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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 24, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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good morning, everybody, and happy thanksgiving. thanks for joining us this morning, i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. good weather news this morning. meteorologist shiri spear says the forecast is trending drier and only a slight chance of rain or snow. she is in the fox25 stormtracker weather center with more. >> shiri: yeah, so right now what we are looking at is a ton of cloud cover. it is going to be a great thanksgiving. 35 and dry in boston. 29 and dry in worcester. orange and keene. we have a couple of flurries the way of sticking this morning. so the story will be the chill in the air and clouds around this morning. 7 a.m. in plymouth. 35 degrees. warming to 40. at 9 a.m., mid opinion is 40s here by late morning. the risk of rain in particular is going to be on the low side. i do have a couple of spots in inland towns and cities that have a slightly higher risk of getting that little bit of a temperature in or that quick little spritz, but for all of us, the risk really starts to
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up. gene. we are following breaking news in plainville this morning. police are investigating a deadly wrong-way crash on 495 south. this happened near the spruce street overpass around 2:00 this morning. we know that the wrong-way driver is dead, and the driver of the other car currently at rhode island hospital. right now two lanes of the highway are shut down. we will continue to follow this story and bring out latest on air and online at our web site at flesh house following an intense fire in saugus. >> sara: fortunately for the man inside the house he was able to get out alive after two neighbors refused to give up. our michael henrich live in saugus with the brave refs cue, michael. >> reporter: and even this morning, could you see the result of this terrible fire here on midland avenue in saugus. you can see as you described it, that fresh plywood
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avenue. the lynn daily item said heavy smoke pushed them back several times as they tried to rescue this man in his 80s that lived here. they were able to pick him up after knocking down the door and get him to safety, and then first responders took the man to the hospital for treatment. this all happened a little bit before 5:00 yesterday afternoon. the item reports that fire fighters say conscious when taken to the hospital, and we are working this morning to find out how that man is doing. and also to find out the cause of this fire, which remains under investigation so far. live in saugus, i am michael henrich, fox25 news. new this morning, a 73-year-old middleborough woman is missing. police say lois harris was last seen leaving her home at 4:00 in the afternoon heading together grocery store in gray
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the dark and is easily confused. middleborough police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. this morning, a sixth child has died after the school bus crash in tennessee. the driver johnothony walker did not have drugs or alcohol in his system. walker went off of his designated route when he crashed into a telephone pole and a tree. >> looking a at th tally road. we ascertained that tally road was not on the designated route for that school bus. >> gene: this morning six other children are still in the hospital. they have warrants for all other data on the bus including surveillance video, but they have not yet spoken to children involved but plan to with help from counselors. it was a chaotic scene at the hannaford in waltham. police were called to the keen of a multicar crash in the parking lot of the russell street store yesterday.
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five or six cars, and the employee out collecting shopping carts. all but one of the busiest -- on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. shoppers came out to see emergency crews on the scene. >> i have seen all the ambulances come through on to the front of hannaford and i see this -- where the cars are collected on top of the car. one car is totally smashed. the one in front of it looks like it was hit. and turns out that the person that away was actually dragged when the car came in. >> reporter: both the employee and the driver ended up in the hospital, but neither suffered any serious injuries. no word what caused the crash. a prominent boston attorney once named one of "people" magazine's most eligible bachelors once again facing a rape charge. gary zarollela was arrested. the fourth time he faced a judge accused of rape.
