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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  October 6, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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parking lots as more than two million people from florida to north carolina continue to evacuate. >> vanessa: tonight, fox 25 has team coverage, beginning with fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz, and kevin, between the powerful winds, torrential downpours and the storm surge, this really could be the worst hurricane florida has seen in more than a decade. >> kevin: at least for parts of it, vanessa, we saw wilma if 2005, came in through the southwestern side of florida and made its way through the mid he of it. this one coming to the east coast. this will be team in has been beautiful today and they're wondering what is all the hype about. this is the storm. it's coming right through freeport and the bahamas, the eye just offshore, but the eye wall where the bright red and orange, is the intense thunderstorm activity, coming right through freeport right now. that's going to be a mess once you get out of there. i'm sure when the pictures come in unfortunately. this is futurecast data showing the storm circling up toward the florida coastline. there takes you to 2:30 a.m. in the morning, port st. lucie,
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north to jacksonville, daytona beach and jacksonville beach during the afternoon tomorrow and up the coastline. now the official track from the hurricane center is one solution. this is the updated coordinates. 140-mile-per-hour winds still made landfall, looks like they updated it with the landfall. by 2:00 a.m., there it is off of melbourne, a similar track i just showed you with the futurecast data, because you have to look at the lines, the cone can go left-to-right of that center point, but still ago, category 4 to 3 hurricane through the day tomorrow, as it circles up the coastline. and start to weaken with the interaction of the land? that's a possibility, but the indications are it's going to stay strong and circle back out around into the atlantic ocean before actually diving back southward, but that's next week. we have a lot to get through before we can worry about that and elizabeth the big thing is we're already seeing some of the effects along the florida coastline. the storm is it still quite a ways away. >> vanessa: this is a concern to you because you have family in the path of the storm as so many of us do. much of the people who live in
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counties. compare that to hear in massachusetts, where there's only about 23%, take a look at these live pictures that we've been taking a look at all day from south florida, these are from surf this is south beach in miami, and blair was looking at these pictures earlier. people are still actually walking down the beach here, some people are still in the water. and then, these are the conditions right now, at lake worth pier. the storm is hugging the i-95 corridor. that is 382 miles of highway millions of people are in harm's way. live in the newsroom, elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. >> mark: the happiest lays in the world is closed tonight, for only the fourth time ever. within the past hour, disneyworld closed. and most of the airports in florida, they are also closed tonight. some of the last flights out of south florida landed in boston this afternoon. fox 25's chris flanagan continues our coverage from logan, where you spoke with a lot of travelers who were happy
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are certainly very relieved to get out logan away from florida before the hurricane hits, but one we met from here in massachusetts is headed right into the danger zone, it's not the first time she's done this. kimberly weber was on one of the last flights into florida today. >> you pray and you -- it's all in god's hands. >> the reporter: kimberly, who lives in worcester, is a volunteer for the american red cross. this is the seventh time she's been called to duty. >> i told him i was available last night. call probably at 9 something this morning, and here i am. >> she is one of 30 red cross volunteers from across the state, expected to travel to florida, to help with disaster relief. her flight is one of the last ones to fly into florida. according to flight, which tracks flights, more than 4,000 flights have been delayed today. 1500 more have been cancelled. it wasn't their flight that got cancelled, but a scotish clan reunion for the nichols family
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just 20 minutes before departure their florida reunion was a no go, so they're staying home. >> we have all the scotish gear here, all the kilts and the spires. we were going to have a glass. >> the reporter: hurricane matth hurricane matth ew enforce forced them to change plans as it did for thousands of other passengers. airports in miami, fort lauderdale and west palm beach closed by noon. kimberly weber has to fly to orlando, dry to palm beach, weeks in a shelter. >> just want to get down there safe, get to the airport before the airport closes, because orlando is closing at 8:00 p.m. tonight. >> the reporter: well, the american red cross telling me today, they're in desperate need of blood donations. they've already lost hundreds of donations across florida and also the southeast part of the country. so they're asking anybody who can please donate to go ahead and do so. we're live at logan, chris flanagan fox 25 news. >> vanessa: fox 25's blair
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there's a lot of talk about the catastrophic storm surge with this storm. >> kevin: that's a major concern with us tonight, as you know, vanessa and the damage here really could be widespread. we're talking about more than a thousand miles of coastline in that danger zone from the florida keys to north carolina. the big problem here is that matthew could remain a major hurricane as it moves up the coast. matthew could bring a storm surge of six to nine feet and waves, six to 10 feet. so what exactly does that mean? a storm surge is the wall of water that's blasting more than six feet high, with waves that are six to nine feet taller than that. meaning you could see a wall of water, 12 feet tall or as high as 15 feet. now, to put that into perspective for you, 15 feet is the height of one and a half basketball hoops. >> mark: keep it right here. our coverage of matthew continues throughout the next hour. we'll show you the destruction
