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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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massachusetts. the new information just released to the public. and hillary clinton makes her first appearance following her confession speech. why she says everyone should still believe in this country after the elections. good morning, everybody, 6:00 on this thursday morning, november 17. thank you for being with us this morning. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. it is cool this morning while waking up into the 30s and 40s. meteorologist shiri spear says that are warm. a timeline of those increasing temps. >> shiri: can't wait. a nice day out there. early clouds helping us out. like our blanket holding in heat. 48 in boston. 47 in lawrence. portsmouth, new hampshire and norwood. a little cooler because it is clearer right now in worcester where we are down to 40 degrees. your hour-by-hour forecast. framingham. starts out partly cloudy. 47 degrees. 10 a.m., 52.
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creasing afternoon sunshine, but we only got a couple clear and a cup of warm days before a huge turn around over the weekend. i am timing out those changes coming up in about 10. julie grauert is up now live drive time traffic and a look at the expressway you julie the first red spot is on ow expressway after furnace brook parkway. typical for things to slow there. shift route 1, 93 south looking good. live look at the zakim space between those cars. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound. but 19 minutes on the expressway. 23 minutes on 93 south approaching the leverett connector back to you. developing news, an incredible you sight caught on camera, a commuter train hits into a car cutting it in two, but "people" inside that car get out and run away. >> gene: they are very lucky and police are trying to track
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where that crash happened. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a few people were able to up and run from the scene. but police -- a lot of questions they want answered. who these people are and even more so why they took off from here last night. we do have the surveillance video here, and if you watch closely at the very top of your screen, you can see the car drive right past the flashing light on the tracks and almost meetly the -- immediately the train barrels into the car it is hard to imagine anyone surviving that, but seconds later you can see a woman running out and another person right behind her. they took off and after this morning, police are still trying to track them down. we have video of what is left of that car. it is barely recognizable as you can see after all of that. of course, a very scary situation for everyone on board that train. several of them were speeding right after the crash saying they heard scraping on the bottom of the train right before it came to a stop.
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hurt. that train was going from boston to rockport and people on board were in buses to make their way home. this morning transit police are investigating. we will update you on where they are in the search and as soon as we get that update we will pass it along here on fox25. live in revere, jessica reyes, fox25 news. a new clue in the case of a woman out for a jog in a tiny town of princeton. for weeks information, but now they are sharing some information in the hopes of sparking a new lead. our michael henrich is live with new information. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, gene. three months of investigating and three months of accepting tips from the public. now this new bit of information released. investigators are looking for a dark-colored suv connected to the case. still not arrests in the murder of vanessa marcotte. the 27-year-old went for a jog while visiting her family in
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the worcester county district attorney said her body was found in the woods near brook station road hours later. more than three months later, the da is releasing a new detail. witnesses saw a dark-colored suv parked on brook station road around the time they think the killing took place not enough informing for princeton shaken by the brutal homicide. >> i do a lot of hiking in the woods. some hiking with friends. i would decisions about whether -- how safe that is and how safe that is not. >> reporter: private investigators tom shamshack who is not related to the case spoke to fox25 by phone. >> they may be dealing with a fresh out-of-the-box homicidal killer. >> reporter: shamshack believes the killer is familiar with the princeton area and the seemingly vague clue from investigators could be a more significant development.
