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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 20, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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to happen. and good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us on this thursday morning. it is october 20. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: a and i am sara underwood. well, it was nice while it lasted, but summer is gone from the forecast. meteorologist shiri spear says it is going to be cooler and could even turn wetter by the end of the day. she is in the fox25 storm tracker weather center with the very latest. >> shiri: nothing like waking up to temperatures 10 to 25 degrees cooler than it was yesterday when you woke up. that means we are getting started at 56 degrees in boston. 42 in 49 in lawrence. 53 in worcester. lots of 40s. lots of 50s on the map. that's what you are dressing for this morning. a little fog in the usual spots like norwood, keene over to orange. keeping an eye on that and i don't expect it to turn into a very widespread item. at 7 a.m., keeping temperatures as they are right now with clear skies. 9 a.m., 55 degrees. we will be in the lower 50s by 11:00 this morning. a decent warm-up on the way and after that we don't go much higher.
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and we will see increasing clouds this afternoon. 60 to 66 for those highs, late scattered rain chances and then time out when we see the first of the showers and how long they will last when i am wack with you in about ten minutes. julie grauert is up with live drive time traffic and a check on the expressway. >> julie: expressway moving along nicely right now, shiri. no issues from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. north of the pike, route 1, 93 south are clear. the live drive times. 23 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. single digits on the expressway. almost 20 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. back to you. with less than three weeks until the presidential election, hillary clinton and donald trump took to the debate stage one last time. >> sara: last night's debate in las vegas started off more focused on the issue instead of personal attacks and trump made a statement that changed the night and even left some of his supporters speechless.
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donald trump is refusing to say whether or not he will accept the results of the election if he loses on november 8. take a listen to the exchange with moderator chris wallace. >> i will look at it at the time. i am not looking at anything now. i will look at it at the time >> the loser concedes to the winner and that the country comes together in part for the good of the country. are you saying you are not prepared now -- >> what i am saying is i will tell you at the time. i will keep new suspense. >> daniel: wallace pushed peaceful transfer of power after american elections. after the debate hillary clinton called it a horrible thing to say. trump repeated his claims that the election is rigged. supporters including his very own daughter and mike pence has said that trump's campaign will accept the results. meanwhile, the debate turned more personal when the two candidates clashed over the republican nominee's relationship with russian president vladimir putin. >> from everything that i see
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>> because he would rather from a puppet as president. >> no puppet. no puppet. you are the puppet. >> it is pretty clear you won't admit that the russians have engaged in cyber attacks against the united states of america. that you encourage espionage against our people. that you are willing -- >> daniel: one of the moments -- in one of the final moment of the debate. clinton was answering a question about how she would raise taxes on the rich to tackle the debt. she made a quick jab at trump for not paying federal taxes and he bit back. >> my social security payroll contribution will go up as will donal's assuming he can't figure out how to get out of it, but what we want to do is replenish. >> such a nasty woman. >> well, throughout the debate, moderator chris wallace kept the candidates reined in and wasn't steamrolled by any of them. the post debate, 52% of viewers
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39% favored donald trump. fox25's blair miller was in vegas for the debate and we will hear from him coming up in 30 minutes. from the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. and our coverage of the debate will continue online. on our web site, we have a full transcript.the debate and the top five highlights. fox25 will be following this election every step of the way for the next 18 days and on election night live at campaign headquarters for both candidates and on top of the and new this morning, boston police are investigating a late-night shooting in dorchester. this was the scene at around 11:00 last night on macon street where a person was reportedly shot in the head. you can see from the video, a car door is open and it is unclear if the victim was sitting in the car or standing next to it. no word on that person's condition, but responding officers were asking several witnesses to be interviewed by homicide detectives. a 13-year-old boy is
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morning after being hit while sitting inside his apartment. fox25's jessica reyes live in chelsea this morning live with more on where that bullet came from. jess, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, gene. all happened at bellingham and shamut street in chelsea just after 8:30. we spoke with that 13-year-old boy's brother and he said a car pulled out right outside this park. someone got out of the car and started shooting and he believe another person was shooting from inside the car. several fired. about seven or eight. one of which ended up in the side of this building. it went through the wall and ended up hitting that 13-year-old boy in the shoulder. >> i ran to my house, and then i see my brother on the floor and he was shot, like, in the back. he was sitting down in his room on the bed and the bullet went through the wall and hit him in the back. so i guess he got off the bed and started running to my mom's room and just sat down, because it hurt him. sat down on the floor and he
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was yelling "it hurts, it hurts:". >> reporter: he was taken to the hospital, but we are told he is expected to be okay. no one has been arrested at this point, but police did say that two people were seen leaving the area and what they believe was a dark colored suv. anyone with any information at all is asked to contact chelsea police. live in chelsea, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. 5:06. accused of using romance to swindle people out of thousands of dollars. the lavish purchases the alleged conman made of all that cash. >> to the world series. to the world series. the former red sox that played a big the former red sox that played ? keep on smiling with dunkin's delicious reese's peanut butter doughnut square. frosted with chocolate and filled with reese's peanut butter buttercream. taste the fave you crave today.
