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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: now at o'clock, we continue to follow breaking news out of billerica. a large police presence outside of a house on rogers street. we will take you there live as we work to uncover the latest on the investigation. >> sara: plus we areing will following violent protest out west. the latest from rt police try to clear the streets. >> gene: and a baby is dead in marlborough. police are trying to figure out why. what neighbors are telling us about the child and the two adults that were taken from the home to the hospital. good morning, everybody, 6:00 on this friday morning, november 11, it is veterans day indeed. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. the veterans day forecast looks very nice for those local erents, activities, parades. meteorologist shiri spear in the storm tracker weather
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it is winds that will start to develop today. we have some clouds that will be spilling into the area. no rain or snow for us locally. it is too dry, guys. starting off genuinely clear. 44 in worcester. and upper 40s in plymouth. 50s for the cape and island. boston currently at 47. hour-by-hour forecast for lowell but will apply to most of you out there. 8 a.m.em by 10 a.m. late morning into the afternoon. we do get the clouds thickening up here. it turns partly cloudy and we have temperatures in the mid-50s perhaps and then temperatures start to go down here for your afternoon plans back in the upper 40s by 4:00. we are adding wind on top of that and the discovering of some of the wind chills. how strong the winds are getting and how long they will last. julie grauert is up now with live drive-time traffic.
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of this water main break on cambridge street near city hall. working to fix it. make sure the road is open when the morning commute kicks off which is closer to 6:30. needham line service suspended today through sunday while they do some construction work. out to our maps where a lot of green out there. kids out of school today. it is veterans day. so i am expecting a relatively light commute. should anything change, i will be sure to let you know. dr pike eastbound. 9 minutes on the expressway. 22 minutes on 128 south. back to you. we are monitoring breaking news billerica. police have set up a crime scene bay based on an investigation there. michael henrich is working to get an update from police. michael? >> reporter: so far police only confirming that some sort of incident happened on roger street. we are standing on the corner of call street where they
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detouring it through the neighborhood. and the police cars that were present in our last live report a half hour ago are not here anymore, but still a handful of police vehicles, the crime scene tape remains around this house. if you look at some of our video from late last night, you will see some of the response closer to when this call initially came out at 9:45. you may notice we are not telling you what kind of incident this is because we are still working to find that out. officers on scene not able answer questions just yet. we called the billerica police department as well, and a representative at the station told our news station that more details would be released on monday in lowell district court. of course we are working and hoping to get you more info this morning about what took place, and as soon as we do, we will have it for you on the fox25 morning news. for now live in billerica.
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violence riots breaking out amid the protests of donald trump. thousands smashed windows, threw trash cans and blocked his in portland, oregon. >> police in portland say the third night of protest and they had been peaceful until now. daniel miller joins us and police say they dodged project aisles that were being thrown at them. >> daniel: portland, oregon police tweeted that they have arrested 29 people after these riots on the streets. thousands of people marching and president-elect donald trump and then it suddenly turned violent. the crowd was marching toward the toyota dealership when protesters started throw things at cars in the parking lot. windows shattered a string of violence and vandalism where people are seen throwing objects at police. at one point protesters made it on several different roads and blocked cars from passing. one woman was trying drive past
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her windshield. other threats as well. this was the scene in los angeles where they worked to march on to the expressway. according to tv stations out there, people were arrested for not leaving the protest when being told to. last night donald trump broke his silence. he tweeted just had a very open and successful presidential election. now professional protesters incited by the media are protesting. that tweet was sent out before the violence broke out in portland or the arrests were made in los angeles. we will keep you updated on the president-elect if he responds to these development overnight. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. president obama and donald trump met face to face and both sides say the meeting went well. in stark contrast what we saw days ago when president obama said that trump was unfit for the white house. but both sides new at behind
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come together. >> we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed. if you succeed then the country succeeds. >> i very much look forward dealing with the president in the future. >> sara: away from the cameras first lady michelle obama and melania trump met. the death of a baby inside a home. led to the baby's death that sent two other people to the hospital. our jessica reyes is live in marlborough where this scene unfolded, jess? >> reporter: sara, police found a horrifying scene inside this house across the street here around noon yesterday. two adults and that infant unconscious inside, and police do say that baby was later pronounced dead at the hospital. >> i can't make anything out.
