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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 7, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> daniel: hurricane matthew has arrived. the powerful storm battering parts of florida right now. it has already toppled trees and knocked the power out to than 100,000 homes. we are tracking the latest path of the storm as it slowly moves along the east coast. >> julie: questions police trying to answer as they track down the killer. drama in the ninth. examine close call that did in red sox first game of the post season. breaking news this is fox25 morning news complete new
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it is 9:00 on friday, october 7th, i'm daniel miller. >> julie: i'm julie grauert. close to hope the hyannisport is looking very nice so want to get right to hurricane matthew in the coverage. this is video shot in daytona beach as gusts topped out 60 miles per hour. the storm has knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of homes and far from over. meteorologist sarah wroblewski in the fox25 stormtracker weather center with latest on strength and location of the storm. >> sarah: talking about category 120 miles per hour and still maintain that major category status and it is pushing along central and northern eastern coast of florida with very heavy rain as well as strong winds and churning up the seas creating some flooding along the coast right now. it is continuing the north-northwest ward progression, it has yet to make a landfall and it is hugging the coast, expected to remain just off the coast of category threey
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eventually transitioning to category two as brushes along georgia as well as south carolina by tomorrow as category one and then weakening as it pushes to the south and perhaps back toward the bahamas as we head into next week as much weaker form. so we will continue to look at impact and latest information coming in right now. i want to show you temperatures have really improved this morning from the 30s and 40s, 50s and 60? in boston right now headed for the 70s today. going to be a gorgeous day. lots of sunshine, light weekend along with the risk some of rain, i will have that timeline in just a few minutes as well. let's get check of traffic now with julie. >> julie: red line experiencing delays. roads itself 128 south sluggish as you approach 93 and then the expressway is slow spot from the braintree split to columbia road.
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the only one of note is expressway at 24 minutes from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. >> daniel: hurricane matthew is battering the florida coastline right now leaving hundreds of thousands of people without power. >> julie: we have seen reports of damage from miami to daytona beach. sara underwood has look at what's happening right now. sara: as you head hurricane matthew battering the east coast and eye wall is within miles of the coast. we want to take a live daytona right now. this is where some of the biggest waves crashing on shore. we have seen strong winds and heavy rain in that area all morning long. take a look at video. massive trees have already ripped from the ground. port st. lucie wind and take look at this from melbourne, florida. strong winds causing rough surf,
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rocks. melbourne is supposed to be one of the hardest hit areas and roads in this area have been barricaded and and sanford surrounded by two lakes and 30 miles from the coast of florida, flooding in some places already stranded many cars in the area. trees and power lines have been knocked down and blocking and miami dade county trees have been knocked down and storm far from beingtion with the u.s. northern florida hit this afternoon and georgia and south carolina are in the path. hundreds of thousands of people in both states are evacuating right now. julie? >> julie: devastating impact that matthew had on haiti really starting to come to light this morning. official estimate some 300
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number is expected to change. 30,000 people are in shelters across the country and bridge that connects port-au-prince to southern haiti broke apart cutting off islands in the rest of the controversy and worst disaster in haiti since earthquake six years ago. the powerful hurricane passed over the bahamas yesterday afternoon. you can see large trees were knocked down. a lot of damage but right now no reports of death and serious injuries. the country's national emergency agency telling people destruction. we will continue to track hurricane matthew path throughout the morning. stay up-to-date. >> daniel: someone murdered
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invasion. >> jessica: we know at this point investigators were inside the home here on east river street well into last night. they say it was a very disturbing scene inside and at this point they are still processing evidence, still trying to figure out exactly what happened in here. police carry evidence out of home on east river street in orange thursday hours after they say an elderly man was killed and his wife badly hurt. neighb around the home. >> one of them told me that something bad happened. >> jessica: man was in 90s and wife bound to wheelchair. happened late wednesday night and victims found early wednesday morning, possibly by caretaker. >> two ladies out there, one of them was the caregiver, and another one, and they were both crying and hugging each other. what is going on. what's going on?
