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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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the chicago cubs make history winning the world series and breaking the 108-year drought. coming up, nail-biting end that took game 7 into extra innings. big changes come to a popular intersection in cambridge. if you drive through inman square on your way to work, you will want to pay attention to our next report. outrage in a local community. a little girl stumbles on a playground. the evident to clean up the playground. the evident to clean up the city streets. good morning to you. it is 4:30 on friday eve, thursday, november 3, i am catherine parrotta. >> daniel: i am daniel miller. get ready for more mild temperatures and also pack an umbrella. meteorologist shiri spear is in the fox25 storm tracker weather center tracking morning and afternoon showers. and shiri, it is all about location today. >> reporter: it is. if you are in one of these communities, it is a much
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we have worcester at 57 degrees. drying the city right now, but doesn't take a very far trip to bump into some of these early morning sprinkles in barre and leominster and rindge new hampshire with steady rain at 46 degrees. a lot of these showers go eastward up from the mass new hampshire border. westford at 5 degrees with showers. salisbury 47 degrees. dry in boston and a couple of sprinkles i am keeping a close eye on. i wouldn't be surprised to see southeastern is dry. in the 50s right now kind of my hot spot, my brighter spot today. in boston, a potential for a passing shower at 6:00. at about 54 degrees. 57 here at noontime. a little bit of a dry break but we get into the afternoon and showers redevelop ending during the evening commute. i will time it out hour by hour with futurecast coming up. catherine is back now with live drive time traffic. 4:31.
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the city. 24 doing fine. 93 you are doing okay. no major problems south of the city. the pike moving along smoothly as well. north of the city smooth sailing. live drive times for you. the pike 24 minutes. route 9, 18 minutes. route 16 will take you 9 minutes right now. 4:32. celebrations break out in chicago as the cubs take out the world series in 108 years. two cities, two franchises starving for a disappoint going seven games and then some, an extra inning in game 7 to determine a champion by one run. bottom of the 8th, we thought it was time for more of the same, then this, a rip to left ties the game at 6. the cleveland stadium erupts as you can hear, and cubs fans are in despair. no one makes it home in the 9th and taking the game extra innings and rain delay. in the 10th, cubs bring home 2. putting the pressure on the
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they get one runner home making it 8-7. two outs and a grounder to third gets picked up tossed across the diamond to first and the cubs are the champs. >> i love tradition. i think tradition is worth time mentally. tradition is worth being upheld, but curses and superstitions are not, so it is really great for -- for our entire cub-do new york city get beyond that moment and continue to move forward because now based on the evidence and opportunity to be good for a long time. >> daniel: as you can imagine, the party went long into wrigley field. fans celebrating champions. much more coverage on our web sites including a slide show of some of the best moments of last night on this morning, investigators no longer suspect foul play in the death of a woman found outside an apartment building in lawrence. the 62-year-old woman was discovered tuesday morning. initially her death was ruled
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prosecutors tell us that is no longer the case. investigators have not released a cause of death, but we are told there is no danger to the public. boston police are urging officers to remain vigilant following the deadly ambush of two iowa police officers. we follow this story as breaking news yesterday morning as police comb the city of des des moines searching for the man that gunned down the officers while they were sitting in their police cruisers. this morning we know the victims are officer justin vimini. main suspect scott michael greene sur rendered eight hours after the shooting. mayor marty walsh said violence like this has to stop. >> it has gotten to a point where it is really sad. police-involved shootings. police being shot. we are better than that as a country. >> boston police say there are no local lengths to wednesday's attack and no cet cal threats
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time. the community is opening hearts and wallets for a family financially crippled by gun violence. told but the dorchester mother gunned down three months after moving to america from haiti in order to provide a better life to her family. john monahan discovered another heartbreaking element to this story. >> reporter: we learned five more children living in haiti. the parents here in america to earn money to care for this family, a family now torn apart by a careless shooter >> such a sweet person. wonderful wife, wonderful mother, and wonderful friend. >> reporter: nelly sandberg was a close friend to the 36-year-old mother killed saturday afternoon as bullets flew in dorchester. the unintended victim for a bullet. the community mourns her loss but also comes together to comfort her husband and two of her seven children. >> that is what community is about is wrapping around those
