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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the votes to be counted. fox25 election coverage continues right now. good morning, everybody. 5:00 on this wednesday morning. it is november 9. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. a very busy night and morning from the election. we have team coverage, and we will get you up to date on all of that in just a moment. but first check on the weather. meteorologist shiri spear in the storm tracker weather center and shiri, saying goodbye to 60s and hello to rain. >> reporter: a cooler, damper day. showers focused over new york and kind of riding into central new england right now. that is going to be a trend. a lot of the showers kind of break apart as they shift toward us here. and we have clouds and 49 in boston. 49 in worcester. all the in betweens, though, from norwood to bedford up to fitchburg and nashua, checking in the 30s. i have got 36 in hyannis and 48 in nantucket. a little fog over the cape and islands. the plan in worcester today and i take us out to worcester. one of the first to see showers
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temperatures peaking in the mid-50s. show you how long the rain will last in your town and city and take you into boston in just a couple of minutes. julie is back now with live drive time traffic starting north of the pike. >> julie: so far so good, shiri. not a lot of issues on route 1 or 93 south. 128 moving along fine as you make your way to the pike. expressway clear from the braintree split naponset. live drive times. 23 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to 19 minutes on 39 south from 495 to the leverett connector. donald trump now president-elect of the united states. ed wild race came to an end last night with a late-night finish. clinton's campaign sent everyone home from their party around 2:00. and at that point the race was too close to call, and then around 3:00 this morning, donald trump came out and said that clinton had called him, conceded in a phone call. at that point he claimed victory.
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states that don't have a decision, but this morning the electoral vote stands trump at 276, clinton at 218. >> gene: the boston herald tweeting this that says "mr. president." sub headline trump surges to stung history. they tweeted out one word "stunner." the headline on the page trump's rally leads to nail biting state with hillary. >> sara: the globe, suspense to the finish. trump's victory sparking a wide range of reality. in berkeley, california, people started vandalizing buildings and cars after his victory speech. >> reporter: donald trump's image is lighting up the big apple on the empire state building. >> gene: and the state of new hampshire is in suspense over its senate race. kelly ayotte and maggie hassan told their supporters the race
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>> sara: team coverage of the election results and reaction to the markets and balance questions in the bay state. >> gene: begin with chris flanagan live in new york city where the trump campaign got the news early this morning. >> reporter: yeah, guys, good morning. we just learned that president obama has reached out and called donald trump to congratulate him on his victory. accord to cnn, the two will meet at the white house on thursday. donald trump gave his victory speech at the hilton hotel around 3:00 this morning. he arrived on page to a thunderous ovation. in the sold out, filled room there. trump with no previous political experience defied the prediction and won key battleground states to capture the white house. he broke through the blue wall making history. florida and north carolina, both toss-up states broke his
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key bat bat states of -- battleground states of pennsylvania. those two states had not voted for a republican candidate since the 1980s. after a divisive election you earninging our country to. >> now it is time for america to bind together and work together for all democrats and republicans and end pepts time for us to come together as one united people. >> reporter: trump said that hillary clinton called him to concede and that came after his campaign director told her crowd of supporters at the gentleman javits center go home
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them false hope. clinton did not give a concession speech. her campaign saying they will give a speech later this morning. chris flanagan, fox25 news. among the states not yet decided on the presidential race, new hampshire and undecided for the granite state. the senate race between governor maggie hassan and kelly ayotte is too close to call. michael henrich is live at a diner where the buzz is all politics this morning, michael. >> reporter: i spoke to a trump supporter with a trump make america great again hat and she is on cloud nine and on the edge of her seat when it comes to the senate. the senate vase too close to call in the granite state between republican incumbent kelly ayotte and her democratic
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at last check with 90 some odd part of the vote counted, ayotte leads by a few hundred votes. and too close to call and neither candidate would declare victory or concede in their speeches early this morning. >> there are still votes to count in a lot of small towns and we are confident we are going to maintain our lead when every vote is in. [cheer we are confident. but we want to make sure we do this the new hampshire way where we have every vote in, because every vote matters. every person -- >>reporter: as far as the gubernatorial race is concerned, the governor elect is chris sununu, the latest sununu. his father john was governor and his brother, john, was a u.s. senator. now, of course, we expect some
