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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  October 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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out on to the water. while he was out on the water, this landscaper ran into trouble, he went overboard into the water. a police officer rushed here, went into the water with his uniform on, tried to find this guy, but there was no sign of him. morris pond in this area is about 15 feet deep, and they're searching about 50 feet offshore. so right now, they are using a there in the search process, unfortunately, with the time that has passed, the options right now for a recovery do not look good. the call came back in around 1:15 p.m. this afternoon, so a lot of time has gone by since this guy has been in the water. we're continuing to follow the search here as it unfolds in morse's pond. but as of yet, there is no sign of this missing landscaper.
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in wellesley, ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: well, we are tracking hurricane matthew. moments ago, the governor of south carolina ordered people along the coast to evacuate ahead of matthew's arrival and right now, that category 4 storm is pounding the caribbean. >> blair: people along the southern coast are now preparing for the worst. >> the reporter: the strongest hurricane to hit haiti since 1964, matthew made landfall early tuesday morning, battering the beaches with torrential downpours, dangerous bending trees in half. devastation there is expected to be great. more than 6,000 people evacuated to shelters before the deadly storm even hit. u.s. aircraft carriers have already set sail from virginia to help haitians after the category four storm. other caribbean nations are preparing for the worst. signs t -- as signs of matthew crash ashore. >> hurricane matthew is a
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lightly. its forecasted path, headed straight for the u.s. >> this is deadly storm approaching our coast. i cannot stress that enough. >> the reporter: the forecasters don't expect it to hit florida until thursday night. a hurricane watch? effect for part of the state already and governor rick scott is urging people along the i-95 corridor from the keys to jacksonville to start preparing now. >> you think you're going to need to evacuate, do it today. >> the reporter: lines at florida gas stations were already long tuesday. hardware s and plywood. florida has declared a state of emergency, and president obama cancelled plans events there, fema is prepositions resources along the east coast now to prepare for the storm. >> we are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best and we're not going to take any chances. >> the reporter: in washington, diane gallagher. >> blair: we expect to get updated information from the in the hurricane center. >> elizabeth: fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz has been tracking this from home and the
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just get out of the way. >> kevin: i think it's a good idea, because the storm looks like it want to track very close to the carolina and the southeast u.s. that's the storm right here. it's just off the coast of cuba. by about 30 miles right now. that eye is, and that eye is going to continue to move toward the east coast of cuba and make its way up through the bahamas and eventually take a turn toward the southeast u.s. now, this storm has -- tropical storm and hurricane warnings all along its path and as it continues to move off toward the north to take that turn toward the southeastern u.s., it is that's the eye, very close up, so you can see where we are with the storm system and it's going to continue to track very close to the eastern tip of cuba. now, it is 30 miles off, it's been moving at 10 miles per hour, but i suspects it's picked up a little bit of speed in the last couple of hours. here is that track as of 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. this was coming off toward the bahamas, category 4, turning toward the southeast u.s. by wednesday, making it through its central bahamas thursday at 8:00 a.m., it's here. 130 miles per hour and then
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coastline and the southeast u.s. this is where the carolinas really get into a pickle, because that track would take it near myrtle beach at least the center line. i continue to caution you with this. you see that area, it's bounded around the three in the hurricane. that middle point is where the icon is, it could go anywhere in that area, plus some of the newest information i have coming in right now tells me this track is going to shift even more to the west or closer to the u.s. when the new track comes in this hour. i'll have that for you coming up as soon as it arrives >> blair: another tropical storm, this one named nicole has formed northeast of matthew. nicole is the 14th named storm of the 2016 season. the atlantic hurricane season officially ends november 30th, although storms have formed later this past january, category 1 hurricane alex hit bermuda and as kevin mentioned as the update comes in, he will update us throughout the hour. >> elizabeth: developing right now, authorities have issued an amber alert for a 3-year-old girl from augusta happiest place. lenore wilson was last seen in
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when her mother had to be rushed to the hospital. police believe lenore may be with fatima gissentaner, a woman who occasionally cares for the little girl. they also believe that fatima gissentaner's boyfriend, who goes by the nickname, dollar may also be with them. that couple is from new york. a rash of clown sightings and on-line threats has caused a wave of concern, at schools and college campuses across our area. today, students apt one local high school were targeted by threats of violence involving clowns. fox 25's kathryn burcham is live in dedham, wheretu republican lawmakers. -- katherine. yeah. parents and students we spoke with here today say that in today's climate of terrorism and gun violence, every threat should be taken seriously, and that's why the superintendent here sent a warning home to are parents this morning about these threatening text messages. now, reports of violence from people in clown costumes have popped up across the area in the last 24 hours, even prompting a lockdown last night at merrimack