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two rape cases in boston and another in florida the same year. his attorney says like the past three cases, this charge will not stick. >> i don't know what is moat vague this young woman. i don't know if she is looking for money. i don't know if she is looking for 15 minutes of fame. i don't know if she told an initial lie that spiraled out of control on her. but i do know that she is lying. >> prosecutors argued that she should have strict bail conditions citing the 2009 case where he to leave the state but went to florida where he was accused again of sexual assault. he has since made bail and ordered to wear a gps monitoring bracelet. the driver accused of injuring four officers running from police in dorchester is spending thanksgiving in jail. police say vincent weeks dragged two officers down the street, then hit two more with his car. he was on the run for nine hours before police arrested him. all four officers are recovering at home. weeks will be in court on
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two boston police officers shot while responding to a call last month were honored at a charity hockey game yesterday. officers richie cintolo and matt morris dropped the puck in their first public appearance. the game featured a team of bruins alumni playing against a boston police department. it was meant to support the injured officers those recovered the recovery. >> we have a lot to be thankful that they are both home. we will be enjoying thanksgiving with their family. support the officers. in the end if you were scoring along at home, the bruins alumni won the game 6-4. president-elect donald trump wrapped up some business before taking a break for the holiday. he appointed two women to jobs before giving a brief thanksgiving message. daniel miller has a youtube video from the president-elect. >> this morning the president-elect is enjoying time off with his family at
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youtube calling for the country to unite. >> it is my prayer that on this thanksgiving, we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country, strengthened by shared purpose and very, very common resolve. >> daniel: trump plans to focus on family an not the transition during the holiday. before the break, he did make a few things official. south carolina governor nikki haley wasen to be the ambassador to the united nations. betsy devoss will be nominated for school education secretary. a school choice advocate that pushed for charter school programs. after the announcement the largest teachers union in the country slammed the pick. and this morning the "wall street journal" is reporting that former presidential riv al ben carson accepted an offer to be the director of the housing and urban development.
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senator elizabeth warren wants it placed under federal review and look into how the team is spending millions of taxpayers dollars which she calls chaotic. she says president-elect has conflicts of interest and used his cell phone raising national security concerns. new report is raising questions of how engaged mr. trump is with his new job. only received two classified intelligence briefings. in contrast. vice president mike pence has set aside intelligence briefings almost every day since the election. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. former green party presidential nominee jill stein is asking for a review of all votes cast in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. the move comes after security experts allegedly warned rather the clinton campaign of
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stein made the announcement. within hours donors raised the $2 million to pay for the paperwork and recount. hillary clinton's lead in the popular vote now stands at more than 2 million. elton john is not performing at president-elect's inauguration despite a dmraim a staffer that he is. the staffer told the bbc that a performance by the english sing wear show trump's commitment to lbgt rights. john had previously he said a trump's presidency would make him fear for the world. unclear if the singer was even asked to perform. 5 9. after cup of days off, patriots were back on the practice field with one notable exception. tom brady not out there with his teammates. he missed practice with a knee injury. he is expected to be there when me play the jets. rob gronkowski did practice for the first time, but according to several reports, unlikely he will play
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suffered against the seahawks. before we dig into the turkey all about the pigskin, thousand also be attending traditional high school thanksgiving day games and fox25 will be in the middle of the action. our cameras at 16 different fames that includes the granddaddy needham and wellesley. last year these two teams played at fenway. the oldest public school rivalry in the country. today is the 129th meeting of the schools that date back to over the years with wellesley holding a one-game advantage over the rockets. and after you chow down tonight, you you can catch up on all of the action on our fox25 turkey high school special. tom leyden and butch stearns will break down all games that start at 10:30, and if you miss it you can watch it again and it will air at 11:30. a man goes from talking to his co-workers at one moment to watching flames shoot out of his pocket.
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>> gene: the object in his pocket that sent that man to the operating room. plus a fire ravaged turkey farm is back in business just in the nick of time. the help they got to reopen their doors. a look at your travel forecast across new england today if you were visiting we live in a pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime why settle for this? enter sleep number. don't miss the ultimate sleep number week, going on now.
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back at 5 thanksgiving morning a murder investigation is under way in new hampshire. a 60-year-old man was found beaten in his wentworth home north of plymouth, new hampshire. according to the attorney general's office, todd downing died at the hospital. the search is on right now for his killer. a house fire leads to a big drug bust on the cape. fire fighters were called to this home on freshwater road in east harwich tuesday. we are told the fire was
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seized, more than 0 marijuana plants in a-- 70 marijuana plants with six pounds of packaged pot, a gun, ammunition and cash. more details on monday. fox25 went to a local garden shop and found they have seen a jump in sales since voter approved the legalization of recreational marijuana this month. we are told people are asking a lot of questions and buying the tools needed to grow pot. starting next month, people 21 years and older marijuana plants. a local boy scout troop that had their trailer stolen is back. it turns out the trailer was stolen from u-haul nearly 20 years ago. it eventually ended up with the troop and u-haul repossessed the trailer without telling the boy scouts first. the u-haul has given that troop the trailer back as a gift. a turkey farm stand devastated by fire is back open for business.
