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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 3, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> north of boston and travelling into the city from the north shore, northeastern and merrimack valley, the rain, billerica, topsfield over to nashua, new hampshire. it is wet out there. not heavy, heavy showers but a steady lighter rain in boston right now. dry, cloudy and 54 degrees. back to worcester at 56. but i have some nearby. development be surprised if some drizzly in the worcester area. northeastern massachusetts, on the drier side of this whole forecast. watching fog. fog is not a b you are on the vineyard or visibility has dropped down to quarter mile. something we will be watching through the morning. and i wanted to take you north because this is an area that is potentially looking at a washout of a day. a lot of on and off day starting the lower 50s. we get up to 56 degrees by 11 a.m. steadier evening rain as well. i will take you hour by hour through it and show you the warmer and drier spots as well coming up in 10. catherine parrotta with live drive time traffic. >> catherine: looking at that
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thursday morning. men tee of green. 128 north of the city. doing okay. no problems with 128 and the expressway either. shifting west, no problems on the pike as far back as the worcester area everybody moving smoothly. the drive times. route 24, it will take you 11 minutes. the 93 the 19 minutes. expressway from the split to the pike a 9-minute drive. sara and gene, over to you. they have done it before this will be a tough play. the cubs win the world series! brian makes the play! it's over! and the cubs have finally won it all! take seven in ten. >> gene: the cubs are the champions of baseball. >> sara: the game was capped off by celebrations in the locker room and in the streets that went well into the early morning hours. there are going to be some very tired cub fans heading into work today.
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to work. a roller coaster that included extra innings, a late game rain delay and a rally by both teams. the cubs looked like they were going to run away from it in the 6th. david ross becomes the oldest player to homer in game 7 of the world series at 39. also his last game. he is retiring 6-3 cubs. the indians show a flare for the dra matics. down 6-4 in the bottom of the 8. raji davis the role over and out. ties the game at 6 bonkers in cleveland. after a 17-minute rain delay the cubs come up big in the bottom of the 10th. ben zobrist shoots one down 3rd base. cubs take the lead 8-6. and 8-7 in the pot tomorrow the inning. but michael martinez will go to chris bryant at 3rd, and there it is. 18 years of frustration gone. the cubs win game 7 in a thriller.
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another ring for a few former red sox. >> i don't even know. i see the guys, the coaches and the players that have been through -- been through it all, you know, and -- and you know the fans, look at this place. you think we are at wrigley. >> i am so proud of these guys. the city of chicago deserve it with with these guys -- with these -- >> gene: ross carried off the field by his teammates. the party frat like with bill murray right in the middle of the mayhem. >> sarah: despite celebrating in cleveland the cubs celebrated in chicago like they haven't won a it for 108 years. people were seen dancing on top of trucks, cheering, dancing over and over again and beaming with excitement, and despite all the crowds, it appears that so far everybody behaved themselves. police are not reporting any arrests from the overnight
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we all remember what it was like to win after a long drought. >> gene: 108 years is a long time. >> sara: it it is a long time. >> gene: going for a while and the parade and celebrations. i remember what it was like when this happened back in '04. our coverage continues online. a gallery of the celebrations up on our web site. plus in ten minutes, we are -- we did stay up late with one local woman who has been waiting exactly 108 years for this moment. her incredible reaction to the win is str and we are following some breaking news this morning in afghanistan. two u.s. servicemembers have been killed and two others wounded while fighting the taliban. >> gene: nato made the announcement a short time ago and servicemembers came under fire after training afghan soldiers. the identifies of the americans killed and hurt have not been released. also this morning -- this morning a woman is in the hospital after a driver hit her in dorchester. police say that the -- that the
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galavan boulevard and trying to catch a bus around 10:30 when the car hit her. the driver stopped and called for help. at last check the woman was in critical condition. the driver at this point not facing any charges. racist words etched into a car and left behind as litter on her lawn. a local woman said she believes that vandals are targeting her and her 7-year-old son. fox25's jessica reyes is live in derry this morning with the search for those vandals. good morning, jess. >> repte sara. police in derry are trying to find out who is behind this and our crews spoke with the victim last night. she tells us she thinks this is happening because she is white and her son is not. this happened several times over the past several week. her name is jackie simpson. and she lives here in derry with her 7-year-old son on scobee pond road. two weeks ago someone etched a racial slur into the side of her car and days later a wooden sawhorse with the same racial slur written in marker.
