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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  November 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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school student good evening, i'm 77 necessary sal welsh. >> and i'm mark ockerbloom. >> ted daniel spoke to the officer at the center of the investigation and he's in lowell. >> we spoke with officer pender briefly outside his home and it was clear he wanted nothing to do with us. i asked he had a lawyer we should contact on his behalf and said no. the story broke just a few hours ago. here's what we know. the middlesex d.a.'s office has confirmed for fox 25 that officer pender is under investigation however a spoke person told provide any details at this time. according to the lowell sun, it involves accusations that pender, a school resource officer, assaulted a 16-year-old student at the maloy alternative school. it happened when the student was arrested for disturbing an assembly there. officer pend here been on the force for more than three decades. in 2013 he was ordered to work without pay for 10 days after he was arrested at his lowell home
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the charges were later dropped by his wife. >> rereached out to the lowell police department by email, his supervisor told me he wasn't authorized to make any statements but expects something will be released by wednesday reporting in lowell, i'm ted daniel, fox 25 news. police searching for a suspect in newton who held up a gas station at gunpoint. it happened at the gas station on beacon street. the man showed some type of lawn before running off with cash. police searched the area but did not find him. no one was hurt. also tonight, police tell us a mother was under the influence when she dropped her daughter off at an elementary school. malini basu spoke with the woman's friend an interview that you will see only here on fox 25. >> reporter: andover police charge this mother, maryellen shea with operating under the influence and reckless behavior to a child on monday morning. the 41-year-old drove her
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shea was mumbling incoherently. >> she is a good mom and she's never been in trouble before. this is a big mess. >> a woman who would only identify herself as, quote, dee, came to the door. >> she has all her ducks in a row, all her people, her family support. >> reporter: fox 25 learned when shea dropped her daughter off to school she left the car door open and the car it took shea several minutes to sign into the logbook and when police got there they said, quote, she was escorted back to the car. she stumbled and was unsteady on her feet, she even stumbled by the curb. the mother allegedly told police she was on muscle relaxers for her back pain. >> she's been going through a lot of personal things. >> her housed has been up for
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>> reporter: according to the police report, quote, she is going through some tough times, her husband is filing for divorce and moved to connecticut police say they failed all sobriety tests, shea's neighbor and friend defended her. >> she's always done the right thing and her child is the most important thing to her. >> the department of child and family services tells fox 25 they are aware of these allegations and they are investigating and once again that friend is defending the mother saying her child is her number 1 priority. in andover, malini basu, fox 25 news. fox 25's erika richey just arrived on scene and erika, any updates on the victim's condition here? >> not as of right now. the victim is still in serious condition with life-threatening injuries being treat at the hop as we speak.
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active. behind me you can see down the street here on huntington avenue in hyde park as it has been since the call came in around 8:30 this evening. but what we have learned since we've arrived is that there is one suspect in custody. the age to the victim still remains unknown at this are positive but the boston police have one suspect in custody. they got called here to hyde park around 8:30 tonight for a domestic disturbance that's when they found the victim was in serious condition and again that victim has been taken to the hospital and has suffered life-threatening injuries. we don't know the extent right now. police remain on the scene here. they continue to investigate we'll stay here for the remainder of the half-hour and bring you any updates as they become available to us. live in hyde park, erika richey,
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is state liss are looking for a taxi driver they say hit a cruiser and took off. police are working to track down the driver by identifying the cab company. a man brutally attacked outside of his worcester partial. right now police are still looking for the person who hit him in the head with some sore of a met pipe as he got out of his car on i the 46-year-old was conscious and semialert while being taken to the hospital. police describe his condition tonight as unstable. >> this man is accused of exposing himself to two young girls in saugus friday afternoon. he told officers he may have accidentally exposed himself while bending down to look at shoes but the 11 and 7-year-old girls say he pulled his shorts down in front of them several times. rivera is out on bail tonight. possible immigration policy changes under the trump
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calm their communities of undocumented residents. during the campaign, trump threatened to cut funding to sanctuary cities. somerville mayor says the city could lose up to $6 milling annually. if that happens. but he says they are sticking to their policy. >> i have no intention to run away from i am or my community in chelsea he wrote on facebook business is usual for come forward if they're witnesses to a crime regardless of immigration status. community came together today after natick town leaders say threatening letters were sent in. they're only part of what they've been hearing from residents and we confirmed today that anti-immigrant graffiti was written in the high school's bathroom saying, quote, deport. now, the names of two minority teachers and several residents describe what had they call
