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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 24, 2016 9:00am-9:59am EDT

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>> michael: new information about to be released by state police after a wrong-way driver crashed kills five people. >> daniel: six months ago espn fired curt schilling. now it appears he has a new gig. conservative radio network that just picked the up the former sox >> julie: new advice for parents first day child comes home sick. >> daniel: 9:00 a.m. on monday, october 24th, i'm daniel miller. >> julie: i'm julie grauert. skies are clearing up and looks nice day and looks can be deceiving. shiri spear stormtracker weather
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>> things tourney chilling earlier this week and 54 in boston and mostly sunny skies and few more clouds as creep down to plymouth at 50, showers ending over the cape and lingering clouds, don't worry, folks, brightening up for all of us so game plan in boston is mostly sunny skies, mid to upper 50s for a good chunk of the afternoon as angle of the sun gets lower, sun goes down, drop back into the 40s here and real cooldown comes into play early tomorrow stronger gusts and highs range from 54 to 60 here in southern new england. take you out to some of the wind gusts seeing right now and where i expect them to go in about ten minutes. julie grauert now with live drive time traffic. >> julie: earlier accident at washington street but the accident has been cleared so now things starting to move along at a little bit better pace. 128 southbound backed up through lexington. expressway slow going from the braintree split up to columbia
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eastbound from 495 to mass ave, half hour on expressway and hour on 93 south approaching the zakim bridge. >> daniel: five people died in wrong-way crash on 495. >> not single person survived the horrific crash. state police are about to get update on the investigation. fox25 michael henrich is live at the state police barracks in middleborough. michael >> michael: here is what we know at this point. state police say that one person drove south in the northbound lanes of 495 by exit three in middleborough and crashed into a car carrying four people and burst into flames and all five people lost their lives.
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midnight this morning and the entire northbound section of 495 by exit three ended up staying closed for more than five hours and 5:15 as crews investigated and then cleaned up substantial amount of debris from the highway. >> information should be released any minute now from the barracks here to release the new here on fox25. live in middleborough, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> julie: we talk to you again. plane crash this morning and footage shows plane just after takes off right there plummeting to the ground and erupting into a massive ball of fire. the flight was reportedly heading to libya to monitor drug trafficking routes and all five victims were french and international airport says
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crash. >> daniel: live look at sidewalk in nashua where 16-year-old high school student was last seen. investigators believe the teen was walking home in heavy rain when fell into the drain. fox25 stephanie coueignoux is live at the scene this morning where the memorial, stephanie, continues to >> stephanie: paying respects and grove counselors will be at nashua high school north and 16-year-old attended and pass along and update for the nashua police department. they say they will be releasing more information at some point this afternoon. so we will have to wait so again, the question remains how the cost of the storm drain moves creating that hole. nashua police say surveillance
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goulet walking down main street here friday night and again, parents are saying he was walking home and fell in and swept away into the storm drain and how the cover moved and whether it was moved by the heavy rain, wind, or possibly something else. investigators did spend hours yesterday s and found body 10 miles away. they haven't positively identified the body and what he was wearing when disappeared. meantime when you can imagine the family absolutely devastated. >> we are going to be looking at situation of whether this was secured or not and looking at the other entries to the sewer system. >> stephanie: again, that remains the biggest question.
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removed from the storm drain. again, police say they will have an update later on this afternoon. we do know that they will be performing an autopsy on that body and reach out to detectives once again. i have also asked the mayor if he would like us to comment as well. stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. >> julie: safety warning to the boston university community. sexual assault investigation is underway. police tell fox25 it happened early yesterday morning at rr description and police hoping to talk to anyone that might have seen or heard something. we are working to get more details about the attack and update as soon as it becomes available. >> daniel: three people died from overdose of heroin friday alone and trying to find out where it is coming from and reach out to anyone they know who could be affected by the deadly drug. right now massive seven continues for dracut woman and
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alzhimers and parkinson's disease. kathryn lucier was seen yesterday around burdett road near hildreth street and combing area for hours. private company leading a large fuel clean-up along railroad tracks in ayer and 2500 gallons of diesel ended up on the tracks and fox25 captured the busy scene last night and looks like trai a piece of metal and intended into the pond well and official do not think any of the fuel made it into the water. >> julie: tom brady got things going in in the first and james white faces 19 yards and seven-zero. the steelers keep things closer to the third quarter when gronk and brady take over.
