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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  October 29, 2016 11:30pm-12:15am EDT

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>> welcome to the postgame show presented by "lethal weapon" on fox. the cleveland indians, 7-2 winners over the cubs and are one win away from world series championship. they are doing it with pitching and even some hitting tonight. they're getting it done for these cleveland indians now have a commanding 3-1 lead. cubbies fans still positive at
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hoping to see something good from their team, it hasn't happened just yet, but they are faithful just outside the center field gate here at wrigley. welcome to our set, corey kluber coming up soon and more from the field. let's talk about kluber, a lot of angles, alice, but for me fascinating in game one you talked about the two-seamer, that is all we saw. tonight it is a totally different philosophy. >> he was predominantly today 37% fastball, a season low. very smart, very clever pitching. >> tom even before the games at his best pitch was a breaking ball and he realize reat have that on the fastball when he started so he went to his breaking ball and it was very, very good. >> cutter, slider, and a great fastball. saw these guys early in the week, he went at it differently,
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really pitch. >> five stars in the postseason for corey kluber. he's allowed three runs total, just unbelievable for kluber, and he's standing by now with ken rosenthal. >> your first start in game one you relied heavily on the two-seamer. today you went heavy breaking ball. what was your thought process changing up your plan? >> they were a lot more aggressive today than they were the first time around. just trying to adjust to tir they're going to make adjustments to the way we pitched the first game, so our job as pitchers to execute. >> fowler leadoff double and then rizzo the rbi double with one out, did you make an adjustment after that were set just part of what you were doing out there? >> they scored a run there, but neither ball was hit hard, still making pretty good pitches, so sticking with the game plan there, not trying to really get down on ourselves for giving up
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look back on it, we didn't do hard balls, we stuck with what we were doing. >> that's twice in the postseason you've pitched really well on three days rest. what's your secret? >> i think is just trying to recover in between and you have one less day in between, obviously, but i think the recovering part is the biggest thing to have your legs feel normal when you get out there. >> i know you don't show a lot of excitement, but you are up three gas world series, how excited are you? >> i think we like the position we're in, but the task isn't done yet, we still have one more game to win. we will show up tomorrow and play the same urgency as we played to this point. we don't want to necessarily let them build up any moment, or let them feel like they are back in the series. >> congratulations, thank you. kevin, back to you. >> you can't pitch better than
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postseason starts, he's the second two christie matheson. he has 0.89 era and five career starts, two of them on three days rest, hasn't even mattered. >> that is a something surprising happened, going to get a world series mvp trophy for his case, that's how good he's been in this world series. i take my hat off to him, don't worry about the first inning. one was a don't or down the left field they just got a couple hits off him. i think he pitched to it. >> he talked about making adjustments, but frank, why haven't the cubs hitters been able to make any? >> coming to the world series, we knew they were a bad breaking ball hitting team. this american league team used to throwing breaking balls because of all the big hitters.