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after matthew stormed through. and we'll take you to florida, where a lot of people are packing up and moving to a safer place. and of course, kevin will be gathering the latest data, and updating this forecast every 15 minutes. >> vanessa: we continue to get new information about breaking news in central mass, where an elderly man was murdered, his wife seriously hurt in what appears to be a home invasion. police are trying to find the person who did this. >> it's been a all day long on east river street in orange. kathryn burcham has more on the victims. >> the reporter: police haven't identified the victims, but friends tell us the elderly husband was 20 years older than his wife, he was in his 90's, but he took care of house of representatives, sometimes even coming home from work to make her lunch. >> they were really a sweet couple. very, very nice. i really liked them a lot. >> the reporter: denise is
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were attacked inside their home. she says she woke up to police tape encircling the white house on river road and police knocking on her door. >> all one of them told me was something bad happened. >> the reporter: investigators say someone killed the elderly man, who was in his 90's, and assaulted his wife, who neighbors say already has health issues, and is confined to a wheelchair. police say, she was taken to the hospital by helicopter, with life-threatening injuries. >> it is. it makes you feel like you don't want to go to bed at night. >> the reporter: now, police say they have been canvassing the neighborhood here for any information, about the suspect. they did place schools in the area under lockdown today. anyone with information about this crime should call police. we're live in orange, kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: we are following breaking news involving gloucester's police chief. the mayor has reversed her
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retire instead. chief campanello was terminated earlier this week, following allegations he lied during a city investigation. now, the mayor's office has decided he will retire when his contract ends january 3rd. campanello says today's decision is what's best for everyone. >> not only is my retirement in the best interest of myself and any family, but it will ensure that the city of gloucester may move forward in a manner that are the administration believes is best for the communities. -- for the >> vanessa: campanello will be on paid leave until january. deputy chief john mccarthy will be taking over as the department's interim chief. >> mark: now on fox 25 news, game on. the post-season starts tonight. and this team is made for october. got to be at your best at this point. >> this is when all the fun starts. >> the reporter: with a young ace on the mound. >> every time he took the ball this year, we felt we had a
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for last. it's time to play ball in cleveland. fever pitch. cleveland is rocking tonight, just two hours away now from the first pitch of the alds. the best of five series starts at 8:00 p.m. and the sox are sending their ace, rick porcello to the mound. fox 25's butch stearns is live in cleveland and so far this season, porcello has been nothing short of spectacular. >> porcello has been great, mark, but one of the things you just said in that open, saving the best for last is the biggest story and that's the man who behind me. david ortiz. it is a huge story line for red sox fans, in his last playoff run and he may have a lot to say about that, if the red sox are going to win the world series ortiz has had great success against the inchans in this ballpark. 15 homeruns in 159 starts at progressive field. he has four homeruns against the cleveland indians, one of them against today's starter, trevor
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how he felt about ortiz' last playoff run. >> it would be mean more if he announced his retirement today, i would write a check to his foundation, and -- i love david. i don't want him to beat us. the problem is, the guys behind me make me nervous too. if you're a pitcher, you can't take a hitter off or you're >> the reporter: ortiz just finishing his round in the batting cage, talking to mookie betts right behind me. again, we are less than two hours until first pitch. it's going to be fun to watch david ortiz perform. we've seen him do this in october. his entire career. but there's been a special feeling around him this entire season, and now, this journey to possibly another world series, probably goes through big papi, number 34. with the red sox in the playoffs, in cleveland right now, butch stearns, i'll be back
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>> mark: as butch just mentioned, very familiar faces, right, opposing us tonight. they're in the opposite dugout of the alleged. terry francona won two world series in boston during his eight years as the boston's skipper. mike napoli, remember him when he was playing and after he was playing, napoli plays for the tribe. hard to forget his 2013 world series win and all the wild celebrations that followed after that and how about coco crisp, replaced johnny three seasons for boston, but the most memorable point might be the catch he made to clinch the alds. when the game ends, head over to fox 25, we'll be joined by steve lyons, he'll join butch for complete game analysis, right after the final out. >> kevin: it's going to be hard for me to pay attempts too, and still with, with this going on. hurricane matthew steaming through freeport and the
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prompted the national hurricane center to give us a new fix on it. i'll have it for you next. >> today, we're with the firefighters, as they train for a very real possibility happening here in possible. possible -- in boston. >> vanessa: first, fox 25 patrolling the streets with a top law enforcement in the state. the reason the u.s. attorney hit the beat with police officers in norwood. it's next on joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped.
