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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 18, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. now at 4 owe color, a high school athlete in due in court. the scary crime he is accused of involving a 14-year-old girl. a woman is attacked by a group of teens on the t and what they are calling a hate how other passengers stepped in to make sure that the teens did not get away from it. the president-elect is shortening his circle. the one teen that will meet donald trump this weekend. good morning, it is friday, november 18. i am daniel miller. >> julie: good morning, everyone, i am julie grauert. our floor director sailed, dan, how are you doing.
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we are doing great. a bit of a chill in the morning and it will turn into a beautiful day. shiri spear is in the storm tracker weather center when today's pleasant temp also come to an end. >> shiri: today we have nice weather. tomorrowing will nice weather. over the weekend an ugly turn. freezing in bedford at 32. 33 in nashua, new hampshire. 40s in boston and plymouth and cape cloud holding temperatures in the upper 50s. very windy now. gusts 20, 30 miles per hour. that will send up subsiding as we travel throughout morning. your hour-by-hour forecast for waltham 6 a.m. at 38. 8 a.m. at 43. lower 50s at 10:00 this morning. highs close to 60 degrees with that sunshine today. i will show you what time things start to turn wet and windy and cold over the weekend. these details coming up. julie, back to you for drive-time traffic. >> julie: things nice and light on the road.
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through the o'neill tunnel closing the dewey square tunnel and section until 5 a.m. and then open back up. you can see a lot of green on the maps on route 1, 93 south. expressway moving along just fine. live drive times. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway. 23 minutes from 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 4:02 right now. a high school football player is due in court today accused of brutally attacking a 14-year-old girl to the bus stop. fox25's malini basu reports this morning, the 18-year-old suspect is turned himself to police. >> reporter: 18-year-old john allen was just released from jail. his family member dropped him off at his pure tan road home in bourne. it was one week ago when a 14-year-old girl was attacked walking to her school bus top
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attacked her from behind. >> she was walking to the bus stop. a male unknown to her came up behind her and grabbed her by the neck and brought her to the ground. >> reporter: luckily another student at the bus stop saw what happened. >> another individual called out her name and the male fled the area. >> reporter: fox25 has learned that allen a senior at upper cape cod technical school. he plays full back. he is now facing attempted aggravated kidnapping charges and strangat malini basu, fox 25 news. >> daniel: fox25 spoke to the 14-year-old girl attacked. she and her mother asked for privacy and said they are still living in fear. a death investigation in wellesley after a commuter train hit and killed a man. it happened a block from the wellesley square station. the 59-year-old man walked on to the outbound tracks of the worcester line. his name has not been released. which are now getting more details of this unusual and
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a car sliced in half by a train and the two people have been able to walk away. now fox25 has obtained the 911 calls placed after the attacks. as you hear the man on the line is very calm. >> a car was very smashed by a train. >> what? >> a car was just hit by a train. >> a car was just hit by a train. >> yes, that's correct. >> julie: the 911 dispatcher seemed to be concerned but the man so calm. the driver was crash before trying to beat the train. the driver has been called to court to face several charges. a group of young teens are facing hate crime charges. accused of attacking a woman on the t all because of her accent. fox25's john monahan reports that witnesses helped identify the suspects. >> i think it's -- it was terrible. >> reporter: the reaction from each person the same. >> that's so sad. sad. i don't understand it myself.
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savin hill disturbed that a woman who boarded a red line train at 7:40 in the morning was mocked and then beaten. and all of it because the victim and to be an immigrant according to suffolk da dan conley. the da said in a news release that three 15-year-old females started making fun of a 49-year-old woman for her accent and difficulty with english.
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plains. police say the victim will be okay. no word yet if the cabdriver
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a violent takedown inside federal court all caught on camera. fox25 investigates first showed you this video a few weeks ago. yesterday the man at the center of that video was at court. investigative reporter eric ramussen say prosecutors are asking a judge to seal the evidence in the case because of our last report. [bleep] >> reporter: this rare look inside federal court in boston show t defendant james marsaro. moments after they tried to put him in handcuffs back in march, masar new york city for a probation violation has been locked up on new charges ever since. the marshals say they were the ones injured but marsa ro say he suffered a broken rib and dislocated shoulders. he wants charges thrown out. he told a judge i have never in my life threatened or assaulted any member of law enforcement.
