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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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and off to a freezing start. how long the cold air lingers today and where it may stir up snow and ice tomorrow. this quincy home is still taped off after a school bus came crashing into it. >> it was really scary. >> reporter: coming up, one student describes how it happened. a man accused of abusing his dog hides his face while leaving court. the criminal history that got him in even more trouble. complete new this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good morning, 4:30 on wednesday, october 26. i am julie grauert. >> daniel: good morning, i am daniel miller. we are waking up to coldest temperatures we have seen this season. meteorologist shiri spear in the fox25 storm tracker weather center. shiri, frost and freeze warnings are in effect. >> we have a freeze warning of a lot of the suburbs of boston from the north shore to the south shore as well. we have wind on top of it. gusts into the 20-mile-per-hour
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cape obviously the warmest. we have 40s down there and drops to 33 in plymouth. 38 in boston. freeze warning for beverly, lawrence, over to bedford, those are locations expected to drop a couple more degree here. and in the boston area, we are currently at 38 degrees. here, too, we will drop a couple of degrees but likely not down to freezing. at noontime, 45 degrees and a 50-mile-per-hour breeze. 46 at 3 p.m. as we toss in a cup of scattered cloud next weather maker is on the way and for some areas of new england start with snow. timeline coming up. julie grauert is back with live drive time traffic. >> julie: things are nice and quiet and i expect them to stay that way for the next two hours. route 3 is moving along fine from the pike to 495 to 128. route 1 and 93 south are clear. over to the live drive times. nine minutes on the expressway. 20 minutes on 93 south as you
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from 128 northbound to the weston tolls. developing this morning, a neighborhood on alert. investigators say this man tried to kidnap a 13-year-old girl who was trying to walk to her school bus stop in roxbury. it happened before 6:30 yesterday morning at the corner of blue hill ave and brookville street. the girl screamed and thought managing to escape with the help of someone walking by. flames poured out of a triple decker in everett. investigators are working to find out on floyd street that started after 10. neighbors went door to door making sure everybody got out okay even waking up a woman and her son. no one was hurt. principal and vice principal will join students on a bus to and from school. the move follows a crash that hurt several elementary school children. >> reporter: that crash happened at this home that you see behind me and you can see that home is still taped off
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as for the cause of this crash, that still under investigation. we know this happened around noon yesterday. there were 33 people on board the bus. 32 student plus the driver. the bus was taking the kids home from the charles berzani school when it hit a hydrant and utility pole pulling into traffic before hit has home on kiter street. a student described what it was like. >> it was going fast and bumpy and we heard something crack and it started smelling like fire and we just ran, like, >> reporter: seven people were taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. they were treated and released. no one was home at the time of that crash. that is a bit of good news. and kids did say recently they had a bus evacuation drill and they knew exactly what to happen when -- what to do when that happened. and school officials will be on scene to reassure kids that they are safe and i have an e-mail out to the superintendent trying to find
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live in quincy, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. it is now 4:33. this morning a local professional wrestler accused of attack his pregnant girlfriend is out on bail. late last night, the suspect told the whole world on facebook that he messed up. he used another word and one we can't say on tv. fox25's ted daniel reports on the wrestler's appearance in court where he faces his accuser. >> screaming in my ear. screaming in my face. just anger -- vry >> reporter: heavyweight accusations against a heavy competitor. jean-jacques' girlfriend explains what happened. >> he got angry that i wanted to leave and i wanted to go home. i was upset that he left in the middle of the night and wouldn't tell me where he went. . . >> reporter: gilman told a
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got together in 2015 and she is pregnant with their daughter. attack after he came home from massachusetts from florida where he is training to wrestle for the wwe. >> he sat on my legs and pinned down my wrists and said i wasn't leaving. >> reporter: this post from terrence jean-jacques on his facebook page. he tells supporters he messed up adding the people who matter know who i really am as a person and truth will come out. i will be back. ted danie >> julie: the wwe sent this statement to fox25. we have z+ ero tolerance for matters of domestic violence. jean-jacques has been suspended indefinitely after his arrest. a judge released him in the custody of his mother. he has been ordered to wear a gps tracking device. two massachusetts men are facing murder charges in connection with a man's death in maine.
