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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  November 23, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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our camera rolling as a local woman pleads with the utility
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a story over on 128. this is a live look from earlier today and masspike also clear at this hour as we take a live look at the roads in brighton. good evening, everyone. i'm vanessa welch. >> and i'm mark ockerbloom. the wind remains a concern tomorrow for anyone traveling and doing last-minute thanksgiving preps. >> and the cold. certainly we've had some windy days this week. tomorrow it will still be brisk out there in conjunction with e not going be real comfortable. 28 in worcester. that's right now. 34 in boston, winds still gusting up to around 20, even over 20 miles per hour. province town to 30 miles per hour. not as many wind gusts right now but they're out there and gives the windchills in the teens and 20s all the way down to cape cod right now. i took a look at what our temperatures are and what it looks like off to the west right now and it's about the same. that's critical because this is where our storm is. look what's happening out there with the storm where the
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now. heavy snow, and some ice and rain to the south. when this storm translates eastward we're gonna be dealing with some of this. a timeline of when the snow and ice impact your thanksgiving travel. >> if you are hitting the roads tomorrow, mass-dot says your best bet is to get out between 6:00 and 17:00 a.m. the worst traffic is expected between noon and 5:00 tomorrow with a peak at 3:00 p.m. >> so try to travel tomorrow in the morning if you can. if you watt out tomorrow and travel after 5:00 or 6:00 it's gonna be much e >> and you can monitor the very latest in traffic and weather leading up to thanksgiving just download the free fox 25 news app. a man putting up christmas lights shocked and rushed to the hospital. tonight he's at mass general getting treatment. fox 25's malini bought sue joins us live outside the hospital. and new since 6:00 you have spoken exclusively with the victim's wife who told you doctors cannot believe her
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the wife earlier today, here we are at mass general hospital talking about eight hours later and the 54-year-old man is still in the emergency room. by his bedside is his wife. in the meantime, the wife told fox 25 outside the merrimack new hampshire home, she says it's a miracle that her husband is alive right now. >> i was slapping his face saying stay with me, stay with me. and his eyes were rolling back in his head. >> reporter: karen's husband bill derosh was putting up christmas lights inro he was using using this metal pe when he was severely shocked. >> he was trying to get the top of the tree and decorate it with a real long pole, probably a 20-foot pole. the wind must have taken the pole back just enough and hit the live electrical wire and it sent the whole -- whatever, how many volts are in that wire -- through his whole body. happened around 2:00 this afternoon at the glen forest drive know merrimack, new hampshire.
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smoke. i came running out. he was on the ground, semiconscious. >> reporter: the shocks were so intense. >> smell it ... >> reporter: his hands and feet were burned. >> he burnt the socks off his feet. they're all metallic-y with metal burn holes in them. you can still smell the burnt grass. >> right here somewhere is the burn mark. >> reporter: karen is just hoping this christmas will bring them a miracle because doctors told her this... >> they can't believe he's >> so again right now at this hour, karen is by her husband's bedside. he's still in the emergency room. we know a item of doctors and nurses are also doing several tests on him as they are afraid of severe internal damage. malini bought sue, fox 25 news. a lawrence man is being held without bail tonight charged with a hate crime on a transgender person. the alleged assault happened outside the social club early
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has been charged with assault and a civil rights violation. he was accused of calling the transgender victim a sexual slur and violently assaulting him outside the club. >> six children are still in critical condition tonight after a deadly school bus crash in tennessee. the driver reportedly asked the children if they were ready to die right before impact. >> and late tonight the hospital revealed that to identify with two days to speak or right they had to take photos of the district to track down their parents. >> they believe. >> reporter: a school bus packed with children slammed into a telephone pole and wrapped around a tree. >> all i could hear was this kid screaming. i mean they were screaming. >> reporter: according to the children's elementary school, four girls and a boy were killed in the crash. three in the fourth grade and
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>> i couldn't imagine to drop my kids up on a bus stop. >> reporter: other children taken to the hospital still in their school uniforms. >> and because the young age many of them were unable to spell their names, did not know their birth dates or even their parents' names. several said momma when they were asked what their name was. >> police arrested the driver, jonathan walker. in april walker got his bus driver license and in september he was involved in a minor bus crash. no one was incident. a drastic difference to monday's crash. now walker is charged with 5 counts of vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment and reckless driving. >> he was saying -- >> reporter: as the investigation continues into what caused the deadly crash... >> the most natural thing in the world is for a parent to mourn the loss of a child. the most unnatural thing in the world. there are no words that can
