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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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robber who needs a dictionary. the spelling mistake he makes every time he strikes, and why the fbi is so concerned about if he strikes again. good morning, everybody. thank you for joining ounce this friday morning. it is november 18. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. there definitely is a november chill in the air this morning, but meteorologist shiri spear says -- it is early, shiri spear. we are in for a beautiful day. >> shiri: we are and going to be gorgeous friday. as we head into the weekend, we have some changes brewing worcester at 38. freezing in bedford down to 32. 43 in boston. even 50s over parts of the cape and islands with extra wind and some extra clouds. you can see the gusts really confined to the cape and if gusting into the 30s. definitely a little wind-blown there. rest of the area including waltham and deal with sunshine. 38, 39 degrees there at 7 a.m. by 9 a.m. 47 degrees. we are into the middle 50s.
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degrees with all-day sun, all-day nice quiet wind here. i am timing out those weekend changes and back in 10. julie grauert is back with live drive time traffic. nice quiet start to the morning as well. julie only hopes it stay this quiet but i don't think it will. expressway wide open from the braintree split through naponset and into south boston. 23 minutes on the pike eastbound. single digits on the expressway. 19 minutes on 93 south from and we are following breaking news norton this morning. a man is under arrest following an overnight swat standoff inside a home. keith mullet fired multiple shots from inside his home rather to police who was outside. one of those shots hit a police cruiser but officers did not return fire. told police had 500 rounds of ammunition. at one point a woman and child in the home were able to get
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and police are still on the scene. we have a crew on the scene right now to get more information. happening today, a high school football player will answer to a judge on accusations he attacked a 14-year-old girl. >> sara: the victim told police that the teen grabbed her from behind as she walked to her school bus. michael henrich is live at falmouth district court where the teen is facing serious charges, michael. >> reporter: the victim and the victim's mother spoke with fox25 briefly off camera asking young teen victim is still living in fear at this point. 18-year-old accused of attacking her appear in falmouth district court today. one week after an attack on a teenager in bourne, fox25 cameras recorded just after 18-year-old john allen was released from jail. a family member dropped him off at his pure tan road home in bourne. back on november 10, bourne police say allen attacked a 14-year-old from behind as she
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on pure tan and cranberry roads. >> she was walking to the bus stop. a male unknown to her came up from behind, grabbed her by the neck and brought her down to the ground. >> reporter: another student at the bus stop saw what happened. >> another individual called out her name, and the male fled the area. >> reporter: station has learned allen is a senior at upper cape cod regional technical school playing fullback for the school's football team. now allen faces charges of attempted aggravated ki assault and battery. as soon as allen does appear in court today here in falmouth, we will of course post that update to our fox25 news app. live in falmouth, michael henrich, fox25 news. a medical emergency leads to a troubling discovery in a high schooler's backpack. the student attends nashua high school south. the handgun was found after a student suffered was a seizure.
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he had taken something that may have made him sick and that's when they made the discovery. >> you think you are safe in school. yeah. i am not thinking there is a gun in school. now i don't want her to go to school, you know. it's scary. it's scary. >> gene: the student was taken to a local hospital for treatment and he is expected to be okay and police are investigating to see if he will face any charges. the president-elect's transition team appears to have another addition and this one is from new england. mitt romney an outspoken critic of donald trump is set to meet with trump this weekend. it all comes as we get our first take at one meeting that the president-elect had with a world leader. daniel miller joins us with what is happening behind closed doors inside trump tower. >> daniel: president-elect trump med with japanese prime minister in trump tower. the president-elect posted this picture that you see here to his gram page saying it was a pleasure to have the prime minister stop by his home and began a great friendship.
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discussion. he says he believes the u.s. and japan will maintain a relationship of trust. that is the only official information that come from trump tower. as far as new appointments to the trump administration, we are only hearing from different news reports and sources. the latest is retired general michael flynn the rhode island native has reportedly been offered the job as national security advisor. flynn was mr. trump's main national security advisor during the considers himself a brash outsider. the trump campaign has not said if he has accepted the offer. meanwhile, more trump critics are being brought because of transitions with the team. former massachusetts governor mitt romney is reportedly set to meet with the president-elect to discuss his possible nomination as secretary of state. the move would be a surprise for many reasons. romney was a fierce critic of trump during the campaign calling him a phony playing the american people for suckers.