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what's in your wallet? >> vanessa: some breaking news
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dearborn streets if roxbury. police say one person has been shot and taken to boston medical center. the first call just came in about 30 minutes ago. so this investigation is just beginning. we'll begin to follow this, and bring you updates throughout this newscast. >> mark: today, the u.s. attorney was on foot patrol in norwood. the police chief invited her, so she could zoo what her town is doing to build better relationships with residents. it's all part of national police community work. robert goulston has you'll only see on fox 25 news. >> the reporter: norwood's police chief is on foot patrol. his partner for the day -- u.s. attorney carmen ortiz. >> it's great. what part of the government are you learning about? >> today we focused on legislature. >> the reporter: after a rash of issues with police relations in other parts of the country, the u.s. department of justice wanted to declare a week for community policing efforts. chief brooks wanted to share what he's been doing for years, so he jumped on the phone with
6:16 pm
district of massachusetts. >> you want to do community policing, come walk the beat with me and to my surprise, they called back and said i would love to. >> it really hits at the heart of what an officer's job is, which is to engage with the community, get to know who they're protecting. >> the reporter: foot patrols are a big part of what the chief does here in norwood. in fact, he makes sure he's out here himself once a week. >> he walks, they all come in. >> the reporter: the chief and attorney ortiz walked the beat spending time with shop owners. >> if you have any concerns, call someone you know. >> right. and just talking through common problems. >> the drug problem is unbelievable. >> it really is, it's crazy. >> it's killing more americans. >> the reporter: they agree, the relationships being built are the key to making any street safer. >> i found the people tell you things when they bump into to you that they would never call
6:17 pm
needs hands make them feel safe. >> the reporter: in norwood, robert goulston, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: hurricane matthew still has not made landfall in the u.s., but it already tore a path of destruction through the caribbean, in haiti, the devastation is everywhere you luke. at least 108 people were killed, thousands of homes and buildings destroyed. you can see from the video here, thousands of homes and businesses just torn apart there. the buildings ripped apart by fierce winds that reached 145 miles per hour. this is being called the earthquake in 2010. >> mark: people in cuba are just beginning to get an idea of how much damage was left behind there. it made landfall in the eastern part of the country, as a category 3 hurricane overnight. no word on how many buildings were damaged or if anyone was killed. we do know at least one town was cut off because of damage. >> vanessa: matthew continues to batter the bahamas with torrential rains and powerful and dangerous winds of 140 miles per hour and it's gaining
6:18 pm
here in the u.s., the national guard has been activated in florida, due to hurricane matthew. a million and a half people live in those evacuation zones. >> mark: steve bear from our sister station in florida is on the barrier island town of india atlantic. >> we just kind of got what seemed like one of the first bands, i haven't seen the radar, i don't know that it was, but boy, it was really powerful, gusting, coming off the beach and if you look down here, water is already starting to come number to areas that along this beach, there wouldn't be any waves coming up, and you can't see it, but it's starting to go chip away at the shoreline. this is 30 or 40 people out here and the mayor came down, he was so concerned, that so many people are still out here on this barrier island, and they should be leaving. we were going to interview the mayor live, but he said no, i've got to get my family out of here and we're going to he head to orlando. the mayor of the town is leaving. back in 2004, charlie came through and francis came through and with jean finally came
6:19 pm
