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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 20, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> let me respond to that because that is horrifying. >> daniel: coming up an expert weighs in on who won and the biggest mistake of the night. a terrifying stent. a little boy falls out of the back door of a packed school bus. what the little boy was doing right before the doors swung open. the officers hurt in a shootout in east boston the mend this morning. a former detective says he knows how they feel. the connection he shares with them that goes all the way back to the operating room. complete newng coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good morning, everyone. it is 4:30 on october 20, i am julie grauert. >> daniel: i am daniel miller. fall is back in the forecast today. meteorologist shiri spear is in the fox25 storm tracker weather center with a clear start to the day, shiri. you are tracking some clouds and rain later, though. >> you can see those clouds, those thicker clouds and the rain working into new york and pennsylvania. still over 200 miles away.
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morning mostly clear conditions which have allowed temperatures to drop off significantly. so 56 degrees in boston now. 40s in bedford, norwood up to fitchburg and nashua, new hampshire. 60 in chatham. really the warmest temperature i have on the map. that ocean temperatures of 60 degrees, that is ruling our forecast this afternoon. winds are coming in off the water. so our highs today will be limited to the 60s because of that ocean temperature and the cooler air that is being drawn off of the ocean surface. at 7 a.m., i have about 50 we are going to get started with sunshine. increasing clouds, noontime looking bright at 63 degrees. 64 at 3 p.m. i don't have rain in my expectations into likely the evening commute tonight. i am going to time out those showers coming up in ten minutes. julie is back with live drive-time traffic. >> so far so good out there, shiri. no issues south shore, route 3 moving along fine. 24 and 95 clear. pike, no issues from 495 to 128
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and into the allston-prototypeon areas. 17 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. 19 minutes on 93 south. 11 minutes on 128 northbound as you approach the weston tolls. this morning the presidential candidates are hoping that what happened in vegas won't stay in vegas. >> daniel: hillary clinton and donald trump took the debate stage one last it time hoping to sway undecided voters to their cause. >> julie: andrew spencer say things started with policy talk and quic >> reporter: the two candidates started focusing on the questions and the two turned to more personal attacks. >> he goes around with crocodile tears of how terrible it is. >> you talk but don't get anything done. >> reporter: at times hillary clinton and donald trump wanted to get the last word. >> chris we don't gain anything. iran is taking over iraq. iran is taking over iraq. >> reporter: debate moderator chris wallace tried to get the candidate to stop talking over one another.
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for pay for play -- >> but there is no evidence -- there is a lot of evidence -- very good work and [overlapping speakers] >> reporter: when when he you can seeded. >> such a nasty woman. >> when i was in the situation room monitoring the raid that brought osama bin laden to justice, he was hosting the "celebrity apprentice." there was even a time he didn't get an emmy for his tv program started tweeting that the emmy was rigged. >> should have gotten it. >> reporter: he delivered the line that everybody is talking about. >> do you make the same commitment that you will actually -- sir -- that you will sepulveda the results. >> i will look at it at the time. i am not looking at anything now. i will look at it at the time. >> reporter: i am andrew spencer reporting. >> julie: last night right after the debate, political historian tom whalen joined
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take on the debate. the first question, who won? >> i think clinton won, but i think trump -- he did better than the other two times he was debating and tonight his goal was to expand his base, and he didn't accomplish that, in fact he might are alienated particularly women voters and latino trying to bring on board his bandwagons and referred to latinos as bad hombres which is not going to go over well. he also referred to hillary and that -- given the bad press he has had over the last two weeks over his alleged affairs and groping of women, that is not going to help him. >> julie: we will have continuing coverage of last night's debate all morning including the moments that twitter is buzzing about and the reviews for last night's moderator fox news chris wallace and following the latest on the campaign trail as both candidate hit the road for 19 days for the go general election.
