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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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secure all storm drains after a teenager's unexpected death. a widow of a state trooper taking a desperate plea as people go to the polls. the controversial issue she is asking everyone to vote down. >> complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. it is 4:30 on this tuesday, october 25. thanks for joining us this morning, i am daniel miller. >> julie: good morning, everyone, i am julie grauert. track down those gloves. thankful yesterday. tomorrow morning is a cold one, and she is exactly right. she joins us with how long this freezing weather will stick around. >> shiri: things are 10 degrees cooler in norwood. 8 degrees cooler in boston and 9 degrees cool in worcester. it feels cooler to through the. mid-30s across central massachusetts. hollis, new hampshire, 32. it is literally quite freezing, 36 in reading and 38 in walpole.
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40s down across the south shore and cape and island. we start off with clear conditions now. mostly sunny at noon and 46 degrees. i know it is not a massive warm-up. upper 40s to 50 if you are lucky here at 3 p.m. the winds kick up again this afternoon. scattered clouds mixing in. we take a closer look at those wind and what to plan for the drive into work. julie is back now with live drive time traffic. >> speaking of that drive into work. if you weran nothing on 23. pike wide open from 495 into the alston-brighton area. route 1, all clear. single digits on the expressway. 29 minutes on 93 south. 11 minutes on 128 northbound from university avenue to the weston tolls. following breaking news this morning, a 16-year-old wanted for murder has been captured overnight in fall river. fox25 reported over the weekend that jayden smith was the youngest person ever on massachusetts most wanted list.
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dangerous and that he had no regard for life. he is accused of gunning down a man in fall river and police think that he shot someone earlier this month. he is due in court this morning. fox25's jessica reyes will be there. she is live in just 30 minutes with more details of the crime that landed smith on the most wanted list. five lives cut short in a wrong-way crash along 49 in middleborough. the story was breaking this time yesterday morning. the wrong-way driver and four college students in another car were all killed in a fiery were all killed in a fiery head-on crash. today police will officially release their names, but some of them have already been identified by their families are jordan galvin, kraig diggs and jordan fisher and his roommate were in a car that was hit by a 31-year-old fall river woman. fisher's heartbroken father talks to fox25 of the last time he saw his son. >> i was out working on my truck and he always comes to
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gave him a big hug and a kiss and i said drive safely and i love him. >> julie: the cause of the crash is under investigation. two of the victims just graduated from barnstable high school. the counselors will help student and staff. we are expecting the autopsy results of a body pulled from a tyngsborough river believed to be a nashua teen. we have been following the story for days. police are investigating the possibility that the 16-year-old was swept into the storm drain during a downpour. ji the city is making sure that every sewer opening is locked down properly. >> reporter: he was 16 years old. played guitar in a band. friends and loved ones went to the last place jacob goulet was alive. >> my heart goes out to the parents. >> reporter: for gail york. the news that a 16-year-old died while falling into a storm train was especially distressing. >> i lost a son at 18 on a
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everything back. >> reporter: nashuans who knew jacob goulet and those didn't came to where all started, a storm drain above the nashua river. they laid flowers and personal tokens and they grieve. >> seems like a tragic accident and a horrible storm that night. >> reporter: but anger simmering under the sadness anchored under the question of how something like this could happen. >> how was that supposed to come up. that should have been secured. this shouldn't have ha seemed to acknowledge as much. they put out a statement indicating how they plan to address the weekend accident. first public work crews will secure the sewer covers with locks. and stainless steel that is more durable and inspection of all covers. all of this, of course, cannot change what happened, however, it happened.
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is in a better place. >> reporter: the city throughout third-party inspectors how this cover actually became ajar and they can not determine how this happened. in nashua, new hampshire. a drake cut woman with alzheimer's and parkinson's disease remains missing. police tell fox25 suddenly 5-year-old catherine lacer was seen 2 p.m. sunday on burdette near hitter street. police are urging people to search their or where others may have south shelter. they are concerned because of the cold weather. a team state troopers sent to catch a man who killed a auburn police officer is being honored. three members of the mass state police tactical team were given medals of honor. the two were involved in the shootout with jorge zambrano in may accused of killing officer ron tarrentino during a traffic stop.