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information that they are not sharing. and they may have developed information about persons or persons of have. >> reporter: the da say they have received more than,000 tips and they are asking for help from the public. if anyone knows them call special vanessa marcotte hotline. >> gene: police want to hear from you if you have anything that might be able to help them out 508-457 detectives have received more than 1,000 tips since marcotte's murder, but her killer does remain at large. the news surrounding president-elect donald trump's transition team and cabinet continues to pose new questions every day. this morning, it is about his son-in-law jarrod kirschner and a new name is surfacing as a possible secretary of state. daniel miller joins us with stories coming out of trump tower. >> daniel: the elevators at
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watch by journalists trying to get a clue who will be in the president-elect's cabinet. south carolina governor nikki haley is expected to meet with trump today. cnn has a source that says she could be in the running for secretary of state. she has had a rocky past with the president-elect. she endorse both marco rubio and ted cruz and said repeatedly he was not a fan of trump. not the only big name meeting with the president-elect today. japan's prime minister is on hi now build trust with trump and safeguard the alliance between the united states and japan. during the campaign, trump stunned japan and south korea after suggesting he might withdraw the u.s. military from their shores leaving them to protect themselves from north korea. the prime minister is likely looking to find out how much of trump's statements were true and how much was campaign rhetoric. this morning the "wall street journal" is reporting donald trump's son-in-law jarrod
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kirschner could get a key role. husband of ivanka could be tapped as a senior advisor or special counsel. and the trump administration laying out strict rules to future cabinet members. all appointees will ask them to bar them from being a registered lobbyist for five years after they leave government service. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 morning news. yesterday, a familiar face was at trump tower. patriots owner robert kraft was spotted there around 2:00 in the afternoon with former goldma for the secretary of treasury. kraft didn't say why he was here he was politically bipartisan in the past giving donations to both democratic and republican candidates. hillary clinton made her first public appearance after delivering her concession speech more than a week ago. last night she spoke at a gala for the children's defense fund. they advocate on behalf of underprivileged children and
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an intern there. last night her speech was part reflection and part pledge to stay strong in the face of a trump administration. >> i know this isn't easy. i know that over the past week a lot of people have asked themselves, whether america is the country we thought it was. the divisions laid there by this election run deep. but please listen to me when i say this, america is worth it. our children are worth it. believe in our country. fight for our values. and never, ever give up. >> gene: earlier in her speech, clinton admitted it was not easy speaking at the gala and a few times she said where she never wanted to leave the house again. right now from his are searching for the man they say broke into his ex-girlfriend's house in hyde park and attacked her and her mom with a knife. they say he stabbed his ex-friend in the face, neck and chest and he also stabbed her
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on huntington avenue on tuesday. the daughter told officers that he tried to kill her and her mom. according to the police report, smashed five windows in the home as well as the window of the mom's suv. new video show a rob we are a rifle taking aim at a worker inside of a local gas station. >> can you open the register please? open. open the register, now! hurry up! all of it. >> gene: frightening there. you could hear the suspect say please before he grabbed a handful of money, lowered his weapon and walked out of the store tuesday night in newton. this morning the suspect is still on the loose. they are hoping that someone will recognize the man in the video or his voice. >> the braintree police department's evidence room will be moved after an audit found missing drugs, cash and guns. according to the patriots ledger, the evidence room will be relocated to the former pistol range. two new cameras will be
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the interim chief at a state-of-the-art tracking systems are also being evaluated. charges against more than 100 people had to be dropped because of the missing items. the town of abington has removed 80 trees since a tree fell and killed two people in the spring. crews have taken down the tree at the request of concerned residents. back in april, a whitman couple manuela and franklin teixeira were killed when a large tree fell on their car. a wrongful death lawsuit was filed has not yet been settled. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. good morning, everyone. on the expressway northbound right now,er up to 22 minutes. bye-bye to those single digit drive times from the braintree split to the pike. shiri. >> shiri: slight risk of late saturday showers, but it is more sunday that we are looking at. not just at some rain, but a little bit of snow. we will break it down hour by hour next. 6:10 this morning.
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coming up, how the district plans to still use the building to provide a better education for local kids. a big one for the red sox
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6:14. and a wonderful piece of hardware for red sox rick porcello. he was named the american league cy young very close vote. his teammate verlander got more first place votes, but he wasn't on the ballot of two sportswriter bus porcello was take it. the last to win was pedro martinez. but the best part is porcello was surrounded by loved ones when he found out. >> unbelievable. i have my family standing here. i don't think they know yet. [ laughter ]
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>> what a moment. >> gene: that is fantastic. not everyone was happy about the award. as porcello's family. verlander's fiancee kate upton fired off a nasty tweet to the mlb. it was tweeted 60,000 times but too vulgar to read on television. and another celebration. champagne shower for mat league cy young winner and the party was on at the schezer place. and he won over others. he becomes the 6th pitcher in history win the cy young award in both leagues. big day for red sox outfielder mookie bett s. mookie is up against the angels mike trout and.