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it contains hydrogen peroxide, a professionally recommended whitening ingredient. it goes beyond surface stains to deeply whiten. it whitens four shades, and that is a visible difference in whitening. colgate optic white high impact white toothpaste. ?? cozy up this fall with dunkin's coffee and espresso flavors. sip salty and sweet with our new salted caramel macchiato america runs on dunkin'. every ten minutes we track traffic and weather together. good morning, everyone, 93 south pretty typical 20-minute ride for this time of the morning in 495 in andover to the zakim bridge. shiri, so far not dealing with wet roads out there and that has a tendency to slow us down. >> shiri: evening commute
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fantastic. grab your sunglasses, you will need them at 7:00. right now 66 degrees. dropping you down to 55 degrees here at 6 a.m. at 7 a.m., i will show you what time that warm-up really takes off in ten minutes. sara. new this morning, a driver takes out a telephone pole on route 9 in wellesley. police showing us this picture from the scene where that suv was overturned on the road right there. crews spent hours cleaning up the scene, and police tell us no power outages and the driver is okay. charges in connection with the explosion that you can see in this video. it happened inside of a up in a box outside of a lbgt paper in salem. someone placed explosives inside the rainbow times box in august. two new hampshire men, 23-year-old john richard and 20-year-old lauren skillman will face a judge tomorrow. the charges against them are not considered hate crimes.
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and dodgers. chicago bat finally coming to light. russell connects with a two-run shot. and the cubs are up 2-0. in the next inning anthony rizzo's turn. he has been ice cold this season. he launches a solo shot. cubs with 13 hits. tied and game five tonight in la. terry francona and his indians heading to the world ri carlos santana a solo shot take a 2-0 lead over the jays and coco crisp striking again deep in the third. indians win it 3-0. former sox lefty andrew miller took home the mvp.
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back at 5:15. questions surrounding a school s student falls out of the back of the door -- falls out the back door, that is, and into traffic. fox25's catherine parrotta is live in wakefield this morning with the investigation into what went wrong. catherine, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that student was resting at home last night. we are told that the student was alert after this happened, but the investigation into how it happened continues today. according to school officials, this happened on a school bus after school on the drive home. and the student involved here
5:16 am
the back door of the moving bus as it was pulling out of the back of an elementary school a mile and a half away from the middle school. a student describes what she heard about the incident. >> my friend was texting me on, like, a group chat and she said she was sitting in front of him and saw him, like, leaning and he fell out the back door. she said that, like, the cars behind them luckily stopped so they didn't run him over. >> students also describe that bus as becompa despite all of that no one knows how this happened. the superintendent says they are investigating this in cooperation with the bus company, and this bus that was involved has been taken out of service today. i have also reached out to the superintendent to see if we can get an update. in the meantime, i looked into the laws for operating a school bus, and he will have that information coming up in an hour. live in wakefield, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. lawrence police are urging residents to take their air conditioners out of their windows.
