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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 2, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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. now at 4:00, hit while walking in a crosswalk. two people in critical condition. the evidence that police are searching for that could lead to charges. accusations of corruption and retaliation. a local police department in the crosshairs of a new the crosshairs of a new lawsuit. the whistle blower who now says he has a target in his back. high flyball in the air to left. cubs strike first! >> they never give it back. the cubs win big. one win away from breaking a nearly century-long historic drought.
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>> daniel: good morning, it is 4 a.m. on this wednesday, november 2, thank you for joining us this morning. i am daniel miller. >> catherine: i am catherine parrotta in for julie grauert. a little break from the cold. it feels nice. >> daniel: felt great coming in. >> catherine: tracking a big warm up with shiri spear. feels like september. >> shiri: loving your smiles this morning about this. we do have temperatures in the 40s. 49 in boston. 45 in fitchburg. 43 in plymouth. massachusetts to southern new hampshire. we are dealing with are clouds. works in our flavor -- flavor? favor. because it will hold temperatures steady in the next few hours. that is the key to our very warm forecast today. a south, southwest wind carrying all this warm air into place and look what happens. we have mid and upper 40s up toward framingham here at 6 a.m. at 8 a.m., we jump up to 55
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a ton of 60s. even a cup of 70s on the map for the afternoon. a town by town look is coming up. catherine, to you for live drive time traffic. >> catherine: how the roads are doing. plenty of green on the map north of the city. 128 moving fine same situation out of the city and pike. zakim bridge, volume light. route 1, 12 minutes. 93, 20 minutes. 128 a nice smooth ride, 22 minutes. 4:02 now. two people e condition after being hit by a truck while crossing the street. the 71-year-old man and 67-year-old woman from boston was trying to catch the bus in front of city hall in woburn around 7:00. they were in the crosswalk when a septic truck ran into them. we asked the police chief if this area was risky for pedestrians. >> i have been here 36 years and not that i am aware of. a crosswalk, a busy street.
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on scene. police are pulling surveillance tapes to see if any cameras captured the accident. if they did it will help determine if there are any charges. police are lawrence are investigating the death of a woman found dead outside an apartment complex. her death is suspicious. the essex district attorney's office confirmed her identity but haven't been released because of pending notification. her body was found at the entrance of the rita hall apar fox25 investigates an exclusive. a framingham police detective claims he became the target of the town and his own department when he went to the fbi to report cases of corruption involving fellow cops. ted daniel poured through the lawsuit that hit the department hard. >> reporter: more trouble for the framingham police department and comes in the form of a new federal lawsuit filed by narcotics detective matthew gotwell, a 12-year
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complaint by fox25 investigates names the town and police chief ken ferguson. seth robbins is gutwell's attorney. >> as corrupt conduct, he said something, and now he is paying the price. this complaint was filed in federal court to seek justice and nothing more. >> reporter: gilwell claims he first became a target after he accused a fellow detective of making false statements on the stand under oath and his status another blistering accusations to the fbi. according to the federal lawsuit, gutwell told federal agents that his fellow officers let confidential informants buy drugs for their own use and took m mementos from crime scenes and claimed multiple charges were double dip, essentially banking regular duty pay while working a detail at the same time.