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morning at the red arrow diner in manchester, new hampshire with a very divided state in the vote. we will continue to bring that you coverage throughout the morning. live in manchester, new hampshire, michael henrich, fox25 news. now at 5:06 this morning. following the results of the election, markets around the globe started plummeting. markets in japan, shanghai and hong kong dipped into the red. european markets started off lower. the mexican pes o turning in an all time low. the snp 500 and nasdaq will gains when the bell rings at 9:30 this morning. catherine parrotta live in the financial district where many are watching their 401(k)s, but a little bit of softening after trump's speech, catherine. >> reporter: yeah, experts do hope that will lead to less dramatic losses than at first were anticipated. as mentioned of the european markets already open for the day, they have experienced a bit dip, and the chief economist in gevrm knee say
5:08 am
days. we are hours away from the opening bell here in the u.s., but still some losses are expected. it is expected the markets will take a hit. the question is how dramatic will that hit be. seems like less dramatic what was first anticipated. the dow, snp 500 and nasdaq were down 2% to 3% ahead of the open. dow futures were down more than 800 points earlier. they have rebounded slightly. they are now off by 300 points. investors are concerned trump being unpredictable, and trump's first speech at president-elect may have calming effect on the markets. asian markets closed in the red with markets in tokyo, hong kong and australia falling as much as 6%. the peso dropped dramatically as much as 11%. now down 8%. the value of the peso has seen swings ahead of the election. oil futures fell on gold rallies and the big question is what will the markets do at home when they open today. something we will be tracking
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catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. and our coverage continues of this historic election both on air and online and on our web site. we have donald trump and mike pence's full speeches and dive into reaction on social media and in different cities. if you were away from your tv we will be sending alerts of any new results throughout the day. checking traffic every ten minutes from 495, take you 19 bridge. shiri? >> shiri: temperatures in the 30s and 40s under mostly cloudy skies. but headed home from work, that is when we have the best bet of rain showers out there. the hour-by-hour look with futurecast less than ten minutes away. 5:09. from marijuana to charter schools, a lot on the line of local elections in massachusetts. after the break, how the four
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well, not many big offices up for grab in the bay state. the big focus was on several hotly debated ballot questions. fox25's jessica reyes is live at south station this morning with the results and reaction on everything from slots parlors to schools and marijuana. the ballot. the most talked about was the legalization of marijuana and it was highly debated for months, and it did come pretty close, but in the end, voters say yes to legalizing pot in the bay state. as of december 15, if you want to go home and smoke a joint, that is okay as long as you are 21 or older. and a little over a year from now in january 2018, you will be able to head out to the store and actually buy it.
5:14 am
obviously taking a big step forward making it legal for everyone, everyone who is of age anyway. taking a look at some of the numbers here, 53% voted yes on question 4, while 47% voted against it. it did come relatively close. supporters compared it to legalizing alcohol and those against it like mayor marty walsh and governor charlie baker said it would lead to further addiction problems here in the bay state. as for some of the other ballot questions meaning another slots parlor will not be coming to the bay state any time soon. question two, another highly debated one the charter school question. that was also voted down and voted down by a pretty wide margin, if passed it would have expanded the number of charter schools in the state to up to a dozen a year. question three, that dealt with conditions for farm animals. it passed by a huge margin, 78%
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will mandate animals have a chance to stand up and turn around and prevent businesses from selling products that don't meet those standards. a lot of changes, a lot to take in for people here in massachusetts. not only these ballot questions but also the stunning outcome of the presidential election. we will be talking to people here at south station just as soon as people start showing up and get their thoughts and we will have that later on fox25. live in boston, jessica reyes, fox25. marijuana was winner of the night. voters here and in california legalized it. five states had it on the ballot, arizona and nevada passed recreational laws. voters in maine are split 50/50. and too close to call right now. the only state to not pass the initiative was arizona. on the medical side, arkansas, florida, montana and north dakota all approved medical marijuana. good morning, everyone. we track traffic and weather
