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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 6, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> daniel: hurricane matthew powerful storm moves toward the u.s. and devastating track just released this morning and travel troubles happening right now at logan airport. >> michael: steps to keep students safe from mrsa this feature and why new edition may be too private. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: it is 9:00 on thursday, i'm daniel miller. >> julie: i'm julie grauert. off to nice day on clear skies and temps will creep up into the 70s and down south hurricane matthew is heading to florida. fox25 meteorologist sarah wroblewski in for shiri spear
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the storm. sarah? >> jason: passing south of nassau, bahamas, brunt of the circulation, you could see the eye right there and outer bands already pushing to parts of florida right now category threey hurricane with wind speeds 125 miles per hour and expected to intensify through the day today as category four storm as it slides up the coast. the exact track to the coast and if there's any shift to the west or east, significant changes in the impact to parts of florida and devastating conditions starting there this evening and through the day tomorrow. completely different story locally and 40s and 50s and lots of sunshine out there, today 37 climb into the boston area into the 60s and 70s
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weekend. check of traffic with julie. >> julie: things better with the accident eastbound. route 1 moving along fine. 93 south sluggish around route 16 and route 60 in medford. expressway still slow going from the braintree split as you can see heavy steady volume toward the gas tank. live drive times, about 50 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. 34 minutes on the expressway, 41 minutes bridge. >> julie: millions people being told to evabeing wait the southern coast of the united states. >> daniel: hurricane matthew gaining strength. at least 26 people are dead from the storm and majority of homes in southern part of haiti have been damaged. in the united states many grocery store shelf are empty as they are stocking up. many trying to evacuate.
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say they would put the lives of emergency workers in danger if they called for help later. right now airlines are beginning to cancel flights as the storm churns closer to florida. fox25 catherine parrotta live at logan airport where we have already seen some cancellations this morning, catherine. >> jul >> catherine: board listing cancellations throughout the morning for flights that were supposed to be heading to miami and flights scheduled for that afternoon and hundreds of flights nationwide flights going to miami and destinations in florida. i have been keeping close eye on website this morning and those numbers tell the tale. right now 80% of flights headed to fort lauderdale are canceled, same goes for 59% of flights
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heading to orlando. flights into and out of the bahamas and 80 also impacted, of course, and all of this is because hurricane matthew which is a category three storm right now. i spoke with one family who are getting on 6:30 flight to miami and last mailer flight headed to miami today and family member changed them from 3:00 p.m. flight after seeing the forecast. >> our dad is getting married and wants us to come. >> we are excited. the wedding isiz in the to the keys. >> catherine: miami, fort lauderdale in palm beach before noon today, all others have been canceled, all arrivals have been canceled and live look now at terminal and a lot of these flights would be heading to
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people gotten the memo and not going to miami and be on one of the flights at check and they will wave change fees because of this storm. for now live here in logan airport, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> julie: stay with us for latest updates. you can keep up-to-date on weather app. >> michael: town public's high school will be disinfecting certain areas at school today as some of the students have reportedly been diagnosed with mrsa. in a letter from school official, westford academy school leaders seem to suggest that student athletes are among those infected with the drug resistant staph infections saying, quote, westford academy will be continue to disinfect
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coaches are reviewing with the athletes signs and symptoms as well as methods to prevent staph infections. infectious disease specialist at mass general hospital spoke with fox25 by phone. >> skin skin-to-skin contact and activity minor cuts and abrasions and that's where the mrsa bacteria can then get inside and cause the >> michael: personal hygiene is key to spread mrsa and no word how serious they are at westford academy and experts say left untreated mrsa can be fatal even in otherwise healthy person. also adds that it is very treatable in certain ways. so anyone experiencing symptoms of skin infection or the like here in the westford community would be encouraged to see a doctor.