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a this home in marlborough. police called here around noon to find two adults and a baby unresponsive. >> i don't understand what happened at all. >> reporter: the middlesex da is not saying a whole lot what may have happened here only that the two adults, a 23-year-old man and a 19-year-old woman are being treated at the hospital. the globe is reporting a young woman around that age was cautious and awake as she was pushed from a home on a chair in handcuffs. the woman was at marlborough high school. >> she is quiet and to herself. i didn't know the whole story but i thought they were a family. >> a boyfriend and girlfriend from what i understand. a cup of different young women that lived in there. like a grandmother, a mother and a younger mother, i do believe. >> reporter: nicole lives a few houses down, stunned to hear what happened on her street. >> they only say hi when they
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they always seemed very nice. very simple. >> reporter: the middlesex da says this morning of course an investigation is now under way but still so many questions about this. of course, how that baby died, why those two adults were unresponsive. we are working to bring you those answers this morning and, of course, a will keep you posted over the next couple of hours. live in marlborough, jessica reyes. police in bourne are working to find the man that walked to her school bus stop. it happened near pure tan. someone attacked the 14-year-old from behind. >> choked her, put her to the ground, put his hands, like, under her stomach and no way for her to, like, defend herself. >> gene: the man took off when a woman saw what was happening and ran to help. the suspect is a white man of medium height in his 20s and 30s driving an older model
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a high-speed police chase ended in a cul-de-sac. it all started in connecticut when a man and woman stole a car and then flagged down a car for help, stabbed the two women inside and took off in the second stolen car. police continue to chase them into massachusetts. the suspects sideswiped a couple of cars in worcester and crashed into a woman's driveway where state police caught them. >> pretty carry. i was shaking. and there too. >> i showed up over here. i could see all the police cars, show up here. >> the suspects were arrested. they will be arraigned in dudley district court on monday. connecticut state police tell us that both stabbing victims will be okay. this morning the coast guard has suspended its search for three missing boaters from new bedford. the fishermen left sandwich and headed to provincetown on tuesday and never returned.
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miles and never turned up a sign of the fishermen or the boat. the second victim of a violent break-in have died. joanna fisher died at the hospital. last month fisher and her 95-year-old husband thomas hardy were attacked inside their orange home. hardy died in the attack. fisher was found seriously further. a couple is facing charges in the home invasion and hardy's death. the pair was arrested days after the attack in virginia. the worcester telegram cause of death. not clear if that could bring a second murder charge. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. good morning, everyone. right now 93 south right around 20 minutes. a little faster than usual, but kids out of school for veterans day, so i am hoping for a lighter commute. shiri. i have winds sustained 10 to 15 miles per hour up and down the coastline. stronger in provinceup to. winds gusting into the 30-mile-per-hour range this afternoon.
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and we will tell you what that means for uncomfortable whims when i am back with you in less than 10. we are looking at the aftermath of the pulse night club shooting. video of police with guns drown entering the club after the deadly shooting. the investigation continues as a bus driver hit a parked car and continued on. what the passengers on that bus did. we are staying on top of two breaking stories this morning. first in portland, oregon where late-night protests over the early this morning. 29 people have been arrested. closer to home, police investigating a house in be noisy. be silent. be near. be far.
