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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  November 4, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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bronx around 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. just heartbreaking, elizabeth. >> the reporter: it really s. the two police sergeants had stopped a suspected matching the description of a home invasion suspect when police say that man opened fire and the sergeants fired back. we have new video just in to our newsroom from the ground there in bronx and you can see a lot of police activity. one officer told the "new york times," as many as 20 shots were fired. the suspect was shot and killed. and just a short time ago, the associated press identified him as one sergeant was shot in the head, that person died. the other officers was shot in the leg, but is expected to survive. he is a nine year veteran of the force. in the last few minutes, boston police tweeted our thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends and fellow officers of the two nypd sergeants shot today in line of duty. of course, two boston police officers were shot in a shootout
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we're waiting to hear from new york city's police commissioner and witnesses and as soon as that ups a, we'll bring it to you live. elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: also breaking tonight, three people are being treated after a stabbing at rutgers university in new jersey. one of the victims is also its lone suspect. the stabbing happened inside the business school. new at this hour, a witness said one of the victims was a woman covered in blood on the buildings fifth floor. studen metropolitan but say there was to danger to community. >> mark: in boston's south end, crime tape marks a large spot near of intersection of washington and newton street. police tell us a person was stabbed, with you their injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. no other details were given, but we'll stay on top of this and bring you anything new that we uncover. >> vanessa: sky fox also following breaking news in haverhill, where a bicyclist was seriously hurt of after being hit by a box truck along river and beach streets.
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man to the hospital. >> mark: now on fox 25, a fight to the finish. >> we know hillary can't be trusted, we've learned that. >> someone who demeans women, mocks the disabled, insults latinos and african-americans. >> mark: presidential race, tighter than ever. >> we feel like we've just got a clear path to victory. it's >> mark: the stakes couldn't be iyer in new hampshire. >> -- higher in new hampshire. >> just four days away from a great victory. >> mark: now time to bring in the heavy hitters and pull out all the stops before election day. here we go. we are in for a wild few days leading up to the elections in new hampshire and new polls have presidential race at a tie. >> vanessa: but the bigger story tonight, the f.b.i. warning of a potential terror attack the day before voters cast their ballots.
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the big ballot questions here in massachusetts, and the ugly and very hotly contested senate race in new hampshire that could affect the balance of power in washington. >> mark: we'll bring with concerns about possible attacks as election day draws closer, potential threats are reportedly being monitored in new york, virginia, and texas. as fox 25's robert goulston learned, federal and state police are stepping up security here at home. robert. >> the reporter: mark and vanessa, f.b.i. here in boston and state police are not any credible or specific threats to our area, but they are watching this very closely, as we get closer to election day. >> i always feel safe. especially in neighborhoods like this one. >> the reporter: the line was long on the last day of early voting at brighton's veronica smith senior center. we talked to voters who started hearing the election might be targeted in a terrorist attack in other parts of the country. >> i'm here. that kind of stuff could happen this morning while we stand in front of veronica smith.
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with former c.i.a. directions operations joe whipple. professor whipple worked if intelligence for 35 years. he says agencies like the f.b.i., dedicate countless resources now towards monitoring threats. >> it's not perfect, it's never going to be perfect, but it sure is a lot better than it ever was. >> the reporter: f.b.i. boston telling us, it will continue to work closely with law enforcement, and intelligent community partners to identify and disrupt any potential mass state police says it was already planning to have extra staffing for election day and night, saying, this includes both increased high visibility patrols and additional troopers, prestaged in certain locations, able to respond quickly to any incidents, if at the occur, and our fusion center will be monitoring intelligence about disruptions, protests or threats leading up and on election day. some voters telling us, it is on their mind.