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and gold glove right field. the winner will be announced this afternoon. questions still looming of the health of rob gronkowski. he did not participate in practice what is described as a chest injury. he may have suffered a punctured lung or perforateed lung which not as bad. it would not be a huge surprise against san francisco. the first time since 2009, the boston police department has opened a cadet class for young people look join the force. the these 42 cadets will wear white for two years before they get a chance to earn blue. cadets learned about the culture that they will be interacting with and will also take a psychological exam, but the biggest qualification you have to be a boston resident like 18-year-old hassan of
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the son of an immigrant and the first pakistani bpd officer. >> when people approach me and they need service, i will give them that service. >> sara: the next step will be academy where the cadets will learn to give back to the community where they came from. good morning, everyone, it is 6 :16. we have traffic and weather every ten minutes. things still moving along nicely on route 1. that is until you get down to the zakim on 93. we do have a accident on the zakim southbound. so that will indicate ait area. things slowing down slightly on 95 and through canton as you approach 128. expressway, of course, starting to slow down. a lot of tail lights. a lot of brake lights past exit 13 freeport street. 18 minutes on route 1. 22 minutes on the expressway. almost half an hour on 93 south from andover down to the zakim bridge. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now and looking forward a partly sunny mild day out there. >> shiri: and even warmer here
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weekend. for today, running partly cloudy, dry and mild. now i don't have any coal flood advisories for this afternoon, but i do have splashover bob a 1 p.m. high tides today. conditions are improving. the flooding condition not going to be as extreme as the last two days. weekend turns cold, windy and wet. here your sunday is going to be so much different than your saturday. 48 degrees in boston right now. 47 in norwood. 47 in lawrence as well. so a little cooler in worcester. 40 on the nose there, but in lawrence, we have partly cloudy skies. that rolls with us through the morning hours. so a little mix of sun, scattered clouds. we have temperatures by noontime into the mid-60s. mid and upper 50s for highs and check out what is happening during the afternoon. your drive home from work will be so bright and cooling down. hit 60 at about 6:00 this evening. back in the 40s and 30s overnight. let's enjoy it while we can.
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lawrence. 52 in worcester. 56 in plymouth. 55 your afternoon high in hyannis. overnight tonight is going to be 30s and 40s, keeping things nice and clear and for the day tomorrow, friday sunshine and 56 to 62. honestly i would put raindrops but i think most of us in the lower 60s. a little forecast there. warm and sunny. late clouds rolling into place on friday. developing. i want to pause here. i know you are sleep agent 1:00. but it starts as lighter rain. as we get into the day on sunday, we have a slight chance for showers at times during the day, but we have got all this cold air moving in. cold enough to cause a little bit of a flip to snow and sleet. falls as snow and sleet, but the ground is too warm for anything to stick. the best chance for any accumulation across the mountains and the berkshires, the green mountains.
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hyannis over to worcester. even close to 60 degrees in concord, new hampshire. followed by mostly 40s here for the day on sunday. this is your cooler day, your cloudier day and we will have a lot of rain that day. the seven-day forecast always in view. partly cloudy today. 58 degree. we have 60s on tap on friday and saturday. sunday comes along. we have got wind, clouds and a chance for showers, all participation looks very light. remember and monday forecast at 43 degrees and watching wednesday travel day. we will take a closer look coming up. back to you, guys. researchers at harvard are working on ways to protect nfl players. the major change proposed by the law schools that have sparked an immediate negative response from the league. and we are learning more of
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last month for apologizing for historical discrimination for police will be leaving the department. chief terrence cunningham has
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international association of chiefs of police. he will be working on methods to improve community police relations. no word who will replace him as chief of police in wellesley. voted to close the mattahan middle school. it will become a early learning center for kindergarten and preschool student. all other students will have to find a new school. the elementary school has been labeled as an underperforming school for four years. the move is to avoid receivership by the state. sleep apnea could be the reason for the new jersey train crash. the train engineering thomas gallagher was diagnosed with the disorder that could have people fall asleep while at work or driving. he doesn't remember falling asleep. one person was killed and a hundred were injured in that crash. a kansas police officer can thank his quick reflexes for
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thank goodness the officer notices an out-of-control car perfectly timed his jump to get out of the way. incredibly, he walked away unharmed. he is holding continue to all of his papers. the police department posted the video to twitter reminding drivers to slow down or move over for emergency vehicles. a new york fire fighter being hailed a hero after he saved a man's life hundreds of miles from home. vacation in georgia with his wife and he encountered a car on fire. he was able to free the man from the burning car as his wife captured the whole thing on camera. >> very proud of him, but at the same time, i was very scared for him. i mean, he is go in and out of this car, and it is lighting up all the time. and the smoke. you know what, he is a first responder. nobody would have walked away from that. >> the man in the car is still
