ed markey i a sneak peek into the new documentary about the boston marathon. >> watching me accomplish things i had not done
10:36 pm
one of the many survivors featured in the new h.b.o. film. the will detail the attack and the weeks followed. the three million dollar baseball card. still ahead the record-breaking price tag and what makes the 107-year-old collectors item. plus, dueling demonstrations. one group of protestors
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vo: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump: trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. vo: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that - defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: i certainly think that roe should be overturned... matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. vo: ayotte and trump: wrong for new hampshire women. senate majority pac
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it has be since 33 people including six with ties to new england were killed when their cargo ship sank off the coast of the bahamas. today family and friends of the el faro crew members paid tribute to them in jacksonville, florida. the ship sank last october after the coast guard says it failed sailed into hurricane joaquin. families have several unanswered questions. >> why did they have to go
10:40 pm
tensions were high this members of white lives matter a side they call 40 feet away. >> they don't even a statement saying white lives matter has the right. well, the youngest patients at one local hospital are now looking
10:41 pm
>> have you seen this. it's at minute of magic. 60 seconds that businesses across providence, the area from providence children's hospital hold up blinking lights to bid the sick kids good night. more and more having that their patients participate. people also join in from rooftops and boats. some of the larger buildings in the area have started displaying automatic messages around 8:30. it's gotten to the point where the patients themselves have their own lives and return the message
10:42 pm
and a single bike light. what if your tattoo could change colors. up the new era of body ink being developed right here in boston. big papi talks to tom brady, red sox fans and a playoff run. one-on-one with fox 25's kelly: you know me. not from thousands of false, negative ads-
10:43 pm
as your senator, i'm fighting for equal pay and against workplace discrimination, to expand access to birth control, strengthen and preserve medicare, and i reached across the aisle to protect access to mammograms. i approve this message because after all the false, negative ads, i'm still the kelly ayotte you know-
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>> we knew right from the get-go this is a larger life fig physically and emotionally. he came into the clubhouse and looked up to the guys
10:45 pm
tack and he assumed the leadership role pretty quickly. >> that was red sox president sam kennedy speaking to fox 25 ahead of big papi's final regular season home game. you can hear more from him papa's impact the full interview. and certainly larger than life the way to subscribe him. >> many, to big papi had a lot to say. i did talk to him and butch stearns had a chance to talk what a fantastic opportunity to talk to david ortiz. butch with a chance to chat about a baseball career that will never be forgotten by millions of fans literally around the world. >> you never big time anybody whether it's a superstar or the clubhouse guy in the locker room you treat everybody the same
10:46 pm
>>. >> he reads me the right way. he told me the other day, you're 40 years old right now but i'm always going to look at you like the little guy that i was born one day. so whenever i had to make a decision what is going to be the best we are going toet will you know. tom brady, what has it meant to you? >> tom brady is special. he's a guy that he cares he's a guys that he takes thing personal. and the people that know him as a person know he's the
10:47 pm
>> him, me, my boy gronk, we play for the best fans worldwide. >> sure do. we're going to share the full conversation with you tonight on the fox 25 "sports wrap". plus, the latest on the patriots. what the heck happened today. we'll kick it off at 11:30. >> all right, tom we'll see you then. new at 10:00 the granddaddy of all rare baseball cards raked in some big cash at auction. someone paid $3.2 million a record price for a card told at subaction. only 200 made 50 of which are in circulation today. of those though only three are in decent shape. rookie leagues have cancelled this announcement many expected founder julian assange to release his long promised document dump on hillary clinton during tuesday's announcement. he had planned to make it from the ball cone of ecuadorean embassy.
10:48 pm
security concerns. no word on when or if that announcement will be rescheduled. tesla selling twice as many cars as it was last year. that's according to new sales numbers. the luxury electionry car company sold more than 24,000 cars last quarter compared to nearly 12,000 during the same time last year. they hope to finish out the year just as strong. >> you can soon control your phone with a tattoo. researchers at m.i.t. and microsoft have developed three classes of smart devices that turns your skin into a track pad or controller to adjust your music. a second class is output displays. for example, a rose on your skin would change color based on your body temperature. the third class is communication devices. so you can read data directly off your skin. circuits are embedded into the gold leaf tattoos. researchers say the tattoos are still being developed but are a hint of what's to come.