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force. >> never been any problems around here for a long time. >> woman flown to hospital in worcester. neighbors shocked that anyone could hurt this sweet couple. >> had people over there all the time visiting them. parked across the street, park in the yard and they were very well liked. just too bad. don't want to go to >> jessica: they are asking that may know more about this to give them a call. >> julie: state police investigating a car fire in middleborough. can see in the pictures the jeep was destroyed. state police tell us they found the car on woods around 11:00 on 495 and one man inside the car died. the victim has not yet been identified. >> daniel: police have investigating deadly shooting in
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of school bus. several kids on board the bus at the time of the shooting. fox25 michael henrich is live in roxbury where police, michael looking at surveillance in effort to fine the shooter. >> find the shooter as soon as possible. the person still on the loose at this point and they will use some of the surveillance camera from the area businesses here around dearborn and ziegler in order to conduct the investigation. boston police say this all started right here in roxbury around 5:30 yesterday evening when a group of people staed pulled out a gun and shot a man in his 20s in the head. that victim was pronounced dead at boston medical center. at that time school bus was going by and smaller school bus, boston public schools says three kids were on board. thankfully none of the children or bus driver were hurt during the horrible shooting and boston police commissioner wasn't sure exactly how much of the homicide they saw.
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being crime that we need the public to step up and help us all. >> michael: just in case crisis counselors are available to the kids at their school today. as far as the investigation is concerned, no other information about the victim has been released at this point and still looking for the public's health as you heard the commissioner say and please call boston police homicide detectives and can remain anonymous, call or text anonymous tip in and link you to the and live, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> julie: this afternoon red sox will be back in cleveland hoping to put last night disappointing playoff loss behind them. sox in cleveland opened alds with rough outing for rick porcello and three home runs in the third. put the indians front three to two and then francisco leonard follows that up with shot and just gets over leaping mookie
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down five-four in the nine and get dustin pedroia tries to check the swing and he is called to end the game. fox25 butch stearns has reaction from cleveland. >> butch: game one of the alds the red sox do not get a good start from rick porcello. their offense strikes out 14 times against indians pitching. a frustrating game one loss in cleveland. >> they got a lot of arms down there with great stuff. you know, that's -- you know, won the game. >> spin it however you want to spin it. i threw pitches i thought would be the best pitches to three and hit three balls out of the ballpark. >> we will keep our head up. this game got to put it behind and like i said, from there play baseball. >> now the red sox turn to david price. 4:30 this afternoon he gets to start in game two to try to even
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with the red sox in cleveland in the playoffs and fox25 sports. >> julie: drive time manageable and 28 minutes 495 in andover to the zakim bridge. sarah? >> sarah: temperatures in 70s and for us too and mid-70s away from the coast and lots of sunshine completely different story down across the tropics. i'm tracking two hurricanes. i will have the latest just ahead. >> atlantic post not only one dealing with severe weather and look at devastating tornado that leveled home in kansas. >> julie: hurricane matthew
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>> julie: jacqueline fell live in washington and talking about fema and how they plan to help. >> reporter: president obama had state of emergency in in florida and help people with the storm. when there's a state of emergency it gives department of homeland security green light to coordinate assistance. the white house says federal aid includes money, equipment and other resources for areas hardest hit hope for the best and planning for the worst and down the east coast, southwest southeast coast and also are resources across the country on stand by. >> significant financial resources to help those -- help
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quickly as possible and get life back to normal as quickly as possible. >> reporter: president signed state of emergency for georgia and south carolina and that's where the storm is expected next. reporting live in washington, jacqueline fell, fox25 >> julie: 2 million americans chose to leave homes ahead of the hurricane but there's also another evacuation takes place. they are moving animals out of shelters into the storm and
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york to south carolina and now at humane society in albany. >> animals might not have the second chance and we provide them the opportunity to be able to find new homes. >> the pets will be up for adoption this weekend. >> julie: 9:17. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. right now things look really nice south of the pike and slow spot just north of morrissey boulevard and a little bit parkway. new accident on 93 south. right as you intersect with 128 but as you could see expressway moving along fine. over to the live drive times, 12 minutes route 1 and 26 minutes on 93 south as you approach the zakim and 26 minutes on 128 southbound from peabody to the weston tolls. >> daniel: tracking hurricane matthew all morning and show you
