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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 12, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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boston and suspect captured after home invasion and sexual assault. who's getting credit this morning from the police commissioner from the quick arrest. >> jason: this morning federal investigators are on the crash and why this may not have been an accident. >> julie: risky behavior more and more teens are doing. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, 9:00 a.m. on wednesday, october 12th, i'm daniel miller. >> julie: good morning, i'm julie grauert. bit of chilly morning and bright skies and temperature are in the forecast. meteorologist shiri spear standing by in the fox25 stormtracker weather center timing it all out. >> shiri: what we have right now is a little bit of cloud cover still hovering in northern mass and southern new hampshire. boston looking nice and bright at 54?. lower 50s in worcester right
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people. we got a warm-up that continues at 11:00 a.m., it is going to be more like 60?. we got highs in the mid-60s here through about 5:00 p.m. and pretty quick cooldown once it goes down and lower 50s and might want the jacket and this morning really dressing for high of 64 to 68?. going to be nice and mild today and although a couple spots get close to 70 today, it is the better bet that we hit the mark tomorrow. i will show you where coming up. julie is back drive time traffic. >> julie: things starting to improve slightly as morning commute winds down. route 1 opened up and slow going and opened up into somerville, south of pike to the braintree split as you could see past freeport street and up to columbia road. here are live drive times, about 34 minute ride on the expressway, an hour on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector.
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news now in boston. they have arrested man in connection to violent home invasion and sexual assault. fox25 catherine parrotta is live in clarendon street. we have just learned more information about the suspect. >> catherine: we know his name. ronald brown, 52 years old from boston according to police and know where and when he was arrested and arrested around 2:30 this morning right in the south end which is also where the crimes happened as well according to police and suspect we are told will be happen at least not until late morning, perhaps even after that. what we know about this incident is this. according to police it happened around 4:00 yesterday morning in the south end. it was in a residence near the intersection of clarendon street and columbus ave. police say man entered the apartment through back window and sexually assaulted a woman and her roommate. the suspect took off near clarendon street and called to the hospital around 12 hours later where one of the women
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woman who works nearby. here is what she said about the incident. >> terrifying. young woman that walk here later at night and that's not nice to hear. >> catherine: it is expected that 52-year-old ronald brown of boston will be arraigned at some could continue to get the latest here throughout the morning and here on throughout the day. here in south end, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> julie: happening now ntsb has arrived in east hartford to investigate the fiery plane crash. a witness shot that video on her cell phone after the plane slammed into a telephone pole in the middle of busy street.
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news conference we are waiting to begin. >> jason: yes, looking live look at the scene where investigators have been out here two hours and i am behind the camera because waiting mem tarly at press conference and when it does we will bring it to you live. investigators with ntsb and try to piece the thing together and big report over new york times citing unnamed law enforcement sources that tell the new york times, fbi may be looking into whether or not this is intentional and plane crash according to the times the pilot who survived told first responders that it was not an accident. the crash itself was not an accident. that pilot was identified by the new york times, 28-year-old from illinois who got his pilot's license back in 2015. obviously that's going to be the big question today, what evidence, what other evidence they have that the pilot could have intentionally taken the plane down in east hartford, crash captured again by witnesses in fiery ball of
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again, the press conference expected to start and we will bring it to you live and all the developments live on the air at fox25 morning news. >> daniel: happened after midnight leaving a gaming hole on the side of wnri in woonsocket. one person in the car was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. office and there was minimal damage to their equipment. >> julie: sexual assault in mission hills and obtained by fox25. you could see the suspect casually walked toward escalate and her turns right toward the camera as he starts away. police tell us the sexual assault happened near fitzgerald park on saturday. fox25 also learned that police
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attack in jamaica plain two weeks ago. we want to give you closer look at the man police are trying to find. here is distinctive tattoo and find here in the middle of the left arm, lower half of the left arm and check out other picture. he is carrying bicycle and another tattoo and he may be riding the black bicycle and next time someone sees him, please contact police. >> daniel: happening today the man and woman arrested in connection invasion here in massachusetts will be in a virginia courtroom. after the hearing brittany smith and joshua hart of athol are expected to be brought back here to massachusetts. they are accused of breaking into 95-year-old thomas hardy's house in orange killing him and seriously injuring his wife. we also learned smith charged with stealing her own great grandmother's car three days before the deadly home invasion. 19:06. child molester gotten into