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father. >> trump tweeted his condolences to all of those affected by this terrible tragedy. new at 10:00, transit police are investigating how one of their own officers got hurt at the suffolk county t station tonight. we are hearing the officer may have broken his arm. t police tell us he was not hit by a train but the injury did delay blue line commuters earlier tonight. >> donald trump says he wants to media. trump met with the new york times today. he said he had great respect for the newspaper but the treatment with him have been quote, very rough. the meeting came one day atmosphere got together with broadcast executives. >> he spoke in measured tones and said you gotta tell the truth about me. >> the press should check on all elected officials. >> he often slams what he calls
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>> u.s. stocks surge into a record high today. the dow jones closed above 19,000 for the first time as the post election rally continues to push the markets to record highs. the nasdaq finished up 17 points while the s&p closed nearly 5 points higher. >> massachusetts snort scott brown is on the short list of the secretary of veteran affairs. saying he had a great meeting with the president-elect in new york city on monday. following the get-together he talked about some of his priorities if he >> we need to obviously focus on suicide and get the people of mental health issues immediate treatment. >> brown spent nearly four decades in the army national guard and says he expects trump to make a decision after thanksgiving. candlelight vigil held tonight in lowell hours after the the is the killer faced a judge. >> it hurts me that my mom is really gone. >> fox 25's stephanie coueignoux was in the courtroom this afternoon as prosecutors laid
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taken. >> today ended in an explosion of eve motion, angry and heart broken by the judge's decision and the lack of murder charges against amarilla cortez perez. >> it's hard knowing she should be charged with murder and the other days that are still on the run. >> reporter: killed saturday night after laurel police say she was beaten by a group of people during a fight at a party. is perez appeared before a judge today. prosecut she hit orengo over the head twice. >> they observed the victims being violently attacked by a group of people, continuing the attack even after she was on the ground. >> reporter: even more heart breaking police say orango's son, who had special needs, witnessed the beating, unable to protect his mother. >> he's traumatized. he can't sleep. he keeps blaming himself. when he seen the crime scene in the news, he pointed to the barrel, he's like right there, mommy died right there.
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orango during the fight. so far no one has been charged or arrested for that or any other part in this attack. >> it gets me mad, you know, other people get caught real quick. they should do more. they should have more people. >> reporter: stephanie coueignoux, fox 25 news. new at 10:00, an horrific case of child neglect reported in connecticut. three children ages 3, unable to speak. ms. her turned herself into connecticut state police today after a four-month investigation. another suspect, nicholas emery has been arrested in arizona. police tell fox 25 they were both legally responsible for the children. the kids were found in a home in danielson connecticut, police say they were underweight, had missing teeth and rarely left the house. they're not in school either.
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time to get monitors on all school buses. this after allegation allegations of a sexual assault between students on a bus. parents are outraged after they say the renaissance charter school was slow to notify them of repeated incidents involving a 6-year-old boy. fox 25 has learned because of budget cuts just 37% of all boston public school bus trips have an adult monitor and that's for students with special needs. >> do you think it's time to re-examine that? we'll certainly look ath renaissance goes a lot deeper and i think there's a lot of other issues there and it's a sad situation. >> fox 25 reported the renaissance school also failed to notify the education secretary within 48 hours which is required of all charges. >> reporter: police are looking for an around man who robbed the west water bank. they're looking for joe morris and say he might be driving a
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cap. >> next at 10:00, why a woman hasn't had heat in her home for weeks. >> the cold air is in place and tracking this storm moving into
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it'say winter yet but sure feels that way outside. a cold snap has been especially tough on an disabled women from outside boston. >> ted, she claims a utility company broke her furnace. >> her furnace, her frig, and her stove she says all were fried when a utility crew was doing work outside her o street home. her stove has been replaced. it happened today but she's not sure if or when she'll get her heat back.