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men that fired several shots one of which hit a teen sitting in his bedroompolice were called for shots fired. the 13-year-old's brother said one of bullets went through the wall of his family's third-floor apartment and his brother was hit sitting in bed. the teen was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. the two suspects drove away from the scene in a dark-colored suv. a second car may have been involved i a teenager riding his bike. we knold you that mylo jaylo was hit and killed. a second car may have swerved and putting had imin that suv's path. the driver of the suv has not been charged with anything but they want to look at the black box to see how fast he was growing. searching for a group of thieves that burglarized a
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michael henrich is live in quincy. police are asking for help finding these guys. >> reporter: julie, quincy police put it right in their facebook post, "let's catch these guys." after four men broke into the uss salem right behind me here. here are the four people of these four men as posted on quincy police's facebook page. all described as white men who appear to be in their early 20s. the men are accused of breaking in back on the 9th, two sunys ago and stealing at least two-way radios from on board the beloved ship. police write about the ship's historical connection to quincy being built here during world war ii. if you know anything about who those four men are, you are encouraged to call quincy police detectives right away. live in quincy, michael henrich, fox25 news. 4:36. we are getting a new look at the efforts to rescue a swimmer off the coast of ipswich.
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weather made the search and rescue brutal for everyone involved. after nearly five hours, randy hackett was eventually found a quarter mile from crane beach. now the pilot who led that rescue mission tell fox25 he will always remember the feeling of safely delivering hackett back to his family. >> seeing his family kind of run over and hug -- yeah, we don't -- we normally don't get to see that. >> hackett was treated at beverly hospital. we reached out to him and his faly to comment. a child fell out of the back of a moving school bus in wakefield. malini basu talked to them after the bus was pulling out of a parking lot. >> tough thinking that your kids can't be safe doing that. >> reporter: stunned that a gavin middle schooler who fell off of a moving school bus.
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board. >> my friend was chatting me on group chat and said she was sitting in front of him and saw him leaning and he fell out the back door. >> reporter: a car was directly behind the bus. >> said the cars behind him stopped so they didn't run him over. >> it could have been a lot worse worse. i was like how did this even happen in the first place. was he not in a seat. >> reporter: in statement to fox25, school superintendent kim smith said during dismissal today a middle school student on one of our school buses fell out of the rear door pulled out on to the street from the school parking lot. >> it is very scary. i would love to be with my children 24 hours a day and protect them but you can't. >> reporter: the student was alert. everyone wants to know how did this happen. >> it was a little concerning that a teammate can fall off the bus. >> i am scared and kind of nervous. >> reporter: that official tells fox25 that student is
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they are trying to figure it out. as for that school bus, it is taken out of service. malini basu, fox25 news. the family of a high school teacher murdered by one her students have filed a wrongful death against the town. it comes three years to the day that phillip chism raped and killed colleen ritzer. they are not looking for money for themselves but for safety enhancement -- nonprofit organizations. >> heightened security going forward in all schools and a test case they are putting out there in her memory. >> in a statement, the danvers town administrator tells fox25 that the town respects the legal process. dartmouth police say fake guns are no joke. posted these picture office bb gun on facebook. spotted it during a traffic stop. the second one they have come across in just the past few weeks. police are reminding folks if
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weather together every ten minutes. taking a look at your drive time on the expressway. we are at 23 minutes right now, but don't let that intimidate you. i know it is early and because of an overnight work crew that is not quite cleared out yet. shiri? >> drought man ter gets updated on thursday. last week we saw an improvement. we have 30% of the state under an extreme drought. how much rain to plan around starting tonight coming up in ten. a local hospital sett coming up, the warning that never was -- that is at the center of dispute. but first, shot on the job. this detective knows exactly how the two officers hurt in
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on the mend this week. >> 27-year-old veteran richard cintolo is resting at home. matt morris at mass general is and doing well. we spoke with a former police detective who knows exactly what they are going through. >> daniel: that detective was brought to life by the same surgery team that saved those two boston officers. >> that team head by dr. david king. this officer was shot half a dozen time at point-blank range and dr. king's experience on the battle field that he uses on the operating room that
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alveras. >> i was processing everything and i was saying, geez, you can't believe i might not go home today. >> reporter: still emotional gunned down by a man wanted for selling guns to gangs. november 2, 2010, detective olivera approached the man in the front seat of the car. mario turned his head for a split second. >> i looked down and i heard flashes and heard the bangs. >> reporter: the suspect shot olivera six times. >> i was stunned. i remember falling back of the doorjamb trying to understand what happened to me. >> reporter: he remembers the entire thing vividly. his partner dragging him to safe. the surgery began. he fell asleep. two days later dr. david king was at his bedside. >> he told me i was the luckiest guy he ever met being shot that many times. >> reporter: dr. king, the very
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confirmed led the team that saved the boston officers one week ago. all of them tell fox25 that it was dr. king, not luck, that saved him. >> my heart stopped twice. i died on the table twice, and that he had cut my diaphragm and reached in with his own hand and squeezed my heart and pumped it and got it back going again. >> reporter: olivera reached out to fox25 as our story took off on social media. he wants eve an incredible doctor david king is. >> he has that gift to save lives. >> reporter: the day olivera got shot, he said i need to see my family, especially my son, and he said that dr. king gave him that gift. >> at this time my son was three and a half. i just wanted to get home to my son, my little boy. >> i am john m+ onahan, fox25 news. >> olivera helped dr. king with that tourniquet program yesterday.