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pike and things moving along the expressway nicely. no issues on 128 from dedham, needham. north of the pike route 1, 93 south looking good. it is early and i don't expect things to really slow down until closer to 6:30. a live picture of the zakim bridge that you can see the head lights race big on the bridge. live drive times, 12 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes on 93 south. 23 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now little cool, cloudy out there right now, but showers are making their way in. >> shiri: you can see the showers off to the west right now and a lot of them kind of -- just kind of lose their steam as they shift toward us. rain totals are really not that impressive from nothing to 10th of an inch. boston probably makes it out with a couple of traces and maybe .010 of an inch. so this is where it is right
5:17 am
over new york, even into parts of vermont right now. it is very slow moving. it is encountering drier air in new england right now and it is going to be a little unimpressive, if you will, as it moves toward us. alove the rain shifting to the north. a lot of it to the out. we are kind of in the middle with spot showers. by late morning, that chance is going to arrive especially out toward central massachusetts, southwestern new hampshire, even the tail end of the morning commute here at risk of seeing one or two sprinkles boston should stay dry throughout morning and during the afternoon. we get here and there speckled showers on the map. this not a washout by any means, but 5 p.m., you can see several wet roadways out there and during the evening hours 8 p.m. with all of that evening rain focused across the south shore, the cape and islands and when it turns deadyest. that's where we will get most of our rain reports coming in. by this time well out of
5:18 am
36 in plymouth and going to be a warmer location today. 36. we are seeing clouds start to fill in right now and you will probably catch a little sunshine as the sun comes up this morning. what you see at 9 a.m. with temperatures in the lower 50s. lower 60s for highs there this afternoon and compare that with keene, new hampshire at 30 right now. look where temperatures are headed into the lower 50s. it is a good 10 degrees cooler this afternoon. more clouds around. little better chance you will ethose morning showers. evening showers. this afternoon i have temperatures climbing to about 60 in boston, framingham, 61. 62 in plymouth and 65 in new bedford. the north shore into southern new hampshire and worcester hills getting stuck in the mid-50s. 30s developing overnight. don't worry we will hit those when the rain is long gone. you wake up tomorrow morning, those are your tarting temperatures and for the afternoon highs in the low and mid-50s which is actually quite
5:19 am
and scattered clouds. we will tend to see that cloud cover lighten up as we travel through the day tomorrow. 58 today. 54 tomorrow with partly sunny skies. a little breeze and winds gusting around 20 miles per hour. and we are going to get a period of clouds coming through with a dry cold front. i don't expect it will bring us much in the way of any sprinkle so keeping the rain chances very, very low. 57 degree your high and check out how much cooler for the weekend with lows in the 20s and 30s. your high on saturday a measly 46% 46 degrees. it will run nice and bright and the wind on top of that, wind chills in the 30s all day long. sunday not looking bad. it will be a little bit warmer. 50s make it back to town and 55 in boston. 54 in nashua. 53 in plymouth. we will average out -- mid-50s on sunday. monday as well keeping things nice and dry at 56 degrees. and 57 for tuesday. back to you, guys. all right, so enotions ran high last night. we saw everything from cheers
5:20 am
businesses and cars. coming up next, the protest
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this morning, donald trump has secured the white house. hillary clinton conceded the race around 2:45 this morning after it became clear that trump would reach the number of electoral votes he needed. trump's victory defied the odds scoring key victories in battleground states that polls showed were leaning toward hillary clinton. >> reaction were immediate from boston, we saw cheers and even tears as donald trump took the white house. fox25's daniel miller joins us now with some reaction. >> daniel: yeah, sara, we knew emotions would be running high, as the results came in, things boiled over. [cheering] >> daniel: the win came early and often for trump supporters even in key battleground states like ohio. trump took an early lead and never gave up. he ended up winning that state by more than 8 points.
5:24 am
college, many students were in tears as the night dragged on and clear that she would not be the next president. before trump arrived at his campaign party, a crowd had already gathered outside the white house. things quickly got out of hand and trump and clinton supporters go the in several shouting matches of comments made on the campaign trail. after trump gave his victory speech, protesters stormed the streets of berkeley, california. you see this video here. broken shop windows. toppled trash toppled trash cans and smashed-up vehicles. one person was hit by a car and seriously hurt when the protesters headed out on a highway. while some protested, others looked to get out. so many people visited the canadian imfwraition web site that it crashed last night. and if you are thinking of moving to canada, don't pack up your stuff just yet, you need a permanent residency card before moving and those can take months to obtain. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. we are following some other news this morning as well.