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into homes in order to get inside. 20 of these break-ins have occurred since september. they have a suspect in the burglaries but he is still on the loose. this morning a north shore man is thanking rescuers from saving him from the sea. this is video of that rescue we told you about yesterday morning off of crane beach. randy hackett tells wicked local north that he clung to a buoy to stay alive. he was a year-round swimmer but got disoriented by the fog. mission tells fox25 that he will always remember the feeling of safely delivering hackett back to his family. >> seeing his family run over and hug -- we don't normally get to see that. >> sara: hackett was also wearing a bright pink swim cap that let rescuers locate him. the water was only 60 degrees but hackett and his son-in-law were wearing wet suits. good morning, everyone. it is 5:17. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes.
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route 1 and 93 south. nothing going on quite yet. south of the pike, 128 moving along fine. expressway not slowing down. i expect things to pick up, but a little bit closer to 6:30. a live look at the pike where you can see about a dozen cars out there at the moment headed through brighton. it minutes on route 1. 19 minutes on 93 south from andover down to the leverett connector. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. gene and sara, back to you. 5:18 free friday as we like to call it. >> sara: we love free friday. >> gene: indeed. >> sara: the weather has changed. >> shiri: not in a bad way until we hit later today. we are tracking showers. we need it. drought monitor on thursday. we will take it, but starting with the sunshine this morning. you know grab the sunglasses, pack the umbrella. a sunny, seasonable start mostly dry today. showers will hold off until much later in the day probably during the evening commute we
5:19 am
showers and our timeline a little inconvenient for you drivers. most of the daylight hours nice and dry. heaviest rain expected tomorrow night. 56 in boston as you wake up. 45 in portsmouth. 57 in plymouth. let's go out to worcester starting at 53 degrees. we have got clear skies right now. and you can see temperatures not moving very much through 7 a.m., in fact going down a couple more degrees. we have clear conditions. the longer we are dark out there, the colder it is going to get come up until after 7:00 this morning. by 9 a.m., 53 degrees. 11 a.m., 57 degrees. we get into the 50s with those increasing afternoon clouds. initially high and thin but they thicken up. 61 your high in boston. 62 in ipswich. 64 in manchester. new bedford today 69 degrees and hyannis, 66. i have a 70 on the map to providence, rhode island. one of my hot spots yesterday as well with a new record high
5:20 am
today no more 80s. sorry, folks. at least we get the sunshine as you wake up. noontime, it turns mostly sunny. here comes those evening clouds for the evening commute at 5 p.m. the first of the green moving on in between 5 8, the first of those showers. kind of spotty both this evening, overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. so i don't want to you think it is pouring at all times friday, although we have got the all-day risk for rain and we have scattered showers around morning, lunchtime and afternoon. really heavy stuff will be closer to the front which actually moves in during the evening. so we will have to watch out for those downpours for your friday night. couple of showers lingering into your saturday. weekend highs in the 50s. turn sunny. a couple of monday showers to get into before we get more 50s for the middle of next week. back to you. the family of a murdered teacher filing suit against the town where she worked. coming up, how that family plans on using the money to improve the schools where she
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a local man truly gave love a bad name. prosecutors say he used love connections to swindle people out of nearly $400,000 over the last two years. michael shields jr. pled not guilty to 45 different charges in court yesterday including larceny, credit card fraud and women that he met online on dating web sites. investigators say the 25-year-old used credit cards to buy meals, vacation, clothing and jewelry. >> in may and june of 2015, 22 purchases on the person's debit card totaling nearly $6,000. all of the activity on the card was fraudulent. >> gene: prosecutors say shields offered financial help to two soldiers but instead stole $15,000 from them.