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dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. ich made for bacon lovers. america runs on dunkin'. ich made for bacon lovers. a mbta bus driver is under the microscope this morning after hitting a parked car in melrose with his bus and taking
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was acting strange. police pulled the bus over. catherine. >> reporter: they pulled the bus over on this area in main street. the driver will be summoned to court at a later date leaving the scene of an accident with property damage. police say this all started around 5:45 last night and actually started in melrose, the route 131 bus was driving on west wyoming ave when it a parked car. the bus driver continued on with the route. mbta police say there were 12 passengers on the bus and many called 911. state police caught up with the bus and stayed with transit police until police arrived. fortunately no one was injured. the mbta describes the damage to the parked car as being minor. one thing they are investigating whether the bus driver may have been under the influence of some sort of prescription drug. he has not been charged with
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in stoneham, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. we are learning more details of a rollover crash in 495 south in marlborough. one person was seriously hurt and air-lifted to the hospital after the crash. it happened at 9:30. it should down two lanes of the highway. a woman was behind the wheel, and now has life-threatening injuries we are told. police are still investigating the cause of the crash. good morning, everyone, we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. take you back out to the live pictures of a water main break. cambri cambridge street near city hall. skyfox on the way to the scene. you can see part of the road is open. there is no traffic moving along it right now but a part of cambridge street it closed while crews work to clean that up. want to remind you needham line service suspended today through sunday while they do work on the tracks. over to our map, things still bright green out there. about 15 minutes out from the time when things start to slow
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live drive times 237 minutes on pike eastbound. single digits on the expressway. 22 minutes from 128 from peace body to the weston tolls. shiri spear joining us now. temperatures will be dropping during the veterans day parade. so bundle up. >> the meteor showers. if you get out there tough to see them because it is getting lighter out there, but again tomorrow morning if you go out before dawn, a few not more active meteor showers but kind of cool. 47 in boston and norwood. 48 in plymouth. and let's head out -- to worcester right now. it is nice and clear and we start off with a little bit of wind so it still feels like its in the 30s and gusty conditions really taking hold once we hit late morning and into the afternoon. notice temperatures only by 10 a.m. up to 51. and we start going back down in the worcester their qula. we have a little bit of cloud cover that mixes in for the middle of the day, but all
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on tap. there you can see that little bit of cloud cover. this is as our front comes through. it will be too dry to squeeze out any rain or snow, and then during the afternoon. the focus of that patchy cloud cover over southeastern mass. you know what, it is out -- and clear skies to end the day here. we have temperatures this afternoon at about 58 in plymouth. 60 in new bedford. that is some of the warmer spots because the front takes longer to get to you folks. boston at about 56. hampshire. the days and high also only make it into the lower 50s. you can see the same thing in worcester. as that front comes through a little earlier it kind of stunts your potential warm-up. overnight 20s on the map and 20s with that increasing wind is going to boil down to wind chills and uncomfortable start to the weekend. upper 40s, perhaps 50s. we trade in those cooler temperatures for warmer weather on sunday, but the potential
6:19 am
and as you wake is up for wind chills in the teens and 20s. you will want to check in back with jason brewer because he will have exactly those numbers. it will be pretty raw out there. mostly sunny on saturday. a couple of clouds pass it through and those linger into your sunday morning. sunday -- you have the mild temperatures. if you have a choice between saturday and sunday for your outdoor plans. i will say hey, go with sunday. a little less wind and warmer out there with upper 50s. chilly mornings both days during we wake up to 32 degrees on monday with a high of 60. moneying mostly sunny still. and rain here late tuesday through wednesday into thursday morning. we are fine-tuning the best chance of rain in that time period. but middle of the week is looking wet. back over to you, gene. >> gene: 6:19. comments about the election has landed a postal worker in some trouble. coming up, why the postal
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the community of cannonsburg, pennsylvania is in mourning after one of their police officers was killed and another injured in an ambush-style attack.