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they see 162 games per year basically in the american league. >> to win a championship you need more than talent, you need to be disciplined, you need to be calm. corey showed both for the indians. what corey kluber is doing, he's showing what the world i've been trying to tell you guys he's one of the best three pitchers in the game, very, very impressive. >> he has been great, especially second half of the season. indians one game away from first victory since 1948. you have good pitching, the offense looks terrible, right? but this offense looks terrible in every single way. he splits of the lineup, wanted zobrist at second, didn't do it. we haven't seen enough at all. rizzo a couple good hits, fowler had a couple hits, heyward with a couple hits, but they can't piece any kind of a rally together. >> just a bad time to struggle,
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i want to go back to something i wrote earlier today, they handed the world series champion royals 14 out of 19 game losses this year. so they've seen the power hitting lineups, they've seen guys who can flat-out hit, they just are prepared. this is a special team, underrated coming into this world series, but we are seeing what they did to boston and toronto earlier in the playoffs. >> he wrote down three cheeseburgers with a large fry. >> no worries, that's later. >> right on. those bats have to wake up. i just don't understand all of it. it's the mets all over again. the mets all over again. >> what has happened? great pitching, the pitching was phenomenal last year in the nlcs, what if you look at the numbers, i think there is a fine
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down runs are going to be hard to come by, but they are invisible like last year. >> this is not a situation we can point the finger at one or two players because when you are 5 for 37 with runners in scoring position, that is a team effort as far as i'm concerned. the bottom line is the time of year, and i've been terrible in october and '09 we were all pretty good. this time of year you have to swing strikes. trust your teammates, pass the baton and tr what i see right now is everybody trying to hit a three-run home run with nobody on base. as frank said earlier, start with one pitch at a time in the strike zone. >> another bad habit cubs hitters are getting into, five times or so there has been a man on second with no outs and they didn't even get him to third. you have to start cashing in on some of those one run in this inning, one run in that inning. they add up, but you have to
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>> i'm just curious, what can the cubs do, though? you talk about something radical, lineup, if you are talking about putting different guys in their, they don't have a lot of lineup flexibility, frank. >> tomorrow is a must-win situation for them. you look at what happened earlier tonight, the best possible start for the cubs. started to charge with a base hit, and like you said, they to capitalize on those runs early. especially against a great pitcher like corey kluber. >> joe maddon has been with 23 players and is in a tough corner. to me it's about game planning and situational hitting. i've seen contreras have a dozen times or so fake punt and strike one writes down broadway, and chased chase slider, chase slider. one time he did it with the bases loaded, fastball right
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game plan and maybe their mentality. >> khoury said they seemed to be a little more aggressive tonight. >> the first three or four innings they were taking a lot of 1st-pitches strikes. he went to his curveball and it was very effective. >> they have to change it up tomorrow if they want any shot at this world series. after the cubs got the early momentum, defense really failed them. kris bryant with two errors gave the inan he is joe maddon talking about bryant's night. >> joe, kris bryant's throwing errors, were either of those him trying to force it and do too much? and then on montgomery throwing to second for the double play instead of getting the fourth at third, was that a little aggressive? >> the first one he did appear wet, just the play maybe took a little bit
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thrown. you process the pitcher running you give it a go. the first place i think he had a shot, heady thrown wow slowed it down a little bit and found the first baseman. he's made so many good place, that's just happened tonight, but that's what i saw. montgomery, again, you rarely ever teach somebody to throw to third base, you just don't do that. there probably was, everything being perfectly done, chance. but i can't fault him on that, you are just trained to do that. you rarely think about throwing to third base to get one out. that's probably the industry's fall for all that. we made mistakes, absolutely we made mistakes tonight, that was part of it, but again we just have to do more offensively to give ourselves a chance. you're going to make the stays on occasion, you have to play the tough moments by doing something offensively.
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>> bryant is going to make some errors, but that was a weird inning because i think joe hit it perfectly, the one looped around and was not even close, the other he should have pocketed on the kluber infield single. is there a transition, though? is that affecting his offense? the first two rounds he has had good plate appearances, but he has been quiet here. >> guard offense is contagious and so is defense. doesn't look very comfortable or confident right now. an indication of this, you'll see right here a couple of plays. the first one was do-or-die, tough angle, turned around, would have been bang bang anyway. the second one tells me a little bit about where he is mentally. when this is hit, the ball never should have been thrown. with two outs, make sure the runner stays on third base.
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errors. and looking at what he's done at the plate, he's lost his way a little bit. >> they're treating him like an mvp like they should in the world series. breaking ball heavy, cutter, slider, not getting fastballs out over the plate which he crushes all the time. i've been in that situation, a rod has been in that situation, they want him to expand and he's expanding his a strike zone and getting himself out. >> you don't think >> no, your leadoff hitter. >> you want to talk about emotion, plenty of that at progressive field. they had a packed house tonight and there wasn't even a game there. look at this. great job by the cleveland fans at progressive field watching on the big screen as their indians now one win away from bringing a
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>> [speaking foreign language] >> our new game, guess where this is from. >> all right, where's that one coming from? >> the philippines.