5:25 am
samsung is now facing a potential class-action lawsuit over its fire-prone galaxy note 7 phones. three note 7 customers filed a complaint in new jersey saying they were charged even after the phones were recalled. customers in nevada, california and colorado may join the lawsuit. samsung ended sales of the phones two months after its launch. their faces have captured hearts around the globe. conjoined twins undergoing 27 hours of surgery for a chance and a week later, jaden and isis mcdonald are healing. aenas has struggled with health issues since birth and they are expecting his recovery to take longer but the parents are saying great progress with jade. >> they are doing well. jaden has his eyes open, and he is tracking, you know, with his eyes, and he is moving -- he wasn't moving his left side
5:26 am
moving his left arm. >> gene: truly miraculous. the mcdonald's say they are taking the recovery one day at a time. >> sara: beautiful babies. and chick-fil-a's new ads is getting mixed review. the short video show mom chasing kids around getting them ready for the day and that's until a butler shows up offering breakfast that will help. the ad received aiaise from complete absence of a father is offensive. chick-fil-a has responded to the negative feedback by saying they love dads too. they say the video was not part of a larger advertising plan. >> shiri: does make us hungry. rain chances going up around 8 p.m. you can see shower chanceness really peaking for your friday night. i have got the timeline coming up next. facebook looking to help spice up your social life. the new feature that will have
5:27 am
users discover new places to go. first the presidential debate providing several moments that social media went crazy for. >> we have some bad hombres here and we are going to get
5:28 am
5:29 am
complete new england news coverage starts right now.
5:30 am
presidential debate in the books and today starts the final push for election day. our blair miller was at the debate last night and breaks down one fiery exchange between the candidates focusing on sexual assault allegations against donald trump. police want you to be on the lookout for these four break-in suspects. what quincy police say they walked away with after breaking in to a piece of local history. and a dog is being hailed as a crime fighter. how the family pet was able to lead police right to an armed fugitive. and good morning, everybody. it is thursday, october 20. i am sara underwood. >> gene: and i am gene lavanchy. back to normal. meteorologist shiri spear says fall is back today. and maybe some rain as well? she is in the fox25 stormtracker weather center with a look at the timing of all of this. good morning, shiri. >> shiri: yeah, absolutely. good morning, you guys. starting off nice and clear, boston 200 to 300 miles away
5:31 am
from any rain showers right now. we start off nice and clear. rain not moving in until later on today. bring that umbrella for the evening commute but you are perfectly safe now in the 40s and 50s. 41 in norwood. 45 in lawrence. 56 in boston. that ocean temperature of 60 degrees with winds coming in off the water today, that's really determining our high temperature. that cooler ocean air that is ruled by the ocean temperature highs in the lower di cloudy at noon. 64 at 3 p.m. as the clouds increase. there your rain starting at 7:00. the future cast to time it out hour by hour. julie grauert is back with live drive time traffic and a check on the expressway. >> still moving along nicely from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. pike itself wide anticipate from 495 to 128 to the alston-brighton area. nothing going on quite on route 1 and 93 south. about an hour before everybody
5:32 am
24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 10 minutes on the expressway. 21 minutes on 128 southbound from peabody to the weston tolls. back to you. the final debate in the books and far from dull. donald trump refused to say whether or not he will accept the results of the the election and hillary clinton called trump a puppet of vladimir putin. >> sara: many are praising the moderator chris wallace for them when things turned more personal. >> reporter: much more focus on the issue what we have seen with the previous debates here for the race for president. for the most part, both sides remain relatively calm until they got into the issue of fitness to be president. wallace asked about the recent controversy around wikileak and the recent women who have come forward accusing donald trump of unwanted sexual advances. they went back and forth on this issue several times. here is what they had to say.
5:33 am
forward. if it wasn't, they get their ten minutes of fame. but they were all totally -- it was all fiction. it was lies and fiction. >> he said that he could not possibly have done those things to those women because they were not attractive enough. >> i did not say that. >> he went on the to say, look at her. i don't think so. >> as for who won, many think that trump was in more control this debate than what we have seen was it now move the needle in the polls? we will have to wait and see. both candidates hit the campaign trail later today. in las vegas, blair miller, fox25 news. >> gene: one of the big issues of the night was border security. both candidates had plenty to say about the topic but one comment by donald trump that is going viral. >> we have bad ho mbres here and we will get them out. >> sparked a number internet searches.
