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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 14, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> michael: couple accused of killing and they will be back here after extradited. >> blair: machine that turns vegetables into >> blair: i'm blair miller in for daniel miller. >> julie: i'm julie grauert. i want to hear more about the breakthrough that turns vegetables into candy flavor. cool start on the day so far, shiri. >> shiri: temperatures starting off in the 40s and in
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and 46 in nashua, new hampshire, 48 in boston and so we got ocean effect clouds right now over the cape with temperatures there in the 50s. keeping close eye on these winds which have increased in the last hour now sustained ten to 15 miles per hour. the breeze is enough on top of the cooler temperatures. a little bit of bill belichick this morning at 11:00 a.m. i got 52? out there, 1:00 p.m. 56. we really hit highs in the upper 50s most spots so range from 56 to 60 and going to be sunny and brisk. as well. but look at wind chills you should plan around the next couple of hours coming up in a couple minutes and it is going to be quite a bit cooler than the actual temperature readings that we are facing at this moment. julie grauert back with live drive time traffic this morning. how is it shaping up? >> shiri: want. >> julie: train 7:08 expected to leave norfolk in about 25 to
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may have been an accident on the tracks. also want to take you out to the roads where things still slow going on 128 northbound as you work your way up toward route 9 heading toward the pike, delays stretching back to 135. expressway northbound waiting for the one lane to open back up after an accident blocked it at morrissey boulevard. north of the pike 93 south still our slow spot medford into somerville. live drive time a won't go down until the accident. >> blair: police were called to gladstone street because of this man right here. roommate called 911 after pair got into a fight apparently about the temperature of the house. >> julie: records show he had a violent temper.
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morelli and he is live outside in east boston. >> jim: what many trying to figure out whether any predictors, past behaviors that could explain how someone could lose it after a trivial argument with a roommate and did find evidence of instability in court documents out of the state of georgia. 2009 figueroa actually pled guilty to torching own vehicle, that is first degree arson, also pled guilty at the same time to impersonating a d guess you call the meat of the matter is in the divorce papers that were filed by the exwife the same year again and describes why she wants to get the divorce and she says he treated her cruelly and in fact, gave me black eyes, choked me, pulled out hair, verbally humiliated me and abused me on several different occasions and put restraining order on him
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not be harmed any more. coming up next half hour we will look at mr. figueroa facebook page in particular. >> julie: lifesaving blood transfusions and surgeries after two officers hit. dozens of officers, including commissioner, came out last night honoring the have been in service combined of 39? and they are continuing to be in critical but stable condition. >> catherine: i poke with boston police and here at hospital at mass general after receiving the transfusions and also having surgery this amid outpouring of support with the community.
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incidents reeling. federal boston police officers richard and matt morris. last night more than 100 officials and clergy and residents came together for vigil in front of the east boston police station praying for the officer's recoveries. >> officers will recover and william evans and actions on the scene and after cintolo and morris were wounded, fellow officers pulled them out of harm's way and applied pressure to the wound and fashioned a tourniquet for officer morris after major shot in his leg. >> never been so proud of the job men and women did in such a violent situation. >> catherine: they continue to recover and boston police continuing to support them but
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officers hit with gun fire. so many other people stepped out and want to make sure they are all right. >> catherine: learning more about them and who they are and spoke with somebody that worked with the officers, retired boston police officer and hear from him coming up next half hour. live here in mass general, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> julie: there are blo locations near and you find more details about the gunman's background and details about wednesday night's shootout. >> blair: one of the people accused of deadly attack in central massachusetts is arrived at court. he and woman about to face a judge accused of killing 95-year-old man and seriously hurting his wife. pair was caught in virginia last weekend and now charged in this violent and deadly home invasion. live outside orange, district
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have connection to the elderly couple. >> michael: that's what we expect to find out at 11:30 and arraignment for both suspects will take place. at the moment we are still waiting as i told you in the report about an hour ago, we are still awaiting arrival of one of the suspects, 27-year-old brittany smith. she is not at the courthouse just yet but as you just saw and will show you again right now, the other suspect courthouse. he was taken in a little bit after 7:00 transferred over by sheriff's deputies. prosecutors say hart and smith broke into a couple's east river street home last week killing 95-year-old thomas hardy and badly injuring his 77-year-old wife joanna fischer. the couple stolen station wagon led investigators to virginia where deputies arrested hart and smith in wal-mart parking lot early saturday.
