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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 23, 2016 3:30am-4:01am EST

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it's november 22nd, time for great viral videos "right this minute." the terrifying moment the tiger strikes. a youtuber knows it's hard for his buddy to go on a trip. >> i know how much you enjoy traveling adventure. >> a sweet story how they managed to travel together. a woman races to her husband's side when suddenly -- >> it's a miracle, ladies and gentlemen. >> the moment she finds out he was only love sick. plus the buzzword for your shot to within a new ipad mini as we break down the best from the west including an 8-year-old with big news. but see why the real shocker
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>> exotic animals as pets is something we cringe about often. for whatever reason it continues to be a growing trend in saudi arabia. here you see a man walking a tiger. he's got it on a leash. they are at a festival. there's a lot of kids. have you to see the tiger lunging at kids and them running away. >> is this part of the festival or an attraction. >> wasn't part of the festival. >> what a other children, turns around and snatches a child to the ground and the video ends there. that kid is around 6 years old. you can breathe. they were able to rescue the child before it was injured. obviously this video is causing a lot of people to chime in because it was posted to social media. people in the area of outraged. they are echoing our sentiment, these exotic animals are not pets, not meant to be in those situations. they see people moving fast,
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them. >> they are predator they are going to go after prey. this is so stupid. this next video takes place in australia. these emus are in their own natural habitat. the guy that filmed the video said he was pretty amused to see the animals up close an personal. he said he saw them first and they kind of went after them. he warned the dude on the bicycle. he did it anyway. you can imagine what happened next. >> did you see the size of that >> that's actually kind of cool but keep cycling. >> emi goes right after the guy on the bike. >> emus out there to motivate the cyclist. get them to push a little harder. >> that's no way to get your heart rate up for sure. we've seen the wobs that have gone crazy viral. seems like his mission is to put many smiles on many faces.
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he's worried about. >> i know how much you love to travel. i know how much you enjoy traveling and love adventure. sometimes it's hard or impossible to do certain things, you know. >> he has muscular dystrophy. it makes it extremely hard for him to travel. what can i do? how can i bring him along? what can i do to bring a smile to his face. he decided to for the entire journey. he printed out a 3 foot high cardboard cutout and, as such, took him along as his adventure partner as he crossed the continent. >> such a great guy. always trying to make people happy, like you said. >> literally goes traveling, gets to south america and crosses all kinds of countries through libya, colombia. >> defined out about this before
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>> what you're seeing is as he sits down to watch the same video you're watching right now. has he no idea. he's seeing himself lying on the beach. you can see them drinking colombian coffee. it goes on and on and on. as the video ends we go back to where we started to his reaction. they are the front defense to many bars and nightclubs and they are really underappreciated. the bouncer. this guy here, bouncer. outside of the wilshire bar and grill in dublin, ireland. they bounced two guys but they have walked up to the bouncer. watch what happened with this one guy getting in his face. then tags that bouncer right on the chin. there are two guys in this bouncer's face. it doesn't look good for him but
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hit his off button. how about the next guy. you're down, too. >> that's the thing. bouncers are either very big and strong or trained. he's not big but he's strong and looks like he knows what he's doing. >> this happened back in july but just now going viral. you'll see why, the big guy comes back at him again. boom. good night. you're done, son. i tried to tell you once, go away, but it didn't work. >> first time shame on you. second time shame >> the guy in the t-shirt doesn't want to get too close to the bouncer because the bell is ringing from the first and starts spitting at the guy. >> might want to pick your friend up but you go walking down the street. >> they do sweep up the big guy. he is clearly woozy. not sure from the punch or previous alcoholic beverages. they walk him down the sidewalk and reports say management from
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their bouncer. >> very often we've seen club videos, bouncer, we've seen violent things. this is a clean cut case of, no, he was right. abcs chicago alexander williams watches on fox 47 are the latest winners in ipad ini giveaway. >> you can win, too. you need tuesday's buzzwo 21, legal resident of u.s. or canada. stand by for rchl rtm ipad mini giveaway. >> meet emma. notice a little something about emma. she was slow down. they realized she had arthritis.
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retirement. >> they gave her massage, also acupuncture. >> i've been doing acupuncture for eight years. i mostly use it for pain management and animals with arthritis. i've seen amazing benefits. >> with emma when she first came for acupuncture, she was having low energy and not really able to move around like a normal bunny would. >> does this seriously work on a if they say it's working for the rabbit, hopping around more, appetite better than they claimed, it's probably working. >> i would think came at a rabbit with a bunch of needles it would get a little jumpy. >> you see on the videos she's super calm. >> therapy has turned emma back into the bunny we know and love. the race is on. when pilots take flight. >> it's amazing. >> see all the incredible twists
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when your skin is feeling ro closed captioni by -- gold bond. the pilots that participated in this year's china grand prix. >> go. >> this year they had the head-to-head races in a target course. >> it's times like this i feel like we're living in the future. we're now racing flying humans
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awesome. >> this video is a highlight of all of the races, all of the athletes, and it's showing us some of the best performances and where they placed, including the fact that we had a female pilot represent all the ladies. >> hey now. >> in this first part of the race, the french guy won. >> it's amazing. the winner. the difference was just a matter of second how much time difference there was between first and, say, eighth. i was expecting a fraction of a second but the winner was seconds faster. that's huge, trying to squeak out all that speed when basically everybody is using the same propellant, gravity. >> they all made eight very competitive race but looks like he won it all, because he was
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when it came to the target, he got 70 points to get in the overall win. >> just perfect. yes, awesome. >> if you want to see the entire highlight roll head to "right this minute".com or check it out on our mobile app. sometimes making decisions about our hair is so hard. short or long, up or down. what do we do? i've got 20 on the wall. what do i choose. >> if i'm not at work, it's usually up in a bun. >> this woman is blue, flips it over and it's pink. flips it back over and it's blue. >> she can change her mind about her hair with a swipe of the hair. >> she doesn't need a wig. part is blue, part is pink, part it down the middle and have both. most people can't pull it off but this woman rocks it.