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one of the troopers was also shot. receiving the honor was a bittersweet moment. >> a tremendous honor. but i think the cost for losing officer tarentino is -- is terrible. >> julie: officer tarantin o's family was on hand. early vote something under way. one of the issues legalizing marijuana. catherine parrotta is live at the statehouse. catherine, the wife of a state trooper is asking people to vote down the issue. >> reporter: two weeks to go until link day for today. there has been controversy surrounding question 4. one of the latest polls show the majority of massachusetts voters support it; however, a new push to reject this measure and that question is coming from the wife of a fallen state trooper, and that trooper was
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thomas -- trooper thomas clardy. clardy was killed win a medical marijuana patient crossed over the line. he was in an impaired state and had a half-burned cigarette in his car the time of the crash. raisa clardy is the widow and in an online ad to reject it. >> i think there will be more accidents and fatalities. we are going to have families without their loved ones because if it happened to my family, it could happen to anybody. >> despite that push back, the ballot questions have its supporters. their argument making marijuana legal and taxing and legalizing is better than leaving it under ground. a poll showed 55% of massachusetts voters support legalization and 44% oppose it and practical consideration of
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live on beacon hill, catherine parrotta, fox 25 news. tonight, the attorney general's office is reaching out to people affected by the opioid crisis. the state is holding a special town hall meeting. will give grandparents and other relatives caring for the children of addicts a chance to talk about opioid addiction. the event takes place at 6 p.m. anyone with health care through the affordable care act can expect the changes of the new year. according to the white house before subsidies kick in, premiums are expected to increase an average of 25%. plus an estimated 20% of consumer also only have one insurer to choose from. this comes after companies like aetna, humana and united health group scaled back their roles in the program. a man accused of attacking a mbta bus driver made his arrest pretty easy for police. transit police say daniel coulic tried to strangle the
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couldn't get off the bus between stops. he is accused of kicking and breaking doors and windows on the bus. after leaving the scene, he came back. it turned out he left his cell phone behind and was arrested when he showed up to get it. patriots quarterback tom brady is speaking out against domestic violence following another scandal following a nfl player. new york giants kicker josh brown is on paid leave. he served a one-game suspension following the arrest domestic violence. he admitted to being physically and verbally abusive to his ex-wife. during a radio interview, we not comment on the league's din palestinian of brown, but talked about violence against women in general. >> domestic violence is a horrible issue. it is a horrible -- a tragedy when it happens. any type of abuse or bullying or people who can't defend themselves -- i mean, i have no ready for that.
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a house with three sisters. harvard graduate students struck a deal with the university over the right to organize into a union. the graduate students union said it will allow for the union to establish standards of pay and work for the student working at the university on their graduate work. it will set a tone of how graduate labor even in schools across the country. if you have still have a galaxy note 7, don't bring it on a amtrak joining the f ark a in banning the phones. offered a worldwide recall of the phones due to a serious fire risk. they will randomly check passengers to see if they have the banned smartphones. we track traffic and weather ever ten minutes. drive time on the expressway. the single-digit zone that is so nice. check in now with shiri spear. >> shiri: the coldest so far this season, 36 degrees in boston. rather 42 in boston.
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coldest temperatures so far this fall. wait until we see how much colder this gets by this time tomorrow. a snapchat post prompting a lockdown at a major high school. the changes to keep everyone safe. game one of the world series happening tonight.