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him and did not appear at the party convention in cleveland. >> i know mr. trump is very excited to meet with governor romney. governor romney was a successful job creator in the private sector. he did a great job in massachusetts on many different thins things and last republican nominee for president and time sure they will be able to compare notes. >> reporter: with romney and former house speaker newt gingrich saying he will not be in the trump candidate. the long-time trump supporter was rumored to be secretary of state. ernie bach jr. talked to the herald about the transition. he haven't been asked to be involved in the transition to the white house but if asked, he would think about it. he hosted several trump fundraisers for him from the primary through the general election. we will keep you posted. from the newsroom, daniel miller, fox 25 news. the president-elect taking credit for stopping ford from shutting down a plant in mexico. but a report this morning sthawingts might be an exaggeration.
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ford never planned to move its kentucky facility. the actual plan was to move production of its lincoln suv to mexico while expanding escape production in louisville. trump said he worked hard with bill ford to keep the lincoln plant in kentucky. massachusetts congresswoman katherine clark have introduced a bill to disclose his personal finances or put the hands. the presidential accountability financial conflicts of have before taking off office. in trump's case his company will be put in a blind trust and trump would not know who is managing it. during the election trump said we probably have his children run his company while he was in the white house. one man is dead, another in police custody after a shooting in dorchester. police say the men knew each other and that the shooting happened after the pair argued. this happened on west cottage street yesterday. the victim's name has not been
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in his 20s. detectives are questioning the man in custody, but so far no charges have been filed. a death investigation is under way in wellesley after a commuter rail train hit and killed a man. this happened about a block from the wellesley square station last night. transit police tell fox25 that the 59-year-old man walked on to the outbound tracks of the worcester line. his name has not been released. and boston police are investigating after a cab hit a person in jamaica plain. you can see the metro cab roped and la martine streets. the victim will be okay and no word if the cabdriver will face charges. 5:08. a tewksbury road is back open after it was shut down last night after crews put out a large fire. pictures from the scene from commandler street. the story is breaking during our 11:00 news. tewksbury police tweeted just before 2:00 that the fire was out and commandler street was back open. right now it does not appear there were any injuries.
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interim police chief is talking about the plan to overhaul evidence handling after a scandal caused 100 cases to be thrown out. in september an audit of the braintree department's evidence room revealed that a large amount of drugs, weapons and cash were missing for years. so far the department has designated more than one officer to the evidence room and is requiring more entry training. the new chief wants to set the bar even higher of the advanced tracking software >> we to he it constitutionally to people to make sure we have integrity in investigations. there is no other standard that has to be the best. >> the software alone will cost about $300,000. the chief also wants to relocate the room to a more secure section of the building. the new athletic field at north quincy high school will be dedicated to a family with deep ties to the community and
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dedicated to the creden family. lawrence creden stemmed down as superintendent of quincy schools amid allegations he was inappropriately. he later pled guilty of sexually assaulting a homeless woman. quincy's mayor stands by the decision. >> they served the nation. they served the community. they lived in that area. they all lived at north quincy supply. >> i think they should pick somebody in the family who is not him, and maybe go with that association. >> gene: when the name was being picked the parks department held a public meeting for public input but nobody showed up. traffic and weather every ten minutes. good morning, everyone. 93 south things are moving along nicely from 495 to the zakim bridge. an easy 20-minute ride. shiri. . >> shiri: this is officially the first snow map we have seen this season. [booing] i know, i know!
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worcester and manchester, new hampshire. i will time out that risk next. 5:10. thousands are still homeless and hungry after hurricane matthew ripped through haiti. the big shipment of supplies a local charity put together to help those in need.
