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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 5, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> daniel: >> daniel: vice presidential candidates hitting each other and neither one giving an inch. >> i think still on my time. >> daniel: who came out on top after they sparred over a long list of topics. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, it is 9:00 a.m. on october 5th, i'm daniel miller. >> julie: good morning, i'm julie grauert. jason brewer in for shiri spear
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>> jason: martha major hurricane and hurricane in atlantic moving westward closer to florida off the northward track and wind at 115. despite two land falls still a major hurricane. so there it is down the road friday, saturday, sunday, dangerously close to the u.s. doing damage up and down the coastline. more on matthew straight ahead and where it is the shift overnight. right now over the door we are in the 50s. we come out of the 30s and 40s earlier on. climbing up 65 to near 70?. >> julie: 128 southbound sluggish through lexington both southbound and northbound right around route 2. over to the pike eastbound heavy
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those are the cameras i'm keeping an eye on. live drive times, 44 minutes on pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. 31 minutes on the expressway and 42 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. >> julie: live look in cambridge. bicyclist hit and killed by car in portor square. cambridge and somerville police are asking people to avoid the area. we have a crew scene and bring you any updates as soon as we get them. >> daniel: continue to follow the path of hurricane matthew as heads toward north florida and getting better look at destruction left behind in haiti and jamaica. 11 people have died from the storm in the caribbean but authorities fear that number could go up. worst of the damage appears to be in haiti. key bridge there washed out from the country's southern peninsula and roads and phone lines there have been cut off to the hardest
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way of knowing how many people might be dead or hurt. cuba seems to have been spared from matthew's worst. today the storm is expected to last the bahamas. meanwhile here in the uss -- u.s. people in georgia, florida and carolinas are lining up at gas station and taking cash out of the atm to get everything they need ahead of the storm. in south carolina all coastal communities are being ordered to evacuate today. that is about 1.1 million people. many of those not waiting fo highways as you see late last night to try to get out as soon as possible. let's get over to meteorologist jason brewer right now with the latest on the storm and new track overnight, jason. >> jason: this is very close to the u.s., daniel, and looks like new england right now out of the worst of matthew's potential but we are not totally out of the woods. and two land falls and still major hurricane.
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restrengthening likely as we get closer to florida. then i'm watching that cold front. it is the one that's going to carry matthew eastward. we got to watch this energy in pacific northwest and that's going to be starting to move eastward tonight and have a much more confident in forecast as we get to the weekend with what matthew might or might not to us and much more on matthew. >> daniel: stay with fox25 news all day for latest on hurricane matthew and keep up-to-date with news and weather apps as well as on website at >> julie: people at revere have a lot of cleaning up to do
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home leaving a giant hole in the wall. right now police are working to find out how all of this happened. fox25 or catherine parrotta is live at the scene where that whole is already boarded up. catherine? >> catherine: car is gone but see exactly the path the vehicle took and person standing near the hole in brick wall, bricks on ground the crack here left over after a car crashed into the wall. and car crashed through the brick wall of 1129 north shore road. >> i walked outside and they were blocked -- streets were blocked. >> happened 1:00 on busy road also known as route 1a.
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the hospital. >> five, six, years, seen it all the time. >> happens all the time here and they come and drive by and not part of the street and >> julie: route 1a which we just referenced and see all of those cars just whipping in this direction and see how easy it would be to jump the curb and jump right up here and here is damage left after the car did that, hopped the curb and ended up against the building. i have reached out to revere and still under investigation.