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sherman maine. asante and golden being held on fugitive from justice. police captured a dangerous man with a gun in new hampshire. police say 32-year-old james lemon took a person against their will sunday night. the kidnapping was record in laconia. the unidentified victim was found safe and based on their story police issued a warning for lemon's arrest. he was c armed robbery. >> the owner of the company that employed two men killed in this trench collapse last friday is breaking his silence for the first time since the tragedy. we have been working on tracking him down ever since we uncovered a long list of safety violations for atlantic drain service. fox25's robert goulston went to roslindale where he spoke to a life-long friend of one of the workers killed. >> just tragic what happened. very sad. because he really was an incredible guy.
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still in shock so she didn't want to go on camera. she was picking up his truck where he left it at work the day he died. >> his parents, sister. everybody is devastated. >> reporter: roshts and kelvin maddox were killed while working. a water line broke causing the dirt in the trench to become mud. for the first time the owner kevin otto is speaking out saying all of us at atlantic drain service saddened and shocked by the offense that claimed the lives of two friends and employees. >> so happy to be working this job. he -- he thought he would be successful, and he was very happy. >> reporter: fox25 uncovered a long history of osha violations for the company including repeated and woeful offenses. some of the violations were for trench safety. the company currently owes tens of thousands of dollars of fines to osha which is in
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violators one of 12 in the state. we tried to ask him about the safety record. the statement said we take great pride in ensuring that our employees are operating in safe and supervised work sites rile on any job. higgins family wants to know how this company stays in business. >> they continue to get jobs. why? >> reporter: kevin otto does have a construction supervisor license with the state. he had to regularly have to fulfill certain training requirements, but the background of his company is not reviewed. in boston, robert ghoulston, fox25 news. this morning another reports that the samsung phone is exploding the galaxy s 7 edge. he exchanged his phone after reports of those phones exploding now claims his replacement phone overheated and exploded after normal use
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from samsung on this new report about the s 7. the trump campaign not giving up on the granite state despite being down double digits in the polls. eric trump spent tuesday meeting with supporters and businesses in salem and nashua. his father trails hillary clinton by 15 points. early voting here in massachusetts and plenty of people are taking advantage of it. boston's mayor marty walsh cast his ballot on monday along with 4600 other the first year of early voting in massachusetts. we caught up with mayor wall he or she is impressed with the turnout. >> i thought it was a big number. the second day this morning. so i think people are excited about this. in boston and massachusetts. >> julie: people who live in massachusetts have until next friday to vote early. after that will have to head to the polls on november 8. hillary clinton spent her tuesday in florida hoping to
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the new sunshine state poll have leading donald trump by three points 48 to 45. hillary clinton defended the health care law amid the news of skyrocketing premiums. >> we are going to make the changes to fix problems like that. the president and i have talked about it, and, look, this is a major step forward. >> daniel: clinton defending the law saying 20 million people h because of it while also calling for fixes. tracking traffic and weather together every ten minutes for you. drive time on the expressway right now, an easy single digit 8 minutes from the braintree split to the pike. shiri. a warm coat for bus stop kids and consumers. 3 p.m., we are going up to 50, but only in a couple of spots. we will break down the warm spotsed to and where it is
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court. daniel miller has -- blair miller has been digging into his past. >> reporter: 9-month-old sara a husky weighs 90 pounds after being caught on this cell phone video. that is john balen who is seen pushing tsaro to the ground, kneeling on her and yelling at her. witnesses say they also saw him hit the dog with his hand and closed fist and at one point, lifting >> some guy was, like just kind of beating his dog. picking him up by the collar, all four paws were off the ground. he kind of like threw the dog down. >> reporter: we tracked him as he walked into court facing animal cruelty allegations. >> some very serious allegations against you sir. >> no comment. i. >> i don't want you talking to my client or photographing my client.
