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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 13, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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. now with breaking news, this is fox25 morning news, complete new england news coverage. julie breaking news now at 4:00. gunshots ring out in east boston. >> blair: this morning two police officers are in critical condition and the suspect is dead. we are covering long. a lot to get to. good morning, i am blair miller. >> julie: good morning i am julie grauert. we will bring you up to speed on that shooting for a minute. a quick check the weather because there is a chance for rain. meteorologist shiri spear and in the stormtracker weather center with a timeline of the shower. julie. >> julie: good news. starting off with clouds. 54 in boston. 45 in bedford. 46 in nashua. 49 in plymouth. keeping a close eye on the fog
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we got visibility under a mile hyannis. and fog will likely peek through 7:00 this morning and you will find it dissipating about 10 a.m. a little mist and fog. and we turn partly sunny for the middle of the day including lunchtime and a good chunk of your afternoon. 64 to 68 degrees. we have a timeline on evening showers coming up in 10. get you back to julie for live drive-time traffic. >> reporter: let every tunnel will be closed until 5 a.m. for prescheduled overnight maintenance work. traffic is being detoured to the sumner tunnel. things looking good route 1, 93 south. expressway clear from the braintree split over to the exit to the pike. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway. 21 minutes on 93 south as you approach the zakim bridge. breaking news in east boston. here is what we know. at 10:51 last night. boston police responded to a
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confirmed to us that someone shot two officers and an ambulance rushed them to mass general hospital. a shelter-in-place was enforced because at the time police thought there could a second suspect. at 12:12, police announced that one suspect was in custody and the shelter in place was lifted. we now know that suspect died after a shootout with police. two officers are in extremely critical condition. just a couple evans, mayor marty walsh held a news conference to bring us to speed on this. >> julie: let's listen as the commissioner brings us up to speed on the situation. >> officers received a 911 call to 136 gladstone street with a domestic incident with possibility of one of the individuals having a gun. several of our officers responded to that call. they went inside the premise
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at that time, we heard officers screaming on the radio a 303 which signifies shots fired and officer down. the officers were screaming "officer down." several other officers who were outside proceeded inside and they engaged in gunfire. of the officers dragged fellow officers out of the line of fire. so they were in a protective zone and the officers continued to engage in a gun exchange. at that time, they were able to neutralize the suspect who was armed with some sort of assault rifle who also had on a ballistic vest at that time and he was neutralized. at that point, the officers with our -- with our wounded
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administer first aid, apply a turn yet. one officer had his -- a tourniquet. one officer had his hand in the wound which was instrumental in getting him down to mass general. and the condition of the officers right now are classified according to the doctor, dr. stearns, as extremely critical at this time. i ask the public to pray for them. i know reverend john connolly he came down and about 50 of us gathered and prayed for the safety of our officers approximately all others had extreme courage in braving a situation that we all too often never know what to expect and that is a domestic call here. i want to thank mass general
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i think getting the officers here quickly. i know several blood transfusions going on and right now again, their conditions right now are extremely critical at this time. >> julie: that was police commissioner william evans. that news conference at 2:15 was the very first time we heard the details, and fox25 was the only station to bring it to you live. >> blair: one of his officer put his hand on his own wound is very troubling details. mayor marty walsh addressed the heartache he feels during situations like this. >> early this afternoon was at the headquarters for remembrance of the officer who lost his life in the line of duty officer m+ acero and today two officers were shot in the line of duty and, you know, this -- this situation -- this job is a tough time and oftentimes people don't
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and they are hoping that they make a full recovery. we know now it is critical condition in the hospital here and the other officers that are also being treated were at the scene. we have a chance to go ant meet and talk to all of the officers -- most of the officers involved tonight. they did a good job of making sure that they were able to do what they had to do with the police officers in the city of boston but community boston was shocking quiet neighborhood in east boston and had people are concerned when this was going on and what was happening in the neighborhood. i want to ask the public again the commissioner to keep the officers in your prayers tonight and hopefully -- hopefully they will be back on the streets soon. >> blair: boston mayor marty wall to be give us an up date of the officer's standpoints. questions how to get to this
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answers all throughout the morning. we will hear from people who were woken up from people who heard gunshots outside their home. two live reports, one from the hospital where the two police officers are now and another from the scene. what neighbors are saying about what happened. a lowell police suspect under arrest accused of assaulting a woman. from his pepperell responded to a 911 call early where they were met by a woman who said officers had to use the stun gun on the 42-year-old to get her under arrest. a judge released him on personal recognizant. a convicted sex offender released from prison five months ago is now accused of sexually assaulting two him. ronald brown was arrested. he hid his face in court. he climbed through a window at n an apartment on the south
