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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  November 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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this fence just behind prank lynn hill apartments ask boys and girls club facility we are tolls the club was closed for the holiday. i did reach out to boston bliss trying get answers from them we understand this investigation as to how young girl was impile is still underway. we still trying to get answers toer that. we live in dorchester. tragedy. >> bryan pass with a three young children >> great guy. great dad. and i doting husband. and loving father. and wonderful friend. killed just trying to do the right thing >> he made be feel like this most important person in room and did he ever since we are kids now community coming together. in his honor. i am looking forward to seeing the outpour of love and support. turn one family's heart break into a hope. >> bryan was killed tried break up fight in april. he left behind wife and three children.
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and countless friends who are adored him. he tragic sudden death crushed community grew up and now months later that's same committee and the people who knew him best, are turning this tragedy into a tribute to the man every one fondly called the gentlemen. fox 25 spoke to bryan'son inton what's happening tomorrow at fenway park. >> mark and bribe really was one those guys who would do anything for any one. even when he died, he donated five his mayor organs help saves this aweek together to run for his family. >> his dad bryan, he is always guy crack a joke. smiling start. and then comes the stories. >> he was really, just all around great guy. great dad. and i couldn't ask for better father. >> back in april bryan was killed while trying to do what he always did. henning others. bryan, bryan was special. >> bryan was at friend's birthday celebration, two people
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this deerfoot parking lot. at one point, bryan tried to stop the fight. by raising his arms in the air to separate the men police say that's when bryan punched bryan in the face. causing him to fall back. then hit his head on the pavement. he was charged with manslaughter. >> bryan passed with three young children. and, it is talking about going to school. to college. and, on a top just logs their dead in get help from many of is lives he took touched especially in his we loved charles town where he >> they called them the gentlemen. running the sparetan race this weekend a fenway. >> i am looking forward to seeing, the outpour of love, and support. in he had due ag fund also been set up for the three thinkston children. friends have been raising money by selling hats. and, t-shirts. >> he was big family guy. he always put us before him. and, he always wanted us get best experience of everything. but race also about saying thank you. he made everybody feel like they
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room. to man who continues to impact so many lives >> he really speaks volumes just knowing like, we loved him so much and so did so many other people. >> will had 14 years old there telling us that he was so thankful for all doctors and nurses how they helped the family during that difficult time. that he actually going to get into that line of work. for all of the information about tomorrow's events, and the fun raising for the family go to our web site. we live outside fenway fox 25 news. he like to donate fund you will find link on our web site in ate site. your heart breaks for kids and entire family so neat to see so many people coming together to help them. >> to hem them out. >> we head run tomorrow. it is fenway for asparagus this will need bundle. >> going 30s in in morning and right up to.
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40 boston most places but already dropping into 30s out worcester county. there some cold air taking over area is wind gust you can see them here. over 25 miles per hour. abosses. over 30 miles per hour through the mer mac valley. cape cod seeing gusts tropical storm strengths. so winds vibrators rees going until >> and colder than actually is. worcest while boston feels like 36 degrees in the winds we have light you involvment by time talking to you ten sendz tonight will be feeling like 20s by the morning. it feel like it is teens. so this evening for your football games your soccer machtsz your whatever you are doing just go out for dinner temperature are falling. and it is chilly. bundled up we will talk about rest. weekend including warm up on the way. >> and developing right now in lynn, sky fox over very large brush fire off the penny brook road you can see flames there from sky fog. fire department tells us flames