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prosecution says masaro was not being kicked, only forced out the door of the court room. masaro insisted that the kicking continued in the hallway during a bizarre ten-minute speech in court where he questioned why the u.s. marshals who are overseeing him. >> reporter: why did you let your client speak? >> i have no comment. >> reporter: what do you think of the government's efforts to seal the evidence. >> no comment. >> reporter: he didn't want to talk about t inside judge bristle when the judge questioned his impartiality. >> i am not mailing this in said masaro. you are starting to harm your own case. police, be quiet. they say that he has a history of mental illness and they did not make a motion on the request to seal evidence. the judge said they want him to be evaluated. in boston, eric ramussen, fox25
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to a disturbing discovery in a student's back pack. a loaded handgun was found after the student suffered what appears a seizure. they searched his bag if he might have taken something that made him sick and made the discovery. >> you think he is safe in school. i am not thinking that there is a gun in school. now i don't want her to go to school because it is scary. it's scary. >> julie: the student was taken treatment and we are working to get an update on his condition and if he will face any charges. president-elect trump beginning to assemble his administration. michael flynn a rhode island native has been offered the national security advisor position. patricia welch reports that some of the other people reported as positions come as a bit of surprise. [applause] >> reporter: some of the louder voices during the republican debates. >> nominating donald would be a
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>> i am getting ready to get on a gigantic airplane with donald trump's name on the side of it. >> reporter: particularly for good reason. >> donald trump is not looking to support him or who didn't. if you were the best person for that job he wants you as part of this team. >> reporter: governor nikki haley was an outspoken opponent. >> i taught my two little ones that you don't push people around. >> reporter: now being considered for secretary of state secretary of state. another option blasted him in the primary. >> he is a phony, a fraud. >> reporter: after the election tweeted best with i for our duly-elected president. >> this man is a pathological liar. >> reporter: the man trump dubbed lying ted is on the short list. and another man couldn't remember the government agency he would eliminate. .
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third one. >> reporter: fast forward six years, rick perry may head that department -- the department of energy. vanessa welch, fox25 news. >> daniel: stay tuned for the meeting between president-elect trump and mitt romney. donald trump will hit the road for a thank america tour. we check traffic and weather every ten minutes. the drive time on your expressway, single digits from the braintree split to the exit shiri. >> shiri: the chance of rain and snow over weekend. today nice and dry and tomorrow running dry. sunday has me most concerned. where we could see accumulation in new england coming up next julie all right, shiri. a streak of bank robberies with one man at the center of them. this man is getting more dangerous each time. the calling card that has nicknamed him the spelling bee bandit.
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drugs, money and evidence missing from lock-up. more than 100 evidence cases thrown out. now the interim police is explaining to robert goulston the changes made since is the
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credibility. >> reporter: paul shasteny is starting with acknowledging that mistakes can be made. >> if people can trust us that we can do the right thing, then we will recover rapidly. >> reporter: the evidence scandal of drugs, cash being unaccounted for have 100 cases being thrown out. >> a case that is dismissed because a case is compromised. will that uncovered the braintree issues. his auditing company finds these discrepancy more than you think. >> and i get a response of, well, [inaudible] as president reagan says press good we need to rarify. >> reporter: braintree requires more than one evidence officer
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bar higher and have advance tracking software. >> you should be 100% accurate inventory. >> reporter: and the chief wants to relocate the evidence room to the pd's lower level which is surrounded by concrete. >> if you try get in here, you will be discovered. >> reporter: the evidence-tracking software alone will run $300,000, but the chief says in this line of work, you can not afford to get it right. >> there is no other standard. it has to be the best. evidence handling system should be in place by next june, but the chief really needs to have it in place in half that time. in braintree, robert goulston, fox25 news. some state lawmakers want to see our bail system changed in massachusetts. they say it punishes the poor and allows criminals with cash to walk free. >> you are a tax payer in massachusetts, you are spending 100 million that you don't need to spend on this system that is not fair. >> reporter: state representative supports a bill
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assessment tool that will help courts determine when to detain a defendant or release him with supervision. he says the bill will reduce the prison population and save the taxpayers millions. tonight on fox 25 news at 10:00, we learned the impact the current system has on one woman and why bail reform can be a steep challenge in massachusetts. good morning, everyone, it is 4:17. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. things moving you a long fine but we do want to let you know that tonight starting at midnight will be closed until 5 a.m., full closure of the sumner tum. you can detour by using the ted tunnel westbound. expressway moving along fine. no issues route 1 and 93 south. 21 minutes on 93 south. from peabody to the weston tolls. and meteorologist shiri spear joins us on this friday with a check of the forecast. tracking a beautiful day today and somewhat of an ugly
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it gets windy. it gets wet. maybe even a little -- snowy. it will have a tough time sticking. starting off on an amazing note. i forget to change my days even though i changed the temperatures, friday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, those temperatures. sunday into monday, it cools down. current conditions right now getting the day started in the 30s and 40s with 43 in boston. 39 right now in in worcester. 43 we have a little more cloud cover over the cape and the south shore of the islands. keeping things little milder there and in plymouth where we start off with a little bit of cloud cover. we shed the clouds pretty quickly and by 8 a.m. we are seeing sunshine, temperatures in the middle 40s, 5 3 at 10 a.m. mid- to upper 50s and a couple of warmer spots like manchester, new hampshire. starting off cooler at 39 degrees. and check out the afternoon