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charges of murder, attempted murder, home invasion and moore. that arraignment is once again at 11:30. one suspect here, another arrival we are still awaiting and as soon as we get our hands on the court documents to reveal if there might be any connection between the suspects and victims. we, of course, will bring you update on news app and live in orange, michael henrich, fox25 news >> julie: police arrested jose sepedda. we showed you these pictures. crystal clear images captured the man in the area of the attack and helped police track him down and accused of attacking woman near kevin fitzgerald park last weekend and sipedda facing several assault related charges. breaking into south end apartment and attacking two women will head back to court. today ronald brown will have a dangerousness hearing. police say brown climbed through window of south end apartment
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inside. officers say he then raped one of them. while searching the apartment police found a pill bottle with brown's name on it and later tracked him down at homeless shelter. officers say he still had victim's cell phones and electronics on him. >> blair: new details coming out about the student accused of intentionally crashing a small plane in hartford neighborhood. the behavior changed in days leading up to tuesday's crash and people that knew him told police he had be he confrontational and was killed in the crash. his instructor was badly burned but is recovering in the hospital. investigators have not confirmed he was trying to kill himself. they will only say the crash was an intentional act. investigators say they now know what caused last month deadly green filled house fire. they say smoking is to blame for the blaze which killed a state police radio technician and his family, including five-year-old grandson. no working smoke detectors were
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>> julie: shiri has been telling us the morning is colder and means winter is around the corner and prepare to pay more for heat. heating bills are likely to be higher than last winter. current forecast calling for colder winter across the northeast and midwest. energy prices are also expected to be slightly higher this year. doesn't matter if you use oil, natural gas, electric or propane heat. julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. i have been keeping close eye on issue on the franklin line. leaving norfolk in the next 20 to 30 minutes and police finish up investigation into someone who they say was hit on the tracks. i will have look at live drive times in a few minutes. >> shiri: taking you into boston next couple hours, 48? and wind chill still down at 43, but claiming to -- climbing to 50s at 10:00, 11:00, what time we are the warmest ahead today
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>> blair: airlines turning to bags. >> julie: getting emotional. >> >> speaking freely about predatory behavior.
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the outside corporate interests bankrolling question two here's the truth: every time a new charter school opens, it drains money from the existing public schools. that's 400 million just last year - according to the state's own data. which means real cuts to our kids - in arts, technology, ap classes, pre-school, bus service and more. that's why question two's opposed by the massachusetts pta and school committees all across the state.
