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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  November 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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malini. we're here in lynn, this is where the officer lived with his family, but tonight rowelly police say, you know what, no one is above the law, no one should be texting and driving in the first place. >> reporter: rookie police officer robert adams is a patrolman on the streets of russelly, part of his job is to catch people for texting while driving. ironly his boss says adams was texting while driving in his personal car, then hit a parked car, took off and from down the road. >> fox 25 spoke with the officer's sister at their lynn home. he's a good guy and it was just an accident. >> reporter: fox 25 has learned the accident happened around 1:00 in the morning on october 21st on the busy castle road in lynn. it's heavily traveled and used as a cut-through for drivers. >> he was on his way home and hit a parked car.
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either, just kind of went down pass the street. >> reporter: a source tells us after the crash adam drove down the road and then called police. adams originalledly told the lynn officer he was texting and driving. >> when you're in a car accident you gotta get your bearings and stuff. in a statement from rowelly's police chief, he says quote officer adams was cited for leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident and texting while driving. as a result this incident i have placed officer adams on paid administrative >> he didn't really do anything wrong. called the police, told them what happened. >> reporter: adam has been on the job since 2015. adams' sister says it's not fair that her brother is a poster child for texting while driving crashes. >> i think it was just an
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old westport road just after 6:00 tonight. police tell us a 19-year-old and a 21-year-old were hit. both were sent to the hospital, the driver did stay on scene. we're working to get the latest on the victim's condition. harvard has suspended the men's soccer team for the rest of the season over a so called scouting report. they rated p their looks. in a statement tonight the university' president said an investigation brought to light by the harvard crimson newspaper found the 2012 team's sexual comments were not isolated and have continued through the current season. students fox 25 spoke to tonight hope the team learned a lesson. >> in the face of any like embarrassing circumstances, it's all about what you do to move forward, and i hope the men's soccer team as a whole does something to make it up to them
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>> the sexual assault prevention will now work to educate student athletes, specifically the men's soccer team. reaction continues to pour in tonight about the third grade student who brought a gun to school. the boy's father is now facing charges. fox 25's christie mccarthy has been in lowell all night talking to parents. >> my heart just went right down to the ground. >> reporter: families terrified by what could have happened when a third-grader brought a gun to a lowell school last week. >> i almost had a these are little kids from pre-k to fourth grade. what are they doing with guns? >> reporter: police say the boy took the twit caliber pistol out of his backpack last monday and showed several classmates at the school. becky kutcher's granddaughter olivia is a student here. >> a i could picture is this stool school getting shot up and my grand babies here. they're my life. >> reporter: one boy notified a parent. the father handed over the
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he thought was an air soft gun. the principal sent out a letter to families, notifying them a student brought a weapon to school, promising, we take the safety of our school environment very seriously and asking parent its, we need your help in this effort, as well. please continue to remind your children to report any suspicious activity to school personnel and/or another and remind them of the importance of making safe choices. >> i don't know. point that he can lay hands on and then bring it to school. >> reporter: meanwhile, some families are considering pulling their kids from the school. >> i might have to take her out of the school, and i done want to, but -- it could be loaded next time. >> christie mccarthy for fox 25 news. the child told police he thought the gun was a toy. we went online and grabbed the picture of a real caliber pistol and a toy one to compare them. the only difference in this picture, you see this white
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other than that, they look exactly the same. now to a live look at the zakim bridge in boston. beautiful sight. the rain has of mod out. the temperatures are dropping and the spots could be 20 degrees cooler tomorrow than they were today. >> it is going to be quite a change, that's for sure and that's going to extend to the south shore where the temperatures are close to 70 today. but most places are gonna see more modest drops, especially along the massachusetts border we're in the 50s today anyway. a huge range today and tomorrow, cooler for everyone. north and west. rain in new england, not a ton. but it was there. heavier rain right now, southern vermont in the berkshires but again, having trouble making over those hills, drying air as it comes down often hills, sinking air tends to dry out and that's what's happening tonight with those showers. 54 boston, 49 worcester. by tomorrow afternoon, 54 will be about the best you can hope for for a high temperature in boston. out in worcester, dropping to a low 40 tonight. not freezing cold but the rebound tomorrow won't be quite as good.
