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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  FOX  October 14, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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brad pitt reunites with his kidses. >> whatever's got to be done to keep the family together. >> inside the supervised vs and who was a no-show. >> then billy bush on the attack. his secret weapon for taking on nbc. >> we're going to go after them with full power. >> plus we're inside the prince tribute concert. ?? ?? >> then, you have also been a hypnotist. bryan cranston's crazy past careers. a matchmaker, a minister. >> walter white married us. >> honey! >> we're hanging with tom hanks in italy. >> okay. okay. >> why he's teasing his bestie ron howard. >> how are you doing? okay? okay? >> i don't do that, i don't
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this is "entertainment tonight". >> when angelina jolie filed for divorce while brad pitt was essentially cut off from their six kids. the big question was when will he see his children again. now we have the answer. ?? ?? >> brad finally got to see his kids last saturday, october 8th, 20 days after she filed for divorce. his six children were there. >> whatever has to be done to keep the family together will be done. >> like a mama, you know. she's, like, telling everybody what to do. maddox is probably the most balanced, you know, when it comes to being the older brother. he's the center. >> from what we know it's unlikely angelina was present, in fact, we can't confirm if the divorcing couple has spoken directly with each other.
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safety plan in place the conversation usually goes through attorneys. >> we confirmed that the fbi had been gathering facts and what exactly went down with brad on the plane. as of monday, officials still had not interviewed members of the family, but could angelina want brad prosecuted? we are told it's not her call. it is up to the authorities. >> i think about everything that i do now and my kids will see it and when they agree up. they know me as a dad. >> it of his future visits with the kids will need to be supervised. the temporary custody ban expires next tuesday. >> brad is not the only one fighting his way through a messy legal situation. >> billy bush with nbc and the "today" show just got uglier because billy lawyered up. >> he is on the attack. he's hired hollywood lawyer marshall grossman to help negotiate his exit with nbc. >> nbc wanted to get this over
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that's not going to happen. this conversation is more complicated than they hoped. billy bush does not want to go without a fight. >> grossman represented clint eastwood this year and he helped erin andrews win a $55 million judgment in the peephole case. >> we will go after them with full power. >> grossman won't comment on bush's negotiation, but did give us a statement that clues us into their legal strategy. remember, that leaked video of comments was shot in 2005. at the time, bush was an nbc universal employee and grossman contends and we're quoting, if billy had been passive or responded shut the blank up to trump billy would have been out of a job the next day. >> it is true when you are interviewing a celebrity you try to ingrash yat yourself with that person and you make them feel comfortable because you're
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language and behavior we heard on the nbc tape. >> bush makes about $3 million a year. yesterday he turned 45. >> nbc colleagues were planning a surprise party for billy bush. he was going to celebrate his birthday with them on saturday, but that party's been canceled. >> i'm alongside dylan and carson. >> for the third day in a row, carson daly filled in for bush. >> phones are ringing on nbc and they're recommending lots of possible hosts. two possibilities. yesterday kim's sister kendall was granted an extension on a temporary restraining order. she took the stand against the man accused of stalking her. >> kendall, how do you feel it went? >> leaving a downtown l.a. courtroom in a blacked out suv the supermodel was victorious against shivan mackenzie with one count each of stalking and press passing.
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her frightening face-off with the transient saying, quote, i've never been so scared in my life. i was terrified. i was literally traumatized. kendall testified that on august 14th mackenzie trailed herd home around 9:30 getting past the gate of her driveway. the 20-year-old who was all alone saw him in the mirror and he approached her car and banged on the windows and yelled i want to talk to you. jenner screamed times. >> he had accosted her many times. kendall is the only one that doesn't live in a gated community and that makes her a lot more vulnerable. after kim's robbery in paris kendall really needs to get extra security. this restraining order is just the first step. >> mackenzie has now been ordered to stay 100 yard away for the next five years. >> kendall, how do you feel about your stalker?
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kendall was swarmed as a bodyguard protected her at a star-studded fashion boutique opening in beverly hills. >> kendall's trial will continue on monday. it's been six months since prince passed away. last night, family and fans gathered in minnesota and they rocked the twin cities all night long with his music. ?? ?? >> it was a high-energy and joyful musical sendoff as stevie wonder concert to his royal badness in st. paul. over 17,000 fans packed the arena for the five-hour show that featured many from prince's inner circle and longtime protege morris day and the time. ?? ?? >> former pussycat doll nicole scherzinger. ?? ? friend and frequunt collaborator, chaka khan.