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his family reached out to napolitano to thank him for everything that he did. the gesture brought napolitano to tears. >> sara: beautiful story on this thursday morning. shiri, over to you. >> shiri: all right. so we are in the midst of a mild stretch. highs near 60. but the cooldown not just bringing in the chance for rain but a chance of snow. time it out and take you hour by hour coming up next. united is coming up, the two major
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complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> reporter: now at 5:30, a
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car in half. the two people inside got out alive. city leaders promise ge a new helli pad in boston. a new look at where that helli pad could be built. and players in the nfl to stay healthy. why the nfl is shooting down a plan into making sure the players always get the best medical care. good morning, everyone, and thank you so much for joining us on this thursday, november 17, i am sara underwood. >> gene: i am gene lavanchy. which is nice. whenever we have temperatures like this, we must embrace it and thank it. >> shiri: i don't know what is happening right now. all right, so we will embrace it -- embrace the clouds this morning. doing us a favor. look at the clear spots. brookdale down to 44 degrees. springfield, mass, yikes, 29 and more clouds and a little bit more of that heat in
6:31 am
londonderry. middle 40s in reading, lexington and natick. mansfield also 45 degrees. 47 hanover and 42 in wareham. kind of doing us a little favor creating this nice mild start to the day. 49 degrees at 8 a.m. we will keep things partly cloudy through noontime. temperatures in the middle-50s by lunchtime. mid- to upper 50s by 3 p.m. kids homing home from school. it will get brighter and brighter. leaving clear skies how long we hang on to these nice clear conditions before things turn kind of wet and cold and windy. those details coming up in about 10. julie grauert is live with drive-time traffic starting with live pictures. >> julie: skyfox over a stall on zakim after 93 south. we are checking those out with our live pictures. backing things up slightly. hitting 6:30. backing things up slightly and
6:32 am
things slow on the expressway, and a little bit of volume building on 24 because of a breakdown before 128. here why, you live drive pipes. 39 minutes on 93 south. half an hour on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. back to you. and developing news. an incredible site caught on camera, a commuter train slams into a car on the tracks cutting it in two, but then two people inside that car get out and run away. >> police are trying to track revere this morning where the crash happened. good morning, jess. >> reporter: good morning, gene. as you saw in the surveillance video, pretty remarkable that the people were able to walk away from the scene like they did, but police have a whole lot of questions for them. they want to know who the people are and even more so why they took off from here in the first place. watch closely at the very top of the screen. a car barrels right past the flashing lights on to the train
6:33 am
train comes flying into the car, sliding it completely in half. it is hard to imagine anyone surviving that, but seconds later a woman comes running out with another person right behind her. it all happened at a railroad crossing near oak island road in revere around 10:30. this is all that is left of the car pairly recognizable. the train heading from boston to rockport with several people on board. passengers we heard from speaking out when they realized what happened. one man tweeted. we heard something under the car. the train stopped some time later. thankfully no one on the train was hurt. the investigation into who those people are and why they were running is well under way this morning. >> reporter: police searched the area with k-9s and search is on for the people. transit police are handling the investigation as we reached out to them this morning for an
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course, as soon as we hear back, we will let you know on the fox25 morning news. live in revere this morning, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. drama expected in court. may play a detailed graphic tape from convicted killer gary lee sampson he gave to massachusetts state police after his arrest. the jury heard his chilling 911 call as the death penalty trial gets under way. >> i killed a couple of people. >> okay. when did you kill someone? >> i killed massachusetts and one in new hampshire the other day. >> gene: he turned himself into police in vermont in 2001. at the time he murdered three men as you heard after a week-long crime spree across new england. jurors will decide if he should be sentenced to death. a jury showed surveillance video of sampson trying to stab a correction officer with the sharp end of a broomstick in indiana in 2011. fox25's bob ward has been covering this case since it
6:35 am
for his report starting this afternoon on the fox25 news at 4:00. students in new hampshire will still have a ride to school at least until tuesday. bus drivers have agreed to postpone a strike after rejecting yesterday's contract offer from a student. a new offer will be drafted up at a november 22 meeting. drivers are currently fighting for better pension plans, and if they go on strike next week, 21 school districts could be impacted. running water has been turned back on at arlington middle school in lawrence. their water yesterday after a leak was discovered in a water main. during the repair the school handed out water bottles and janitors used buckets of water to flush out toilets. according to the eagle tribune, sprinkler systems were not impacted by the outage. an electrical issue is likely to blame for start tag fire at the bruce school. the power strip or something plugged into it likely failed and caught fire. no students or teachers were hurt in the incident.