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them say it is unclear still if there are any buildings near by. threatened by this fire. we are continuing to follow this story. we update you with any information as it comes in >> car jacking and double stabbing ends wild police pursuit across state lines. officer finally chaseded down suspect in worcester and tonight, woman was caught in the middle of the crime spree talking about the terrifying account she spoke our chris flanigan and chris this one care i just story. >> and it is certainly. mark glue know the these two picked wrong ladies to met with. . . barbie. has six degrees black belt her mother 7th degree black belt. . >> i up the to he can >> car jacking. yesterday. here in happen connecticut thenned up worcester. so, i met with her shah still much better as you might imagine
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after being knifed just as two stab wounds one in her thigh and another in her hamstring. barbie 32 years old with her mother ann ann on their way it beauty salon. when he this came i upon an accidents in thompson connecticut. police say man and woman bolt 21 years old. had stolen that car and crashed into a tree. when barbie slowed down at the scene, she says the man reached in and attacked her. pushing ler out of car and car jacked them. not before barbie fought so i could like create distance and then he just -- that's when knife came out and i had to create more distance. so i used my feet. as much as i could. >> kicking him knee and groin can create disages. he would move back and then also was able to grab part of the car and --. >> terrifying ordeal in deal for the two mother and daughter now,
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surgery on monday. same day the two alleged car jackers will appear if court relive in webster. chris flanigan fox 25 news. >> and under investigation. tonight police are still trying to find out what happened when the baby died in marlborough home. infwant fant was found unresponsive. fox 25 working this story since last night. crystal, we are are learning more about the firefighter say this actually administer narcan to both adult in home and family members, tell me, that they actually searched home police searching this car right here. for clues of any thing drug related. >> we believe it was an accidents. but you know, until i guess, we hear otherwise. family infant boy pronounceded dead after being found with his
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identified them as 19 year old gracy. and 23 year old air gay in man says he his cousin. and he spoke with us after leaving the house on harrison place. >> [inaudible] firefighter tells knee they treated two adults for possible drug overdose. giving them each one dose of >> his cousin sails family searched home found nothing suspicous. police searched this blue saturn parked front of the the home last night. as part of the investigation. the license plate comes back to him out of maine. >> problem here before.
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investigates. and the investigation continues. district attorney's office not releasing any official identification of folks involved in this case. we will stale talk with everybody. for now reporting from marlborough. fox 25 news. >> new hampshire man says he was the first one inspire donald trump run for the president. >> i decided he was the person to be president of united states. >> how he says he convinced now president-elect to make his first political speech. >> already feels like that gusty winds through. but good news, for the weekend. at least by sunday. >> we owe you our thanks. you owe you our raw inspect. and we owe you our freedom. >> and salute american heros.
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partner provide information to prevents suicide before mental he will issues escalate. government in general has call ebeen extremely forward look. with respect to technology >> they lawn allow veteran monitored by health professionals. but many want remain anyomous >> companion app you >> at the time.
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ptsd. help them >> he says way veteran treated when they reach out for help is critical, too. we also have them the working and, company says they learned when insurance or mental health call centres speak someone who struggling how they are trited on phone can determine whether that patient follows through on treat. >> >> they are dialogue app helps guide call center workers to react to specific needs another often a battle for their lives. >> company says eventually like see dialogue app use suicide prevention hot line. we went >> on in the couldn't pan onap oop on your with ebb is a it if you find it >> and attorney. announced new grant help veteran transition back into civil civil life. $355,000 grant meto spread. to veterans seeking health benefits. through va. housing. veteran specific employment.