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force the state to make a change. we have been following the story since friday when we learned richard gardner was free after originally being sentenced to more than 200 years behind bars. legal factors and appeals got him released after 27 years of serving time. in his first weekend out of prison gardner got into trouble using the computers at a quincy library. two women required sex offenders for gps monitoring. >> family living with restrictions while richard gardner out free living with none. >> daniel: we tried to check into it but shelter across the
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after they say he was passed out in running car. search of the car turned up a large amount of heroin. according to the patriot ledger, arafat was serving a year in jail on another heroin possession charge. he got out of jail last month when charges were dropped because of braintree's evidence scandal. audit from the evidence room found more than $400,000 was missing along with dozens of guns and thousands of drug samples from various >> julie: law violates religious beliefs and many people seem to have mixed reactions but church's lawyer saying there's a rep situation of church and state for a reason. >> this is their own government that said because of who you are and the beliefs that you hold and within four walls of your own church, you could be penalized out of existence up to $50,000 and thrown into jail up
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>> julie: voters will have the opportunity to overturn the controversial law in 2018. >> daniel: john farrell will be back at red sox. he kept the team together as sox won the american league east title. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. taking look at drive time on 93 south right now, still hovering right around the 50 minute mark as we head from 495 in andover to the zak sunny skies in boston here and as we travel through the morning we got nice little warm-up taking us by 11:00 a.m., close to 60?. i will show what you time your town or city gets there next. >> daniel: we have a lot more coming your way this wednesday morning. everyone knows the sugary drinks are bad for your health and now they could be bad for your wallet. coming up next new push to slap a 50% tax on all sugary drinks. >> daniel:
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switching strategies just weeks before. >> i may be leaping across the finish line but we will get across the finish line. >> daniel: >> j kelly ayotte: let's be honest - both donald trump and hillary clinton are far from perfect... and i'm not perfect either. but when partisan politicians shut down the government, i led the fight to reopen it. i've worked to find solutions to new hampshire's heroin epidemic. and i've crossed the aisle to protect new hampshire's clean air and clean water. i've been called a problem solver by independent groups,
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because whether i'm working with republicans, democrats, or independents,
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special interests that oppose question 2 claim district schools lose money to charter schools. that's "absurd," says the boston herald. "outright lies," reports the lowell sun. charter schools "don't siphon off state dollars" from traditional schools, says the boston globe. in fact, public schools get more money. the truth is question 2 and result in more funding for public education. please vote yes on question 2.
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>> daniel: donald trump is free man, that's according to trump that shot off series of tweets tuesday, including this one. it is so nice the shackles have been taken off me and i can now fight for america, the way i want to. tuesday trump fired off roughly half dozen tweets attacking gop calling them disloyal. and the party leader paul ryan referrin ineffective. one day after the house speaker he would no longer defend or campaign for trump. ryan telling others in congress to do what's best for them. dozens of republicans are jumping ship. >> when mr. trump attacks women and demeans the women in our nation and our society, that is a point where i just have to part company. >> meanwhile the wall street journal reports that trump's new
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vote for hillary, rather than trying to bring new supporters in his camp. >> destruction of hillary clinton would lead to destruction of our country. believe me. it will lead to the destruction of our country. >> daniel: al gore made it clear voters have to get out on election really counts. you can consider me as an exhibit a of that truth. >> daniel: still unclear whether trump can turn things around. he is now too far behind in critically swing states. the debate is 1 week from today. he will be there in vegas, before, during and after the debate and broadcast the entire debate right here on fox25 and
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>> daniel: huckabee said in interview with megyn kelly that trump was like captain quint protecting the world from the clinton shark. >> the choice is do you vote for
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shark? that's the choice you get to make. >> daniel: kelly quickly called out huckabee saying shark won since it killed. huckabee said the shark didn't win. the shark got blown up. >> julie: looking at traffic and traffic concentrated at braintree split up to boulevard. north of the pike still he head through medford and into somerville. over to the live drive times, like what i'm seeing here though, moving along fine on route 1 on 128 southbound, still 53 minutes on 93 south from 495 in andover to the leverett connector. >> daniel: meteorologist shiri spear joins us now with the forecast. not as cool as yesterday. >> shiri: nice to see things going in the right direction. mild afternoon today, tomorrow and cools down and sad reality is, guys, we are losing between