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>> reporter: monica cannon helped raise this fundraiser, friends and complete strangers reaching out. her husband grateful among the grief. >> 245u for helping. >> amazed he has all this support after such a tragedy. >> reporter: for years to bring baneen and two of their seven kids to america. the five others remain haiti. stephanie jocene's husband is haitian. >> we are americans, and we are all family and we felt compelled to come and do something. >> reporter: and they did. people offered hugs and gave money to help her family cope and forge ahead. >> she didn't come here to get her life taken away. she came here for support, to help her kids for a better life. >> reporter: police continue to ask the public's help to find the person who pulled out a gun in the middle of the day and took this mother's life. if you know anything, you are
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fox25 news. this morning changes to a cambridge intersthaengs may affect your commute that come after two cyclists were killed earlier this year. fox25's jason law is live in inman square with you what need to know for the morning drive. jason? >> reporter: yeah, catherine, if you drive through inman square on your way to work, you will want to pay attention not only to the report but new signs. three left-hand turns that are perfectly legal today but we will use a map from the city of cambridge with these big red -- this is now the illegal left-hand turns with hampshire street southbound and cambridge street eastbound. northbound on hampton toward cambridge westbound, and westbound on cambridge street to anthem suburban. the new changes going into effect this morning. you will notice new signs and new street lights letting drivers know of these changes.
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just the last six months in cambridge. back in april, 27-year-old amanda phillips was hit and killed by a truck in this intersection. and last month a few blocks away, bernard lavin's was hit and killed near porter square a few blocks up the street. a very popular route for cyclists and a very dangerous one. the city of cambridge will be studying new changes to the intersection here to see how this not only affects this intersection but also the streets along this intersection. as i mention here letting drivers know of the new changes. live in cambridge, jason law, fox25 news. 4:38. on the hot seat, governor charlie baker defending himself on ad with a yes on charter schools. people are raising questions about the groups funding those commercials. catherine birham asked the governor about the ads and
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>> reporter: the new face of question 2. charlie baker urging constituents to vote yes. >> we took for advantage that our kids will go to great public schools. we are some aren't so lucky. we are surprised that the leader of the state will say that our schools are not measuring up. >> reporter: steve crawford with the massachusetts teachers association said they were disappointed with the ads' tones and implication. >> some aren't measuring up, we should invest in this them. so bad what are you going to do to fix public schools. >> bottom line, massachusetts the vast majority of schools in the commonwealth are doing a terrific job. >> reporter: charter schools have proven to be a game changer for some kids. >> did you use the term "failing schools" how do you fix that without opening others? >> well in many cases, these schools have proven to be successful in educating kids for those schools for whatever reason, and there are usually a
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haven't been able to succeed were that ad could be the focus of a federal complaint. the mta sent this letter to the security and exchange commission saying that wall street companies that oversee state pensions have given $620,000 of contribution that support question two, contributions that paid for television ads, ads that prominent knee feature governor baker and could influence his reelection. governor baker denies any allegation for pay for play, and he said that complaint if the sec by the massachusetts teachers association is simply a distraction from the real issue that voters are facing. in lowell, i am catherine bircham, fox25 news. 4:40 now. a look at how the drive times are doing. we track weather and traffic together. the pike 24 minutes. the expressway 8 minutes. and from peabody to the weston tolls a 22-minute drive there. we are facing showers, lighter showers north of
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one of busiest fire fire departments in the nation says it needs nor manpower, and the city of chelsea acknowledges the problem. fox25's blair miller spoke exclusively with several fire fighters who were worried the situation is putting lives in danger. >> you are own a break right now. >> reporter: one of the busiest engine companies in the country per capita, but chelsea fire central station, fire fighters tell fox25 there are serious concerns. >> we haven't seen an in staffing for quite some time. the problem lies when we are not going to get a commitment from the city. >> reporter: union president points to this fire in 2014 that he says should have led to change. it was a five-alarm fire when six homes went up in flames, but deputy fire chief john gutary says there weren't enough resources to fight all of the house fires. >> we just didn't have the man power to fight the fire in that house, and i remember the -- the owner coming up to me, and
