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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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working now at 4:34. boston police officers sent to the hospital overnight. the search right away for the car and driver that took off after hurting them. plus, man is shocked by 20,000 volts of electricity while putting up christmas lights. the gust of wind that sent him to the hospital. a candlelight vigil for a local m local mom who was beat to death. her accused killer not charged with murder. the missing piece that forced a judge to drop the charge. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: 4:30 on this wednesday, november 23. thank you for joining us, i am daniel miller. >> julie: and i am julie grauert.
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>> julie: shiri spear has how long the roads will stay clear of snow and ice. >> shiri: you are in luck, wednesday travel plans looking golden across the northeast. in new england, wind gusting to 30 miles per hour in fitchburg. 28 miles per hour in worcester. 23-mile-per-hour in norwood. so very blustery early on this morning creating these wind chills again in the teens and 20s. feeling a lot like it did yesterday, but the afternoon is actually going to be quite a bit warmer especially when we take away the winds here. so we have cloud cover. 33 degrees. still breezy out here. the winds will last us through noontime, 43 in boston here at 3 p.m. and we have got mostly sunny skies. clouds are moving in. so is the snow, the ice and rain here for your thanksgiving. timeline on that one back in 10. julie is back with live drive time traffic. >> julie: let everyone know and a quick update when to expect the worst of the thanksgiving travel. right now heading out the door
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moderate to light volume. this afternoon and evening starting at 3:00 when it will be miserable. if you to be on the roads for thanksgiving, a dipcally light day. north of the pike route 1 and 93 south are clear. 10 minutes on the expressway. 19 minutes on 93 south. 11 minutes on 128 northbound approaching the weston tolls. breaking this morning in boston where police are searching right now for a car and driver that sent four police officers to the the scene in dorchester this morning, and jess, this all started with a report of someone with a gun. >>reporter: it did. police were called here around 12:30 this morning for a report of a person in a car with a gun. at this intersection right here. columbia road at 12:30 this morning. instead of getting out of the car when police pulled it over. police say instead hit the gas dragging two officers and just missing two others.
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big response here right after this happened. all four officers were taken to the hospital to be treated, but thankfully we know that we are expected to be okay. this all happened in a matter of seconds to the driver did end up getting away and taking off down columbia road. the only description police have at this point is it is a -- they say they believe the car he is driving is either a gray or silver car, possibly with connecticut plates. so, of course, we speak, the search is under way for this person but in the meantime, police are so thankful this wasn't much worse and we will be hearing from him come up in just about 30 minutes. jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> a man putting up christmas lights shocked and rushed to the hospital this morning. he is at mass general getting treatment. fox25's malini basu spoke to the man's wife who says doctors can't believe her husband is alive. >> i was slapping his face saying stay with me, stay with
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>> reporter: darrin's husband bill deroach was putting up christmas lights in front of their home using this metal pole when he was severely shocked. >> he was trying to get to the top of the tree and decorate it with a long pole, probably a 20 -feet pole. the wind must have taken the pole just enough and it hit the live electrical wire and it sent the whole -- how many voltsle in that wire through his whole body. >> happened around 2:00 in >> i was in the kitchen and i heard the explosion, saw the smoke. he was -- i came running out. he was on the ground, semi conscious. >> reporter: the shocks were so intense -- >> i could smell it. >> reporter: his hands and feet were burned. >> it burnt the socks off his feet. they are all metallicy and metal and burn holes in them. >> reporter: you can smell the burn's grasp. >> right here is the burn mark. >> reporter: she is just hoping
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them a miracle because doctors told her this. >> they can't believe he is alive. >> reporter: malini basu, fox 25 news. >> daniel: in morning doctors are trying to figure out how bad the damage is. they are worried about severe internal damage and running tests to determine the best treatment plans. a horrific case of child neglect reported in connecticut. they children ages 3, 5 and 6 were found wearing diapers and unable to speak. of webster turned her self in after a four-month investigation. another suspect nicholas emory has been arrested in arizona. police tell us they were legally responsible for the children. the kids were found in home in danielson, connecticut. they were underweight, had missing teeth and rarely left the house. they were never enrolled in school either. boston mayor marty walsh say it may be time to get monitors on all public school buses because of allegations of
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renaissance charter school were slow to notify them of repeated incidents involving a 6-year-old boy. pause of budget cuts, 30% of all boston school bus trips have an adult monitor and that reserved for students with special needs. >> do you think it is time it re-examine that? >> we will certainly look at it. the issue of renaissance goes a lot deeper than bus monitors. a very sad situation what is going on in the school. >> daniel: to notify the department of education within 24 hours which is required of all charters. two members of a family are ayou cuesed of stealing from the home of a dead person. police say they stole a harley, a atv and two mountain bikes from a home on federal hill road in hollis, new hampshire. the homeowner passed away in august. the homeowner caught the teslas when they came to clean you the