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warmth of in shirley's participate and with temperatures outside in the 30s, warmth is a relative term. >> lights will bring more heat into the house and with my medical condition it's making it 10 times worse. >> shirley shares the o street with her dog, her niece and adult son and says the aren't she has no heat is because her furnace is broken and she blames new england's largest energy >> we are making some emergency repairs so we may have some momentary outages. >> on november 1,, after ever source crew did work outside her home and shirley says her power went off and then came back on again. >> i can't cook. the oven don't work. i went to open the frig, the freezer was broken. >> reporter: shirley believes the search is -- the surge to to
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time. she says ever source has replaced her oven and offering to pay for a new frig but after repeated requests, she says they haven't done anything about the furnace. >> how long will i go without heat while this is being processed. >> reporter: we were rolling when an ever course executive called shirley and told her her claim has not yet been processed. >> it's not like we're looking for payments or anything. fix what you broke. fox 25 has been in communication with ever source since around 5:00 this afternoon. by email, a spokesperson tells me that the company feels for mrs. mordon and says that a crew came and replaced the stove as quick as they could and got that installed. he adds that yesterday when we first learned about the damaged heating system we sent a plummer who is unable to make repairs due to the age and condition of the system. we're continuing to try to help
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and have offered to put ms. mordon up in a motel room while the situation is rectified. shirley takes issue with that statement, she says, one, there was never an offer for her to be put in a hotel room, and two, she says she first notified the company about her furnace she says 11 days ago. i'm ted daniel, fox 25 news. a bad batch of heroin is leading to more overdoses in a 24-hour period. one person died. police believe the batch is mixed mixed with synthetic drugs. a surprising move in the case against a fitchburg man accused in the assault of 5-year-old jeramiah oliver and his siblings. the judge has suspended a hearing to suppress evidence against alberto see area. the boyfriend of obviously verify's mother. the judge said statements did not appear relative to his assault and endangerment charges. that informant led police to the
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suitcase off of interstate 90 two years ago. no one has been charged in the boy's murder. hampshire college will no longer fly flags on campus after a flag flap. after intense backlash the school has blocked people from posting comments on its facebook page until next weekend saying our staff members are on holiday break and unable to respond to questions and to ensure posts adhere to community standards. school leaders say members of the school lowered the american flag to half-staff after the that flag was later found burned on veterans day. the school then replaced the flag but decided not to fly any flags on campus at all. >> the tough thing here is trying to maintain two competing ideas at once. >> hampshire's president also said the school will work with students on how to move forward. >> this is the actual bucket that started the ice bucket challenge. an als awareness campaign
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next week will hang in the smithsonian as part of itself new giving in america exhibit. erika richey is live for us in beverly where the family is very honored by this announcement. >> well, they are. i have to tell you i was as well as i sat down with pete's parents in their living room in beverly tonight as they shared the news with me. it was really special for me. they were so excited that having this ice bucket on display in the smithsonian offers the of the challenge going. >> this iconic bucket, it's the symbol of hope. >> reporter: one simple bucket. >> what's the done is ripped this disease out of the shadows, brought it to the fore. >> one crazy challenge. >> the simple ability pouring ice water over your head for somebody who's struggling. >> reporter: now preparing to be on display at one of nation's most coveted museums, the smithsonian as part of a new
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>> we're honored. >> reporter: it was john and nancy freighties' son pete who helped the ice bucket challenge go viral in august of 2014. pete was three years into his battle with als and working hard to raise awareness within the video came to his attention. >> he was just waiting for a vehicle. he to us that day. i knew we would build momentum, i'm just waiting for the vehicle. >> reporter: the vehicle it was. the ice bucket challenge spread like wildfire and when the funds stopped being accounted in december had been raised for als research. that's why the challenge symbolized by the bucket will be on display at the smithsonian because it demonstrates the exhibit's goal of seeing how philanthropy has shaped our country. >> what it symbolizes to me is hope, is that one person can change the world. never give up hope and keep fighting.
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of course smithsonian is opening it on day and after that new year's day is what they'll look forward to when the plunge take place. a one-time opportunity to raise money for their son and for his care. go ahead and mark your calendar for that. erika richey, fox 25 news. >> fantastic tribute. using a super food to fight explosives.