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strike and 60 career td tying with morgan. pats take 27-16 win over the steelers. >> julie: if you went to bed before midnight you missed craziest ends ever. shot to win off the upright and second chance after a big pass by the inside five and easy for needham. shanks it. two gimmes and ends in six-six tie and first time in more than two years. touchdownless game. they wonder why ratings are down. >> julie: cubs going to world series in for the first time in 71 years. manager for the indians and joined by coco crisp, mike napoli and andrew miller and
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rizzo who's sox draft pick and theo epstein whose president of baseball operations. both have one more day of practice before first game. you could watch it here on fox25. stay tuned for late edition of fox25 news after the game. >> daniel: curt schilling may be getting national outlet. schilling expected to announce a deal today and reportedly host an o conservative website. schilling was fired from his last gig at espn in april after making controversial comments on facebook. the exred sox pitcher also looking to add politician to list of accomplishments. schilling says he is considering running against senator elizabeth warren in 2018 if wife says it is okay. >> julie: taking look at drive time on 93 south right now. we are still at about an hour as we head from 495 in andover to the zakim bridge.
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gusts being reported now, 23 miles per hour in provincetown 22 in worcester, but check this out as we roll into the afternoon the wind start to develop, gusting 20 to 25 miles per hour and tell you how long the gusty conditions stick with us this week next. >> daniel: new research out today about football and kids. how the sport faltering brain after just one year. >> julie: two workers are
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imagine if your child were trapped in a failing school. imagine if your child couldn't read or write at grade level. imagine if your child were stuck on a waiting list. 32,000 kids want to go to a public charter school. but they can't. if you like your public school, question 2 won't affect you. but for kids stuck in failing school districts, question 2 will let parents choose something better and give all our kids hope.
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you know me. that's new hampshire kelly ayotte. this is washington kelly ayotte. she voted for 20 billion dollars in tax breaks for the big oil companies. but she voted against letting you refinance your student loans. ayotte voted to give a huge tax breaks to millionaires. while 95% of us... got nothing. kelly ayotte. you need to know in washington. she's not working for new hampshire.
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>> julie: live look at state police barracks in middleborough. we are expecting a police conference any minute now and bring you news conference as soon as it begins. >> daniel: learning more about two construction workers killed and both men work for company
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the tragedy was preventable. 47-year-old robert higgins lived in warren, rhode island and leave before the sun came up to drive all the way to boston every morning. the victim is from brockton. this is maddox pictured with his wife and daughters. coworkers tell fox25 he was a family man and long working employee of the drain service and found dozen of osha violations against the company and 2007 the couple had been cited for serious violations and fines for trench safety. higgins question how they can stay in business. >> from what we heard should not have happened. >> they continue to get jobs. why. >> learn atlantic drains unpaid fines and oceania trying to recoup through debt collections.
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tenialties and company refused to comment. >> behalf of state police express the condolences and sadness of families five young adults that lost their lives last night. as a result of head-on crash on route 495 in the statement i will give you all will be brief. i ask for your patience as the identification and notification process of next-of-kin is ongoing. approximately past 11 minutes past 12:00 this morning october 24th and middleborough received a single call of wrong way operator traveling
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route 495 north of exit three and wrong way operator traveling southbound was the lone occupant of the vehicle. the preliminary investigation leads investigators to believe the wrong way operator and vehicle struck the northbound vehicle head on. the crash i-pact -- impacted caused northbound vehicle to the crash occurred in the left travel lane of route 495 northbound, high speed lane. there's no indication that time allowed to avoid the vehicle traveling wrong way. crash this morning caused by
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southbound in northbound lane and contributing factors and stimuli reasons why the crash occurred president vladimir ands of the crash. be reluctant to do that at this time and not been completed but they were young.