6:36 am
for the rest of the week. 6:35. new this morning, harvard law school wants the nfl to make a big change. the nfl is not having it. the school spent two years studying the health and safety of nfl players. researchers recently released a report among other things that team doctors and trainers should not work for the team. this will prevent any conflict of have. the nfl released a statement on their own and a response claiming no proof of a conflict of have. and that any change would not improve player care. family birthday while on vacation. [crying] >> sara: coming up, his twin brother describes a man who would do anything and everything to help improve the lives of those around him. and believe it or not,
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we are pack at 6:39. we check traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> sara: let's we do. things are looking across worse from one hour ago. >> julie: just as you said tune in again in an hour and i will show you the pictures. i would say the volume has doubled past freeport street. one hour and 26 minutes from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. a look at the bus stop forecast. >> shiri: the bus stop
6:40 am
mild. 40s on tap. middle 40s at 7 a.m. at 8 a.m., slow to start for the warm-up. i will show where you we hit the 60s today and how long that mild stretch lasts before the big weekend cooldown. those weekending coming up in 10. back to you. if you were flying the friendly skies, a fee for using overhead bins if you use a new united airlines basic economy ticket. the fares are met to compete with low sprint and frontier. you can only bring one personal item and it sits in the seat in front of you. and you don't get to pick your seat. it is assigned on the day. no ways to guarantee that friends and family who book together can sit together. as thanksgiving quickly approaches google is giving boston drivers, that is, some helpful hits for hitting the roads. the best time to leave the area is at 6 a.m. this sunday when
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best time to plan your return trip, friday, the day after thanksgiving. google warns the worst time is the day before turkey day and the saturday right after. and amazon is making it easier to keep your holiday gift a secret. the company has introduced package expressway, a feature that let's you peek inside your box without opening.tampa scanning a bar code brings out pictures and descriptions from all the items inside and you don't have to worry about anyone ruining their surprise. inside the boxes ordered from your account. 6:41 this morning, new video proof of the struggles of vertically challenged. the viral video of a grand mother who ran into a little trouble at nap time.