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>> julie: private ties the cash counting operation. members of the boston carmen union formed at the "t" so-called money room in charlestown this morning and transit agency cash at vending machines, buss and parking lots. earlier this year review uncovered widespread security flaws. state leaders now want to hire the brinks security company to manage the money and it would cost dozens of worke jobs. >> privatization does not work and where it failed and cost them more money. >> union president and six other protesters arrested for placing a padlock on the gate to the facility. they will be arraigned today at charles town municipal court. >> daniel: 9:07, cyclist killed by tractor-trailer in porter square was local doctor. the crash breaking on fox25
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8:00 yesterday. big rig at intersection of mass ave and somerville. drive remain at the scene and no charges have been filed. >> daniel: driver of parked car forced her into the path of landscaping truck. before the tragedies cambridge hat three deadly bicycle crashes in the last 15 >> julie: one of men held gun to undercover police officer. eric rosado-gonzalez and luis colon met three different times and sold them heroin and during latest drug deal offered to sell them guns and two undercover officers showed up and they
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at half million dollars each. >> julie: yesterday isaiah tahadda was in court. police say he robbed lewis home on boxford street and shot and killed him and attorney tells a different story. >> i was robbed and shot intrude and her chose >> daniel: brookline firefighter made allegations of racism in the department now off the job. the board of selectmen voted to terminate gerald allston at hearing yesterday. may fox25 investigates looks into a voice mail left by allston by superior officer. on the message the officer uses a racially offensive phrase. allston was also part of civil lawsuit filed by six town
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the town leaders say allston was fired because of statements he made about workplace violence. >> julie: rick porcello gets start if the sox tonight. sox 25 butch stearns is in cleveland. look for live report this afternoon and we will have the game one highlights and reaction tomorrow right here on fox25 morning news 4:00 a.m. >> daniel: tom brady back on the practice field and gronk feeling good about that. >> like any other week. top back at quarterback, baby. >> daniel: they are preparing to face the browns in cleveland on sunday. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes.
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minutes as head from 495 to the zakim bridge. sarah? >> sarah: out of the 30s, julie, but going to see temperatures improve even more as we head into the afternoon and climbing into the 60s and 70s for the evening commute. grab the sunglasses and going to need it and hold on to the it has sunshine through the week and rain chances to the weekend and latest track of matthew in just a few minutes. >> daniel: film isn't going to come out for months but showing you oscar buzz. natalie portman playing jackie o. >> julie: and man with a knife rushes into an oklahoma store. how the victims coworkers were
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on the ground right now on the ground. >> daniel: man blew stop signs before flipping the car and when they finally caught up with him all they had to say was i'm sorry. adam thistle tried to stop 22-year-old justin for running red light around 3:30 yesterday morning and showed the car reaching speeds more than 80 miles per hour before the car
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new hampshire. officer thistle taking no chances when he walked up. >> get on the ground. handouts. do not move. >> daniel: he was drunk and driv no one else was hurt. hudson, new hampshire man faces number of charges including aggravated dwi. >> julie: 81-year-old woman says massachusetts state police flew helicopter over her house and sees single marijuana plant inner garden. she has glaucoma. they conduct a drug operation in amherst last month. the goal was to seize marijuana
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property owners were not urged which if they allowed troopers to sees the drug without warrant. total of 44 plants were confiscated. >> daniel: >> julie: heroin operation out of back of cab. several drug-related charges after lengthy investigation revealed she was selling drugs out of taxicab. investigators search the car and home. they found more 100 bags of heroin, 36 bags of crack cocaine and $10,000 in >> daniel: >> started attacking employees. man wrestling with one of the workers seconds later and seconds jump in and push him aside and stolen suspect's hand as they struggle with them and eventually the workers forced the man outside the store where quickly arrested. police say the man has been harassing store owners in the area for weeks.
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minutes. slow going from the braintree split up to neponset. pike eastbound a little bit of volume and weston tolls. north of the pike a little sluggish on 128 southbound through route 2 and look at the expressway where i mentioned it will stay jampacked for at least another hour and then sometimes middle of the day for no reason. it is a traffic jam on the expressway. right now here are live drive times, 22 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 37 minutes on 93 peabody to the weston tolls. >> shiri: hurricane warnings in place in read and miami beach to west palm beach and jacksonville beach, if you have friends and family in this
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need to and have a safe place to go to and lessen -- listen to evacuation and devastation to parts of our eastern coast of florida. tropical storm warning for the keys and central parts of the state and tropical storm watch even for the western coast because still could be shift in track and shift a little bit further inland the entire state is going the see a lot of with this storm. currently pounding bahamas right now as daniel has said and a lot of rain and as well as strong winds, winds at 125 miles per hour and category threey storm and expect to get to category four and continue into the overnight hours making close approach to the eastern coast of florida. now, the national hurricane center and official forecast just along the immediate coast but notice there's some room to wiggle to the left or to the
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direct impact on the kind of damage we could see for parts of the area. does continue north and east through the weekend and push closer to the eastern seaboard help push matthew out to see weekend and what will going to happen, meander for awhile and what it is going to be, some bring to sea and bahamas and florida to storm. stor landfall later on tonight. of course, kevin lemanowicz he will be here tracking storm as makes close approach. will it make landfall is the question and if it does, we are talking about a serious situation with not only high surf and storm surge and winds, we are also talking about heavy rain and possible isolated tornadoes and heavy rain for parts of the georgia and carolinas -- for georgia and south carolina and noticing by saturday front to the west, this is front i was talking about.