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killed while responding to a domestic violence call. his partner was shot in the stomach and he is still recovering in the hospital. >> a quiet little town. we don't have a whole lot of trouble here. and when something comes up, you know, we unite together as one. >> sara: officials found the suspect michael slinski dead in his house. he shot his pregnant wife before turning the gun on killing new body camera video reveal more information about what happened in the aftermath of the pulse night club shooting. in the video, authorities are seen entering the scene of the worst mass shooting in u.s. history with guns drawn wearing lay it text gloves to protect them from the blood platter. victims' cell phones can be heard in the background as loved ones tried to reach them. back in june when a shooter killed 49 people and wounded more than 50 others when he
6:24 am
the loss of an icon. ? hallelujah ?. >> gene: legendary singer, songwriter and poet leonard cohen has died. a post on his facebook but details are unclear. he is best known for hits "hallelujah" and "bird on a wire." he toured earlier this year and released a new album last month. he was 82 years old. macy plans to bring back donald trump's clothing line. the retailer stopped selling the line last year after trump made remarks about mexican immigrants being rapists and criminals. the company said they are not trying to make a political statement. macy's ceo told cnbc they wouldn't carry any product supporting a prominent politician even if hillary clinton had a line of pantsuits. with just two weeks until black friday. retail giants are giving shoppers a sneak peek at their
6:25 am
put out their early ads. the best deals on high-tech xwuing ipads and x boxes and all have plans to open up on thanksgiving day. that won't happen here in massachusetts though. blue laws prohibit stores from opening in the bay state on thanksgiving. one chicago cubs fan took his love to a whole new level. the guy has a lot on his head. he has the marquee outside wrigley stadium tattooed on his head. cover that up with a lat or very thick hair. he had the tattoo done two days ever the cubs won the world series. in case you are wondering how long does it take to do this. it took about three hours to complete. a great story behind this photo of hillary clinton and one of her supporters. a woman by the name of mar fwshtion ot was so heartbroken by the election results she decided to take her daughter for a hike and clear her minds. walking the woods in chappaqua and hillary clinton and bill
6:26 am
clinton were walking their dogs. she got to hug clinton and explain that her proudest moment as a mother was getting to take her daughter to the polls and rote for the former secretary of state. >> she was very gracious and she hugged me, and she couldn't have been any nicer. she was very warm and asked me about my daughter obviously. nothing too serious, you know. she was -- she was taking a nice peaceful hike through the woods. i don't think she wanted to talk serious politics. >> gene: bill clinton took th services was there. her post has more than 300,000 likes on her facebook and shared more than 8500 times. >> shiri: very cool stuff. veterans day parade at 1 p.m. in boston. and cloudy and cool conditions. cool in the lower 50s. boylston and charles street. i will take you hour by hour through the weekend coming up next. and massachusetts isn't the only new england state to approve recreational marijuana.
6:27 am
over just days after the link. a massachusetts state trooper was drunk when he was involved in a deadly crash that
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complete new england news coverage continues right now, this is the fox25 morning news. billerica police in and out of a home scene tape surrounds the property. what we are learning from the scene this morning. police say this man went to a couple's home with a backpack full of weapons and claimed to be an fbi agent. coming up, why investigators say he may have selected his victim. and protesters in boston target a local bank painting the doors shut. how this could help a construction project a thousand miles away. good morning, everybody, it
6:31 am
thank you so much for joining us. and a nice, clear start to get your day started. >> absolutely. meteorologist shiri spear says we have some clouds. a lot of wind in that forecast as well. >> yeah, the winds not terribly bad right now. winds gusting 26 miles per hour in province town. 17 miles per hour on the vineyard and keeping a close eye because late morning and afternoon they substantially increase. we have temperatures starting out in the 50s for the cape. upper 40s for the south shore and into boston. 46 in woburn. 45 in natick. worcester waking up to 44 degrees. new ipswich, new hampshire at 46 degrees. 40s and 50s now. your day planner for the boston area has temperature around 50 degrees by 8 a.m. nice clear skies. by noontime, 56 degrees. a cup of those passing clouds westerly mentioning. no rain but it does come with wind. so your winds gusting 30 miles per hour here at 3:00 in afternoon. nice clear skies. the winds, though, going to
6:32 am
wind chills tonight and for the weekend. julie grauert is up now with live drive time traffic. take us out there. >> julie: shiri, live over that water main break we have been report can on. cambridge near city hall. crews are working to clean. you. all in the middle of your screen. you can see the water main break and the impact it is happening. streets closed in that area. mbta operating on a regular weekday schedule today. however on the commuter rail, needham line is closed from things looking very nice on the roads. kids out of school for vit rans day. overall volume is light. life drives time. 9 minutes on the expressway. 23 minutes on 93 south. 11 minutes on 128 northbound from westwood to the weston tolls. back to you. updating breaking news now. police officers spending hours at a home overnight. the question this morning is what happened at that home to spark this investigation. michael henrich is in billerica this morning.
6:33 am
saying in the past 20 minutes that police started to take down this crime scene tape. >> reporter: they took down the crime scene tape and they are now completely cleared this scene here at rogers and call street. if you look at the video from late last night, you can see quite the response to this home started at around 9:45 p.m. the exact nature of this incident haven't been released by billerica police just yet. all we know is that they responded here for quite some 8 and a half hours throughout the night in all. billerica police at their department. a representative said that they will release more information and have more information at lowell district court on monday. with that said, we are working throughout the morning to bring you the latest on this. and about bring you the updates as soon as we get it. we continue to following breaking news.