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assault of 5-year-old jeremiah oliver and siblings. a judge has suspended a hearing to suppress evidence of alberto sierra the boyfriend of oliver's master. the statements that he allegedly made to the jail house informant did not appear relevant to the assault and endangerment. that led to the discovery of oliver's body in a suitcase off 290 two years ago. > held without bail charged with a hate crime on a transgender person. the alleged assault happened outside the ward 6 social club. 42-year-old benjamin asino is charged with assault. he is accused of calling the transsexual a sexual slur and then assaulting him outside of a club. police need your help identifying the man this knees surveillance pictures.
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officers responded to a burglary alarm and there was no sign of the man. they are trying to figure if he stole anything. a bad batch heroin. three overdoses in a 24-hour period. they believe the bag is mixed with synthetic drugs like fentanyl, a much stronger version of heroin. the overdose crisis has hit new england hard but no state have felt it more than new hampshire. the granite state has one of the highest open quote rates in the ti a year. now catherine burcham introduces us to an unique recovery program that helped 800 people this year. >> they are used to it. being the heroes but manchester fire fighters are being recognized for saving lives in a different way. >> this is where they come in. >> safe patients. fire stations that are an access point for those suffering from addiction to get hem. >> all i have to say is i have
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>> reporter: mike got hooked on oxycondone during a hospitalization for kidney stones. by the time he came here seeking help. he was broke, nearly homeless and fully addicted to heroin. >> i didn't know there was so much support behind this disease. >> people are in a crisis moment, and we are here to assist them no matter what. >> reporter: stephanie bergeron oversees serenity place, one of the addiction programs that is partnered with safe stations to provide beds in recovery program and deadly outpatient services. since may, safe patients have put 790 people in programs like serenity place. >> our responses for overdoses. >> reporter: remedy more powerful than any dose of narcan. ask those who have seen the other side and are fighting for a new life. >> they saved my life. i am so thankful that they were there. >> reporter: mike says one of
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because it depends on citywide network of services that help addicts with shelter, employment and medical needs. in manchester, i am catherine burcham, fox25 news. coming up on 4:40. a new sign have drivers scratching their head in dartmouth. the contractor installed this m+ isprinted that read cod cape instead of cape cod. crews took it down as soon as it was brought to their attention. mass dot apologized and say double checking signs before they go up. can you imagine the confusion? where am i. >> cod cape? wrong reverse word. 93 south heading from 495 down to the zakim an easy 19 minutes. shiri? >> shiri: we have great travel weather near in new england for the boston area. 40 to 46 degrees. mostly sunny and breezy through lunchtime. i will show where you there are
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surveillance cameras capture a man getting run over by his own truck. why police are calling this an example of why you shouldn't drink and drive. but first starbucks raising
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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen
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a candlelight vigil head in lowell hours after a woman faced charge in her mother's
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gone. >> daniel: fox25's stephanie coueignoux was in the court room as prosecutors laid out how a mother's life was taken. [crying] >> reporter: for the family and girlfriends of gloribel arengo and the lack of murder charge against a woman. >> she should be charged with murder and the other kid that was on the run. >> reporter: arengo was killed after she was beaten by party. perez and before a judge today. prosecutors say during the fight she hit her over the head twice with a full bottle of hennessey. >> they observed the victim being attacked by a group of people continuing the attack while she was on the ground. >> reporter: even more heartbreaking arengo's son who has special needs witnessed the beating unable to protect his mother. >> he is traumatized. he can't sleep at night. he seen the crime keen on the
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he said right there, mommy died, right there. >> reporter: witnesses told police that someone may have run over orengo during the fight, an account that both sides are investigating. so far no one has been charged or arrested for that or any other part in that attack. >> it gets me mad, you know. other people get caught real quick. they are charged. and they should do more -- they should have more people. i don't know, they should just get those kids. >> reporter: stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. apple friday sale for first time in years. no details about which items will be on sale yet, but the apple watch is displayed on the tech giant's web page. apple didn't offer any black friday specials last year and in previous years bundled itunes gift cards with purchases made on the holiday. costing more for a muffin at starbucks. they raised prices by cold drinks and baked goods by $.10 to $.30.