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people, kind of wondering, why are you here, you don't seem to be in the line, what are you up to, so i definitely do feel like, maybe i'm a little more paranoid than i would have been in previous years. police have also been asked to be put on extra alert. live in boston, robert goulston fox 25 news. >> mark: the road to the white house goes through new hampshire. the small state could determine who ends up at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. the candidates are in a virtual ti campaign is putting the full-court press on voters in granite state. >> the reporter: new hampshire only has four electoral votes, but they could determine who wins or loses the white house. today, here in new hampshire, donald trump encouraging supporters to help people get out and vote, particularly millennials. it was a picture-perfect day for these three high school seniors. >> thank you so much. all three voting for first time. and playing hokie today, to
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>> well, i didn't know who i was going to vote for coming in to this, but after this, donald convinced me that he should get my vote. trump is surging in new hampshire, according to two polls released in the past 24 hours, the g.o.p. nominee is now longed in a dead heat with hillary clinton. trump, hoping young voters, will help put him over the top. >> we're asking for the votes of republicans, and democrats and independents. and first-time voters of which lines. >> the reporter: but a recent "washington post"-abc news poll showed nearly three quarters of young voters had an unfavorable opinion of trump. derek is not one of them. first-time voter is all in on team trump. >> there's just something about it. it's just energizing the way he speaks, his ideas, all the people who are around him, it's just a great thing to come out and see him. >> the reporter: new hampshire has seen a lot of trump.
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the party's nomination in july. miss message, the same today as it was then. >> but you have to get out and vote on november 8th. you have to do that. we're on the cusp of historic change, that transfers power from a failed political establishment and returns that power to you, the american people. >> the reporter: trump will end his campaign where it started, in manchester. he'll hold one final rally monday night before the election. in chris flanagan, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: hillary clinton also turning her focus to the granite state. the democratic nominee bringing in heavy hitters to push for votes this weekend, including the president. fox 25's blair miller here with more on its clinton campaign with just four days to go. >> the reporter: hillary clinton will be in manchester on sunday and on monday, the president will campaign for his former secretary of state, at u.n.h. this is a clear sign of how much importance the democrats as well are putting on the granite state. right now, mrs. clinton is in
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detroit, it was one of two public appearances by the candidate this afternoon. she was in pittsburgh early on today. at both events, she focused on the economy and in detroit, she criticized donald trump for his previous stance on the auto industry. >> just last year, he said again, it wouldn't have mattered if we rescued the auto industry or let it go bankrupt. what is he talking about? >> the reporte highlighting the results of early voting in several key states. they're pointing to democrats turning out if large numbers in florida, north carolina, and nevada. early voting ends tonight here in massachusetts. also tonight, music icon, cher will perform at a fund raiser for the clinton campaign if boston an tomorrow, senator elizabeth warren, marty walsh and congressman steve pence plan
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>> mark: the hotly contested senate race could tip the balance of power in washington. bob ward hit the campaign trail with governor maggie hassan and senator kelly ayotte and bob, these candidates are leaving no stone unturned. >> the reporter: no, they're not. you know, new hampshire has a long history of retail politics. it's almost as if voters here will make a final decision until they can actually meet a candidate face-to-face. so with so much on the line in these last few days, these two senate candidates are doing many voters as they can as time runs down. down. governor maggie hassan and u.s. senator kelly ayotte are locked in a tight race that's being watched all across the country. hassan, its democrat, trying to unseat the republican ayotte, in a race that could help democrats take control of the u.s. senate. millions of dollars are being spent on this race. but in end, it comes down to this -- retail new hampshire
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works a fast-food restaurants drive-through. did you ever expect it to be this tight? >> we always thought this would be a close race. that's how races are in new hampshire. every vote counts and the voters are really engaged. this is a grassroots politics stage so i'm looking forward to being outs on the campaign trail. >> the reporter: further up route 3, governor has son visits a new hampshire wisniewski defending. polls suggest this race could go either way and has son is taking her message to as possible. polls are going to go up and down what i focus on is getting my message out to the people of new hampshire, working as hard as i can to understand what the choice is in this election. >> the reporter: now, this race has been targeted by national democratic party as one that they may be able to win it and if they do that, if maggie hassan wins it race, it could
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during a new administration. that's why so many millions of dollars are being spent on this race. as i said, the polls suggest this one is very tight. it could go either way. live in nashua, new hampshire, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> mark: massive turnout for the state's first ever early voting period. as of late this afternoon, nearly one million people cast their ballots early. nearly 20% of the verge it should voters in the -- registered voters in the state and when you add in the absentee ballots, the number jumps over a million. boston city hall to beat the election day rush. >> i decided to get my voting done early. >> it's less busy than it will be on tuesday, so it seemed like a good time. >> mark: secretary of the commonwealth, william galvin, asked local election officials to extend hours today to accommodate the crowds. our coverage of the election continues in the next half-hour. at 6:30 p.m., we'll take you behind-the-scenes of both presidential campaigns. the strategic moves in the final