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rebuild is feeding a lot of families. >> these are the turkeys that survived were report but back in june the fire ripped through bob's turkey farm killing 30,000 young turkeys that just hatched. he started the family business back in the 50s. >> kind of disappointing because i built all those buildings and a shame it had burned. daughter who now runs the business closing down may be the only option with so many thanksgiving turkeys destroyed. >> did you think it was possible? >> no, not at all. we haven't sure what we would do at that point. >> reporter: people started showing up offering help which turned in a fund raise we are thousands of dollars pouring in. >> get back together and getting things going again. so we are pretty lucky. and i think that the town has been very good. >> reporter: they were able to
5:17 am
are thanking the family by showing up in big numbers. >> thank you so much. >> happy thanksgiving. >> it was very exciting. it is really packed in there. people are taking pictures. everybody is really happy that they are back in business. >> reporter: the new barn will be done by next year and the family says at that point, there will be a full stock of turkeys. in lancaster. robert goulston, fox25 news. time to look at that turkey day forecast 35 degrees. the air is dry and winds are a lot lighter than yesterday and all things combined, more comfortable than the past couple of mornings. inland towns and cities freezing temperatures. 10 a.m. football games, 35 degrees. give or take a cup of degrees at the coastline. could be a little bit warmer. inland towns and cities still near freezing. cool and cloudy sums it up. at 1:00, lunchtime temperatures at 42.
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slight risk of some drizzle or flurries. although we have the risk all day i see the evening hours as our best bet of getting wet weather in here. best chance of seeing a light little wintry mix end up being throughout worcester hills and merrimack valley. and even at that, not a began ran tee you get it until we hit the overnight. so this afternoon, i have got 46 in boston. 43 in lawrence. 41 in nashua. and 40 in worcester. then we bump into some of the warmer t upper 40s in norwood, plymouth and hyannis. 50 on the vineyard. futurecast will break down a pretty dry forecast. at 1:00 this afternoon a lot of clouds around. like i mentioned a slight risk, a lonely little temperature in and a lonely little sprinkle out there. everybody stays dry what i want you to plan on until we hit the evening hours. rain that is spreading in from west to east here. still a potential for a light
5:19 am
no sticking. no more than a coating out to keene. overnight rain that end up replacing all the snow. by this time tomorrow morning, we have the patchy light rain in your friday forecast. black friday shoppers here is what i have at midnight, 39 degrees. chance of showers. 40 degrees at 7 a.m. a lot of clouds around tomorrow. the best chance of rain is again going to be once we hit the nighttime hours. tomorrow's high temperatures back into the upper 60s. and 40s to the north and the seven-day forecast in review. keep a close eye on the weekend and we are watching the social storm with the potential of heavy rain at the coastline on saturday and probably a mix of rain and snow on sunday. not a slam dunk that it is going to reach us. some of it could stay off shore. i will have the latest on that as we go through the morning. s a+ ra, back to you. >> the christmas tradition
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in the rain yesterday to honor an officer who died after suffering a gunshot to the head. officer colin rose was reportedly patrolling neighborhood near wayne straight in detroit when he approached a man on a bike and called for backup. when the backup arrived they found him with a bullet wound to the head. he died and was honored by officers last night. the first officer shot in the u.s. in less than a week. a new york city man is recovering after a e-cigarette exploded in his pocket. suei man's pocket started sparking before the device exploded several times. that is remarkable be. the man suffered third-degree burns. co-workers smelled the fumes before seeing the explosion. >> out of nowhere, a huge explosion came from one of my co-worker's pockets and it just shot at us. >> my colleague, his pocket exploded in flames and sparks.