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i just want what's best for my kids. when i hear arguments that massachusetts needs more charter schools, i think: what about the students in all of our schools? every new charter takes away more money from the existing public schools. that's 400 million dollars, just last year. we can't afford to drain even more money from our kids' schools because they're already losing so much. i'm not just standing up for my own kids;
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game one of the world series
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jon lester set to start the series in chicago. he is 3-0 in the world series. >> one of the goals you set as an individual and as far as team goal, you want to make it to this point. you want to be the last team standing. >> i have known him for long time. one of my favorites. he is one of everyone's favorites. >> julie: look at the series. a who's who. theo and dugout calling the shots for the indians. coco crisp and andruw miller. first pitch is at 8:00. then a late edition of fox25 news right after the game. from the mound to the court, a celtics player is getting bad news just in time for his birthday. second-year rj hunter got the boot the same day he turned 23. he was edged off for the final
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it take place days before the home opener taking on the brooklyn net. new information about the lasting damage that can be done from just one season of competitive youth football. there could be changes to the brain even if players never get a concussion. young players who were hit harder and suffered more significant brain changes than those that did not experience on-field contact. more studies were needed to see how harmful the changes might another study to tell you about this morning, more and more children with health headaches are being admitted to hospitals and at pediatric departments. headache-related visits made to their er doubled between 2007 and 2014. the study found that hospital admission rates for children with a headakin creased from 10% to 24%. it is 4:46 and we are
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we have a new accident on 93 south right now; however, volume is so light that it won't be slowing anyone down because not too many cars are out on the roads. as we shift over to the pike, a lot of green on my map moving along from 495 and 128 and into the alston-brighton area. another accident on the expressway near granite avenue and see it reflected in the drive time. a lot of green there as well. 12 minutes from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes on 93 south. 24 avenue. meteorologist shiri spear joining us. shiri, if you were in the sun without any win, kind of comfortable almost even though the temperatures are that low. some of the wind and it will be freezing. will that be fine. >> shiri: we have wind chills back because we have the breeze and the gusts tend to pick up once we hit the afternoon. we have sustained winds around 10 miles per hour. you put that on top of already chilly temperatures and it will feel like 38 when you leave the house in boston and feel like 29 right now in worcester.
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new hampshire, down to plymouth. feels like 34. a bundle-up kind of morning. dry and cool and a cold front that will affect northern new england with snow flakes between today and tomorrow and locally keep the next two days nice and dry. break down the temperatures. temperatures get colder and colder the longer it is dark out here. all this heat that is escaping. that means by 7 a.m. just before the sun comes up, temperatures hitting rock bottom here and we have near whims, actual temperatures. and worcester, again, bedford up to nashua, new hampshire, about 41 in boston. and 37 in plymouth. and let's track that warm-up because i have lower 40s back in most towns and cities by 9:00 this morning. for lunchtime today, mid- to upper 40s out there. it runs mostly sunny, and you will notice we have scattered clouds that mix in here once we get into the afternoon. we will see on and off clouds here.
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sending you home from work. upper 40s. high of 48 in boston. 48 in lawrence. 51 in norwood. the 50s are a little tough to come by. more over the cape, the coast and providence, rhode island. worcester today only 43 degrees. plus tonight, it is going to be freezing, and most of the suburbs. boston at about 36 means we have frost in the city, but we have the freezing temperatures outside of the city. those are tomorrow's wake-up temperatures and from there, another afternoon of upper 40s. i scattered clouds here looking pretty nice here for your wednesday. changes brewing for your thursday. so thursday we are watching as the system gets closer and closer. there is a lot of cold air up ahead. my concern is that we are going to see this move in a little bit sooner and if it does, the set-up where we get a little mixing to the worcester his, the brook shires or the manadanock.
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transition to rain and overnight into friday morning. we are looking at possibly heavy rain in that time frame. look at the chilly forecast until then. lower 50s, upper 40s today, tomorrow and thursday. friday, a little warm-up at 57 with that morning rain. 50s over the weekend as well. we are looking for a chance of showers on saturday. back to you, guys. >> julie: all right, shiri. outrage over a new dress code at a boston school. female students say the new rules are skewed toward them. and staff. the military cut their checks for years but are now asking for more of the money checks for years but are now asking for more of the money back. ?? checks for years but are now asking for more of the money back. it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. you can never tell from the outside just how many warm, flaky layers are on the inside. but let's just say it's more than ever.