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>> blair: umass lowell poll shows clinton holding on to six-point lead in new hampshire. that's where michelle obama was yesterday stumping for clinton. she denounced trump without ever saying his name but said allegations hit ignore. >> blair: disgust at donald trump's comments caught on tape in 2005. >> seems clear this is not isolated incident and countless example how he has treated women his whole life. >> blair: trump trying to beat back the view of him as best he can and groping and assault and fabrications aimed at stopping his campaign. >> i never knew it would be this vile that it would be this bad,
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>> blair: lawyers send letters calling for retractions and melania trump sending letter to editor and chief and bumped into trump tower a few months later and letter claims the two never spoke and never friendly but "people" standing by the story. also thursday the new york times refused another call for retraction saying in part, quote, nothing in our article has had the slightest effect on the reputation that mr. trump through his own words and actions attacked to himself. republican lawmakers trying to step the losses and president obama is not letting former trump supporters distance themselves too far from him. >> at eleventh hour withdraw the
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>> blair: trump will be back in new england tomorrow and taking spots in portsmouth, new hampshire and bangor, maine. >> julie: conservative watchdog group judicial watch is suing hillary clinton. lawyers turned over a serious of answers questions raised by the group in lawsuit. in her response she says she used server out of convenience and she believes the state department was archiving e-mails >> blair: final presidenti and i will be there and you could start it live at 9:00 on wednesday and fox25 special news at 10:00. >> julie: 9:17. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. we are still seeing backups on 128 northbound because of that accident near route 9. those delays stretching back to route 135 and reflected in the drive times as well. 93 south sluggish right around route 60 as you approach somerville. here are live drive times, at least there are improvements on
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head from university avenue in westwood to the weston tolls. >> blair: turning outside looks gorgeous. >> shiri: feels like fall, it is fall. why not do a little leaf peeping and, of course, i'm always looking for reports on twitter as well. laughing at me or the term. term a little creepy. peak color occurring at higher elevations like worcester hills, monadnocks, best color coming from central mass and getting repo northern most new england and chunk of main and turning color in eastern and southeastern massachusetts. cape we are not looking hot for the color quite yet. 43? in worcester. we have been off to cool start. sure better than the 30s we had two hours ago. 43? now. you factor in a little wind. probably still feels like the 30s. we are still kind of digesting wind chills this morning. once we hit 50? we start -- stop computing the wind chills so in
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cusp right now. 11:00 a.m. 48? in worcester, 1:00 p.m. 52?. sunshine this afternoon, temperatures in the 50s. look at what's happening this evening. temperature back into the 40s here for friday night plans. so this afternoon i got highs that are going to kind of struggle to get up to 60. couple sixties on map in norwood and fitchburg and rest of the area really rocking those upper 50s today, worcester 55, boston 57? and 60 in taunton, upper 50s brockton and bridgewater and mid-50s from the south shore hey we got friday night football, and 49? and search down to 45?. we don't have a worry in the world from the weather department. it is going to be clear, winds will be lightening up, so that's good news. tomorrow temperatures very similar to today and then on sunday you can see we are warming by good ten? in boston, so get up to about 69? on sunday. even 70s in nashua and in beverly. so here is hour-by-hour look with future cast today kind of
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cool canadian air, north wind, cool, it is breezy, temperatures actually below average today and overnight tonight which is going to lead us to the potential of freezing conditions inland waking up to the 20s and 30s in the morning and along the coastline we will be looking at potential of first frost in boston as we see mid to upper 30s. that's going to last until 9:00 a.m. after that warm-up is on, we got the sun in place for the afternoon and then as we slide into sunday, sticking mostly sunny forecast and late in the day clouds move in, overnight start seeing the rain move in. so 7-day forecast with weekend always in view. 59? bright and breezy today we start tomorrow close to freezing, head up to 60, we have sunday at 66 with partly sunny skies. again, the rain is going to move in overnight and into monday morning. scattered rain not a washout,
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the map and within -- one or two showers and a lot of dry conditions. >> blair: how man's best conditions. >> blair: how man's best friend actually ? ? on social security and medicare, these are the facts. kelly ayotte voted for deep cuts in medicare and social security. here are the votes. she voted against protecting social security from the threat of privatization. and said she's open to raising the retirement age for social security. look it up yourself. the fact is kelly ayotte's supporting big, corporate special interests. she's not working for us. dscc is responsible for the content
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imagine if your child were trapped in a failing school. imagine if your child couldn't read or write at grade level. imagine if your child were stuck on a waiting list. 32,000 kids want to go to a public charter school. but they can't. if you like your public school, question 2 won't affect you. but for kids stuck in failing school districts, question 2 will let parents choose something better and give all our kids hope.
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>> julie: what could be on your next flight. >> reporter: we have been reporting on exploding samsung phones for months. it explodes mid-flight, everyone will be safe. at least three u.s. air lines are adding new fire suppression equipment to address by overheating lithium ion batteries. bright red bags made of fire resistant material should be shut with velcro or heavy duty zipper and withstand 3200?
