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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 21, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. now at 4:00, it is beginning to look a lot like winter in new england. i am seeing snow on the radar. break down your holiday travel plans. a mother of four killed in a fight. >> i spin around and to the ground and never up. >> daniel: the violent attack playing out in front of her son with down syndrome. the calls for justice for her family. a young father killed in a construction accident. only on fox25 the man's with i had doe talks about her devastating loss . >> daniel: good morning, 4 a.m. on this monday, i am daniel miller.
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check out this video in the berkshires. wow, that is extremely snowy. >> daniel: beautiful. >> julie: you were driving back from that area. >> daniel: the roads were slick. i saw someone drive off but it's here. >> julie: not that winter is coming anymore, it is here. >> shiri: looking at the snow totals out of the berkshires. we do have a foot of snow. lighter snow across massachusetts all that pivoting around that disturbance. you will find that some of the showers will lighten up as we travel through the day. so current conditions involve some lighter snow showers in worcester, fitchburg and bedford and could end up with cooling of snow in areas. southern new hampshire as well. boston at 32. his reports of flurries even down into boston this morning. but keep in mind, flurries here just for the next cup of hours. i think they are really going
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remain, winds remain. this is our hour-by-hour forecast in worcester. we don't get up to 40 degrees. a little warmer in boston. we take a closer look at that and my bigger concern the wind and wind chills up in less than ten minutes. julie is back with drive-time traffic. julie things are moving along on the roads. it is early and volume is light. expressway wide open from the braintree split to columbia road. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass single digits on the expressway and 23 minutes on 95 south as you approve the leverett connector. a mother of four killed in a fight witnessed by her son who has down syndrome. lowell police will return to the apartment complex where it happened. they hope that surveillance video will help them identify any suspect. the victim's children tell malini basu that a mother was killed over a perceived bad attitude at a party. >> reporter: relatives identify the 44-year-old mother killed
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four children that ho worked as a home health aide worker. her son speaks to fox25 home run her mother and brother with long-time needs had a party with a long-term friend when the argument escalated. >> they fought outside. they don't have to throw her outside because she got a fight in the house. >> reporter: april the victim's sister-in-law and describes what actually hurt >>. >> ask her, girl hit mom. and blood. blood. for him to have to go through that is unbelievable. and they cut him -- he got stitches. to defend his mom. >> reporter: one witness was so scared she didn't want to be identified. >> the woman just spun around and collapsed to the ground and
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>> reporter: the family tell me they are so confused and want to know really what happened. >> first they say she got in a fight and a car ran over her. >> for them to sit there and take her life away over something because of an attitude of something. everybody know these girls. they are a pack of wolves and it is disgusting. >> reporter: malini basu, fox25 news. a weymouth woman will likely be hospitalized for months after being hit by ca car an it happened on her way to work in brookline. their mother spent an hour lying in the road until anyone found her. >> i was terrified. i thought the one person in my world was gone. >> reporter: emily ponce reveal the thoughts filled her mind when she got the call. her mother at beth israel hospital in boston the victim of a hit-and-run. >> she was walking across the crosswalk that she goes every
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they continued to drive and she was left there an hour. >> reporter: at the intersection of cory road an n brightoshingts n. two good samaritans found longmore injured near the crosswalk. her injuries include a ruptured spleen, broken femus and ribs and a fracture to her recently replaced left knee. >> every single issue talk think about. they had to gi because she lost so much blood because of her spleen. i -- i thought she was close to being dead. >> reporter: longmore works as the head secretary at driscol elementary in brookline, and on sunday nuts a 12-miles per hour day in her hometown of weymouth, helping adults with special needs. for her daughters, the how and why make it a difficult situation much worse. >> i am sure they know they hit her because of how much force and how much damage is done to her body.
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in the meantime, the family has started a fund raising evident to cover the medical expenses. if would you like more information, log on to our web site at reporting in weymouth, ted daniel, fox25 news. the driver accused in this hit-and-run crash in chelsea is expect in court today. the crash was captured on this surveillance video. you can see a minivan running into a 72-year-old woman and driving off. it happened at the corner of broadway and fourth re friday morning. tips from the public helped police track and identify the driver. his name is arnold hernandez and he was arrested saturday and facing several charges. the woman who was shut is okay. 4:06. one person is in police custody after hundreds of protesters clashed with officers in north dakota. we showeded you these pictures during our 11:00 news. it happened during a protest of the north dakota pipeline.