6:34 am
election turned into riot. police ordering the protesters to disperse and using tear gas and rubber bullets to break up the crowd. they were forced to step in after they started vandalizing cars and throwing objects to police. things have started to calm down. police originally made it 29 people were arrested but corrected that number to 26. we are keeping an eye on donald trump's twitter account and within the last 15 minutes, love the fact that small groups of protesters have passion our great country. we will all come together and be proud. u.s. postal service looking into a report that a worker in cambridge shouted donald trump-inspired racist insults at a hispanic man. another person reported the incident after witnessing it at a gas station wednesday. the man heard the worker yell, quote "go back to your country." "this is trump land, you ain't getting your check no more" end quote. the customer service manager in cambridge is investigating.
6:35 am
crash with a drunk off-duty state trooper said justice was not done. that trooper john vasler was charged with drunk and recognizements driving but not found at fault for the crash that killed susan markey and her daughter, juliet, because state police say both cars crossed the yellow line that night. susan's brother spoke only to fox25 about the sentencing. >> we just wanted to see ju we don't have any revengeful feelings to him. if there is any pain right now, it is with the justice system. >> julie: the judge in the case say vasler contributed to the death of susan and juliet and he did not cause the accident and that in legal terms is called casualty and it what got him off the hook for manslaughter and homicide charges. protesters blocked the entrance of a busy bank.
6:36 am
away in handcuffs. they were there to protest the dakota access pipeline and say they chose that bank for a reason. >> td bank is extending the credit line to the da duh! cota access pipeline, the company which is critical to the destruction of that pipeline, and we say no. >> sara: the proposed pipeline from environmental groups a political fight caught on camera at a local campus. coming up, the video that got two babson college students kicked out of their fraternity
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. back at 6:39 on this friday it is veterans day. we will check traffic and weather together, and we do it every ten minutes. >> sara: things are wide open on the expressway. >> julie: take it in and enjoy it. usually bumper-to-bumper at least in the northbound lanes past the gas tank on the expressway. a 10-minute drive time. that can only mean one thing, a holiday. if anything does happen, i will be sure to let you know. shiri, nice on the roads. weather, clear for us. >> shiri: for the six of you
6:40 am
skies. 47 degrees. and 48 at 7 a.m. and by 8:00, back up to 50. and the warm-up will be a little slow this morning and we have fairly comfortable temperatures plus uncomfortable wind for the afternoon. i am actually going to break down some wind chills you should plan for the weekend and that will come up in just ten. gene? >> gene: this morning maine and other states are joining the list to recreational marijuana. it passed by a percentage point. the proposal will let anyone 21 and older in maine grow and sell marijuana. opponents already said they will be calling for a recount. it is being called a major step forward in paralysis research. scientists in switzerland were able to get paralyzed monkeys to walk again using transmitters in the head and spine. the monkey's brain was able to tell its leg to walk. white the leg movements were no
6:41 am
lek. could take decades before the technology is ready for use. doctors in maine hope to find out if a patient being treated at a portland hospital has a rare and deadly disease. this disease is called pron and effects the brains in humans and animals and can be spread by being exposed to nervous system tissues from other surgeries, the maine medical center suspended elective surgery. the sterilization of equipment and will resume surgeries and no other risk to patients. many are wondering if elizabeth warren will consider a run in 2020. coming up, what she had to day of her rumors and her talk with hillary clinton after the results came in. police say a man with a
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6:44 am
right now at 6:44, a live look at the city of boston now. checking temperatures, 44 in wakefield. 47 in framingham. likewise, 47 in sharon. things starting off nice and calm and the winds will pick up later. shiri is changes in five minutes. breaking news now, a police investigation is under way in billerica. the scene on rogers street where police were there for hours. investigators just took down crime scene tape in the past 30 minutes. our michael henrich is working to get an update. more than two dozen people are under arrest and all started peaceful protest
6:45 am
highway, smashing car windows and throwing trash cans. donald trump tweeted within the last 20 minutes he is happy the protester are so passionate and says everyone will come together. developing news in marlborough, a baby dies and two adults are taken to the hospital following some sort of incident in this home. we are talking to neighbors trying to get an update on what happened to that infant. that is coming up at the top of the hour. sara. a loaded handgun, ski mask and rop s had when he tried to talk his way into a home in arlington. fox25's ted daniel told the homeowner that the man worked for the fbi. >> reporter: in a 2012 facebook profile picture posted around halloween. leblanc appears to be dressed as a secret service agent, similar to the one minus a fbi and hardware. >> a pair of black leather
6:46 am
>> reporter: loaded .38-caliber. stun gun, knife. >> a ski mask, an open package of zip ties. >> reporter: duct tape and a gun holster. >> he knocked on their door and they had a right to be frightened. >> reporter: lived in the apartment above the one leblanc showed up unannounced. when the young people. i am mover. i don't ask to use the bathroom in people's homes and i am there all day. >> reporter: authorities s leblanc works as a senior loan officer at mit credit union and may have targeted the arlington home because the woman who lived there was a mit employee and a customer of mit credit union. police report finding sticky notes with the private information of four other mit customers including an arlington man that works for mit laboratories, a groton woman who works for the lab. a woburn woman who works for the lab and a carlisle man a professor at mit.