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5:14. developing news north of boston. the fbi is looking for help to track down a bank robber who apparently is not a very good speller. he goes into banks wearing different baseball caps and leaves behind one key clue in the note for the teller. in peabody the latest place that the spelling bee bandit has stuck. good morning, jess. >> reporter: he was seen at this td bank holding it up on sunday. and the fbi don't know a lot about this guy, and they are
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them out with that. one thing they have learned that he is a truly terrible speller. we have photos of him right here. this is the guy that the fbi is looking for. he is a fan of the patriots and celtics. he had no issue getting a away from police in four bank robberies over the past couple of weeks, but his hold-ups here, that is another story. his m. o. is the same for each robbery. he slipped the teller the note but each time he but each time he managed to misspell the robbery forgetting the second "b." thanks to his spelling troubles they have nicknamed him the spelling bee bandit. he has held up a total of four banks in the general area and you can see he seems to stick to towns along 128 north and northwest of boston. despite his tsar cassic nickname they are seriously concerned about this guy saying he has become increasingly
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the mass most wanted tip program is offering a $1,000 reward for any information that lead to this guy's arrest, and they are asking anyone with information or anyone who recognizes him to contact their local fbi office or submit a tip online to jessica reyes, fox25 news. the state lawmakers want to see our bail system change. they say it funishs the poor and allowing those to walk and allowing those to walk free. >> if you are a taxpayer you are spending 100 million on this system that is not fair. >> sara: state rep supports a bill that will reform our current bail system and use a risk assessment tool to help to determine when to detain a defendant and release them. it will reduce the prison population and save the taxpayers million. tonight at 10, we learned of the impact the current system has on women and how bail
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challenge in massachusetts. good morning, everyone, 5:16. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. a lot of green on the map which means flying down route 1 and 93 south. over to the pike, nothing slowing you down from framingham through natick and the weston tolls. speed limit ride from the braintree split to columbia road. 12 minutes on route 1. 29 minutes on 93 south to the leverett connector. 22 minutes on 128 southbound approaching the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear joining us no it earlier this morning that you showed the first snow map? >> shiri: yeah. >> julie: the beginning of what is to come? >> shiri: we are easing into it mostly for the mountains. one and a half inches of snow in the boston area. ps, i do not have snow in the forecast for the boston area. 43 degrees right now in the city. we have got 38 in worcester. 39 in lawrence. 42 in plymouth. a cup of early morning clouds into the cape and islands.
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we do find clear out nicely and still in the lower 40s at 7 a.m. 9 a.m., i have got sun, 49 degrees. we bust into the middle 50s this afternoon and that's not even my hot spot. temperatures later today 56 in plymouth. 58 in boston. upper 50s beverly to portsmouth, new hampshire. but inland towns and cities lower 60s for your sunshine on friday. a nice day even the cape ends up brightening up with temperatures in the middle-50s. friday nighters, i have got your evening temperatures in overnight most of you will end up falling into the 30s and that's what we wake up to here tomorrow. thankfully another warm and sunny day for the most part. southeastern mass. a couple more clouds there and then clouds start to fill in late in the afternoon during the evening hours. after midnight start bringing in the showers as this cold front comes through, so it is fund that we are dealing with showers. that we are dealing with clouds. first thing in the morning it looks like we will be dealing initially with a little bit of
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is coming into place, i think there is going to be more mixing within that future cast is showing here. so i think any showers that are left here late morning into the afternoon, and by the way it is looking very light and patchy. any showers that are left could potentially be in the form of some flurries or maybe a little light mix. since temperatures are too warm to stick in eastern mass an mostly too warm for it to stick in central mass. i think all this we are left with is a maybe a patchy coating of sn central massachusetts a southwestern new hampshire. on the grassy surfaces. not on the roadways. 54 tomorrow in boston with the sun. 54 in worcester. 59 in concord, new hampshire. it is sunday that things cool down. highs in the upper 40s from the cape up to boston. lower 40s in worcester. a little cooler there and that can help that snow to stick maybe to the grass again once we hit sunday. really impact.