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dedicated to clown sightings. in dedham, high school students received text messages last night, from an unknown number, warning them of a vague nonspecific threat of violence from clowns. police are now investigating, and school officials are asking parents to monitor their children's activities on social media, and report any other threatening posts. >> i think people are like, already afraid of clowns, so like the fact that this is happening, is like, really scary, and like, even if it's supposed to be ajo >> >> the reporter: now to be clear, police tell us, they don't believe that these are credible threats. however, coming up at 5:00 p.m., the changes that they've already prompted another school district to make, and the clown threat that even reached the son of a local police chief. for now, live in dedham, kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: more details, that clown concern is getting so out of hand that one connecticut school district is actually banning clown costumes during
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wear any other so-called symbols of terror either. police are looking into menacing social media posts featuring clowns. >> blair: a couple in new hampshire forced to dodge bullets in their own home and their security cameras were rolling as this happened. hey. >> blair: that's noah blanchard that yelled hey and ducked. the bullet struck the wall above their bed. police said the shooter was using land next to the blanchards as a target range and did not intentionally aim at their house. fox 25's robert goulston spoke with the blanchards, who call themselves, second amendment supporters. we will hear from them and if the shooter is facing any criminal charges coming up on fox 25 news at 5:00 p.m. police in wareham are searching for the truck allegedly involved in the deadly hit-and-run. officers tell fox 25, a
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highway. witnesses told police the man was hit by a white ford pickup truck and the driver turned around tried to drive off. the victim, 56-year-old earnest raditz shot in the hospital. >> elizabeth: the essex d.a.'s office says that 57-year-old robert dadkiss was killed when officers were serving him with a search warrant. he told officers he wasn't coming out when they knocked on the door. police forced their way in and the door. he was a suspect in an armed robbery at a bar last week. new at 4:00 p.m., these two men faced a judge after police in yarmouth port caught the pair using heroin. officers arrested christopher dunham and gideon last night. when they walked up to the truck, they saw the two men shooting up. police seized the drug and the truck. >> blair: crews are in the process right now of replacing a damaged pipe after a water main break this morning in charlestown.
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police shut down that street at the tobin bridge on-ramp that collects rutherford to route 99 as you can see why. there is still a decent sized sink hole there. crews spent the day repairing the damaged road and they anticipate the repair work will not have an impact on the evening drive. >> elizabeth: a gas leak leads to an explosion in new jersey taking out three homes. take a look at the aftermath here. this is patterson, new jersey. now, no one was seriously injured, it was amazing when you look at the pictures, but apparently ten firefighters were precaution. they were already on scene when that home exploded and couldn't hear afterward. >> company got on the scene, they could hear the gas, they could hear the gas hissing out at approximately 9:24 a.m., with public service on the scene, the building did explode. >> elizabeth: homeowner of one of the destroyed homes reported the smell of gas, about an hour before that explosion. more than 50 buildings had to be
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candidates will get their time in the spotlight tonight. here in just a few hours, republican indiana governor mike pence and democratic virginia senator tim kane will face off at longwood university in their only debate. the photographer mat will be similar to the presidential debate, but there's one big difference on stage. the candidates will be seated at a table rather than standing at podiums. >> when the candidates are seated at a table, it facilitates a different kind of conversation and that's something that we haven't always done. >> blair: moreh people tuned into watch the presidential debate, but there are more modest expectations for the bp candidates who are tied when it comes to who voters favor. that debate starts tonight at 9:00 p.m. on fox 25, followed by a special edition of fox 25 news at 10:30 p.m., then at 11:30 p.m., we will have complete debate analysis and a breakdown of the key moments tonight. >> elizabeth: the red sox are getting read dip for the first round of the post-season. the divisional series versus the cleveland indians gets underway on thursday and sports director tom leyden is a busy man.
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rick porcello taking the mound for game one. >> very well deserved art start for rick porcello, 22-4 this year, a well deserved day off for this team yesterday. they came back today, they're going through the brief workout, hopping on a plane to cleveland, where they'll have another workout tomorrow and play game one on thursday night. in fact, david ortiz has not even been seen here at fenway park today, so it's reasonable to assume that he was basically told to take it easy, show up, hop on the plane, and join the team as they they have been worn out obviously, a very emotional conclusion to the regular season, so many tributes to david ortiz, which were so well deserved, but now, it's time to turn the page, the excitement is high as they get set for the alds gets the indians. >> just paying attention to detail on what we're trying to do, you know, you've got to be at your best at this point. you know, the team that is is going to win. so it's about execution and you know, just playing well.