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operated by the army corp of engineers. they claim the pipeline project will destroy the environment and destroy sacred native-american sites help in used tear gas and water canons to get them to break up. the la times reports that the temperatures were in the 20s at the time. we are two months away from the inauguration and we are learning details. the president-elect's wife and youngest son won't be joining him at first. melania will remain in new york at the end of the school near. trump said he will move into the white house immediately but his family won't arrive until the summer. melania has promised to travel to perform her first lady duties. donald trump spent the weekend in new jersey meeting with all of these people. they are all top prospects to fill key cabinet position. former massachusetts governor mitt romney is also reportedly still in the running for
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we break down the who's who of the candidates. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump kicking off another day at his private new jersey golf club meeting with high-profile figures. trump tweeted that numerous patriots will be coming to bedminister as he continues to fill his administration. among those new jersey governor chris christie removed as head of trump transition team and former new york mayor rudy giuliani said to be short list of secretary of state. the same position that mitt romney who met with the president-elect is being considered for >> the president-elect was very grateful that the governor mitt romney came in. they had a good meeting. a warm and substantive meeting. he is under active consideration to be the secretary of state of the united states along with some other very gished americans. >> reporter: as the transition team continued to sort through viable candidates, trump has
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kansas representative mike pompeo as the next cia. jeff sessions as attorney general. both of whom still need senate confirmation and required lieutenant general michael flynn for his top advisor on national security. >> julie: fox 25 will continue to keep a close eye as more people are offered role in trump's cabinet. stay with fox25 on air and online. a deadly construction accident remains under investigation as the man's wife now comes to grips with her loss. killed saturday when his saw kicked back and cut his neck. he was working an extra shift for a private company at the time. his wife spoke only to fox25 about her husband. she is remembering him as a hard worker and a devoted father of three. in. >> i want to be a family again. >> daniel: ahead in the next 30 minutes, the message sanderson's widow has her her
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partially reopen a week after a fire in the classroom. the bruce school will open for grades 3-5. the school has not said when 6th or 8th graders will return. the fire started in a second-floor science classroom. the cause is under investigation but officials believe it had to with a power strip. four cases of mumps have been confirmed at harvard according to the "harvard crimson." contagious disease spread on the campus in the spring making dozens state and local health officials are keeping an eye on this situation. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. taking a look at your drive time on the expressway. 10 minutes as you head from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. shiri? >> shiri: winds right now gusting around 30, even up to 40 miles per hour on parts of the cape. very wind-blown today. you will notice that we do have wind issued including wind chills. we will take a look at those coming up after the break. >> okay, shiri.
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down one of their own. the new clue to track down the person of have. and listen up, a popular
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4:15, meteorologist shiri spear here looking at snow on radar. we have two swaps that we want to point out. one is from ayer up to
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these are mostly light snow showers and that little coating especially in western worcester county right now into areas like webster and oxford as well. i will show you what kind of accumulation to plan around at 5:00. a problem this morning with a popular toy hitting just at the start of the holiday shopping season. toys 'r' us are stopping sales of this tonk a truck after it caught fire. happened to a couple in washington state. the 12-volt tonka burst >> sparks and smoke from inside of the box like fire. it was hot. i said we got to pull over and get out of this truck. we pulled over and flames started shooting. julie julie flames a toy? the couple was not hurt and they pulled the toy until they investigate. check your refrigerator.
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in a warehouse where listeria. if you have it, toss it in the trash. listeria is particularly dangerous and even deadly to young children and elderly and people with weak immune system. fever, stiffness, muscle aches and stomach problems. fox25 continues to follow the aftermath of legal sfwlaition of recreation marijuana in massachusetts. the law goes into effect next month. now police and fire departments are reassessing their own policies for employees already a law on the books that prevents officers and fire fighters from smoking tobacco. the patriots ledger reports police and fire departments across the state are making it very clear and they also have zero tolerance for marijuana use. one lawyer tells the paper that the union will force any department that tries to push anyone. make sure you know how it works. head over to our web site at
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regulations. after a new hampshire mother lost her 18-year-old son to an opioid overdose, she is working to fight the state law. >> these are human lives. these are people. when do you not reach out to help people. if we can enact a section 35, why are we not doing it. >> section 35 is what the law calls in massachusetts to allow police and families to voluntarily commit addicts. new hampshire has one of the highest opioid close to 500 deaths a year compared to the state homicide rate of 20. tonight at 10:00, fox 25's stephanie coueignoux sits down with this mother and investigates the benefits and drawbacks of the law. coming back to new england with another win under theirbelt. lewis back in action and brady got him involved early. lewis picking the down keeping the drive alive. brady looking nor julian
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the end zone. makes it look so easy. to the second -- -- edelman -- after they celebrate. to white. white to the pylons. patriots up. pouring rain kept the 3rd scoreless but pats got on the board in the first play of the fourth quarter, pats up 20-10 and quite possibly brady's best pass of the season right here from his own 44. puts it right in the 9lers at catches it. first career down for mitchell. this is what brady said about the conditions. >> tough conditions. i wouldn't -- i would prefer 72 and sunday which is you what expect come to the bay area. haven't had rain in a long time. stuck in there and hung it out and did good. >> julie: pats win 30-17 and head to new jersey to take on the jets. >> daniel: a great win.