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the winds will be through the day tomorrow. >> to the race for the white house tomorrow. new hampshire has become a toss-up as far as the state is concerned. five days away from the election, take a look right here. you can see the numbers a new suffolk university boston globe bowl has donald trump and hillary clinton in a virtual tie at 42%. as we've been talking about, the big names will be coming to new hampshire over the next several days. donald trump, ivanka trump, president obama, chelsea clinton >> reporter: from big name surrogates to speeches entirely in spanish, the presidential candidates and their teams pulling out all the stops as they begin to round the corner. both campaigns are holding several stops each day until the election, and hoping to draw in crowds with familiar faces and hot-button issues. one face not seen at a rally normally was melania trump, her
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from current first lady michelle obama. melania today laid out her priorities should her husband win the white house. >> we must find better ways to honor and support the basic goodness of our children especially in social media. it will be one of the main focuses of my work if i'm privileged enough to become your first >> reporter: president obama on the road for hillary clinton working hard to earn the youth vote. the demographic that came out in droves during both of his elections. >> this isn't a jock. this isn't survivor. this isn't the bachelorette. this counts. >> each candidate is hoping that this will be enough to push them over the top come tuesday night. and tonight at 11:30, we will
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voting and whether or not new hampshire's presidential decision will be a key factor putting donald trump or hillary clinton in the white house. happening right now, mass d.o.t. has closed one of the busiest highways in the region to tear down the old highland ave bridge spanning 128 in needham. 128 north at exit 19 will be closed through saturday afternoon asthmas d.o.t. tears down that part of the old bridge. 128 south will also close down tomorrow so workers can begin work on the other side, shutting downhe mass-dot is warning drivers to use alternate routes and prepare for delays. >> during that time frame you will see a roll in congestion going through the area. >> reporter: mass-dot says all work should be finished by sunday afternoon. a first list of all the work being done is up on our web site right now, go to and look at this here, filthy brown water, it's not just affecting one house or one
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and the worst part is it goes away, then it comes back several times a year. fox 25's jacqui heinrich is live for us in norten tonight. jackie, you're inside one of the homes that's experiencing this dirty mess. >> vanessa, that's right. i want to show you what they're dealing with here. this towel, the homeowner used to dry off with this morning after taking a shower, look at this, this was brand-new out of the washing machine. you can see it's covered in secondment here. this around too. it might look clear to you. it's not so. actually all fell to the bottom. now we go for a fresh glass and you can see it's coming out clear. the situation here in norten obviously very unpredictable and people who live here are sick of it. >> i'm sorry to show you my toilet but that's my toilet. >> reporter: you never know what
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>> that flushed the. >> the town's water supply so full of iron and mag an knees it comes through people's tap, toilets, faucet and washing machines. and people who live through are fed up. shelley christie has two kids and with no usable water at home... >> i can't give them baths tonight. i'm gonna have to brush their teeth with bottled water. i can't wash laundry. >> reporter: such a problem that the water department has to come to people's homes to nearby hydrants to try to clean out the guns because right now there's no real solution. the town has no water treatment facilities. the department mandates town flushes twice a year for safety but these days it's happening more like once a week. >> he probably wouldn't have been already built in an operation having this archeological incident occur. >> reporter: water authorities say the goal is to have a treatment plant built to filter
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planned for this facility may have connections to the wampanoag indian tribe to first has to pass inspection scheduled next tuesday. >> we are going to shift approximately 18-inches of semifinal, punch the lens and what we're looking for is any type of assisting artifacts. >> in the meantime, people living here are taking it one day at a time. >> it's the worst i've ever seen the water. it's mud. >> if that site is way proved, the ground breaking won't happen until spring of 2017 but the facility would likely open another 12 to 18 months after that. we're live in norten tonight, i'm jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. breaking right now our first live pictures of the situation we told you about earlier in waltham, 128 south by exit 26. only one lane of traffic is now getting by. we are still working to get more information on what's happening here.
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tied we her something new in a case we've been covering for years. robert ghoulston has the chilling audio of gary ley sampson's confession to police. >> he showed me girlfriend. >> reporter: gary ley sampson gives every detail to what he did to his three victims in the second murder he convinces 19-year-old jonathan that he was only going to tie him up for a short time. >> got into the woods, i spray him to make him think that i wasn't going to kill him. it was premeditated. i planned on killing him. >> it's hard. it's hard for all of us. we've been through this already. >> reporter: sampson's case is back in federal court 13 years later after his death sentence
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technicality. the families of his three victims now have to sit through the testimony. >> reporter: sampson barely moved while sitting in court next to his attorneys listening to his confession go on and on. >> i'm still having fun killing that man. i'm still having problems with it. >> the penalty trial is expected to last at least another week and then the jury will decide whether to sentence him to death again or the rest of his life in prison. in boston, robert ghoulston, fox 25 news. following that breaks news we have upclose pictures of the situation that's been developing in waltham in the last hour or so. this is 128 south by exit 26. where only one lane of traffic
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we have confirmed through state police that a pedestrian has been struck by a vehicle on 128 south, and this resulted in a fatal injury. now, there are also crews on the side of the road with flashlights, as you can imagine. very active scene. if you know somebody coming down 128 by waltham to exit 26 a lot of police activity. one lane of traffic getting by, but again a fatal accident here tonight. a pedestrian who was struck, apparently. the photos you've been sending to us, just got this in from spencer massachusetts this afternoon. clearly the sun was trying to poke out.
