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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  November 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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earlier. that is as high as it is going to get. the yellow and orange that slows up in worcester. worcester to west boylston. to leominster. northwest of leominster red showing up. some of the heavier rain is showing up to the street level. route 12 up to ashburnham and southward toward fitchburg. the heaviest rain coming down foe this hour. to the north of there to new hampshire, holliso heaviest rain. orange and yellow. to boxborough and lowell and lawrence as well and the south part of the state from plymouth westwood to places like middleborough and westborough. plymouth and route 3 a, you are finding orange and red and look how heavy in that spot. not everybody getting heavy rain. country club and cranberry way.
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torrential rain coming down. shift southward to cape cod. you are not out of this. spots on the cape around falmouth and osterville and hyannis with heavy rain. i will be tracking where the heavy rain is throughout the newscast and when the rain will move out of here. in this moment the king tides are back bringing the potential for flooding on the coast. fox25 meteorologist jason brewer live at long wharf in boston where water took over most of the walkway there, jason. 11:00 this morning and brought the water right up through storm drain. here is video shot by a fox25 viewer earlier today where you can see the salt water sloshing up on deck. we caught up with one worker who said that the water today came up to the street curb. >> people out here playing in the water? >> yes, they were very excited. >> reporter: shoes off?
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water. >> reporter: a little bit warmer in october, i guess. >> not today. >> reporter: today too cold to play in the king's tide. >> yes. >> reporter: we got word of morrissey boulevard being shut down in dorchester. i spoke with mass state police and they said the water was higher than it was with the last super noon october. skyfox was overhead and got these shots as well. north to beverly where residents alongshore avenue had the king tide water creep up on to their recede after about an hour. right now clearing out those storm trains out here on long wharf because another high tide cycle will be coming up here tomorrow around noontime. now the winds not going to be off the ocean, so i don't think the high tide tomorrow will be as high as what we saw today but still not out of the wood
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when it comes to the high water. coming up at 5:00, why we will not see another king tide until 2034. back to you. >> heather: i drove by that mess and saw some benches under water too. stay with fox25 as that heavy rain is moving in. i will be tracking the radar to see which areas will be hit the hardest and a camera out in the commute. you can track it yourself by using the storm tracker weather app. kevin will be here as well. busiest airport in the state. ock. >> reporter: no flights are flying in and out of will rogers airport. it is on the south side of oklahoma city, and it is a hub in the area where average of 150 commercial you flights each day. a very active scene with a strong police presence. you can see that right here. latest information that we have that one victim was shot on a road just outside the southwest
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theirs. oklahoma police received reports of a possible second victim and they are searching for that person right now but have not yet found anyone. no word on the condition of the first victim confirmed right now and police have not released any information about a shooter. between 7 and 8,000 people go through that airport every day. roads in the area are closed and police are telling people to avoid the airport area completely. we will be staying on top of this breaking story and wwi them. i am mark ockerbloom, fox25 news. >> heather: mark, thank you very much. worcester police are search for a man who attacked a man outside of his apartment. the suspect hit the man in the head with a metal pipe after he got out of his car on ives street last night. that 46-year-old was conscious and alert.
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ground. moments after the ivy league school honored the sacrifices of our vets. that video is going viral and being seen by thousands. bob ward joins us near providence near brown and this incident is prompting a lot of discussion on campus. >> reporter: yeah, it sure is. every year brown university homeland security a big ceremony on campus to honor veterans including many of its alumni who are veterans in year, small american flags were placed right on green where the ceremony was held, and i am told that ceremony wasn't even over when someone was out there vandalizing those flags. now i want to show you some video of the incident as it was recorded, and it shows what appears to be a woman carrying a handful of small american flags and then throwing all of them right on the ground. others i am told stemmed on them and broke the wooden flag poles leaving others to try to fix them. this video has prompted a lot of heated reaction on campus.