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>> your honor, the dog at this time has a noticeable limp. >> reporter: inside court, they laid out his criminal past including what we found. he is already on the sex offender registry assault with attempt to commit rape. a judge revoked his bond for failing to register his new address. as he was taken into custody he made this plea of his love for his dog. animal control official hopes sara gets a fr >> she is doing great and making great friends with folks at the animal care facility. >> reporter: blair miller, fox25 news. you may need your id to buy a bar of soap or toilet paper. abington police want to avoid anything used in halloween pranks to anyone under 18 from friday to tuesday. you will need your id if you want to buy a eggs, shaving cream, toilet paper or more.
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the company is called auto and they just finish the first deliver by a truck. they worked with anheuser-busch to move beer from fort collins to colorado springs. first david ortiz and now rob gronkowski is moonlighting to a lyft driver. he covered a wide range of topics driving around his two favorites, tom brady and himself. >> one guy i want to meet, tom grady. >> well, but he is off limits. >> i mean i am not trying to get with him. i just want to meet with him. you got to know hot quarterbacks are. >> i know who tom brady is. >> i love that guy. >> did you study astronomy or anything in school. >> astro physics. e equals m 2. >> what if you met rob
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>> you did not meet him society at high. >> well, i guess those wigs were enough to confuse these guys because gronk eventually revealed himself and got a few passengers to do the gronk spike. you can see the video and it is pretty hilarious on our web site at how do you not know. >> julie: so out of context, thing is what it is. >> daniel: these people are hiding under a rock. >> julie: they get in there and not paying distracted trying to get to their destination. and he does play it off pretty well. we twhachd in the commercial break. really funny. looking at roads, i do not believe that gronk is driving in any lyft cars. route 1, 93 south moving along fine. no issues on the expressway. speed limit ride from the braintree split to columbia road and very manageable drive times. from route 128 to the tobin.
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down instead of going up which is what we will do early this morning. 19 minutes on 93 south. 23 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 4:48 right now. meteorologist shiri spear back with a forecast. did you have to let your car heat up extra this morning? give it extra time? also a little prop, because i had to break these out. >> i think most people will have to break them out this morning, if you are spending any kind of significant time waiting outside for a bus or anything like that because there is a chill in the air. coldest so far boston down to 38 degrees. the current temperature -- until now the coldest was 42. worcester down to 31 and they were still losing heat. in boston, 38 degrees. nice clear skies. no rain expected today. still a little bit breezy. not the same gusts we had the last couple of days but a 15-mile-per-hour breeze will make it feel cooler. wind chill is something we should consider. temperatures sinking into probably the upper 30s in the
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degrees which means frost is likely in the beau boston area but not a freeze. 10 a.m., 41 degrees. by noontime, 45. afternoon temperatures in the upper 40s as we add a couple scattered clouds. temperatures coolest from boston over to worcester at 41. and northward here. mid-40s in framingham, lowell and nashua. further south, temperatures will be slightly warmer in the 50s. now moving on, we do have changes brewing for tomorrow. tracking mountain snow inland, slight chance we will start off a little bit of a light and patchy, icy mix here late morning and early afternoon. that will be far inland. heavy rain will be the main concern for all of us here on thursday night. here it is. 7:00 tomorrow morning. i have good news in the forecast. although it is going to be cold out there, most of us start the day dry. keep a close eye on the coastline for developing totals with near freezing temperatures
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slight risk for a little bit of ice out that way. noontime here mostly dry. again where we get that little bit of drizzle. if it gets in here a little earlier around noon, we will have to keep an eye on the worcester hills and merrimack valley and new hampshire for that light mix. things warm up in the afternoon and even though a cold rain, it will be primarily rain out there. 4 p.m., the berkshires seeing that snow. the rest of us getting in on showers and picking up with you are sleeping. i wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't a rum pwem of thunder. coming down hard thursday night and first half. commute on friday morning. expect wet roadways out there. friday ends up drying out. i think the only lingering showers i even see as we ease into the late morning, early afternoon up into southern new hampshire. there we dry out as well president not much sunshine but a couple of breaks in the clouds. the winds come back into play
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and turns somewhat blustery. of course completely different forecast after sunshine today. we have clouds and developing rain tomorrow. friday starts with rain and ends with wind. saturday, a slight risk of a shower. upper 50s both days which is normal for this time of the year amend only a slight chance of a sunday shower keeping things partly cloudy. back to you, guys. accusations of voter fraud and rigged elections swirling around this presidential race. coming up, the actions the u.s. attorney year's results remain intact.