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>> investigation ongoing by reconstructionist. we believe crash occurred north of exit three so access points would be route 44 and we do not believe that there was a long period of time there because the call came into state police middleborough within a few minutes. scene and one person witness the call and occurred contemporaneously. premature to comment on that.
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involved. with respect to the family and holding back information. >> on >> affecting investigation and sensitivity to the investigation and wouldn't want to go into any
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proactive measures throughout the years police strategies and working with strategies and pushes back fate and extremely sad. we do the best we can but sometimes fate overwhelms all. horrific scene and a lot of young officers out there and monitor them closely. have two of the supervisors here
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a lot of exits and could have been traveling for period of time and light traffic sunday night early in the morning and not a heavily traveled roadways so yes before someone came it. >> access point you checked, all marked and clearly marked. >> >> massdot has signs up do not enter. determine the factors, stimuli and reasons why it occurred and as soon as we get the families
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>> don't want to comment on that at this time. with respect to the families. i think we are good now and media relations and we will get additional information out to you all to thank you. and 495 north and middleborough this morning and state police officer updating what happened and telling us that five people died, all young victims presumably young and families died, all young victims presumably young and families have not been uh, first of all, i plan to vote for donald trump. when it served her purpose, ayotte buddied up to trump, even calling him a role model.
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but she kept playing politics and flip flopping around. ayotte is running away from trump as quickly as she can. and what she values is her seat. and she's trying - to keep something she values. - i know. kelly ayotte. the politician. looking out for herself. independence usa pac is responsible
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spent 21 years in the navy, defending america. if i only showed up half of the time, i'd have been court-martialed. but that's what senator kelly ayotte did. she missed nearly half of vo: on critical homeland security hearings, ayotte was mia... even missing a hearing the same day she went to a washington fundraiser. for ayotte collecting campaign cash comes first. bob hillery: when it comes to fighting terrorism, fifty percent doesn't cut it. afscme is responsible for
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>> julie: updated advice for parents. >> reporter: american academy of pediatric and babies first year should sleep in parents room but not in their parents bed. nation leading group of pediatricians says room sharing, not bed sharing, decrease the death syndrome and recommends as soon as after birth as possible begin skin-to-skin contact to help with breastfeeding and doctors acknowledge tired parents can fall asleep while feeding babies and recommend planning for that. feeding in bed is safer than couch or arm share. for the first time offering
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baby and should be removed from the bed and mattress should be firm. group reaffirming and place babies on their backs in their beds on baby's bed and firm surface with no loose bedding. jacqueline fell, fox25 news. >> shiri: warm-up takes us to warmest day >> julie: new hampshire army reservist had heart attack. and why they are refusing to pay for the care. >> catherine: how andrew crossley: new hampshire has a senator
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ampshire, and wants to unleash that potential. ron goguen: she's out there fighting for good-paying jobs. andrew crossley: kelly introduced bipartisan training initiatives to make sure we have the skills for the 21st century. sue winter: she's fought against workplace discrimination - and for equal pay. claude poisson: she's working for the little guy - i'm the little guy. barb fredette: we need kelly fighting for good new hampshire jobs so our kids can raise their families here. sue martin: kelly is a powerful voice for new hampshire's working families. kelly ayotte: i'm kelly ayotte and i approved this message. you know me.
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this is washington kelly ayotte. she voted for 20 billion dollars in tax breaks for the big oil companies. but she voted against letting you refinance your student loans. ayotte voted to give a huge tax breaks to millionaires. while 95% of us... got nothing. kelly ayotte. you need to know in washington. she's not working for new hampshire. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. at stop & shop, shoppers are discovering low prices by the thousands, all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of ?bread.? [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices.