5:34 am
jumped 120,000. not everybody was concerned of the spelling. the dictionary said it received hundreds of thousands of hombre without an h, that means having colors that blend into each other like a rainbow definition of hombre without the h. ombre. some millennials prefer to cast their vote for the end of the world. a new poll from umass lowell say americans 18-35 would rath rather from a giant meteor than vote for either nominee. when chose to -- forced to choose they favored a clinton. 60% say they will vote for the democratic. only 22% say they plan to vote for trump. a convicted child rapist will stay behind bars for now. richard gardner is facing charges he violated his probation in massachusetts. we reported on the outrage after he was released much sooner than expected. prosecutors tell gardner that
5:35 am
library that violated the conditions of his probation. >> prohibited from going to any places frequented by children. >> if mr. gardner is not allowed at the public library. is he then not allowed at the barnes and noble up the road because there is a children's area? >> gardner will likely stay locked up until a probation violation hearing next month. the family of a danvers high school teacher who was murder by one her students has filed against her town. the lawsuit comes three years to a day that phillip chism raped colleen ritzzer at the school. the family is not looking for money for themselves but instead the money will go to safety enhancements and nonprofit organizations. >> i think what they are asking is there be heightened security going forward in all schools. it is sort of a test case in her memory. >> sara: in a statement the danvers town administrator told
5:36 am
the legal process. a local police officer survives being shot six times. >> and that he had cut my diaphragm and reached in with his own hand to squeeze my heart. >> sara: coming up the super doctor that brought that officer back to life on the operating table. a five-pound surprise for a
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5:38 am
it is 8:38. a live look at the traffic -- we track traffic and weather together. things are starting to slow down slightly on the expressway and still manageable 11-minute ride from the braintree split to the exit to the pike.
5:39 am
a little bit more about the current condition and how we are back to fall which is where we should be. >> shiri: back to fall and no more 80s like yesterday. 56 degrees to start things off in boston. we have clear skies right now. sun is not coming up until 7:00 this morning. and although yesterday we had 80s in boston and lawrence and in plymouth, even fitchburg getting close to 79 degrees. today we have a 20-degree cooldown for the afternoon highs in boston. that lands us in the 60s. i am going to time out that warm-up for you in about ten minutes. gene. >> gene: could help you plan your next night out. the social media site wants you to be your social secretary if you will. it will use a recommendations tool to let you ask your friends advice on places to go. the tool will automatically turn suggestions into links and then place them onto a map embedded in your post. tech giant apple may be getting ready to release a new line of computers. the company sent out invitations for a media event next thursday.
5:40 am
the original mac computer that introduced itself with the words hello, i am mcintosh. they are asking for a faster laptop with a touch screen feature. a norton woman went to the hospital with stomach pains and left a new mother. alana martinez is still at shock at the birth of her new baby boy. jackson arrived after she checked in she insisted she never had morning sickness or any signs she was pregnant. she went to several routine doctor's appointment while she was carrying the child and no one noticed. she is used to being an aunt, but a mother will be a whole new experience. >> i always have been an aunt. so i will keep the kids and then give them back to the mother and father. here, take the kids. i can't give them back now. he is mine and i don't feel like he is mine. it is just surreal.