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on it year's ballot would legalize recreational marijuana if approved. why chiefs say you should vote against it for the sake of your family's safety. plus, every vote counts on tuesday, how you can get a free ride to your polling place all new on the only local news at 6:30 p.m., right here on fox 25 news. >> kevin: cooling off as the sun goes down into the 40's in the suburbs. how cold it will be in the morning and i'm tracking showers that could move in, snow and >> the reporter: two weeks after two of its employees were killed, we're learning more about suspected criminal activity here atlantic drain. coming up, why boston police say they suspected numerous employees here were chronic drug users. >> the reporter: a local mother upset after she says an employee of this restaurant took a photo
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>> vanessa: a creepy crime, a local mother says a restaurant employee took a picture of her 7-year-old son while he was using the bathroom. police tell fox 25, that suspect left the country. but we've learned the worker was allowed to work for several days after this incident. fox 25's kathryn burcham live in waltham where that restaurant manager explained why. why. >> the reporter: well, yeah, the mother tells us that she is going public with this story now, because she believes that the restaurant here behind me at risk by allowing that cook to stay on the job, even as police were investigating him. for more than a decade, in a pickle has been a popular stop for hungry families on this waltham street corner, but now on yelp, one another has left a scathing review. in this post, she detailed how a male employee allegedly took a picture of her 7-year-old son on the toilet. >> she looked up and noticed -- he look up and noticed a hand
6:17 pm
>> the reporter: that mother, who asked not to be identified, told us, they immediately called police, who matched the phone to a cook in the kitchen named edgar montoya. officers seized the phone and charged montoya with disorder conduct, but said he never showed for his arraignment in court. police say he fled to his home country of guatemala. >> extremely frustrating. i felt helpless that 1 is going to be held responsible for this. >> the reporter: that mother says she also wants an apology from the restaurant owner, who allowed working after the alleged incident. >> i left numerous messages for owner of the restaurant. he refuses to get on the phone with me and has not returned any of my phone calls. >> i don't want our silence to be misconstrued as not caring. >> the reporter: in a pickle owner tim burke says his owner advised him not to have contact with the victim's family, but said he would never want anything like this to happen in his restaurant. >> there wasn't anything that i could say or do that would erase
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any better, that would help out. >> the reporter: and burke also told me that his lawyer advised him to allow montoya to stay on job because allegations could be unfounded and he didn't want to be faced with a wrongful termination lawsuit. more charges could be filed. live in waltham, kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> mark: a falmouth man has been carriage with attempted murder for allegedly throwing heroin at officers say they had a search warrant for russell penna's car, and penna started fighting with the officers, tearing the bag of heroin out of his pants and threw the bag at him. he has since been released from the hospital. >> kevin: temperatures sliding as they always do this time of day from the 50's and into 40's. bedford, 48 degrees. we can always zoom right down to some of the towns in between bigger reporting stations and
6:19 pm
redding, 46. beverly, 49, off to the north of there, around the city of lowell. you're finding temperatures in the 40's here as well, tewksbury, carlisle, pelham, all surrounding the 50's. fitchburg, 43. check this out, royalston, down to 41, already poised to move into the upper 40's. metro west, right along the pike to weston, 47. whalen, 48. marlboro, 47 degrees, so cool spots to be sure. there e doubt, that are in the 40's, that's just a smattering of them and that's trend this evening underneath these clear skies. there are clouds to our north and these are attached to these showers that are also diving southeastward in toward new england. i have expect those to be around first thing in the morning for some you. low temperatures are drop into 30's there will be some 20's back here where you're seeing the coldest temperatures and slightly milder on the cape. still a lot of 30's out here and that's why the frost advisory is in place through 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. if you're growing things outside
6:20 pm
killed your growing season, others have not. some still won't get it. it's going to be hit or miss out there on cape cod tonight, but the advisory is there, just in case. if you don't want to risk it, do what you need to do right after our newscast. the clear skies replaced by the crowds moving in, but notice the snow in the mountains. lower spots where it's rain to the mix to the snow in the highest elevations. however, with the timing of this in the morning, temperatures being in the 20's and 30's, as i just told you my forecast is for, lining up wh hills, i bet you're going to see snow showers out here as well as rainshowers. futurecast says just rainshowers. you can tell by the green, with you going with my forecast of temperatures being as cold as they'll be with these, i would expect it would be some snow showers mixing in as well. not a big deal, just know that it will be out there. by lunchtime, a mixture of sun and clouds, continuing into the afternoon and evening hours. high temperatures tomorrow will be cool tomorrow, off to the west of boston and north, lowell at 54.