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overheating samsung galaxy note seven phones, including one on southwest airlines flight earlier this month. the faa is warning passengers not to use or charge those phones while on board and not to put them in checked bags. on a flight earlier this week a reporter friend tweeted flight attendant said if you have one of these phones, she has a trash can for you. reporting live in washington, jacqueline fell, fox25 news. >> julie: verizon may reconsider $4.8 billion deal to buy yahoo. analysts believe verizon may be trying to renegotiate for a better price. clause in the deal says verizon could back out if it happens to reduce the value of yahoo. >> blair: worcester regional airport looking help to expand and report will receive $7.7 million grant. that money would be used to
9:25 am
and want to boost the state's economy. framingham based tjx company seeking approval to add to campus. metrowest daily news reports the retail giant plans to build seven story building. if this is proved the new construction would approve parking garage, conference center and heated pedestrian bridge. the framingham planning board will discuss the project next month. >> julie: every year about 440 men die from breast cancer. local man said he could have been part of the not for his dog. pick out mike wagner at making strides against breast cancer event last year. he participated not as supporter but as survivor. two years ago he was laying in bed when made discovery that saved his life. >> i have three jack russels and one buster crawled up on my chest and started sniffing around area where i had the cancer and nudge it with his
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there. two years later cancer free and wants to make sure other men don't get caught offguard. >> shiri: we have patriots playing the bangles, tons of sunshine, looks like perfect game and get through two chilly days first and got the latest on the cold air this morning coming up next. shark gets inside a dive cage with the diver. a close call. >> catherine: two police officers critically wounded while doing their job. officers critically wounded while doing their job. >> on the front line. great price on this boneless chicken! yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my stop & shop.
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and i'm not perfect either. but when partisan politicians shut down the government, i led the fight to reopen it. i've worked to find solutions to new hampshire's heroin epidemic. and i've crossed the aisle to protect new hampshire's clean air and clean water. i've been called a problem solver by independent groups, and ranked as one of the most bipartisan senators. i'm kelly ayotte - and i approve this message, because whether i'm working with republicans, democrats, or independents,
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this price is so low.
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whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my stop & shop. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> blair: gorgeous view as we show you the back bay. cool out there, right? >> julie: top of the hub. >> shiri: wonder who have been there lately.
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oxygen girl can dream. clear skies and temperatures in the 40s. 43 in worcester, 45 in leominster, 45 londonderry new hampshire and upper 40s in salisbury and lexington and 47 mansfield and 45?, not too shabby, 50s popping now for the south shore and cape and day planner and temperatures not dropping any more, temperatures actually going up right now, 55? at noon time, breezy, bright, got tons of as we go through the afternoon hours and going to be a little bit breezy out there so coming up in about ten minutes got look at wind chill and feel when you factor in the breeze today. let's get you back over to julie and latest on drive time traffic. >> julie: expect delays on franklin line and on the track and accident earlier this morning so several of the trains running behind schedule. things looking okay route 1 and
9:31 am
approach somerville. 128 north on the map and lingering earlier accident at route 9 and delays stretching back into dedham now. drive time, map a little deceiving and drive times improving, 128 northbound from university avenue in westwood to the weston tolls. >> blair: learning more details about the suspect that shot two officers. >> julie: facebook page was created found on his page with jim morelli. >> jim: he was under cocoa jago and that it contained light hearted material such as music videos, movie trailers and also some videos cute pets and animals and serious stuff on there too such as translations from the curran and in video form and articles about police
9:32 am
stuff, apparently was the fan of the obamas and neighbors around here still trying to figure out this guy. >> every time worked with him. >> jim: curt has criminal record and state of georgia pled guilty to first-degree murder arson and apparently torched his own car, at the same time he also pled guilty to impersonating detective was in his divorce papers, ones filed by exwife that he saw where he was violent and talked about him beating her up, pulling her hair, abusing verbally. jim morelli, fox25 news. >> julie: police and neighbors rallying together while they heal and former officer who knows both men. catherine parrotta continues our team coverage now at mass
9:33 am
catherine? >> catherine: they are critical in stable condition and yesterday we were told they are not out of the woods yet, not nearly, but reason for optimism and continue to learn more about them. >> catherine: chilling news for retired boston police jim lahey. >> disturbing when any officer gets shot. >> catherine: respon domestic colony boston it hit close to home and richard cintolo and matt morris are officers and lahey knows them both. >> hoping they pull out okay. they were shot up pretty bad. >> catherine: one shot hit a major artery in officer morris's leg. morris awarded the hanna medal of honor, the highest honor.