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and you know, obviously, go out this to win, and you know, that's pretty much it. >> the reporter: good representation of what this team is really all about. you've got veterans and you've got guys who are going through this for the first time, mookie betts,u?/? jackie bradley jr., headliners among that group. so a lot to get into, not to mention the relationship between john farrell and terry francona and we will get in to that on future editions of fox 25 news. that is the story from fenway park. reporting live, tom fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: a warning tonight for parents from a local fire chief. >> the children aren't safe in every school in this state. >> blair: coming up, the serious concerns he told me he has about protecting kids from carbon monoxide poisoning in massachusetts classrooms. >> elizabeth: unlicensed employees giving medicine to people in need. the effort to stop what nurses say is a real danger. >> kevin: we are tracking hurricane matthew this afternoon, a major hurricane about to hit cuba head on and then into the bahamas.
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uncertain and any impacts on us that are possible, just ahead. >> blair: first, new hampshire senator kelly ayotte coming under fire for praising trump. the statement about his impact on children that hasp?p?o?gv joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the
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>> blair: donald trump is facing sharp criticism for implying that american soldiers who commit suicide may not have been strong enough. >> when people come back from
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things that maybe a lot of folks in this room have seen many times over an you're strong and you can handle it, but a lot of people can't handle it. >> >> blair: the republican made the comment during an interview with a group of retired veterans. his supporters claim critics are taking the statement out of contest. but vice-president vice-president joe biden is one of many democrats saying trump doesn't understand the trump facing hundreds of thousands of vets. >> 20 suicides a month. i don't think he was trying to be mean. he is just completely uninformed. >> blair: massachusetts congressman seth moulton is also criticizing trump the the democrat is a veteran who served in iraq and he says trump's comment is shameful and will make the stigma of mental illness worse for veterans. trump is playing a role in the very close senate race in new hampshire. last night, senator kelly ayotte was debathing maggie hassan when she was asked if donald trump was a good role model. initially ayotte said yes, but
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comments. >> elizabeth: fox 25's michael henrick has more on exactly what ayotte said during the debate. >> the reporter: the debate at new england college in henniker, new hampshire, between republican u.s. senator colin mutry -- kelly ayotte and her democratic challenger, maggie hassan, focused on the granite state, until it didn't. >> a moderator asked senator ayotte if she would consider her party's presidential knoll knee, donald trump a role model for children. >> would you point to him as a role model? many role models that we have, and i believe he can serve as president, and so absolutely. i would do that. >> the reporter: reaction to the debate, which aired on new england cable news, came swiftly. governor hassan tweeted this, this one should have been easy. donald trump is absolutely not a role model for children or for anyone for that matter. and then senator ayotte reversed
4:18 pm
while i would hope all of our children would aspire to be president, neither donald trump for hillary clinton have set a good example and i wouldn't hold either of them as role models for my kids. this race skuicih watched across the country because the winner could tip the balance of power in the u.s. senate and this race is tight. recent polling puts it within the margin of error. reporting in the control room, michael henrick, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: new at 4:00 p.m., the state's highest court ruled today a gay woman can claim number parental two children her ex-girlfriend gave birth to through in vitro fertilization when they were together. when they separated a family court judge requested one of the women's right to be a full parent, but the massachusetts supreme court overturned that ruling, saying under state law a person can be a child's presumptive parent even without a biological relationship. >> blair: several local school districts are asking kids to walk or ride bikes to school tomorrow to get as much physical activity as possible. tomorrow is the annual walk to
4:19 pm
get communities involved and making school routes safer and more popular for kids. of course, drivers should use extra caution, have an extra heads up in the morning for kids walking or buchananing in their neighborhoods. -- or biking in their neighborhoods. >> kevin: our weather turned out to be pretty nice by this afternoon. the clouds broke up, any showers we had early this morning, gone. got some sunshine out there. we're going to do the same thing tomorrow morning, onshore winds will bring some clouds in here, but right back to sunshine. around 60 in boston. bedford, 62. going up the coast, beverly, 59 degrees. these are the clouds that start to blow back in off of the onshore winds later on tonight, but during the course of the day tomorrow, lunchtime and beyond we're right back into sunshine. we'll do it again on thursday. so your wakeup temperature, right around 48 degrees on average, certainly warmer in boston, but cooler, even in the low 40's off to the northwest of worcester where it will stay clearest and allow that temperature to drop. so some clouds around, especially let's call it south
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but no showers, no drizzle this time either. temperatures out there for highs tomorrow, into the 60's, with that sun coming out. off to the north and west, warmer, because the sun comes out sooner for you, even if you have any clouds first thing in the morning, so a mixture of sun and clouds for most places during the day tomorrow. few fewer cast shows thursday, some patchy fog and clouds in the morning. that goes away and by lunchtime, right back to sunshine, and into the afternoon. but everyone wants to talk about matthew, have some new information coming in. no official track from th first of all, there's the eye of the storm, just off of cuba, 25 to 30 miles away from making landfall. category 4, 145-mile-per-hour winds. keep in mind, as of 2. p, the last check from the hurricane center on this storm, they're doing that check now and they'll report back in the next 45 minutes within the next 45 minutes and i'll have it for you as soon as they report it to us, but still going to be a category 4 as it comes across cuba. on its way into the southern bahamas at 8:00 p.m.