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as major headache for the owners of those vehicles that were damaged. >> fox 25's bob ward discovered it appears that there will not be enough insurance money available to pay for all the damage. >> reporter: a horrific halloween crash in the back bay, a boston fire truck with emergency lights blazing collides with a car that wouldn't stop at the intersection of com ave and dartmouth. the fire truck crashed into a row of parked cars causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage. the driver of the chevy equinox was working for the ride sharing service lift and boston police have cited him. but owners of these cars are suddenly realizing they're in for a big headache. there may not be enough insurance money to pay for all this damage. in an email to fox 25, lyft says
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mode, meaning he no passenger and no assignment, its insurance is limited to $25,000 for the entire crash. the boston fire department told me it will estimates the damage to the 20-year-old fire reserve engine alone which suffered a went frame is at least $50,000. the owner of a luxury car showed me dewpoints that his car was valued at nearly $14,000 and considered a total loss. those two vehicles alone total $64,000, well above lyft's with the number of luxury cars damaged or destroyed, the total could easily top $100,000. mayor marty walsh told fox 25 insurance for ride sharing services like lyft has been a concern from the very beginning. >> i know that we were concerned about some of the regulations and ability to regulate cautionary and we don't have the ability in the city and that's one of the check marks we would look at, would be insurance. >> reporter: the city of boston
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going to do to try to get its money back but it knows that it is scrapping that fire engine. now, i spoke to several of the owners of those vehicles that were destroyed or damaged, they tell me they're looking at their options but it doesn't look good. reporting from boston, bob ward, fox 25 news. today mark the 53rd anniversary of the assassination of president john f. kennedy on november wanted to 1963. lee harvey oswald shot the president while he was in dallas, who of course was born in brookline, mass, put into motion what would later become his presidential library and museum on the campus of u-mass boston. people always talk about it on this day, it seems, what might have happened had he lived longer and seen some of those dreams realized that he never got a chance to see. >> a lot of people talking about that today and as you mentioned every year when the anniversary comes up and what a tribute that library is. >> yeah, right there on columbia
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which he of course loved. a man run over right in front of his friends. the truck involved then speeds away. >> straight ahead, why the victim is the one facing charges in this wild scene that was
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you at the top of the hour. the best time to travel tomorrow is in the morning or after 6:00 p.m. or maybe right now because as you can see here the roads look pretty clear out there, traffic moving along. we're also tracking some very cold temperatures. right now it is 29 degrees in worcester. 32 in bedford and 35 in norwood. kevin's coming up in just 2 minutes with an updated track on some messy thanksgiving day weather. >> sal dimasi a free man tonight for the first time in
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airport when demacy arrived after being released from prison two years earlier. >> reporter: hugs from his family as the visibly changed sal dimasi, former speaker of the house and one of the most powerful politicians in the state is pushed in a wheelchair. dimasi home after his release from a north carolina prison. >> i just want to say how happy i am and greatful, thankful that i'm home in boston. >> reporter: dimasi's voice cracked as he thanked everyone serving five of eight years in federal prison. >> it's a very emotional day for me. it's been a trying and difficult experience for me. >> dimasi was convicted in 2011 for taking $65,000 in kickbacks for steering software contracts to massachusetts. tonight he's just happy to be home, thankful for a judge who granted a request for compassionate release and specialty grateful to his
1:31 am
>> i just can't say how much i love my wife for what she's done for me. >> reporter: dimasi whose throat and prostate cancer is in remission is now suffering from diseases that have narrowed his esophagus making hard to swallow. >> i'm a fighter and i'll fight this all the way. >> reporter: dimasi will remain under house arrest for six months. before leaving he did answer one question saying he's looking forward to a special thanksgiving with his family. at logan monahan, fox 25 news. so two parts to this forecast. the first part we know we have. it is cold outside. 34 degrees in boston. but it's down to 28 in worcester. it will be okay if it's your morning lows this time of year, you know it's going to get colder. the winds continue to be gusty over 20 miles per hour. not talking about damaging winds. but it's enough to give you a
1:32 am
across the area. these will go down as the temperature does tonight as well. so your wake-up forecast will average 29 degrees. 20s to the north and west, already seeing that closer to 30 to 32 degrees along the coast. perhaps as high as 35 degrees out in cape cod, spots of sunshine for everyone. so i'm looking at our temperature scheme here. what they're seeing out in the plain states in the midwest, that's where our weather is coming from. notice there's some warm air here as that warm air tries to work in, the cold air doesn't want to give way and that's the issu new england. here's the storm system we're talking about. it's picked up some intensity since last night when it was in the rocketys and we were watching this. rain along the cold front out ahead of it but this is where the warm front is, separates the rain from the snow. when you have that kind of a boundary you sometimes get some very strong bands of snow. we're seeing that in the deep blue here through minneapolis and western and central wisconsin making its way toward green bay but also pink showing up on the boundary between the two and that's the mixing.