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japan. >> that was easy, frank. >> that was easy. >> hey guys, francisco lindor, another multi-hit game. this shortstop has just been awesome and he's with tom for >> you have been on base nine times in four games, only 22 years old, what's enabled you to >> having teammates, they've been helping me, telling me what to look for and that's what i am trying to do. >> corey kluber was pitching on short rest, the cubs were seeing him for a second time in four days. first time around he threw a lot of two seamers, night a lot of breaking balls, how confident are you with corey getting the ball on short rest?
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i am proud of kluber on short rest. he did it against toronto and coming out great for us again. he's the guy. >> you are one win away from winning the world series. you haven't been in cleveland long but i'm sure you heard a lot about 1948. how much would this mean for you, for cleveland, for the indians? >> it would mean a lot, it would be a dream come true. that's why we're doing it, doing it for the city, doing family, doing it for puerto rico. but we still have a lot of games to be played. we have to play the game the right way, respect them because they can come back at any time and hopefully tomorrow we can do it. >> thank you so much, sleep well tonight and good luck in game 5. >> thank you, take care. >> back to you.
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dugout. whoever is telling lindor is working. >> do you want to hear and unbelievable stats? the indians now have as many world series wins at wrigley in history as the cubs do. >> wow, how about that. >> isn't that amazing? looking at lindor, kevin, he reminds me of a roberto alomar, when he let the blue jays in 1992 and '93 to a world championship. how unique and cool is it a 22-year-old shortstop is not only your leader, but your best player. >> talk about a puerto rican hall of famer named roberto clemente. will you please? >> i never met clemente. >> can we talk about the
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francona? >> it is your show, we can talk about whatever you want. >> it is not my show. talking about the decision with francona, he went with his gut, he benched napoli and used santana. it worked. >> and they played cribbage before the game. and santana got a home run. what is he, 12-1 now in th world series? >> 11. >> 11-1? he knows what he is doing. this is not the first time, this is not a fluke, he has been doing it forever. >> he's having a great series. let me ask you something, if he wins, it is one more win, and the championship back to cleveland, are we talking about hall of fame for francona? >> i think we are now.
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years, most wins in the league. >> he has a long ways to go, but what he's doing right now is very impressive. the way the kids respond to him is incredible. the heart of the order did their thing. to go home runs, eight hits, five rbis. that's lindor, kipnis. >> when you have corey kluber on the they have a 3-1 world series lead looking to wrap it up tomorrow at wrigley. but we're not done. alex rodriguez says the cubs aren't done either. he'll tell you why they've got a shot. >> i'm pumped. oh, man. ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll.
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>> cool shot above wrigley field. a lot of sad cubs fans leaving snide, they had nothing to cheer about. the first inning they did, and nothing after that. gorgeous night in chicago, but this indians team on the verge of a world series championship. tomorrow night they will send it to trevor bauer to have a chance to do it for them and of course the cubs wouldn't want it in anybody else's hands other than jon lester, and he will be the guy to come back from a 3-1 world series deficit. it's happened '85, pirates, tigers, yankees, pirates again. so it has happened. of course these teams coming back with the cubs obviously have a lot of work to do. again, you start with this, alex. the ace on the mound tomorrow. what do you guys think, cubs dead? >> i think the cubs are in a good place. if you take away the two runs in the last 22 innings, throw that
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103 games, two-time world champion at ace on the mound tomorrow, jon lester against trevor bauer. the bandage cubs. you win that game you have jake arrieta and josh tomlin. game seven, pete, you're on your own. facing kluber. >> i think you asked how may times have the cubs won wone games this year. more importantly have they lost three games in a row this year. i agree with you, jon lester will night. mentally they have to deal with jon lester and jake arrieta. as far as game 7, they have to get there. the way i look at it, they are in a desperate situation tomorrow, all hands on deck. they have to win a baseball game, they can't be perfectly plan. if jon lester doesn't pitch well in three or four, they have to go straight to jake arrieta and down the line. you worry about the next game and you get there.