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last tuesday's election of donald trump. >> they're saying that the natick community doesn't want it. that's not the natick that i know or the natick that i've been involved with. i think the community is outraged and rightfully so. >> natick police chief went on to say this kind of behavior is not tolerated in his town. >> since the election we've been showing you images from anti trump protests in different part of the country and reporting on an uptick in hate the fbi breaks down the hard numbers. >> reporter: it's been one week since election day 2016 and in that time reports of hate crime have streamed in from across the doesn't. according to the southern poverty boston more than 400 cases of lasersment or intimidation have been reported in the last seven days hateful words and symbols have been painted on churches and schools. in one school students chanted "build that wall." there have been reports of
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one man was attacked in chicago after a car accident accused of vote offing for the republican nominee. >> i heard a lady say that guy is one of the trump supporters and i turned and said to her, that has nothing to do with this the increase in hate crimes traces back to before the election. according a report released by the fbi monday. hate crimes in the u.s. rose 6.8% from 2014 to and attacks against muslims rose 67% compared to the year before. 267 attacks in 2015. that's the highest number of attacks on muslims since 2001. following the al-qaeda attacks on 9/11, according to the southern poverty law center. >> president-elect trump did address the issue and implored people to stop the violence during an interview on 60 minutes. take a look at pictures here.
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inside. it wasn't until this morning that a passerby actually found her, didn't offered to help. >> she was in good spirits. she's about 70 years old, good sense of humor. >> reporter: that sense of humor intact despite the fact that the car she just got the day before trapped in that vehicle for eight hours. it started monday night about 10:00 p.m. when the driver was headed down route 27 in epping, new hampshire. >> her front tire got caught on the soft shoulder. she reported. it went about 75 feet into the woods. the car wound up too deep in the woods.
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up and climb out of the vehicle. >> the driver lost her cell phone as the car tumbled through the forest so there was no way to call for help. she was trapped in more ways than one until morning light. >> a passerby saw the car on the side and said, hey, somebody call. >> you're reaching and you're offering comfort and talking with them trying to assess where they are. >> the woman was taken to a nearby trauma unit and all in all lieutenant hammily the ordeal. she bunkered down and hoped for the best and figured at some point someone would find her and they did. the lieutenant says she had a couple things going for her. it was cold last night but not freezing and second she had some clothes in the backseat she was able to wrap herself in until help came.
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asking about top secret security clearance for his adult children. donald junior, air and pick ivanka trump and ivanka's husband played big roles in the president-elect's campaign and his campaign manager says they play a support role. >> concerned about security which is a slightly separate matter. at the same time i'm sure that the trump children will be there to support their father in formal capacities. >> a spokesperson for the president-elect says no top security clearance to let his children run his business while he's in office. from know on people will be known only by their street addresses. >> incredible video of the trump supporter tackling an anti-trump protestor. in ohio state university, this is going viral as police
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>> you idiot. >> the video was posted at the lang tern. shortly after the attack the man who attacked the protestors, the man was led away by police. afterwards students at the rally began talking more about their differences without the violence. no word on whether that student will face charges. president obama was in greece today to discuss economic recovery but everybody kept asking him about donald trump, he was asked his policies contributed to the surpris >> i still don't feel responsible for what the president elect says or does. did i recognize that there was anger and frustration? in the american population? of course i did. >> reassuring allies was one of the president's goals as commander in chief. >> police say he shot and killed a southwest airlines employee and has bond to dead in his truck. the shooting happened in the parking lot this afternoon.
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the airport lock-down has sings been lifted. >> we believe it was a premeditated act against the victim. >> the victim is the father of kansas city chief's long staffer james winchester.
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we want to update you again on the breaking news in hyde park. one person has suffered serious life-threatening injuries during a domestic incident in the huntington ave area in hyde park. there is still a large police presence right now. these are live pictures. we've learned one person is in custody. stay with us for any new information that comes in overnight. water worries want to make sure children are drinking clean water while in school. >> clean water got an extra $750,000 funding today. since then high levels of leaved or copy verify been found in 240 schools.