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>> i'm counting because i can tell. every evening. by the end of the month we lose another 51 minutes of daylight. isn't that crazy? by the end of the month the sun comes up at 7:17 for the last day of october. sun goes down just after 5:30. can't believe it but it does make it easier for those kids. 54? right now in boston, 50 in norwood and sunshine there and lawrence we got the couple more clouds up that way, 51? right now and 1:00 p.m. 65 and hour mid-60s through about 5:00 p.m. and after that really start losing heat as sun goes down and high temperatures today will end up in the 60s for almost all of us and future cast hovering over southern new hampshire kind of erode and mostly sunny and high, thin clouds make way back in late in the day and eventually those clouds thicken up after midnight
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different forecast here for thursday. tomorrow morning i know you know where the umbrellas are, patchy drizzle in the morning and morning commute we got some roadways that are going to be a little bit damp and then through noon time and maintain risk for drizzle and feel like by noon we will see a lot of drizzle starting to fade and dryer air pushing in and a lot more breaks in the clouds that will be pushing over the region for the afternoon and start with drizzle and end with showers and lunchtime into the afternoon and should be decent with partly sunny skies. come 5:00 p.m. the rain risk coming up as cold front comes through and evening commute and dinner time shot powers and not expected to be heavy and thinking get tenth of inch of rain or less and clear and breezy once we hit the friday forecast. 62 today in boston, 66 in plymouth, 64 in beverly, then
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beverly, lawrence, fitchburg and nashua. so it is some of the in betweens there between boston and worcester that end up the warmest and overnight since clouds are coming in, showers are coming in, end up being milder, 40s and 50sa tap for overnight lows. we hit rock bottom as sun comes up tomorrow and those are wake up temperature and upper 60s to about 70?. it is going to depend on us and break of sunshine to get to 70 and very limited rainfall for tomorrow, that is really not situation. 59 in nashua, 59 in boston, mid-50s in plymouth and beverly as well followed by
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i'm going to bring in some late day clouds for the day on sunday, but it is not until monday or tuesday of next week that we start bumping up again the chance for couple of showers in there. buildings have roofs in haiti. cholera is spreading and send million dose of cholera vaccine to haiti. closer to home in north carolina the state is dealing with effects of the storm 27 people died in the states during the hurricane. there's a new warning that the flooding could actually get worse in some parts. over the next few days the rivers are expected to swell as all the flooding flows out
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place for some towns through the weekend. >> julie: why court decided test could not be used against officer that failed drug test. >> daniel: what teens are doing behind the wheel that is
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? ? on social security and medicare, these are the facts. kelly ayotte voted for deep cuts she voted against protecting social security from the threat of privatization. and said she's open to raising the retirement age for social security. look it up yourself. the fact is kelly ayotte's supporting big, corporate special interests. she's not working for us. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> daniel: new aaa survey
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parents are not preparing their kids to be good drivers compared to a decade ago. jacqueline fell live in the nation's capitol hill this morning with one of the mistakes made by teen drivers. good morning, jacqueline. >> reporter: good morning. speeding top mistake made by teen drivers and deadly crashes across the country the past five years. according to new report out today from aaa, the number of deaths and crashes involving teenage drivers spik 10% last year. in those crashes teens were often speeding. young drivers are one and a half times more likely to be involved in fatal crashes than adults. the report found the crash involved teen drivers but the death could have been a passenger. somebody in another car and a bicyclist or pedestrian. the survey showed that 68% of teen drivers said they were distracted with their phones while driving as well. traffic officials say that's because most teens see their
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caution adult drivers that teenagers are picking up bad behaviors along with the good ones. aaa officials say that parents can help save lives by coaching teens to slow down and to not make mistakes like being distracted while driving. reporting live in washington, jacqueline fell, fox25 news >> julie: man says a lot of research went into stunt for ordering foods, make shirts and find the perfect doughnuts. julie: health officials suggesting soda, vitamin water and sports drinks taxed 20 to 50% and if the taxes are imposed people would drink less of the
9:26 am
of women are obese. >> daniel: general electric ramping up in boston seaport district. ge now has more than 200 workers in massachusetts and rhode island where the company is building digital hub. ge plans headquarters in fairfield connecticut by the end of the month. had been based there the last 42 years. >> out of the 50s and how much warmer it gets in your town coming up.
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when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me.