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whistle blower and claims the department suspended him to silence him. >> despite representations that retaliation against him will not be tolerated. shortly thereafter, that is precisely what happened. >> ted daniel, fox25 news >> the town manager tells fox25 that gutwell's lawsuit lacked facts that the town conducted an extensive independent allegation of free allegations by lieutenant gutwell in each of the cases found to the allegation and in several instances found that lieutenant gutwell was untruthful. he worked as a police officer in ashland and the case case was settled and he walked away with a sum. opening statements in the trial of gary lee sampson. sampson admits he killed three people in a crime spree back in 2001. a judge threw out a previous death sentence after learning that a juror didn't disclose
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survivor. now sampson's lawyers are trying to spare his life. statements at 9:00 in boston federal court and we will be there. 4:05. police believe a tired worker caused this violent crash that shut town part of route 44 in middleborough. only fox 25's erika ricci spoke to one of the drivers involved. >> that's your car? >> reporter: he shows me pictures of the horrific five-car crash in middleborough tuesday afternoon on the device in it. >> i went d and then i woke up. >>reporter: what he saw when he woke up even more harrowing from the sky. a truck hit the car in front of him at a high rate of speed causing that car to roll and catch fire. >> three other cars were struck in a domino effect. >> reporter: tj's car. in an instant he went from a
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the driver of the burning car. >> i picked him up and pulled him out the car and someone else came and helped pull him away. i guess it was adrenaline. >> reporter: you don't think twice reaching into a burning car when your car was hit. >> i got out of my car and was limping. my car was next to the guardrail and be somebody was like get that guy out of the car. >> we are greatfulit wasn't worse. sergeant say the call that came in. >> car rolled over and caught fire. >> reporter: similar to when four teens were killed in a fiery crash in middleborough by a wrong-way driver causing first responders this time to fear the worse. >> oh, my god, please not again. >> reporter: but the outcome of this crash amazingly much different. only minor injuries. >> i am grateful, grateful.
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god you wake up the next day. >> reporter: the driver of the utility truck is being cited for operation to endanger. looking whether inattention to the road and fatigue may have played a roam in the collision. the driver told investigators on the scene he had worked in excess of 80 hours at the time of the crash. i did reach out to the company north east traffic control and have not yet heard back. in northborough, erika ricci, fox25 news. cleanup work is under way after a fre in westford. the scene near broadway. the lowell sun reports the six cars off the track were carrying a flammable cleaning material. a warning to residents there may need to be an evacuation but there was no sign of a leak and everybody plans to stay home. the rail company plans to get the cars back on track when it is light outside. it is two miles from one that happened two years ago.
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impression. he plans to leave his presidential ballot blank when he casts his vote on election day. he said he has voted for a president every election since 1980 but this year, he is discouraged by the nominees. >> i said a long time ago, months and months that i didn't that i donald trump had the temperament to be president. and hillary clinton have believable issues. nothing happened between now and then to change my mind. yesterday another governor john kasich wrote in arizona senator john mccain on his ballot. kasich dropped his bid for president, he vowed not to vote for trump. hillary clinton worked up firing supporters in florida. she is not worried about trump getting in her head. >> always a story about how, you know, he is really going to attack me and get into my head and really mess me up. i have been sitting here
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>> catherine: clinton later spoke at a ft. lauderdale event telling supporters she wants to give america something to vote for not vote against. donald trump is riding his latest surge wisconsin. he said that clinton has nobody to blame but herself. and am those in early voting states can change their mind and vote against her. >> live here and michigan and minnesota. those four places, you can change your vote to donald trump to make america great again. okay. >> catherine: trump campaigned with former rival scott walker that trump called a tough cookie last night. 4:10, the cubs and indian also head to game seven. chicago came away with a big game in game 6. addison russell came up big for
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a high fly. outfielder one runner comes home and the second barrels into the indian catcher declared safe as the ball flies away. cubs you.- in the third, russell again up to bat, this time with bases loaded and two hock kets -- with this rocket to the left. the grand slam makes it 7-0. the 22-year-old is the second youngest person to hit a grand slam in world series history. the cubbies twin 9-3. for tonight for the 3 decide the champion of baseball and whichever team wins it is making history. the game will air on fox25. first pitch at 8:08. special coverage starts at 7 p.m. 4:11. we track weather and traffic he ten minutes. drive time. the expressway northbound, you can see it will take you nine minutes to get to the city. averaging a speed of 60 miles per hour. shiri. >> shiri: temperatures waking up in the 40s.
