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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 21, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> daniel: local mother beaten to death as apartment complex as herb son watc for suspects but family members say they know who's responsible. >> catherine: two hours there will be a gathering for a anti-hate rally. >> julie: pope making permanent shift when it comes to abortion. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news.
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i'm daniel miller. >> julie: i'm julie grauert. mark it on calendar, november 21st 1st morning many of us had to deal with major issues on the roads. >> daniel: snow. >> julie: you were heading through western mass. look at when well done with the flurry. >> shiri: even though not seeing a lot of flurries locally on storm snow and snow showers and continue to pivot into the area and left with a ton of clouds and temperatures still close to freezing, it is freezing in bedford and portsmouth, new hampshire right now, just 34 in boston down to plymouth and 28? in worcester right now. so it is cold, it is windy, we got the potential for a couple of flurries here wedged in your forecast for the rest of the day. 11:00 a.m. in worcester 31? and reason i'm taking you out to worcester shows you how cold it is going to be all day, temperatures probably only
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30s out that way. i'm keeping things very windy. some of you closer to about 40?, we will take it town by town look at that and how long the wind threat is going to stick with us. julie is back now with what's been treacherous commute so far this morning. >> julie: so problematic and unfortunately not out of it yet. o'neill tunnel blocking one lane. that's why we are seeing this sort of heavy, steady volume on the zakim. take you out to the map also another accident waiting for near route 3. south of the pike accident southbound on the expressway right before columbia road. here are live drive time, 39 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave and 38 minutes on the expressway and 54 minutes on 93 south from andover to the leverett connector. >> daniel: developing news out of lowell where mother of four has died outside a house party. >> julie: police are calling
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responsible. live in lowell where surveillance video will provide some clues. michael? >> michael: that's one of the reason lowell police detectives are expected back on the scene this morning. they will be here investigating continuing the investigation i should say at this apartment complex parking lot where this homicide took place over the weekend. the d.a.'s office and family members combined to let us know that 44-year-old mother of four took her adult special needs son to a party here got kicked out and then witness says a group of women beat her to death and she feared for safety and did tell fox25 the victim's son held his mother in his arms repeating the words i love you, get up. i love you, get up. orengo though was later pronounced dead at local
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says five to six women attacked her. >> sit there and take her life away over something because and pack of wolf and it is disgusting. >> michael: they are expected back in the scene this morning and no arrest have been made so far. live in lowell, i'm michael >> julie: driver accused of hit-and-run crash in court. see murphy running into 72-year-old woman and then taking off at broadway and 4th 4th street friday morning. tips from the public help police track down the driver. arnold hernandez was arrested saturday and facing several charges and woman that was hit is okay. >> daniel: investigation
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channel street in hull saturday morning and been identified as 57-year-old douglas king of weymouth and took hours for police to learn his name but he did not have any identification on him. official tell fox25 that's becoming a common problem in water deaths along the south shore and town of hull hoping to get new rules in place for rental company by next summer. >> questions have to be asked, can you swim, do you know where you are, wind conditions, put in situation where they offshore and drowned or have to be rescued. >> daniel: at this point it is not clear how king died. he was wearing a life jacket when he was found. >> julie: lint build-up is blamed for small fire this weekend. custodian put mop heads in the dryer and when returned room was filled with thick black smoke and quickly put out the flame
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>> julie: lawrence school will be open three and five only and fire started in second floor science program and official believe it had to do with power strip. four cases of mumps have been reported at harvard. it was also there the spring making dozens of people state and local health official are keeping an eye on the situation. >> daniel: 9:06. president-elect donald trump will be meeting with former gop primary opponent today. former texas governor rick perry will visit trump tower. meanwhile we could hear of more appointments later today on sunday. trump said he had made a couple of deals over the weekend while meeting with potential administration appointees. one person under consideration mitt romney. romney on short list for