4:21 pm
wants to go east of nassau and then make its way toward grand bahama island. come very close, some computer models, actually bring it on shore, melbourne, florida, and push it up the coast toward the conference. the -- carolinas. the official line of the track would be landfall in myrtle beach, south carolina. you have to pay attention to this whole area, not the center track only. this has been shifting left and right, mostly left toward this d difficult to determine. here's why, yes, the official track brings it up south of new england, as a category 1 hurricane by sunday morning. but look how wide that possible track area. in here, we are on the right-hand side, getting some wind and some rain. out here, we get nothing from this storm, except some big waves. and some of the latest coming in is really peculiar, check this out. that spaghetti plot they often show you with the computer model charts coming in, all agree it's going in this path, very close
4:22 pm
carolinas. but i've been telling you for the last couple of days, this is where the forecast starts to diverge. computer models do different things. check it out, takes a right-hand turn and loops it around. you say that can't be right. that's the most trusted computer model with the storm. both the u.k., which is the british model and the european model are doing that same thing, looping it back around to the south. so now what? i'll let you know what i read when the national hurricane center has to do with the fix on this storm. on this. if, if we are going to get any impacts, it's not until the end of the weekend likely on sunday, but that's still up in the air. so enjoy the nice weather the next few days. i will let you know when you have to stash preparing if the storm is it coming our way. >> elizabeth: a major hollywood actor is sharing a frightening diagnosis. the shocking news from actor ben stiller. why he hopes sharing his story will save other men's lives. and now here's vanessa with what we're working on for fox 25 news at 5:00 p.m. >> vanessa: we continue to follow breaking news in
4:23 pm
missing after taking a canoe out on the water. our team is there on the ground for an update on the search. >> the reporter: he was convicted of killing a salem woman and throwing her body off of his boat. now, for the third time, he's trying to get out of president f prison. the tough questions the parole board is asking. >> elizabeth: the chips on your credit cards getting another look. it's been a year since the chips were required on the cards, but are they protecting you any better.
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>> elizabeth: now at 4:30 p.m., we continue to follow a breaking story in wellesley. we understand that a body has now been recovered of a man who fell off a canoe on morse's pond in wellesley. again, that man been a landscaper who had been working at a home in that area, asked to borrow that canoe, took it into the water, and wasn't seen. distress while on the water, so much so when a police officer responded to the scene there, he actually ran in to the water with his uniform on in an effort to quickly get to this man who was not seen until just moments ago, we learned his body was pulled from the water. obviously, this is a late-breaking and continually developing story. ted daniel is there live at the scene. we're going to get an updated report from him in just a few moments and bring you any other developments as they happen.
4:27 pm
designers in paris for fashion week are weighing in after armed men robbed kim kardashian. the gunman stormed kim kardashian's apartment and stole $10 million worth of jewelry over the weekend. she was tied up, gagged and left if a bathtub during the robbery. >> the public see what times we live. you cannot advertise your wealth and then be surprised that some people want to that someone from kardashian's team may have tipped off the robbers. >> blair: actor ben stiller is revealing he was diagnosed with prostate cancer two years ago. the 50-year-old told howard stern he survived the cancer because of early detection. doctors suspected the cancer after a blood test and he had surgery to remove his prostate and is currently in the clear. stiller is encouraging other men to get tested. well, it was one couple's perfect day, or supposed to be. the wedding they always dreamed
4:28 pm
nightmare for their photographer. the spiritual spot where all her equipment was stolen. >> kevin: there's the storm everyone is talking about. hurricane matthew about to make landfall in cuba. what it could mean for us by next weekend just ahead. >> blair: massachusetts nurses are concerned about patients' safety. the new law being considered on beacon hill they c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one.