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twitter. one of our favorites, cost went from ungodly to go ahead and sell that kidney. perhaps the reason the seemingly mild increase is raising so much ire, that starbucks already raised some prices in july. after one month boys who were conjoin got separated and getting reports on their condition. the news good. jaden and aenes battled are ahead in their recovery that has their mom hopeful. >> i think of their future all the time. all the time. i think about the first time they go to a park and i think of them getting married some day. [ laughter ] i think -- i have thought through their whole futures 100 times over. >> daniel: so nice to see smile on both of their faces. the twin boys are literally 1 and 2.5 million.
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seeing them grow up. everybody is keeping an eye on them. i am keeping an eye on the road. not as exciting as the health of those boys. no issues on the pike. expressway looking good from braintree split to columbia road. if you can get out of the house and get out of town before 8, 9 a.m., i think you will be okay, but later this afternoon we will really start to see the thanksgiving day backups. 12 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes on 39 south. avenue. and if you get stuck in the holiday traffic, you have me to blame, not shiri today because the weather is saying today will be nice and clear. >> shiri: you can blame me if you forget your sunglasses. is that not the best-case scenario. there is a lot going on starting tomorrow and each day has its own issues for tomorrow. i think we will have slippery travel conditions, especially inland. black friday, we are watching out for a little black ice in the morning.
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showers in the forecast. should be mostly in the form of just plain rain, but here you go, northeast clear skies. how does that look for you. nice, quiet conditions. the quiet air impacts us locally. upper midwest where we will have the biggest travel delays between a mix of rain and snow and, of course, watching those airport delays for you here as we go through the fox25 morning news all the way through 10 a.m. 34 degrees in boston. feels like 22. still breezy out there. lightening up this afternoon under mostly sunny skies. temperatures will start to climb after 8 a.m. by 10 a.m., 38 degrees. lower 40s for lunchtime. highs in the middle 40s for most of us including boston, bedford, all at 44 degrees. worcester only 40. 44 in nashua, new hampshire and down to the cape those low to mid-40s. let's talk about thanksgiving here because inland we have the risk for a little bit of light snow accumulation from the worcester hills to the merrimack valley and southern
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slippery travel still possible in the boston area down the south shore because initially we are going to see a little bit of a mix here, some drizzle, some snow, a tough time sticking. keep in mind it does warm up in the afternoon and a little bit of drizzle over the cape and islands. all precipitation really, really light and you can see into the afternoon, it is going to be warm enough, especially at the coastline, to see just the liquid stuff, not the snowy stuff. your best bet for any accumulation i have to say is tomorrow. so it is very minor. now it is starting at 7:00 in the morning. we do have the risk of a little bit of freezing drizzle, a little light snow. temperatures are cold enough for it to stick initially with a lot of you waking up to freezing temperatures tomorrow morning, by noontime, working our way into the mid- to upper 30s. 40 degree reading in boston. a lot of heavy stuff to the north and west. futurecast is under doing the risk for rain and snow. what you will find into the
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little bit here and has implications for your friday plans. i mentioned black ice on black friday, and i think we can end up with some of that rain freezing up on the roadways into the worcester hills, southern new hampshire will be the more likely area for that. boston you will deal with scattered rain with 45 degrees. mostly rain on saturday at 49. and on sunday, we are looking at the possibility of a little bit of a light mix and increasing winds. back to you, guys. 25 stranded sea ttl chilly waters off cape cod. mass audubon wellfleet bay wildlife sanctuary found ten turtles on beaches. and 15 more. younger turtles struggle when the water temperature drops. mass audubon say they rescued 600 turtles last year. aloe vera hoping to sting the sting of a burn. the ingredient missing from some products.