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former new york city mayor rudy giuliani who had a second interview on sunday and scott brown could be landing job in trump white house and former massachusetts senator spoke to trump last week and expressed secretary of veterans fire and laid out for the apartment of creating hotline for suicidal soldiers that staffed 24/seven and taking handed out $177 million in bonus. president-elect confirming future first lady and son will not be moving into the white house right away. they will stay in new york through the end of the school year and trump says he will move into the white house right away and mrs. trump says she will travel to washington as
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>> julie: mayor marty walsh and maura healey will attend big names at statehouse today. more than 30 groups expected to join them as part of anti-hate demonstration. catherine parrotta live outside the statehouse where rally set to begin at 11:00 a.m. catherine? >> rally expected to last about an hour. see right now still pretty quiet here because as we mentioned two hours away from the start of the rally. message of that rally is hate won't be tolerated here in massachusetts. more than 30 groups participate in today's rally along with boston mayor marty walsh and attorney general maura healey. the goal is to send message regardless who you voted for hate won't be tolerated and rally becomes amid is it surge here and massachusetts and across the country and reported one incident in natick where rent reported receiving racist letters and all comes on the heels of recent election as trump administration has come under fire amid is it concerns won't be ininclude yousive and
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weekend. that reaction came as vice president elect was audience of hamilton and member of cast delivered message stage. >> heard few boos and reminded kids that's what >> catherine: president-elect trump took to twitter accusing cast being rude and harassing pence. >> want to reassure every american in the days ahead i'm very confident they are going to see president-elect donald trump be president for all the people. >> catherine: of course, there have been concerns about harassment and hatred in massachusetts and so much so the
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hotline so people could report incidents and as of friday more than 300 calls that already come into that hotline. for now live here at the statehouse, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> daniel: meantime massachusetts attorney general maura healey answer questions herself. bloomberg business report says she is questioned as part of lawsuit for exxon mobile homele and company accused of hiding damaging data and questioned exxon lawyers into the over the statement regarding global warming and exxon claims the investigation was politically motivated and new york attorney general was also called before a judge. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. it has it is been a slick and slippery commute this morning. drive times on the expressway, 34 minutes on the braintree split and exit for the pike. >> shiri: winds gusting 40 miles per hour on the vineyard, 33 miles per hour in boston and there's still
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boston, feels like only 12 in worcester right now and breaking down how long the cold, wind and even the flurries stick around. >> daniel: new look at marathon bombing through the eyes of the victims. still ahead this morning, how you can see the emotionally charged documentary following the attack and long road to recovery. >> it was a tragic night for
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my gravy had an accident. follow me. i'm usually the gravy master. my guest list just tripled. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! happier and healthier. everything for thanksgiving.
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>> daniel: three police officers were target of ambush attack and fourth attack still under investigation and all of them happening in 12-hour period with at least one officer killed and taking place in san antonio, texas. new overnight police in san antonio releasing image and possible suspect car leaving the scene after one of the officers police headquarters. >> families will be celebrating the holidays sapd will be burying one of its own. >> daniel: police chief briefing reporters after what authorities described as targeted attack on officer. patrol car outside police
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driver he pulled over when another driver pulled up behind him, got out and approached the detectives window. the suspect then shot mccrony in the head and reached through the window and took off what police believed was sedan and images released overnight and suspect are not connected to the person the detective was writing a ticket for. in st. louis another offi are calling a targeted attack and ambush when car pulled up to market cruiser and opened fire. >> not involved in traffic stop and not trying to pull the officer over. >> daniel: officer shot twice in the head but expected to survive and police say suspect was later killed after shooting at officers. and in florida yet another
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the santa bell police chief says the gunman drove by and shot the officers patrol car and taken into custody after an exchange of gun police. also in missouri officer shot outside kansas city overnight and circumstances surrounding that shooting are still not clear at this point and governor for the state asking for prayers of the officer. >> julie: pope francis will forgiveness of abortion and holy year of mers which he ended yesterday and pope says there's no wrong that can't be erased if someone is truly sorry and wants to reconnect with god and francis says he believes abortion is a sin because it puts end to innocent life.