9:34 am
in dorchester. >> regular kid from dorchester, good guy. >> catherine: cintolo has been on force for 27 years and father of three comes from police family and his father was shot after responding to domestic call. >> my prayers go with the family, any of them and know him and work with his father, know young cintolo and worked with him too. >> catherine: prayers by so many that officers were to protect and serve. there has been outpouring of support from the community. in fact, we have been showing you sights and sounds from the vigil that took place all morning long. of course, we will continue to stay on top of this, keep you posted as officers recover and latest on website on for now live here in mass general, kidnapped, -- catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> catherine: there are blood drives honoring the officers and find more details about the
9:35 am
shooting. >> blair: steven ber gon five counts of second-degree murder. police say last weekend he drove the wrong way down a major highway in vermont hitting a car that was carrying five teenagers. all of those teens were killed and ber gon also accused of stealing a police cruiser and hitting seven other cars. if convicted on the murder charges he is facing life in accused of taking two-year-old girl and girl found naked, bruised and burned on the side of the road. she has been at state hospital and mental health and competency are evaluated and due in salem superior court today for a status hearing. >> julie: lawyers arguing statements michelle carter used
9:36 am
after boyfriend killed himself. 20-year-old facing manslaughter charge for the death of conrad roy iii. >> blair: official asking judge to release former speaker of the house sal dimasi from prison. it was filed from the federal bureau of prison to be released immediately due to his cancer diagnosis. he was diagnosed with cancer shortly after he was convicted of mail fraud and conspiracy charges in 2011. so far he has served almost five years of eight-year dimasi's wife says she is grateful for the government's recommendation. >> julie: new report finds surgery removes wrong patient's kidney. surgery supposed to take kidney after a different patient who had the same name. surgery identifies the patient using name on test result but didn't check second form of id on birthday and figured made mistake and realized the kidney just taken out didn't have
9:37 am
incident public health inspectors found serious safety lapses at hospital. >> blair: reports of wild turkeys attacking people. bedford police say if you show dominance and act boldly the birds will back down. turkeys are social animals and get too comfortable around humans, might see us as subordinates c would cause more problems. >> blair: department of public health believe virus linked to consumption of shellfish from the area and there will be plante of food from the festival and use oysters from other areas. >> julie: nation in mourning after thailand's king. thousands lined through city of
9:38 am
king was borne in cambridge. his family lived in brookline for a short time before they went back to thailand. he died at 88 years old. >> blair: bruins took on columbus blue jackets. despite stumbling out of the gate they managed a remarkable performance. david baucus making debut. third period bruins get break away marchand. brad marchand to help them get ahead. next up they play maple leafs tomorrow in toronto. dodgers had do or die game five win. 2-run triple gave dodgers three-run lead and hold on to win it four-three and head to
9:39 am
tomorrow night. >> season over for the red sox dustin pedroia looking forward to starting 2017 healthy. successful surgery to fix a partially torn meniscus and expected to be 100% by spring training. >> look at drive time 128 northbound still a little bit slower than i would like to see at 43 minutes as you head tolls. shiri? >> shiri: gusts finally starting to pick up, winds gusting 20 to 25 miles per hour out there, leading to wind chills. right now feels like 43 boston, 41 in bedford but 36? in worcester and warm-up for the weekend and make the outdoor plans in less than ten. >> julie: what inpatient
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curity from the threat of privatization. and said she's open to raising the retirement age for social security. look it up yourself. the fact is kelly ayotte's supporting big, corporate special interests. she's not working for us. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> blair: 70,000 people captivated on pair of dogs stuck in drainage pipe.