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this ensures money will be used to help underrepresented veteran populations kwlien including women minorities and lgbtx veterans. local army veteran celebration is i had engain plent on all expense paid trip through france. johnny arrived paris yesterday with long time gurl friend. and dozen other military veteran he popped the question along the water before boarding luxury boat for the cruise. as we to tell youar week, per owe >> . >> another reason they will never forget their trip. >> john brought that story earlier week that's fantastic trip to france for those folks. nice way salute veterans. >> yes. >> great, great way. >> beautiful day for this. lot of great pictures coming flag flying. the pay paired a happening today and all of most of happening before got cold. >> it was nice. if you are plan okay. you are a
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planned. temperature are 40s. boston at 44. bed ford a 42. taking you woer count at the where colder. >> and everywhere feels colder thanks wind gust we have out there. winds chills, boston feels like 36. worcester feels like 31. actually degree warmer than last hour but i tell you instant it will nuke to eight from those that's about average. current winds gust over 30 per hour. most >> in >> and as stroke out there cape keyed. we typically have strong em winds northwest winds coming across cape cod bay in friction on water. very all right so wind does not slow down is posed head is trees and hills at which close down the win as come of it. winds gusts can highs a 50 mile per hour. and those gusts that eseen today have caused some scattered damage across the area. even into central western massachutes. and out through heart ford connecticut. and some of these spots like
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wind gust that took down tree on river street. caused some power outages, too letter. just to west of worcester. this one closer in towards boston this sudbury. trees wriers down hudson don't. one a little northwest. >> that's town large branch down. is also some damage oak tree came down in southeastern new hampshire. so some wind gusts take down some weaker trees. but flakes, too especially higher terrain we have seen that today. another indication of how could cold low tonight under our clear skies though, will be 20s in and 30s. it feel colder than. look at the wind chills. however by hour. tonight at 10:00 we will be in 12340z. by morning,ing it go feel like the teens. out there. that's sent jason
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he will hit afterian. upper 40 nos for most. 50 in march held in. >> and, then back here worcester county. steadfastly in 40s throughout day bellingham at 48 degrees for high temperature tomorrow >> these sure however by hour win gym come from port snept and first part of day then turn around to west and he event southwest i show you that winds aren't as strong as tonight but there still going to brisk tomorrow. i show you that because this weekend will feel different second half eight of weekend part of that is that south sunday. won't be really strong is on sunday but it will be enough some i could bigs sun to take us 20s and 30s morning right up into 50s in in the afternoon. now program you are look i will definitely have it for you next half an hour. i already put together graphics and time line. i will you what are talking about coastal system coming at you the. >> all right. >> it is still fall but summerville come up with new plan for when this need plow snow this winter globe reporting some is merville changing odd
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for years residents have been asked to park on odd numbered side of street during storms but in from city now says in ennersing even side parking. >> and anger frustration in train liver after more than dozen houses cars and signs are vandalized overnight. coming up, who residents believe is responsible for this mess. >> and after republican sweep in election lots of people are wondering what's next. for the democratic party. local law maker who could hold
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6:00. >> president-elect role administration. donald trump transition organization may announce today pens take over the top position. from new jersey governor chris christie who will serve is vice chair. trump said statement pens quote will bibled initial work christie accomplished. >> and in wake of the demonstration across country protesting election president-elect donald trump took swifter to condemn the protests but today, walked statement back. >> love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night
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county. we all come together. and be proud. protests including several here in boston have happened every night since election night. >> it was pretty much sleep sweep for republican across country on tuesday night. so what does democratic party do moving forward and who carries the torch? our blair miller got some inside information on what's going on behind the scenes. for the democrats. >>en aren are party now holds lock on washington. with presidency and congress but while trump team trans ises so too aren't massachutes senator. elizabeth warren right now brushing off any interest in running for the president. but as she know face of did he dem demic party on national level? we go through these cycles. democratic strategist has worked on many national campaigns. president sees. he told me today, it is not clear warren next that choice. >> her message and her voice and her popularity are huge that's do not necessarily maik potential president that will candidate. fakes whole different dynamic in and then there is the question
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the party after he became a real option for many democrats. yesterday, while i was white house, this issue came up. specifically, who would be the next leader of the democratic national committee help finds the next leaders? white house press secretary said the president likely wouldn't weigh in. there one party that in white house and then same party controls congress, it is elevates the position of the chair of dnr. the party temporary chair. is now facing her own scrutiny questioning if she best to take the democrats forward. when i asked her today to weigh in she wrote back, to early for me p but it too he recall he for party badly bruised and now desperately wayne derring what's next >> business of politics, the day after the eye legs you pick yourself up and dust yourself o you tart planning for 2 and 4 years down the road. that's what democrat are doing. i asked spokesperson for senator warren on this issue. she not available today.
6:26 pm
that she would put aside different with trump to work with him on economic issues. >> blair miller. fox 25 news. >> coming up new's inche be man who says he inspired donald trump to start political career. he talked to bus now president-elect first political speech and moment he knew trump should get into politics. message of initiate sprayed on dozens of homes if cars. who neighbors believe behind the crime spree but first more protest breaking out in boston for the third night in a row now we take you there live next on the only local news at 6:30.