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crack down on drug dealers and educate the community. the dea is working with the boys and girls club and city schools to talk about the battle between heroin and phentenol. one woman told fox 25 the education piece could have stopped her son from developing an addiction. >> i would have liked to have thought that maybe if he had that education he would have thing to not to take a prescription pill. >> manchester cities in the united states picked for the program. >> there's the rain that continues to pinwheel off to the north. in the rain's wake with some clearing in the clouds, let me focus on live stormtracker radar and where the rain is falling
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offshore. may be clipping the beach there in nantucket rain falling and look the a these downpours. newburyport getting hit hard right now with some rain. west newer barry ising some of that. plumber spring road pouring right there. now, that's the exception, not the rule right now but plenty of rain up there on the northshore. the heavy rain goes on by. added sharon to the list. and lynn same thing, 1.47-inches to make the list a flood advisory until 2:00 in the morning. these are the areas along the south shore north of the bridges through cape cod and plymouth and scituate and cohassett and northward of morrisey boulevard. extended on to the northshore and seacoast of new hampshire
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main, as well. futurecast shows there will still be a couple of showers around overnight. spots or drizzle where the fog forms and becomes a little thicker. that makes for problems driving around tonight and first thing in the morning. shiri spear will be guiding you through where the showers are and dense areas of fog are for your travel plans in the morning and of course we'll have the traffic reports to go along with that, it all starts to break up into the day and afternoon. we'll get some sunshine out and that will warm things up. tomorrow night leading to a pretty nice-looking thursday coming up with plenty of sunshine pretty much all day long. your wake-up forecast includes a lot of clouds, fog, maybe some drizzle and average temperature
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not so bad for november, for sure. it gets even better by the end of the week. 60 degrees again on friday. so a mild november rolls on. and by sunday and monday we take another turn. we've been doing this every once in a while. they've been brief, cold spells but this will last for a couple days. on sunday, only 40s and windy and in that situation, there's gonna be a storm system that will be drifting toward us and causing some cold weather and snow in the midwest. as it comes over the top of us, it's going to produce a clouds and perhaps rain or snowshowers. the blue line is the freezing line making its way that has new england. so that's the potential for that rain or snow.
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>> you know what i'm wondering about. >> when you're the best tightened in the league there's people beyond boston and new england who are paying attention. a lot to hit tonight.
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on how rob's injury was reported. i think we've come to a happy medium and a built of clarity. conflicting reports last night on exactly what the injury is, a punctured lung, a chest injury, that happy medium appears to be a perforated lung. >> he is expected to miss sunday's game in san francisco. bennett is giving him his space right now. you get not only a day off from work but sometimes you need a day off from coworkers. so i try not to bother my teammates on their day off. al still a game time decision tomorrow against the mavs. left tomorrow early so he could get home and get some rest. recovering from his concussion, he missed seven games but was able to get through practice today. we will see if he can play tomorrow. baseball awards week today.
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other pretty well. francona, the manager of the american league, dave roberts, the manager of the year in the nagle auto league. think dave learned a thing or two from tito on the bench. it fits the bill, what they're looking for, nothing exceedingly long term, here's a tribute about carlos. the second most compensated player in the history of baseball. only alex rodriguez has made more money over the course of well, bennett at the tobin school in roxbury reading his book to more kids. it's like his personal mission to get in front of as many kids as possible, just encourage them, teach them. give them a positive experience and tell them about pursuing their imagination. we have much more on this event on the's sports page. meanwhile, the legends ball to honor the ymca.
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great organization, 500 people in the ballroom and so many kids will benefit from their generosity. >> as a football player, i feel like i have the responsibility to, you know, help young people in our community and, you know, i can't play football forever. so it's nice to, you know, take advantage of the time that i have and try to help kids. >> tuesday is an nfl players day off. they don't take days off because when they're not practicing and very impressive. >> so important to see them do all that work in the community. >> all right, kevin. >> some rain out, there some showers and a little bit of fog out there on our drive home tonight, and for you first thing in the morning. check with shiri as you get out of bed of so you know where that's gonna be a problem for you and gets a little warmer as the day goes on. cold by the end of the weekend,
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: real estate trophy goes to cindy crawford and rande gerber. they just made $10 million in a year, and didn't even sell the full property they bought a year ago. >> i feel like for $60 million, i want to walk out my door and stand in the ocean. harvey: for 30 seconds, you're rande gerber. >> i will take 30 seconds with much. >> what will he do the next 25 seconds? >> we got a copy of dream kardashian's birth certificate. the ob/gyn delivered all of kim's babies, all of kourtney's babies. harvey: he's all up in all of their business. >> he's seen all of their vaginas in their worst possible state. >> he sees the one-month checkup. >> the one-month checkup is gross too. >> no, it's not the. >> is it? you have a kid.


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