6:21 pm
near cape ann. cape and islands in the 50's. upper 40's in northern worcester county and you in southwest new hampshire as well. on sunday, a up could of showers possible over cape cod, as another system swings on through, but for most of us, a dry day with sun and clouds. so there it is this weekend, you're going to push the clocks back, get an extra hour of sleep sunday morning. sunshine and milder temperatures, monday and tuesday. i tweeted out if you're standing if line to vote it evening, you might as well wait until tuesday. at least it will be warmer. plenty of sunshine and no worries as far as here. cold in morning for the early voters, but by the afternoon, nice and mild, shouldn't be a problem for you. >> vanessa: kevin, thank you for. buckle up, 128 shuts down in about an hour and a half for a bridge demolition. ahead at 6:30 p.m., we'll help you steer around this major construction project.
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>> mark: attention shoppers. if you shopped at previous mark recently, you'll want to check your credit card statements, because skimming devices have been found on registers at the department stores. >> vanessa: fox 25's elizabeth hopkins is here now and the downtown crossing location, the latest to be hit hard in that scam that steals credit card information. >> elizabeth: skimmers are small, they're about the size of a deck of cards and they can be placed over credit card readers to steal the data from the magnetic stripe. once the thieves have that, they can use that information to make purchases and boston's primark wasn't alone in this attack.
6:25 pm
discovered skimmers on payment terminals in stores in king of prussia, danbury, connecticut, and freehold new jersey. primark says the skimmers were removed the same day they were discovered, october 17th. they believe that scam could have begun targeting shoppers on july 29th. primark says not all credit card transactions during that time were affected, but if you shopped at one of their locations between july and october, you should check your credit card statements and take a look at your credit report. primark says they don't store any information on internal systems were accessed. we spoke about the scam with shoppers in downtown crossing. >> disconcerting. >> i am conservative an maybe even more conservative now because of that incident, but also looking more closely at the machines before using it. >> i would be really worried if someone tried to steal my debit card or my information, but i have guess i trust my bank to work it out. >> the reporter: to that last points, you have to keep in mind debit cards have different protections from credit cards,
6:26 pm
a skimming attack, contact your local police department or the local attorney general's office and massachusetts residents also have the option of freezing their accounts. we put all that information on our web site, you can find it at live in the newsroom, elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. >> mark: new problems for the local company connected to a deadly trench collapse. why boston police were looking into workers an their behavior on company property. and our election coverage continues ahead at 6:30 p.m. we take you ahead behind the scenes t happening in the final hours of presidential campaigns. the strategic moves that could make all the difference. >> the reporter: bay state police chief speaking out against the legalization of recreational marijuana. why they say a yes on question four would put you and your loved ones in danger on the road. >> mark: team coverage of the upcoming election on the only
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i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. do you treat women with respect? uh... i can't say that either. alright, good. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> vanessa: if you're just joining us at 6:30 p.m., breaking news out of new york. two police sergeants have been shot in bronx. a 19 year veteran of the department, was shot in the face and died. another sergeant was some in the leg, and is recovering at the hospital. the suspect is a 35-year-old
6:30 pm
scene. just moments ago, the police commissioner gave a very emotional update on the investigation, and he shared his thanks to the nurses and doctors who tried to save the officer. >> i want to take this time to thank the highly dedicated and professional staff at jacobi hospital who did as much as they could to save the sergeant. i always talk about what a great job this is, but there's nothing worse than a day like today. >> vanessa: boston police tweeti b thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends, and fellow officers of the two nypd news sergeants shot today in line duty. >> mark: our our top stories at 6:30 p.m., concerns over a potential terror attack threats, in new york, virginia, and texas, just days before the election. now, there are no specific or credible threats here in massachusetts, but state police are already ramping up security. they will have extra staffing on election day and the state fusion center is actively monitoring terror intelligence.