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steer to the south and west and away from the area and we should see rain mainly from the front over the weekend, not as much rain expecting in parts of the southeast. eight to 14 inches for parts of the carolinas, isolated and high pressure for us keeping us dry and front out to the west and pushing through chicago, going to take time to get here, so today enjoy the dry conditions. it is currently in the 40s and 50s. temperature will be climbing into the 70s for the interior, cooler at the notice a few clouds down across the southeast. tonight we clear out as temperatures fall back into the 40s once again and come tomorrow, we are into the 70s with a little bit warmer. now, that weekend sure enough, we are noticing the temperatures will be a little bit cooler but we will watch for the rain chance as we head into afternoon saturday, into saturday night and then some drying conditions for sunday. so if you're thinking about looking at fall foliage,
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our region and columbus day looking like fantastic day to get outside and to that and perhaps apple picking and topsfield fair and lots going on and temperatures climbing tomorrow and dropping into the low 60s and looks right now dry through the week and closer look at the wind impact through parts >> julie: putting family >> julie: putting family special interests that oppose question 2 claim district schools lose money to charter schools. that's "absurd," says the boston herald. "outright lies," reports the lowell sun. charter schools "don't siphon off state dollars" from traditional schools, says the boston globe. in fact, public schools get more money. the truth is question 2 will give parents more choices
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astra zeneca may be able to help. joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped.
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rrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. first trailer for jackie has been released. >> that's the one shining moment
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people in the streets for her husband's funeral. takes place following jfk's assassination. jackie was shown at venice and toronto international film festival and scheduled to be released in theaters in december. >> daniel: yahoo ordered by secret sort and anti-terror operations and reuters and new york times says yahoo made changes to spam filter which allowed it to search every message for specific digital to a state sponsored terrorist organization. any messages found with it turned over to the fbi. yahoo was reportedly ordered by the foreign intelligence surveillance court to do the search by law all orders from that court are secret and no party may reveal their existence. >> daniel: secret
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can see the conversation. now, this means chatting in secret mode on a specific smartphone, you won't see previous messages on desktop. you can also decide how long you want them to exist before they are actually deleted. facebook says no one else will ever see the secret messages, even the government. >> julie: that cannot lead to anything good. julie: minnesota mall of america will be closed on can spend time with family. this is the first time the mall shut down for the family. it will reopen at 5:00 a.m. for black friday. >> shiri: >> sarah: 55 in the city and bright blue skies, that's the story in our area. we got clouds and rain and i'm tracking hurricane matthew down in the bahamas and florida. latest track and wind impact
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common. beautiful blue skies at the moment. >> daniel: started off a bit chilly. >> julie: heaters. >> sarah: i turned them on. 30s and 40s for some and bright blue sky completely different story and wanted to show you hurricane matthew category three storm and made landfall in the bahamas as we are taking a close look at the eye right here and the one thing i want force wind only extend 30 to 35 miles from the center of the storm and this is the area where we are seeing the hurricane force winds and to the north and west and watching very carefully throughout the day and expected to intensify. as for us we will be quiet and temperature in the 40s and 50s right now, sunshine is in our forecast. temperatures climbing into the 70s. at least away from the coast.
9:31 am
coastal locations with on shore wind and above average temperatures and continue into the friday and tracking some rain for the weekend and latest details of that and also show you how that is going to affect the track of hurricane matthew. >> julie: 128 southbound lighting volume through lexington. pike a little bit slow and expressway and very heavy volume as you approach exit 13 freeport street. live drive time, 42 minutes pike eastbound 495 to mass ave. 29 minutes on the expressway and 36 minutes on 93 south from andover to the leverett connector. >> julie: parts of the u.s.