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hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams as it affects how well it works. brilinta helps keep my platelets from sticking together and forming a clot. brilinta reduced the chance of another heart attack. or dying from one. it worked better than plavix. >>don't stop taking brilinta without talking to your doctor since stopping it too soon increases your risk of clots in your stent, heart attack, stroke, and even death. brilinta may cause bruising or bleeding more easily, or serious, sometimes fatal bleeding. don't take brilinta if you have bleeding, a history of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. tell your doctor about bleeding, new or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery, and all medicines you take. >>talk to your doctor about brilinta. i'm doing all i can. that includes brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help. joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games
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she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. the roses are blooming in herbal essences hair is delightfully fragranced with notes of moroccan rose and the freshness of springtime unforgettable, wherever you go from herbal essences, blooming now! i use metamucil because no one can beat it for regularity. and it's the #1 brand. it's also my... secret weapon. because metamucil gives you more health benefits than the competition. no wonder it's the #1 doctor recommended fiber brand. >> elizabeth: police have found the body of a man missing in a
4:31 pm
landscaper, and apparently took a homeowners canoe out on to morse's pond and vanished. fox 25 ted daniel is speaking with police at the scene. and have a live report. >> blair: police investigating a shooting at a home on box ford street. sky fox was over the scene a few minutes ago. there are reports there may have been a break-in at a home on that street. we don't know who was shot, but it is a very active scene out we will bring you any new details as we get them tonight. >> elizabeth: also tonight after a number of gray and wet days, the sunshine returns. isn't that nice? boston common there. seeing people walk around, lots of people enjoying the nice fall weather and yet, we're still keeping a close eye on hurricane matthew, with fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz. >> blair: you're looking for an update coming in. >> kevin: a few minutes. national hurricane center is running all the computer models,
4:32 pm
what the consensus is. good luck with that. i'm seeing all kinds things. this is what the storm is looking like, striking how beautiful that video was that elizabeth was just talking about from here in boston, while this is happening, in another part of the world. haiti getting absolutely devastated and cuba, not much better. the iowa, zooming right down into the eye wall and was about 30 miles off, now looks like it's closer to 25 miles off the coast of cuba, so just a couple hours from official landfall, conditions on the island. this is going to continue to progress northward into the bahamas tonight. 145-mile-per-hour cat winds. these coordinates came in every three hours, but every six hours, the track gets updated. that is what we're anxious by awaiting at 5 -- anxiously awaiting at 5:00 p.m. for you at dinnertime, it is nice out there and temperatures are right around, within a couple degrees, 60 degrees, just about everywhere.
4:33 pm
the next fougasse and the latest track on the hurricane. >> elizabeth: as kevin said, we will be watching that national hurricane center closely for the latest track of matthew as it moves up from haiti. kevin will have that for us as soon as it comes in. >> blair: the state of massachusetts is now considering a proposal that could allow unlicensed employees to give medication to patients. >> elizabeth: this is a practice that many nurses consider dangerous. fox 25's stephanie coueignoux is live on beacon hill and some of the nurses are calling for governor baker to actually step in. >> the reporter: they actually has more than 10,000 signatures asking governor baker to stop this proposal. earlier today, dozens of nurses, attended a public meeting about these proposed changes, and they told me, their concern is with the language. they say it's too vague and that it doesn't specify who can and cannot give out medications, or vaccinations. now, the president of the massachusetts nurse's association told me they're worried that if these changes become law, hospitals and
4:34 pm
aren't trained or licensed to give out medication. >> that is one of the things we're raising the alarm b. most importantly, medications are so complicated now that you need to make sure that the person that's administering those medications to you is the highest trained, and the most confident person that can help you through the process. >> the reporter: now, diana call the department of -- i did call the department of public health and a spokesman sent me a statement reading the proposed of patient safety by clarifying existing regulations on the delegation of nursing activities, including the administration of medication. as for these proposals, they are still in the public hearing stage. at 5:30 p.m., we'll take a closer look at how common medical errors and resulting deaths currently are. on beacon hill, stephanie coueignoux, fox 25 news. >> blair: an evidence room scandal is leading to some big changes at the braintree police
4:35 pm
interim chief of police in braintree. current chief russ jenkins is retiring early. the department is dealing with some fallout from the mishandling of evidence stored at police headquarters. nearly 5,000 pieces of drug evidence, 60 guns and $400,000 in cash all involved in this. former boston police superintendent and chief, dan linski, has also been hired to train braintree police on new evidence procedures. >> elizabeth: an effort retirement system man is behind bars saying he has no memory of hitting a outside gillette stadium. jose perez rodriguez faces several charges, including assault and battery and racing a motor vehicle. captain christopher wilcox was hit sunday night on route 1 while he was working a detail form the patriots game. investigators say perez rodriguez was speeding on his motorcycle into on coming traffic. rodriguez' attorney told the judge the crash was not intentional. captain wilcox has a skull fracture and a broken nose, but we're told he could be released
4:36 pm
>> blair: thousands of people are celebrating the life today of golf legend, arnold palmer. his memorial service was held in his hometown of latrobe, pennsylvania. palmer's grandson, p.j. commissioner, jack nicklaus and sports broadcaster nance spoke at the service. and nance made sure palmer had the right sendoff. >> can we give him one more? can we give him one more walk and ovation for arnold palmer would you join me? [applause] >> blair: palmer died september 25th, at the age of 87. he won a 62 titles on the pga tour and helped grow golf to worldwide recognition. >> elizabeth: a local photographer is scrambling to find gear for a wedding shoot this weekend after a thief ripped off all her equipment saturday. fox 25's chris flanagan talked to the photographer about her wedding day heartbreak.