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showers. 54 boston, 49 in worcester and 48 in orange. 40 out there, most will stay in the 40 overnight a lot of clouds around and it will be brisk. the winds gusting tomorrow between 20 and 30 miles per hour. these are the showers that will be rolling through to the west during the early-morning watch how they continue to come eastward. our dry air continues to pour on in leaving us with increasing sunshine during the day tomorrow. high temperatures tomorrow only going to be in the 50s. today near 70 in many towns. these are just a few degrees cooler what you saw today along the northern tier of massachusetts but the biggest difference will be down in here.
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afternoon. the coldest air settles in here for saturday morning. at least the coldest air, this spell. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. as a disturbance comes southward from canada, produces snow in the mountains to our north and flurries and showers here in the monadnock region, generally rainshowers in massachusetts if anything at all. most of the day will be dry with a mixture of sun and clouds. we'll do it all again on sunday with another disturbance that will swing on through. here's your seven-day forecast shows that small risks of a shower on either saturday or sunday and of course the fact that we're turning the clocks back, as well, that's always a fun thing. on saturday we're talking about the walk. and the bc game versus louisville going up to about 51 degrees in the afternoon. game time is at noontime. kick-off against louisville. gonna be a tough game.
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shiri will talk about the shower trend for the weekend in the morning. >> originally a family was told they would have to cover the medical bills of their family member who suffered a heart attack but ted daniel explains what led to the army's change of heart. >> felt like for the past year we've been living under this cloud and now all of a sudden it feels like we're free. >> reporter: it's mission accomplished for captain morgan he'll be the first to tell you he couldn't have done it without his mission commander. >> reporter: 361 days after captain morgan collapsed while doing push-ups at fort devin, the u.s. army reserve has conceded, yes, a heart attack in uniform during a required physical fitness test should be considered covered. >> i could get the care and
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medical benefits with with the line of duty's determination. >> reporter: they originally told the new hampshire couple they were on their own and an investigator noted heart disease is likely considered as existing prior to service. prior to joining the reserve he was active duty for 20 years and no mention of heart disease. had he been aware of the diagnosis he says he would had push-ups. >> its ball was dropped in our case and i think the army is so big that at times you get lost in the shuffle and they're used to saying this is how it is and that's how it is and no questions asked. >> we did, contact the u.s. army reserve citing privacy concerns. they declined to comment. moving forward captain morgan and his wife say they'd like to become advocates for other
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stay with us. after the break, double dip tonight. bruins in tampa trying to win a
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geico's as fast and friendly as it gets. woo! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. we had extra innings last night. kind of fun. the bruins were 3 and 4 last saturday, concerns about the health but incredible what a three-game winning streak will do. optimism is regaining control there back home. great passing on this one, powerplay chance, it's whipped around and back over to ryan
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point they were trailing 3-1 and scored two goals to even things up, this one redirected in front with just under 10 minutes to play. check out the defensive play of the night, right here from brandon carlo, will cover an open net, block the shot with his body selfless effort proves to be worth 2 points because they go 2 and overtime and look who scored, ock. how about jalen brown getting some late game action. he pumped in a couple of 3s. this one drew boston within 5 but the cavs pulled away from
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he's gonna score, dish out in the fifth, kevin love goes hard. cleveland hangs on for the win tonight 128-122. tom brady honored by the national football league for one of the most productive months of his career. for the ninth time he was named afc offensive player of the month sticking up in october like he never skipped a beat. no one has won more player of the month awards ever. he was tied with peyton manning but now he stands alone. a bye week for the pats and back to work next sunday in a r of super bowl 49 against the seahawks at gillette stadium. clay's season up and down and well down the stretch. also note the sox picked up the option of david ortiz just in case he changes his behind about retiring. a reminder that we will be on the cape tomorrow for our game of the week, falmouth wanted the game. thousands of votes from there,
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>> all right, thank you, tom. well, five days after the presidential election, why one of the most powerful figures in congress fears the real political fiwo one kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. kelly (voiceover): i'm kelly ayotte. and when i take the plate for new hampshire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- throwing millions in false, negative ads... i'm out here knocking down every lie... because new hampshire deserves better. that's why i'm batting for good-paying jobs, to protect social security and medicare... ...and help families pay for college...
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i'll never stop fighting for you. police confirmed more information 15 minutes ago. kristine mccarthy has arrived on scene. what can you tell us? well, right now we're live on bear hold road in waltham, which essentially gives us the best overlook of this accident. you can see behind me here, 128 south down to within lane of traffic right now, and fortunately as you said, with he
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being hit in the third or middle lane of 128 south as you said right near exit 26. you can see a couple of the cars that may have been involved in this accident or enters leading up to this incident. right now that pedestrian's name has not been released as this is still a very active waltham police as well as state police are out here doing collision reconstruction, we know the pedestrian was hit in the middle lane of route 128. right now we're trying to figure out exactly what led up to this incident. police do tell us there's still a lot to learn but what we do know is that we had a couple heading over here on 128. right now we're not sure if that's a person who was involved in the accident. reconstruction right now,


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