9:32 am
as this afternoon and storm churns closer to florida. fox25 catherine parrotta live at logan airport and excited to head down to florida this morning. >> catherine: one of the last people to get on flights to miami today from logan airport or anywhere else for that matter. terminal b here at logan, for american airlines and typically these are the checking counters where people would be checking in if they were on one of the flights to mia quite a few from american airlines, all of those have been canceled since about 6:30 this morning. in fact, on the board i'm seeing cancellations for this afternoon as well, so that family feeling very fortunate to be on their way to miami right now. waiting to board 6:30 flight, flight excited to take. >> my dad is getting married and wants us to come. >> catherine: plans were nearly foiled by hurricane matthew churning up the
9:33 am
so their dad changed it because he is getting married saturday and he wants us to make it to the wedding. >> catherine: 6:30 looks to be the last. airline will be flying to miami this morning. board at logan showing cancellations for the others. >> what do you think about getting last flight out of here? >> i think it is cool. >> catherine: fort lauderdale will be closing because of the storm and 3:80% of flights head there had have already been canceled according to and evacuations have been county. by now this family is on their way. so they aren't sure what to expect once they land in the sunshine state for a wedding with hurricane matthew lurking as unwelcome guest. >> we will do it inside. >> it will be an adventure. >> catherine: i have been keeping an eye on and these are flights supposed to be flying into the locations 296 canceled right now from miami, this is
9:34 am
orlando and also 50 for palm beach international airport. again, fort lauderdale airport announced it would be closing, in fact, today so a lot of these airlines hope to resume operations by tomorrow morning and depends what the storm does. as for the family you just heard from, flout scheduled to land in miami within the next ten minutes or so. logan airport, catherine parrotta, fox25 news >> julie: there was an attack from a dog. >> jessica: dog being quarantined at the animal shelter. it is city policy to quarantine any dog that bites human for ten days and that's what's happening light now and he bit four people in very short span of time yesterday and now going to be up to a hearing to determine
9:35 am
>> jessica: this man's arm scratched up attacked him early yesterday morning and didn't want to show the face and when all started when to separate leo from his dog. >> went next to him and approached him he latched on. >> jessica: police say leo attacked three other people, including firefighter, animal control officer and 75-year-old woman. all throw had to go to the hospital. leo was early caught and as always is the case when dog bites someone is under quarantine for ten brockton mayor bill carpenter says they were recently cited for not having leo licensed and licensed last friday with proof of rabies vaccination and mayor said no action will be taken with dog that bit four people yesterday until after a thorough investigation is completed that will include review of the dog's history and evaluation of the dog's viciousness and meeting
9:36 am
up until this point there was no comment from owners. >> daniel: lawyer for aaron hernandez asked limiting what juror can hear. in court for status conference and scheduled to go on trial in february for the murder of two men outside boston nightclub. hernandez defense attorney asked the judge to exclude the descriptions of the shooter from two witnesses. prosecutors say the witnesses were in a car that hernandez shot at descriptions have changed over time and are unreliable. hernandez has pled not guilty. appeal hearing has been set for new hampshire prep school graduate convicted of sexual assaulting teenage classmate. labrie had ineffective council during the first trial and new hearing scheduled to start on february 21st. labrie was sentenced to year in jail for sexual assaulting a 15-year-old girl in 2015 at
9:37 am
labrie is out on bail and has been ordered to wear an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet while living with family in vermont. >> julie: a lawyer representing the woman that raised concerns about the ousted gloucester police chief wants to talk to the district attorney. the attorney pushing for a criminal case against leonard campanula. the mayor says the chief wiped hundreds of text messages off the city issued cell phone after the relationship with two women brought to light and city started the investigation after one of the women said she the chief's attorney called the whole thing a witch hunt. the district attorney's office did not comment. >> daniel: another scandal leading workers at department of conservation to lose jobs. governor baker says jared retaliated against a coworker because fiance planned to run for office against republican state senator. >> anybody that engages in kinds
9:38 am