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>> julie: following breaking news out of hampton beach and know the area near the casino this ballroom. ocean boulevard is closed in that area while crews are on the roof trying to get to the fire. bit of smoky scene right now. it is not clear how much damage has been done. we will stay on top of the breaking story and bring you any
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>> daniel: out to the world and sun is shining. >> shiri: ran to look and shield in eyes and know it is going to rain tomorrow and today mostly sunny out there, look fantastic in boston, our states here but up into new hampshire, parts of northern massachusetts, we do have a little more cloud cover in those next of town if you will been in boston 54?, ipswich 53, norwood 50?. we actually started off this morning in the upper 30s there in norwood. so already seen a pretty decent warm-up, 52 in worcester, 46 in maynard, 45 in pepperell, jaffrey, new hampshire up to 51? now. we got a lot of mid-50s right now for the south shore. 57 in marshfield, 55 in plymouth, and the cape right now rocking lower 50s along with the sunshine. so right now we might have a couple lingering clouds and towns and cities, mostly sunny skies here, so by noon time up to 62?, 67 at 3:00 p.m. for those kids coming home from
9:31 am
jacket off return home and show you how much warmer and how much wet terminal evacuated gets here tomorrow coming up. julie grauert up with live drive time traffic. >> julie: look at map wide open, bright green as you to 128 and allston-brighton tolls and expressway still slow and pretty typical. 93 south sluggish through medford into somerville. really only red drive time at the moment on the expressway 26 minutes from the bryant split to the exit for braintree split and 52-year-old ronald brown from boston. woman says her and her roommate were assaulted early tuesday morning after someone came in through a back window. commissioner bill evans says detectives made the arrest overnight and suspect expected later in court this morning. we will be there during the
9:32 am
news starting at 4:00. we sent out this alert of the arrest moments after police told us about it. if you can't to give breaking news first download the fox25 news app and apple store and android store. right now fbi trying to determine if plane crash in connecticut is intentional. >> julie: people watched and recorded what happened in horror. jason law live in east hartford the scene of the crash. jason, official are expected to investigation. >> main street behind us still closed after the plane went down. wreckage still there on the scene. it is not going to go anywhere any time soon. we have video of those --
9:33 am
advantage point. first responders says this was not an accident and identified as 28-year-old from illinois who got the license back in 2015 and investigators said tuesday and main street at 3:40 yesterday and again, down and from investigators at any moment and press conference will be held sometime mid-morning. waiting press conference any time and we will bring it to you live here on the air. for now we are live in east hartford, jason law, fox25 news. >> julie: wrong-way driver hit and killed teenagers in vermont will like likely will face homicide charges.
9:34 am
and 36-year-old and not treated by doctor and hours later he slammed into a car full of high school students on i-89 in will stone. >> daniel: police hoping details in new surveillance pictures help track down the driver in deadly hit and run. police say the driver of the car hit and killed 41-year-old alberto florez on wellington circle in medford last month. see a few identifying details on the car neon lights license plate and scuff mark on right brake light. >> daniel: 80-year-old had license suspended. >> julie: police say he drove 3 miles against traffic during rush hour monday. they say he likely got confused at allston-brighton tolls veering as you can see by the yellow arrow to the left and into the eastbound lanes. witnesses say it is amazing no one was seriously hurt. >> he was coming toward me, half
9:35 am
median, sort of hug hugging the barrier as closely as he could. >> julie: man expected in court in several traffic violations. julie: different kind of joyride. everett gov stole ambulance and went for a spin. police caught up widths him at intersection of gore and 3rd 3rd street when bumped into one of the cruisers and no one was hurt. >> daniel: man to the ground and began fighting with court staff. according to the brockton enterprise he told the staff he wasn't going to stand and appear before a judge. he then made comments to the papers photographer in court before officers wrestled him to the ground. pierre louise charged with shooting teenager inside stoughton last month and accused of raping an underage girl. man assaulting a police officer and threatening to bomb an airport is being held in boston.