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during 11:00 news and dakota access pipeline and police say the situation turned into riot when 400 protesters went into land on u.s. army corps of engineers and protesters claim the pipeline project will hurt the environment and destroy sacred native american sites and officers used tear gas and even water cannons to get the protest to break up and temperature in the 20s there at the time >> daniel: barry caden former owner supervising pharmacist wanted prosecutors to present evidence in january and two men claim purposely contaminated sparking fungal meningitis back in 2012 and total of 64 people
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>> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. expressway northbound and slowing things down as approach columbia road and waiting for the accident in accident as well, 93 south and that's why things are jampacked on the zakim bridge as you approach the tunnel. here are live drive times, 26 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin and a little over an hour on 93 south, 42 minutes on 128 southbound from peabody to the weston tolls. >> daniel: 9:18 and forecast we all love weekends. julie out on martha's vineyard and saw facebook video of strong wind and coming back from syracuse and i tell you, shiri, dicey. so much snow in western massachusetts. looks gorgeous. somebody thanked me for covering of icing in western new england. savoie, keep the foot of snow and otis six inches of snow,
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into the hanson, new hampshire and dracut, north chelmsford and mostly what we ended up getting was patchy coating of snow and western new england and berkshires and green mountains with more snow and here at home central eastern mass, society for christian activities, going to see future cast drawn mostly dry conditions across area and lots of wind, lots of unsettled out there i would not be shocked if we continue with come here and there flurries today, nothing much expected to stick around town and unless in berkshires and one to three additional inches of snow and wind 15 to 30 miles per hour, sustained and gusts up to 50 miles per hour already gusting 40 miles per hour here for nantucket and martha's vineyard and problem is we will see that across the area, trees
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because of the drought so we could end up with tree damage resulting in property damage and resulting in power outages and check out how chuy it -- chillyt is going to be as well and boston as well off to the north and west, many towns and cities stuck in the 30s. that's going to be probably the coldest afternoon that we have had yet this season and tomorrow temperatures a little warmer, a little brighter, still breezy into tuesday and travel weather looks okay and pick little more snow and get into big travel day on wednesday eastern half of the united states and more sunshine and look at this, northwest dealing with a little bit of rain and portland and seattle and into the mountains, a little bit of snow out there and then from the great lakes touch of snow in the forecast and ohio, mississippi river valleys and that weather maker going to get to us on
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out somewhat cool, we could have slippery conditions with snow and freezing rain and sleet just initially in the morning and then it transitions over to light rain shower. all precipitation looks incredibly light and julie repeating over and over again, the problem that we on the roadways just because of coating of snow, so even if it is a little bit on thursday morning, you know that's going to make dangerous travel conditions on thanksgiving. otherwise thanksgiving damp for black friday shoppers, high 50, mostly cloudy, mostly dry right now, could be dealing with sprinkles and better bet rain and snow in forecast. back to you guys. >> daniel: marijuana will soon be legal here in massachusetts and not everyone will be able to
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visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter. ever new england. eversource. >> decided it would be okay blowing up the boston marathon and that's what makes them monsters. >> daniel: welcome survivors to vip screening and film focuses not just on the bombing
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and marathon patriots' day bombing airs tonight at 8:00 and need hbo subscription to watch. >> police investigating how they left toddler and 3-year-old left unconscious hired to bring to junkyard and they did not tell the authorities about the girl and police say the car was thoroughly checked for passengers at the scene. >> 2 back doors not inside and got to look inside to make sure there was no 1 in there and there wasn't. >> sara: >> julie: family says recovering but suffering from partial paralysis. julie: company testing
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continents, including as taxi service in singapore and during test run newton me work closely with dot to evaluate safety procedures and hit public roads in massachusetts. >> daniel: 2016 might not go out with a bang in boston. they are considering getting rid of traditional midnight fireworks but you wouldn't know from the first night website because it features fireworks on front page and new year's eve mostly fund so far organizers are $100,000 short of their goal. the group says they can't raise the money they will put on pyrotechnics display in copley square inside. >> shiri: of course, big, big travel week here and watching airport toward new york as well as new jersey. these are wind related delays and with increasing wind across the northeast i expect the problem to grow and show you how long the wind will last. >> daniel: chipolte facing new
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coming up next why some say the fast food place lying to
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>> julie: picture outside. >> daniel: cold. >> it looks cold. looks kind of scary. >> daniel: it does. >> julie: ominous, better word for it. >> shiri: i think there was a lot of moisture left on roads and hit freezing and roads weren't freezing at burlington, framingham wellesley as well and big concern now going to turn into the winds, worcester 28?, still huge chill in the air in central mass southern new hampshire, most of you below freezing rain and just above it here in southeastern massachusetts. do not be surprised if you find a couple flurries out there even
9:31 am