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they recovered a prescription medicine bottle with his name on it from one of the bedrooms of the victim. his attorney said little after the hearing. >> significant issues that will be played out in court. >> julie: very brief statements. they dug into his past and found jury intimidation for rushing a jury in court. he is being held without bail until a tomorrow. a teacher from keene, new hampshire is accused of teaching the wrong kind of lesson this class. diane delyle turned herself in after they are co-workers said she was abusing drugs in the classroom. they say she had a cut-off straw, pill grinder and a small bag of white powder. detectives texted someone to remove her purse from the classroom while being interviewed by doctors. she is charged with lying to
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a man is accused of assaulting a young boy over a five-year period. hodgeman was arrest.ed. the abuse started in 2000 and ended in 2005. hodgman will face a judge later today. the man accused of leading police on high-speed chase will face a judge today. an officer tried to pull james joyce over yesterday morning but he sped off. skyfox pursuit 20 miles away in randolph. police say the car was reported stolen tuesday night. in the span of 72 hours, the city of lowell had 17 overdoses, of two which were deadly and leaders are now trying to find out that that never happens again. the police officer is using 1.2 million in federal grant money. through this program, officers team up with outreach specialists and fire fighters to go out and encourage people
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one man told us this program saved his life. >> at the end of the day, like, so many people -- so many of my friends died last summer to this summer i could have been one of them. i could have been a statistic. and the grace of god and them helping me, i am here today telling my story. >> blair: with this grant the police department helps to hire staff and a full-time substance abuse coordinator we are learning more of a little dog that attacked four people in brockton. animal control officers said he has bitten someone before. the husky bit a groomer last month and the groom her to go to the hospital and her wound was infected. the dog was taken into custody after last week's attack. the police officer will hold a hearing to figure out if the animal is a danger to the public and should be put down. we check traffic and weather together every ten minutes. right now on 93 south, thing
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from andover to the zakim bridge. 40s and 50s out there right now. we got clouds. watching drizzle and fog. good news is we should be able to get most of you home from work with temperatures in the 60s. still looking pretty dry and we have the timeline of evening showers coming up in about ten minutes. >> julie: all right, shiri. in a new report, two women claim that donald trump sexually harassed them years ago. coming up this morning, trump's response and other reports starting to come in. we are staying on top of boston. two officers in critical condition after a late-night shooting.
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this morning we continue to update the breaking news out of east boston. two veteran police officers in critical condition after a shooting on gladstone street. this all happened after 11:00 last night and we have been getting updates ever since disturbance of two roommates. >> julie: we stayed on live late into the night following this breaking news. one viewer sent us video after he heard the gunshots. we talked to him about what he saw and heard [gunshots] >> that is on a loop, but mike says there were probably 25 to 30 total shot. he was awoken by them.
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shot video of it. in fact we caught up with mike about an hour later and this is what he had to say to one of our reporters on the scene. >> gunshots from our bedroom window. it woke her -- woke my girlfriend up and i pulled out my phone and recorded that ten seconds it which might have been the end -- might have been a little more after it. at least ten in the video. >> how many gunshots do you think you heard? >> minimum 25. >> that was mike tucker. he is the one that took the video of what he said. 25 gunshots what he heard and captured about ten of them on camera. >> blair: pretty telling because he heard it and grabbed his phone and got video. obviously it went on for a long time. we spoke to one woman who woke up. mark ockerbloom and with a necessary is a stark talked to toni stark by phone. >>caller: i was lying in bed
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helicopter and i told my roommate and i started recording out the window and watching it all happen. cop cars from all varieties, motorcycles, undercover cars and they blocked off the end of reed street and i saw ambulances coming. >> did you hear gunfire at all? >> at one point i heard a few shots. >> what about this night until this point. it was a night like any other night. seen any activity neighborhood? >> nothing to that extent ever. i heard a couple of things before, but nothing like this. >> how is this feeling right now? i am sure this is a very intense situation for you. describe for us how you are feeling. >> a little bit jarring. i was exhausted. when i got up and saw this, i was wide awake. >> that suspect is deceased and police are reporting that the scene is secure. >> i was listening to the police scanner for a while and i was worried with the helicopter in the air and
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going outside and looking in the streets. i was watching hoping that the person was holed up be somebody. >> blair: that was toni stark speaking with mark ockerbloom and vanessa welch. you heard her talking about gunfire and you don't hear that where she lives. >> julie: we went on live and stayed on late with mark and vanessa and went the news conference at 2:15. nine additional officers at tufts medical center. this a story we will continue to follow. a look at the roads where things are nice and quiet out there right now. still early and don't be intimidated by all of the icons, overnight construction work. route 1, 93 south wide open. 12 minutes on route 12 1 from 128 to the tobin. 22 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls.