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it. >> she looks like a marvel character. she flips it over to the pink and she's got a superpower. >> she's doing it well. most of us would look pretty ratchet. >> her hair is slamming. you go, girl. . >> a dramatic scene playing out on a street in nigeria. you can see that the man is lying motionless on the floor as the woman comes up in a red dress. she just had someone coup and tell "her" man, the man on the floor, has been in a traffic accident. you can see the blood on the floor. she is clearly distressed at what is going on. the desperation on her face
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i'm sure she's praying for a miracle. it's a miracle, ladies and gentlemen. what's going on here. >> this better not be a prank. >> it is so much work. >> it's a proposal. >> no. >> heck yes. watch this. he drops to one knee. officially the worst proposal of all times. >> exactly. it's like you're i'm going to kill you because that is not funny. >> walking towards her almost like she's got a tear in her eye, then boom. >> she probably slapped him. >> i don't like this. >> it has gone massively viral in nigeria. picked up by local media sending it out there. does anybody think this is fake? part of me thinks no one on
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yes, we've seen videos where people staged kidnappings. i don't know. we're going to put it on our facebook page and sound offer, is this the worst proposal ever or is it fake? this little girl's day is about to get very exciting. >> disney world. >> her disney surprise next "right this minute." and still to come, this little cutie knows how to rock turkey suit. >> a little wobbly. >> see what happens when the gobble gets the best of him. plus there's still time to score an i score an ipad mini. don't miss the tuesday buzzword for your shot to win next. our t. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement?, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy,
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est. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. everything is final with kids. sometimes with them, sometimes at their expense. in this case we've got a precious little fella. >> this is at their experience. >> little wobbly. >> oh, no. >> it's okay. the wobbly turkey turns back around to look at mommy. throws his head back, boom, slams against the wall. but don't worry, mom says baby is okay.
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caught on video, the first time little laura laughs. >> once again, whatever you're doing, you'll then keep doing for hours. >> now, this is having fun with your kids. >> i want one and i don't have kids. >> thi coaster designed by paul greg. you can actually buy the guide to make this, which i think is brilliant because it provides hours and hours and hours of fun, also some exercise for the person doing the pushing. >> i would love to do that. >> isn't it so smart. you can tell the kids are having a blast.
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this is in california. over the bridge, the highest bridge in california. awesome. >> yeah. that's a beautiful part of northern california. >> they find themselves not so high. this one perfect, jumping off. >> wow, that was a lot higher than i was expecting. >> about 85 feet. to me it looks bigger than in the video, these guys aren't having a ball. >> that's great. i'm happy to see their wet suit because for a second i thought they were doing it in their shorts. it's kind of cold. >> see all kinds of fun videos like this, this sets itself apart. going to add about 4 feet to his jump in a rather unique way. >> okay. >> ready.
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edge like, crazy, man. >> do i buck now or later. >> up on the horse. the jump of the day. >> time to give away ipad mini. >> buzzword, legal resident of u.s. or canada. >> head to and quick on win. >> facebook, twitter both, you can enter e >> tuesday's buzzword, it is -- >> click on win ipad and enter buzzword hunter, h-u-n-t-e-r. >> later there week, a bonus giveaway day where we also give away a flat screen tv. >> good luck, everybody. >> his daughter has just gotten a lovely proposal at school. >> she got a ring in the back. >> mom and dad getting a little giggle out of it but they want
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a gallon of pumpkin spice, i love pumpkin spice. >> 4,000 calories. excited for a snack. >> that moment your daughter gets proposed to has to be a little nerve-racking. >> i can only imagine. >> well, this man, his school
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proposed to. >> who prepared to you, millie. >> there's millie. >> she's probably really excited. >> look at her face. she's got a big old smile. she's loving this. mom and dad getting a little giggle out of it. they want to see the ring. >> i do too, actually. >> she's telling me she's got a ring in the back. we're expecting the ring. >> that's a thing in the uk. those candy pop rings. >> would you show me the ring somebody proposed to you today with, please. >> lock it up. >> she has -- >> somebody freaking out. >> his mom is looking for that. >> he's stolen his mother's
3:58 am
proposed to millie. >> you can hear millie's mom in the background just cracking up. >> that's a riot. please tell me they called immediately to let the parents know we've got your ring. >> good for millie, though, hanging onto the ring knowing to turn it over to mom and dad. she did the right thing. >> bye-bye. that's a look at the day's best videos. if you need or catch us
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. now at 4:00, several boston police officers sent to the hospital after being dragged by a car. the request that had a driver gunning the gas pedal. for months he called it the biased media. now donald trump is working to set the reset button. senator in the process. a woman without heat for three weeks during one of the coldest night of the season. the mistake the utility company made that broke her furnace. complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, 4 a.m. on this wednesday, prethanksgiving, november 23, i am daniel miller. >> julie: good morning, everyone, i am julie grauert. it will be a busy travel day on the roads and the airport.


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