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a little brighter for that drive home from work with temperatures in the 60s. and hour-by-hour look at that warm-up and a big cooldown for the weekend is coming up next. thousands of gifts meant for hundreds of military families gone because of a fire. >> the biggest punch in the gut talk take. >> catherine: coming up the
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a grandmother nearly killed while trying protect her granddaughter from a charging pit bull. malini ba su spoke to the hero that showed off her battle scars. >> reporter: the 62-year-old grandmother was protecting her granddaughter for the pit bull. she put her body over the granddaughter to shield her from the pit bull. doctors told her she is lucky to be alive after that vicious attack. >> oh >> reporter: she was picking up remember grandkids from the bart level middle school in lowell. she and her 2-year-old granddaughter, jasmine stopped at the playground when out of nowhere, a pit bull attacked them. >> my friend's daughter -- and by the in the face and ear. >> the 61-year-old tried to
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>> the dog biting, bite, bite, bite. >> reporter: bin's daughter-in-law explains what happened next. >> she is said help, help, and no one could hear her. >> reporter: one man did hear the call for help. >> he heard and took a baseball bat and hit the dog. the dog chased after him and she told him to go in his car and that's how he saved her. >> we don't get many dog attacks like that. >> stitches by her ear and head. bin has 24 stitches in her head and still in so much pain. both are undergoing rabies treatment. >> why would a dog be so dangerous to attack a little kid. >> reporter: the family says the pit bull is brownish in tone and did not have a collar. lowell police are asking if you see this dog, stay away and call police because investigators here are afraid
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for now, we are in lowell, malini basu, fox25 news. three months since the cold-blooded killer took the life of vanessa marcotte. the jogger were princeton. one of the leading profiles said the killer left clues. >> more consistent with someone who is psychopathic and someone who has no remorse for what they have done and they are not going to be hunkered down some place fearful they are going to can be right is now? fox25 bob ward talked to the former fbi profileer for that answer along with more clues on the chilling profile of vanessa's killer on new england unsolved on fox25 news at 10. 4 :17, a look at how the roads are doing on this wednesday morning. plenty of green south of the city. it doesn't look like they are causing delays south of the city. moving up north 123 moving
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connector moving smoothly and here are your drive time. the pike, 25 minutes. expressway, 9 minutes. 93 to 495 to the leverett connector will take you 19 minutes right now. 4:17 right now. meteorologist shiri spear sxwroyng us opinion are you sure it is -- >> shiri: going to feel like late september today. my treat to you guys. >> catherine: thank you. >> shiri: you are welcome. yesterday it was cold driving to work and school. a milder a temperatures in the 60s. we have thursday night, and rain will have an effect on the morning commute. we have flurries possible here both days during the afternoon and the afternoon mild enough for a couple of sprinkles. no accumulation expected, just something i don't want to surprise you out there. so we have got temperatures right now at 49 in boston and in worcester. we are at 45 in nor wood. even 50 degrees in lawrence. we are not seeing too much variation in these temperatures today.
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45 in fitchburg. temperatures are not a big issue. wind chills are not a big issue and temperatures beyond the banner going to fix been my next hit. temperatures billion into the 60s. and after you get early morning clouds. brighten up late morning through lunchtime when we get a few of those clouds popping up. temperature-wise, 63 in hyannis. 62346 plymouth. 67 in boston. i have got fitchburg at 58 degrees. 65 in manchester, new imagine we will have more clouds north and the reason behind that. a front that is focused to our north that will have early morning clouds. this is 7 a.m. and see things brighten up as we track toward noontime, south and southwest winds really going to help boost temperatures. closer to that front into new hampshire as well as northern massachusetts. we do get that extra push of cloud cover that is probably going to hang tight through the afternoon. even boston through southeastern mass, a partly
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cloudy conditions to start things off for that morning commute. as with ge throughout day points north and west of boston and that risk of showers developing before that main rain primarily during the afternoon and you will notice after noontime that showers are spreading in. the timeline has the heaviest band of rain pushing from worcester through 5 p.m. and closer to 7 p.m. in the boston area. still a little bit of wiggle room but means during the evening visibility from downpours. winding down from thursday evening ending by 11 p.m. over the cape. rain totals here and we know we are in a rain. we are in a drought. we could use it. mostly a quarter inch of rain. even less than that from southeastern mass. a 10th of an inch of rain. not a whopper of a storm. better chance of downpours from keene. and could end up with half an inch of rain.