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lives you. >> daniel: he runs an association to help other officers who have been violently injured. his way of paying it forward. >> julie: in that story they say dr. king called olivera lucky of surviving the gunshots. but i would say lucky for being matched up with dr. king. >> daniel: absolutely. if you want to see our story of the hero doctor at mgh, it is right up on our web site, right on our home page. and you can share it from any of a bad name. prosecutors say he used love connections to swindle people out of $400,000 over the last two years. michael shields jr. pled not guilty to 45 dins charges in court larceny, credit card fraud and witness intimidation. a many were women he met on online dating. they bought meals, vacations and jewelry.
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in may and june, totaling $6,000. all of the activity on the card was fraudulent. >> prosecutors say shields also offered financial help to two soldiers, but instead stole $15,000 from him. he is due back in court next month. samsung is facing a potential class action lawsuit over its galaxy note 7. three customers filed saying that they were charged even after the phones were recalled. pennsylvania, nevada and california may join the lawsuit. samsung ended its sales two months after its launch. 4:47 and take you off to our maps right now. things are looking good on route 1. a new accident on 93 south approaching the zakim. volume is so light that it won't have an impact on your drive times. pike is clear from 495 to 128 and into the allston-brighton
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we will have those coming up for you in just a few minutes, but first check in with meteorologist shiri spear. and those warmer days are behind us. we are moving back into fall. >> daniel: back to normal temperatures. >> shiri: back to normal. you guys enjoy 80s. >> daniel: so nice i went up to salem for the day. it was gorgeous. >> shiri: now if you go up to salem, you get the ambience and the fall-like temperatures. here we were yesterday compared to yesterday. yesterday. boston at 81 today. more like 61. nothing like a 20-degree cooldown. to the 80s in lawrence and plymouth and 60s are ruling. so we have got high pressure in control right now and that will keep us pretty bright for the morning hours. but as this system kind of eases its way toward us, clouds creeping in and eventually late day rain. timeline with future cast. 7 a.m. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. i have got 58 in boston down to 55 in bedford.
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along the coastline. as we get to noontime today, temperatures in the low and mid-60s. a few of those clouds i was talking about. partly sunny here, folks. and during the afternoon hours, we slowly see those clouds increase. by 5 p.m., most of you looking dry if you are part of the early drive home from work here. temperatures are going to be in the lower 60s. if you were driving home a little bit after that, we are going to start watching for some of the showers. i suspect that they start between 5 and 8:00 tonight. they are going tbe patchy, and they do continue straight through the overnight hours in that scattered fashion. this time tomorrow, we will be tracking the rain showers. this afternoon i have got highs from 61 in boston to 63 in lawrence. 67 in norwood. 62 in worcester. 64 in nashua, a new hampshire and mid- to upper 60s over the cape and islands. low temps in the 50s and potential for showers and around town tomorrow, we are just planning on rain. it doesn't mean it will be pouring all day. a lot of what we get for the
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there could be a couple of bursts of heavier rain and most of it fairly light and pretty scattered on the map. pauses between showers both morning and probably during lunchtime, but lunchtime we are seeing more of these yellows and oranges pop on to the map and more of these locally heavy showers and what we are face agent 5 p.m. could be locally heavy rain but still kind of scattered. the real steady, heavy stuff will likely form here and this front is nearing the coastline. drawing up some of the tropical moisture and some of the showers continue here into your saturday. the weekend is not going to be, again, terrible. oh, just looking at some of these updated numbers. i don't like this. i will be fidgeting with this. this just updated. must have updated a moment ago. i am expected from a half an inch to an inch of rain depending on where we get those bursts of heaviest rain in into saturday a cup of lingering showers. a lot of lingering clouds.