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mixing in there, more likely snow and rain mixing together in a situation like that out there. when it gets there, it's running into the cold air we have in place with mostly clear skies out there. actually a fairly pretty night. this was boston fox 25's picture of the day. had some clouds. tomorrow it will be perfectly clear. when you wake up it's sunny. i'm assuming you get up after dark, and staying sunny through the middle of the day and through the afternoon. look, no clouds, that's why you won't get the beautiful sunset reflecting off the clouds, jus but tomorrow night here come the clouds rushing on in here. so by midnight or just after we are totally cloudy and still cold. now because the clouds aren't moving in until after dark, the temperature can still drop and that's the problem for thanksgiving morning. it's going to be cold as the precipitation moves in. now, tonight dropping down to about freezing in boston, right up to 38 degrees. that's it by 10:00 in the morning. we're setting ourselves up for another cold day. only in the 40s through southeastern massachusetts, off
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so with sunset and clear skies, these temperatures will drop through the 30s and off to the northwest into the 20s. so that first thing in the morning thanksgiving it is cold and here comes the first batch of precipitation. notice that some snow and some mixing. this is not a huge storm. what it is is a nuisance storm. when you're trying to drive somewhere early thursday morning and going to be driving off to the west or to the north especially you're going to run into some pockets of snow that' falling into a very cold air mass and causing some spotty ice. that can cause some really tricky traveling first thing thursday morning. that's what i'm concerned about. not a big snowstorm, just that. but if you're going to the north, by the way, thanksgiving night, the snow will be flying in the mounts. go for a ski trip thanksgiving? looks pretty good. seven-day forecast also shows this weekend some unsettled weather will be arriving, as well. in fact saturday into sunday you see some rain and snow painted in here, a storm system will be
1:35 am
and it will start to intensify offshore. where exactly it goes will determine how much rain and snow we get here in new england. something we'll be watching very closely. new information coming in right now on both these storm threats. see you at 11:00. and spinach, we all know that it gives pop eye super human strength. >> and now researchers believe the super food can actually stop terror. >> we've transformed a living plant into a chemical sensor. >> the way the plant can be plus, a wrong-way driver heads right for a police cruiser. the officer's quick actions to save lives on the road. but first an idea to save
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>> dramatic new video tonight out of utah. a police officer's dash-cam was rolling when he stopped a interstate. here he is coming at him. you can see him clip the back of the suspect's vehicle, stopping him from hurting anyone else. now that the officer or drunk driver were injured. surveillance cameras capture a florida man as he's run over by his own truck. police say he was so drunk he fell off the door. take a closer look. the man is in a white pickup truck on the left of his screen. people run to stop him from drunk driving but he ultimately speeds away, only to fall out
1:39 am
the truck crashed into a nearby home. the man actually got up and ran away and later turned himself in to police. he's now facing felony charges. curbing the overdose crisis has become not only a top priority in massachusetts but in new hampshire, as well. last night at 10:00, we told you the granite state is one of the highest opioid overdose rates in the nation. close to 500 death as year. tonight kathryn burcham introduces us to a unique recovery program that's already helped 800 people this year. >> reporter: they're used to it, being the heroes that now manchester firefighter are being recognized for saving lives in a different way. it's called safe stations. fire stations across the city that are now an access point from those suffering from addiction to get help. >> all i have to say is i have a problem and need help and they took me in. >> reporter: mike got oxycodone for a kidney stone and by the time he came here seeking help
1:40 am
newly homeless and fully addicted to heroin. >> when i was in active addiction i didn't know there was so much support behind this disease. people are in a crisis moment and we're here to assist them no matter what. >> 790 people have been put in program like serenity place. a remedy more powerful than any dose of narcan. >> they saved my life. i am so thankful that they're there. >> and mike says one of the reasons that he thinks this program is so successful is because it depends on a city wide network of services that help addicts with shelter, employment, and medical needs.