5:25 am
chief will appear in court today on sexual assault charges. brian butler was arrested yesterday after a complaint was filed at salem district court. he has been placed on paid administrative leave as the district attorney investigates. chief mary butler released a statement on the department's facebook stage. regardless of who is involved, we must put our integrity and service to the public above all as it reflects on the solid reputation this department has worked so hard to build and maintain. a man is dead this morning avenue and mattapan. the unidentified victim was shot at least once in the upper body last night. they do not have a suspect or motive at this point. boston police are asking anyone with information to please give them a call. and chance of rain going up again today. not for everybody, so i have it kind of at a 40% chance of showers. the timeline on that with showers. the timeline on that with futurecast just minutes away and trump wasn't the only big winner last night.
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complete new england news coverage continues right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation, i say it is as one united people. >> sara: now at 5:30, donald trump will be america's next president. now we are waiting to hear from hillary clinton as she prepares to address her supporters. hours after the polls closed and the new hampshire senate race, still too close to call. we will take you live to new hampshire where kelly axwrot and maggie hassan are separated by 1500 votes.
5:30 am
and we continue to update the election results all throughout the morning, but first cooler weather today. >> gene: we had a cooler day yesterday. shiri spear storm tracker weather center. talking about the cool spots again this morning. >> shiri: a cup of foggy spots. nantucket, the vineyard we are seeing fog. up to the cape as well. i have to say visibility has improved in the last hour. not a huge concern of mine but something you will find out there. temperatures starting out in the 30s in bourne and 41 in marshfield and 32 in tune. closer to boston 49 degrees. 38 in newbury right now. 36 in natick. and 34 in norton. obviously the cool spots. the nice thing with these 40s 350bds in central mass and southern new hampshire, it is dry for all of you as my graphics disappear there. i will take you out to hear that hour-by-hour forecast not just for boston that you see right there but area wide. send you over to julie with live drive time traffic and a
5:31 am
>> julie: train 750, the 6:25 inbound has been cancelled because of a mechanical issue, so they are advising passengers to consider using local mbta buses. roads still nice and light as far as volume is concerned on route 1 and 93 south no issues on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 24 minutes on pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 10 minutes on the expressway. 22 minutes on 128 southbound from back to you. well, donald trump now pushing to bring america together after he is elected president of the united states. and word of the win finally came down at around 3:00 this morning not long after hillary clinton's campaign manager said to her supporters that they would wait until the morning. >> gene: within an hour clinton was conceding to trump and trump was claiming victory.
5:32 am
a message from vladimir putin. good morning, chris. >> reporter: yeah, guys, good morning, putin among several world leaders to reach out to donald trump to congratulate him on his victory. putin sending a telegram congratulating him and expressing confidence that the two countries can unite and work together. during the campaign, critics said trump was too close to russia and putin actually preferred trump as his candidate. well, at the hilton hotel early this morning around 3:00, donald trump arriving to a thunder supporters. he said he will be the president of all americans after he swept to victory in a historic upset. trump with no previous political experience defied the predictions in one key battleground state to capture the white house. he broke through the democrat's blue wall and making history, florida and north carolina both toss-ups, broke its way early on and then he won ohio. then won the key battleground states of wisconsin and
5:33 am
and after a divisive election, trump urging the country to come together and unite. >> while the campaign is over, our work on this movement is now really just beginning. we have a great economic plan. we will double our growth and have the strongest economy anywhere in the world. at the same time, we will get along with all other nations willing we will be. we will have great relationships. we expect to have great, great relationships. >> well, trump said hillary clinton did call to concede and he commended her on her service to america. now this call came only an hour after her campaign director told her crowd of supporters to go home, get some sleep, because they were still counting each and every vote. clinton did not give a
5:34 am
we have also learned that president obama has reached out to donald trump congratulating him on his victory. cnn reporting the two will meet thursday at the white house. we are live in manhattan, chris flanagan, fox25 news. meanwhile, new hampshire senate race still hangs in the balance this morning. kelly ayotte and maggie hassan say they are waiting for all the votes to be counted. fox25's michael henrich is in new hampshire this morning. michael, too close to call at this time of the morning. >> reporter: it is too close to ca and in fact because of the vote margins that we are talking about, we could be looking at a recount in that senate race. inside the red arrow diner here in manchester. it is open 24-7. and we are expecting to hear some divided reaction to the election results this morning because the vote was so closely divided. really all of the major races at the very least on the presidential side and the senate side. one person as we were just