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>> daniel: picture looks great out there. can't tell pretty breezy and bit chilly. >> tracking wind today, so it is going to be not same howling wind and sustained winds currently at 16 miles per hour worcester and 15 miles per hour boston and gusts what's going to get you and stronger as we track the way into the afternoon.
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sunshine, temperatures in the lower 50s and over cape at 52?, boston at 54, still in the 40s in boxford and whale and temperatures next hour and also hit the 50s and 47? in worcester and keene, new hampshire. and mostly sunny boston 54 and one or two more degrees by lunchtime and 20 to 25 miles per hour and breezy element of the forecast and take look at temperatures ahead and check traffic and weather today. >> julie: new accident on the pike as well, eastbound approaching the weston tolls. north of the pike 128 southbound
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128 to the tobin and 40 minutes 93 south and 41 minutes on 128 southbound peabody to the weston tolls. >> julie: road closed until 5:00 this morning while conference, michael. will you update us, please. >> michael: horrific crash 495 at exit three. first and foremost we do know that five people lost their lives, we now know that according to state police all
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d they are in the releasing any more information about the gender or specific agents or, of course, names of those people who lost their lives and striking other car, second vehicle that had four people inside. new details we just learned. first a or dispatcher did get call from witness that saw the driver going the wrong way on 495 north and little time transpired between the witnesses phone call and head-on collision with the other car that state police simply didn't have the time to do anything to prevent the
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let you know the road was back open but again, heartbreaking loss five young adults losing their lives and wrong-way crash this morning and alcohol or drugs played a role or speed played a role as time goes on and as soon as we can on the fox25 news app. live in middleborough, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> julie: police say body of young man found in massachusetts river believed to be the new hampshire teen who may have been swept here is look at the sidewalk in nashua where that 16-year-old high school student was last seen. investigators believe the teen was walking home in the heavy rain when he fell into the drain. fox25 stephanie coueignoux live at the scene where a memorial is growing. stephanie? >> stephanie: people paying respect to 16-year-old and look helped me and see some of the flowers as well as candles here
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now covered but police say it was uncovered friday night when this happened. nashua police say surveillance cameras show 16-year-old jacob goulet and he was walking home but never made it home and very torrential rainstorm and fell into the question remains how the cover and rain, wind and possibly something else and found body in
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>> stephanie: we got update on last 40 minutes or so from nashua police stating that they are now doing an autopsy on the body and they will be releasing more information later today as soon as we hear back we will let you know on air and online at nashua, new hampshire, stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. >> julie: following breaking news on the cape and police made arrest deadly stabbing over the weekend and kelly ridley facing murder charges and 26-year-old thomas russell, he was found stabbed to death saturday morning. he will be in court later today. >> daniel: scene on walnut street around 7:30 friday night.