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>> daniel: 9:07. two people accused of shooting at police will head before a judge. the gun battle in roslindale had an entire neighborhood on lockdown for hours. fox25 live at the scene this morning where swat officers, dogs and even helicopter, jess, spent hours looking for one of the suspects. >> jessica: started at neighborhood last night as people were getting home from work and understand the suspect opened fire on undercover officers. th entire area that lasted for several hours. police descended on roslindale neighborhood tuesday night after several shots were fired near belgrade avenue. >> really sounded close. >> jessica: 25-year-old eric gonzalez and luis cologne opened fire on two undercover officers
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house on that street and played out on the street. think dealing with two dangerous individuals. we are very lucky no one got hurt. >> jessica: cologne captured after the shootout and gonzalez got away and massive search near the west roxbury line and swat team, canines and state police chopper circling above. they were allowed and eight-year-old was in tears because wasn't able to check in on dad. >> she cried, cried. >> apologized to some of them for streets being blocked and access denied and make sure and
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in west roxbury for arraignment in a little bit. live in roslindale, fox25 news. >> daniel: focus of the presidential race shifts back to the candidate to the top of the tickets and last night running mates mike pence and tim kaine squared off between the vice president candidates. they sparred over taxes, social security immigration and many other topics. the debate was feisty and disjointed as candidates repeatedly interrupted each other. in the end both defend their own candidate by tearing down the opponent. >> campaign of hillary clinton and timony has -- tim kaine has been insults. >> people are paying attention. >> when donald trump says women should be punished and john mccain not hero he is showing you who he is. >> daniel: immediate reaction from overnight slight victory
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according to instant poll by cnn48% of the voters surveyed said the republican did better. 42% favored senator kaine. the next debate is this sunday in st. louis. it is on fox25 beginning at 9:00. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. taking look at your drive time on 93 south right now. a little bit of improvement down to 45 minutes head to 495 in andover to the zakim bridge. jason? >> jason: right now, julie, matthew. looks like northwestern part of the eye starting to reorganize after it was disrupted by cuba. so this is a major storm now turning closer to the u.s. i have more on what it will bring into the u.s. and beyond this weekend coming up. >> daniel: prince 65,000 square foot mansion is about to go on display and act fast. have only three chances to see the building before closed off
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>> michael: what workers are looking for and response this morning. >> julie: update to breaking news in cambridge. police now say it is a man who was held and killed in bicycle. the driver of the car that hit him stared on the scene and d.a. investigating the crash.
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in new hampshire, maggie hassan cut taxes for small businesses, protected education... created jobs. in washington, what's kelly ayotte done? oted to protect tax breaks for millionaires and big oil. that's what the koch brothers and big corporate interests wanted. they're spending millions supporting ayotte. kelly ayotte's not working for us.
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joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> daniel: dining hall workers
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raise. fox25 michael henrich live in cambridge this morning with look at union demands and what harvard is doing with students during the strike.
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>> michael: picketers stay to strike as long as it takes. that said the union president local 26 says he is also all ears and willing to talk as soon as the administration is. live in cambridge, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> julie: because of hurricane matthew ship would be coming to new york city and when ship docked in manhattan they were told the plans were changed again and staying in new york. many of the passengers are expressing frustrations. >> we have bathing suits, flip-flops and walking around with toilet paper stuck. >> i love new york, beautiful city, but didn't pay $3,000 to sit in port for 48 hours. >> julie: carnival says actions were necessary to keep the ship out of harm's way and
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and enjoyable experience. the ship will likely. >> american league playoffs off to entertaining start. face blue jay's. three-run homer to left. no doubts about that one and walk off win and celebration in canada and mov texas rangers in american league divisional series. there was ugly moment and goes to catch a fly ball in the seventh inning. you could see fan threw a full can of beer that almost hit him. make the catch and then teammate adam jones comes over and starts yelling at the crowd. fans in toronto also threw beer cans on the field during a
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>> julie: waiting to accident on route 9. north of the pike sluggish 128 southbound because of an accident as you approach route 2. live look at the zakim where volume steady and heavy on 93 south. here are live drive times. 24 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 51 minutes on 93 south, 42 minutes 128 southbound from peabody to the weston tolls. >> daniel: meteorologist jason brewer joins u hurricane matthew and hits the warm waters it could get more fuel. >> jason: absolutely. 8586 degree water. look at satellite imagery and reorganizing and restrengthening
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they are out over the warm waters where the eye is right now and head in time and seeing major hurricane damage through the bahamas today into thursday. then by late thursday the strong winds are coming ashore in florida and there you see the track dangerously close to the florida coastline, major hurricane just offshore on the projected path right now. major damage along the coast is likely erosion and big wave action. there's hurricane force wind bahamas, thursday as you see those stronger winds start to come ashore in florida. meantime we are watching this front. been talking about this one for a few days. it is critical to determine what happens with matthew in new england. this northern coming into the pacific northwest finally in view and so as that comes down into the jet stream today and into tonight, we are going to start getting much better idea of how strong the front to the west will be and front deep and strong it could pull matthew
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current track. right now new england is not in the cone of uncertainty and that's good news for now and we don't want to put a lock on it just yet. here is the front. moving matthew eastward and then behind the front look at what happens. high pressure builds in and matthew just gets caught down here over the atlantic into next week. we might have to be talking about matthew for a few more days even as planned. and most spots even lower 60s, and not a bad start to the day. and places like norwood and colder spot and sensitive plants and haven't brought them inside you might want to protect them
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frost possible and nice through the end of the week and in the weekend, i got the front coming in on saturday that likely moves matthews moisture east of us and saturday into early and mainly tied to the front right now and fine-tuning the forecast right now and tomorrow. >> what did at chief of police house that has >> julie: special interests that oppose question 2 claim district schools lose money to charter schools. that's "absurd," says the boston herald. "outright lies," reports the lowell sun.