that the don't stick very much and kind of stick -- sneak right under radar. so i'm going to give you noon time about 39? in boston area and going to be windy and cold all day and not giving you any particular time because i think you're going to see stray snowflakes out there. temperatures up to 40s if you're lucky and breaking down the towns and cities get stuck in the 30s today and along with whipping winds and wind chill to plan around as well and those details in less than 10. hoping with less traffic on the roads you're seeing some improvement julie first time in last 6 hours seeing improvement and o'neill tunnel and 93 south has cleared and still seeing residual delays backing up to the relief and things sluggish as head from the braintree split to columbia road and live drive time, half hour 495 to mass ave and half hour on the expressway
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>> daniel: following developing news out of lowell and police searching for clues in death of local mother of 4. >> woman attending house party and live in lowell where investigators are hoping surveillance video will provide some clues. michael? >> michael: investigation working to find killers of 40-year-old mother of 4. >> everybody knows the girl, pack of wolves. it is disgusting. >> michael: wanting answers after someone killed mother and glor bella rango -- gloribel
9:33 am
friends. according to them they saw mother get attacked after getting kicked out of the party. >> says girls hit mom and blood all this, blood so for him to go
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>> daniel: care for children. family putting together an account at south shore bank for donations. >> julie: questions still linger this morning about recreational marijuana in massachusetts. the law goes into effect next month. now police and fire departments are re-assessing their own policies for employees. in massachusetts there's already a law on the books that prevents officers and smoking tobacco and they are making it clear they have a 0 tolerance policy for marijuana use. but 1 lawyer tells the paper the union likely fight any department that tries to punish someone. with just a few weeks to go before it becomes legal make sure you know how it works. go to complete coverage for the rules and regulation. >> daniel: 9:38. who says you can't go home again. tom brady went back to the san francisco bay area and put
9:39 am
yesterday putting pats on winning track. deon lewis back in action and brady got him involved early and picks up first down and another weapon for the patriots offense. the drive ends with brady looking for julian edelman tucked into the back corner of the end-zone at 6-0 new england. move ahead to the second brady fakes to edelman, spins and lost screen pass to james white. white patriots up 13-3 and pouring rain kept the third scoreless but the and back on the board for the 1st place of the fourth quarter and brady avoids the pressure and find danny amendola and patriots up and brady best pass of the season and rifle it is past the ear of the 9ers defend and her malcolm mitchell catches it and patriots patriots win 30-17 and
9:40 am
home. >> feels very cool and very special and pregame warm-up and play of the game. >> patriots tight end seaport district and new pat has 2 bedrooms, 2 bath and c a second home nearby. >> daniel: i would like brady trench coat. >> julie: 495 andover to the zakim bridge. >> high temperatures today 36 to 42, high temperatures, it is going to be cold out there, also breezy gusts up to 50 miles per hour tracking some flurries, wind, i will show you how long
9:41 am
unsettled next. >> daniel: samsung isn't only smartphone company running into issues with batteries and latest phone issue that has some iphone users upset. >> looks like issue with cell phone continuing and now
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>> daniel: weymouth grandmother will spend months in hospital after hit at crosswalk. she is at beth israel hospital in boston and ruptured spleen, broken femur, broken ribs and knee fracture and struck around 6:00 friday morning in brighton near the brookline line and 2 daughters tell fox25 she walks in the area everyday before she begins her job at driscol in is the head secretary. >> sure they know they hit her because of how much force and how much damage done to her body. >> sunday lizzie says her mother puts in 12-hour day in hometown of weymouth helping adults with special needs. boston police are investigating the hit and run and police told the family surveillance camera in the area where she was hit. they are in the process of trying to see if any of the cameras picked up the vehicle. >> daniel: problem this
9:45 am
season. toys toys r us stopping sales of tonka truck after it caught fire. they say tonka mighty wheels dump truck burst into flames in the bed of their truck. >> sparks coming from inside the box and fire, like it was hot and get out of the truck. so pulled over, flames start shooting. >> julie: couple was not ht and they pulled the toy from the shelf while investigates. >> daniel: chipolte getting hit with class action lawsuit because of number of calories in the burrito. the chirozo burrito has more than listed on menu. math expert says it is closer to 1,000 and blaming issue on unclear wording saying the 300 refers to the sausage part of the burrito alone and the men behind the legal action says this is a pattern with the company so they are asking the
9:46 am
at chipolte over the last 4 years. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. finally seeing green back on the maps, just a little bit of volume lingering on the expressway around morrissey boulevard. north of the pike slow through medford into somerville and things looking better on zakim bridge after the accident in the tunnel cleared. over to the live drive times, 15 minutes route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 54 minutes on 93 peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now and hope today was bit of reminder to everyone, shiri. >> shiri: ton of accident
9:47 am
snow out there and roads got slippery. i mean, yeah, that time of year. you know what, now that we are kind of beyond flurries this morning, little to no additional accumulation expected locally and watching the berkshires for a little bit of the snow but we have winds gusting 50 miles per hour from time to time through 10:00 tonight and we got wind advisory in effect between bitter wind chill and wind biggest concern today on top of that it is going to be really cold out there, wind chills going to be pretty rough and 34? and gusts sustained 25 and already wind blown out there and makes it feel like it is in the lower 20s, some of you still feel like the teens and that's really what it is going to feel like the rest of the day and see temperatures floating around in the upper 30s here in the boston area this afternoon, mostly cloudy skies, might watch 1 or 2 flurries out there like i said not much going to stick but it is going to be really cold and windy. ton of cloud cover to get through.