6:31 pm
capture new hampshire's four electoral college votes. the billionaire made his ninth campaign trip to the granite state today, he appeared at a rally in atkinson. the resents polls show trump tied or ahead of hillary clinton in new hampshire. she recently held a double digit lead there and hillary clinton will be in new hampshire on sunday. today, she held rallies if pittsburgh and detroit. the former secretary of state focused on the economy and also criticized donald trump's comments about women. tonigh host a fund raiser for the clinton campaign here in boston. >> mark: the road to the white house of course goes through new hampshire. the small new england state could determine who ends up at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> the latest polls have both candidates in a virtual tie. and that's why you're seeing a major push in the final days by both candidates, to hit the trail hard in new hampshire. >> mark: aides for both campaigns tell fox 25's blair miller that new hampshire is big and it's not just the four electoral votes at stake. both candidates, swinging
6:32 pm
in a state that showed hillary clinton with a strong lead just a few weeks ago,a?[z , polls suggest, it's a lot closer. trump visiting today and then a big visit monday night, his campaign saying new hampshire very much in play. >> he is, you know, placing a lot of money into new hampshire saying this is where i need to be, this is going to tell me how the rest of the country is going to go. >> the reporter: insiders from both camps believe new hampshire will give early indicators on election night. night. >> it's going to be early, polls and how those come out and i think people just see that as kind of a bellwether if terms of how far the country can go. >> we're going to know pretty early on if we've done our job turning out our voters and i feel pretty good about where we stand right now. >> the reporter: sean downey was the political director for president obama four years ago and now helping the clinton campaign. clinton campaign announcing she's coming back on sunday and the president will be there on monday.
6:33 pm
but relying on voters to go to polls, but they believe the pressure is on trump in new hampshire. >> it is clear that trump's path has to go through new hampshire. he doesn't really have a whole lot of other options in terms of lose states. >> the reporter: the clinton campaign says they will be watching the results in nashua very closely. if clinton barely wins there, they say expect a close battle all night and that of course will be big for trump. if she wins big in nashua, it could be an early night. blair miller, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: the line as the state's first ever early voting period comes to a close. the lines have been long but moving all day. so far, a million people have cast their ballot early, nearly 20% of registered voters in massachusetts. >> mark: one of the big of the issues on the ballot on tuesday is question four, which would legalize recreational marijuana and it's igniting a heated debate. as fox 25's crystal haynes reports tonight, governor charlie baker and police chiefs from across the state are
6:34 pm
>> the reporter: the. >> the question itself on question four is 6,000 words long, written by the marijuana industry for the marijuana industry. it's a billion dollar industry, dying to commercialize its product in the commonwealth. >> the reporter: governor baker with strong words tore proponents of question four, after newly released information in the wrong way crash if vermont last month, showed t marijuana in his system when he hit and killed five teens on i-89. >> if this causes one single fatality because of the decision we make, then that's one too many. >> the reporter: walpole chief john karr michael joining police chiefs across the state in speaking out against the legalization of recreational marijuana. drunk driving, their top concern. he says, they just don't have a reliable field test, like a breathalyzer, for thc, the chemical found in pot, that gets
6:35 pm
>> we had 130 incidents where people were killed on massachusetts roadways, because of drunk driving. and now, we're talking about adding another drug to mix. >> the reporter: jim for yes on question four. jim says legalizing marijuana saved law enforcement time, and taxpayers money. >> we won't see costs for special operations targeting marijuana sales, or incarceration co prosecution costs. we'll see that money saved and put toward crimes that actually pose a threat to society. >> we're kind of putting cart before the horse. if we're legalizing a drug that can cause more fatalities in massachusetts, then we need to make sure that the laws are there to support what we're going to have to be dealing with. >> the reporter: fox 25 will have live coverage all night long on election night. and we'll be with the group for yes on four as the votes come in, on this ballot measure.