5:35 am
america great again red donald trump hat, this is what she had to say after a long day helping out with the campaign. >> it's very surreal. i have been up since 6:00 or 7:00 this morning, been going straight and kind of celebrating. i will never forget where i was when we found out that he won. >> reporter: so, again, the senate race is too close to call at 90 some odd percent of precincts reporting and senator kelly ayotte has a small, 100 or so vote lead over democratic challenger governor maggie hassan. we will continue to watch it throughout the morning as the votes continue to be counted and we will continue to get you some reaction from the red arrow diner as well. live in manchester, new hampshire, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> gene: despite the close race in new hampshire, the republicans able to control
5:36 am
jackie fell live in washington d.c. this morning. and jackie, democrats hoped to take the united states senate, but that was shattered. >> reporter: that's right, gene. republicans are going to remain in control for at least the next two years. gop candidates won some of most hotly contested senate races including the most expensive race in pennsylvania, but as well as florida and ohio. new hampshire at this point is too close to call. there actually could be a recount there. for the republican pr democrats are going to have a challenge stopping some of the gop legislative priorities. they include overturning the affordable care act and, of course, president-elect donald trump will nominate a different supreme court justice. what senate minority leader harry reid said about donald trump's win. >> our government is built on a system of checks and balances, and i promise you this, i will
5:37 am
>> reporter: democrats picked up one republican taet tammy duckworth defeated mark kirk in illinois. democrats needed five seats to take control of the senate. democrats picked up seven seats in the house; however, nowhere near enough to maintain or take over or to have a majority. reporting live in washington, jacqueline fell, fox25 news. everett be noisy. be silent. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. espressos, and donuts. whoa, this is awful, try it. oh no, that looks gross what is that? you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna try it if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair. no thank you, i have a very sensitive palate. just try it!
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well, it is 5:39 this morning. we check traffic and weather together every ten minutes. >> sara: yes we do. with julie. the time of morning where things start to slow down. >> julie: starting to see things pick up a bit. 128 in woburn. reasonable drive time 22 minutes from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. as you are heading out the door as you are heading out the door, cool and crisp. shiri is tracking showers. >> shiri: i am. showers will hold off for the bus stop kids. right now 35 degrees that the kids, parents are headed out. 6 a.m. 36 degrees and we are knocking down the door at 40 degrees by 7 a.m., and although clouds are coming into play, we will have to wait a little bit longer for those rain showers. complete timeline coming up in 10 minutes. gene, back to you. donald trump's clear victory last night was a surprise to pollsters and
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
we are back at 5:43 this morning. if you are just waking up, morning victory in the presidential election. at one point hillary clinton's campaign manager said they will wait until later this morning for more votes to come in, but around 3:00 this morning, clinton called donald trump to concede and trump made his victory speech. fox25's chris flanagan live in new york city this morning. chris, this really was a wild finish to the race. there you are. >> reporter: yes, it certainly was. the swing states early on really were going his way.
5:44 am
then won ohio. and the big ones, of course, after that when he won wisconsin and pennsylvania. those two states, they hadn't voted for a republican president since the 19 80s. getting those swing states momentum through the blue wall, through the rust belt, the upper midwest carrying donald trump in the must-win states and he got them and then it looked like we might not know there was of a definitive winner late last night because clinton told her called donald trump and conceded the race handing him the victory where he was -- he will become the 45th president of the united states, gene. >> gene: trump came out and seemed to be extending a bit of on olive branch in that speech. >> reporter: yeah, he did. he really talked about and really expressed -- talked about bringing the country together and uniting and healing somewhat. you know he was criticized so much for his rhetoric
5:45 am
throughout the last 18 months characterized by opponents as divisive and also racist but he says he wants to bring the country together and he pledged -- this is what he said, he said i will be the president for all americans, and that is important to him. so donald trump, yes, trying to reach out and unite the country now. >> gene: chris flanagan live for us in new york city. chris, we will be checking bang with you throughout the morning. trump's running mate bursting with excitement. vice president mike pence called link night historic as he introduced his newly elected running mate but not without first sharing out the results of the vote made him feel. >> i am deeply grateful to the american people for placing their confidence in this team and giving us this opportunity to serve. >> gene: pence continued showing his thanks minglinging with his supporters as the crowd you made its way out of the republican candidate's headquarters.