9:36 am
next 20 days for evaluation and facing a fugitive from justice charge out of nation's capitol hill. -- capital and not sure why a jewelry store owner in downtown crossing called police monday because she says he was acting suspicious. >> i told him give me the watch so we can negotiate the price and know he wasn't interested in the wash because he kept outside. >> daniel: leaving suspicious package near the statehouse. turned out to be a muslim holy book and holy shelter where caused a disturbance. >> julie: state appeals court wrongly fired for controversial drug test that discriminates
9:37 am
the officers tested positive for cocaine and court ruling found the test isn't reliable enough to be the only reason to fire an officer. >> i hope sitting in the police department will take a hard look and negotiate something that's acceptable. >> julie: city could still appeal the finding to the supreme court. >> daniel: husky made headlines last week for attacking four people has drawn blood befo brockton animal control a groomer was bit and dog taken into custody after last week's attacks. the police department will be holding a hearing to determine if the animal is danger to the public and whether it will be
9:38 am
>> know to stay off the grass because of the goose poop and so fed up and try just about anything to get rid of these geese. >> all over the track field, can't run track. they are taking over. >> desperate to stop a mighty invasion. >> sometimes don't know what you call it. >> gotten so bad the boston city council stepping in trying to think of ideas to take the geese
9:39 am
>> even if you don't want to sit down in the grass can't appreciate it at all because feces everywhere. >> jessica: city council had hearing desperate to get rid of them and eat 4 pounds of grass each day and leaves behind 3 pounds of dropping. multiply that with geese that are around 128 and some people are honking m the geese away no matter what it takes. >> move around to try to get to the park. >> jessica: so far they haven't made a call what you're going to do and people are fed up and now winging up with creative solutions. >> why don't you grab a poop scoop and start to scoop?
9:40 am
good to you, there's other ideas. possible for fines that people that feed geese here and another idea coating with oil and coat the chick inside and mother goose so she does not lay any more eghe goes and trying to scare the geese away with dogs or decoy predators but we do know and at this point has work and people that come here a lot and just about anything. jess >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. over to expressway right now, slight improvement, down to 22 minutes from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. shiri? >> shiri: although we don't have any kind of tropical threat watching hurricane nicole, expected to move over bermuda with eight inches of rain and tremendous storm surge as well as dangerous waves. here locally we are tracking own risk of showers tomorrow and i
9:41 am
only to find her home is gone. coming up how thieves were able to take off with everything she owned and get miles away before she found them. >> julie: another cyclist is
9:42 am
? ? on social security and medicare, these are the facts. kelly ayotte voted for deep cuts in medicare and social security. here are the votes. she voted against and said she's open to raising the retirement age for social security. look it up yourself. the fact is kelly ayotte's supporting big, corporate special interests. she's not working for us. dscc is responsible for the content
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cyclist safe and bikers gather for tribute to doctor who was hit and killed on way to work. sara underwood joins us with the moving memorial now posted at the spot where he died. >> sara: truck in cambridge that killed a local doctor. another ghost bike dedicated in cambridge, second one in t ghost bikes and white where a bicyclist was killed. this one dedicated to doctor. about 100 people came out to the candlelight vigil last night including people that they worked with at iron wood
9:45 am
>> sara: 27-year-old nursing student hit and killed there and many parts of the city are not safe for cyclist and want to do whatever necessary to make sure that cyclist are safe. in the newsroom, sara underwood, fox25 news. >> julie: first lawsuit filed following deadly train crash in new jersey and the system solely to blame for the train crash by not installing technology that keeps trains from speeding. one person died and more than 100 were hurt when a train slammed through station in hoboken. close call in sterling, look at this, driver nearly impaled by a tree branch. police posted these pictures on facebook last night to see just how close that branch came to the driver's seat. police say 25-year-old man hit the tree and caused it to fall. he was out of the car and
9:46 am
crews got there. >> daniel: want to make money? new safe driving contest and download the boston safest driver app. it analyzes data about how often drivers break heart and use phone while driving and payoff isn't only >> daniel: 23 people died on boston roads and mayor hopes the app will hope get that number to zero. >> julie: 9:46 and get traffic and weather every ten minutes and things looking much improved on route 1. 93 south still just a little sluggish around route 16 and route 60 as you approach somerville. those accident icons or accidents that cleared within
9:47 am
minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 33 minutes on 93 south, 25 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now and you're saying that temperatures will improve, shedding the jacket. >> shiri: nice mild afternoon and drizzle in morning and evening commute and lunchtime through much of the afternoon a-okay and cool and dry and change conditions a little bit and dragging moisture today and boil down to early