5:24 am
like fourth of july. >> gene: that is scary. a picture of the e-cig after the explosion. had a high voltage battery and unclear what cause it to catch fire. the moment an armed robber enters a convenience store and cron fronts the cashier and seems indignant. when the robber turns his back, the store owner grabs him. the two men wrestled inside the store and ended up out on the street. that is when the owner lost his grip and the man >> i felt like i did the right thing. that's it. i felt like i did the right thing. just don't come take my stuff. i work hard for the business. don't come take my stuff. >> sara: dennis police are reviewing the tapes and are still looking for a suspect. a long road to thanksgiving dinner this year. imagine traveling more than 24 hours. that is what a u.s. air force unit did yesterday. >> sara: the troops were stationed overseas and yesterday afternoon they made
5:25 am
way to indiana. they stepped down to refuel and check through customs and even though new hampshire wasn't their final destination, they were welcomed home by smiling faces. >> it's surreal. i don't think it is going to actually hit me. normally it doesn't until boots on the ground back home, walking in the front door. >> i was really surprised. i never had that before. a little overwhelming by the amount of people, and just to see how many people come out to see us come home. >> the niche been welcoming home trooms for six years. -- troops for six years. they have come to say thanks to 60,000 troops. i am sure appreciate that. >> shiri: always touching this time of year, 40 to 48 for your thanksgiving highs in southern new england. mostly dry. tracking a few sprinkles and flurries. tracking a few sprinkles and flurries. at risk towns
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complete new england fuss coverage start right now, this is the fox25 morning news. the daring rescue that helped save a man's life. a cyclist struck. his bike pinned underneath a truck and now his remarkable recovery. >> i feel like in many ways i was given another lease on life. >> sara: this local man is speaking only with fox25 of the change he wants to see on the roads. a ambush caught on camera. what a man had with him that turned this into a life-threatening situation for a police officer.
5:30 am
thving morning. a happy thanksgiving to you. a gift, it will be awfully dry. >> gene: folks heading out for those early thanksgiving games, traditions, 10:00 start. shiri, people are wondering do i need to bundle up? >> shiri: definitely for the football games and turkey trots, bundling up is a ent dry and cloudy in boston at 35, but that is one of my warmer spots. almost all the burbs from the metro west to the south shore. we are talking temperatures generally running at or below freezing. 40 in duxbury. 32 in wareham. 41 in nantucket. clouds are thick for all of us today. the day planner in the boston area have us at 36 degrees with the clouds continuing at 7 a.m. noontime lower 40s. middle 40s at 3:00 and by 7:00 tonight, that is when the risk
5:31 am
an hour-by-hour look at how long that lasts us into the weekend. that is all coming back. i am up with you again in about ten minutes. gene, back to you. we are following breaking news in plainville. police are investigating a deadly wrong-way crash on 49 south on the spruce street overpass around 2:00 this morning. we know that the wrong way driver is dead and the driver of the other car is currently at rhode island hospital. right now two lanes of the highway are shut down. we will c story and the latest on air and online on our web site at a truck stop is boarded up following an intense fire in saugus. >> fortunately for the man inside the house he was able to get out alive after two neighbors refused to give up. our michael henrich live in saugus this morning with this brave rescue. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. here on midland avenue in saugus, you can see the damage behind me here. the plywood boarding up the
5:32 am
the charred edges of the rooftop as well as the outer walls of the one-story home on midland avenue. the lynn daily item report some heroic actions did take place here with two neighbors repeatedly trying to fight off the heavy wall of smoke inside and break in order to save a man in his 80s that lives here. in the end to safety. he was taken to the hospital. he is said to be conscious when first responders did take him to the hospital so folks, of course, are hopeful about that. we are working this morning to find out exactly the details of his condition, how that man is doing and the cause of that fire and the investigation and we will bring that you as soon
5:33 am
this morning we are hearing from a local cyclist who was knocked unconscious for two weeks by a truck. a story you will see only on fox25. that crash happened in august, and now that man tells kerry kavanaugh that he wants everyone to move over and share the. you. >> reporter: do you remember coming down the hill. >> i remember nothing about that day. >> reporter: shawn cavanaugh remembers nothing from that day august 17. it is a rin control fate. an avid cyclist. he rode to work to stay fit. he was on his bike that day in august but never made it to work >> the thing that probably saved my life. >> reporter: fox25 was there after the helmet struck the windshield of this truck. his bike was pinned underneath it. the driver was trying to beat the light to make the left turn from chapel lo road when he struck cavanaugh. the impact threw him in the