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they were targeted once again. >> when i woke up, and we went into the car -- to get to the car, somebody had egged my car, thrown watermelon at my car and fried chicken. >> reporter: jackie has since installed outdoor lights and a security camera system, and, of course, derry police are looking into this. they are asking anyone who know more about this to give them a call. live in new hampshire, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. and new numbers show race in battleground states are even tighter. where the candidates are now neck and neck donald trump . >> daniel: we are five days away from who the next president of the united states will be and the race continues to tighten to the home stretch. look at the big board. the four battleground states are now within a margin of error. donald trump is ahead out west in nevada and arizona as you can see here. now over on the eastern side of
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maintaining small leads in florida and pennsylvania. key states as the days dwindle. clinton's team is more than doubling its television a ds spending the final days including nearly $5 until additional airtime in the toss-up states of florida, considered a must win for donald trump. clinton is also buying ads in several blue states in an effort to protect the so-called blue wall of defense. on the republican side the rnc is purchasing airtime in florida and several other states spending $2.9 million in its first ad supporting donald trump. as for the candidates, clinton's clothing argument -- closing arguments sound more like a warning and donald trump is trying to restrain himself. >> we need to be nice and cool, nice and cool, right. stay on point, donald. stay on point. >> what would it be like to have a president who pits
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we just have to look at everything he has said and done. >> daniel: meanwhile, donald trump's wife, melania is hitting a campaign trail. will have an event hosting on women and children. the campaign said she will speak about her american story. both sides are preparing for a push in new hampshire. ivank a trump will be in manchester, hollis and nashua. donald trump will be himself in manchester. president obama will stump for hillary in new hampshire, monday. and her daughter, chelsea, will be at key state and dartmouth college tomorrow. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. early voting has been a huge success in the commonwealth already. it has been topping expectations. a look at the line of early voters at boston city hall last night. secretary of state william galvin says 700,000 early votes have been cast with two full
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galvin was expecting from early voting. fox25 has you covered with everything that you need to know. live team coverage on tuesday, election day. joining us at 4:00 in the afternoon and stick with us throughout the night. we will have the results on both the presidential and local races, as well as those hotly contested ballot questions. a former substance abuse counselor was killed in a horrific crash hit by a driver police say was high on drugs. this was the scene tuesday on route 111 in salem, new through a stop sign hitting a car head on and pushing that car into a car where charlene boshek was widening as a passenger. she was killed. her best friend it heartbroken. >> i wish she was here. i wish she was here. she would forgive him. >> sara: the best friend tells us that bushek and her husband
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were coming back from a funeral. gurley is being held on $65,000 bail. 5:09. the fbi offering a $10,000 reward for disappearance of a weymouth man who disappeared in the cayman islands more than a year and a half ago. norman lee got separated from his wife while the two were snorkeling. they looked for him for three days before calling off the search. lee is a comic book artist that worked on ate vengers, spider-man and x-men books. conflict of have involving the pva tapped to bring back late-night t service. according to the herald, the chief technology officer david blockshafter owns a stake in bridge. right now bridge is in preliminary talks with the city to run their now defunct late-night service for an annual cost of $1.5 million. the mbta says has no role in the bridge project. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. 5:10 on your thursday morning.