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six minutes until the top of the hour. wells fargo announced a new ad campaign addressing the sales scandal that rocked the company. the ad is talking about what wells fargo is doing to make things customers. they opened 2 million accounts without customers' authorization. it forced the ceo to retire earlier this month. a message in its bottle is coming back. erika ricci sat down with the daughter that penned the letter. >> reporter: the message is short. some words are not even legible. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: this single piece
4:55 am
pierce's family past as owners of the beachcomber motel on hampton beach. >> we were very close and i spent a lot of years working that motel. >> reporter: shortly after her parents paul and tina bought the motel in the 1960s, her father launched this message in the bottle across the street as a joke on his wife and only told paula's husband, mark about it. >> i kept it close and kept my mouth shut. >> reporter: the bottle was forgotten about but not by the tide, traveled 1400 miles to the caribbean island of the turks and caicos where it washed ashore and 50 years later in 2011 was found by a man from utah on vacation. >> clint's part in this is incredible. >> reporter: took two months to decode the message and track down the author but paula's parents have since passed and he got in touch with her and
4:56 am
her past. >> i kind of didn't know what to say. i just held it very gently and looked at it, and how did it end up back in my hands. >> reporter: one man traveled by plane, train and bus to get it there. >> he said i can't mail it. i have to put this in your hands. i have to put this in your hands and that's what he did. >> reporter: the beachcomber motel was sold in 2014 and for paula it was hard to say goodbye. she says havg now gives her a little piece of her family legacy. in hampton beach, erika ricci, fox25 news. >> julie: what an unique way to connect with the pass. >> the effort this man that found this note to get it back to them. >> julie: i would want to hand deliver it too. >> daniel: nice story, erika. detectives are searching for answers after a wrong-way crash killed five people.
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uh, first of all, i plan to vote for donald trump. when it served her purpose, ayotte buddied up to trump, even calling him a role model. would you tell a child to aspire to be like donald trump? oh absolutely, i would do that. but she kept playing politics and flip flopping around. and what she values is her seat. and she's trying - to keep something she values. - i know. kelly ayotte. the politician. looking out for herself. independence usa pac is responsible
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complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> sara: now at 5:00, fire sweeps through a local home. a the banging from a neighbor that got them out safely. plus, police searching for this man. he is accused of trying to kidnap a 13-year-old girl at what should have been a safe place. the routine she was following and what she did to get away. and off to a freezing start. how long the cold air lingers today and where it may stir up
5:00 am
line drive into left! >> sara: the indians strike first with a commanding 6-0 victory in the first game of the world series. the critical role a former red sox player had in last night's win. >> gene: good morning, everybody, 5:00 on this wednesday morning. october 26. thank you for joining us this morning, i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. a freeze warning as you wake up today meaning it is cold. meteorologist shiri spea season right now in the fox25 stormtracker weather center with the hour, shiri, of freezing temperatures to go. >> going to be hours of cold weather here. the morning commute is just going to be brutal. it is going to be raw. we have that freeze warning from the north shore from metro west down into interior northeastern mass where temperatures are going to dip upper 20s, lower 30s. north and west of that cold as well. we ended growing season so they are not issuing that as well.


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