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hunters going inside the storm. >> sarah: that's what they do, that is their job and they put themselves on the line for us, for our safety, how strong the storms are and gather all of this information and bring it back and allow us to figure out where the storm is going and if it is intensifying or if it is weakening. two storms out there and typically they don't start going into the storms until they have some sort of threat to land. hurricane nicole category two storm e southward, meander over the next several days and eyes on hurricane matthew, major hurricane with wind storm 120 miles per hour and moving north-northwest 14 miles per hour and that brings it to just travel right along the marshfield coastline without making landfall and still bringing devastation to the eastern coast of florida, georgia and south carolina and intense winds within the eye
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center. that takes it right to about daytona beach right here and this is going to continue to scrape along the coast as we head over the afternoon hours and see the hurricane force winds right around center and outward tropical storm force wind and areas through the interior like orlando may never have hurricane force wind and extreme tropical storm force winds creating some damage out there. some of the current winds in orlando 47 miles per hour but we it was along the coast where we each had a wind gust of 107 miles per hour this morning as eye wall goes on through and future cast by the evening hours, bringing center of the storm just along the immediate coast with the tropical storm force winds and hurricane force winds along middle east coast --
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continues to barrel along the immediate coast and take turn to the northeast as head into saturday and georgia as well as south carolina and heavy rain and strong winds also pushing into north carolina but see the front to the north and bringing chance of rain and push north of sea and picked up by the front and we get that as we head into the we highest rainfall totals for the carolinas and eight to 12 inches of rain, amounts of 15 and lead to flooding as well as dangerous storm surge. weakening to category two and passes along southeastern parts of the state and eventually weakening toward the tropical storm and something will have to watch. high pressure in control for us
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the game today and going to be gorgeous and mainly clear, clouds move out for saturday and there's the rain chance, doesn't look to arrive until late saturday and looking okay, and front to south and east and by sunday drying out and cooling down with columbus day and high near 60?. over to you. >> unusual drill that led to the
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the outside corporate interests bankrolling question two are trying to deceive you. here's the truth: every time a new charter school opens, it drains money from the existing public schools. that's 400 million just last year - according to the state's own data. which means real cuts to our kids - in arts, technology, ap classes, pre-school, bus service and more.
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across the state.
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>> julie: unexpected tornado caught on camera in kansas. it reduces one woman's home to pile of debris. fortunately no one was hurt. >> daniel: prosecutors say soldiers took machine gun parts, rifle accessories and sniper scopes from fort campbell in tennessee and then sold them ebay and some ended up in countries on china and russia and say $1 million worth of
9:25 am
prison if convicted. >> julie: 9:25. a texas woman buys house for daughter only to learn the home had a date with wrecking ball. wendy carry on says her mom bought this home last year for $25,000. they knew it needed work and planned to fix it up and 1 month after signing contract the city condemned it and real estate agency which sold the home says did not know about the demolition order but city officials claim it did. wendy says her mom started crying when she found out. >> >> julie: family has year to get it up to code. >> daniel: jamie got handful of teachers what she calls a positive project. the teachers will call student out of class to talk to them.
9:26 am
what they actually got was special message. >> yes, you. yes, you. there you go. >> you should. you're special. >> it was really powerful to watch the kids -- eyes, smiles on faces. >> pretty cool. message from the teachers were motivating and made them feel like they really meant something to their teachers. >> sarah: i love that. we need mor speaking of what more we need. 70 for the day today and cooling conditions this weekend with risk of rain on the way. i will have the latest timeline plus track of hurricane matthew just minutes away. >> julie: plus new explanation for all the great white shark sightings in the region. coming up researchers will say the sharks continue to return to the north atlantic year after
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s get more money. the truth is question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. please vote yes on question 2. for stronger public schools. >> julie: look at live pictures at daytona beach and you could see at least some of the beach but storm surge, sarah, that's what calling it, making way.