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>> that is the beauty of having legitimate number 1 and somebody who has brought the gold in the past. >> the cubs, they have lost three in a row at home only twice this year, last in july. hasn't happened a lot. that's for sure. remember, the indians got to lester in game one. >> the cubs have turned the fans around a little i don't think the fans, when at home run was hit, the three-run home run was hit in the ninth, the air went out of the stadium. you could feel it. >> i think the cubs will feel good about trevor bauer. >> struggling on offense, though. all hands on deck with the pitching staff. they have to hold this game to one or two runs. they have to get to a game 6.
11:58 pm
tomorrow. >> you think of it goes 7, fox will give you a raise next year? is that what you are hoping for? >> you bet! >> oh, my goodness. in that case, let's go to game 7. >> we would like that, but it is serious tomorrow. >> the cubs are on the doorstep of being eliminated, and the indians are one win away from bringing the world series championship back to cleveland. when we come back, moments from the bolt. you don't want to miss this, i am told.
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>> that's into center. here comes fowler.
12:00 am
the wall, this game is tied! bryant, save! here comes a run to the plate! 2-1, cleveland! high, drive into right, at the wall, it is gone! kipnis, a three-run shot. the indians are now up three games to one. >> that's what it looked and sounded like on social media tonight. welcome back to our set outside of the center field gate at wrigley field. well, one of our favorite segments with come across is called from the vault. i'm told it is the best one yet.
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wait a minute! wait a minute, that pete rose! >> no, it can't be! >> that's pete rose! can you remember last year at wrestlemania? >> what is he doing? >> revenge backfired! >> what was that, pete? >> wait, wait, wait. you know what i've learned about you? you will do anything for money! >> i was a chicken. [laughter] >> that's maybe the greatest
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>> oh, man. >> pete isn't the only one who's been in the wrestling world. alex rodriguez also. >> from cleveland, ohio, he wasn't no chic. >> lec didn't wear a chicken outfit. oh, my gosh. stay tuned for your late local news and a special see you tomorrow night.
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>> young people when you have a crunch, you settle middle of the day, her killers on the run.hello, everyone. >> when the police believe a woman in the 30s was not her the target. she joins us live from bpd
12:06 am
please are investigating whether this woman was an innocent bystander. >> that is right, chris. they say that is a very strong possibility. right now they are investigating and they need the public's help. the area with this double shooting occurred is a very busy part of dorchester that possibly multiple people could have witnessed it. >> dorchester's neighbors are uneasy as violence breaks out near their homes. >> it could be my >> and left a woman in her 30s dead happened in broad daylight in the 100 block of washington street. >> it is getting monotonous because you have frequent flyer miles on shooting. >> police believe she may have been an innocent by tender in the intended target was a teenager 15 or 16 years old. >> it kills you to see these young kids and you can see the fear on their face.
12:07 am
witnesses to this. >> a community outreach crew spoke with -- >> female and a young kid getting shot in broad daylight, they need to take responsibility and step up. >> neighbors urging people to step up. >> it's not about it's about doing the right thing and saving your committee. >> the conversation also turned to violence preventive. >> i feel like it all starts with education and from the house. >> where parents we need to be accountable for our children. >> boston police are not yet releasing the name of the woman who lost her life, but again they are begging the public for any information that anyone may have. we all live at boston police headquarters.