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flurries on your monday. dry for traveling on tuesday, but we do have some thanksgiving rain on the way. back over to you. local day care workers accused of shaking and force feeding children. what the day care owner is doing to end the abuse that allegedly been going on for months. a new federal report into the death of the gorilla at the cincinnati zoo is complete. next, why the report says the zoo holds some blame for the
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5:23. mother was shot and killed at her toddler's 2nd birthday party. it happened at a party in tennessee. six other people hit by gunfire after a party on their front porch. was was a 6-year-old who was rushed to the hospital and went into surgery. neighbors tell police that the shooting was gang related. the barrier around the gorilla enclosure at the cincinnati zoo did not meet proper standards when the
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disaster team followed protocol when they killed the gorilla harambe to protect the boy. it passed several inspections including weeks before the incident. the barrier has now been heightened. the be like brit foundation is sending 16,000 pounds of food and supply to haiti. the nation was recently devastated when hurricane matthew for through the caribbean killing 100. the foundation has to the country opened an orphanage after massachusetts native britney gengel was killed during the 2010 earthquake. facebook is giving users more power when it comes to activating their safety check. has people allowed to mark themselves as safe during an emergency and used to be turned on by the web site and the community is in complete control. facebook will verify the event and trigger safety check. once the user marks themselves
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mcdonald's may start to hand deliver food to customers at its restaurant. the ap said they are expanding their table service to five new cities including boston. customers will have to order their food at a cashier or kiosk and wail for an employee to bring over the food. the latest attempt by mcdonald's to win back customers. boston's christmas tree will arrive in the common. the 47-foot white spruce has been making its way to massachusetts since tuesd nova scotia, a thank you for boston's help during the 1917 halifax explosion. the tree will be lit in the common all paid for by the canadian province. a whole new kind of light show at walt disney world. drones flying over the disney springs entertainment complex. wow, 300 of them are needed to create the new holiday display. they move together to create images like christmas trees and
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bright holidays is expected to run through the end of the year. that is so incredible, shiri. >> shiri: i have never seen anything like that. that is really neat. what is maybe not so neat, we have rain and a little bit of snow in your weekend forecast. i will show you hour by hour when to plan around both of those coming up next. and a local college student is building a business empire out of her dorm room. coming up, meet the girl who has already landed two products
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breaking now at 5:30, an argument escalates into a standoff and shots being fired at police overnight.
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suspect. fox25 investigates uncovers allegations of abuse at a local day care. >> these kids can't speak for themselves. they don't have a voice. somebody has to. >> sara: what a day care is saying about a father's accusations that his 10-year-old month child was shaken by a worky. what led to a hostile and violent con on from face on the train. everybody, it is friday, november 18. congratulations. you made it to the weekend. >> gene: boy, we need it too. a real busy week coming up with thanksgiving next week. everybody is watching the weather forecast already. some layers too for the afternoon. it is going to be warm and then, well, shiri, you mentioned something earlier i don't want to follow up on. >> shiri: coming to town. gusty conditions and over the
5:31 am
holding temperatures closer to 50 degrees as we wake up down across the cape. marsh field at 45 degrees. 43 in boston and a lot of the burbs from the 30s up to the lower 40s and where the layers have become important. worcester at 38 degrees. nashua, new hampshire at 32. we have got nice, clear skies there. so your forecast for the boston area involves all day sunshine. 43 degrees 7 a.m. noontime, 55 degrees. highs close to 60 today. which towns and city make it we will talk about a little bit of rain and snow here over the weekend. julie grauert is back with drive time traffic checking out the expressway. >> expressway looking good as we head from the braintree split to naponset and south boston. 128 is clear as you approach the pike. north of the pike, route 1, 93 south. moving along without issue. of course if anything comes up i will let you know in my next report. live drive times. 23 minutes on the pike eastbound. 10 minutes on expressway.
5:32 am
breaking news in norton this morning, a man barricades himself inside of his home armed with a gun. >> gene: police have several local towns and a swat team were locked in an intense standoff. our chris flanagan live in norton. chris, at one point, the suspect was shooting at police. >> reporter: yeah, gene and sara, he certainly was. this all began around 9:30 at the house behind me on john scott boulevard. this is what we learned. right now. 42-year-old heath mull let fired several shots from inside his house out to police. one bullet actually hit a police cruiser but we are told police did not return fire. mullet told the dispatcher during the standoff at one point that he had 500 rounds of ammunition inside the home with him. at one point a woman and a young child were in the home and they were able to get out safely. after several hours, mullet
5:33 am
swat team. back here live, mullan is facing several charges. right now at the hospital being evaluated. we are live in norton, chris plan in panda, fox25 news. now fox25 investigates uncovers allegations of abuse inside a local day care. the father of a 10-month-old girl told fox25 that two workers were accused of shaking and force feeding a children. spent 14 hours at children's hospital making sure that his little girl was okay. >> we got a call on monday that for the last ten months. it was tuesday that we found out that they said she was rocked aggressively to be put to sleep. >> bright horizons told us they contacted parents as soon as they learned of the allegations. one teacher has been fired and another employee is on administrative leave. dcf told us an open investigation into this day care but they couldn't discuss the case. bright horizons say they would fully cooperate with the investigation.