6:36 pm
haynes, fox 25 news. >> mark: zip car wants to make it easier to get to the polls on election night. the boston based company will make more than 7,000 vehicles available for free tuesday from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. in 500 cities. greater boston, most of the fleet will be available all day. it want to make sure members have no excuse not to cast their ballots. stick with fox 25 on election day, we will be live interest 8:00 p.m. as the polls -- from 8:00 p.m. as the polls close and the votes are our crews will cover of the hotly contested issues and we'll be at campaign headquarters for the races that matter the most to you. >> vanessa: turning now to the weather, the chill is on out there tonight. temperatures are dropping and in the morning, kevin is telling us, some of us will see temps in the 20's. >> kevin: so dark out there. going to get dark even earlier, by sunday, we'll flip clocks back an hour. down into 40's in the suburbs.
6:37 pm
we saw royalston down to 41 a little while ago. i'm report back to you in a few minutes. clear skies at least, and to the north, there are some clouds, there are some snow showers, and there are some rainshowers, i'm expecting those to be in new england first thing in morning. but the temperatures really take the headlines right now, 20's and 30's by the morning, even out to cape cod, outer cape, just a little warmer, so we'll watch for frost to develop especially on cape cod, a frost advisory, everywhere there will be frost. the advisory is for places that haven't had it cod, where temperatures are dropping down into the 30's. that would bring an end to your growing season. keep that in mind and i'll track the showers in here in just a few minutes. >> mark: in just about an hour and a half, a major construction project, yes another one begins on route 128 in needham. steer clear of this one if you can. >> vanessa: fox 25's jacqui heinrich in needham. construction is going to last through the weekend. >> the reporter: that's right, giles. massdot says says the backup could be as long as two miles,
6:38 pm
in one piece, so there will be no traffic allowed through the portion of 128 for stretches of time throughout the weekend. you're obviously going to want to seek an alternate route if you don't want to sit in the traffic. the northbound side of 128 will be detoured at 8:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. tomorrow morning, both the north an southbound lanes will be shut down as crews transition to the other bridge. crews will use the exit 19 on and some businesses are feeling the bite. >> well, for the most part, it's supposed to be detoured around us, so like we might be even get less business due to people having to take the detours. >> the reporter: now, even with the construction here, massdot says the detour routes can accommodate around 4,000 cars per hour, pretty similar to what we have right now with the on going construction.
6:39 pm
to go. >> now if you live if this area or have to travel through it this weekend, we have you covered on line. go to the home page of, there you'll find a list of detours and a video that shows the times of the closures, and an hour-by-hour breakdown of the demolition project. >> mark: all right. are you ready for some football. it is the second week of the playoffs. right now, in falmouth, the clippers are hosting the milton wildcats and the fox 25 high school game day game of the week. sports director tom leyden is underway. >> the reporter: mark, it's a have you unique situation this week. there are s.a.t.'s tomorrow, so they started the game at 6:00 p.m. we have seen a barn burner. falmouth is the home team, they're in the maroon, facing milton. falmouth scored 20 points in the first quarter of this game. they are an explosive team, 8-0. milton, 6-2. i've been very impressed by what i've seen so far. these schools as you would expect, thrilled to be on fox 25 news this week. as the game of the week.
6:40 pm
clipper into the end zone. mike has two touchdowns already, you can see why. he's a really explosive kid. these two schools thrilled to be our high school game of the week. >> everybody has been talking about it and a lot of kids and faculty members were out there voting, want it to be the game of the week. i think that the school has really rallied behind this team. you'll see that tonight, we'll have a good crowd. >> it's exciting. we had a lot of success in the last two years and our players have had to adapt to, you know, being in the spotlight. >> it was important for and hopefully, that helps us. >> i love coming to the cape, drive by here on the way to vineyard all the time -p we got out of school early to beat the traffic and it was a smooth ride and we're happy to be here and ready to get going. >> the reporter: other news tonight, torrey lavello was the new planninger of the arizmendi diamondbacks.
6:41 pm
and they will make the next move. falmouth did just score a touchdown. it was la bronge. it is 26-6 with 9:28 to go in the second quarter. we'll see if they can tack this on and make it 27-6. yes indeed. that is the latest from the cape. the game of the week bringing us down over the bridge. reporting live, tom leyden, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: perfect timing. >> mark: up-to-the-minute or for toes interested. toasting is one of the great athletes in boston history. >> vanessa: coming up, the latest limited edition tribute to one and only big papi. >> kevin: temperatures dropping out there, just in time for the system to dip in to new england. there will be snow and rain first thing in the morning. i'll have a timeline for you. >> mark: why the company behind the deadly trench collapse was already under boston police's
6:42 pm
kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. kelly (voiceover): i'm kelly ayotte. and when i take the plate for new hampshire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- i'm out here knocking down every lie... because new hampshire deserves better. that's why i'm batting for good-paying jobs, to protect social security and medicare... ...and help families pay for college... i approved this message because no matter what they're throwing at me...