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s. it is 4:53. the holidays mean many parents will be shopping for toys but you may not be aware of the potentially dangerous fakes out there. officers are working at the ports to keep counterfeit toys from making it to the store shelves.
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edition gaming system. >> i don't even know what they are. [ laughter ] shopkins. i am buying some shopkins, some of the hot toys. >> if there is a thigh is very popular, you need to be sure that someone is going to try to counterfeit it. >> reporter: officers at ports around the country are paying extra attention to movie tie-ins and sports team merchandise. inside these shipping containers were these hubcaps fell off this counterfeit toy car when it was pushed and looking for toys that do not meet u.s. safety standards. >> from a distance somebody could think is real. >> reporter: these replica have orange safety tips that can be pushed in easily. the to are rang safety tips let people know it is a toy and not the real thing. they find issue by checking the
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in x-ray screening machine to look for anything unusual. if they see anything suspicious they open the container and examine its content. across the u.s., 1.4 billion worth of fakes confiscated in 2015, most of them come from china and hong kong. there are two big concerns about counterfeit toys and electronics. >> no guarantees of the longevity or safety of it. it could catch on fire. could have lead. >> who wants your child playing with something that could potentially harm them or kill them or set on the house on fire. >> reporter: money made from the fakes. >> you don't know where the proceeds are going. could be used to fund criminal or terrorist organizations. >> reporter: experts agree that parent should buy gifts from reputable dealers or stores. >> if it seems too good to be true or the price is too good to be true, it probably is. >> reporter: parents say advice
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care about their safety. >> daniel: all about the safety. the seller of the replica guns say they are not counterfeit and do comply with the law. the importer is a reputable company and working with customs and border protection as well as federal authorities to fix the issue well mroos plug. thanksgiving dinner is right around the corner something that people look forward to all year. this holiday built around food is a major source of anxiety for self-proclaimed addicts. binge eating we talked to a doctor at weight loss center saying some people suffering from the disorder don't know it exists. >> i knew i was a drug addict. i knew i was an alcoholic. but i didn't know i was a food addict. >> they eat large quantities of food and feel loss of control in their abilities to stop once eating these large quantities. >> julie: not easy to spot someone suffering from binge eating. many eat in private and
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medication can help and a program similar to alcoholics anonymous was successful with people we spoke with. we are following breaking news this morning. four boston police officers september to the hospital. the car and driver responsible is nowhere to be pound. coming up, the search under way right now and the clue that could help identify the car. dozens of protesters taken to the hospital. the most seriously hurt are
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complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. break right now at 5:00 this morning. two police officers sent to the hospital overnight after being hit and dragged by a car. the suspect and vehicle inspectors are trying to track down this morning. if you were hurrying home for your turkey and pumpkin pie, you are not alone, today
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the year. a live report from logan airport. firming up the president-elect's cabinet. the trump critics that look like they willing filling new roles in the administration. 5:00 on this wednesday morning, november 23. hope your morning is you off to a great start. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. a busy travel day and mother nature is cooperating. shiri spear says plan on cold and mostly clear conditions. in the storm tracker weather center to explain when things will go d >> shiri: bright and breezy sums it up. 14-mile-per-hour winds in boston and worcester right now. we have this little wind chill element that we will be talking about from time to time today. actual temperature readings starting out in the lower 30s in the boston area up to the north shore and down to norwood. we have upper 20s from central mass into southern new hampshire. currently 30 degrees in marion and 36 in brewster. very few clouds. what we will see is mostly


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