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my house is burning, and i said as soon as i have somebody here, you know, we will -- we will do what we can. >> reporter: still a problem and something that has even been pointed out in recent studies suggesting ways to increase staffing. city manager tom a pwhshtion aceno agrees that more fire fighters are needed. he added two more in the spring of next year and hopes for more future budget and grants but that is still years away. [sirens] >> reporter: frustrating for him that says until then, it is puttin community at risk. >> we have been lucky here, so
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g. komen foundation are looking for runners ahead of the boston marathon. the southern new england
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applications for a team of letters, the group will be fund raising for breast cancer awareness and research. applications are do november 16. runners will be notified by the 22nd. 4:46 now. want to give you a look at how the traffic maps are doing and we will start north of the city, 128, 93, smooth sailing still. the pike doing well. also south of the city, 128, the expressway moving along fine. drive times that reflect that. route 1, 13 minutes. 93 will take you 20 minutes. the pike 24 minutes right shiri, yesterday was just a beauty. >> daniel: did you notice many people were in a good move. >> catherine: you know what, it was a nice mild fried. it was wonderful. >> shiri: not going to be another cold day. another mild day of above-average temperatures and there is going to be a pretty big difference of the potential of 70s south and temperatures stuck in the 50s north but all about where you are today. take a look at this map. if you were in one of those wetter spots north of boston, sorry, guys, you did not have 70s coming your way.
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boston will make it out of this with .2 inches of rain. the further north the higher the rainfall totals, quarter to half an inch of rain into southern new hampshire and we are looking into trace amounts up to a 10th over southeastern mast and that's where it is going to be warmest because it stays driest for longer. 54 degrees in boston. no measurable rain as of yet. i wouldn't be shocked to see especially between 6 and 7:00 a shower passed across the boston be excluded for this morning rain chance here. there is a chance kind of in between. we have 50s to start. we have upper 60s, close to 60 to end and afternoon that your rain chance also go up again because we got this stalled-out front along it. we are seeing these showers again rated throughout the day in southern new hampshire. very cool, wet. warm we are more breaks in the clouds south of the city. it is kind of tough. a tale of two completely different areas.
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that 7 a.m. shower i was mentioning between now and 8 a.m., get ready for passing rain along and north of the mass pike. by noontime the focus of most of shows showers over southern new hampshire, northernmost massachusetts as well and into the afternoon between noon and 1, showers pressing between 1 and 2. showers moving back into boston and you will find that we deal with scattered rain here through the afternoon. not necessarily a washout. many of are you going to avoid those heavier downpours. the further north go, the further the pet to see more intense rain. 5 p.m., kind of wet, ugly drive home from work. long gone. by dinnertime we are drying out. the clouds start to clear out. highs today about 59 in boston and bedford. 55 in nashua, new hampshire and 62 in worcester. hot spots include norwood and plymouth both at 66. even 70 in province, rhode island but 60 in chatham this afternoon with rain not arriving until much later month day. tomorrow's high temperatures just in the upper 40s and lower
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talk about a change in the season here. as far as our temperatures go, tomorrow will be very cool out there. you can see we have this north-northwest wind so it is going to be breezy on top of that. we are going to be chatting about wind chills i suspect here during the day tomorrow. check out that seven-day forecast with the weekend falls view. we will talk more about that weekend. from 60s today to 60s tomorrow. at least it is drying out for your friday and into the weekend, you know what, i will keep a slight risk for a temperature in or a sprinkle out there. i do expect most of will you stay dry. surprised by it. temperature-wise, around 50 degrees both days in boston. a little cooler in worcester. i am counting on more sunday clouds around butture clear out from the beginning of next week. back to you. the celtics took on the bulls for the second time in seven years. out of the line-up with concussion symptoms. crowder started hot and left wing takes it, nails it. a short time later.