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starting a three-and-a-half-year sentence for the drunk driving crash that killed his best friend. 20-year-old joseph costan pled guilty in court. his blood-alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit when he crashed his bmw back in april. the crash killed 19-year-old endicott college student craig sampson. after the hearing, his father made an emotional plea. >> i hope that our loss -- [crying] it is, can maybe prevent somebody else from having the same loss. >> sara: a after he serves his sentence, consano will not get his license back for 15 years. a woman from maine will be serving time for killing a quincy teacher. lee was charged with siling
5:35 am
she will serve ten years of probation. her parents filed a lawsuit against lee asking for $3 million. sal dimasi has been granted a compassionate release from prison. he served five of his eight-year sentence for public corruption but his health has severely declined after two separate cancer diganoses. sheriff catusian has been a long-time advocate for the reform for compassionate release. >> if they are hurting so much that they need the type of medical care that we cannot provide to them, they should be able to get them to the place that can be provide for them. >> reporter: dimasi's doctors say his cancer is in remission but his treatments caused a narrowing of the esophagus that creates a risk of choking when he eats or drinks. he requires a puree diet and
5:36 am
his family is hopeful he will get better treatment now that he is home in boston. grand prix fans that bought indy car tickets will get their money back. the attorney general announcing $50,000 in refunds have been paid out by indy car. the national company stepped in when local promoter boston grand prix went bankrupt. indy car is working to give the remaining $300,000 in refund. >> abandoned is getting the life-saving surgery. this is holly the fifth abandoned dog found in the small town. veterinarians went to go fund me to fix her broken and infected jaw. in just two days the community raised $5,000 needed for her medical care. an update on the account say they will be headed to a doctor in maine today. good luck to her. >> absolutely.
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s. it is now 5:39 on a friday morning. we like the sound of that and
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we do that every ten minutes. >> sara: let's do it. smooth sailing on the zakim. >> julie: you will like what i am telling with you drive times. 93 south a 22-minute ride from 495 in andover to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. and you said are we still exactly an hour? >> shiri: exactly julie sgrooul sunrise. we are very precise. >> shiri: we are precise. in the next half hour you get dawn and nice bright skies. 30s and 40s i want to you dress give them a light jacket heading into school and make sure they are wearing layers. between long sleeves and short sleeves. most kids in the 50s a little bit cool but a ton of afternoon sun. what leads to clouds, wind, rain and a touch of snow for the weekend coming up in 10. gene. a senior at worcester tech is urging the city school committee to revise its strict cell phone policy. the policy to keep their phones off and out of sight.
5:41 am
music to help them study during the day. others use their phones to take pictures of classes that don't others use their phones to take pictures of classes that don't have enough text books two players for a soccer team suspended have been to the sweet 16 tournament. take a look at the videos at umass. there were more than 50 fouls called in the game including this one, a player pulse downs a umass player, then a umass the refs pulled out a red card throwing the umass player out and suspending him for the next game. later on this happened, u marks's number 77 appears to elbow the opponent in the face and grabs the player around the neck and throws him to the ground. another red card, ejecting 77 from the game. but not before he head butts the referee. >> i played soccer most of my life, and seeing south carolina like that, something
5:42 am
that is unacceptable. >> umass does not condone this dined of player and disciplined the players involved. the team plays tufts tomorrow. 5:41. uber wants to you help plan your next date night. next, how the company is branching out and taking on boston's dining scene. and president obama
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me too. look who's here! who says i shouldn't have a soda every day? my doctor. my dentist. definitely my wife. hey wait. we have better bubbles. make sparkling water at home and drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water. we are back this morning at 5:44. a live look at the zakim bridge. traffic moving along pretty good. temperatures out there a little on the chilly side at 33 in acton. 33 at newburyport and walpole
5:45 am
you can, shiri is tracking a big comedown for weekend and some of us could be set up for snow, dare we say. the forecast in less than five minutes. updating breaking news norton. a man is under i rest following an overnight standoff inside a home. keith mullins fired multiple shots from inside his house to police outside. one hit a police cruiser and officers did not return fire. we are at the scene working to get information on the charges that mullan a high school football player will be arraigned for allegedly attacking a 14-year-old girl on her way to the bus stop last week. the 18-year-old suspect turned himself into police yesterday. the fbi joining the hunt for the spelling bee bandit. he hit four banks in the last three weeks and every time he passes a note to the teller he spells the word "robbery" with only one b. agents are concerned because they say the spelling bee bandit is getting more aggressive with every crime.