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6:45 pm
>> vanessa: weeks after two workers were killed in a trench collapse, we're learning more about suspected criminal activity atlantic drain services. accord to court records, investigators believe workers were using drugs even selling them on the property. fox 25's jason law went to the roslindale business to get answers. >> the reporter: tonight, we are learning more about pe roslindale. according to court documents, boston police were aware back in september of numerous employees here that were chronic dug users and that according to these documents, investigators had witnessed at least two employees buying drugs in past. just five weeks before kevin maddux and robert higgins were killed after their trench
6:46 pm
busted busted a 45-year-old man driving an atlantic drain dump truck to buy cocaine. investigators had been keeping an eye on atlantic drain for some time. according to court documents, police say numerous employees of atlantic drain service are chronic drug users, as investigators have witnessed two different employees purchased illegal narcotics. police say revel was using narcotics out of the atlantic drain yard and atlantic drain dump truck. revel's passengers told officers he purchased the crack cocaine earlier if the day from someone in the atlantic drain yard. we took the accusations to atlantic drain's offices. we also called the company's attorney. >> this is jason law at fox 25. how are you? >> the reporter: the attorney told me, they had no comments about these accusations, but the owner of atlantic drain may release some kind of statement down the road. atlantic drain has come under fire since the october 21st accident, that killed maddox and higgins. fox 25 previously found dozens of osha violations and tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid
6:47 pm
continue to investigate that deadly incident in the south end two weeks ago. so far, nobody has been charged in that case. in roslindale, jason law, fox 25 news. >> mark: new fallout tonight from harvard's decision to cancel the rest of the season for harvard's soccer team. the team took parting in a rating system where they made offensive comments about the women's soccer team. the harvard crimson reported last month that it allegedly started with team, but fox 25 learned it has continued. in a statement released by the school tonight, the coach said, actions have consequences and character counts. we accept responsibility for our, as an i know that we will use the experience of this terribly unfortunate situation to be better. >> vanessa: today in boston, 1,000 local volunteers kick off their year of service through americorps. the volunteers packed the reggie
6:48 pm
congressman seth moulton was among the dignitaries to welcome the group and they had plenty of enthusiasm. >> pumping each other up and teaching people the passion we have. >> vanessa: the volunteers will participate in different programs throughout the area, including city year. a year of service for the 1,000 people, we appreciate them. >> mark: familiar red jackets out and about, doing their thing. it's great to take a yr community. >> kevin: was the jacket thick enough, was the question. >> mark: kevin, you're the answer man on that. >> kevin: they might need a thicker coat, because temperatures are dropping tonight. i'll do what can i. >> mark: layer up. >> kevin: 48 metro west out there to bedford, 45 in beverly and in portsmouth, so there are temperatures that have slipped into the 40's tonight. it will be in the mid 30's out there on cape cod. a couple towns could stay closer to 40, like provincetown, for instance, the outer cape, generally, but mid and upper
6:49 pm
midst 30's. if you haven't had frost, you pay get some tonight. not every spot will, but there will be some out there. look at some of the great pictures. ken said it's down to 40 in gardner. 44 when he snapped this shot of the sunset this evening. great job from the essex area, north shore and this, at duxbury, was 54 at sunset there. certainly cooler now in duxbury. that's powder point bridge and just for good measures look at sunday river, they're making snow up there to add to what they've had already this the snow risk. not much mapping out there in new england. -- happening out there in new england. there will be snow in morning, mostly confined to northern and central new england. you'll see it in the picture here particularly in the higher elevations. futurecast says, well, there's some rainshower possibility here in massachusetts. however, 7:30 a.m. in the morning, good chance there will
6:50 pm
raindrops. through the afternoon, we're dry, so no problems for any of your football games tomorrow, whatever you have planned for your saturday activities, it's just first thing in morning, we could see a couple of the showers come on by. tomorrow afternoon, temperatures generally are in the 50's. southeastern massachusetts, 50's to the north as well. couple degrees cooler, and here in northern worcester county, southwest new hampshire and vermont, it will be in the upper 40's. sunday morning, another weak disturbance coming out of canada, sliding across new england, kick off a couple of cod it time. these would be rainshowers, it's going to be slightly milder on sunday and you'll see that in seven-day forecast. that shower threat, as small as it is tomorrow morning and again on sunday, even smaller threat, mostly for cape cod. we'll watch that tonight and see how it's moving through canada and into new england. and update the timeline on that. you push the clocks back an hour. before you go to bed late saturday night or early sunday morning, so you get an extra hour of sleep. the sun will set at 4:30 a.m.