1:41 am
burcham, fox 25 news. holiday shoppers, buy the perfect gift at a great price, buyer beware there are potentially dangerous fakes out there. we'll tell you how to spot them. >> and now that voters leg anyone with type 2 diabetes knows how it feels to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around? what if you could...
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it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c. a pill taken just once in the morning, invokana? is used along with diet and exercise to significantly lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. in fact, it's been proven to be more effective at lowering a1c than januvia. invokana? works around the clock by reducing the amount of sugar allowed back into the body, and sending some sugar out through the process of urination. systolic blood pressure or weight loss, it may help you with both. invokana? can cause important side effects, including dehydration, which may cause you to feel dizzy, faint, lightheaded, or weak, upon standing. other side effects may include kidney problems, genital yeast infections, changes in urination, high potassium, increases in cholesterol, risk of bone fracture, or urinary tract infections,
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which can be life threatening. stop taking and call your doctor right away if you experience symptoms. or if you experience symptoms of allergic reaction such as rash, swelling, or difficulty breathing or swallowing. do not take invokana? if you have severe liver or kidney problems or are on dialysis. tell your doctor about any medical conditions and medications you take. using invokana? with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. lower your blood sugar with invokana?. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana?. ask your doctor about it by name. is. >> marijuana becomes legal in massachusetts next month and
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more -- more impaired drivers. >> officers don't have a roadside test drug just like they do for alcohol but in colorado officers are testing a possible solution. >> reporter: in colorado where marijuana has been legal since 2014, more people are smoking marijuana and eating edibles and getting behind the wheel. >> i've been driving down the road and the guy right next to me is lighting a pipe. >> reporter: supporters of legalization say these are just fears, not facts. but according to the colorado department of 12.4% of deadly crashes in colorado involve a driver who tested positive for cannabis in 2015 alone. that's up from 8.1% in 2013 and now there are concerns we will see the same happen in massachusetts when marijuana becomes legal next month. >> we're allowing more people to drug and drive and people are going to die because it. >> reporter: i sat down with police chief carmichael after voters passed question number 4.
1:45 am
enforcement he opposed it. driving while auto high is illegal but officers don't have a roadside test for drugs like they do for alcohol plus chief carmichael says there is no standard legal limit for impairment. >> do you think most people will just get away with it. >> yeah. they are. if they have 5 billionth of a graham, they can be considered impaired. the colorado state patrol is marijuana du idevices that test saliva but don't tell you the amount of thc. >> they have thc in their system but did they take that drug today, did they take it yesterday. >> reporter: even officers using the devices have concerns. >> some of those instruments are fairly large and i think that would preclude them being used in a patrol car. >> reporter: many of the devices have enzymes that are sensitive to heat and cold. chief carmichael says even if
1:46 am
legal limit and use the devices they may not hold new court. >> i'm sure that we're gonna see a lot of court cases coming down the pike that we're gonna have to deal with and we're probably gonna lose a lot of those cases. >> reporter: right now massachusetts has about 100 police officers specifically trained to identify drivers on drugs but chief carmichael worries that's not enough. fox 25 investigates rode along with the drug recognition expert this summer. they used blood pressure, tests to try to prove whether a suspect is under the influence and even what type of drugs the person is on. >> we actually had over 100 data points that we're looking at. it's not just, you know, the guy has blood shot eyes, he's drunk. >> reporter: we learned violations for drugged driving is up 42% since 2011 in massachusetts and many police officers worry legalizing marijuana will increase that. >> it's just gonna be difficult, very difficult for us to handle it.