4:37 pm
happiest day of their life, melissa stone was having one of the worst days of her life. >> i wanted to throw up. >> the reporter: as the bride and groom were about to tie the knot, the panicked alyssa got a knot in her stomach. >> it was right before the bride and groom were supposed to come down the aisle, and i just felt really helpless. >> the reporter: the south shore photographer was shooting only her second the cathedral of the holy cross, one of boston's most historic churches. during mass, someone stole alyssa's bag with all of her gear, sitting in one of the church pews. the bag contained about $4,000 worth of equipment, equipment she needs as a photographer for several south shore newspapers. as for the newlyweds, alyssa was the second photographer working their wedding. >> what happened to me shouldn't
4:38 pm
it sucks, but we were still able to hopefully give them wedding photos. >> the reporter: well, several photographers have reached out to alyssa to donate or lend their equipment and now, she's planning to hit pawn shops in hopes of recovering any of her gear. in the control room, chris flanagan, fox 25 news. >> blair: i hope she finds it. >> elizabeth: so frustrating. coming to a restaurant near your, a farm on the rooftop makes the food on your fork. >> now we've got this hot pink chicken coop in our backyard. agriculture. what it means for you the next time you go out to grab a bite to eat. >> blair: first, a local college professor can add nobel laureate
4:39 pm
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eye eye a brown. >> elizabeth: a brown university professor has taken home the highest prize in physics. the professor along with two o'british physicists won the nobel prize for revealing the secret of exotic matter. so exotic, i d't this is. these a brilliant people. his son told the "boston globe" his father began research on the project in 1976. the prize comes out to more than $931,000. it will be divided between the three and of course you get the notoriety of winning it. >> blair: google is making its most aggressive challenge to apple's iphone, so far, google unsaid its smart phone, called pixel, it will have built-in artificial intelligence, ultimately eliminating the need for users to type.
4:42 pm
storage of full sized photos. the pixel will be available through verizon and google's on-line play store. >> elizabeth: fox investigates, what we've learned about a growing employee scandal. >> kevin: hurricane matthew delivering a crushing below to haiti and now it's on its way to the bahamas. i'm waiting for the initial track from the national hurricane center so i can give you my thoughts. >> i. >> i a fox 25, concerned that not
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
>> elizabeth: a local fire chief came to fox 25 kara borden that not enough is being done to keep kids safe in school. >> blair: today i went to douglas and spoke to the chief about what he has seen firsthand
4:45 pm
douglas fire chief kent vincent can't forget this. two adults at an elementary school sent to the hospital in 2014, when a boiler misfired. the school didn't strong gusty carbon monoxide detectors at the time. the chief made this promise to parents. i will argue and i will fight to get carbon monoxide detectors. i will protect the kids in town and protect the children throughout the state. and i promise i haven't been able to deliver. >> blair: chief vincent tells us, he has made plea after plea on beacon hill, pushing for a law that would require detectors in all massachusetts schools. that hasn't happened. in fact, when we looked into it, we found the bill had been introduced and sent to the public safety committee in january of 2015, but nothing more has really happened. the last time anyone even looked at the bill was march of this year, when it was sent to another committee.