9:30 am
something to continue to watch. >> kind of like in a bathtub and rock it around and go in the water and takes all the water and hits one side of the tub. that's what a storm surge is. sure enough, they are saying seeing it, waves running 25 feet in daytona beach and see the center of the storm right now. it is just scraping the coast, some of the strongest wind affecting daytona beach and heading northward,i storm and hurricane force winds extend 60 miles from the center so we are going to continue to monitor the situation as it moves to the north but doesn't move too far north because we have high pressure in control which is providing us beautiful conditions for the day today. 60? in boston right now, wind light out of the northwest, so continue to be light and that means we will see temperatures rise into the 70s and can take
9:31 am
temperatures that will be dropping through the weekend with the risk of rain heading our way. we need the rain, i will have the latest timeline plus that official track of hurricane matthew coming up in a few minutes. look at traffic with julie. >> julie: what we are seeing is typical volume for one holiday weekend that's right around the corner, route 1 wide open, 128 southbound moving along fine. people scheduled a little bit off as they plan to enjoy columbus day. slowing right now on the remains moderate. here are live drive times, 24 minutes on pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. 18 minutes on the expressway, 35 minutes on 93 south from andover to the leverett connector. >> daniel: storm moves along coast dumping heavy rain and whipping big waves against the shore and getting look at what it is like to fly into the eye of the storm and sara underwood
9:32 am
sara. >> sara: hurricane hunter plane run by noah, this is how forecasters gather the information and look at meteorologist on board the plane as he describes what's happening. >> i'm talking to you from noah and in the middle of 8-hour mission where we are sampling the environment around the storm and across the top of the storm and calling drop instruments and opposite of weather balloon. >> sara: meteorologist on
9:33 am
the service. the instruments are crucial to gather data. they measure pressure, temperature, humidity and all the other important tools meteorologist need to forecast and difficult for satellites to get back to the ground. julie? >> julie: all right, sara, we will continue to track the platform and stay up-to-date on julie: local kids say they are scared to go to school after seeing this guy drive turns out the scary clown is just dad playing a prank but police don't think it is funny. catherine parrotta live in auburn with the criminal charges that father could now face. catherine? >> catherine: i got off the phone with the auburn police chief the last hour and they appreciate filing the charges late today at the courthouse in worcester. these charges will be misdemeanor so the father will be summoned to court for arraignment at later date and chief tell me the father actually e-mailed him letter of
9:34 am
show his son the mask wasn't real but left other kids on the school busterrified. >> i was shocked. >> left busterrified and clown mask followed her bus and even some kids and kids >> catherine: father of student on the bus and that has parents disgusted. >> some guy thought it was good to put on mask and get in car and drive behind the school bus as all the kids were being dropped off. it is disheartening, it is upsetting.
9:35 am
charged with disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace and hope shared by students who witnessed this. >> my friends saying they are scared and can't go to sleep at 1:00 a.m. and feel sick and sleeping with something just in case something comes in. >> catherine: there have been a lot of disturbing clown incidents and people need to use heads about this and somebody had clown mask on, they are jumping out into traffic and waving and told to go home and facing any charges and again, the man in this case will be charged with two misdemeanors. catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> daniel: mayor reversed decision about chief campanula
9:36 am
there were city led investigation and city says he will be paid -- on paid leave until january 3rd when contract ends and former chief says this is the best decision for the city. >> ensure the city of gloucester will move forward in a manner that the administration believes is best for the community. >> daniel: in the meantime deputy chief john mccarthy will be >> julie: seven members of boston carmen union faced judge yesterday being arrested after protest in charlestown. you saw the picket lines on fox25 morning news. hours later the mbta board voted to hire a private security company to manage the operation of the so-called money room. that's where the "t" brings all the cash collected from things like vending machines and parking lots. >> change never easy. we understand that but the
9:37 am
room has been a problem for years. >> privatizing money room fewer jobs and cost more in the long run. boston police searching twitter, facebook and many possible sites for possible security threats. the herald says the software will monitor threatening words, images and emojis and create a profile of the specific users online history. credit isay it could lead to people being investigated for harmless posts. boston police won't say how much the program costs system already exists in new york, houston and seattle. >> daniel: health scares in two local towns. medford high school being checked for symptoms of tuberculosis. someone recently diagnosed with the disease but officials won't say if it is a student or staff member. swampscott cleaning crews will be sterilizing two schools to stop spread of mrsa. two victims attended stanley