9:48 am
basically hitting western new england and mountains and just accumulating there. so additional 1 to 3 inches for berkshires and green mountains, not too bad. here at home future cast not showing any snow flakes but couple stray snowflakes definitely possibility going to be windy, cloudy, at least i have tuesday improvements and end up brightening up, anybody traveling up to northern new england getting here ready for the holiday on thanksgiving. we have a little tomorrow across northern new england and gusts 35, 40 miles per hour so i do not see the same potential for wind damage that i see today and showers for your wednesday, big travel day up and down the mississippi valley, ohio valley going up to the great lakes and snowflakes out there and got a little bit of mix there and rain showers and into the mountains going to
9:49 am
the country, whole eastern seaboard looking totally fine for your wednesday travel plans and 31 boston and framingham and plymouth, couple lower 40s not too many and tomorrow at least going in the right direction here, low and mid-40s, conditions a little brighter, still windy, we jump ahead now because wednesday so quiet and jump ahead to thanksgiving and tracking that slippery mix in the morning. we could be facing a little bit of light snow and light freezing rain or too soon to talk about specifics and potential for slippery travel conditions in the morning, get into the low and mid-40s, too warm for any kind of snow and transition over to lighter rain showers. that transition probably happens in the morning. 7-day forecast with weekend always in view, keeps it windy for the next few days, wednesday pick of whole week, 46? and mostly sunny, thanksgiving middle 40s with mostly rain, a little bit of slick condition in the morning but friday 50?,
9:50 am
sprinkle and more rain and snow in the forecast here for your saturday. back to you. >> julie: 18-year-old died because of overdose. >> these are human lives. when do you not reach out and if we can enact section 35 why will we not? >> allowing families and police to and close to 500 deaths a year compared to the state homicide rate of 20. tonight at 10 fox25 stephanie coueignoux sits down with this mother and investigates the benefits and drawbacks of the law. >> daniel: quite a site at
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>> julie: salvation army kicking off annual red kettle campaign. the organization holding a kickoff ceremony at star market on huntington avenue in boston and mark the beginning of all
9:54 am
and raise more than $3 million statewide and fox25 getting into the action and spirit with own bell ringing and downtown crossing red kettle on december 15th. we will be there from 11 to 2 and perfect time to stop on by and say hi during the lunch break. >> daniel: 2% increase over last year travel and most will be thanksgiving gas prices are the second cheapest in nearly a decade and report says people in central and northwestern parts of the controversy will face the highest risk of delays. >> daniel: wal-mart starting cyber monday sales. midnight black friday you can log on to the retailer's website to find discounts and deals and already seeing online sales increase from this time last
9:55 am
shoppers to spend $655 billion on holiday gifts this season. that's what i tried to say. >> julie: i think a math expert came up with the total. julie: exploding phone owner say they are just as loyal with samsung. they expected it fire prone galaxy note 7 phones. apple says some of the phones may have battery issues that causes device to shut down unexpectedly and isn't a safety issue and involves only a small number iphone 6s devices and urging anyone with having the problem to take phone to apple store and serial number matches the phone impacted they will replace the battery free of charge. >> in case you miss it had things got very interesting in
9:56 am
naked students state at wall in harvard stadium. you fine that enter -- entertaining. they were upholding 40 year tradition that started with 1 student moaning harvard. yale ended up winning the game in upset 21-14. i didn't go to harder so didn't participate. probably wouldn't have if >> shiri: it is chilly. layer it up today, my friends. layers, layers, layers, woke up to the coating of snow and not much in the way of reports this morning. i mean it was a coating right under a inch of snow and daniel driving back yesterday. >> daniel: it is beautiful. >> shiri: crazy totals there and actually where the snow. rogue flurries central and eastern mass, southern
9:57 am
mostly dry going to be the name of the game for many of us today. high 40 if you're lucky, a lot of us back in the 30s and i don't think we have had an afternoon yet that has been quite that cold so far this year. so wind chill to it, probably going to feel like it is in the 20s this afternoon at the warmest. >> definitely gets you in the holiday spirit and holiday mood.
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it's november 21st, time for great viral videos "right this minute". >> wanting to do for a really long time. >> the sweet story behind the long journey to a home in the snow. a driver's a little distracted as he -- >> why he's lucky his smart car has his back. >> that's pretty cool, man. >> something to remember on this tour of the tundra. >> that is polar bear country. >> how one of them makes sure everybody knows it. >> be really careful. he's big. >> plus the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini as christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle bring you the best from the web. including an artist's creation. >> what do you think this is going to be?


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