5:41 am
little jackson is premature in size and is perfectly healthy. mom and dad are working to buy all the things they need to take care of a newborn including a car seat to take him home. >> gene: surprise. 5:41. one police officer goes above and beyond to help an animal in need. the rescue one officer said he doesn't regret even though it left him with scrapes and scars. a piece of local history literally a big one broken into recently. how police plan to catch the
5:42 am
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and welcome back, everyone. the third and final presidential debate is over, and the candidates head back out on the campaign trail for the last three weeks before the election, but the big highlight was when donald trump refused to say whether he would accept the results of the election if he loses. trump said, quote, i will keep new suspense. clinton's most talked-about moment when she called trump a vladimir putin and called on him to denounce the alleged cyber attacks to sway the link. and fireworks erupted when they started to point out each other's problems. a 13-year-old chelsea boy is recovering this morning after he is hit by a stray bullet. police believe that shot came from the street. hear from the brother of that
5:45 am
hour. and a frightening fall for a wakefield boy. he tumbles out of the back of a moving school bus. coming up, how close he came to being hit by that car. yesterday, we told but a hero doctor at mass general that not only helped save two boston police officers shot, but many boston marathon bombing survivors. that story touched many including a retired officer who reached out to fox25 to share his story. former police detective mario the line of duty back in 2010. last night he showed us one of the bullets that dr. david king removed from his body and that dr. king saved him twice on the operating table. >> my heart stopped twice. i died on the table twice, and he cut my diaphragm and reached in with his hand and pumped it to get it back going again. >> ol ivera want to get back
5:46 am
that. we posted the story on three men are in jail following a violent home invasion. they broke into a home in epping new hampshire looking for drugs. how a neighborhood dog alerted them of the suspect. >> daniel: the homeowner's dog spotted the man hiding by their shed. the beagle named lucky is credited with seeing the fugitive after the man was part of a violent home invasion in an neighborhood. police quickly caught two of the three men after they pistol-whipped the victim and called police for help. the third suspect may have gotten away if it weren't for the 9-year-old beagle who spotted the man lurking the back yard. helicopters started searching the area as you can see from the air. that is about the same time lucky started barking more frantically than usual, and her owners let her out and she went straight for the shed. >> i saw him when he went back inside.
5:47 am
stone wall and i saw him crouching and totally creeped me out. >> daniel: nina barbosa called 911 and did not try to apprehend the man. police responded meetly and took them in. the three men have been charged and the home invasion was drug related and they want to see if the men were involved in other crimes. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. the fire at the home in spencer may have been caused by a c this is the report this morning with the worcester telegram. skyfox was over what is left of that house on la liberty lane yesterday afternoon. police tweeted out a photo earlier of flames and smoke just pouring out of the building. the red cross is helping the family of five who lost their home. it is a big night at the garden tonight. the home opener for the bruins as they host new jersey. the bs open the season with three straight on the road and return home with a 2-1 record. not only a home opener but expected to be the first game
5:48 am
have yet to play in a game this season. the puck drops at 7:00. the celtics will continue to evaluate marcus smart. smart left the garden in a boot and initials report that it was just a sprain and will miss the season opener against brooklyn on wednesday. last night the final preseason game of the year for the celtics when they lost to the knicks, 121-96. all right, 5:48 now on this i know we want to talk about the future, but let's talk about how gorgeous yesterday was. went home, sat on the patio, got my computer, and had the loveliest quiet time. >> shiri: throwback to summer. >> sara: yeah, it was. >> shiri: hope you loved it while it lasted we are going back to normal and the weekend temperatures will cool down. we have 30% of the state under an extreme drought. this graphic gets updated on thursday. and when i get the new information, i will let you know if my drought situation
5:49 am
this rain is a good thing for our drought situation flew friday expecting anywhere from an inch -- half an inch to an inch of rain. a cup of spots, perhaps even exceeding those amounts. heaviest rain expected over eastern massachutsetts here. heaviest rain falls tomorrow. today we start off with nice, clear skies. this whole thing is working its way toward us, so it is going to bring us changes throughout the day. starting out at 7 a.m. with future cast. 40s, 50s. we have sunshine. a little bit of fog in the usual spots like norwood and dean. noontime, though, we are starting to see more scattered clouds mix in. i am still counting on partial sun. temperatures low to mid-60s for your lunch break, and during the afternoon for the evening commute, 60s on the map as you head home. but the clouds are really going to be taking over and starting at 5:00 between 5 and 8, we will see showers spreading in and from that point forward. we do have rainy conditions through your friday. so we have this afternoon with increasing clouds, and
5:50 am
yesterday afternoon. and 67 in norwood. 64 in nashua. and 62 in worcester and 65 in chatham. high temperatures tomorrow back into the lower 70s. it is going to be a little muggy again, but it is absolutely going to be wet. we start off with drizzle and fog tomorrow morning. we have got pockets of rain out there that we are tracking essentially throughout the day. heaviest, steadiest stuff will hold off until a little bit later on. 5 p.m. for the drive home from work, plenty of showers out ther downpours work their way in friday night. i can't imagine too many of you will be out on the town at 11 a.m., but showers firing up. downpours firing up those continue friday night. even saturday we are left with a cup of lingering showers for your weekend forecast. today, we got late developing showers. we have rain tomorrow. heaviest, steadiest the second half of the day. highs back into the 70s. kind of a one-day warm-up because over the weekend. watching highs in the 50s. it is breeze the weekend.