pier, there was a guy sitting rights here, he was playing his guitar, he had written a song about how nobody wanted to leave for the hurricane and i actually did a story about that. this time, i think people are taking it a little bit more seriously, and when at the look at that radar and they look at what's happening out there, then they are really getting a little bit scared, so i think this i am too, a lot of people are going to get out of here. they're just going to do it at the last moment. >> mark: well, matthew could be the worst hurricane to make landfall in florida in more than a decade. before matthew, it was wilma ba it was a category 3 storm, when it hit florida on october 4th, more than $29 billion in damage was done and kevin, hopefully, matthew won't do the same. >> kevin: that storm wilma was a category 5 at onetime. for florida, it hit there and weakened and with it came back over the gulf of mexico, restrengthened to category 3. this time, we're dealing with category 4, strengthening hurricane moving toward florida, east coast. now, wilma came in over here,
6:20 pm
through central florida. this one coming on the opposite side, it's going to leave key west alone, for instance, but going to do its damage along the east coast of florida. now, this has now juts wobbled to the west, the eye trying to stay off of freeport, where they've been getting battered over the last hour in particular. now the eye of a hurricane, these feed off the ocean, it's going to try its best to stay over the water and that's likely the wobble, rather than. coming across the land. it's almost like it has a mind. the latest fix they give us a new fixation the eye wobbled and came across freeport. the new coordinates if you're tracking along us with, winds are 140 miles per hour and still forecast to be the same. the track hasn't changed, just that fix has. category 3 up to daytona beach, jacksonville, category 1 when it's off charlestown and then scooping out to sea and doing an about face. we'll see if that happens, but it's not till the end of the weekend. let's focus on what we're dealing with right now with the storm. futurecast data back home
6:21 pm
it's going to be a real nice autumn day coming up tomorrow. a day that fits in to late summer, especially inland, with temperatures rising tomorrow, from the 60's into the 70's, by the afternoon. 60's at lunch, 70's for the afternoon. bridgewater, to 75, nantucket, only 65, so cooler out there with the ocean air, but 75 in burlington. 75 back here in shrewsbury as well. b.c. football tomorrow night versus clemson, it will be a game. temperatures in the 60's with sunshine at 5:00 p.m., dropping down through the 60's good luck eagles. there come the clouds rolling in during the date on saturday. not so much on saturday, looking fine for friday. this is saturday. saturday afternoon, still dry. evening though, we'll start to see solid defense of the showers make their way on in here. the seven-day forecast shows you that. the threat of showers ramping up by saturday evening, into late saturday night before the front crosses the area. i expect the last of the clouds to clear the area first thing sunday morning. we're back to sunshine. notice the cooler air that comes in.
6:22 pm
that cool air coming in behind the front, pushing the fox 25 storm tracker meteorologist to the south. and making it stall before it does that turn out there in the ocean. so while it is bringing us some showers on saturday, could have been much worse. without that front, we'd be dealing with that storm coming up the coast toward us. so a little bit of a saving grace there. things look great for the second half, second two-thirds of that holiday he can woo end. wet -- weekend. video out of south carolina and this is it i-26. do you n all the cars are moving in the same direction along the highway. this is an evacuation plan, they open up all lanes of the highway, going in the opposite direction, they call it contra flow and that's what's happening for a 90-mile stretch along i-26. so imperative around we don't have to deal with it here of course but if we get a storm to come up this way and told to evacuate, you have to get out of there and they know how to do it very well in the carolinas, as you saw there. >> the reporter: workers sleeping on the job, missing money and security lapses.
6:23 pm
coming to the mbta's money room. >> vanessa: but first, we're live in new hampshire, where right now, donald trump is making another push for votes in this critical state.