5:46 am
the balance. the granite state has not been called for trump or clinton and too close to call for senator kelly ayotte and maggie hassan for u.s. senate. tide percentage wide with kelly ayotte a few hundred votes ahead, 1500 at this stage. we will keep a close eye on that for you throughout the rest of the morning. sara. >> sara: nrrt, gene. here in the bay state the ballot questions were hotly debated, when the cast, the only close race was the marijuana question. jessica reyes is live at south fox25 with results good morning, jess. >> reporter: the pot question was the most polarizing and we heard much about this. but in the end, voters in the bay state said yes making pot legal for recreational use. as of december 15, if you were 21 and older and you feel like going home and smoking a joint, that is okay.
5:47 am
now january 2018, they will actually be able to head out to the store and buy it. medicinal marijuana is illegal since 2008, but this is obviously taking a big step forward in that direction making it legal for everyone. the numbers here, 53% voted yes and 47% voted against question 4. supporters compared it to legalizing alcohol, but those agains walsh and governor charlie baker held that will lead to more addiction problems here in the bay state on top of the opioid addiction issues we are dealing with here. as for the other ballot question, question one, the gaming question. that was voted down meaning another slots parlor will not be coming here to the bay state. and question two, another hotly debated one the one about charter schools and it was voted down by a pretty wide margin.
5:48 am
schools in the state by a dozen a year. and question 3, that was the one that dealt with conditions for farm animals. that passed by an enormous margin. 78 to 22%. as of january 2022, farm animals have room to stand up and turn around and prevent businesses from selling products that don't meet those standards. a lot of changes and things to take in here in massachusetts especially that pot question and the one on charter schools that a l o couple of months. but also a stunning victory for donald trump last night. hillary clinton won the bay state. we are going to be talking with people here at station about the trump victory as soon as they start getting here and we will bring you that reaction over the next cup of hours. live in boston, jessica reyes, fox25 news. well, soon be another casino right at the massachusetts border. rhode island voters passed a state bill that will allow a hotel and casino to be built in
5:49 am
massachusetts border. another vote was held in tiverton to approve the plan. officially it passed, but the margin was close and election officials haven't counted all of the absentee ballots yet. casino will have slots and table games and is expected to open in 2018, a full year before the wynn casino in everett is expected to open. and 5:49 now on this wednesday morning. and if you are just waking up and going to head outside soon, you will need a couple of extra sweaters. some spots too? >> shiri: the umbrellas will be packed and not coming out until the afternoon and you will want that for obviously coming home from work later on today. good idea. and galoshes. >> gene: thank you for making the contribution. you. >> shiri: few showers. not everybody gets them. a few spotty stuff. many of you stay dry. a dry end to the week and headed into the weekend. we have very limit rain chances out there and we will cool down big time for the weekend.
5:50 am
are looking at as it tracks how that new york and will make its way eastward into massachusetts, but a lot of the showers simply drying up instead of progressing further east and this will be a pattern that i expect to continue. to that means at 7:00 this morning a lot of 30s and 40s on the map. mostly cloudy skies. but also still looking dry. don't be surprised if you see a couple of breaks in the cloud cover early this morning. otherwise the day shapes up to be overcast, pretty cloudy at noonti by late morning central mass and southern new hampshire, watch out for drizzle and noontime in boston, i wouldn't be surprised if we had a stray shower getting to you. the afternoon a better chance of here and there hours across massachusetts. slight risk into southern new hampshire, in particular along the seacoast. 5 p.m., counting on 50s. counting on damp roadways. again not everybody, but then during the evening, all the showers staying south of boston and southeastern massachusetts , that actually gets the
5:51 am
the day. so our highest rain totals will come out of those communities. the warmest because you tap into dry conditions a little longer. and 60s in out eastern mass, boston, beverly, bedford, all up around 60 degrees. 56 today in worcester. 59 in nashua, new hampshire. low temperatures tonight will drop back into the 30s. we will hit those temps as the sun comes up tomorrow morning. start in the 30s and get back in the low to mid-50s in the afternoon. a nice little turnaround typical for you in members. the temperature i expect. average high is 54 degrees. that is where we are tomorrow. a blitz of a warm-up friday and a cold front into the weekend will cool things down again. as the cool front comes through on friday, i do not see very much rain attached to it. no more than a spot sprinkle here on your friday into the week. well, here, you can see that cold front comes through and will drive through a period of time not much in the way of rain. winds picking up and continuing
5:52 am