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afternoon and evening. high temperatures tomorrow very warm. 60 in lawrence. 69 in norwood and 62 in worcester. seven-day forecast with that weekend always from view. have us in the 60s the next two days with the rain tomorrow second half of the day. breezy and brighter on friday. a temperature around 53 degrees. over the weekend, i mention some flurries and sprinkles possible both says. it will be really patchy if we see it. keep in mind we are waking up to the 30s and only around 50 both days. back to you, guys. the bruins were in florida and tuukka rask was awesome again, 33 saves on 34 shots. first period, first goal, penalty shot for brad mare hand is. bruins up 1 and never trailed. and watch a goal, but doesn't look like it at first, it crosses the line. bruins up 2-1.
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a pipeline ruptures in alabama.
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trying to figure out how an old car ended up in the bottom of waldo lake. skyfox flew over dw park as the car was pulled from the water. a fisherman noticed the car when water levels were low but it won't visible until yesterday. >> the more i stared at it it looked like a car. i could see the windows and stuff like that. nobody around to help. so next day i came by again and i could see that it was a car. >> take a look at that car. for a while. divers did not find any signs of victims in the water. gas prices have soared to the highest level after pipeline ruptured in alabama. we told you about the explosion yesterday. since then we learned what started the fire. the crew hit a line causing the fire that killed one person. it is a major fuel artery to the east coast causing one-third of the gas in 13 states. gasoline futureed shot up as
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settled up just about 5%. thousands of gifts meant for hundreds of military families this christmas go up in flames when a building catches fire on joint base cape cod. now as fox25's robert goulston reports, the clock is ticking and charity is racing to replace all of the gifts before the holiday season. >> this is tough -- a tough pill to swallow. >> reporter: the flames consume the building. >> i was devastated. >> reporter: john cox got the call over the weekend. he was thankful no he was thankful no one was hurt, but concerned that what was inside would impact children. >> it was the biggest punch to the gut could you take. >> reporter: they collect donated toys and other gifts to help families on joint base focused on celebrating the holiday when many are serving as elected officers. >> when it comes christmastime the heating bills are going up, gas pills are going up and kids are looking for everything
4:27 am
gifts for 800 children and help kids find parents for their children. the fire destroyed 1200 toys, 5,000 stocking stuffier and 200 back packs filled with supplies. >> we got wiped out completely on friday night. >> reporter: the christmas party is scheduled for december 11 and the good spirit of strangers is helping. >> 41 days from today we have a party for all of the kids. >> reporter: fire fighters were the factor but have not been able to pinpoint the exact cause. we have all the information on our web site in bourne, robert goulston, fox25 news. an innocent bystander gunned down just months after come together united states. coming up, the heartbreak her family had already endured in their search for a better life. new details this morning about a controversial ranking every time a new charter opens, it takes money away from the regular public schools
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charters and question two means we'll lose even more. we've got to stop taking from the 96 percent of kids who don't attend a charter school. if you believe every child deserves a great public
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now at 4:30, robbed at knifepoint, bound with duct tape. a home invaded and the clues from a getaway car in the driveway. and legalized marijuana. the politicians joining hand. old trucks used for a new purpose. the unique training to stretch first very the limit. complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. good morning, 4:30 on this wednesday, november 2, i am daniel miller. >> catherine: i am catherine parrotta. warmer day. shiri spear is with the mild temps right now and what time they really start to rise, shiri. >> shiri: a slow warm-up for yesterday and their launching point is a lot higher.


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