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93 from 495 to the leverett connector, a 19-minute ride. shiri? >> shiri: southeastern massachusetts. you will be warm again. you have about a 50% chance of seeing showers, but from boston to worcester northward, it gets wetter and wetter as you go north. the towns and cities facing a washout when we come back at 10. groundbreaking new research in football and degenerative brain disease. the connection made by local doctors about the game and the devastating and she has waited all of her thrive see what's kelly ayotte costing you? you're paying more for prescription medicines. kelly ayotte blocked lower cost generic drugs. you're paying high interest rates on college loans. ayotte voted against letting you refinance at lower rates. and you're paying higher bank fees while ayotte voted for special breaks to wall street executives. kelly ayotte. she's siding with corporate special interests and that's costing you.
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another one. sell operating in cleveland, ohio. >> sara: just awesome. reaction from cub fans are melting hearts online. that was actor bill murray, of course, the moment of cubs claimed victory.
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a huge sigh of relief. the sun times putting out a wrap saying what a wonderful world and the tribune with a simple at last. >> gene: pretty much wraps it up there. no one enjoyed it more than a woman in new hampshire who is 10 8 years old. jim morell i was with her until the final out and that 108 years of frustration finally ended with that cub >> yeah! [cheering] finally! >> and so it is over, a world series drought of 108 years. >> i am so happy. >> reporter: the 108 years of waiting for it. >> happy, awesome, great. >> reporter: nelson was born in chicago in 1908, the last year
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everybody was. >> reporter: at an assisted living facility in new hampshire, nothing but the here and now. game 7 of the world series, hazel's beloved cubs just one day away from the clinch. stressful moments during the game, joyous ones too. for cub fans, the outcome was never certain until it is. >> yes! >> oh, that was great. >> reporter: cub fans understand this about baseball. it is a bi hand in hand, fused together by fate. >> that-a-boy. >> reporter: nobody knows that better than hazel nelson. >> i never lost faith. win or lose, i loved it. >> reporter: and there is nothing better to boost confidence than breaking the curse. hazel nelson says she welcomes us to come back next fall when she feels certain that the cubs will be going for back-to-back world series wins.
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>> you can't help but smile just watching her. what a treat. >> gene: good for hazel. my grandmother lived to be 104. she died in 2005, but she saw six red sox world series in her lifetime, 1903 and all those with the babe ruth years. so in 2004, she was like what is the big deal. >> sara: call you gene, because 105 -- >> gene: but hopefully that would be nice though. are starting to crank up this commute on a thursday morning. >> catherine: see how we are doing. that map looking good north of the city, 128 doing fine. 128 south of the city okay. starting to slow down in pockets on the expressway shifting west. the pike is clear all the way back to worcester. one incident i want to talk about south of the city. this is 95 southbound. a stalled vehicle at 140 in the mansfield area. not seeing any delays around it right now. take a look at those drive times. the pike, 23 minutes.
5:18 am
the weston tolls will take you 22 minutes right now, and shiri, just a really nice day that we can look forward to. >> shiri: absolutely. temperature-wise above average. sky-wise, showers i am tracking this morning. a lot of these north of boston and south of boston toward bellingham, medfield, drizzle on the approach. boston, some of these sliding to the north through burlington, salem and essex. nashua, new hampshire. in paxton, things but overall, the closer you get to this front which is sitting over southern new hampshire. the better the bet for the cooler and rainy day. the further south the warmer and drier it is going to be and the nice element of the forecast coming in. plymouth at 54 degrees right now. i will keep things mostly dry and the slight risk you will catch a little drizzle this morning otherwise partly to mostly cloudy by 11 a.m. you are back in the 60s.
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manchester, new hampshire at 48 where it is currently raining and that risk for rain essentially all day long, right up into the evening commute. because of that, because of the clouds and the showers, we just don't warm up that much there. 59 in boston. 57 in lawrence. 54 in manchester, new hampshire. lower 60s from framingham back through worcester. we have mid- to upper 60s norwood, plymouth, new bedford and even 70-degree reading to today in providence, rhode island. future cas couple of hours do plan on some showers shifting through the boston area. it is going to be light and very scattered lasting until 7 or 8 a.m. by 9:00 this morning, i wanted to pause it and point out all the showers along the mass new hampshire border and that's where we have on and off rain that continues all day long. main rain develops between 1 and 2 from worcester to boston. scattered rain into the evening commute and after that we will clear out by 7:00 tonight. i would say we are done with the rain and dry again.