and bright and mostly sunny on sunday at 54. a decent weekend warm-up. send you over to julie grauert and out of boston. >> julie: south of boston where things are moving along pretty good. nice and quiet from 228 in rockland past route 18 and up to the split. 24, 95 are clear. we actually have a new accident that popped up on 128 past route 1. on the expressway, not seeing major within the next 20 to 30 minutes it starts to slow down. 11 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the split. 17 minutes on 24. 13 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to columbia road. back to you. checking some of our other top stories this mo morning a lowell father is facing charges accused of shaking his 3-month-old baby girl so hard she now has head trauma. anthony mazelil i was arraigned
5:53 am
took her under her armpits, held her upside down and shook her. the child has brain injuries and now having seizures. a man hit by a car 1 sent to the hospital with serious injuries. skyfox flew over the scene on norfolk street just before 4:00. the windshield is smashed on the passenger side. the victim lives in the neighborhood and the driver stopped. the coast guard is leading the each for a man missing the dmrous er officials tell fox25 that the man was fishing from the rocks at chasm park before 3:00 yesterday when a wave swept him out to sea. another man was also with us but managed to get back on shore. the victim is a man in his 30s from the boston area. the water temperature in gloucester harbor is in the low 50s. back too election coverage. a look at some of the congressional races in massachusetts. no surprises here. democrats holding their seats
5:54 am
and steven linch an easy win district 9, bill keating won with 56% of the vote. new this morning, fox news releasing new exit poll numbers about the presidential election and it breaks down voters by race, gender and issues most important to them. fox25's daniel miller joins us with the results, and some of these aren't what many expected. >> daniel: the fox news poll numbers show a large and wide margin of support for donald trump. take a look at the numbers. regarding race, 58% of white supporters supported trump. 37% for clinton. 8% of black voters supported trump. 88% for clinton. now here is a look at the hispanic, latino vote. that would be closely watched and hillary did double up trump and he managed 29%. hillary clinton is running to be the first woman president and women voters were going to be a key factor. hillary did win women overall,
5:55 am
the same margin as you can see here. when you break it down by race and gender. trump did very well with white women voters taking nearly 60%; however, nonwhite women voters broke heavily for clinton 74% to 21%. a look at the exit pole on the big -- poll on the big i shallers. donald trump did well on voters with immigration and terrorism were the most important issues in this race. doubled clinton's support on the immigration issue. on immigration, 6 and foreign policy side, clinton was favored. obviously her time as secretary of state swayed some voter. 60% of the rote on the foreign policy issues. much more on the breakdown all morning and really the down at this counts is 274. that's how many electoral votes donald trump has right now. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. now 5:55 in morning. the nation has spoken and donald trump will be our next
5:56 am
york where the party stretched into the early morning hours at trump's campaign headquarters. we are already seeing the
5:57 am
ready to head out when others head home.
5:58 am
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president-elect of the united states. >> sara: the tense race for the white house ended with a speech that wrapped up less than two hours ago. >> no dream is too big, no challenge is too great. nothing that we want for our future is beyond our reach. america will no longer settle for anything less than the best. [cheering] >> sara: the late-night message trump had for his supporters and those who did not vote for him contentious race for senate in new hampshire is too close to call. both candidates heading to bed waiting for all the votes to be counted. fox25 election coverage continues wednesday morning, november 9. hope you were with us, live and local until 2:00 this morning and came in at 3:00 when donald trump gave his victory speech. we appreciate you being with us right now. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. definitely a very busy night
6:00 am
of this in just a moment. but first let's check on the weather. meteorologist shiri spear in the stormtracker weather center. shiri, saying goodbye to the 60s and hello rain. >> shiri: there that rain over new york state. sliding into areas like vermont. not holding together very well. by the time it reaches us, we will be a little bit of patchy rain likely during the afternoon hours, and you can see the clouds are really beefing up. 49 degrees in boston. 40 in lawrence and 30s on the nashua, new hampshire. 45 degrees in chatham and 30s and 40s will be the general rule as you head out to to work or school this morning. worcester -- take you out to worcester because one of the areas. and i can actually see sprinkles moving in say after 8 or 9:00 this morning. 10 a.m., the risk for a cup of rain drops. this risk will continue into the early afternoon with highs in the middle 50s. i will time out the showers for but julie grauert is up with


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