9:43 am
the first responders. >> reporter: owners still doesn't know what drew them into the backyard drain pipe that runs 175 feet long, buried 12 feet below the surface. >> i don't know about whatever it was they wanted to go back after, after it happened. >> took heavy equipment to get them out. dogs got stuck about 70 feet into the tunnel and when they got to midway pointh german shepherd couldn't turn around either. >> protruding from the side and made 12 inch diameter side roughly six inches, so physically couldn't get by that. >> reporter: it was panic mode for rosie and firefighter snaked into pike from midway dug and winston wouldn't leave her. >> wouldn't leave them, did come out at one point but basically
9:44 am
other dog. >> big hole, camera probe and both safe. >> very happy to see the dogs flurry neither one of the dog got hurt during the rescue process. firefighters say the most difficult part of the whole thing was stabilizing the brain to make sure it didn't collapse. jackie heinrich, fox25 news. >> terrifying few seconds diver off the coast of mexico and thankfully escaped unharmed with great white shark. crews scrambled to open the ma remain trapped inside. seconds later right there, the great white finds his way back into the open water. there's a pause right there before the diver surfaces. taps his head and that's the until he is okay. diver says moment left him shaking but experience helped him stay calm when he was face-to-face with that shark. >> blair: could you imagine any of that? incredible. powerful show of sportsmanship at cross country meet.
9:45 am
stop. two runners from competing schools, alex layman and jimmy napick killed him through hilly mile and a half and made sure he crossed the finish line first saying that's what they would want if it was one of their teammates. >> julie: 128 southbound route 1 and volume starting to lighten up so not going to slays on 128 northbound though stretching from right after route 1 in dedham and around route 9 in the wellesley area. improvements in the drive time, 23 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. 40 minutes on 128 northbound from westwood to the weston tolls. >> shiri: like starting out the day a little chilly. so much easier to breathe than
9:46 am
have a breeze, so 48 with wind chill of 43. now, winds are sustained at 12 miles per hour but we have gusts mostly 20, 25 miles per hour now and what you will notice as we travel through the day is that the winds stay pretty active the first half and expect seeing gusts teens, 20s, through the boston area into the early afternoon, windiest spot going to end up and gusts up to 30 miles per hour and until mid-afternoon. finally start to lighten up. here is game plan, future cast here noon time today really widespread military 50s, lunchtime across southern new england and still going to be pretty cool out there and as you saw and 4:00 p.m. comes along and cloud free skies don't have to break down that part of the forecast but if you're a friday nighter out on the town here at 8:00 p.m., temperatures slipping
9:47 am
going to be out really late, daring, temperatures will be start dropping back into the 30s. this afternoon middle 50s out across the cape and islands, mostly sunny skies, sun continues here with couple 60s in fall river, new bedford, taunton and attleboro closer to the south shore. temperatures go down by a couple degrees. boston today about 57?, 60 in dedham, 59 in natick and 59 in shirley, north shore looking just as bright and beautiful, cooler in rockport at 55? but going to be close to 60 in ipswich, andover and haverhill and central massachusetts taking hit on worcester and auburn, higher elevations a little bit cooler, so middle 50s there, should be able to pink out 60 degree reading in fitchburg and going to be upper 50s up into southern new hampshire. sunshine not budging. let's talk about those weekend high temperatures because tomorrow a lot like today, you will see upper 50s, lower 60s, more sunshine. we got late day clouds here on sunday but we have also got warm-up. so that means temperature here
9:48 am
in boston, we got 65 in hyannis, we have got some 70s on my map in concord, new hampshire and get through really cold start tomorrow morning first. this is the coldest start we have possibly seen all season through the 7-day forecast. this is kind of the when the cold will end up peaking and inland 20s and 30s tomorrow morning. at the coast the potential frosty conditions through about 9:00 a.m. afternoon sunshine as you saw warming a lot like today and then for sunday in the wind direction coming from the south and west and pull in warmer temperatures but late we have clouds moving in, overnight got rain moving in. this is interesting. today the sun goes down at 6:03 p.m. by halloween 5:38 p.m. and when we turn the clock it is fall, so we fall back, actually gain an hour of sleep and we do that on november 6th and that means sun sets at 4:31. that's the time of the year go
9:49 am
home from work when it is dark and kind of lose most of the daylight hours to your work hours unfortunately. 7-day forecast weekend always in view, 59 bright and breezy today. we got sunshine tomorrow at 60?. after that really cold morning. 66 with late clouds on sunday, leading to overnight shower into monday morning, monday afternoon clears up and temperatures getting close to 70? and i think we make it into the 70s tuesday, wednesday, thursday and played it conservative with the temperatures there and could end up being m period there next week under partly cloudy skies. check on forecast, get out and enjoy. >> michelle: life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall and so true when you look at it that way and get out there and enjoy it and a lot going on around town. first up all weekend celebrate favorite things about fall at wachusett mountain.