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spray. he hopped off the floor. amer johnson threw out some 3s. 4-4. celtics knock off bulls 107-100. a bus slams into a bus and then into a house. the whole thing caught on camera. coming up what happened after the crash th every time a new charter opens, it takes money away from the regular public schools from students like mine. massachusetts schools already lose 400 million a year to charters and question two means we'll lose even more. we've got to stop taking from the 96 percent of kids who don't
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boston is shining a light on the dark and dusty corners of restaurants in the city. a bold new grading system will make diners aware of just how clean and healthy their favorite spots are. fox25's elizabeth hopkins took a look at that system and what she found may help you make a choice when it comes to tonight's dinner. >> reporter: at stash's dmrai in dorchester -- -- pizza in dorchester, set against a gleaming backdrop. the city of boston chose to roll out its new restaurant grading system modeled after similar ones in new york and los angeles where diner are met at the door with an a, b and c. it is based on the restaurant's compliance with health and sanitation scores. >> it works very well and public awareness. >> reporter: patrons to stash's would be likely unaware that this restaurant has critical
4:55 am
this report on the city's web site reveals problems of varying severity over last two years but diners wouldn't know that unless they looked up the designation. the public display of a letter grade puts pressure on businesses to comply quickly. that happened in other cities that had it in place. >> new york implemented this program six years ago and at that point, 85 -- 55% of the businesses were getting an a grade. six years later, 85% of the new york city. >> reporter: in boston those grades will be based on the health codes already in place. inspector also continue to work with restaurants to get them to eliminate violations and earn the highest grade as they did with the manager of stash's. >> we hand out the first certificate to stash's pizza, and they have an "a.". [applause] >> reporter: elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. >> daniel: the first year of the new program, restaurants
4:56 am
inspectors believe that proud restaurants will post their a grades encouraging diners to stop in. a historic dress code policy change of the oldest military college in the u.s. the first time a cadet is attending norwich university in vermont. dana hansey was allowed after promoting the university president to change the rule to accommodate religious requests. she aid she is treated like any other cadet, and she does stand said what you are doing is so cool. thank you for what you are doing, it is really opening the minds of everyone. >> reporter: hansei said she hopes the changed policy will encourage other muslim women to follow into her footsteps into the military. 4:56. searching for you in clues. the reward now being offered for information about a local comic book artist who
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ools from students like mine. massachusetts schools already lose 400 million a year to charters and question two means we'll lose even more. we've got to stop taking from the 96 percent of kids who don't attend a charter school. if you believe every child deserves a great public
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now at 5:00, fireworks for the windy city, the cubs end their drought and win the first world series in 108 years. the big ups and downs in the games before theo epstein claim their new trophy. five until the election. the battleground states that are teetering between donald trump and hillary clinton in the final hours, and the big names looking to pull in votes for the candidates. and good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us on this thursday morning, it is november 3, i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. one more day for nice warm temperatures and we will take it. but shiri spear says this time you need to pack an umbrella. in the towns and cities guest
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>> north of boston and travelling into the city from the north shore, northeastern and merrimack valley, the rain, billerica, topsfield over to nashua, new hampshire. it is wet out there. not heavy, heavy showers but a steady lighter rain in boston right now. dry, cloudy and 54 degrees. back to worcester at 56. but i have some nearby. development be surprised if some drizzly in the worcester area. northeastern massachusetts, on the drier side of this whole forecast. watching fog. fog is not a b you are on the vineyard or visibility has dropped down to quarter mile. something we will be watching through the morning. and i wanted to take you north because this is an area that is potentially looking at a washout of a day. a lot of on and off day starting the lower 50s. we get up to 56 degrees by 11 a.m. steadier evening rain as well. i will take you hour by hour through it and show you the warmer and drier spots as well coming up in 10. catherine parrotta with live drive time traffic. >> catherine: looking at that


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