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yesterday afternoon was so nice. go for a repeat. >> you know temperature-wise we will have a little treat like yesterday. style-wise a pretty picture. and we talk about rain and how much we need it with the drought conditions. we have rain in the forecast and just not a lot of rain you can see here. few hundreds of an inch of rain. that's it. pretty spotty stuff. will not help very much from this drought situation. keep in mind this is my drought monitor. we are talking extreme drought for the time being in will get us updated once a week. coming up at 8:30 and i will be sure to bring it to you and i am hoping that we can just hold this as is instead of worsening anything. perhaps we will get slight improvement over eastern and southeastern massachusetts where we have massive weekend rain. again that comes out at 8:30. several hours away. 54 degrees in boston. counting on those clouds. no rain yet. no fog yet which is a great
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things that i will be watching for through the morning commute. you can see clouds thicken up at 8 a.m. with temperatures in the middle 50s. that's where we will have to be on the lookout for patchy fog, a little mist to go alone with it and julie could be tracking damp roadway. keep with us because we will keep you posted on impacts every ten minutes. 61 degrees. 65 at noon. clouds kind of break apart in the afternoon and temperatures get that little extra boost into the upper 60s, even lower 70s w cloud cover. rain now -- clouds are starting to creep in from the south and that's where the moisture is also going to come from. i think in the next couple of hours through 7 a.m. is when we are going to be watching for the fog to thicken up and a couple of those rain drops to keep falling. notice not a lot of rain. it is very patchy. not everybody gets it and something we want you to be prepared for through 10:00 this morning. by noontime and during the afternoon i suspect we will see improvements and get the
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degrees. but we also have this band of rain that is arriving in western massachusetts between about 3 and 4:00 this afternoon. that means that evening commute impacts will be mostly central in western mass. i think a lot of you will get home before these patchy showers move over, but starting around 5 p.m., the worcester and fitchburg and bash in, new hampshire. we have a potential for a few showers out there. check this out at dinnertime we can see a little bit of that close to it is more like 7 or 8:00 here that we are timing out some of the showers in and around the boston area. we could see the first low down here by a little bit. check back with us here because this is something we are watching here all morning long. kevin lemanowicz will be watching for it on fox25 here starting at 4 p.m. 9 p.m., good news the only showers offer the cape and then we are done. highs today coming close to 70 degrees. a nice little warm-up that doesn't last us very long back
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risk of showers. skies clear up after midnight. winds pick. you look at these winds, 10 to 20 miles per hour. gusts will be closer to 30. even though i am giving you high temperatures in the upper 50s to about 60 degrees, keep in mind will feel a little cooler because of these winds. winds gusting as we look at that hour by hour wind forecast. close to 30 miles per hour. especially over the cape. my breeziest spot here and tomorrow morning, that could boil down to wind chills ease hee in the 30s. for the day tomorrow following today's chance of showers. we have sunshine over the weekend with highs in the 50s and 60s. and a little more rain here for your monday. back over to you guys. >> blair: thank you, shiri. we are updating the breaking news all day long. two officers in critical condition after a shooting in east boston. coming up two live reports. one from the hospital where the officers are now and the other live at the keen where
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an investigation confirms that a plane crash was intentional.
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appears to be a case of suicide. sources tell the associated press that a student pilot is upset and started to fight with the instructor. the instructor tried to regain control of the plane but failed. the student died but instructor survived and spoken with investigators. the fbi is working with police in east hartford to find out why the student pilot was suicidal. a mistake put a dangerous child rapist back on the street. tells fox25 civilly commit stevenner before he was released. he was originally sentenced to 190 years and released after 30 because of appeals and legal actions. he moved in a weymouth neighborhood recently but now learned he will be moving to suffolk county because his probation was recently transferred there. happening tomorrow, a man and woman accused of killing an elderly man in orange will
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joshua hart in a rental truck. they were brought back to massachusetts. the pair from athol is accused of a home invasion in orange that left 95-year-old thomas hardy dead and his 77-year-old wife in the hospital. two women told "new york times" that danvers. they say advances happened years ago and decided to come forward after the reak of his lewd comments. trump denied the claims calling them politically motivated and threatened to sue the paper. beach post" said that trump groped her at his estate in florida. trump's campaign says that allegation lacks any merit. also "people" magazine reporting one of its writers have stepped forward saying trump assaulted her as well. wells fargo ceo john stump is off the job effective immediately over the fallout of scandal over the bank's sales practices. the banking giant announced yesterday.
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millions of fake bank and credit card accounts in order to reach sales goals. some current and fellow workers said when they complained, they faced harassment and intimidation. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren responding to the news on twitter. if wells fargo john stumpf is leaving with all of his ill-gotten millions, that is still not real accountability. we are getting updates from the breaking news we are following for you. two officers shot by a susp in east boston.
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now this breaking news, this is fox25 morning news with complete new england coverage. now at 4:30, gunhots in east boston. two police officers in critical condition and the suspect is dead. we are live at this scene live
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we are following all the new details that are breaking overnight. good morning, everyone. it is 4:30 on your thursday. i am blair miller. >> julie: i am julie grauert. two live reports in a shooting in east boston. and first we need to check in on the weather because there is a chance of rain this morning. shiri spear in the storm tracker weather center with a timeline. shiri julie julie right now tracking clouds. so far so good. the only concern i have fog to falmouth and the vineyard. the foggy situa bad. fog in portsmouth, new hampshire. these are things that could change in the next hour. by 7 a.m. i am counting on fog and drizzle. not widespread and temp will be on either side of about 50 degrees. noontime, 66. a few lingering clouds. clouds break apart this afternoon and not bad. do get more evening showers and we will be timing this out in ten minutes. julie is back with live drive time traffic.


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