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found. >> i think that they saw the flags. and the election is so visually equivalent with the american flag, that a lot of them were probably upset and thought it was a donald trump movement or something like that and took their anger out on that. >> i think that is extremely disrespectful and disgraceful to our veterans who serve our country. >> reporter: brown university itself is issuing a statement, is speaking out about what happened here. coming up at 5:00, have that school is going to do about it. reporting live from providence, rhode island. bob ward, fox25 news. republicans renominated paul ryan to be house speaker when the republican-led congress begins work. house leaders picked the republican. there is choose to be a split of support who could be the nation's neck secretaries of state. establishment republicans want former un ambassador john bolton and many in trump's camp
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in that role. giuliani previously served as mayor of new york city and a federal prosecutor. shocking new video of a trump supporter tackling an anti-trump protester at the ohio state union in columbus, ohio. watch this. >> you don't have to compromise. >> idiot -- [gasping] >> heather: that video was posted on the osu student newspaper "the lantern." shortly man who tackled protesters was led away. the donald trump supporter who filmed the attack said it is not what really any real trump supporter would do though. >> to me the tackle hit was real, the girl shouting was real. we don't just attack people. we want to talk to people. we want everybody to be unified. this is one nation under god. we want people to feel that way. >> heather: afterwards students at the rally on both
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talking about their differences without violence. rob gronkowski's toughness has never been in question, and another example of that on sunday's game against the seahawks after taking that big hit sunday, gronk finished the game. look at that. wow. and right now there are conflicting reports over the extent of the injury gronk suffered. the nfl network is reporting he suffered a punctured lung and others are saying a minor chest injury. this the pats will return to practice tomorrow and we should get more clarity. police say a man held a woman against her will. police responded to the home on weirs boulevard and a tense standoff with james cunningham for more than two hours. the woman from the home told officers that cunningham assaulted her multiple times and threatened to kill her. she was able to escape through a window. cunningham escaped with
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miss are looking for a taxi driver that hit a police cruiser and took off. it happened on comm ave near berkeley. two other cars, a light pole and a fence were damaged. they are trying to identify the cabdriver by company. one week out after question 4 passed, there is concern over legalizing marijuana. ashland officers are telling anyone who is considering fast. . >> our current marijuana laws are anging, time to vote yes on 4. >> reporter: for what the doctor ordered. that doctor. in just weeks, 21-year-old can purchase 10 ounces of marijuana at home and carry an ounce with them. other big part of the successful initiative is the retail sale of marijuana in massachusetts. pot shops can open as soon as 2018 and that has one metro west town taking action.
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ashland, residents will consider a temporary moratorium on marijuana establishments. >> we will have a public hearing on it on the 2 1g of november. >> reporter: town manager hebert say it is to give the town more time to study and plan what could be the inevitable. >> you can't just ban it and it does give the ability to regular late this to the extent that it is for the best of the community. >> reporter: requires two-thirds of the town meeting vote. >> >> you know if the town has a moratorium and people want to get their marijuana somewhere else, they are going to go to whatever adjoining town. >> reporter: by phone, yes on 4 communication director jim borisani questions the legality of a moratorium adding this. >> we would like to see how leaders take a measured approach to this, and not give in to the hysteria that we saw during the campaign.
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question 4 last week and close, about 350 votes. reporting in ashland, i am ted daniel, fox25 news. police in weston has put out a illustration of a man they say approached a 10-year-old boy on a street. police put out this photo after a man went up to him on brooke road on november 6. that man stepped out of his car. fortunately the boy was able to run away. he drove the one in this photo last seen driving away from valley view road. the same person is expected of breaking into the same local mosque several times. >> heather: still ahead at 4:30, the surveillance video from police and why one of the suspect's robberies in particular had officers concerned. we have that coal flood advisory thanks to the king tides this morning and i am just updating this now. this will go tonight from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.
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you. weather alert, wet evening. you can see it the storm tracker radar. not coming up to as hard. much worse spots along the
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northeastern worcester county and middlesex county into parts of southern new hampshire. that is the worse of it. i am tracking all of it and more coming up. and new at 4:00, why a 16-year-old student stabbed five of his class rates inside the boy's locker room in the you city of utah in orem south of salt lake city. the student stabbed himself before a school officer used a taser on him. the conditions of the students range from critical to fair and the suspect is in the hospital. the student was a new student who was home schooled previously. federal drug agents want to help a new hampshire city battle the opioid crisis. manchester is one of five cities selected to be part of a new program to battle heroin and sentinel. fox25's catherine burcham is live in manchester to explain how that program works. catherine.