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>> we following breaking new boston protester are gathering for third night in are calling for peace tonight. jackie? >> mark things are beginning to wrap up here. between 501,000 depends upon be what time you are here, this started several hours ago wrapping up around 7:00. lot of folks behind me it is peaceful rally. people here are preaching peace. saying trump loves hate. spreading messages trying to express love for each other. there lot people going around
6:30 pm
saying, hearing stories of their past. experiences with the depression when they have been discriminated against whether it was because of race or i religion or gender. share stories among each vowing to come together and face of whatever happens next. of course, some worry on the common there would be much afterwards that >> and by. group here. this discussing their feeling about the election and having them moved speak to several of them we bring you their stories. and later edition of fox 25 news. >> for we live in boston. fox 25 news. >> and there more breaking news now dorchester. young girl being treated right now after being impile on metal fence. sky fog just before 4:00 today. it is not clear how this accident happened but crews had to cut fence to rescue her. she was taken to hospital with
6:31 pm
we are work learn her scan we will bring you dates as they come in >> our top stories. continue local father kill drying break up a fight in april. will be remembered special way at fenway park this weekend. more that 100 people from charleston will run the race in honor of him money raised will help the three children he left behind. >> and he was big family guy. always put us before him. and, he always want us get best experience of everything. he made everybody feel were most important person in room. those who knew called him, the gentleman. but impact he had honors. we have information on don't at anying to team. on our web site. >> being tight lipped about death of be infant found marlborough home. we are learning baby was with its parents and tonight family member tells us they believe this was tragic accidents. emergency crews tell fox 252 adult at the home were treated
6:32 pm
was discovered. >> also tonight message hate sprayed on several homes cars and signs in the local neighborhood. it happened overnight. more that dozen people in one franklin make hood some them told treat good idea hoof was responsible. there lot anger frustration in this prayingin will neighborhood. this sign outside stone gate community just one example of more than dozen houses and cars vandalized overnight, by someone running around with a spry paint i am glad it is coming off. but definitely a lot of elbow greece to get this off when he fund chris skra garage door, she already removed the moment offensive parts of this graffiti. against, of all things, the chicago cubs. we had cubs flag hanging they used that as ammunition to cub won world stories who mad about that. lot of people neighborhood are seating after intoun ran through
6:33 pm
racially charged words. on cars, trucks, houses and signs >> i was angry. bust you opam know kids what wrote on my wife he car. it is disgusting. show you words painted on side offal curtain car. always been vandalism with kids. i know. but the words they use i had think it going little extreme. most open themmer talked to believe it is kids running around. trying to cause mayhem. >> i can't see any adult doing in franklin. i think it has to be kids. i don't see any adult damaging -- i mean adult no what car cost. and -- i don't know why they would do that someone else. any lynn police department they not investigating this as a hate crime. they believe kids are responsible. and he this think it cost mroemly random act. so far they haven't released any suspect information. >> and jason law fox 25 news. >> all right.