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win to a perfect season. beat mosqotmet high to keep perfect 23-0 season. and a nail biter after never letting a goal all season that came to an end when they got one past the goalie. nauset came out on top making first state title since 1979, all the more memorable because their current head coach played on the last winning team. >> it is absolutely incredible. giving up our first goal in the we won the game. that's what we play for. >> daniel: get in coach's son, james, scored both goals in yesterday's winning game. that makes him one goal shy of the school record which his dad has -- held for the last 37 years. the younger has one more year to best his dad. >> julie: whoo, i bet he is going to do it. congrats to them. what a great story. tracking traffic and
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speed limit ride. be careful of patchy, slippery spots because of the weather that shiri will tell us more about. route 1, 93 south. 13 minutes on route 1 southbound toward the tobin. 20 minutes on 93 south. 22 minutes on 128 southbound from peabody to the weston tolls. coming up on 4:19. meteorologist shiri spear joins us. shiri, i saw my first signs of winter they are weekend. it was beautiful. >> shiri: driving from the berkshires. >> danie at one point you see the white stuff and another point it all disappears. >> shiri: on your car in the parking lot. >> daniel: some. >> shiri: some are will wake up to the coating. sticking to the cars and -- look at the numbers from the berkshires. a foot of snow. heath in the hill town leading up to the berkshires, 3 inches of snow. rindge, new hampshire, .8. and trace amounts. .2 in dracut and north chelmsford.
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i have the snow falling although very light. we will end up with a patchy coating of snow. best bet is sticking in the higher elevations and accumulation in the worcester area. should stay under an inch there but flurries for a little bit of coating toward the boston area. that is why julie is warning country potential of slick roads. the berkshires talking a couple more inches and the northern berkshires and could see an additional 6 inches throughout the day. a little messy there and since most of the snow will end up hours and flurries. the bigger issue is the winds, sustained 15 to 30. gusts up to 30. strong enough to do damage and this morning bitter wind chills. feels like 11 degrees right now in worcester. boston's wind chill down to 22. 19 in bedford. not good stuff. bundle-up kind of weather if ever. futurecast diminishing those flurries and snow showers pretty rapidly within the next
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will be a little unsettled and risk of flurries along with clouds in the forecast. boston's high getting close to 40 degrees. we have upper 30s. lower 40s. that's it. these are your high temperatures today. just going to be very cold out there. remember winds on top it because we have these very strong gusts is probably going to end up being 10 degrees colder which means wind chills all day in the 20s and 30s. the warmest. traveling within w thanksgiving coming up. western new england into the mountains. northern new england additional snowfall. pack your patience. any kind of coating we get in the worcester area or southern new hampshire will be happening in the next couple of hours. skipping ahead to tomorrow. travel day across new england. light snow showers left in northern maine. otherwise turn partly sunny and breezy. and then by wednesday, i think the travel concern here as we look at the nation as a whole, not so much the eastern united
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river valley down to mississippi. rain showers toward the great lakes. snow mixing in and pacific northwest. rain moving into areas like seattle and portland. and out like the mountains, transitions to a little bit of snow. our thanksgiving forecast, in the 40s. cold slippery start and potential for snow and ice mixing in. very, very light stuff and warmer and turns into kind of these light showers. it does look a little bit bright here for your thursday, and i don't way for me to improve that or talk about it more sweetly than that for now. of course we will keep an eye on that thanksgiving forecast for black friday shoppers. a chilly start in the 30s. highs in 50 degrees. mostly cloudy. slight chance to see a sprinkle around, but saturday again, a little rain and snow shifting over to a bit of rain. obviously an unsettleed week that is starting off awful chilly. back to you guys.
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. new this morning, we are getting our first look at a man considered a person of interest in the ambush killing of a texas police officer. police in san antonio released this surveillance image overnight. they are also looking for this car that you see here that may be involved. the shooting happened just outside police headquarters yesterday morning. police say detective benjamin mccrony was sitting in his cruiser when another car pulled up behind him. at that point the ma twice in the head. he was a 20-year veteran of the force. a police officer ambushed during a missouri traffic stop is expected to survive. solution police say the officer was shot twice in the face last night. no word on any suspect at this point. police there are riding two per car until the shooter is caught. the wounded officer is vet an officer. first lady michelle obama and others gathered to remember
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a memorial in the church that ifil went to in washington d.c. she was remembered by her pastor as brilliant cloak of humility. she died following a year-long battle with cancer. a 1977 graduate of simon cleanse in boston. everyone on board a fishing ship of a a daring rescue at sea. coming up, the ship -- we will tell you what the ship may have hit only moments before it started taking on water. plus brockton
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now at 4:30, we are starting off the week with snow popping up on radar. we are tracking the impact of wintry and wetter weather and what it could mean for your thanksgiving travel plans. a rude awakening for a family when a suv goes through
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the reason they are combing the suv for evidence. a mother trying to figure out how to go on after a terrible loss. the freak construction accident that claimed her husband's life. new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> it is 4:30 on this monday. thank you for joining us on this monday, november 21. i am daniel miller. >> good morning, i am julie grauert. snow and wind are the big weather stories today. meteorologist shiri spear in the fox25 storm tracker weather center with when >> yeah, so i will tell you what, snow showers are going to get a little better. winds are going to get a little bit worse. we are really tracking two different things today. right now that light snow just getting into boston as some flurries, but you have that light snow in framingham and arlington. the shade something a little bit darker. to me that says where you will probably end up with coating of snow maynard, pepperell


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