5:20 am
for tomorrow. 55 degrees. the cooldown continues into the weekend with partly cloudy skies. 51 on saturday and only 49 on sunday. back to you. and an elderly woman tied up and robbed by three masked men. this morning, we are hearing her call for help. how long it took that 70-year-old woman to untie herself. and caught on camera, a bus hits a truck and then slams into a house. the frightening crash, and how
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a bus in texas slams into a truck and crashes into a house and the whole thing was caught on camera. shaken driver climbing out of the bus to safety, but one homeowner says the most interesting part of the film is what happens by the truck. two people can be seen getting out of the car and running away. police say they don't know why they fled, but the driver did stay at the scene. the bus driver was taken to the hospital.shoulder pain. he has since returned back to work. the first time, local researchers from proven a link between football and a degenerative brain disease.
5:24 am
called cte was just suspected. the longer players play the game, the greater the risk of permanent damage. they studied the brains of 56 pro and college football players along with 16 nonathletes. the players who were playing football showed signs of cte which can lead to other conditions. one out of every four adults in massachusetts considered obese, but that is better than almost the entire country. key came in on number 48 on the list of fattest according to wallet hub, new jersey, colorado and utah were thinner. despite the ranking, massachusetts adult obesity rate hovered around 25%. the city of lawrence's insurance company will pay to repair the high school football field trashed during a concert last month. according to the "eagle tribune" travelers insurance have given $325,000 to replace the artificial tur much. the mayor expects the insurance
5:25 am
other damage. the insurance company will go after the company that organized the concert to recoup the money. a local brewery is helping you raise your glass to big papi. sam adams is releasing a david ortiz bill called big papi. it will only be available friday at the boston brewery. only 541 bottles will be sale one for each home run the big papi hit throughout his 19-year to the david ortiz children's fund. new england christmas tree growers say the drought haven't slowed down this year's crop because the mature trees have established roots that can gather water on dry days. instead farmers say the problem comes with newly planted trees that don't have the deep roots. growers hand water the plants but some farms lost half of their trees. is mother nature taking
5:26 am
we have the risk of spotty showers at 7 a.m. in the boston area expecting dry conditions for lunchtime. afternoon, rain risk goes up and i will time out those showers with future cast hour by hour next. a chaotic scene unfolding
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complete new england news >> gene: now at 5:30, history made for the chicago cubs. they end their century-long drought, but it was far from easy. the comeback and rain delay they had to overcome late into the night. big slowdowns planned for one very busy highway. the construction that closed starts of 128 in the coming days. >> this white bicycle a reminder of how big this intersection will be.
5:30 am
intersection in cambridge in an effort to save lives. good morning, everybody. thank you for being with us on this thursday morning, november 3. and we are going to have one more nice day of above-average temperatures today. >> sara: yes super spring-like today. check in with shiri spear from the fox25 storm tracker weather center. we could see a lot of rain this morning. >> shiri: looking ugly in central mass and southern new hampshire. we have a lilt same story for hollis and londonderry and new hampshire where temperatures are only in the upper 40s right now. boston still dry at 54 and surrounding towns and cities getting in on the drizzle. let's count on that as well. lynn over to gloucester seeing steady light rain going into southern new hampshire. and natick and medway seeing some of those sprinkles. overall southeastern massachusetts. might see a little bit of drizzle early, early this morning and most of why you are day will be dry, getting things started at 53 in wareham.