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degrees. i think we will make it there. 61 in manchester, new hampshire as well as norwood. 60s in lawrence, framingham, fitchburg. 57 in worcester today and 59 in boston and it ends up being mostly sunny. hey, overnight tonight this evening if you have some friday night plans, temperatures in the 40s here overnight tonight. by the time we wake up tomorrow morning, our low temperatures will hit the 30s in most spots. it will be quite literally freezing for some of you when you get up and go on your saturday morning sunny skies. notice additional clouds along the coastline over southeastern massachusetts over the day. and not quite as bright there. clouds creep in from the east to the west there late tomorrow, and then by saturday night, early sunday morning, really after midnight as we head into sunday, that's when we start bringing in the chance for some showers. futurecast initially bringing in some rain here, but we have
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think that it could end up causing a little bit of a changeover. i don't want you to be too worried about any kind of anything. in the form of rain through noontime. afternoon mostly dry with flurries around. you see the pinks and purples finding their way at least into the worcester hills. we will have to watch for it into the merrimack valley, southern new hampshire as well, and all we would get is a patchy coating. slushy stuff because above freezing and won't be able to stick very well. 53 in boston. 54 hyannis. 54 in worcester and 55 in concord, new hampshire. all the 40s on the map for the highs. here is your seven-day forecast for the weekend always in view. it is going to get quite windy. gusty conditions sunday moo monday. monday the flurries are still around. temperatures in the 30s and 40s and headed toward thanksgiving. we are watching another batch of rain. back to you. two lives cut short in drastically different ways.
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important message about drinking. >> the loss as painful as it is can maybe prevent somebody else from having the same loss. >> the emotional day in court for the victim's best friend
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fox25 investigates exposes claims of abuse inside a hingham day care, allegations that children were shaken and force fed. the department of children and families are investigating. our jason law spoke with police. >> you can say anger, frustrated, upset. >> reporter: joe sheehan got a call from his daughter's day care that gave him chills. >> got a call on monday that there was abuse going on at the day care for the last ten months. >> reporter: sheehan met with us outside of the hingham police department where he said he and his wife filed a complaint against the day care wednesday. sheehan was told by management at bright horizons his
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been abused by two workers. sheehan said the allegations included shoving food in the kids' mouths and using a hand to make them swallow. workers are accused to shaking the kids to get them to fall asleep. >> on tuesday we said she was rocked aggressively to be put to sleep. >> reporter: bright horizons web sites say they care for infants, toddlers and preschool-aged kids. the day care has this blue he we tried to talk to them inside and they referred us to their corporate office in watertown. >> i would like to see them prosecuted. >> reporter: he decided to speak out because his daughter can't speak at all. >> these kids can't speak for themselves. they don't have a voice. so somebody has to. >> reporter: bright horizons released this statement, as soon as this situation came to our attention we communicated directly. the people involved have been
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terminated and we are supporting the authorities as they review the situation. the department of children and families confirm they have an open investigation into this case, but they told us they could not talk about specifics. for fox25 investigates, i am jason law. a cell phone camera capturing a scene in the chicago afterschool program. kids rolling on the floor fighting. here is that video. parents can be upset because of what can be heard in the parents can be upset because of what can be heard in the footage. >> julie: ooh, hear, didn't she say she wanted a clean fight in the first place. he drops a bombshell. he locked the door and eingd the fifth graders on. >> when we were in the classroom the teachers forced us to fight. >> reporter: forced you to fight? >> she said if we didn't fight, we was going to get beat up. >> reporter: by who? by her? >> yes.
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the afterschool program fired the supervisor. police are investigating and parents hope that charges are filed. a college soccer team headed to a tournament after questionable tactics on the field. a look at the blow-by-blow
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. now at 4:30, a high school football player accused of attacking a girl as she walked to the bus stop. the charges she is facing in court. and a serial bank robber now being chased by the fbi. the calling call he left with an unusual nickname. getting ready to dedicate their new sports field but the name they have chosen is raising eyebrows. the decade old scandal that
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quincy should reconsider. the complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning to you. we made it to friday, november 18. i am daniel miller. >> julie: and i am julie grauert. another day to layer up. you will need a coat this morning but you will likely shed it by this afternoon. shiri spear in the storm tracker weather center with look at the warm-up and how long it will stick around. >> wind on the cape. provincetown. 21 miles per hour in the vineyard and wind-blown start of the day. temperatures milder because of the clouds. we have temperatures in the 50s to the upper 40s, even 46 degrees in marshfield. boston at 43. we are at 33 in wayland. 41 in haverhill. 32. it is freezing right now in framingham. worcester at 39 degrees. 33 in nashua, new hampshire. all clear skies. as the sun comes up, bright and


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