5:34 am
brain bleed, pulmonary emboli, broken leg, broken hand. i was pretty beaten up. >> reporter: he was unconscious for two weeks and now assisted he is back on his feet and he has an toablegation to speak out. >> absolutely do. in some by as i was given another lease of life. i want to help other people be aware that if this kind of thing can happen on a bike. be safe. pay attention. be cautious. >> reporte h valuable advice whether you are won it wheels or four. he doesn't remember that august day, cavanaugh says his life changed in an instant and hopes it be save future lives. >> i am a very lucky man. >> reporter: his entire family say they never had anything more to be grateful for than this thanksgiving. shawn cavanaugh is not related to me. that is just a coincidence. he said the helmet saved his
5:35 am
first responders. a teen is charged with manslaughter in a crash that killed his classmate. kate mccarthy was killed when john crowley eded an utility pole and two parked cars on union street. crawly had been speeding and was not supposed to have other minors in his car. he is facing charge of assault and battery to injuries to another girl. there is a grinch in rhode island. police are trying to track down the person who stole thousands of dollars of costumes of the "nutcracker" in prove sense. now they are scrambling to come up with 50 costumes and headpieces weeks before the show. the arts director said the stolen comments are worth more than money. >> you put the number of hours decorating them and putting on.the xons. the person who puts the stone and not just the fabric and
5:36 am
is contacting ballet companies around the country making help. they will have a team of seamstresses to make any last-minute outfits. the proudy garden at boston's children hospital is now closed. a judge denied a request to stop the closure. the hospital closed the garden to make room for a billion dollar expansion. a lawyer for the supporters say all hospital. >> the ball is in the hospital's court. what are they going to do between now and when this case is heard. >> gene: it is closed but the lawsuit is going forward even though the garden is shut down. a dinner topic that is generally taboo. we are talking about politics. and more people are nervous of a political food fight during
5:37 am
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with sleep number. new this morning, no winners in last night's powerball drawing but that only raises the stakes for
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worth an estimated $43 million. the lump sum cash value on that is $344 million. this is the biggest prize since one lucky winner in new hampshire took home $487 million in july. the winning numbers were 0-7-32-41-47-61 and powerball 3. so if you are planning to go shopping tomorrow or really late tonight, when is the best time to avoid the crazy time to avoid the crazy crowds? our elizabeth hopkins crunched the numbers. >> reporter: okay, let's talk turkey, and by that what is on the dinner table and in your wallet. we took a look at people planning to shop on black friday and we wanted to see what time people wanted to go out. some the super early ones have hitting the stores after midnight after they have eaten and dessert. then from 1 to 5 a.m.
5:41 am
are out there bright and early. 6 to 9 a.m. is definitely the most popular times. 33% of people plan to shop on black friday between 6 and 9 a.m. then some people who say listen, i am not getting up after such a big meal and sleep in about 22% who say we will sleep in and go out at 10 a.m. or later. and then the category of people who are unsure. 16% of people say they don't know what time they are going to shop. probably depends on family commitments and how they are feeling the next day. >> sara: do make sure you have our fox25 app throughout the weekend. we will send out traffic alerts to keep your holiday shopping on schedule and plus, right now online, a few stores that are actually open today and we will have a look at all of the places offering free thanksgiving meals. and there are also ideas of how you can help someone this holiday season all on >> gene: what is the percentage of people saying no thank you to black friday
5:42 am
and jay crowder. they haven't lost since those guys return to the line-up over the nets. a difference maker, 17 points, 5 rebounds, 8 assists, two blocks. the guy does it all. jake crowder an important guy too. 15.5 boards for the celtics last night and never in trouble. isaiah thomas with 23. bradley with 22. celtics in double now 5:42. a traffic stop turns into an ambush. coming up why the officer already sensed something was up before this trunk popped open. and protecting kids in rear-end crashes. still ahead, why your front seat could pose a real danger to anyone in the back.