5:31 am
the forecast at 7 a.m., 55 degrees out there. noontime, i am going to give you dry conditions at 57, but bringing back the rain as we get back into the afternoon. i am back in 10. and we will take an hour-by-hour look at futurecast. catherine parrotta live with drive time traffic and a couple of incidents that you are following. >> catherine: a cup of things on the map. 93 no problems there. south of the city expressway starting to get a little bit slower. want to shift a little bit south because 95 southbound, a stalled vehicle before 140 commercial street. not seeing any delays behind that, but i also want to give you an update from the mbta commuter rail. a significant delay on the franklin line. we are talking 17 to 18 minutes behind schedule because of mechanical issues. the pike 23 minutes. the expressway from the split to the pike take you 10 minutes. 128 from route 1 in peabody to
5:32 am
drive time. gene, over to you. two cities, two franchises for a world title and the bitter end they did not disappoint. seven games and then some and take extra innings to determine the champion. a true nail biter. here is how it all went down. cubs look like they would run away with it. former red sox david ross is the oldest player to homer in game 7 of the world series at 39. also his last game. he is retiring. 6-3, cubs. the indians show a flare for the dramatics, c the 8th inning, davis takes chapman over and out. two-run clutch home run. 6-6, and going bonkers in cleveland. 17-minute rain delay, the series mvp benzoist. and ground out to chris ryan in the third and there it is 108
5:33 am
in 10 innings. they are world series champs. s in this morning, a home invasion in sterling that took a 70-year-old woman just three minutes to untie herself and call police after she was robbed inside of her home on tuesday. we are also hearing her call to 911. >> i have been robbed by three men. and they have taken off with my 2004 black deville. they are probably the expressway. i don't know. but they haven't been gone long. >> the car has been recovered, but the three masked suspects have still on the run. police do not believe this was a random attack. friends and complete strangers continue to offer support for a family that just lost their mother. earlier this week we told but ben demote. someone shot and killed her on washington street in worcester over the weekend. police think that the gunman
5:34 am
she and her husband were living in the united states with two of their seven kids. now that she is done, her families are struggling to make ends meet so friends put together a fundraiser last night. >> she was such a sweet person. wonderful wife. wonderful mother. and wonderful friend. >> gene: along with the fundraiser, friends have set up a go fund me page to help with the funeral expenses. a link to that page on our web site at so if you thought you avoided by staying away from the mass pike toll demolition, get ready for this. it another major construction project you want to stay clear from. the big shake-up on 128 this weekend. >> just when you thought we were out, they pull us back in. and major work on 128 that begins this weekend all part of this years-long add-a-lane project. mass dot tearing down the old highland ave bridge.
5:35 am
the remnants of the old bridge will come down friday night. in this big alert the entire stretch of 128 will be shut down at some point. check out this map here that impacts newton, needham, and anyone that drives 128 in that stretch there. work starts friday at 8 p.m. that is when the northbound lanes of 128 will be closed so they can take down the east side of the old bridge. saturday from 3 to 6 p.m., 128 north and south will be closed at some point, saturday night afternoon at 3:00, the southbound lanes will be closed. mass dot says it is simply too dangerous to let people drive under the bridge while crews are working and that new highland avenue bridge highlighted there in yellow will also be closed while this democrat significances is ongoing. mass dot says with the work on the pike, it is important to plan ahead and know your detours. with all that said, we know we threw a lot at you and it is a lot to take in.