6:47 am
police officer including a loaded handgun, and we will work with our federal partnerer s to conduct an investigation to determine what his motives were. >> reporter: leblanc is being held without bail in. in court on thursday, his lawyer said he had no criminal record and suggested this could all be one big misunderstanding. reporting in arlington, ted daniel, fox25 news. a judge awarded $4 million in damages to a cambridge couple who claim girl. samir and nesk dique filed a lawsuit after their 1-year-old daughter died in their harvard square apartment. the murder charge against ashlyn brady mccarthy after a medical examiner changed the cause of death from homicide to undetermined. they know mccarthy doesn't have enough to pay up, but yesterday's ruling will keep
6:48 am
a woman facing weapons charges after a swat team searched her home. on monday the swat team found two loaded high-capacity guns and two stun guns. wareham police arrested a teen who lives in that home the same day. they say their investigation started after he posted about weapons on social media. well, today is veterans day, and many local businesses are doing their part to thank the men and women who fought for our country. today veterans can get fre admission or discounts at many boston museums, zoos, local restaurants. businesses are also offering their own discount. you can find a link to a full list of veterans day deals on our web site at and a beautiful day for veterans day. >> gene: weather will cooperate for all the activities that may be planned in your community. check them out and thank the veterans today. >> shiri: great for people going out to parades or activity.
6:49 am
the sprinkles and flurries. the chance couldn't be any lower. a front coming through with clouds. really wind that we will have to stay tuneded in. wind advisory, although windy for all of us, wind advisory for the cape. strongest winds sustained northwest. and 40 miles per hour. that is quite the breeze that we will have here this afternoon. dry air in place over new england, even as this front shifts toward us here. everything will dry out. you can see that the intensity of the rain and the snow over northern new england is kind of dwindling a bit. continue as you pull up that fox25 weather app and take a peak at the ray -- peek at the radar. 5-mile-per-hour winds. you put them together and it feels like it is in the lower 40s. so wind chill is something we will talk a lot about for the evening hours and date tomorrow. in boston, we do get clouds for the middle of the day, late morning into early afternoon partly cloudy and not overcast. temperatures getting into the middle 40s by late morning and
6:50 am
and by 4 p.m., highs early this afternoon 60 degrees in southeastern massachusetts versus 55 in bedford and fitchburg. 52 in nashua, new hampshire. hour by hour wind chills. there you go your friday night. wind chills dropping into the 20s and 30s by tomorrow morning. wind chills when you wake are up probably going to be in the teens. that is the most uncomfortable part of the weekend. highs tomorrow on the low side. saturday in the upper 40s in boston and concord, new hampshire. wo then the temperatures going up by almost 10 degrees here on sunday, so we will go with some upper 50s. mostly sunny through the weekend even though you are waking up to wind here tomorrow morning will diminish during the afternoon and partly cloudy on monday. a chance of showers with an ocean storm either late tuesday or wednesday where it is still working to fine tune those details right now. julie grauert is up with live drive-time traffic this
6:51 am
there? >> julie: looking very nice. it is veterans day. thank you for everyone who is serving and has served. right now the expressway, we aren't even red yet. as far as our coloring goes on our maps, we have bright red in our traffic flows. north of the pike, things are moving along fine route 1 and 93 south. we have this water main break. awfully bright in this spot cambridge near city hall. a few roads closed in that area. live drive times. 20 minutes on 93 south. 23 m eastbound at mass avenue. back to you. the reactions of a couple of college students sparking outrages on two campuses. the fraternity brothers who made the video. fox25's daniel miller joins us with the viral video that is sparking an investigation. >> reporter: good morning. the students are accused of driving over to hillary clinton's alma mater, hillary clinton, waving a trump flag,
6:52 am