5:46 am
facing hate crime charges accused of mocking and beating up a woman for her accent. police say the trio made fun of the woman pause of her difficulty with english as she goted into red line at the savin hill stop. when the man tried to move the teens blocked her in and started punching her. witnesses said the teens were celebrating when they got off the train. people in savin hill are disturbed by what happened. >> an insidious feeling of anger and hatred i don't get it. >> i think it is very horrible that any person would be attacked on the train. >> reporter: someone snapped the picture before the teens left having police arrest them. fox25 reached out about this case, and we received this statement. we want to make sure that everyone feels safe and secure. no room for behavior like this, period. the girls are due back in court at the end of the month.
5:47 am
surfaced showing him punching a woman in the face. flagstaff police say the officer was trying to arrest a woman yesterday on a warrant. things got heated when she asked to see it. police say they are launching an internal investigation into the incident, and in the meantime, that officer is on leave. surveillance video show a group of men fighting in tampa when a car hops a curb and slams into a bar. it happened tuesday morning. most of them were able to get out of the way and one was hit and he refused any treatment. the time. the driver got out and ran away. that driver is still on the run. police believe that the driver was drunk. the boyfriend of bobby kristina brown has been ordered to pay $36 million to her estate. the daughter of pop star whitney houston and bobby brown was found unresponsive in a bathtub. her family accused nick gordon
5:48 am
before put her face down in the water. he was not held liable. kristina was in a coma for six months before dying at age 22. the next story will send a chill down your spine. blizzard warning for parts of the country as a winter storm marches across the plains. heavy snow caused a major highway in several different spots in denver to close. one of those crashes involved 20 vehicles. today that system is moving out of minnesota and parts of the they have blizzard warnings up for today. better them than us is what i have to say. >> sara: i am getting excited for snow time. i don't know, it is cozy, light a fire. >> shiri: some really long days. moving on now. >> gene: i will talk to her. you fill us in on what is going on right now. we need to talk. >> shiri: you guys chat, i will talk of this little risk of snow.
5:49 am
13-mile-per-hour winds in boston. so we have got a little bit of a wind chill right now. feels like in the mid-30s out there. over the next couple of hours, boston will track throughout 40s and 9 a.m., sticking with the sunshine and clear skies all day. by 9 a.m. knocking on the doors. the upper 50s this afternoon and the city. 5 p.m. and that drive home from work. let's see at about 54 degrees in the city. most of us running clear this morning, but we do have this disturbance off the coastline and the closer clouds we have, the more wind we have, the only one being impacted by that the cape and islands. high pressure nudges it and brightens us up. 60 in framingham and lawrence today. lower 60s in fitchburg and norwood. 57 in worcester. just a little cooler and a little cloudier over the cape and islands. this weekend, i have got temperatures that are back into the mid- to upper 50s tomorrow. but i want to point out these day two high temperatures.
5:50 am
47 nashua. 47 in foxborough. all of those temperatures are above freezing but since we could see a little bit of mixing here as this it is really cold way high up, everything will try falling as snow and most of it will melt on the way down. a slight risk to end up with a very patchy slushy coating on the grassy surfaces. and keeping a real close eye on the temperatures, but right now, i think it is going to be low or perhaps no impact at all. for the day tomorrow. it is not until the overnight hour that we pull in the clouds. we will find showers after midnight but mostly here sunday morning that we deal with a little blast of rain back behind this cold front. we are pulling in that cooler air and a little bit of mixing. look how little and light the moisture is. i don't think it will have that much of an impact at all. the seven-day forecast and a risk of some flurries and wind on monday as well with 47 degrees. breezy and bright on tuesday
5:51 am
and then into thanksgiving itself tracking rain showers. julie grauert is live with drive time traffic. take it away, julie. >> julie: shiri, good morning. a new accident after route 30 in natick and overall volume is so light, not having a problem on our drive time. shifting east, traffic slowing down to naponset. back out to the pike, things are moving fine eastbound and westbound through brighton. 18 minutes on the pike from 495 to the weston tolls. 12 minutes from the weston tolls from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. back to you. the man reportedly chosen to be donald trump's national security advisor recently tweeted a fake news store be hillary clinton, and he is not alone. fake political news stories have become so widespread on social media that now president obama is speaking out about it. fox25's daniel miller joins us now with how fake and real news collide. >> daniel: that's right, sara. actually the president was in
5:52 am
with angela merkel. the approximately criticized fake news online and said that president-elect trump will not remain in office long if he failed to take the job seriously. president made the remarks with the chancellor in berlin. mr. obama used the moment make a passionate and pointed attacks on bogus news stories disseminating on facebook calling such forums a threat to democracy. >> between serious arguments and propaganda, then we have problems dan danvers in an era when sharing a story is easier than fact checking it, the battle for truth is difficult. the man chosen to become president-elect donald trump's michael flynn presented a fake story and it was retweeted.