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from traditional schools, says the boston globe. in fact, public schools get more money. the truth is question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. please vote yes on question 2.
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in new hampshire, maggie hassan cut taxes for small businesses, protected education... created jobs. in washington, what's kelly ayotte done? voted to cut college grants, cut medicare. voted to protect tax breaks for millionaires and big oil. that's what the koch brothers and big corporate interests wanted. they're spending millions supporting ayotte. kelly ayotte's not working for us.
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>> daniel: ben stiller told howard stern he was diagnosed with prostate cancer two years ago and suspected cancer after blood test at annual physical. he says he is now cancer free after a surgery to remove the prostate. he is crediting early detection for the current health and encouraging other men to tested. daniel: new investigation life-threatening problems that exist at veterans affairs problem with nationwide scandal. government report says patients in phoenix, arizona delays in care about hospital mismanagement and some cases lab results have also been displaced. study says 215 patients died while waiting for appointments
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last year. >> julie: a charge for couple briefly snuggling for newborn in delivery room. there was a charge for $34.95 for skin to skin after c-section. the dad says he wasn't mad but ridiculous and no idea he would be charged for that. medical experts explain that hospitals need to bring in extra nurse to supervise sedated mother with skin-to-skin contact after the baby is born. >> daniel: fans prince three days to see his mansion. city council did agree to allow guided tours tomorrow, saturday and next friday. neighbors say making the home tourist destination will cost traffic headaches and public safety problems and they not decide to revisit at later date. prince died earlier this year after suffering overdose.
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handling pregame party with super bowl. the company says swift will provide exclusive performances on content during super bowl weekend. swift was recently named the world's top paid celebrity by forbes and also has sponsorship deals with apple and diet coke. >> julie: man in new york want being people to pay attention how garbage they produce. of trash he produces for entire month and has everything from pop bottles and in those bags. greenfield says he will produce 100 pounds of cash during the
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>> jason: martha matthew taking turn. what to expect coming up. >> julie: national anthem protest and how celtics drew on own path to make a statement. >> daniel: hurricane matthew heading toward the coast and kathy: it goes by so fast. kate: one day you're a kid - and the next... kelly:'re raising your own little girl. through challenges and struggles, she made our lives better. she's my inspiration in the senate - whether strengthening social security or medicare, protecting our environment, or helping make college more affordable... she taught me that with hard work... kate: you can do anything? kathy: anything. kate: my mom taught me that too.
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the outside corporate interests bankrolling question two are trying to deceive you. it drains money from the existing public schools. that's 400 million just last year - according to the state's own data. which means real cuts to our kids - in arts, technology, ap classes, pre-school, bus service and more. that's why question two's opposed by the massachusetts pta and school committees all across the state. join them in voting no on question two. what's for dinner tonight? wegmans ez meals.