9:37 am
nine-year-old and hospitalized with nonlife-threatening injuries and police tell fox25 he and two other children were crossing the road when car turned right and hit the boy and not being charged because he had a green light. we know this morning and last week with collision tow truck in worcester. 45-year-old ronald corps southbridge street and appears he hit the parked tow truck. they say the truck was blocking bicycle lane. it was towed from investigators are still -- investigation still ongoing. >> julie: brawl that has been the talk of andover. player from southern connecticut went after one another this weekend and video gone viral and all started when the teens actually shaking hands saturday. a pushing match started and turned into all out brawl and ended up running into the field to break it up and reached out to southern connecticut and haven't heard back. the video has been viewed and
9:38 am
twitter. >> daniel: students at boston latin school are protesting the dress code which they say is discriminatory and dress appropriately when attending class and dress code will be strictly enforced starting november 1st and students say most of the rules target girls and people with color. more than 500 students have signed a petition calling guidelines unacceptable. some of the dress code rules include no shirts, no short skirt or dress and bans certain
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>> catherine: popular choice in boston, dozens of people lined up when polls opened at 9:00 and regardless where you live option available and early voting will run from today through november 4th here in massachusetts, one of 37 states where that is allowed. and more than 5.3 million votes have already been cast. you will need to check with city or town about the times and locations where you can do that here in massa the ballot by mail and hillary clinton 12 points ahead. and clintonon strong in north
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>> get it done and be ready to move on and cast ballots and get it over with. regardless andy first time early voting allowed here in massachusetts. something you can do statewide, do that and mayor marty walsh, by the way, also planning to cast the ballot and plans to do so at 12:45 this afternoon. catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. look at drive time on the expressway hovering from the braintree split to columbia road. >> shiri: temperatures as we hit about lunchtime today climbing into the middle 50s
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about 56? and 7:00 this evening back into the 40s and warm-up where you are and which spots get close to 60 next. >> julie: one man's letter that had dozen of protesters outside the home. >> daniel: man suffered heart narrator: planned parenthood provides many kinds of healthcare. woman: i depend on planned parenthood for birth control. woman: i had my annual physical there. cancer screenings at planned parenthood are so important. narrator: still, chris sununu cast the deciding vote to eliminate state funding for planned parenthood. chris sununu put partisan politics above women's health care. colin van ostern: i'm colin van ostern. i fought to restore funding for planned parenthood and got it done, because women's health care should always
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you know me. that's new hampshire kelly ayotte. this is washington kelly ayotte. she voted for 20 billion dollars in tax breaks for the big oil companies. but she voted against letting you refinance your student loans. ayotte voted to give a huge tax breaks to millionaires. while 95% of us... got nothing. kelly ayotte. you need to know in washington. she's not working for new hampshire.
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>> julie: tour bus rear ended near palm springs, california. the bus about 15 feet deep in the back of the trailer. bus driver was among people killed and happened early yesterday morning and more than 30 other people, including the truck driver were hurt. investigators are hoping to recover a black box that
9:45 am
data control device we are hoping to get data recorder but it is a 1996 molina not so sure was going to be there. >> daniel: cover medical cost mounted after suffering heart attack army doesn't want to pay up because heart attack didn't happen on battlefield. shane morgan member of u.s. army reserve cyber security unit. captain morgan suffered heart attack during required physical fitness test at fort devens. it was the first exam in the reserves. before that he had been active duty in ten years. captain morgan and army left
9:46 am
the investigators filed in june heart disease is likely considered as existing prior to service. officer morgan says captain says the only medical evidence to suggest heart trouble prior to heart attack was blood test that shows borderline high cholesterol months before it. >> blood was takenn 185. >> i think they are inept and people in the roles causing havoc in people's lives for no reason. >> daniel: captain morgan and wife were on the hook for $10,000 insurance will not cover and statement released to fox25 u.s. army reserve the physical and financial well-being of the soldiers in families top concern for all levels. they plan to reinvestigate the
9:47 am
the pike and 128 southbound as approach route 2. accident on the pike eastbound weston tolls has cleared. here is look at live drive times, 27 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 38 minutes on 93 south and half an hour on pike eastbound from 495 to the mass ave. >> shiri: we got where you're going today and take you out to headlines for today and start with today being the warmest weekday they have at 7-day forecast. it gets colder from here. breezy both today and tomorrow, winds finally relaxed on wednesday and then we do have a lot of morning 30s coming into town, so if you don't know where the warmer coats are, maybe even gloves and hats for kids time to track it down. scooted just to the south here
9:48 am
within the last hour and all good right now, all nice and dry and notice as we head toward noon time wind coming from the west and northwest gusting and 25 miles per hour and cool canadian air and that's what's causing the dropoff and time home from work will be a little bit gust and he half the wind gust that we had yesterday. yesterday we had very damaging gusts up arou strength here, don't have a wind advisory. i've not anticipating any kind of wind damage today. 54? right now in boston, no measurable rain today but got about tenth to quarter inch of rain over the cape, 15 miles per hour winds as we speak right now but about getting stronger and sunshine, got the gusts, and we got upper 50s in town here for the afternoon. 57 in boston and norwood, 58 in plymouth, new bedford at 60? today because go north of boston and worcester, and you got some
9:49 am
worcester, 55 fitchburg and lawrence, 53 both portsmouth, and manchester, new hampshire. and then tonight it is back into the 30s from there we hit highs only in the upper 40s and lower 50s tomorrow. there's the cooldown. 7-day forecast weekend always in view, more 30s in tap on wednesday, thursday morning highs in the upper 40s and increasing clouds in that time period with thursday and into friday rain showers. back to you guys. >> daniel: returning to new england coming the slopes before the i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ]
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[ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone.