9:38 am
both schools will be open today. officials don't think the students were infected at the schools but they are cleaning both just to be safe. earlier this week there was outbreak of mrsa at westford academy. >> julie: high school soccer team will take the field for the first time since the entire coaching staff resigned for the first time. glen pascal and three other coaches quit this week after parents complained about drill thatmy ran in practice. players crawled on hands and build trust but some parents say their daughters felt the exercise was demeaning. >> drill that didn't translate very well into a woman's soccer program. which is unfortunate but i know will be remorseful and caused confusion and concern. interim coach has already been hired. >> daniel: eight-year-old boy with terminal cancer will get to
9:39 am
>> welcome the newest member of the firefighter reilly. congratulations, reilly. >> daniel: firefighters picked reilly up at house at engine truck and brought him to the fire station. the city clerk then swore him in as firefighter. the guys gave him his own helmet and threw him a pizza party. >> he was great, very talkative, not shy at all never know and it was great and i think -- i know he enjoyed it but i think the guys here enjoyed it too. >> daniel: firefighters plan to bring reilly back home in the ladder truck but much to the surprise wanted to take the chief's suv instead. they say he is a smart boy. >> julie: ride along, good idea. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. still enjoying mellow commute and kick off long columbus day
9:40 am
to the zakim bridge and climb ten to pen? higher than this as we get into the afternoon where it is not so mellow down in florida. i got the latest track of hurricane matthew and the impact and expected storm surge just minutes away. >> julie: new twist in the death of hollywood actor killed by his own suv. coming up why one dealership says the accident was
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>> daniel: breaking news out of florida where hurricane matthew hitting coast hard and live look at daytona beach where flooding has already begun and see the waves there on the beach from that high storm surge. fox25 meteorologist sarah wroblewski been tracking the storm and she will have >> julie: massachusetts approved four days at state reservation. video from the first deer hunt and removed 64 deer from the reservation. the controlled hunt was announced yesterday as part of deer management plan of 7,000-acre location. officials say the deer population threatening long-term help and sketched to take place two weekends later this fall. julie: research claim there's white shark breeding
9:44 am
waters are a nursery. this is a first in the study of great whites in northwest atlantic. but some shark researchers in massachusetts aren't too happy with o search's tactics saying the group's methods interfering with other shark studies in the region. o search maintains the research was done legally. that should come as no surprise but analysts say the rent will soon be rising in boston and surrounding area. rent in hub expected to jump nearly 4% the next year. more than double what's expected nationally and biggest rent increase are arlington, lowell, hingham and westwood. >> daniel: second presidential debate two days away and view how they get the candidates and latest in suffolk university. hillary clinton and donald trump in virtual tie. clinton bare low ahead with 44% support. the state only has four electoral votes but depending on how other swing states fall on
9:45 am
candidates. more than 250 people gathered in small room to hear donald trump speak in new hampshire -p last night trump held town hall style meeting in sandown. spent about 45 minutes talking to an audience of supporters and answered their prescreened questions. the set-up was similar to the next debate but trump insisted it was not practiced for sunday. >> they were just here because we just wanted to be talk about debate prep. resting. i want to be with people from new hampshire. >> daniel: on sunday donald trump will be with paul ryan and ryan's first appearance with trump since he endorsed candidate and does not have
9:46 am
9:00 and blair miller will be here and fox25 starting at 10:30. >> we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. let's start with look south of the pike and our slow spot concentrated to the expressway right around morrissey boulevard. north of the pike we have an accident as hop over the -- drive over the zakim bridge and backup on 93 south and expressway moving along fine and besides the port out at morrissey boulevard. live drive times, 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. half hour 93 south and 22 minutes 128 southbound from peabody to the weston tolls. >> >> daniel: seeing effects of hurricane matthew, a lot of folks without power. >> florida power and light reporting 4 million people without power right now and power outage potential one of the maps and actually take the wind and rain and put it