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opioid problem in manchester grabbed national attention and the attention of the dea who chosen this city one of few in the at that very special program aimed at drug education and prevention. >> it's a very pig problem. a big epidemic. >>reporter: manchester residents see the toll of opioid and fentanyl every day. their focus the safety of their children. we have to save the young kids. >> they are our future. >> reporter: the goal of dea 360. manchester is chosen for the pilot program. >> an area in much need of a program like this. we have willing partners who already have problems in place. >> reporter: problems that already exist here like drug court for those charged with crimes because of their addictions and safe haven at city fire stations where users can seek help will support the new initiative.
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that are doing the right things the right way for the right reasons. >> reporter: chief willard say they will partner with the schools and boys and girls club to talk about the dangers of addiction. he met a 5th grader who lost both her parents to overdoses. >> a young lady living with her grandmother who will never see her parents again. >> reporter: selling deadly dozes of fentanyl and heroin will be targeted. the state attorney general's office saihi office said his office is treating overdose death like homicide investigation. >> sometimes referred to as a death resulting that can bring with it very scary consequences. >> reporter: the attorney general tells me his office plans to prosecute 90 of those types of cases this year alone. now coming up tonight at 6:00, why one local mother says the education piece of this program is so important, and how this might have helped her son. for now we are live in
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fox25 news. twitter is cracking down on hate speech. the next few days the company will add features to curb online. the mute feature to filter out words and phrases they won't want to see. revamping their abuse reporting system to report harassment and hate speech directly to monitors. this is a fox25 stormtracker weather alert. >> heavy rain going on out there just in time for the evening drive. you expected this last night from what shiri was telling you this today as well and jason brew sermontering that situation for us. talk about the heavy rain. all the radar sites. and extends from west to east and focus in on our live storm tracker radar boston and find the heaviest rain here. worcester and northward especially and parts of metro west. look at the red and orange showing up around here, town send, ashburnham. look at the reds that show up through the local roadways
4:19 pm
route 31 getting some of that rain. torrential and into portions of southern new hampshire, but boston getting hit hard as well. but what you are going to have to watch for is localized flooding. we are not talking about cars floating awat but talking about underpasses where the -- the places where leaves were coming down today. leaves more than rain at one point earlier today. that leaves clogging up the storm trains can cause flooding as well. be aware of that as you are driving along. dedham seeing heavy rain well as points west of there through wellesley, natick, framingham. in the city of boston, look at all this rain coming down through many of the city's streets into dorchester, for instance, naponset and quincy and granite avenue. the southeast snrai winds its way from dorchester -- expressway that winds its way to dorchester to quincy. and acushnet, new bedford,
4:20 pm
and fall river as well and some the local roadways. not widespread but areas get water on them in situations of heavy rain is happening now. the shift from the coastal flooding to more rain-induced urban street flooding. sandwich, mashpee getting hit hard with heavy rain at this hour as well. takes you down into the western part of falmouth and knot falmouth to paquonset. future its way northward. the last of the showers will be exiting when i am talking to you at 10:30 later tonight. until then a wet night. by the morning shiri will be tracking any leftover showers and breaks in the clouds through lunchtime and i expect sunshine as well to start to break out. the coastal flood potential now shifts to tonight's late-night high tide from 10:00 until 2:00 in the morning is the next high tide cycle. there will be minor flooding once again along the coastline
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flood advisory just put in place by the national weather service that extends northward along the coast of new hampshire and maine as well. the north his or her and south shore. doesn't include cape cod and the islands and not a storm coming by pushing the winds up the water. just the higher-than-average tides for the king tides. temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. tomorrow the temperatures will be a little warmer. expect breaks of sun to warm well into the 60s most location. same for thursday and friday. that weekend. we are going to be talking more about that and need to get through the storm this evening first. tracking where the heavier rains are falling through the evening drive. aaa says the thanksgiving travel rush will be the busiest in a decade, stronger economy, gas prices and airline tickets why there will be 1 million more this year than last. 49 million americans will travel at least 50 miles for the holiday the highest since
4:22 pm
begins any and lasts for 12 days. one young woman's battle with cancer put her singing dreams on hold, but coming up how garth brooks recognized her talent and is helping make her dreams come true. mark ockerbloom with what we are working on with fox25 news at 5:00. >> anchor: elizabeth r, several people are dealing with racism on the way to election. how federal officials are getting involved and how residents are coming together