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right now it is 5:44 and a look at the mass pike. it is 32 in plymouth. 30 in lexington and 31 in new hampshire. the pike busier this afternoon as folks head out for the thanksgiving day meal. dry turkey day too. keeping an eye on sprinkles and a few flurries. she will time out when and where coming up in five minutes. breaking news this morning. state police are investigating a deadly wrong-way crash on 495 overnight that happened near the spruce street overpass in plainville around 2:00. state police say the car was driving north on the southbound side between exit
5:46 am
killed. the driver in the other car taken to rhode island hospital. why the driver was heading on the wrong way. a fire ravaged a home and two neighbors were able to rescue the man inside. two men saw the flames and ran inside and heavy smoke forced them out to before four and five minutes. they kept going in until they were able to rescue the man inside. scene and has a call in to the fire department to try to figure out what caused that fire. you donald trump posting a new message on country on united during thanksgiving. the president-elect is not doing any transition business over the holiday. yesterday he announced that south carolina governor nikki haley would be the ambassador to the uun. you republican donor betsy devoss will be his education secretary and dr. ben carson the secretary of housing an urban development.
5:47 am
traveling over thanksgiving weekend, a warning of the seats inside your car. the change one local lawmaker is calling for. >> allies that to do what happens to the front seats during a rear end crash. experts say it could lead to serious injury or even death for anyone sitting in the back. >> a dangerous problem that could effect your family a rear end crash with the front slams into whoever. often children sitting in the back seat. >> it is causing serious injuries and death to children especially in back seats of our cars every single year in our country. >> daniel: we first told but current safety standards for seats in cars in may after how often front seat backs collapse and injury passengers.
5:48 am
and albumenthal want lawmakers to take immediate action and strengthen standards >> the price is too high, and then the american families have to pay. >> reporter: according to the center of auto safety, 898 children have been killed in rear seat collisions. all of them sitting the back seat. national seat strength standards have not been updated since they were first adopted in 1967, despite several petitions by the u.s. transportation department to auto safety advocates recommend putting kids in the middle of the back where typically no one is seated in front of them. >> daniel: our washington d.c. bureau has been talking about this for years. the cost of strengthening seat seat belts are only a few dollars. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. incredible video coming out of idaho where a traffic
5:49 am
the police officer slams the trunk down to buy time and wrestles the. he knew something was wrong was missing a license plate and registered to the fugitive and his mom was driving it. the fugitive and his mom were driving it. no one was hurt. an update to an exclusive story. a woman without heat for weeks is finally warming up this morning. we are happy to repo the heat is back on in shirley's south boston home. eversource told us they were able to repair her furnace after a power surge from work being done outside her house left her furnace, refrigerators, and stove unuseable. eversource tells us they replaced her damaged refrigerator and filled the new one with food. a puppy in colorado is showing people the simple joys of life. this is loki and video of her seeing snow for the first time and making her famous. she is loving it.
5:50 am
last week. the clip of loki reminldz people -- reminds her -- reminds her to be thankful during the holiday season. her message is with good reason. she is thankful that she even has loki to look after. >> her mom came up pregnant in texas -- this dog. and from a kill shelter. and if hadn't seen the potential to save a dog, she wouldn't be here. >> video of loki has been times. the pup is so popular her fans have made her her own facebook page. maybe that dog is a meteorologist because of the weather because i saw a little "tail wind" there. >> shiri: a ruff gig. ruff-ruff. >> gene: apl-aw s.
5:51 am
much of an issue. we mostly have cloudy skies attached to the system. it is sliding toward us and roll through new york and pennsylvania and kind of falls apart as it moves toward us. not a ton of moisture so we are only dealing with a cup of flurries, a couple of sprinkles. most of us will be dry here at 7:00 this morning. temperatures still runs at or below freeding. a gray thanksgiving here. thankfully it still looks mostly dry. at noontime once we get in the afternoon, a spot temperature in and a spot sprinkle. we get to the evening and chance of rain goes up. during the evening hours we could see a wintry mix to the worcester hills before a chance of rain plan on clouds and dry conditions.