9:47 am
complicated mass equation and sure enough, it does -- as he would expect much of florida and even parts of georgia, south carolina and north carolina through this weekend likely going to see the chance of power outages. we are dealing with a hurricane brushing along the coast, hurricane warnings continue for parts of florida all the way up into south carolina. it has continued to scrape along hours as cot gory three storm of the strongest winds in the middle of the storm of the eye and that eye has yet to make landfall and it is just scooting along the coast and outer bands of rain producing heavy rain and strong winds we may have to watch for isolated tornadoes to develop as we head out into the day today too. a lot going on as hurricane is expected to remain category three status through the day today. as it moves toward the florida-georgia line taking a turn toward the northeast as
9:48 am
one as it brushes south carolina, that's still a very powerful storm going to produce a lot of rain, strong winds and likely a storm surge. now, as we head into sunday, category one storm is going to get steered to the south as high pressure to the north is going to dip southward. it does look as though by next week it will become a tropical storm once again and then it looks as though it may be heading toward the bahamas at much weaker state. waking up to devastation across the region. projected wind strength through the day today and tropical storm force winds in yellow for the coast but where you see the orange and red, that's where you have the potential of hurricane force wind gusts of 74 miles per hour or higher, that will continue tonight for parts of georgia as well as into south carolina as we head through the day tomorrow. tropical storm force winds heading into parts of north carolina. those winds over the water just roughing up the seas, waves
9:49 am
beach outward -- away from the coast up to 40 feet so with all of those seas building and those winds just raging water nowhere to go from the coast and highs for places up to charleston to seven to 11-foot gorgeous start to the weekend as it will be dry but then we will watch for the risk of rain to arrive late saturday, temperatures will be falling on sunday into the 60s and by monday up to full sunshine and temperature up to 60?. future cast the sunshine all thanks to high pressure in control helping to push matthew to the south and by saturday
9:50 am
umbrella and looks as though the front will push further to the south by sunday morning and lingering showers and string up along the front and most of it will miss us and find clearing conditions and risks of showers and drying conditions on sunday, cooler and brighter for your columbus day, high pressure builds on in with seasonable conditions when you head into next week. latest look >> michelle: history and halloween one in place in quincy transformed into coastship harbor. haunted attraction features three scare zones and mccobb food village and rumored to be
9:51 am
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>> daniel: star track actor should be blamed for own death after run over by the jeep and company firing back after wrongful death lawsuit filed by the parents. they believe it occurred because of own misuse of the vehicle. he start as check off in star trek died in tragic accident outside his home. keeping up with the kardashians on hiatus with the spokesperson says kim well-being is the focus right now and unencloser when -- unclear when the primariesduction will resume and in remained silent following the frightening incident. >> julie: students are kicking
9:56 am
in dapoint and knocked on the door of sorority house and not single one opened and put it all on social media and they were bummed. julie: little girl loves the show american ninja warrior so much and built obstacle course in the backyard. >> lila mccall, got her girls superstar shirt on and ready to go. three, two, one. requires a lot o >> there she goes up the netting and she is at 41 seconds doing very well and just like the show and pretty good. up and over the barn. >> make more elaborate court and video has been seen more than 290,000 times. >> daniel: by the time she is done she is like dad, i'm tired.
9:57 am
keep going. anything to get the energy out. energy we will be tracking matthew, looks as though the western edge of the eye wall is just approaching daytona beach, so that means we got some really strong winds, 100 miles per hour winds getting in on the coastline. of course, the 7-day forecast for us looking good for the weekend.
9:58 am
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it's october 7th, time for new viral videos "right this minute." a frantic mama dog searches near a storm drain. >> and i bet you can guess what she's looking for. >> how a hero tries to save her baby in a story that has a twist at the end. video of kids fighting sparks a police investigation. >> there's no way behavior. >> the scene stirring outrage on the internet. >> this is messed up. it's nature in motion. >> when it cools -- >> the hot mess leaving behind a thing of beauty. plus, the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini as christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle break down the best on the web, including a prankster pin pointing his location. >> standing next to the most handsome guy i've seen in my


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