5:51 am
showers saturday. a little bit brighter on sunday. wake-up temperatures in the 30s though. high of only 56 degrees. get through couple more monday showers and highs in the 50s well into next week. julie is up next with live drive time traffic kicking things off south of boston. >> julie: a new accident on route 3 northbound right at the shoulder near derby street. and overall volume still light in not having a huge impact on your drive times, 24, 95 looking good as you approach 128. pikel expressway still manageable volume. here are those live drive times as you head out the door. 11 minutes from 228 to the split. 19 minutes on 24. 13 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to columbia road. back to you. a teen tragedy in brockton. police are looking into the possibility that a second car could have been involved in a crash that killed a boy riding his bike. the mayor met with the family to pass on his condolences for
5:52 am
jailingo. he was riding his bike when he was hit by a suv on main street. now police say a second car may have caused the teen to swerve into the street putting him in the path of the suv. family members say he was funny and inquestions sieve. >> i love my son. i love my son. [crying] >> he was a smart young man. he was set to start talking hospital yesterday, and so far the driver isn't facing any charges. waltham police have identified the pedestrian hit and killed by a suv. they say 65-year-old gregory drwyer of water town died after being taken to the hospital. the 70-year-old man was also hit and suffers serious injuries. they are still investigating the crash and so far no charges have been filed. 5:52. a landmark in quincy, but police are looking for a fwruch
5:53 am
uss salem. michael henrich live in quincy this morning with the surveillance pictures police hope will lead to be a arrest. good morning, michael. >> good morning. quincy police really want to watch these guys. that's why they released the pictures of the four men that broke into this big ship, the uss salem. a big piece of local history here and let's get right to the surveillance pictures that police want to you see posted on quincy police's facebook page all described as white men 20s. the men are accused of breaking in back on the 9th two sundays ago and stealing at the very least two-way radios from on board the beloved ship. in that facebook post, police write about the ship's historical connection to quincy being built here during world war ii. if you know anything about who those four men are, you are encouraged to call police detectives right away and help
5:54 am
live in quincy, michael henrich. a boston restaurant is back in business after being shut down for health code violations. gave the sweet green location of downtown crossing the green light to reopen for lunch one day after it was closed. inspectors say the restaurant went above and beyond to fix the issues. >> they brought in, you know, a certified consultant which was very reputable and really commend them for doing that on such short >> sara: the chain's boylston street location was closed earlier this summer for similar problems. man mall league of boston is warning cat owner of mattapan of a potentially deadly virus. the virus around walk hill street. symptoms include vomiting, lack of appetite and fever. the group suggests that cat owners in the area get their wet vaccinated for that virus.