5:36 am
view what we are talking about when i take off in skyfox in the next hour. stay with us. gene, back to you. >> gene: michael, have a good flight. new hampshire students will be stranded without a ride to school. first student has threatened to go on strike following contract disputes. in a mandatary cooling off period. five new hampshire towns will have to go without school bus for their students. for premature and sick joanne: she's not fooling me. cobritt: kelly ayotte sides with the special interests. vivian: now, she's even playing politic games with medicare. vo: kelly ayotte voted to cut medicare and cost seniors up to $1,700 more for prescriptions... while protecting tax breaks for the wall street banks and big oil companies that fund her campaign. fred: kelly ayotte sold us out. britt: with kelly ayotte, it's all politics. joanne: she's not looking out for new hampshire anymore. vo: senate majority pac is responsible
5:37 am
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we are checking traffic and weather every ten minutes like we do every morning. >> gene: we do indeed. the roads are a little clear but a little problem on the t. >> catherine: exactly the map and the big picture. things are moving along fine aside from the expressway. here is what we are focus o line are 75 to 80 minutes behind schedule because of a mechanical issue. keeping an eye on that throughout the morning. mild start of the day and perhaps a little drizzle out there. >> we are tracking rain showers and not getting rain reports in the city itself at this very moment. we have a lot of surrounding showers. 54 degrees. there you can see the rain drops are coming for you in boston. 54 degrees at 6 a.m. 7 a.m., i will keep it the same. 54 degrees. we have showers around and show where you we have a washout
5:40 am
dry. all about location. the latest on that is ten minutes away. a story you will only see on fox25. fire fighters and chelsea clinton don't have the manpower to keep the city safe. the union say they are woefully understaffed and became apparent in this 20 14 fire. six homes went up in flames and the department did not have enough resources to fight them all. >> we didn't have the manpower to fight the fire in that house, and i remember the -- the owner come up to me around he -- is burning. i said as soon as i have somebody here, you know, we will -- we will do what we can. >> gene: city leaders agree they are understaffed and will hire two more fire fighters in the spring. thousands of gifts and toys destroyed in a fire on the cape will be replaced in time for christmas. toys for tots will replenish all of the gifts for military -- on the cape cod military foundation. last week a fire destroyed the building where the foundation
5:41 am
they donate christmas presents to 800 families every year. facebook closing in on a new milestone. the social media giant announced it is nearing the $2 billion user mark. the company currentlys a 7.9 billion monthly users more than half of the people in the world with internet access. crossing the 2 billion mark would mean more than quarter of the world's population is on the site. apple is changing up its oj to the late david bowie. using male and female emojis with the iconic make-up with apple's next update. it will be more inclusive of gender. female judges, fire fighters and astronauts. >> gene: emojis for every imagination. >> sara: i love them. >> gene: they say so much with a little --
5:42 am
twins are ceos. helping kids get healthy and make a little money in the proces what's kelly ayotte costing you? you're paying more for prescription medicines. kelly ayotte blocked lower cost generic drugs. you're paying high interest rates on college loans. ayotte voted against letting you refinance at lower rates. and you're paying higher bank fees while ayotte voted for special breaks to wall street executives. kelly ayotte. she's siding with corporate special interests and
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meteorologist shiri spear here, and i have got spot showers from norton up to walpole and weymouth this morning. main batch of showers from framingham to marlborough. and the one i will watch as it tracks toward boston here this hour. also beverly, gloucester and up to haverhill, steady, lighter showers. now happening now, all sunny skies for chicago cub fans. the team won its first world series in 108 years and the
5:45 am
cubs won 8-7 against the indians in a 10-inning thriller. live look at wrigley. 4:40 theres about or 4:44. people are still out there milling around at this hour along with world series champions. you can see that on the sign outside of the ball park. not quite as wild. fans dancing in the streets for hours but chicago police have reported no arrests or any violence from the team or from the party i should say. the team just land a hero's welcome no doubt. a local woman says her home has become the target of vandals all because she is white and her son is half black. she said criminals have keyed her car with racist words and led fried chicken and watermelon in her front yard. jessica reyes is live at the police station and we will get an update as soon as she talks to police. sara, over to you. all right, gene.
5:46 am
all focused on keeping cyclists safe. jason law is live in inman square you what need to know for your drive this morning. jason. >> reporter: yes, sara, good morning. if you drive through inman square, you will want to pay attention because certainly changes here. three left-hand thawrns were perfectly legal yesterday that are no longer legal this morning. break it down from this map from the city of cambridge. you can see how oddly shaped this intersection is. the big red arrows are the illegal for drivers. hams hire street southbound turning on to cambridge police going east and hampton street northbound turning continue to cambridge street west. those are illegal left-hand turns and westbound on cambridge street to anthrum street also illegal. cyclist s have been calling for changes to this intersection for a long time really after two deaths in the last six months. back in april, 27-year-old woman was hit and killed by a
5:47 am
lavins was hit and killed by porter square. a popular route but very dangerous. monitoring the effects of the illegal left-hand turns have on this intersection and surrounding streets. very popular for cyclists. new signage out letting drivers in cars to know to watch out. three left-hand turns that you can no longer make legally in cambridge. for now we are live, jason law, fox25 news. a group of concerne to clean up dirty needles in their city. they call themselves per acres archangels and removed hundreds of dirty syringes from parks and playgrounds. 12-year-old daughter stumbled upon a pile of needles tuesday playing in a park near a elementary school. >> when my daughter showed me the needles, yes, i was very angry. >> i have seen them before. i know not to go near them because it is not a good pleasant thing that people do around here.