6:34 pm
a get >> just time for weekend. kevin going breathty chilly here in i an aboves and all over the area tomorrow morning. >> yes. it will be teens. and going to cold. already kind of chilly out there temperature are in 40 snoz and some 30s out west and for the west. >> wind chills are feeling like 30s in everywhere all of way down to cape cod. sure will some 40s as well but is about >> some already down to 30 for wind capitol hill. kepting the 20. i 10:00. during i 20s everywhere tonight. and just get colder as night goes on. win gusts are still up over 25 some of over 30. out cape cod nantucket, will be over 35 miles an hour. tropical storm strength. had some scattered reports of trees coming down some minor damage reported. win advisory goes until 1:00. have good >> at on the way. and new on storm next week. >> and bus driver go court as passenger told police hit parked
6:35 pm
>> driver hit car in melrose put continued on his route. passengers called 99-1-1 state police caught up with bus. no one was hurt politic are now looking into whether the driving was under the influence of of prescription medication. >> and an investigation now oned way home where there was large police presence this morning. they founded scene on around 5:00 am. and this is right here. police tell fox 25 there were initially called out just before ten son last night but were still at the home into the morning. we have reach out to police. but they told us, they were will have more details on monday. >> and coach of the gufd
6:36 pm
fisherman. body men well was discovered near shower in gloucester. police say he was swept out to sea tuesday by wave when he was fishing on some rocks in that area with friends. other man was rescued an of clinging to rock. >> driven deals. >> police are investigating a possible drug manufacturering operation inside dairy new hampshire auto dealer started several expired and inspection on to cars in lot at auto alley this state police then found evidence meth was being made inside of the dealership. auto alley has been closed while an investigation continues. >> and the automobile dealership and its inspection have been
6:37 pm
put out hot spots. >> also see the fire melted siding of home next door. firefighter tell the lowell sun on porch then spread to the second floor. cause is under investigation. >> and new a 6:30 cope guard working to rescue two people stranded in boston harbor. sky fox flu over sail boat earlier today. coast guard says the two people ran their bolts hard aground off the island there hel air right now. we are touch with the coast guard. we let you know what happened during this mission >> fate danger who bit four people now hands of the brockton officials. brockton says the police department will hold public hearing to determine whether the dog should be put down. husky named leo attacked four people in september. victim claim leo has type aggression that cannot be cured. and fear he will attack others if he not put down. >> and meantime animal attack in marshville two dogs have been
6:38 pm
animal controls says the skunk was hissing at the dogs. toe one of them grabbed -- him in his mount they learned skunk rabies. dogs did get booster shot. police say it was the town's first confirmed case of rabies in about 15 years. >> and design for new winds casino have been aprd by mass gaming commission. some of changes approved in vote inyou had number of rooms from 629 to 671. they say the this is eresponse to how busy hotels around the city are right eliminate indoor swimming pooing and adding exercise equipment. official opening date for casino was also the decide june 3rd of 2019. >> and hours racing returning to if you have east boston for another year. the globe reports the state gaming commission approved six day live racing for next year. and that's the same number of races seen at the track this year. horse owners and trainer have voiced concerns that they can't support themselves.
6:39 pm
>> and big night for high school football. tritan talking water town. our butch stearns there. hey, butch. >>. kevin promised it chilly out here. said 42 degrees. but it is windy at victory field water town feels a lot colder than that. there is championship on the line tonight. between home town water town reareds and visiting try tan vikings in this one. dean n winner game next weekend play against >> deserve be here they know this going to tough game. >> and started off season 5 and 0 involvment went to playoffs after two cup losses two great teams. >> and then, you no, over came four turnovers in our first play off game. it is win game and then played gram fisher to get us here >> play tough. and, listen what he have asked
6:40 pm
to adversity. >> and, they just play tough every down it is great. we expecting tough game tonight. they are well come ed team they got some good athletes on field. and you know expect tonight to be really physical football game. re good team. they got a lot of skills and lot of athletes they played tough and physical they like to be physical. >> i think going to be great match up honestly we are physical team and they are physical team. we both won lot of games this year we have been tight gauges. it is going to be good match up. be physical. we have been real fist came last three and you know even a loss three weeks ago be physical, and player make play we got some players. am >> and we will have full stories from game and all covered fox 25 news at 11:00 tonight. plus, butch stearns on fox book at 11:30 right after this live with even more extensionive highlights and post game reaction. patriot seattle sunday night. promise to be chilly there, too.
6:41 pm
today. but bill stepped to podium. and reminded everybody about veteran day and how he feels and patriots feel about our veterans. >> when you go into service you take that oath, say you will put your life between the freedom of this country and some one that's trying to arm us. can't do much more than. it is pretty big. pretty big oath and pretty big pledge so people that have done that, you know, we have tremendous respect and. we have one on o and he great representative of not only patriots, but the united states navy. and service men in general. >> and nice bill to recognize on vet. >> and in one quick sports note red sox have named bill -- as the their bench coach to replace: for now i am butch stearns live victory field in water town.