that's been reported on with respect to the misuse of state property and all the rest, we will deal with that and we will deal with it aggressively. >> daniel: the governor said the investigation into the case took too long. last week two other dcr employees resigned as part of scandal into the use of state issued vehicles. >> julie: new this morning, city of lawrence has to spend $875,000 to replace high school football field after it was destroyed during a weekend festival. mayor rivera says the field and track at veterans memorial stadium was damaged beyond repair during the event. it drew 8,000 people sunday night and people left behind piles of trash and tents. the mayor says chards of glass are buried in the artificial turf which makes it impossible for schools to use it again. under the terms contract for the event glass objects were supposed to be prohibited. julie: lowell school board
9:39 am
take test on computer for the first time. second version mcas expected to be used statewide by 2019 and state officials are urging schools to adopt sooner rather than later and officials hope the new computer based verses wilbert measure students skill. >> daniel: drivers in massachusetts will learn how much tolerates on mass pike will cost. the expected to vote on new toll structure this afternoon. starting october 28th new electronic tolling system will take effect. drivers will no longer slow down or stop at toll plazas. cars without ez pass will receive a bill in the mail and some cases the new rates will be slightly lower than the current tolls. mass.says it will keep records on how fast drivers are going under the new toll sensors. speed data will not be used to issue tickets and state will only store the information for 30 days. mass dot says the numbers will be used for research purposes. critics fear the data could be
9:40 am
against them in court cases. the state would be forced to turn over the information if judge issues a court order. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. looking at drive time on 93 south and 495 take you 35 minutes to get down to the zakim bridge. sarah? >> sarah: blue skies outside and down in the tropics we are tracking hurricane matthew, category three storm expected to continue its trek toward florida intensifying. i will have the latest track for >> daniel: >> julie: home leveled and what can explain the explosion. >> daniel: potentially deadly allergy and solution. the kit that could keep kids
9:42 am
what's for dinner tonight? wegmans ez meals. dinner's not just delicious, it's done. [mmmm] chicken cacciatore... boneless chicken in our very own seasoned tomato sauce with peppers, mushrooms and basil. braised to perfection thanks to our unique ez oven packaging. it's ready to cook. just pop it in the oven and dinner's ready. delicious, fresh, easy. wegmans ez meals.
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>> daniel: a marine has undergone a life transplant. when woke up from one of the surgeries he never imagined he would be where he is today. >> at least now i have a fighting chance of pursuing my dreams. >> daniel: on cusp of new dream and living a nightmare and marine corps sergeant lost all of his limb when stepped on explosive device in afghanistan. on this day he is getting a new
9:44 am
i still to this day were telling people arm transplant and like wait, they can do that? >> double arm transplant is rare procedure. peck is only the fourth to have this type of arm transplant and performed by doctors at brigham & women's hospital. >> he is young and >> daniel: new arms mean new learning curve. >> i was right-handed before but with prosthetics i was left-handed so don't -- it is going to be a challenge i think. a challenge can't wait to take on and prosthetic hands can't turn door handles and shake people's hands and hold hand of fiance. now he is most eager to get back into the kitchen.
9:45 am
i'm good. >> daniel: arm's donor story and family has not been made public and peck says the gift he gave has made him more humble and grateful. peck is from vais a -- virginia and >> julie: product arrow light vials and peanut introduction kit for babies and gradually introducing peanuts to young kids can help them avoid allergies later in life and hope to release more food allergies including shellfish and wheat. >> daniel: people in
9:46 am
pink to support breast cancer awareness month. the police department gave patrol cars a new look for the day. methamphetamine's mayor says -- methuen says the cause hits many people. >> people have had breast cancer as well and i'm aware of that so wanted again to bring that to the forefront. >> daniel: city raises money throughout the year for cancer research and recent low donated $6,000 to those affected by breast cancer. >> julie: heading out for look let's start south of the pike. expressway still slow as you had from had -- head from the braintree split to morrissey boulevard and a lot better as randolph in the canton area. north of the pike slow spot 93 south through medford approaching somerville. but right around here on the expressway near freeport street still heavy, steady volume. over to the live drive times, 14 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 35 minutes on 93 south, 27 minutes on 128 southbound from
9:47 am
tolls. >> daniel: meteorologist sarah wroblewski joining us now with forecast on thursday morning. the sun is shining bright. >> julie: warmed up slightly. >> sarah: areas of fog lifted and temperatures in the 60s to middle 70s, warmest inland, cooler at onshore wind and take that with typical high in 60s. big blue h in control bringing us pleasant conditions ahead of a cold front bringing us chance of few showers as we head into the weekend. but this area of high pressure also keeping hurricane matthew well to our south. so that's good news. point out tonight the sox are playing in cleveland and that front shouldn't affect the cleveland area, at least until late friday. so clear skies tonight, temperature right around 70 for the first pitch and for tomorrow