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did so very much. his name will come up throughout millenia. >> tory kelly posted clips on snapchat admitting she had butterflies about performing. >> so honored to be present, and i'm nervous. >> it was the most fitting way to honor her brother and the fans he loved so much. >> we want to have a funeral memorial for the people that mean a lot to that person, and the fans meant everything him. >>. >> the concert capped off day-long festivities with the mayor announcing prince day in st. paul. >> i had to come back home and pay respects. >> it has been nearly since six months since st. paul. >> he hasn't gone anywhere.
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through his music, he lives forever. >> after that five-hour concert, nancy, morris day and the time played a party and there were other events that went on all night long and that's just the way prince would have wanted it. >> another big admirer of prince was tyler perry and tyler is back with a treat for all of his maddia fans. >> we have to get out of here. >> got knocked the hell out. installment, alter ego madea takes on the worst of halloween from killer clowns. >> to runaway zombies. >> help me, jesus! help me, jesus! >> the director, writer and creator of the outspoken matriarch is sharing some of the credit. tyler perry presents "boo, a
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a joke in chris rock's 2014 film. >> it's when madea gets trapped in a house. >> everybody loves madea isn't politically correct and she tells it like it is and doesn't care. >> i don't like this! >> here's something else you've got to see. tyler took the trailer for the movie and gave it an '80s horror movie makeover and watch it exclusively at >> coming up, this is the most stunning piece. >> girls night out with reese, jen, halle and kate and why they're dripping in diamonds. >> then we're with tom hanks in italy spilling romance secrets. >> if you don't get lucky after
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justin timberlake and jessica beale squared off over an epic game of scrabble and i mean epic because jessica said she defeated her she played the word sardine and got a 50-point bonus. way to go. the big word last night was tiffany, and it attracted some of our favorite women in hollywood. ?? ?? >> kate hudson, reese witherspoon and jennifer garner were dripping in diamonds at the re-opening of tiffany's rodeo drive store or as kate put it in her 2003 movie "how to lose a guy in ten days,".
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>> kate gave the fans a behind the scenes look at her glam. the bracelet, $135,000 and her necklace boasted $200,000. reese had a little sparkle herself. her gold and platinum bracelet is worth over $400,000. nobody beats jen, though. she was weighed down by over $1 million worth of jewels. >> they're so sparkly on a random school night. >> the mom's night out squad chatted all evening a ?? ?? >> sofia vergara and halle berry also dazzled at the event and a performance by ariana grande. >> all good things must come to an end. >> i get to keep this because i can't get it off? >> i'm not the only one. i am not the only one. >> i can't.
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>> after all of those awards shows, here you go. you'll get it for me next time, right? >> i've got you. still ahead -- tom hanks on his wedding photo bomb. >> congratulations. >> the secret of a good photo bomb is timing and local. >> she threatened to kill me or to have me killed. >> new bryan cranston bombshell with his crazy experience with his ex and his troubled childhood and what you never knew. >> i found myself shaking on my channeling jackie kennedy. >> i was very nervous. >> closed captioning provided
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galvin: register by october 19th. most banks are all the same... capital one isn't most banks. ?? it's a relaxed place with helpful people focused on you, not trying to sell you things you don't want. and free checking accounts that are actually free. no minimums. no fees. no nonsense. capital one even has a top-rated app that's banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? to its hottest stars in eight years and a lot of it has to do with these two, but what's going to happen when they throw tom hankssinto the mix? that could be magical. he's hosting a week from tomorrow. carly caught up with him in
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horror stor," so i feel like we're a part of her influence. so we're monster gaga. >> what would you like to do in this upcoming. >> you have to wait and see what's happening. >> i hope to work in an imitation of ron howard. >> okay. i'll be waiting for that. did he give you a preview? >> okay. okay. come on with the story. it's good. it's good. okay. okay. >> i don't really do that. i don' feeling good? everything okay? >> oh, no. he's got felicity doing it. here's tom -- hmm. okay, let me get this straight, you want me to start at the top of the stairs and tumble all of the way down while i'm talking. this is what's in the script and this is what you're talking about? >> i think you need to take the snl stage by storm and come in with your tom hanks impression and battle him.