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and we are back now at 6:43 this morning. a live look at the back bay. nice shot over the common this morning. things starting to brighten up a little bit. marlborough at 46. lynn, 46. and abington. 47 degrees. nice weather today and tomorrow but change is in the air, and will feel more like winter coming up in less than five minutes. happening now, the hunt is on for two people who took off after their car was hit by a train. this was a live look at the tracks in revere where ited all happened the rockport line near oak island road. we talked to a neighbor who caught the incident on his home surveillance camera. kind of blur tow watch at the top of your screen. the train hit the car cutting it in half and a woman run out and another person run right out after her. very lucky. our crew reaching out to to
6:45 am
able to track down those two people. police released a new clue in the murder of vanessa marcotte. she was killed during the summer out for a jog in princeton. police were looking for a dark suv where she was found. gene, the seaport is being eyed as a potential home for a new helliport. part of a multimillion dollar intensive package to bring general electric headquarters to boston but not everybody thinks that a helli pad is a our catherine parrotta live in south boston with the issue this come have with this helli copter landing spot. >> reporter: this is the location for that heliport which is behind the pavilion for concerts you will attend in the summertime. but not something set in stone at this time. something that is the topic of conversation during a communion meeting last night. >> it includes full services that would you see in an airline terminal. >> reporter: a proposal for the
6:46 am
air. a heliport like this one in new york city is part of a $120 package from city and state officials to entice general electric to move to boston and the topic for a public meeting last night. >> no one is more excited about ge coming to boston than me, and my primary concern is the constituents of boston. >> reporter: concerns, noise, pollution and where the facility will be located. >> what i can tell that you a number of potential sites have been ruled out. >> reporter: four point channel, fargo street. the location now being eyed near dry dock 4 east of the fish pier. the facility just wouldn't be for ge. and the proposal does have supporters, among them the ge of boston med flight >> the ability to rapidly transport the thickest of the thick to advanced medical care in boston provides an invisible safety net to our fellow citizens. >> reporter: the idea haven't been cleared for cakeoff and haven't been decided if on land
6:47 am
estimates. some question spending money at all when there is plenty to fix on the ground. >> pretty significant transportation issues, and i do wonder why we are allocating resources toward this. >> reporter: there is still a lot to work out, and that is the reason why nothing is set in stone at this time. the fact there are three more public meetings that will be scheduled on this topic. live at the seaport, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. starting today, new laws to protect pets goes into effect in massachusetts. under responder also have legal protection if they break a car window to rescue a trapped pet. local animal control officers will be able to issue citations when pets are found house in cruel conditions. fine also range from $50 for first offenses to $300 for violations. you will soon have to hit the brakes. the city council has voted to lower the speed limit from 30 to 25 across most of the city. the speed limit will impact any
6:48 am
a speed limit sign. unclear when the new speed limit will go into effect. bruins looking for 8th win if the last ten games tonight. they are on the road taking on the wild in minnesota. big night for isaiah thomas. they take down the mavericks at the garden. promise 8 points in the fourth quarter and score 22 in that final stanza. he was beyond hot. an easy bucket down the end and close and then he buries it. and he finished with 30 points and turns play maker. between the legs pass to avery bradley. that is pretty. another look. celtics win it. the mighty golden state warriors will be at the garden tomorrow night. and you can see a herd of deer took out a runner at a
6:49 am
pennsylvania. despite the yelled warning, the runner was not able to get out of the way. he was leveled by the deer as they ran past. according to the race recap the runner is bruised up but not seriously hurt. one of his teammates stopped to help and they cross the finish line. >> gene: when they say heads-up, that is what they mean. not normally a deer -- >> sara: interesting to see how fast those deer were running. >> gene: not an official entrant record. >> shiri: hey, you know how we have been talking about the drought lately. do you realize that only 2% of the tate is not and you drought right now. >> gene: we had some rain but it haven't -- >> shiri: last week we saw no improvements to that drought monitor. i get a brand-new update once a week. that update comes out at 8:30. watching this closely and monday steering the situation, but we still have almost 30% in massachusetts under an extreme drought here.
6:50 am
i just don't think it is enough to undo you the drought that we have. hey, today a dry day. cloudy skies to get things started at 8 a.m. as well. we still have temperatures in the 40s not a bad way to start things off. gray. breaks in the clouds. mostly cloudy. temperatures middle 50s across southern new england. by noon today and you can see afternoon is a little better 55 p.m. dri h p.m. drive home, losing degrees. but afternoon highs early this afternoon. probably some upper 50s in norwood and bedford. 57 the high in boston, beverly, lawrence up to nashua, new hampshire. worcester, 52. and hyannis, 55. bet you like this. tomorrow morning 60s on the map and highs around 60. and sunshine here for your friday is going to be a gorgeous day. sunny and warm conditions to start off the weekend and
6:51 am
in here. during the overnight hours, this is where i expect most of -- any kind of steady stuff to come through. looking at the latest information -- while you were asleep, we will get a little bit of rain or snow mixing in. nothing sticks locally because it is too mild here. yes cold and windy but not going to be freezing and we get nothing to stick. the sticking snow is out across western new england and into the mountains. so there will be some scattered lighter rain showers on sunday a lot of clouds around. a lot of wind around as well. that snow threat is going to be very, very low here. you can see some cooler temperatures for the second half of the weekend. we have a lot of upper 50s in beverly, boston down to plymouth at 57 on saturday, but a lot of us getting stuck on all-day 40s here on sunday. seven-day forecast for the weekend always in view. 60s friday and saturday. winds, clouds and a chance of a little light rain and a little mix that does not stick on
6:52 am
high of only 43. we have tuesday's sun, followed by developing showers here on wednesday. julie grauert is up now with live drive time traffic this morning watching those slow spots. >> starting at route 3 south of town. for south shore commuters, a little volume starting to build as you approach route 18 in weymouth. average speeds 16 miles per hour in the stoughton area as you approach route 139. 95 starting to slow down slightly as well in canton heading toward 128. split past columbia road. live drive times. 17 minutes on route 3. a lot more drive times in just a bit. local schools facing accusations of abuse. tonight, fox25 investigates uncovers how state education inspectors often followed up with just a phone call. >> i think it is very serious, you know. something really bad can happen.