10:49 pm
health one insurance company may help you pay for it. they will pay agent is portion of the cost for some of its customers. there are no health requirements to qualify. they will decide if they want to offer the program to their workers. for first time the white house hosting their own version of the south by southwest festival. >> it already has some big name appearances including leonardo dicaprio. president obama is headlining tomorrow's event alongside c.e.o.. they will host an open discussion issues than the premiere of c.e.o.'s new --. >> had to cancel their binge watching plans this week. they experienced a major outage. some had no word on what caused that problem but the timing of an outage was really bad for netflix this much they have released a
10:50 pm
buehler's day off. throwing back a few beers with man's best friend. they teamed up for this year's participants got to bring their dogs along for costumes and games and contests and raffles in honor of october being a adopt and shelter dog month. the animal rescue league is raising awareness. >> we wanted to find you know a fun way to casual let them bring their dogs and enjoy the festivities of october test and do something great for shelter dogs in need. >> organizers say they sold out of their admissions today a good sign for the program. ahead on fox 25 at 11:00, wheels for warriors. how a local car she is raising money for veterans and a special gift organizers hope they'll be able to donate. but up next a teenager makes history in the sky.
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>> may have not been the nicest of days. looking over the zakim there it's just a beautiful shot this evening. you can always instagram your photos and #them. there lots of clouds as you head out overnight tonight. you may find a few breaks but a lot of clouds around. turning to the northeast mid-50s for that temperature. we do climb into the 60s by mid to late morning. noticing again breaks in the cloud cover. that's just going to fuel the threat of perhaps a few pop-up showers especially through the interior as
10:55 pm
temperatures climb to where they should be for this time of the year upper 60s to low 60s. plus, the latest update of hurricane matthew. >> see you then. a teenage girl made history at this weekend's international balloon festival in new jersey. a high school jv was the youngest pilot good. have i been around all my life. >> savannah comes from a long line of balloonives. the festival is expected to continue until next sundays. a rare corpse flower is in bloom but it doesn't smell
10:56 pm
the flower was in bloom. if you want to see it time is running out. corpse flowers only stay in bloom for one to two days. it gives off a smell that the zoo says is similar to rotting flesh. the flower often goes many years between blooms. >> nobody disceremonies like the red sox do ceremonies. another one that will live to david ortiz. the highlights of the festivities they will officially retire the number 34 next season he will have a street and bridge named after him. so he has a pretty good day. aaron sanchez downed-0 hello hanley. down the line in left.
10:57 pm
slicing one to right center field. edwin encarnacion across to make 2i9-1. then one final time. in the regular season. david ortiz down around in the ninth. that won't get it done. so david leaves to a rousing ovation but the red sox lose the regular season finale 2-1. patriots because it certainly didn't look like the same gays that started the -- same guys that started the season 3-1. >> a little pushing and shoving before the game. no penalties though there could have been this year. bill struck first. mccoy make the spinning catch. there 7-0 bills. less than 10 minutes in. bills were feeling confident today.
10:58 pm
does. second quarter down 13-0. jacoby trying to get some points. the ball pops free the patriots get nothing. that's the story of the day. the pats don't score the bills shut them out 16-0 is your final from foxborough. >> we've just got to do a better job. turn the page here i think we're a better team that we showed today but just didn't do anything well today. get back to work and get ready for cleveland. >> incredible drama at the ryder cup this afternoon. the between rory mcilroy who nails a putt from north dakota and the crowds has been tough on the european union so he was late -- european so he was letting them have it. so what does patrick reed do? steps up with the answer. in your face competition. this is golf. reed would win the match. meanwhile another great one between phil mickelson and
10:59 pm
phil this this one. the u.s. wins the ryder cup for the first time since 2008. 17-11 the final tally from minnesota. stay with us more of butch stearns one-on-one with david ortiz on the "sports wrap". that is tonight at 11:30 right after fox 25 news at 11:00. now at 11:00 a trooper hurt on duty at the patriots game. the suspect in a local hospital. more unsettled weather heading our way. i' scattered showers and even a few thunderstorms for your monday. >> plus, a local superintendent accused of drunk driving where she was picked up and what the school system is doing this week in response. >> stepping with a purpose. >> hi, my name is joey and i'm walking for a cure today. >> the thousands taking to the streets this weekend for a disease that kills thousands of women every year. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at
11:00 pm
>> reporter: first at 11:00, a massachusetts state trooper remains in the hospital tonight after he was hit by a man riding a motorcycle. officials say this man trying to get away from troopers near gillette stadium. hello i'm kerry kavanaugh. >> and i'm chris flanagan. the officer continues his recovery suffering from serious lacerations. fox 25 a's christine mccarthy spoke to a man who helped that officer. this was after the patriots game. >> reporter: that's right, it was right a talked to tells me he was driving he was leaving the patriots game whether he noticed that a motorcycle was speeding behind him. he watched it swerved in the wrong direction before striking that trooper right before his eyes. >> i was shocked at first like did that really just happen in front of me. >> reporter: en route 1 outside gillette stadium after the pats game. adam was driving when a motorcycle sped by. >> i heard a motorcycle coming up pretty fast. i was like there's a lot of


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