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a pic. woman 2: text a friend. interviewer: how about register to vote? man: really? galvin: you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts driver's license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to register to vote m-a dot com. it's that easy. woman 2: done. i just registered. man: that was easy. galvin: register by october 19th. >> mark: in less than an hour, republican presidential candidate donald trump will be in sandown, new hampshire. >> vanessa: this is his second time in new hampshire in about a week. fox 25's malini basu is on the campaign trail. we're here in sandown, new hampshire, where trump is
6:26 pm
see some folks lined up right on the other side of town hall, hoping to get a glimpse of trump before he walks in. today's visit to san down is a last minute visit, trump and his campaign threw on his calendar. if you aren't invited, you aren't allowed in. it's not a public event. republican presidential candidate trump will be holding a town hall-style meeting in side of the small historic wood paneled building. this is it trump's second time in new hampshire in a matter of eight days. he's been to new times and since he won presidential primary in february, trump was just in bedford last week, a week ago, for a rally. now, today's invite only event is going to be very similar to the one he and democratic opponent, hillary clinton will be having on sunday at washington university in st. louis, missouri. today's event is going to be different than what trump normally doles. he likes to have larger rallies, where he doesn't like to answer questions. we being will be heading in side in just a couple minutes and i will update you on my twitter
6:27 pm
hampshire, malini basu, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: hillary clinton spent most of the day behind closed doors, preparing for sunday's second presidential debate. she is running this new ad, in key tossup states and taking a jab at donald trump. her campaign did buy air time on the weather channel, but is asking stations in florida to delay those spots until after hurricane matthew passes. fox 25's anchor blair miller is traveling to st. louis for the debate on sunday. watch it here on fox 25 at 9:00 p.m. followed by fox 25e at 10:30 p.m. look for blair's live reports then. >> mark: was it a motivational exercise or hazing, the team activity that has a few local girls some kerr coaches benched tonight. >> mark: make dreams come true. how the chelsea fire department made dreams come true for one little boy who needed every reason to smile. >> kevin: we're tracking hurricane matthew tonight, mark, it's just coming past freeport and the bahamas, next in its
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joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. ington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the
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>> vanessa: if you are just joining us, we continue to closely track hurricane matthew, a monster category 4 hurricane, which right now is batter the bahamas, as it begins to head north toward florida. this could be a devastating storm when it makes landfall in florida. that's expected to happen before morning. right now, more than two million people from florida to north
6:31 pm
minutes, we learned the president declared a state of emergency in south carolina. >> mark: that's right. and president obama has already declared a state of emergency in florida. fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz tracking every movement for us. kevin. >> kevin: it's been coming by freeport and the bahamas, a high populated portion of that island nation, but also a place many people go for vacation, a resort area. i put radar on here, so you can see it clearly, the miami radar is hitting this nicely an showing us the eye that is ultra reds and yellows are circling the center of the storm. the eyewall coming to the northwest, that's not good news from florida if it pulled off to the northwest, it will be a landfall. we have to see if there's a wobble back to the east and there's play like that. 140-mile-per-hour winds at last check, this was effected because of that little jog to the west
6:32 pm
by the national hurricane center. the track remains the same and that is a category 4, close to member mourn, florida, -- melbourne, florida, new smyrna and this takes you up to 2:00 p.m. before it circumstances he will around to the coastline. the question, is we're looking at this cone here. it can go farther to the east or just a bit more to the west and just a bit more to the west, means it's over lands. this is causing all kinds problems in florida already, seeing some huge waves, surf, there's going to be beach erosion. it is estimated upwards 10 million people could actually lose power if the storm stays in the track it is right now, so we have a lot to talk about with the storm through the ege. also a front with showers coming for us. i'll time those out in a few minutes. >> vanessa: be sure to keep it right here with fox 25 as matthew moves closer to the stories. >> mark: a home murder investigation in orange. the franklin county district attorneys tells fox 25, a man in his 90's was killed in an overnight attack. his wife in her 70's is in the
6:33 pm
serious injuries. police got the 911 call around 10:00 a.m. this morning and say the suspect is still on the loose. they have not released a suspect's name. >> vanessa: gloucester's police chief will be allowed to retire after he allegedly lied to the mayor's office during an investigation. the mayor announced today she has reversed the decision she made monday to fire chief leonard campanello. he will remain on paid leave until january 3rd, when his contract ends. deputy chief john mccarthy will lead the department in the meantime. by a brockton mom who says her son with autism wasn't properly supervised on a school bus and says her little boy came home with unusual marks on his body. >> vanessa: her son goes to the gilmore early education center and fox 25 spoke with school officials to find out what happened. >> when he gets on the bus, this is separation anxiety, so he'll get upset and throw himself back, hit his head. >> the reporter: this woman and her 3-year-old son benjamin recently moved from quincy to
6:34 pm
the gilmore early education center. benjamin has autism and requires special accommodations. >> bus showed up thursday, there was no monitor on the bus, that's a huge concern for me because he's very active. >> the reporter: when the bus picked him up on thursday morning, not only was there no monitor, she says, it didn't have seat belts to properly accommodate her son's car seat. and when benjamin got home from his half day at gilmore, she noticed unusual marks on his body a changed for several hours. things like that happen a lot. they're inevitable in a situation with children with special needs. very few people know how to handle him. >> the reporter: she admits, some of the marks were feint, but any mark is unacceptable, she says. and, took her concerns to school officials and so did fox 25. we were told the gilmore center has an excellent reputation and
6:35 pm
staff would have brought anything of concern involving this new student to the school nurse, and other staff. had there been anything. and fox 25 has confirmed with the department p children and families that they do have an open investigation in to her claims. reporting in brockton tonight, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: new at 6:00 p.m., a new hampshire man is accused of trying to kill his brother with a front-end loader. police recycling center. peter emanuel used a front-end loader to tip over a crane with his brother inside before he nearly hit a police officer. no one was hurt. the judge released the 54-year-old on $170,000 bail today. >> mark: seven mbta workers bailed out of jail after a protest in charlestown. members of carmen's local 589 are accused of padlocking a chain around a gate to block traffic outside the t's money room where they collect all the money for the t.