5:53 am
their services. celtics host the mighty golden state warriors. early season test for green trying to keep their heads above water without hoford and crowder who are battling injuries. their status remain in question. bruins in minnesota taking on the wild and evenly matched until the bitter end. a bitter end for the bs. the best scoring chance for the bruins. then with under a minute left zone. the shot goes in front off of adam mcquaid and into the net. wild score with 44.5 seconds left. a heartbreaker. bruins lose 1-0 and back home to take the winnipeg jets tomorrow night. pete frates is given a special award by the ncaa. he is being honored with the inspiration award and so deserving. the award is presented to a person who, when confronted
5:54 am
used perseverance, dead occasion and determination to overcome the event and more importantly now serves as a role model for health and inspiration to others. frates has been living with als since 2012. he became a household name due to the ice bucket challenge that raced $million of dollars. cam newton, people are talkin he combined his love of outrageous patterns with a strange obsession with fox tails for one of a kind tweets. petition spent 12,000 on fox tails and he said the tails would allow the ability to escape difficult situations. cam was sacked twice last night and 25 times so far this season. boston university student is running a booming jewelry business right out of her dorm
5:55 am
room and oprah has taken notice. miami johnson started making bracelets and key chains in high school. her friends like it, stores like it. she started sending samples to editors of various magazines. one day she opened her e-mail and a message from the creative director from oprah's "o" magazine. >> he said everything needs this. they are going to love it. it needs to be in favorite things. >> reporter: what did think? >> first i freaked out. >> reporter: it grabbed a spot on oprah's favorite things on gift ideas. she said she will be able to pay off her college debt thanks to the success of her business. >> sara: so fraud of her. according to steven hawking, humans have only 1,000 years on earth. the famed astronomer making that announcement. he says several factors like climate change, nuclear weapons and robots will lead to the
5:56 am
he says the only chance for survival is to leave earth and establish colonies on other plan nets. well this story will sure make you smile. a grandmother is an internet sensation after sending a thanksgiving invite to the wrong number. wanda planned to send a group text to her grandsons asking if they will come for the holidays. she texted and said who is the skeptic asked for proof in the form of a selfy. i am thinking that is strange. tie act selfie at work. i texted him the picture. and i waited for a response. and i got a text back from somebody i don't know who says, you are not my grandma. but can i still have a plate. >> sara: well in true grandma style, wanda said, of course, and grandmas feed everyone. the two had a chance to meet after the exchange went viral. and now he actually is coming
5:57 am
>> gene: an honorary grandson. always room for more. >> sara: she is too young to be a grandma. >> gene: she looks great and a great sense of humor too. >> sara: she looks fabulous. a man barricaded himself in his home with a gun. we will take you live to the scene and how police brought
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: breaking news now at 6:00. we are live in norton where a man fired shots toward police over night during a standoff. what he said he had inside that was cause for concern. a teen attacked in the cape on her way to the school bus stop. what we are learning of another teen headed to court in that case this morning. a local lawmaker wants to take donald trump's president-elect. coming up, the new proposal that will force his family to separate themselves from the business. good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us on this friday morning november 18. hope your morning is you off to a fantastic start. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. there is definitely a november chill in the air this morning. meteorologist shiri spear says we are in store though for a beautiful day, but shiri is saying ugly turn of events. >> shiri: at least a cold turn this weekend.


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