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>> julie: hurricane matthew still problematic. >> there's been a lot of track shift with the storm and right now the northern that's coming ashoreha this east of us just now getting act together. so full update coming up and major hurricane near the bahamas and survived two land falls no problem. it is still a major hurricane. you could see down the loan this is going to be major hartford courant awfully close to the florida and south carolina and georgia coastline and possibly even north carolina. see the models though taking
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eastward and full update coming up and temperature 65, 70? this afternoon, maybe light jacket still early this afternoon. >> julie: roads slightly improving. route 1 wide open and 93 south and volume starts to build around route 16 and route 60 in medford. 128 northbound a little sluggish approaching the pike and going live drive times, 37 minutes on pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. 36 minutes on the expressway. 48 minutes on 93 south as you head toward the zakim bridge. julie: in cambridge man was killed by riding his bicycle. mass ave closed in both directions while police continue to investigate. we talked with director of the massachusetts bicycle coalition
9:32 am
traveled routes for bicyclists in country. >> need to do better job of enforcement and engineering and education. >> julie: that is richard freeze from the massachusetts bicyclist coalition. drivers should pay attention especially during daily communities. cambridge and somerville are asking people to avoid the and bring you updates as soon as we get them. >> daniel: worst of damage from hurricane matthew appears to be in haiti. key bridge has been washed out from southern peninsula and phone lines cut off to harder hit areas and because of all of those factors they have no idea how many people may be dead or hurt. meanwhile, here in united states million people are expected to evacuate in south carolina today
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grocery stores, gas stations and atm's in the south as people try to get everything they need before matthew arrives. with evacuations in the states already underway, the white house sent fema into action. jacqueline fell in washington with how federal official are preparing as matthew churns through the caribbean >> reporter: hurricane matthew expected to arrive near eastern florida thursday even. multiple cruise lines already recruited trips to get out of matthew's path. the white house says fema already deployed workers to florida and georgia and official are placing equipment close to areas where heavy damage is expected. this is somewhat new approach for fema and hopefully will allow a quicker response. >> they will look for locations
9:34 am
attracted the storm to preposition supplies so that there's a shorter distance for those supplies to be transported in the immediate aftermath of the storm. >> reporter: white house says there are two disaster response teams from u.s. aide in haiti and jamaica and they are monitoring the track in real-time, communicating with official and caribbean coordinating relief efforts if requested. the president will also head to fema today for a briefing on the storm. he was actually set to go to as the governor declared a state of emergency. in washington, jacqueline fell, fox25 news. >> daniel: we will bring latest hurricane information next half hour and keep up-to-date with news and weather app as well as the website at
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on the run for several hours sparking a lockout. fox25 jessica reyes live at the scene where people were told to stay indoors as police search the entire area. jess? >> jessica: pretty scary scene in roslindale last night and both suspects have been arrested and both are due in court this morning over in west roxbury. police tell us their names are ireck gonzalez and louise cologne and both are charge with assault with intent to kil undercover officers tuesday afternoon outside home on newburg street and both undercover officers assigned to task force that targets sale of illegal weapons. it started at home here and then spilled outside on to the street >> dealing with two dangerous
9:36 am
>> jessica: they say gonzalez initiale got away but picked up couple hours later on south street in roslindale. both suspects we know are charged with assault with intent to kill and both are set to be arraigned in west roxbury at some point later this morning and have a crew in the courtroom as soon as they do get there. live in roslindale, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> julie: 23-year-old marcus pier louise accused of shooting 18-year-old in shoulder inside two other teens has been charged as juveniles. he was arrested four days after the shooting but being held in boston on drug and weapons charges. it is not clear if you if he wil return to stoughton to face charges or prosecutors send case to grand jury. >> daniel: former patriots star aaron hernandez expected in court today for a status conference on upcoming double-murder trial. trial expected to start in february. hernandez charged with killing two men at boston nightclub in
9:37 am
safiro furtado after one of them accidently spilled a drink on hernandez. the former tight end is already serving life sentence for odin lloyd in 2013. man convict of killing salem woman 25 years ago and dumping body is asking for parole again. thomas maimoni was convicted of second-degree murder of death of martha brailsford. her body was pulled out of salem harbor in 1991. prosecutors say he killed her but he says she died from injuries she got on the sailboat and parole board is skeptical of defense. >> i think for whatever reason you're incapable of telling the truth. >> daniel: this is third attempt to make parole. if he is denied this time he can try again in five years and no word when a decision will be made. >> julie: rescue of new england man lost at sea during
9:38 am
freighter that the found nathan carman. the crew helped him on board. from these pictures you could see he was cold and shivering when he reached the freighter. this was a week after carman's fishing boat sank. his mother linda did not survive but nathan made it to a life raft. julie: landscapers break from work takes tragic toll. he took into the pond. shore and coworker saw he needed help and called 911. police officer arrived at scene and jumped in and tried to find him. after searching for three hours drivers pulled 35-year-old body from the water. >> daniel: bullets swept through new hampshire home and security camera captures the entire thing. homeowner found hole in his bedroom wall where his wife was getting ready. no one was hurt and police say the shooter did not
9:39 am
target practices with his handgun on his own property. the man apologized to neighbor and going to pay for the damage. >> julie: gloucester police chief still on the city's payroll. leonard campanula on paid administrative leave and continue to receive paychecks that least until the day of the termination hearing. campanula was fired monday after he destroyed cell phone evidence related to an investigation into his relationship julie: 16 girls suspended from soccer team in pawtucket for underage drinking. he was at his home over the weekend when one of the players snuck in bottle of vodka and posted a pick drinking on social media. he had no idea what happened until school called him on monday. >> i don't think it is a shocking situation. i think it is something every school deals with.