4:46 pm
holdup was, but they have not responded to our request. this chief wonders what it will take. >> we don't have to have a child perish before we pass a law. >> blair: we went by the douglas schools and found they're not waiting on new laws. they immediately put in carbon monoxide detectors to make sure all students at least here are protected. >> the children aren't safe in every school in this state. if they don't have carbon monoxide detectors in the schools that children attend, then they're at risk. also heard from?l3 marshal's office on this issue and he said, i think this makes sense. children are more vulnerable and exposure to smaller amounts of carbon monoxide for shorter time periods can be extremely dangerous to them. we should provide our children a safe environment in which to learn end quote. now, several fire officials told me they hope this kind of attention will motivate state lawmakers to take action and not wait for another tragedy. >> elizabeth: the superintendent of schools in wilmington has resigned after a drunk driving
4:47 pm
charged with operating under the influence. last week, the school committee found out about it. delie resigned last night and apologized for not disclosing her arrest sooner. i apologize and take responsibility for my decision. i regret the disappointment that i have caused my family, friends, colleagues, and members of this community. >> elizabeth: the search for a new superintendent is now underway. police are asking for help finding a man who robbed a weekend. employee told police that this man threatened him with a pistol before taking cash from register. it happened at the restaurant on route 9 after 10:00 p.m. sunday night. >> blair: fox 25 investigates has learned another commuter rail worker has been fired for cheating on time cards. this is the ninth worker terminated in a scandal first broken by fox 25 investigates last month. the rail worker was dismissed last week. the latest firing after employees at the engineer terminal in somerville were
4:48 pm
of their co-workers to clock them in to work when they're either at home or on time off. keolis commuter services the mbta's largest private contractor has to idea how long the fraud has been going on or how much it has cost taxpayers. the state wants to build a new orange line station to help support traffic for the wynn casino in everett. mbta officials also want to extend the silver line bus service into everett. the orange line station would be in maldin and sit between the wellington and maldin center expected to open in 2019, but the new orange line would take at least seven years to build. >> elizabeth: johnson & johnson is warning patients who use insulin pumps that they could be targeted by hackers. the company says the one touch ping insulin pump causes a cyber security risk.
4:49 pm
device and deliver lethal doses of insulin. so far, there have not been any attempts to hack the device. >> kevin: all right. let's hit our forecast first, because, well, that's where we are. sun popping out this afternoon, the clouds giving way to that sunshine. there will be some more that drift onshore tonight and first thing in the morning, you'll have clouds, particularly to the south, but there will be some to the north and west as well. any heavier clouds will be in southeastern massachusetts, and longer lasting too, but notice new england through lunchtime and into the afternoon tomorrow. you know we'll do the same thing tomorrow, but let's first stop here, talk about your lunchtime temperatures tomorrow. 60 in boston, 61 in bedford. shaping up to be a nice autumn day with the sun taking over. the temperatures will rise through the 60's most locations. here is a smattering of high temperatures, from boston to quincy, it's 61. to the west, getting in to the mid 60's in watertown, 65 degrees. up into the merrimack valley,
4:50 pm
methuen hand lowell and bill risk 66 degrees -- billerica, 66 degrees. ashland, 66 and metro west, 66, you get the idea, you get milder temperatures away from the coastline and where the sun comes out more quickly to the north and wells. thursday morning, patchy fog, a few clouds lying around but the sun takes over more quickly tomorrow an this did today and set us up for a nice looking day. we'll have that friday too. that covers your next three days without a problem. then this is matthew, zoom down and see the amazing eye of this storm and the billowing clouds around it. this is about 17 miles off the cools of cuba now, so it's steaming north at 10 miles per hour. so hour and a half from official landfall, but clearly, when it's this close, there's plenty happening in cuba right now. none of it very good in eastern cuba. out here, you're talking about haiti, which got hit very hard earlier. the dominican republic got hit hard with flooding rains.
4:51 pm
cuba. some of the rain being pick up by the san juan puerto rico radar. you don't see green here but out here, still hitting the puerto rican radar site, so it's showing us some of the rain in the dom can. can -- dominican. still waiting for the hurricane center to give island starting the 5:00 p.m. observation. they'll update the track as well but the bottom line is it's still forecast to come through the bahamas, turned toward florida and come up the coast very close to florida. notice the western flank of this westward, run to run, still captures eastern florida. brings it up through the carolinas. now, what i've been seeing so far, it looks like there will be a little bit more westward jog to the track when it comes in any minute now from the hurricane center, i would expect that center line to move west just a little bit, but still keeps the southeastern u.s. in grave danger from this storm and then pushes it off the coast. but the question from here becomes well, does it keep going up to the north or does it get kicked out of here? a couple things can happen. one is that a front kicks it out
4:52 pm
from even moving north and of course that other trend which you saw saw north of new england is the third possibility. certainty to the carolinas, but beyond there, uncertainty. that's my honest truth. i've been telling you that for the last couple days an i stand by it. i 60 degrees if buries, so enjoy that. i wanted to show you the spaghetti plots and these lines, all coming up toward the carolinas, a lot of agreement on the computer models here. others loop back around to the south. can't throw that solution out, it's certainly a possibilities when i look at how the atmosphere is setting up by the weekend. get impacts, it's late in the weekend, not the first part. the next three to four days are looking quite nice. i promise to have that track for you as soon as it comes in from the hurricane center with the latest observations on matthew. >> elizabeth: kevin, thank you. some businesses in boston employees lunch could come from closer than ever before. just outside their office.