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eight minutes until the top of the hour. the pentagon is feeling the heat for paycheck backfire. veterans are being told to give back their bonuses. one veteran say she is outraged to give back the money she earned. >> i feel betrayed that i gave them my time and now they want their money back. >> reporter: susan haley is a retired master sergeant that served in afghanistan. now she says the government is forcing them to pay a quarter of her income every month. >> my family has sacrificed so much and now we are struggling to pay even our house payments. >> reporter: one of thousands veterans forced to pay back bow they received during their service. in order to get soldiers to
4:53 am
money, loan forgiveness and other business. unfortunately those bonuses were meant for soldier with certain assignments. investigators uncovered rampant fraud by california guard trying to match enlistment targets. now veterans are paying the price with have. >> they are asking for 25 -- over $25,000. and that's because they have been charging me have. >> reporter: according to the department of defense, the pentagon isoo california congressman adam schiff said he has written to the california national guard asking to stop any attempts to reclaim soldiers' bonus money until he and congress can work out a solution. >> i think it is outrageous that the national guard sold remembers being asked to repay bonuses that they had every right to expect. >> reporter: a relief to veterans like haley who struggled since 2012 to have
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>> what has been occurred is devastating to our family. >> reporter: andy rose, fox25 news. after a seven-year delay, mohegan sun will open their hotel. complete with shopping, dining and entertainment option will help keep business despite competition in massachusetts. the hotel is a scaled-back version of the original plan which featured a 43-story building. the cuts were mailed over concern of competition from the m+ gm springfield and wynn resortet next few years. uber is looking to get into a new business, debit cards. they rolled out their own debit cards. and mechanicsco's first honline bank for the uber card. the goal is to get more people to use uber in mexico because they limit the use of debit and credit cards online. in the 1991 perfect storm off the coast of massachusetts is being sunk off the coast of
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ships to safety during world war ii. sunk off of cape may to have an artificial reef to support marine life. cambridge native ben affleck and friends auditioned for a movie of heroic cancer doctor. part of a hilarious skit. >> if matt damon can play be genius and he be the supportive best friend. thing is more realistic. >> you know what, i better not get in the middle of that. >> we put the whole skit on our web site at >> julie: always so funny. have you seen this yet, this model dared one most nail-biting photo shoots. she posed often the eaglet teetering on a cliff.
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shoot that took place over two tes. the photographer worked with an experienced mountain guide to make sure she was secured to the rock at all times. >> you know these photographers keep pushing the limit on these pictures that we see. that is pretty incredible. >> julie: it is and -- you can do that on a green screen. shiri and i can stand in front of a green screen -- she was out there like we mentioned secured to a rock and so windy that's where we got these sh shots. almost like a butterfly. quite stunning. >> daniel: the question is will you do something like that. >> julie: no thank you. would you? >> daniel: i would probably hike but not that. president obama staying up late and taking on the haters. a look at the television appear than that has everyone laughing. boston university seconding a bit of luck to the cleveland indians ahead of the world series. the special connection between
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breaking now, a teenager on the state's most wanted list is now under arrest. the serious charges he faces as he heads to court this morning. and tragedy at a theme park. four people killed on a ride. the horrific incident that unfolded while people were unfolded while people were waiting in line. good morning, everybody. 5:00 on this tuesday morning. it is october 25. appreciate you being with us this morning, i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. you off to a chilly start this morning. meteorologist shiri spear is in the storm tracker weather center with a forecast that will feel more like november, shiri. >> shiri: things not starting to warm up until 8:00 this morning. get used to it. temperatures are not budging for the next several hours. 43 in boston. 40 in lawrence.
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where it is only 36 degrees. out toward metro west, run a little cooler than the city itself. 37 degrees. look at that just updated. 6 a.m. temperature 36 degrees sliding up to 40 at 8 a.m., 44 at 10 a.m. we have high temperatures getting close to 50 degrees. we are not quite going to get there, most of us. 44 to about 50 today. turning breezy again. a blend of sun and scattered clouds and potential of ice a look as we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. julie grauert is live with an accident update. waiting for an accident to clear 93 south is on the shoulder another m+ new york city ntvale avenue near woburn. things look fine on the pike eastbound from 495 to 128 into the alston-brighton area. live drive times. 24 minutes on pike. 89 minutes on the expressway. 19 minutes on 93 south as you


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