6:36 pm
changes at the t that has union workers. >> the reporter: right now, the work counting all of your fare money is done in the mbta's money room by mbta workers, but that's about to change. this afternoon, the t voted to outsource all of those position toss a private company and this morning, union workers stood in front of this gate, protesting that vote. in fact, according to police, they used a padlock to chain this gate shut, and investigators say they were trying to keep trucks from coming in and out. one by one, members local 589 were led in to charlestown district court. seven mbta union workers in restraints. charged with disorderly conduct, and failing to disperse. >> we're here today, standing up for our members, protecting our jobs. union president and business agent james o'brian is upset because the t will now outsource all jobs in the t's money counting room. this will affect some 72 union positions. the head of the mbta, brian
6:37 pm
jobs. instead of counting phoebe, they'll go back to driving -- money, they'll go back to driving buses and trains. change is never easy, but the status quo is not working. the money room has been a problem for years. >> the reporter: a state audit found $100 million missing from the money room over a ten year period. short sleeve says outsourcing the work will not only save money, but it will improve services for riders. >> our employees, are skilled and experienced drivers should be on customers and we believe by getting out of the cash management business, we'll be better able to focus on the core delivery service and save the t a hot of money. >> the reporter: the seven protesters are due back in court at the end of november. jason law, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: did they step out of bounds? an entire group of coaches resigned for a team building exercise that many students and parents found inappropriate. this happened in north attleboro, and that's where fox 25's ted daniel is live tonight and ted, you've been in
6:38 pm
by email. >> the reporter: the coach i spoke with is glen pascual. in an emailed statement, he told me, he's done nothing illegal or immoral, he says, he resigned because he didn't want to become a distraction to the team. now, we learned this afternoon that pascual and at least two other north attleboro high school girls varsity soccer coaches abrupt limit. the resignation stemmed from complaints from parents about a drill some players why told to do during a practice on sunday. the superintendent of schools is refusing to say exactly what went on other than that the drill "caused confusion and concern" and it did not reflect the core values of the district. former coach pascual also declined to speak on camera, or elaborate, but i can read you part of his statement. it says, unfortunately, my good
6:39 pm
have been misinterpreted by some. i am humbled by the outpouring of support i have received from parents, players and the school administration over the last few days. the "sun chronicle" is reporting that an interim coach is already in place, and the girls will play a game tomorrow. we will continue to try to learn exactly what happened here, and let you know what we found out tonight at 10:00 p.m. for now, reporting live in north fox 25 news. >> mark: the city of lawrence will have to spend $875,000 to replace its high school football field after it was destroyed during a weekend festival. mayor riviera sales the field and track at veterans memorial stadium were damaged beyond repair during the event. it drew 8,000 people sunday night and people left behind piles of trash and tents. als we reported earlier this week. the mayor says shards of glass are buried in the artificial turf, which makes is impossible for schools to use it again.
6:40 pm
were supposed to be prohibited. >> kevin: despite all the waves and the trees swaying in florida, winds are still not even to tropical storm strength. hurricane matthew has winds of about 100 miles per hour stronger than that, it's moving toward the florida coastline tonight. where landfall is a strong possibility,. >> vanessa: but first, training for a very tricky and dangerous situation. we go along with first responders training to rescue
6:41 pm
special interests that oppose question 2 claim district schools lose money to charter schools. that's "absurd," says the boston herald. "outright lies," reports the lowell sun. charter schools "don't siphon off state dollars" from traditional schools, says the boston globe. in fact, public schools get more money. the truth is question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. please vote yes on question 2.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
>> mark: updating breaking news in boston, sky fox over ziegler street. we have learned the person has died and the shooting main witnessed by students on a nearby bus. we'll update you as we learn more. >> vanessa: high anxiety, this kind of rescue is one of the most dangerous things a first responder can ever face.