9:40 am
says the girls will be benched a quarter of a season and they know the policy and have to pay the price. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. 93 southbound right now down to 40 minutes as head from andover to the zakim bridge. jason? >> jason: right now, julie, still tracking matthew. got the latest track and what to expect in the future as this thing moves closer to the u.s. right see a sinkhole swallow up a car with two people inside. >> daniel: simpsons are coming to the hub. up next cartoon takes on all things boston and one thing
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in new hampshire, maggie hassan cut taxes for small businesses, created jobs. in washington, what's kelly ayotte done? voted to cut college grants, cut medicare. but kelly ayotte voted to protect tax breaks for millionaires and big oil. that's what the koch brothers and big corporate interests wanted. they're spending millions supporting ayotte. kelly ayotte's not working for us.
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>> daniel: boston celtics making statement about unity and creating image from their past and game last night the players and ac national anthem to promote unit and he exact recreation of this one. image of teen photo taken during 1960, 61 season. after all different anthem demonstrations over the last couple months, starting with 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick, the celtics decided to make a much different approach. coach stevens says the team met at least four times to decide what they would do during the anthem and regardless of what they decided the team wanted to deliver the response as a team
9:44 am
controversy to stand together. when the anthem ended the celtics sent out a tweet with message from the players. >> we are one. we are in this together and this is what we have to say. >> for decades the people who have worn this jersey have stared in the face of social unrest and each time they responded by coming together. >> honored by representing predecessors and humbly accept the baton and >> daniel: they played at umass amherst against the 76ers and according to jay crowder need to change the world together. >> julie: program could have allowed and nsa to gather information about hundreds of millions of users.
9:45 am
and the company announced a security breach to have hackers to accounts and personal information. julie: twitter maybe sold for $20 million. lots of valuable and million users. >> chip based credit card read and her hard to know where they need to use the chip or when they need to swipe card. retailers told to switch to the new readers last october but costly installation with credit card companies has delayed the launch for many stores. credit card company visa says despite the problem the new system has caused significant
9:46 am
episode of the simpsons all about the hub and football team takes the family on a hatecation to show bart that boston is terrible city. there are plenty of new england refences and few characters that look like patriots players and coaches. can you picture who that one is and that one is? spoiler alert he actually likes boston for one very good reason. the avid boiler thinks it is great that you can get three balls in candle pin bo >> no, we haven't. just known as bullying. candle pin bowling is bowling, as i have learned. >> daniel: or duck bowling which is different. >> julie: sluggish on 128 northbound around 135 as work way up to needham. north of the pike on 93 south troubled spot. wouldn't call it a troubled spot. probably overstating. just slow right around route 16 and route 60.
9:47 am
the tobin and 31 minutes 93 south and 37 minutes 93 southbound just back to normal. that's flowing -- flying route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. >> daniel: talking all morning about hurricane matthew and path, destructive path, and a lot of people up and along the east coast, especially florida, getting prepared for the storm. >> as they should. >> jason: major hurricane coming very close and could make landfall let me show you the big picture. right now you see the storm emerging off of cuba and lashing bahamas today and then as we go ahead in time you will see lots of warm water in its path helping to regenerate what intensity the storm has lost. so it was a cat five last friday night. and slammed into cuba and haiti as cat four. now, it is a cat three and notice what happens as we go
9:48 am
way looks like a very dangerous storm for florida beginning late thursday that lasts through friday. then let's talk about what it does beyond that. this low got a cold front attached to it making its way eastward, but this energy coming in from the pacific northwest is finally coming ashore and that's going to punch everything eastward even more quickly. if it starts to dig down, the jet stream starts to take a dip, then we will have a better chance to pull the tropical system north closer to new englan model leading the charge, one that's really done the best and one that i like the best, shows moving eastward and hurricane center adjusting the track accordingly. so southern new england no longer in the cone of uncertainty. there's the front that i have been talking about and nudge eastward and comes to loop the system around next week. so might have to talk about matthew beyond the weekend as it
9:49 am