9:48 am
favor and yesterday's morning when we woke up this morning and noon time lower 60s and lower 60s and short sleeves will be okay and afternoon drive home from work and middle 60s here in fantastic shape so warmest locations out of areas like metrowest norwood and framingham all 67, ashland 67 and sudbury 67? and upper 60s will go all the way into lawrence, manchester, new hampshire, we got middle 60s on the flip side and 70s and breaks in the afternoon and thursday seven aim and we got a lot more clouds in the picture and bit of green on the map and that's the patchy drizzle that
9:49 am
and should be fading away around noon time and see little dryer batch of area that's going to be moving in and that gives us partial sun here during the afternoon and late day spotty showers, a lot of these kind of fall apart as they try to fall apart in southern new hampshire and not everybody is going to get in on that wet weather but something you should keep in mind for again the drive home from work tomorrow and for dinner time plans clear and breezy when you wake up on friday morning and simply stay that way through the weekend. 7-day forecast with the weekend always in view, next two afternoons nice and warm in the upper 60s. we got 60 on the nose here on friday along with sunshine. then over the weekend get ready for wake-up temperature in the 30s, we will get to up about 58? sunshine on saturday, sunday is the warmer of the two days over the weekend. if you plan on doing any leave peeping taking in color, we actually got decent color on moderate and even peeking color
9:50 am
massachusetts and up into central and northern new england in particular that's where you're really going to find the brightest color and then temperatures as we get into early next week. should be pretty mild again in the upper 60s monday tuesday and more clouds around in the slight risk of a monday or tuesday shower. so while you can enjoy those upper 60s
9:51 am
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>> daniel: severed bridge in arkansas too much to handle. they planned demolition and barely scratched the surface and didn't budge and couldn't head it because what went wrong because it was unstable and tied the bridge to tugboat after five hours of pulling it finally came down. >> julie: six minutes of terror for kim kardashian and she is suing a gossip website saying she faked the whole thing. the lawsuit says kardashian felt victimized again by the claim. her sister klhoe says her sister
9:54 am
robbery. julie: costume company costumish had been selling parussian heist costume kit and contents, robe, fake multi-million dollar ring. company removed the costume from the website after facing backlash online and known to make controversial outfits in the past including a caitlyn jenner costume and haz-mat suit. >> daniel: call about unusu stolen and arrived home one day to find it was gone after few hours of searching police found it in a parking lot. she says $50,000 house is perfect for her lifestyle. >> singer and musician and allow me to follow my passion. >> daniel: nothing was stolen or damaged and new place to put tiny house and keep people from
9:55 am
>> julie: men would have to pay 7% man tax in the store and they were called attention to pink tax and woman's products for similar products targeted to men and she gotten negative calls and e-mails and happy she could get people talking >> daniel: tim tebow went zero-throw at the plate and ran first -- face first into the outfield law and fall league debut and special support one of the fans at game while signing autographs. tebow noticed man having a seizure and went over and said a prayer for the man as he waited for paramedics to arrive. the guy that was okay and tebow signed a few items for him
9:56 am
hospital. >> julie: brady through for three touchdowns since being back from the deflategate suspension. this is the twenty-sixth time brady has been named offensive player of the week trailing peyton manning who has 27. >> daniel: congratulations to tom. >> julie: check in with meteorologist shiri spear with look at forecast. >> shiri: thumbs-up this afternoon and mostly sunny skies, we got sixties back town. things a little different tomorrow though. a lot more clouds than you wake up thursday morning and umbrella prepared. julie, you will be standing by with the rain, map, it is a lot of fun. bust out all the tools here when we have the rain in the mornings. middle of the day tomorrow is dry, kind of partly sunny and then evening commute we got more showers that kevin lemanowicz is going to have to track. a little bit busy here for the day tomorrow. friday we clear out are bright breezy, 60? and not too shabby
9:57 am
little warmer at 62? and then early next week we will bring back the rain chances but i have to say if you got rained out last weekend from any of your plans, just do it this weekend. it will be good. might need a couple extra layers. >> daniel: i like that. not too shabby. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> julie: watch fox25 news at
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it's october 12th, time for great viral videos "right this minute." a buddy sky diving trip went really interesting. >> let's see what it is. >> why it's so not what you're expecting. >> whoa! >> horrible, awful, i can't even describe the pain. >> a brave woman talks about the attack that left h >> how she hopes her story will inspire others to persevere. >> going to sleep one person and waking up someone else is really difficult. >> a car outside a restaurant is about to meet certain destruction. how a waiter and open window save the day. >> this guy is a legend. >> plus, bonus buzz word day means your shot at a new ipad mini or a flat screen tv.


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