12:08 am
soon. if you walked away from the deadly shooting on washington street, boston police say another young man was shot. it happened on geneva avenue and walnut street. that teenager also suffered non-life-threatening shootings. bpd does not believe they are connected. it happened in a parking lot at brockton high school during school hours on thursday. they arrested 44-year-old. they say he is an acquaintance of the victim and was picking her up from school when the assault allegedly happened. brockton superintendent tells fox 25 that counselors are
12:09 am
are at risk. we are working on details and will give the mizzou as we have them. >> lynn police now are looking for a suspect. they are looking for sean chandler who was from gloucester. police tell us that chandler and 38-year-old donald yancey got into a fight before the shooting. he was shot and died at the scene. if you see chandler, police they don't approach him and call them immediate. >> new tonight a 15-year-old boy is in the hospital lower please charged a man with assault and battery. it is also alleged that he and the victim were involved in a fight. zeiger relished charges could be upgraded if the boy does not survive. turning right now to a live look at the sacrum bridge. meteorologists sarah wroblewski with a new look at your forecast. we do have some milder air working on and.temperatures working into the 50s and 60s. we do sell some breaks in the cloud cover but we are going to go through with generally
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there is a front that is going to go southward and along that front we will find low pressure develop. waking up around 6 am, if you are getting up that early, staying up this late, we are talking about temperatures. by 9 am we will talk about temperatures getting into the low 60s and buy you lunch hour, we are going to be with 60s in some spots. coming up i will tell you what to expect in your town and of course your halloween forecast. >> all electronic tolling has been alive for 24 hours. coming up there is round the work getting ready for the monday morning commute. >> this is how you get done. let's take a look behind me.
12:11 am
right over to the right, you can see at least of the tollbooths have been completely removed. lots of traffic idea tonight. state officials say the project is moving ahead of schedule. >> welcomed the news from mass dot.>> we are actually ahead of schedule. >> demolition underway at the weston tolls, a process that's happening on a case-by-case basis. within the first few hours of the project beginning friday night, more than 2000 construction barrels were dropped, 6000 feet of new jersey barrier put in place all
12:12 am
contractors and mass dot employees working throughout the weekend. much to the surprise of the drivers, no noticeable impact. >> everything narrowed into a couple lanes and i didn't have any problems. but again it was a was late at night. state officials say when everybody gets back to work on monday morning, the going could be more difficult. >> i anticipate the commute will be tougher on monday. >> mass dot those who can to seek alternate routes and if you must take the pike, >> early as you can. debtors sitting at your desk early in sitting on the pike saying i should've left earlier. >> the total point here in weston, but of course the construction is underway overnight and into the weekend. state officials asking to remain remembered these three things.make sure that you wear your seatbelt, keep an eye out in don't stop the tolls.
12:13 am
find the root changes as the tolls tear down happens, the timeline of this project and how to get an easy pass. monday, of course, the first test of the electronic polls. join us monday morning starting at 4 am. this is the biggest political scandal since watergate. >> it is pretty strange to put something like t such little information right before an election. >> certainly different reactions on the campaign trail. the fbi announcement that is revealing new hillary clinton emails. the republicans citing new information as to hillary clinton's unsuitability for the presidency. >> the fbi said put up or shut
12:14 am
>> fbi source confirms to fox that they tried to stop james comey from informing congress that he was reigniting the investigation against clinton. morning he violated two policies. taking action that could influence an election. the fbi source has white comey reports to loretta lynch, he does not play by cautious mother may >> we take it seriously and we handed independently, thoroughly, feelings. >> a senior law enforcement officials said comey felt compelled to act because the fbi found 10,000 huma abedin's emails from a laptop she shared with estranged husband anthony weiner. they were not to win from
12:15 am
congress wrote to comey and lynch demanding a more complete accounting from your career investigators and prosecutors and orderly to debunk these conspiracy theories incorrect the public record. the senior law enforcement official insisted that the fbi is looking at evidence pertinent to the probe of clinton and republicans note after all the heat he took after there was evidence of law by clinton but not actually filing charges he would not risk a embarrassment. >> i think this is more substantial and that is why he has put it out now.>> that was ed henry reporting. all of this happening at wikileaks. they released a 22nd round. >> she is returning to home state of massachusetts to host a campaign rally. there will be at the south street church. with that turnout, the green party could receive $10 million to better the chances in the next presidential election.


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