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sunday the brighter and drier of the two days at 56 degrees and a few more showers here moving in for monday morning. back over to you, guys. >> shiri, thank you. a man in florida got quite the surprise driving home from work when a six-foot snake started slithering across the front of his car. it is safe to say this is the last place most drivers want to see looking back through them with the windshield. instead of panicking the man pulled over and took this video monday. >> my mirror. >> daniel: before the snake had a chance to ride shotgun he rolled up the windows and it slithered away. experts think the snake went under the hood to get warm. >> julie: i don't think i would have the guts to snap the picture. a local from pet owners. the virus having cats get sick in one boston neighborhood. surprise. this new mom said she didn't even know she was pregnant.
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facebook is hosting new features to have you plan your next night out. the social site wants to be your social secretary. tools to ask your friends places to go. the tool will automatically turn suggestions into links and place them in a map embedded in your post. talk about a grand entrance into the world. this story is likely all over
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a local mom gives birth to a baby, and she didn't even know she was pregnant. >> daniel: a wild tale and that mom told every bit of it to kerry kavanaugh. >> reporter: 5 pounds, 4 ounces, one very big sur surprise. >> everything happened quick. >> reporter: alina martinez went from not knowing she was pregnant to new mom in six hours. >> if i heard this story coming from someone else, i would say she is lying. >> reporter: martinez said the last eight months, her life was normal, so were her menstrual cycles. sunday morning >> my sister is a in medical assistant. could be an ovarian cyst. i have been on birth control for years and years. it got stronger and more spaced out, more timed. i was like, wait a minute. >> reporter: that's when she went to the hospital and an trawl sound revealed initially she was 15 weeks pregnant. a second one revealed another surprise. >> labor and delivery. yeah, you are actually around 36 to 38 weeks -- right when
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water just broke. >> reporter: he arrived shortly after that. dad made it to the hospital but needed to see it to believe it. >> i am guessing he was tucked under a rib. was going to surprise you. >> reporter: the surprise of a lifetime for this norton woman who called her little bundle a big blessing. >> i always have been an aunt. i will keep the kids and give them back to the mother and father, here, take your kid. i can't give him back now. he's mine and i don't feel like he is mine. it is so surreal. >> reporter: jackson is healthy. since the family is not expecting him they are purchasing baby stuff including the car seat they needed to just to bring him home. kerry kavanaugh. >> julie: she can't give him back. >> daniel: can't give him back. welcome to the world, jackson. welcome to the world. wynn resorts working to keep the gaming market to itself. coming up, the last-minute campaign the company poured thousands of dollars into. and plus a new ad shows a
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getting them ready for the day. getting them ready for the day. ahead at 5 uh, first of all, i plan to vote for donald trump. when it served her purpose, ayotte buddied up to trump, even calling him a role model. would you tell a child to aspire to be like donald trump? oh absolutely, i would do that. but she kept playing politics and flip flopping around. ayotte is running away from trump as quickly as she can. and what she values is her seat. and she's trying - to keep something she values. - i know. kelly ayotte. the politician. looking out for herself.
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now at 5:00, less than three weeks before election day and the tensions continue to boil over on the campaign trail following another nasty debate. >> she has no idea whether it is russia, china or -- >> >> hillary, you have no idea. our military has no idea. >> gene: the one thing that donald trump said that even his biggest supporters disagree with and the moment is going viral this morning. a 13-year-old boy is shot in the back as he is sitting inside his home last night. how he is doing this morning and the search for the two suspects. and a scare on the school bus as a student falls out the back door and right into the
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to happen. and good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us on this thursday morning. it is october 20. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: a and i am sara underwood. well, it was nice while it lasted, but summer is gone from the forecast. meteorologist shiri spear says it is going to be cooler and could even turn wetter by the end of the day. she is in the fox25 storm tracker weather center with the very latest. >> shiri: nothing like waking up to temperatures 10 to 25 degrees cooler than it was yesterday when you woke up. that means we are getting started at 56 degrees in boston. 42 in 49 in lawrence. 53 in worcester. lots of 40s. lots of 50s on the map. that's what you are dressing for this morning. a little fog in the usual spots like norwood, keene over to orange. keeping an eye on that and i don't expect it to turn into a very widespread item. at 7 a.m., keeping temperatures as they are right now with clear skies. 9 a.m., 55 degrees. we will be in the lower 50s by 11:00 this morning. a decent warm-up on the way and after that we don't go much higher.


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