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. new really? land is facing another disaster. heavy rains hit that region today causing rivers and streams to rise. thousands of residents are still stranded in towns cut off by sunday's 8.9-magnitude shelters are doubling as shelters for victims. >> we were just waiting on what is coming next -- for the plague. >> elizabeth: doesn't surprise me that they feel that way. damage estimates are in the billions and does not include today's slide. asking big questions for plans for the city to purchase the site of the night club shooting. orlando leaders have reached an
4:26 pm
quarter million dollars. but last night several councilmembers objected to the price. opponents say $500,000 more than the assessed value. in june 49 people died when a gunman open fired to the night club. they want to make it a memorial to the victims. the council delayed it until next month. the next story is a reminder to never give up on your dreams. a college student thought college had cost her a chance to be a music >> elizabeth: on sunday, a country music star gave her another chance. ?. >> elizabeth: beautiful. danielle singing with garth brooks at a concert in richmond. two years ago she was invited to audition for the tv reality show "the voice." but on the day of her audition she was diagnosed with cancer. friend told a radio station and arranged for her to meet brooks
4:27 pm
and he invited her to sing at his concert. >> why don't we be on stage together at the 3:30 show. i am like, okay. he said are you nervous. you don't have to do it. i am like are you kidding me. let's do this. i would love to do it. >> elizabeth: so cute. and i love that she was game for it. >> it earned her an invitation to go to nashville. and heavy rains on your evening drive. you head out the door. several break-ins. the one crime scene that is of
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this is a fox25 storm tracker weather alert. >> elizabeth: skyfox captured this flooding because of right now it is raining all over and bad weather is expected all night long. >> heather: i drove through that myself. we are live on the road as well right now. a look at 495 north in the marlborough area, and you can see traffic is moving a little slow because of the rain. storm tracker weather chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is back now when the rain will be at its worse. >> reporter: it is coming down hard in some spots. no doubt the worse you will see all day in a cup of places. heavier showers to the south that will move through spots
4:31 pm
that video is coming from, from the live shot from our vehicle and not coming down as heavily there. yellow and orange coming up. northern worcester county you are getting poured on. places like ashburnham. the red and orange in live storm tracker radar that gives it away where the heaviest is happening. ashburnham to winch chen done and route 12 and northward seeing some of that heaviest rain at this hour. when it shifts off to the pepperell and lunenberg and boxborough. that stretch of 495 from boxborough northward to north of bill crake and lawrence seeing heavy rain for the commute. in the immediate boston area, coming down hard and off metro west and some of the hardest of 128 from dedham and needham and some of the heavy rain 135, greenville avenue seeing heavy shower activity right now. really more than showers. a steady rain this is coming
4:32 pm
pocasset, cape cod in mashpee, and new bedford and acushnet seeing heavy rain as well. so you are not out of the woods there. finally this rain that will keep on pushing off to the north tonight and the other thing on the docket is not just rain but another shot of high tide later tonight. a coastal flood advisory starting at 10:00 for any of the same spots that saw the king tide earlier. keeping track of where the heavy rain is and the potential flooding too. a great time to download the free fox25 weather app to get free forecast for your town from the fox25 stormtracker weather team. kevin will be back with his full forecast in just a few minutes. video just into the newsroom that shows a big rig accident on the expressway this afternoon that happened just over an hour or so ago in the northbound lanes near mass avenue and what we will see here is the front end of the 18-wheeler elevated on the cement barrier in the middle of highway. we don't know what led up to
4:33 pm
area has been cleaned up and should not affect the evening commute. breaking news out of oklahoma city where one person has been shot at the airport there. right now, no flights are coming in and out of will rogers airport, and everyone in the town are being told to shelter in place. police have reports of a possible second victim. they are searching for that person, but so far they have not found anyone. no word on that first confirmed victim's condition or a location on the sho developments for you. back here at home right now, police are on the lookout for this robbery suspect you are looking at. officers say he is responsible for several break-ins in that area. and this afternoon only fox25 can report that one of his targets was a local mom. robert has exclusive details. robert? >> reporter: heather, yeah, police say that the man -- you can see him in the scooter and
4:34 pm
going into the parking lot. he parks behind the mosque and goes over this wall gets in through the door using a screwdriver. cameras showing him stealing items not doing any vandalism or damage. quincy police are trying to identify the person on this scooter. these are surveillance photos of a man they want to talk to about muvlt we will burglaries near quincy ave. >> he noticed that the donation box -- the big steel donation box was ge. >> reporter: the ablam islamic center was the place broken in two times in the last two weeks. they spotted a man in the scooter coming and going, thousands of dollars of audio equipment as well as the donation collection box. after the first break-in, they put on a stronger lock of the door, but he said that the man was able to come in. >> that didn't work. took less than a minute to break it. that shows you he is a professional guy.