1:47 am
and even here in massachusetts since medical marijuana became legal. they said these are fears but not facts and made the same doomsday scenario. there has been no increase in impaired driving in massachusetts from marijuana and said neither police nor politicians did anything to address a similar standard to alcohol since 2008 when the state decriminalized marijuana and again in 2012 when medical marijuana was protect marijuana use that has been happening recently? >> a few in the pipeline. howell labs out of california have created a marijuana breathalyzer. another company is working on a fingerprint sweat test and that can also be used to test for pot and opioids. we're told both of these devices could hit the market by next year. >> something to keep an eye on for sure. police in derry, new hampshire need help identifying the men in these surveillance pictures. he spoke into the gilbert quinn
1:48 am
morning. officers responded to a burglary alarm and found a broken window but no sign of the man. school officials are trying to figure out if he stole anything. >> and an explosive discovery made in a lab at m.i.t., a vegetable that might in your refrigerator right now can detect danger, explosives, even terrorism. we're talking about spinach. elizabeth hopkins went inside the lab at m.i.t. where researchers showed her how this new tool against terror works. >> reporter: the future is pick like just the leaf and then we will infiltrate it. >> reporter: it sounds a little crazy but consider this, the whole job of the plant is to pull water and nutrients from the soil but they can also pull pollutants and chemicals. researchers at m.i.t. infiesed the plant with nano particles that can detect the females from bombs and ieds and sense them. >> the root system brings it up to where the sensor is.
1:49 am
infrared light, that's attached to a system that sends out an email. >> explosives in the ground water or explosives that touch the leaf will trigger the sensors and send that information to your smartphone. >> reporter: that means in places that could be vulnerable to terrorism like areas armed municipal drinking water sources, agencies would be alerted a threat had been detected. turning growing areas into bomb sniffing devices that can communicate concern. >> we think of them as high tech pl have now formed a company because they hope to market this product. it's called plantia and eventually they want to extend it to other different chemicals and have agricultural applications. elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. some rain, some snow, some ice
1:50 am
light dustings by 10:00 until the morning on thanksgiving. and a little bit more as the afternoon wears on and into the evening. look, not much snow is gonna fall but it always can cause problems when it's this code-out outside. we'll have more to say about this and the latest track of the storm with the newest information coming in right now at 11:00. hundreds of local veterans in need receive turkeys and all the trimmings today in worcester, thanks in part to you, as well. >> the family harvest enter was put on by veterans, inc. and gave the s the opportunity to take all the ingredients needed to make a home-cooked thanksgiving meal including fresh produce. ock, i was honored to help out a little bit today and had a chance to thank our local veterans for their service. i was struck and overwhelmed by the number of vets who have served their country and now have fallen on hard times. they were all extremely grateful for the donations and all the support they received today. >> it's a blessing. it's a blessing to have it. >> they were there when we
1:51 am
we must be there now that they need us. more than 600 local vets and their families will enjoy a delicious thanksgiving meal thanks to veterans, inc. and its volunteer, they provide housing, programs and crucial support services for our local veterans in need. >> certainly care for us and we need to care for them. >> yeah, it was an honor after they served us. good thanks to all the sponsors who donated turkeys and money so we could put together the thanksgiving meals for veterans. fond du lac like to learn how you can help out local vets, we have a link on our web site, hide gifts can often be dangerous.
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you may not be aware of the potentially dangerous stakes out there. daniel miller uncovers what our offices are doing to keep counterfeit toys out of the hands of children. >> this year's hot toys including hatchable. >> who are you? and the nintendo classic gaming system. i don't even know what they if there's a toy that's very popular you can be sure that somebody's going to counterfeit it. officers are paying extra attention to movie high ends and sports team merchandise. inside these shipping containers were these toy cars that had fake bmw logos. these hubcaps fell the toy cars
1:56 am
>> from a distance somebody may think that this is real. >> these replica guns have orange safety tips that could be pushed in easily. the orange safety tip lets people know it's a toy and not the real thing. officers find issues by checking his shipments paperwork and using this x-ray screening machine to look for anything unusual if they see anything suspicious, they'll open the container and exam its contentses. across the u.s., there were confiscated in 200015. most of them come from china and hong kong. there are two big concerns about counterfeit toys and electronics. >> no guarantees about the longevity or safety of it. it could catch on fire and have high cooks of lead. >> it could potential look harm them or kill them or set the house on fire. >> you don't know what the
1:57 am
because it could be going to fund criminal or terrorist organizations. >> reporter: experts agree patients should buy gifts from reputable dealers or stores. >> if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. >> reporter: parents say they will follow. >> these are kids i know and love and care about their safety. >> a seller of the replica gun says they are not counterfeit and do comply with the law.
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