5:55 am
testing for all women who spent time around miami-dade county. the only area in the u.s. where mosquitos have been spreading the virus. new cases continue to come up in the miami area and the new expanded test something just a precaution. the new testing advice extends to pregnant women who weren't in miami-dade themselves but had unprotected sex with someone who had been in that county. a dangerous mistake by a contractor left ten injured in oregon. the portland fire department says a worker hit a natural g line. after emergency crews arrived, there were two simultaneous explosions destroying the building. the most severe injuries was to two fire fighters both of whom suffered broken legs. witness says they are shaken, but thankfully no one was killed. a man that crashed his truck off a bridge in california was cut off by another driver. he pled not guilty rather to charges of being under the influence during the crash. the san diego district attorney
5:56 am
blood-alcohol level when he was taken to the hospital. he faces 23 years in prison if convicted. water worries in billerica. the school department has shut off a dozen water fountains and kitchen faucets at three elementary schools after finding high levels of lead in the water. the superintendent says the fixtures will be replaced immediately. and boston public schools recently dealt with a similar issue. high levels of lead were fnd the city. they were forced to shut off their water supplies because of health concerns. lead buildup is the consequence of older buildings. earlier this year a $2 million program to test lead levels at schools across the state. the city of dover, new hampshire have broken ground on a new project to upgrade the drinking water supply. the first stage will replace a nearly 60-year-old water treatment facility that is expected to be finished in the spring of 2018.
5:57 am
upgrades to pump stations and storage tank facilities. that is slated to start next year and take two years to complete. a local high school has settled their lawsuit with a staffing agency that didn't warn them of a employee responsible for a widespread hepatitis c outbreak. a technician was allowed to work in the medical field even though the staffing agency knew about his drug use. the technician pled guilty and now serving 39 years in prison for injecting himself with painkillers and using the dirty needles on patients. the money from the settlement will go to 200 people. officials at wynn resorts want to make sure their casino does not have any competition. rejected a developer's proposal for a slots parlor. wynn resorts formed an anti-slots committee one week before the vote. the company spent $40,000 on mailers and automated phone calls from revere's mayor
5:58 am
boston city councillors want to regulate short-term housing rentals like aishtion b and b. counselors met to request a hearing on the issue. some residents say the services can disrupt a neighborhood, letting people come and go from homes. once the hearing is scheduled industry experts will be asked to help with possible regulations. earlier this year, lawmakers filed pass taxes on air b&b rentals. that takes care of the fox25 morning news at 5:00. >> 6:00 starts right now. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: now at 6:00, the showdown to las vegas is over, and things once again got heated. >> she has no idea whether it is russia, china or anything -- she has no idea. hillary, now idea. >> 17 -- do you doubt 17 -- >> gene: the comment that
5:59 am
with his running mate and his own family. a 13-year-old boy is recovering this morning after he was shot in the back as he was sitting inside his own home. the latest this morning on the search for the suspect. a boy falls out the back door on a local school bus. what the district is doing right now to make sure every other bus is safe. >> gene: good morning, everybody, 6:00 on this thursday morning, october 20. hope your morning is off to a great start, i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. nice while you lasted but summer -- it's gone from the forecast. meteorologist shiri spear says it is going to be cooler today and could even turn a little wetter by the end of the day. she is in the fox25 storm tracker weather center with the latest. >> shiri: nice and clear and dry. temperatures are still dropping. 57 in boston. we have knocked down another degree since last hour. a lot of 40s in bedford, lawrence and up that nashua. 57 in plymouth.
6:00 am
keene in the 30s. and the coolest spots. that's where i have the fog forming right now. norwood reportings of fog. nothing widespread to slow you down. 7 a.m., 50 degrees. mostly sunny skies. this is for metro west a little closer to the boston area where we have those milder temperatures. look at what you have in the fox25 weather app and plan on that at 7 a.m. temperatures into the 60s with the increasing clouds and show you which time it leads to late showers in just a cup of minutes. julie is up julie is up with live drive-time traffic and a check on the expressway. >> julie: the expressway is always the first place to slow down. earlier accident northbound at derby street no longer an issue and the expressway, slowly starting to pick up the volume. north of the pike, route 1 and 93 south still look good. here is a live look at the zakim bridge where volume seeing more headlights out there than we have over the past hour. very manageable. live drive times. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 17 minutes on the expressway.


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