4:35 pm
problems with break-ins through this same door before. that's why they got the cameras around the building. straight ahead at 5:0 show you some of the surveillance video of the man breaking into the mosque. robert goulston, fox25 news. for weeks someone has been delivering newspapers written by the kk k to homes in milford. it has the headline rip white christian america. the papers were printed in ar arkansas and likely dropped on the lawn in the midle of night. one was directly mailed to the police chief. >> on a personal level it is pretty offensive. on the professional level, it is protected by the constitution. we took a good close look at it and at this stage we are comfortable there is no violation of the criminal laws. >> elizabeth: he is not sure if this is related to the election and reports of harassment of minorities. and police are warning
4:36 pm
stand in town. ma man was convicted of multiple counts of child rape. as john monahan reports, the situation is not sitting well with parents. >> i know i won't be shopping there and i won't bring my kids there. >> you have concern and that is a concern. >> reporter: this sudbury mother worried that shawn baron, a level 3 sex offender is working in town at the farm stand. >> asaw it on facebook. >> reporter: in facebook post by police that the level 3 sex offender is working in sud burry. >> concerning. >> reporter: this mother would only speak to fox25 if we did not show her face. the sudbury police chief said they are required by through notify the public if a level 2 or 3 sex offender lives or works in the area. we tried speaking to a manager at bartlett's. and she would not talk on camera and then she asked us to get off the property.
4:37 pm
this father said people, including sex offenders should be able to redeem themselves. >> always a concern but i guess everybody needs a second chance. >> reporter: burgani said he would be concerned of bringing his children close to where baron works, and this mom told fox25, she simply won't go. >> i know i won't be shopping there. >> reporter: john monahan, fox25 news. new at 4:30, a vermont man is accused of trying to sell marijuana to an undercover police officer in new hampshire. arthur clark from cornwall, new york met with officers to try to sell them drugs. they found 13 ounces of marijuana and cash in his car. clark was released on $10,000 bail. s in new at 4:30, a cow falls into a swimming pool but is quickly rescued by local fire fighters. that cow fell through the cover and into the pool of a home in hall londton.
4:38 pm
helicopter a big one, northwest connecticut. it took a lot of people to save that cow's life, but fortunately fire fighters say he was back walking around just minutes after from being pulled from the water and good thing there wasn't water in that pool too. >> elizabeth: an awkward call to your insurance company so i am glad it worked out well. a shocking sight, countless
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
4:41 pm
more than 1,000 people have been evacuated as wildfires rage out of control in north carolina. this fire is one of a dozen burning in the north carolina mountains. you can see the fierce flames there. nearly 50,000 acres have already been scorched. that fire is ten times larger than it was just a week ago. crews have been having a hard time getting control of those flames. new at 4:30, a giant sinkhole forces a the family was at home when they heard a strange noise coming from their back yard. they went outside to look and a massive sinkhole opened up and swallowed part of their back yard. >> it started cracking like the whole house just sounded like it was -- it was just going to go. it was horrible. >> elizabeth: everyone got out of the home safely and staying with family members while environmental officials determine if the house can be
4:42 pm
a shocking sight at a new york waterway. dead fish covering a canal. those are all fish and thousands of bunker fish that are stuck after being chased into the shecock canal. wildlife experts believe the fish were chased there by schools of blue fish. the problem is the locks at the end of the canal were closed. the fish died out, suffocating, but fisherman scooped them up and plan to sell them as bait of lobster man in maine. we are done for the year. lobster guys are done. the crab guys are done. all this has to be trucked up north. >> heather: the fish that do not get scooped up are food for birds. and people are fed up with drivers using this road as shortcut. heavy rains for the evening drive. i will show you where the heaviest drives.