6:53 am
monitors residential schools which receive taxpayer dollars. while dcf shows up to investigate allegations of abuse. fox25 investigates found that state school inspectors rarely visit the schools in question. eric ramussen asks if enough is being done to keep kids safe. a frightening animal attack after a man had to chase down and scare off a coyote that tried to kill his cat. now tha it did suffer some bad injuries. scott daley said he spotted the animal with the cat in his mouth in front of his home in weymouth. he startled the animal allowing his cat to escape but his troubles were not over. >> dropped the cat. the cat tried to go up the tree. and recircled and tried to grab at me. i kept it at arm's length. >> gene: the coyote followed him back as he slowly walked
6:54 am
animal control officers arrived and ended up killing the coyote. weymouth police are waiting to see if that animal was rabid by. a local family in mourning when a father died in jamaica at a destination wedding. the new hampshire man was killed after being hit by a bus. our daniel miller joins us with this heartbreaking story you will see only on fox and why the family is fighting to. known around nashua, new hampshire as a funny and selfless man who always put others first. hi contemplating for months whether or not to go to this wedding. they say this is the one time he did something for himself an ended up dying on his birthday. >> reporter: at 33-year-old old, christopher leite loved his family more than anything. his three kids will now grow up without their father. five siblings and a mother are forced to go on without him. >> i love him so much and i hope that he was really proud of us.
6:55 am
jamaica for a friend's destination wedding. the group was headed to a cafe when wild animals got in front of their bus. a speeding bus going by hit and killed leite and the bus driver. >> there was the driver. his name was damian, and he tried to push my brother out of the way. and unfortunately they were both struck. >> he asked all three of us at least 100 times a day is it okay to go there. he said i didn't think i should spend that much money spend that much money on myself. >> reporter: leite died on his birthday. jonathan leite is his twin. all the family wants is to bring him back home, but they can't. the leit es tell us that the jamaican government is making them pay for all the medical expenses before they release his body. just be patient. we are going to bring you home. and we are coming to get your, brother, no matter what we have
6:56 am
up the go fund me account and in one day it has surpass the $20,000 goal. that money will be used to help bring christopher back home and leftover funds will go to his kids. after his story aired, we got a call from a viewer that offered to pay for a flight for one of chris's family members to go down to jamaica and sort out the issues. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. happening today, a nasa astronaut will become the holdest woman to go to space and she blasts off from kazakhstan today. currently 56, one year older than the former recordholder. joined on the mission from russia and france to the international space station. whitson will hold the record for most days held in space by a u.s. astronaut. bob dylan will not be attending the nobel prize ceremony. he sent a letter to the swedish academy saying he has pre-existing commitments.
6:57 am
long as he gives a nobel lecture in the next six months. he is the first songwriter ever to win a nobel prize. tom brady finally having a laugh about deflategate. his funny take on the two-year investigation. a national chain under fire for what one employee thinks is a deceptive sales practice.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> gene: developing now at 7:00, a car gets sliced in half by a train overnight and police want to talk to the people inside. coming up surveillance video that shows two women running from the scene. >> michael: d.a. says more than 1,000 tips come inar a woman killed jogging. >> sara: member of trump family that could be tapped for a top position at the white house. >> gene: fox25 investigates goes undercover to show you how much a free computer scan can actually cost you. this is boston's only news


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