atlantic so tomorrow i expect a lot more confident in the front and affects on matthew and stay with us, don't want to close the door on it, not totally out of the woods but right now i would like the trend that i'm seeing. temperature in the 50s as we start the day, by the way. so recovered out of the 30s and 40s. but i still have some fog in keene to deal with. so that's going to be a slow way to burn off there. temperatures this afternoon look pretty good. mid and upper 60s. even a few 70 degree readings coming out and goin temperatures will drop quickly tonight, upper 40s there brockton planner by 9:00 tonight and headed down into the 30s and 40s overnight and if you live in the low lying wind protected areas. might want to take caution with the plants that could have patchy frost with clear skies and light winds. here is 7-day forecast. lower 70s tomorrow, middle 70s friday. then weekend always in view. saturday a transition day because it is the same cold front that's coming through that will have a few showers attached
9:50 am
the moisture from matthew stays away from us. and going to leave rain chance on for sunday and track of matthew. don't want to close the door on it just yet. next week right now things looking good dry and relief. back to you. >> daniel: next incredible video grown man pedals there you
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i just want what's best for my kids. when i hear arguments that massachusetts needs more charter schools, i think: what about the students in all of our schools? every new charter takes away more money from the existing public schools. that's 400 million dollars, just last year. we can't afford to drain even more money from our kids' schools because they're already losing so much. i'm not just standing up for my own kids; i'm fighting for yours, too.
9:53 am
>> julie: some of the people hurt in the deadly new a train at hoboken smashed into train station 30 miles per hour and the speed was three times as fast as it should have been going. the train second data recorder has also been recovered and investigators are looking at new video coverage from the train. one woman killed in the trash and more than 100 people hurt. australian couple is lucky to be alive after a sinkhole swallowed their car while they were in it. the 10-foot wide hole formed after the couple says they
9:54 am
of car and get back on solid ground. some of blaming sinkhole on week of heavy rain. others say it could have been caused by nearby mind shaft. >> >> daniel: central connecticut state professor decorated home with donald trump and on the mexican board and her ghoulish hillary clinton riding a donkey with chains and history teacher is trying to get people think. >> i know this. politicians will never, ever disappoints me. they will always give me something to work with. >> daniel: display obviously stopped traffic in neighborhood with many people laughing and taking pictures when they see it. >> julie: speaking of stopping traffic, i wouldn't advise on this one. man in philadelphia went on joyride and vehicle of choice turning heads. that's because he was driving a big wheel right in middle of major interstate. traffic behind him slowed to
9:55 am
some commenters joked that big wheel was moving at same speed as usual traffic. kind of sounds like it here. julie: new medical marijuana dispensary open doors for business today. owner says the department of public health gave store approval to sell the drug last week. dispensaries grows own marijuana and says they will only be taking patients by appointment the first two weeks. medical marijuana has been legal in massachusetts since 200013. voters will decide if they want to legalize it for use next month. julie: police know what happened to lobster statue in plymouth. officers told the enterprise two teenagers dumped 150-pound statue in the ocean. the lobster named sir loin was part of display set up by town to show case local artist and businesses. artist that created sir loin looking on replacing the statue. >> daniel: check this video
9:56 am
shows frightened kitten backing away from rescue pole and clutching to the pole to avoid falling. the spca says they were able to reunite the kitten with the owner. teacher in kentucky makes sure to share special day with six of students. she is a teacher at school which is designed for students with down's syndrome. on the guest list she included six of the students from her class. the kid say they have a great time and best part was the dancing. i'm sure it was. julie: check in with jason brewer where matthew has been the major story. >> jason: might have to watch the next week and front to come in and kick matthew's moisture eastward and too early to
9:57 am
track with this as new models upfolded. but i think i think by tonight, tomorrow, getting a much better confidence on the eventually track of matthew and all eyes on florida and bahamas. >> make sure you have the fox25 weather app and news app and always on >> julie: thank you so much for joining us this morning. watch tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m.
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it's october 5th, time for great viral videos "right this minute." at first you just think they are bumbling criminals. >> no, you'd be wrong. >> see the elaborate plan that got them oh so close. a groom having a blast at the reception. >> until he's not. >> why the dance with his mother is about to end >> oh! >> river rafters weren't expecting this. the scary moment they are ambushed by a water spout. plus, the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini as christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle break down the best on the web, including the world's worst roommate. >> that's just the beginning. >> what happens when the sneak


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