4:43 pm
a man fwhux a mcdonald's and starts passing out $100 bills for workers. honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey, ok that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy, figures.
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and riding their bikes in the neighborhood and not meant to handle the volume. >> reporter: it has been an issue for year but drivers using traffic app s are finding >> turn right. >> reporter: apple programs, google map and the app waze are saving precious time. >> waze is taking you roads that you never thought of before that you didn't know existed. >> reporter: here is the problem. on a commute from south shore into boston and congestion among my route. all i have to do is turn on waze and it will turn me around that traffic, guide me flew a residential neighborhood like this one.
4:47 pm
ordinance to ban nonresidence during rush shower. the problem isn't just quincy. other neighborhoods have similar complaints and cities and down also do what they can but he believes that the problem will only be fixed when state and federal government improves roadways and mass transit options. >> think a little bit outside the box. >> elizabeth: we reached out to waze. public roads are to be used by all citizens and you may use these streets within reason but e create a traffic jam where one doesn't exist. we will stay on top of the issue. it has been a few months since someone has won the powerball and that means we need to get to the convenience store. a big jackpot up for grabs. the top price is up to $293 million. i can do stuff with that i would pick all three, never hit the jackpot. >> elizabeth: they are looking at me like --
4:48 pm
$185 million. but it is the highest jackpot since a new hampshire player won almost $500 million in july. i will take any of those numbers. >> elizabeth: can't buy a drop of sunshine. >> kevin: not with that money, that's for sure. i think would you need a lot more than that to influence my forecast. there is some rain and heavy at times and sometimes coming down hard. you will see a cup of those spots. not just the rain that you have to be concerned about today. it has been the flooding. the highest potential of winds coupled with the king tides that are expected and you saw some of that and some video in our newscast about that. we will talk more about that potential in a moment. heavy rain that caused localized flooding streets where the storm drains are blocked off and underpass and a dip in the roadways. we are seeing places in northern worcester county with some of that heavier -- and for you in southern new hampshire as well over to atho tloshtion ashburnham and ash ashby.
4:49 pm
with some of that hardest rain. royalston. we zoomed back in there. over to the city of lowell. a lot of heavy rain for you as well. and right along 485 and chelmsford, lowell past dracut into andover. 93 connects with 495 and north andover getting heavy rain in that spot. more heavy rain along 114 out of andover and north reading seeing some of boxford along 95 and the north shore getting heavy rain. south along 128 two south along 128 to woburn laying along the shoreline. 95 that cuts up to beverly. south to 93 into the city seeing some pockets of heavy rain to go along with the accident problem in the city this afternoon. a mess out there on the roadways for a variety of reasons. to the south shore, we are seeing pockets of heavy rain in brockton and taunton as well. that is our taunton radar site off of 495. the big golf ball looking thing off the highway. plymouth, marshfield.
4:50 pm
cod with heavy rain past marian into wareham at this hour. will continue through 7:30 and taper off after 8:30. in our newscast later tonight, the last of the showers will be moving on through, the heavier showers. lighter showers that can be pesky into the morning drive before we start to see break in the clouds. we will see those here and more breaks through the afternoon. won't be a perfectly sunny day tomorrow and breaks and drying out starting to happen that will allow our to you, rebound a bit as well. and a part flooding that starts at 10:00 through 2:00 in the morning. the area in green on the south shore all the way to the cape cod bridges. does not include cape cod or the islands. extends into boston and where there is minor flooding. cohasset and scituate and the north shore into the seacoast of new hampshire and the coast of maine as well seeing that coastal flood advisory. not a warning, not even a watch. an advisory that is happening because it is expected. but expected to be minor
4:51 pm
the water and also some of the homes that are on the water. some flooding from the situation. if you live it and you know what you are dealing with from these high tide situations. marcy boulevard, of course will be closed. always happens. 58 tomorrow. 58 thursday. and on friday back to 51 degrees. and point out also after the mild temperatures to end the week, we are going to take a nose dive into the weekend. yeah, snowflakes. a few snow flurries painted there. not accumulating snow, but this snow will bring accumulate together upper midwest comes toward us. the rain and i will keep tracking it for your drive. >> heather: we will check back with you throughout the night. dewayne the rock johnson has reached the pinnacle of his career now that he can be named the sexiest man alive. >> elizabeth: the 44-year-old has been crowned by people magazine. they named him the highest paid actor earning $65 million last year. after being told by the honor