5:48 am
received some encouragement from police officers. boston is unveiling a new restaurant grading system and its goal is to make you are aware of how clean a place is the moment you walk up to the door. stash's pizza in dorchester is the first restaurant to roll out the let irgrade modelled after similar systems in new york and los angeles where diners are met at the door with an a, b and c. the grade is based on the restaurant's compliance with health and sanitation code. theub puts pressure on businesses to hold themselves to higher standards. >> new york implemented this program six years ago and at that point 85 to 50% of the businesses were getting an a grade. fast forward six years later, 85% of the businesses are getting as in new york city. >> restaurants will not be required to post their grades until next year. 5:48 this morning. will give the weather an a yesterday. >> definitely.
5:49 am
today i will give it a b-plus because we have rain. >> shiri: b-plus from boston to southward. if you were in new hampshire -- southern new hampshire and northern mass. just because of where you are. i wanted to time out this blast of rain because this is moving to boston moving to framingham slated to get to brookline at 6:15. boston at 6:24. brockton at 6:30, so it will be in and out and will give but is kind of the exception. after that almost all the rain will stay focused up into southern new hampshire, so you there. a little closer to the front that is generating those showers and keep things cooler. the further south you go the warmer and drier. 54 degrees. i don't have the rain that is reported right now but scattered showers coming close by. if you were driving into the city right now, chances are you are probably going to have to drive on wet roadways. 7 a.m. comes along and showers
5:50 am
the blast of rain brings half an hour of showers to boston. by 7 a.m., probably cloudy and dry. 55 degrees by 9 a.m., 55 degrees as well. a little meager warm-up. close to 60 this afternoon with the next batch of showers. the main batch of rain coming in between 1 and 2 p.m., that is when it starts and continues into the evening commute. so by 8 a.m., you can see all the showers through lunchtime up into southern new hampshire until about 1 and 2, we have showers spreading from worcester to boston. this is our main ra the city and last until the evening commute. kind of scattered fashion. lighter showers out there and over and done by 7:00 this evening. the seven-day forecast with the weekend falls view does feature temperatures close to the low to mid-60s south of boston, but, again, upper 50s to the north of the city with showers this afternoon. breezy and 55 and highs around 50 both days this weekend. send you over to catherine parrotta with live drive time
5:51 am
beginning to emerge on the maps. the expressway averaging at 27 miles per hour as you travel through milton. slow pretty much from quincy all the way into the city and moving north a little bit. the slowdown on 93 as you head south. only average being 33 miles per hour as you head through that burlington, woburn stretch right now. the franklin line, update on the commuter rail. still running 75 to 85 minutes behind schedule becausof i will continue to monitor that for you. on the pike 14 minutes. on the pike from the tolls to the ted williams, 12 minutes. on the expressway from the split to the pike, starting to see that slow down that will take you 16 minutes right now. gene, over to you. a kay yotic scene at dillard university in new orleans. students pepper sprayed while protesting a u.s. senate debate last night. >> water. >> anybody have water. >> the group had asked the school to remove candidate
5:52 am
klan, but the university said there was nothing they could do. the protests quickly became physical with people trying to force their way insideed doors but they stood firm in their beliefs. >> my sign says we have not forgotten. >> reporter: what does that mean? >> we haven't forgotten of everything he has done for the audacity for him to come on campus, he has no rights. >> gene: ot other side of campus, the more peaceful protest. one group held a california high school football coach is under fire suspended after being caught on video doing a body shot off one of his players. this is the video in question. coach rich shimky's attorney said the shot wasn't alcohol but rather maple syrup. it was part of a celebration after the student won a pancake award for having the most blocks in an october game. one parent says she thinks the school is maybe being too harsh on shimky.