6:44 pm
over an over several stories above ground. >> they brought along our blair miller to see why it's so important, especially right now. in a city where the high rises keep coming, especially along the seaport district, it's inside this building at the boston wastewater treatment plant that's key for first responders. firefighters from all over the boston area, suiting up, in gear they don't normally wear. >> vanessa: one guy down. leading this today, parts of a homeland security exercise. >> what we see more often these days is in construction-like injuries, collapses, failure of their equipment, that they get themselves in trouble, we can go in and rescue them. >> the reporter: a few weeks ago, it happened in cambridge. these pictures given to fox 25 show the rescue. >> you never know what kind of situation we're going to get into as a rescue company. >> the reporter: boston firefighter chris smith recently moved to one of the busiest stations in the city. for him, this is invaluable.
6:45 pm
see how things are changing and there's high rise buildings everywhere, and that's why we're doing this, because you never know when we're going to be need it. >> in this situation, firefighters are going after a victim, in this case, it's me, as i'm dangling a couple stories above ground. >> the reporter: we mounted a camera on somerville firefighter john dress at the other end of the line. >> what's missing from this and the real thing. >> this is a safe environment. >> the reporter: safe today, but it's tomorrow's unknown that they plan for. >> it works. you it ends up being fun at the end of the day. funding for this comes from homeland security and involves agencies from all around boston. in a rescue like this happens, it usually involves several different agencies. blair miller, fox 25 news. >> mark: speeding ahead, massdot approved the prices for all the electronic tolling gantries along the mass pike set to take effect at the end of the month. there was a drop in the price at the weston tolls to 25 cents today. the original proposal was for 45
6:46 pm
cars with e-z pass will pay less than cars without e-z pass where drivers will see a bill in the mail. some of the information kept on the tolling cameras will be kept for seven years for pay by plate but only three years with an e-z pass account. the new electronic tolling system takes effect october 28th. >> vanessa: this should come as no surprise, but analysts say the rents will soon be going up in boston and the surrounding area. rent in the hub is expected to jump by 4% over the next year, that's more expected nationally. the local communities expected to see the biggest increase in rent are arlington, lowell, hingham, westwood, and new durham, new hampshire. >> kevin: all right. we've been tracking matt. i have new information to pass along to you courtesy of tom leyden. the florida-lsu football game has been postponed indefinitely. makeup at the end of the season if at all. the doll 15th, playing a home game in miami and the panthers
6:47 pm
whether they need to move venues and get away from this storm. so we'll keep you posted. tom has the latest on this one when it comes on in. radar on here, you can see the eye clearly, that center point, moving toward freeport, but also, notice as it gets up here, take a left-hand turn. it wants to go left of the island and go past it. likely to continue its northwestward jog from here. but the eye of these storms, they like to stay over the water as much as possible. still the eye wall came through freeport and the bahamas. i think that landfall, check on that for you. hurricane matthew, winds, 140 miles per hour, and as it continues on the northwest pass at 14 miles per hour, brings it toward melbourne. with the westward turn, if it continues on the westward path, south of miami, maybe west palm beach for instance. we'll have to watch that. hurricane warnings and evacuations for those areas any way. by tomorrow afternoon, it's northward to jacksonville, so it's already come from the melbourne area, through
6:48 pm
that's going to be lots of money lost if this does the damage there that we're expecting. up the coast in new smyrna, jacksonville, daytona. along the coast still, uncanny how it wants to follow the coastline like this, isn't it, but there's still some question whether or not it comes inland. if it comes inland, that can really change track. it starts to rip the storm apart over land. it really will depend on what happens once it gets to florida later tonight and first thing in morning and of course, tracking, you saw that turn, that's again, expected, if it stays over with the front coming through here this weekend, it's protecting us from a northward movement of the storm. but it does bring us another bit of weather. lows tonight are going to be cool, under clear skies, 40's and some low 50's, mostly in 40's tonight. you'll wake up to sunshine in morning and have it all day long, just like you had today and by tomorrow night, it will be clear as well. tomorrow afternoon, high temperatures in the assessments. hyannis to 70 -- in the 70's. hyannis, 70's.