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spent 21 years in the navy, defending america. if i only showed up half of the time, i'd have been court-martialed. but that's what senator kelly ayotte did. she missed nearly half of her homeland security hearings. vo: on critical homeland security hearings, ayotte was mia... even missing a hearing the same day she went to a washington fundraiser. for ayotte collecting campaign cash comes first. bob hillery: when it comes to fighting terrorism, fifty percent doesn't cut it. afscme is responsible for
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>> julie: resort making it snow for weeks and more than five inches of natural snow fell this weekend and plan to open the resort on wednesday. >> daniel: emu quite the escape artist. emu found walking along busy park friday and kept bird on shoulder until animal control arrived and able to eventually last of the emu and put it into a trailer. no word how the animal made it sway to the highway.
9:53 am
cape canaveral, florida, police spent friday and man walking his dog when animal going down roads and through yards and across the fields. officers used blankets to corn and her -- corner and capture the bird. >> so many emu, so little time >> julie: men and women protest recent letter sent to local paper after criticizing women of certain age to wear skin tight pants and protesters proudly marched past to send message of their own. >> it is about women wearing what they choose to wear and everybody being respectful and yoga pants is symbol. >> despite peaceful demonstration man center of the
9:54 am
wrote the letter. >> julie: many parents worry about kids getting concussions playing sports. new study out of wake forest school of medicine football players brains can change after one year. they found that there were small changes in brain matter, even players that didn't suffer from concussion and more research for impact cognitive function. >> daniel: shiri will eating chocolate may be good for you. researchers looked at 19 studies people that ate cocoa flavanols and those that ate the cocoa less risk for heart problems and higher levels of good cholesterol. team says more which type of chocolate provides the most health benefits and just how much you should actually eat.
9:55 am
really healthy. >> shiri: hard to find 60? but 58 normal this time of year and going to be bright and breezy and not the whipping winds of yesterday and breezy between today and tomorrow. get ready. 30s tomorrow morning and hope you guys have warmer stuff ready as you come it handy all the way through the end of the week and get a little blip of warm-up with back to normal temperatures but period of rain that we are tracking here between thursday afternoon and into the day on friday and julie sitting with me today when made the weekend wetter on saturday so looks likely we will have tiny bit of rain. saturday so looks likely we will have tiny bit of rain. >> daniel: thank you so much great price on this boneless chicken! yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it.
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this price is so low. trying to make me eat my greens? no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my stop & shop. you know me. that's new hampshire kelly ayotte. this is washington kelly ayotte. she voted for 20 billion dollars in tax breaks for the big oil companies. but she voted against letting you refinance your student loans. ayotte voted to give a huge tax breaks to millionaires. while 95% of us... got nothing. kelly ayotte. you need to know in washington. she's not working for new hampshire.
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it's october 24th, time for great viral videos "right this minute". a driver singing his way down the road until he isn't. now a miracle crash survivor reveals the whole story behind one scary to my stomach to watch it. >> little girls laugh as they pound a pinata with their sister underneath. >> their mother thought it was hilarious, too. >> but see why she was stunned when the video sparked an internet backlash. >> these guys are going for the world's largest human-anchored high line. the moment the sweaty palmed


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