caught on camera. >> we are officially banned from wellesley college. >> reporter: the incident happened outside of harambe house after hillary clinton succeeded -- conceded the election. two young men waving a donald trump flag spit at several wellesley students. the video went viral and shared thousands of time on social media. babson and wellesley students gathered to make amends. >> emotions were running high and to get out of classes and really upsetting. >> daniel: so far the university has not identified the students involved, but we have kept their faces blurred as you can see, but the fraternity, sigma phi epsilon showed the students were kicked out. the type of abusive, misogynistic have no place in our society and proud of our chapter from swiftly removing these men from our organization. babson issued a statement
6:53 am
happened has made its way all the way to the university president. babson college tells fox25 they have counselors available to anyone who needs them. college police are also investigating whether any laws were broken. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. people are burning or throwing out their new balance sneakers as the company expressed their support for president-elect donald trump. this started when a spokesperson told the"wall street journal"that they feel trump's election the spokesperson was only referring to the transpacific partnership agreement. they since released a statement saying they respect people no matter who they are and how they identify. a judge in charge of the lawsuit between president-elect and trump university urging to settle out of court. trump university they say falsely claimed they were a accredited school and tricked students out of mentorship.
6:54 am
the trial as the president-elect is preparing to take over the role of president. the trial is set to begin november 28. is it appears after all the talk of bill belichek and letter of support for donald trump, the pats coach didn't actually vote for the president elect. the town clerk in hingham tells the boston herald that belichick didn't vote in the presidential election on tuesday. the clerk says that belichick haven't voted in any election since registered five years ago. he wrote a letter to trump saying he was supports a statement. trump read that letter in new hampshire on the eve of the election. bruins were back on guard trying to get things cooking at home. the bs last three of their last four in the garden and they had a bunch of different guys contributing as they take down computer. bruins down 1-0 when the scoring began. krug the blast from the point finds his way through and to the back of the net. the goals came fast and furious after that. four of them in the span of
6:55 am
followed by austin sarn ac. from david bachus and then david krejci. bruins win it 5 - 2 over the blue jackets. al horford is getting closer to returning and unlikely he will play as he continues to recover from a concussion. speaking of guys getting back into action. the patriots dpeering up for the seahawks sunday night in foxborough and hoping that he downed the pads twice this week. the patriots released running back tyler gaffney could mean they are making time for lewis but we don't know he will be active until late sunday afternoon. david bowie is a music and fashion icon but also a big art collector. 47 pieces of artwork by the late musician was put up to action and bringing in $30 million. the highlight this piece called air power which sold for just
6:56 am
two more artwork auctions are set to be held in the coming days. two eagles are trapped in a storm train capturing attention of millions online. it happened rush hour in orlando last night. dozens gathered to get the birds out. the birds were stuck on top of each other for 30 minutes, and then one of them suddenly flew away. when he did that the other eagle fell into the storm drains. they got the bird out very quickly fighting over a nest. >> a territorial fight. >> eagle has puncture wounds on leg and chest and cracked beak. veterinarians say six weeks for the fwoyrd recover before it is released back out into the wild. now 6:56 this morning. the man accused of killing three people and holding a woman hostage at a south carolina property may have
6:57 am
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unfolded in billerica. police and state troopers have been investigating for hours. >> jessica: baby found dead in marlboro and two adults unresponsive. >> it is sad when a baby is involved. >> sara: trump protests turned into riot. the arrest made across several cities and what the president-elect is saying about the >> gene: 24 hours after the election upset. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: it is november 11th , and also veterans day, so thank you who have served and currently serving. i'm genevieve philip. >> sara: i'm sara underwood.


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