6:42 pm
back to you in nice warm studio >> he looks cold tonight >> i don't know he had a little later inside of that jacket. >> local man hopes solve mystery is decade in making. in doing so he could help army veteran take look here at this ring. someone found it ten years ago at brickham and women's who the in securitity of. >> now ready retire. and he hoping he can finally, find the owner. >> and i love to be able to do just a little bit things like, you know return to this it it is that. military politics he brigade. ring also has inscription rez. on the band. >> hopeful lee someone watching and can identify it that. >> i hope because that's priceless piece of jewelry. for the owner.
6:43 pm
. storm coming mid week. says. inspired donald trump to kick off political career.
6:44 pm
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6:46 pm
>> shares jirn if he from there. to white house. >> in 1987 mike dunn bar was leader in port smith political scene and this restaurant was place that every candidate came. dunn knew in he could get donald trump here the then business man
6:47 pm
>> pivoted. and, actually, put together the events of caused that to happen. >> it was the deal of the century with the deal maker himself. mike dunn bar political activist convincing successful manhattan businessman donald trump to run for the president. >> kinds of get taste in his mouth or put his toe in water whatever you political cliche you want to use. i thought maybe i will get him up, and get him on campaign trail >> drafted trump for president. and then, came with an vin vague port smith road re. here rat. which was then, center of the new hampshire political circle. >> he was very, very accommodating. he was very well, coming. he was just easy to talk to. room backed hundreds of trump gave his first ever stump speech of sorts. bringing the crowd to its feet. >> i think yes this guy that is got what takes in after the speech dunn bar says trump shook the hands of every firefighter,
6:48 pm
moment he says still resonates today >> some insight into why he resonated so much with just average common folks. in the country during this campaign. he speaks to us. and he knows us. and he obviously cares about us. >> dunn bar treasures moment mentos chronicle his journey trump. to michael i really appreciate your friendship. but most of all grateful, that the many took a chance on took a chance on him. >> it is hard to believe i d someone else than me. he since left says he hope is that trump will be the president. that he first believed he could be. >> and support smith. >> now you are local forecast. from chief meterologist. this afternoon. what's going on with weekend forecast. let me get right to for you and first of wall got talk about tonight beautiful picture have
6:49 pm
it is un-i trying load up for that's beauty. that's how city looks tonight with sunsetting behind it. gore goose shot thank you for that one coming into temperature right now. are just generally following through 40s in upper 30s back here. cold tough. when you factor winds. falling through 30s worcester at 316789 orange feel like 30o. current wint gust up over 20 miles per hour. and some spots over 30. and out here tropical storm strength province town. and nantucket. 37 and 38 miles per hour winds all of these areas. southeast new hampshire into worcester county southeast massachutes petty much everybody watching us this evening. has winds advisory. there have been soon scattered reports of damage minor damage but couple lines down couple trees weak or trees come down there as well. off north and we have seen snow flakes flying. come on in. but we are clear here in southern >> by ten.
6:50 pm
with. >> teens. >> luckily the winds will be left by morning. that's why in teens, not single digits for you when you wake up. that's sparetan >> and going out to register for. get there early and then, up through 45 glee 11 am. sunshine entire time. and winds will still be blowing. 15 to as high as 25 miles per hour. bull sit for the sparetan race follow. high temperature across area
6:51 pm
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degrees so several world makes you cynical, whenever you doubt. that courage goodness and selfless necessary possible, stop and look to veteran. we owe you our thanks. we owe you our respect.
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important day wash was all over country for that matter before we go he want say thank you to our veterans. for their service. and their sacrifice >> photo journalist suits lawyer heros we back here at 10:00 and
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ake you a model. val kilmer struggling to speak. the shocking new video after denying he has cancer. p> what's really going on with and then a janet jackson baby bombshell, but it's not that baby. did she have a secret love child we have a public confession today. >> you think you have a daughter with janet jackson? >> prince harry's girlfriend flies to london, and we are at their love nest. >> meghan markle has now met william and kate. >> and grandmas gone wild. scenes of cameron's new cooking show as fierce grannies clash over control of the kitchen. >> one, two on. >> i'm walking away!


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