4:52 pm
that is it. >> heather: he had a baby with a local gal. congratulations to them. a man's random act of kindness is caught on camera. a man hands a stunned cashier $100 and left money for other employees at the store. the mystery man didn't want attention but a person who works with the man said he wanted to do something nice for workers at the store where he normally stops. >> a young lady in mcdonald's who is a regular there. he said can i have some coffee. and it just broke his heart. >> oh, my god. thank you. >> the man -- the man was also recently diagnosed with cancer and he left enough cash for all 33 employees at the mcdonald's, even those who were not working that day. how thoughtful. >> heather: a wonderful man. kids have a long list of what they want santa claus to bring them. a local group says ten toys parents should avoid because they are too dangerous. coming up the list of the worst toys on sale this holiday
4:53 pm
ockerbloom with what we are working on for fox25 news at 5:00. ock? >> mark: a popular tourist attraction in boston and other parts of the country will soon be safer for riders. the new recommendations for
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
that list include several items from different companies and all of them could put children in danger. >> this particular one is a gun that comes with ammunition. guns sling shots even a cute puppy all are on this year's list of ten worst toys from a boston based consumer safety group called watch. >> every three minutes another
4:57 pm
this year a products inconsistent or inadequate safety warnings. a not assume a toy is safe because it made for child. do not assume toy its safe because it comes from your favorite store. among items on this year's list a doll sold with a spoon that. could be a choking hazard. >> dinosaur with a tail that has a sharp point, and this flying hero's superman doll. >> controlled adequately and these are in a hands of small children other products include a slime ball slinger which experts say kids can use as real sling shot. nerve rival and war cram doom hammer. this is heavy rijdz plastic. watch a parents should read warning printed on toys very carefully. >> you should also look for common safety traps include toys with long cords or leashes. one that is have small parts or projectiles and soft pillow-like toys.
4:58 pm
manufacturer. retailer, as long as you're tanning over your child while it snuggles with it don't let a child be alone with pillow like that there was toy representative representative companies say they do follow consumer prot safety rules and all toys are routinely tested if you want to see them again post link full list of is to for still to come ahead on fox 25. tonight why they say this goes fall beyond two letters sent to a local man last week. >> it is an eye opening video. at brown university. people pulling up american flags and throwing them on the ground on veteran's day. what they are saying about this on campus. plus donation local mosque stolen. video of the suspect in the act tonight and why the police are ruling out a hate crime.
4:59 pm
tracker weather alert. >> first at 5 we are tracking some heavy rain moving through our area at this hour. you can see it on radar. and right now it is impacting the evening commute. we're driving along right here 495 north in chelmsford you can see not too bad a clip but you've got plenty of company on roadways right now. this here is what looked natick earlier today when rain starred falling there. good even everyone. wet weather will stick around throughout the rest of the evening. wet right outside our door sure. we have fox 25 team coverage to want. heather hegedus has video of the high tides that kicked off the day and storm tracker weather chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is staying ahead of that rain so you know what to expect. kevin, heavy rain right now in potential for more flooding later tonight. no doubt about it storm that has both facets with it we talked on shore winds last night that exacerbate any flooding concerns this morning. we'll lose those winds tonight. but there will still be another high tide sick cycle to be
5:00 pm
heavier rain coming through worcester county right now. more approaching boston at this hour. and there's more through southern new hampshire. and into worcester county here as well. so where some heaviest has falling and worcester county mostly northwestern portion of worcester county and back here into western massachusetts. there's greenfield i 91. getting some heavier rain look closer to worcester we're seeing that happen there as well look red and orange, what we've seeing come through northern worcester county for most part waiting for are reports and some hope you get report to me soon about how much rain you've had when you see red on our live storm tracker radar you know it's coming down tore ren shal. what has happening nashua tyngsboro over?' through oh el andover coming down hard. right at the at the right, what's that area called 495 to 93. traffic reporters don't need to know that you know what i'm talking about that intersection right there where the rain is pouring down. and heavily trafficked area during evening commute. beverly to lynn, southward


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