4:53 pm
revolution in small spaces around the city. and now here's mark ockerbloom with what we're working on for fox 25 news at 5:00 p.m. >> mark: a body of a missing landscaper in wellesley has been found in a pond there. the man went out around 2:00 p.m. this afternoon and disappeared in the water. we will go live to the scene where authorities just updated us. plus. >> the reporter: reports of people dressed as clowns, armed with weapons, causing waves of fear in local schools and across college campuses.
4:54 pm
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>> elizabeth: above the hustle and bustle of watertown, don't be surprised if you hear chickens. in that city, a pot pink chicken coop sits in an unusual space and it marks a trend that's bringing farm living into the heart of urban areas. to hear him speak -- >> it's not a matter of just coming out and watering, right, they're learning about crop cycles, learning about how to
4:57 pm
james is a farmer, you're wrong. there are crops where he works. >> peppers here and zucchini down there. >> elizabeth: these beds are located beyond a parking lot, planted in 100 milk crates. and there's one more thing -- >> then this idea of chickens, right. so out of nowhere. >> elizabeth: that's right. chickens. >> the agriculture rat i -- agricultural initiative worked so well, we wanted to that. >> elizabeth: he's known as the chicken man, although he would prefer we don't call him that. welcome to the urban farm. doug dale says this hot pink chicken coop is the only one of its kind located at a business property, but he wouldn't be surprised if others get in the game as well. chickens are part of a trend building for almost three years. when boston passed a zoning order that allowed urban farming. since then, city residence, colleges, even fenway park have
4:58 pm
growing crops. it is part of a small but increasing number of companies adding them as well. >> in boston, there's about 15 or 20 that i'm aware of. >> elizabeth: the trend is growing, because people want to know where their food comes from. cities want to shed food desert labels and businesses want to offer a better work-life balance. >> fundamentally, there's a source of pride that comes out of all of this. this is probably a place with a culture of no and it's becoming a culture of why not, let's try stuff, let's experiment. them. minor tells me where there are chickens today, there could actually be honey bees tomorrow. as the interest grows if urban farming, a lot of these areas will go from simple growing spots text panning to meet the food and environmental needs of city dwellers. >> blair: it's so popular. great thing they're doing. >> elizabeth: nice hot pink coop there i love that. >> blair: stands out a bit. we are updating the breaking news. >> elizabeth: body of a missing man just found in the water.
4:59 pm
right now. >> mark: we begin with the body of a missing man that's been recovered from a wellesley possibility it's breaking news we've been following all after demands. good evening, i'm mark ockerbloom. >> vanessa: i'm vanessa welch. police say a landscaper took the homeowners canoe out and got into trouble on morse's pond on route 9 frm near wellesley college. ted daniel has the latest from first >> the reporter: mark and vanessa it's the outcome nobody wanted but everyone expected. nearly three hours after falling off a canoe into the water, the body of a landscaper has been found and as you can see, first responders are clearing out. the medical examiner's office was called out to remove the body, and that happened just minutes ago. it was found a little bit after 4:00 p.m. this afternoon, about 40 yards from shore, the victim's name has not been released, but police tell us,
5:00 pm
and two coworkers were doing work at a waterfront home on college avenue. at 1:00 p.m., the landscaper borrowed the homeowner's canoe, took it out on morse's pond, he was the only one in the canoe and for a few minutes he was out there was fine but then ran into trouble. he had his clothes on. a wellesley police lieutenant got here very quick and in uniform, went into the water and trd he was already too far under. here's the wellesley police spokesperson a short time ago. >> witnessed that he had struggled swimming when he went in the water, so as soon as it was realized that he was struggling in the water, that co-worker called 911. >> the reporter: we just saw a police detective go in to the homeowner's residence a short


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