9:48 am
looking pretty fantastic. as for us even better. mid-70s for tomorrow. warm-up nicely and cooler cape and islands. talk about high pressure suppressing hurricane matthew to the south and unfortunately it is still an extremely dangerous and powerful storm and wind speeds 125 miles per hour right now and moving northwest at 12 and pushing through the bahamas with strong winds and heavy force winds 30 to 35 miles per hour to the center of the storm and you could see the eye so clearly right here on radar. so this is where we have some of the most dangerous conditions and as we go through time that means as we will watch this track from the national hurricane center it is forecast to become a category four hurricane but again, the core winds will be close to the center of the storm. it is going to continue to ride loan the coast as category four through friday afternoon before
9:49 am
weakening as gets pushed out to sea all thanks to the high pressure to the north and approaching cold front that i was talking about that will give us risk for showers and sort of kick it on out of here. where it goes thereafter, models are all over the place. bring it right down to the bahamas again or perhaps over florida or out to see. get closer to that when the time comes. but for right now those folks in florida need to be prepared. finishing up any preparations along the hurricane wa need to get to safe place by this evening and be prepared for hurricane conditions by this evening to be overnight hours. even the western coast, tropical storm watch, you're anticipating to see tropical storm conditions within the next couple of days. i talked about that wind feel and hurricane force wind during the center of the storm and this afternoon, already tropical storm force conditions will be moving into the eastern areas of florida and continuing tonight
9:50 am
and dangerous seas and hurricane forced winds and flooding rains and isolated tornadoes in the outer bands and continuing up the coast and heavy rains to georgia and as well as the south carolina area through saturday as high pressure scoots to the east and col help push matthew to the east and will increase clouds and give chance of few showers late in the day through early sunday before clearing and bringing in cooler weather and this weekend forecast means we will see cooler conditions following the front and risk of those showers but overall we will find dryer conditions developing on your sunday. so look for upper 60s to near 70 with chance of showers increasing and then on sunday we
9:51 am
weekend always in view with risk of showers late saturday. don't cancel plans. have fox25 weather app and help you navigate where some of the showers do develop and at least it will be clearing and cooling down as we head toward columbus day, monday, temperatures will be in the low 60s. over to you.
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>> julie: two people hurt and neighbors went to rescue one couple inside and firefighters believe the one home was vacant and spent several hours searching rubble just i and people did smell natural gas and tuesday another gas explosion damaged 13 homes in patterson, new jersey. >> daniel: clear water police florida shut down road and eagle captured and brought to bush gardens and recovered back into the wild. >> julie: hiker from morgan
9:55 am
injured and alone. jen edwards eight day backpacking trip golden doodle and fell 60 feet down the cliff and broken neck and hand she called for help on gps device and she says her dog managed to climb down and find her keeping her warm until rescuers arrived and even standing up to a bear in the woods. >> immediately jumped up and perched himself overhy and let out big, a black bear running to the trail. we already thought he was the best dog now like whole new level. >> julie: they said with her and her dog until they could airlift her out in the morning. julie: officials allowed
9:56 am
this will let them review public safety issues and traffic concerns before deciding whether to let the house operate as museum. prince died earlier this year at the home. >> daniel: high-end theaters that lay flat and unlimited popcorn, closest one in new york grey no word on binge sessions for net flix shows in theaters near you. >> julie: binge watch in theater? going downtown and taking train. >> jason: it is going to be
9:57 am
of sunshine, more of it tomorrow and a little warm and cool down this weekend and comes with risk of few showers as we head into late saturday. saturday night but we should be clearing this weekend and, you know, it looks a lot better than what it could have been because of hurricane matthew sure enough we are going to continue to track it down in florida. >> daniel: thank you so much
9:58 am
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it's october 6th. time for great viral videos "right this minute." a cop tries to coach a driver over the golden gate bridge. >> you'll be fine. okay? >> she doesn't have a choice. she has to get across that bridge. >> now meet the tourist who plans to get a lot of mileage out of her >> my girlfriend said -- ?? a russian politician is caught on camera. >> living la vida loca. >> how he played the blame game once the video surfaced. a wildlife expert captures a serene setting, but --


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