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whisper it to lorne michaels. >> they know each other so well and their dan brown thriller "inferno" marks the third time he's directed him on screen. >> it's the prophecy. someone created a plague. >> tom travels to florence to contain a super virus from wiping out the human race. offset he took time off to romance his wife rita wilson. >> we went on a nighttime motor cruise on the >> honey! >> if you don't get lucky after that you're doing something wrong. >> you've got to love him. tom recently surprised a couple in central park on their wedding day. >> by all means! >> the secret of a good photo bomb is timing and local, and as i was coming up, this wedding party was unfolding before my very eyes. >> congratulations.
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scrapbook. bryan cranston has stories to fill a whole book, but the craziest stuff bryan has done actually happened way before he became the emmy-winning star of breaking bad and he started with these facts. >> you've also been a hypnotist. >> yes, i have. yes, i have. ta-da! >> how did you do that? >> a little scary. >> that is a little scary. you better be careful with those people. better be careful. >> before making it as an act are on, he was a farmhand, a security guard and matched up couples and a licensed menster. >> how many weddings have you performed? >> i've performed a dozen or so. >> you could perform a marriage today? yeah. it's still legal and i can't help, but wonder if at some
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white married us. honey! >> and his romantic proposal was in a bathtub and he hid the ring on his foot. >> she turned, i kissed and i just went here! and she had -- >> i couldn't reach it. she had to pull the ring off my toe. it's -- >> you're a romantic. >> i'm hoping other people follow that line of proposal. >> but he has also experienced a lot of pain. when he was a kid, his father, a journeyman actor abandoned the family. he told me one of his most terrifying experiences was with a troubled ex-girlfriend. >> she acted insanely, and threatened to kill me or to have me killed, and i had this epiphany. i saw myself hurt her, kill her. >> your imagination.
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know it was my e imagination until i found myself shaking on my floor and sweating and realizing this is what i've come to. one of the most disturbing times i've ever had. >> you actually channel this a little bit in playing walter white. >> if it's useful in anything in playing able to draw from your own personal experiences, yeah. you pull that out and in this case, use it for something artistic and creative as opposed to dangerous. >> great interview, nance. whatever he was doing as walter white was working because he won four emmys for that and just nominated for his performance as lyndon b. johnson. here's the news. >> another former president coming back to life. we're talking about ronald reagan and the resemblance is crazy. >> i was first on the set. >> hello, mr. president. >> this is so -- oh, wow!
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>> politics is just like show business. you give them a hell of an opening, you close for a little while and give them a big finale. >> and hopefully run for eight years. >> it chronicles the political career and the attempted assassination of the 40th president. >> why would i lose anything if i could get 75% of what i want. >> cynthia nixon plays nancy. >> you guys are playing magic on e going on. >> you're right. if you had to boil nancy reagan down to one single quality it was that she was crazy in love with her husband. >> that's true. >> and tim matheson is a very easy person to be crazy in love with so most of my work was done before i arrived. >> he was the nicest man when i visited, and he's a gem and it is the year to revisit iconic
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nyc for the ppemiere of "jackie". >> i was very nervous and people are very aware of what she looked like and what she moved like and what she sounded like and it helps put you in character. >> natalie kept it chic and simple and she was showing off that baby bump. she's having her second baby with her husband. >> so cute. >> we'll be ri
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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what the star is saying about online haters now. it's all on >> primal consideration provided by -- christie brinkly is back on the market after dating john mellen camp for a year. >> she likes her rockers, but how much does she like her
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>> now that i have this, come on over. >> cocktails with christie brinkley. at home in the hamptons, is she really online dating at 62. >> i'm free this saturday night. >> it's always exhilarating. >> tom cruise after dark in the big easy. jack reacher's secrets and a risky business reboot. ?? ?? >> what he's only telling "e.t."
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harvey: who better to hear from, who do you want to hear from more than monica lewinsky? >> how do you feel about the charges against donald trump, sexual charges? >> and the camera guy was following her and said, do you think it's fair game to bring up bill's history? harvey: that's a good question. >> in other news, obama made cuban cigars legal, so -- [laughter] >> paul mccartney played a concert for 300 ? love, love me do ? >> paul mccartney, 300 people and he ran through all of the hits. >> it sounds like a security nightmare. it's not like set up for concerts. it's a bar, restaurant, saloon. >> how crazy is it going to get really? don't nudge me! >> sean kingston in australia and i guess a fan spit on him. you can see sean kingston attack the fan with his mic. >> you can't beat someone up for


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