6:49 pm
brattleboro, sunshine and 77 degrees. back home, friday night football. norton at medfield, tomorrow evening, kickoff, 63 degrees, with clear skies at 7:00 p.m., about 60 at half too many. no threat for rain. saturday morning, no threat for rain, start out clear. the clouds start to roll on in and here come the showers pushing toward us. this is 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon. they're still way back here. a couple trying to get out ahead of the system. it's not until later saturday night when any rain is going to move on through. you'll see the threat in the plenty of sunshine for your apple picking an leave looking on saturday with temperatures in the 60's. i will keep you posted every step of the way. >> vanessa: new at 6:00 p.m., a boy with terminal cancer lived his dream today, thanks to firefighters in chelsea. >> chelsea fire alarm would like to welcome the newest member of the chelsea fire department, reilly. congratulations, reilly. >> vanessa: the firefighters
6:50 pm
an engine truck and brought him to the fire station. then the city clerk swore him in as a firefighter. the guys gave him his own helmet, showed him around and threw him a pizza party. >> he's not shy at all. you would never know he's as sick as he is, but it was great and i think, you know, i know he enjoyed it, but i think the guys here enjoyed it too. >> vanessa: such a special day. the firefighters plan to bring reilly back home in the ladder truck, but much to their surprise, he wanted to take the chief's s.u.v. instead. they say he's a smart boy. >> i'm sure they could fire up the sirens on that as well. in the nfl, buffalo bills a little lighter in the wallet today and we're headed back to cleveland, the familiar fold for rick porcello who gets his first game one start tonight against the indians.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
interviewer: what would you do with five minutes to kill and a smartphone? man: check the scores. woman 1 : uh, probably post a pic. woman 2: text a friend. interviewer: how about register to vote? man: really? galvin: you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts driver's license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to register to vote m-a dot com.
6:53 pm
man: that was easy. galvin: register by october 19th. >> familiar foe awaits rick porcello over the course of his eight year career. rick faced the indians 22 times. game one of the alds, butch stearns if cleveland. >> on this mound over my shoulder here, rick porcello will be there a little more than an hour from now. he's the guy that will have ball
6:54 pm
the red sox fate the most. he has had a phenomenal season, probably the best starter in the american league. should win the cy young award, but none of that matters right now. what matters is game 23 against the indians, as you said. and one of his teammates, mookie betts, is telling us what he expects from porcello tonight. >> i'm sure it's going to continue, you know, we just have to continue to play defense behind him, and you know, score a couple of runs. it seals like you're hitting quicker through the game, not getting a rhythm a little bit more, and you know, on defense, you're ready, every pitch, and you know, all -- it affects every aspect. game really. -- aspect of the game really. >> twozi?uy quick tidbits for y. on my facebook and twitter page, i sent out a video of mookie betts playing a little two balls off before the game. this team is loose, and of course, tonight and tomorrow, as the red sox and tom brady is here on sunday.
6:55 pm
>> be sure to join us tonight immediately after the game on fox 25 news at 11:00 p.m. butch will be in cleveland. steve lyons, red sox analyst will join me. patriots getting ready for sunday's game in cleveland. julian edelman limited today, listed on the injured report with a bad foot. let's hope that doesn't get to a point where he'll be hindered. bettis talked about how most players go through their careers playing with a to play this game, you have to have a chip and everybody's chip is didn't. you might be a barbecue guy, you might be a sour cream an onion guy, but as long as your your chip, that's what get you through the guy. he looks like a pringles guy. i don't consider those chipsism. three players fined before play
6:56 pm
colby and nichols also fined. the bills claimed they warn burr sit and mitchell not to rub through the warmups, they did it once, they did it twice hand that's what head to the shove. >> mark: fool me once, fool me twice. >> pretty expensive shove. >> mark: sticking up for his guys. you have to like that. >> kevin: look, here's your seven-day forecast. we've talked a lot about matthew, so let's focus on what we have going on. b.c. for a big game with clemson. they'll be fine. our high school game in -- >> medfield. >> kevin: it's going to be clear for that too with temperatures in the 60's. in the 70's, real nice looking day especially for an early october, saturday, the day we get some showers, not connected to the hurricane at all. in fact, the same front pushing the hurricane away brings us a few showers.
6:57 pm
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