5:52 am
your high. worcester about 40 degrees. those are the towns and cities most likely even though a huge risk. i will keep things dry through the daylight hours for the cape, the south shore. temperatures in the upper 40s with these cloudy conditions with temperatures staying just above freezing with lows 32 to 40, i think we will pass by that threat for any kind tomorrow, 42 degrees to 50 degrees. a little bit warmer. and tomorrow only spot showers into the weekend though. the next item to watch. this area low pressure, a coastal storm and it tracks further away drag the moisture with it. if it comes close they are band of heavy rain will set up along the coastline. we are looking for the potential for heavy rain here on saturday and sunday. we could see a little bit of a
5:53 am
i will give us a chance of showers both days, but again that ocean storm does warrant watching. and i have got a very close eye on it all morning long. 43 degrees by next tuesday. monday and tuesday look great. and clouds come back and wednesday it looks like we are in for a washout of the day. back to you. if you were headed home for thanksgiving and you are worried about a food fight at the it is possible to keep thanksgiving sniffle america. >> sara: this year while the emotionally charged election is swirling in the minds of many. >> i think there are protesters with a specific beef. >> reporter: politics is at many thanksgiving dinner tables as the red-hot main course. >> do you think this year you will talk about the election
5:54 am
supporters and some are clinton supporters. >> we like to win arguments as most families do. >> reporter: the 2016 election has taken an emotional toll. more than half of all americans say it was the source of significant stress. for some -- >> some of my family actually supported mr. trump which flabbergasted me. >> reporter: the anxiety being with politically divided family members will keep them from even showing up on thanksgiving. >> no, i will not home. >> reporter: others view politics like football and turkey, inevitable. >> not that we are not going to talk about it. it is how long we are going to talk about it. >> election will be one of the topics. >> reporter: if you were worried a political food fight will break out, experts say smart ways to navigate the elephant in the room. >> lots of families will be going together where they differ sharply. >> reporter: georgetown
5:55 am
strategy, whether it's avoiding the topic completely, agreeing to listen to each other without arguing or using a trusted family member as a mediator. . >> somebody accepted by everyone and more moderate and listen to both sides. >> reporter: he says the goal should be the focus on what brings you together rather than what tears you apart. >> be with people and laugh and enjoy their presence and say appreciate >> sara: just in case you needed numbers how much people do not want to talk about the election, 53% of americans are dreading the thought of talking politics today. president obama pardons the last turkeys of his presidency and this time he was not joined by his daughters. the president pardoned tater and tot with the help of his two nephews that stood in for his daughter sasha and malia. mr. obama said his daughters
5:56 am
did not stop the president from pulling out his best thanksgiving puns. >> malia and sasha are thankful this is my final presidential turkey pardon, what i haven't told them yet that we will do this every year from now on. [ laughter ] no cameras, just us, every year. no way i am cutting this habit cold turkey. >> gene: love the puns. love them. he said daughters with a corny-copia of dad jokes have been a tradition. as for tater and tot they are heading to virginia tech gobler's rest for the animal and poultry sciences department. you can never get enough puns. >> sara: that speech was right up your alley. >> gene: well-done, i could be his speechwriter with anything loaded puns. i would be happy to. >> gene: 5:56. a young girl gets a
5:57 am
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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event. and now at 6:00, a cold start to your thanksgiving morning, but it is going to be short-lived. i have a look at where the warm-up will take you close to
6:00 am
still see some flurries. neighbors rushed into a burning home to help a man trapped inside. the brutal conditions that they say forced them in and out of the house several times. taking a break for the holiday, the one thing the president-elect is asking of every american on thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving, everybody. now 6:00 this morning. we appreciate you being with us, and we hope your thanksgiving morning is off to a fantastic start. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am. sara underwood. front. it is cool but only a slight chance of rain. let's get it from the weather source, shiri spear. >> shiri: yeah, that's right. we are looking at a drier forecast for today. right now what we are seeing a ton of cloud cover. that, my friend, not going to change. it will be a very dry thanksgiving across new england. 35 degrees in boston. 30 in worcester. 32 in nashua, new hampshire. 32 in plymouth. most of you freezing. the only flurries i have got focused into southern new


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