6:51 pm
look how much milder monday into tuesday. tuesday is the date to get out and vote if you haven't voted. 60 degrees with sunshine. cooler in the morning, only in the 30's to low 40's. generally though, no problems getting out to vote, at least from the weather standpoint. i've looked across the country, only place getting rainshowers, middle of the country, texas, nothing in the west coast and nothing on the east coast, so shouldn't be a factor in the election coming up on tuesday. i'll keep an eye on the temperatures tonight and of course, update the timeline on any shower threat for t >> mark: it's worth mentioning again, kevin, get ready to fall back. daylight savings time sunday ends at 2:00 a.m. when you switch your clocks back one hour, it is also important to remember to check your smoke alarms, the state fire marshal is reminding everyone as winter approaches to make sure there is smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and fresh batteries. >> vanessa: it might be the tastiest tribute yet to big papi. hundreds tonight are pouring one
6:52 pm
when i come home and dinner's not ready i go through the roof. grab 'em by the p****". when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. more accusers coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted by donald trump. i'll go backstage before a show... yes.. and everyone's getting dressed. donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants, some as young as 15 were changing. you see these incredible looking women. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. do you treat women with respect? uh... i can't say that either. alright, good.
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>> mark: when it comes to trivia, big -- tributes this season, this is the corniest. the slugger created a maze and then there was it sweet tribute, literally, and even though big papi's baseball career is loafer, the tributes keep pouring in.
6:55 pm
papi. >> vanessa: only 541 bottles were available for one night only. >> mark: so we sent our photojournalist out to check it out, there's no surprise, there was a line down the street. >> there's only 541 of these bottles. everyone here is lucky today, we're going to be getting one. >> this is incredible. these are people that you, at the end of the day, you've waited in line for so long, you know each other, you know, i just met this gentleman today, and you and everybody, it's like old home week, it's like meeting new friends, because everybody has the same passion. it's incredible. >> he doesn't drink and he's here for the baseball and i'm here for beer. >> a shot. down the line. a chance, gone! ever since the beginning, when he started his career, man, i've been following him and i have his helmet, i mean, i met him many times, he's a great guy, he's so important to boston. i go to games every year, huge
6:56 pm
i had to go into work late too. >> i'm sure big papi appreciates it. >> it's one guy you would hate to see come up to the plate when he was playing against your team. i mean, he means, i guess, the world to our city. >> he means a lot to the city of boston. so that's what i'm here for today, for him. >> >> mark: wow. >> vanessa: who's thirsty? >> mark: i'm suddenly parched. that's a big bottle. >> kevin: what was to charity too. something like that. >> mark: imagine you might see one of these on e-bay too. >> vanessa: you think. >> kevin: let's check out the forecast. you cooler temperatures tonight, going to be a fall-like weekend, we'll watch for rain or snow showers first thing in the morning. don't get too worried about the snow showers part it. flurries out there. we turn the clocks back and
6:57 pm
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?? ? tonight, an "e.t." exclusive, mariah carey's first interview since her split. >> people don't want to believe me. i'm telling you the truth. >> while other shows are talking about mimi, we are talking to her. >> they have no idea. >> so what's really going on with this diva? >> you can't put it on me. >> then michael heartbreak. what we just learned about his 3-year-old son's cancer battle. >> you are scared all the time. you can't ever think of a world without them. >> plus new dancing drama. we are with injured pro sharna. is she out for good? anything. breaking news about another injured pro. and -- ?? >> is carrie underwood's 1-year-old son already following in his mother's footsteps.


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