5:53 am
but at the same time, i think the kid had a say in it. it looked like they were just celebrating, having fun. >> sara: the school says they take all allegations against their staff seriously and investigating the incident. boston police are urging officers to stay vigilant following the deadly ambush of two officers in iowa as we learn more about the suspect's troubled past. daniel miller joins us with some videos that the suspect posted online. >> we followed the story. the man suspected of shooting and killing two iowa police officers as they shot in their patrol cars had several run-ins with police in the past. one of those times he took a video and posted it on youtube. take a listen. . >> have i committed a crime? have i committed a crime? >> you are on private property. you are on school property.
5:54 am
46-year-old scott michael greene was thrown out of a high school football game back in the middle of october. the officers he was arguing with were from urbandale, iowa where one of the murdered officers were from. these are the two officers who were killed. officer justin martin and is the tony omini. we reached out yesterday to boston police and they say no local links to the attacks and no credible threats against local officers at this time. bpd are urging officers to remain vigilant following the deadly ambush. in the newsroom, daniel miller. breast milk can be life saving for preemies and new babies. and now making it easier for moms to donate. doctors say prescreened moms can drop off their milk to the hospital where it is sent to the bank. the milk is then screened, pasteurized and tested before being dispensed to 70 hospitals at ten states around the
5:55 am
>> i have a bit of an oversupply, and i figured, we bump all we can and help some other lilt babies. >> sara: the screening process for donated breast milk is modelled after blood screening. you need your doctor's approval, good health and a blood test. bruins continue their swing through florida. they will take on the lightning in tampa. dealing with concussions. and jake crowder started hot, he waits, takes and makes the 3. later he comes down on a foot, and it is a nasty-looking left ankle sprain. he hops off the floor all the way to the locker room and did not return. amer jon takes aim from long range. 4-4 from behind the arc. and the celtics take the win as johnson score 23 and knock off the bulls 17-100. a little extra when you go
5:56 am
turn to action. the sox announced they will be increasing the cost of most tickets at fenway park by 3% next year and that means you can expect to pay up to $5 more per ticket for nonpremium games. this is the biggest price increase since 2014. it was the year after the red sox won the world series. now 5:56 this morning. new details in the death of a local teen following a fight at a party. coming up at 6:00, what other teens did at that party to him
5:57 am
5:58 am
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cleat new england news cleat new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news coverage starts right now. >> gene: now at 6:00, the drought is over. >> reporter: a woman and her son targeted in derry, new hampshire. she black. the latest for the search for the suspects this morning. and five days to go until the election and donald trump continues to gain ground. the key battleground states where he holds a slight lead. good morning, everybody. thank you for being with us on the fox25 morning news on this thursday morning, it is november 3. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. one more day of nice, warm temperatures, but shiri says this time, you are going to need to pack an umbrella. she is in the fox25 storm
6:00 am
wet right now. >> shiri: umbrellas will be up for several you. framingham up to acton toes who listen to with showers. boston so far so good. no more than a little drizzle but in is coming around 6:15 a.m. north shore, southern new hampshire dealing with patchy rain. temperature-wise here, we have got 50s on the map down to 49 in nashua, new hampshire, 51 in plymouth. so temperature-wise, a pretty comfortable start. the fog right now, issues over bad in lawrence. you can see an all-day risk of showers points north of boston like lawrence today and a warm-up that only takes knew the 50s. where it is drier, where it is warmer back into the 50s at 10. catherine parrotta up now with live drive time traffic. >> catherine: looking at that map, i showed you how the expressway is looking a little slow last update and this incident just popped up here.


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