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really unique competitions. bring the biggest, prettiest or ugliest pumpkin and submit the best apple pie for the apple pie contest and winners for bog will be announced on saturday and sun continues sunday 9:00 a.m. and cider house 5k. great way to get exercise and enjoy the great outdoors. pack up the family and check it out. red sox season isn't quite over. all ages to enjoy. complete with batting cage, pitching station, steel second challenge and virtual reality experience and fun way to spend the day. finally we continue the pizza tour this week in celebration of national pizza month and find ourselves favorite places with old school charm, great people and outstanding pub style pizza,
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out. >> been open 43 years and grown. >> michelle: we just see through. more what's happening around town, make sure you have the fox25 news app and menu click on around town section and click around town tab at whatever you do, make it a great
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the outside corporate interests bankrolling question two are trying to deceive you. here's the truth: every time a new charter school opens,
9:54 am
according to the state's own data. which means real cuts to our kids - in arts, technology, ap classes, pre-school, bus service and more. that's why question two's opposed by the massachusetts pta and school committees all across the state. join them in voting no on question two. >> julie: surveillance video captured wild attack in beauty shop. she couldn't get cash refund $12 worth of merchandise. the woman knocks over several displays, throws several punches and then leaves. outside the woman fights with security and tosses the owner to the ground with one arm. police have found the attacker. no word if she will be charged. dash cam video captured a wild road rage crash in connecticut. take a look, bmw raises around a car and ends up bouncing off the
9:55 am
to a stop on barrier. the driver appears to be okay getting out and walking around and there's no reason to speed and just not worth it and thought there was another lane he could go around >> blair: mid-summer night's dream printed 1598 and read through some of the shakespeare's plays. >> it is beautiful, deep, endless new things to find every time you read one of these. >> exhibit opens today and free to the public and runs through march of 2017. >> blair: six months after
9:56 am
celebrated prince tribute day. ? ? close friends and videos featuring the star and prince died in april. today is last day it is open for tours. >> julie: what if you could make vegetable taste like candy. electricity to trick you're tongue into eating something sweet. are you shocking your tongue? electrocute yourself. >> finger in light socket. >> julie: it could help people with sweet tooth switch to healthier diet and get kids to eat vegetable. >> shiri: do you want to risk
9:57 am
>> we got great weather out there, and pushing toward pumpkins this weekend, everything fall. pumpkins, looks cool out there, warming through the weekend.
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it's october 14th, time for new viral videos "right this minute." a guy getting on a bus gets his foot caught. how his buddy sends a more direct message. >> holy cow! >> when three elephants become trapped in a watering hole. >> you'll not believe the response. >> why it's nice to know the herd's it's a sneak peek about a swiss alps rescue team. >> this show puts you in the middle of the action. >> what it's like to carry out death defying missions. plus the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini as christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle break down the best on the web, including justin wilman's magical lesson about california's drought. >> there you go.


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