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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 24, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> shiri: warm-up close to 50 today and where i'm watching some flurries. >> daniel: breaking news while you were sleeping. 1 person dead in head-on collision. the investigation underway into early morning crash. >> michael: door, windows all boarded up after house fire in saugus. what we are learning about the
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man's life. >> daniel: donald trump makes 2 more high-profile appointments to his cabinet before taking some time off. the president-elect's holiday message to all americans. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, it is 9:00 a.m. on thanksgiving day. i'm daniel miller. your thanksgiving is expected to stay mostly dry. meteorologist shiri spear just honoring a few drizzles right now. fox25 stormtracker weather center to time out turkey day forecast. hi there. >> shiri: good morning, everybody, not looking bad at all and have flurries that we mentioned toward holden and leominster, gardner, up to ashby, groton and little ton as well and not going to be a mega snowfall but flakes around and a little bit of mix and sleet toward millis and medway and most of you simply seeing the
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or lawrence at 34, hyannis already in the 40s there and this is how it goes in plymouth today. you can see temperatures do rise into the lower mid-40s here at 11:00 this morning. highs around 46?. tons of clouds. not that much rain until we hit the evening hours. that's when many of you are going to see the shower fill in, driving home from relatives later on tonight or in dinner time here and walk you through it hour-by-hour future cast to show you how it interferes perhaps with bla f daniel, back to you. >> daniel: following breaking news right now in plainville. police are investigating a deadly wrong-way crash on 495 south. it happened near the spruce street overpass around 2:00 this morning. we know the driver is dead and driver of other car at hospital. 2 lanes closed but now back open. we will continue to follow the story and bring you latest on
9:03 am daniel: plywood covers up what's left from a fire in saugus. man able to get out alive thanks to 2 neighbors that refused to give up. just talked to the man that saved his neighbor from the flames. good morning, michael. >> michael: good morning to you, daniel. really interesting conversation i just had with 1 of the 2 neighbors who came to the rescue of an 85 or so-year-old man who saugus. you can see the remains of this fire, how intense it must have been yesterday afternoon. a little bit before 5:00 on thanksgiving eve. you can see the plywood boarding up not only the window and doors but part of what used to be siding there as well. you can see the chariot roof top and then some debris on the side there. this neighbor who i just spoke with larry applegate, he says that he was going out for some
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went realizing when he saw the flame what was taking place. he says the orlando -- older man that lives here, lives with somebody else, but the person he lives with is at work and knew that the man would be alone in this home and had to get him out. he says he ran over, kicked in the door and the smoke was so heavy he simply couldn't physically get the man out of the house on his own. luckily he came and they worked together to pull him to safety. applegate says that he is just amazed that the man that lives here was talking and able to speak to the paramedics, first responders who were here and took him to the hospital. he feels very fortunate and thankful, if you will, that everything worked out and that his neighbor is okay. applegate says he has had a little bit of time to think
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the next day at this point and says it is a little bit overwhelming to think what took place but in that moment he being a police officer of 32 years in that moment thinking he have to help my neighbor and get him out and thankful to do so. we will try to air and we will air interview in half hour so stay with us. live in saugus, i'm michael henrich, fox25 news >> daniel: police called to the parking lot of russell street store yesterday. official say a woman was backing out of parking spot and kept going crashing into 5 or 6 cars and an employee collecting shopping carts all of 1 of the busiest grocery shopping days of the year and shoppers came out to find emergency crews on the scene. >> ambulances come through and to the front of hannaford and
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totally smashed. 1 in front of it looks like it was hit and turns out that the person that was putting the car was actually dragged when the car came in. >> daniel: no word what caused the crash. daniel: man named 1 of the most when jackie hint richard family family -- heinrich asked about other charges he was tightlipped. >> reporter: citing boston attorney 3 accusations of rape. the bachelor once feature as "people" magazine most eligible was acquitted in 2009 with 2 other rape cases in boston and another in florida that same year. the prosecution saying he was
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>> went to florida and arrested on similar sexual assault. >> reporter: but gary zerola's attorney says it will not end in conviction. >> i don't know what's motivating the young woman. don't know if she is looking for money and 15 minutes of fame and told initial lie that's spiraled out of control on her, but i do know that she is lying. >> reporter: zerola arrested at the courthouse after being learned he was investigated and went to d warrant and that's when officer booked him. since made bail ordered to wear gps monitoring bracelet and his attorney says he is confident the case will fall through despite zerola's past. >> don't want to comment on that. has nothing to do with this. >> daniel: zerola accused of assaulting a police officer in 2009 and also acquitted in that case. injuring 2 officers while running from police officers in
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jail. vincent weeks drug 2 officers and hit 2 more with his car. he was on the run 9 hours and all 4 are recovering at home and weeks will be in court friday morning. >> daniel: president-elect donald trump enjoying time off with the family and released new message on youtube you'll country to unite. >> it is my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal the divisions an as 1 country strengthened by purpose and very very common resolve. >> daniel: trump says he plans on focusing on family and not the transition during the holiday. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren says the transition team should be placed under federal review and look into how the team spending millions of taxpayer dollars budgeted for the transition which she calls
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conflicts of interest of business holdings and cell phone for international leaders raising concerns. trump officially announced 2 more cabinet level appointments yesterday. south carolina governor nikki haley has been chosen to be the next u.s. ambassador to the united nations. she was outspoken and 2 often traded jabs and trump called haley a proven deal maker. betsy devos will be nominated for she is school choice advocate that pushed for private school voucher programs and almost immediately after the announcement the largest teacher's union in the country slammed the pick. and this morning the wall street journal reporting former presidential arrival ben carson accepted to be the secretary of housing and urban development. daniel: jill stein asking for review of wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania.
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experts claim clinton campaign possible hacks in the states. made the announcement yesterday afternoon and within hours donors raised $2 million needed to pay for the paperwork and recount. hillary clinton's lead now stands at more than 2 million. 9:10 right now. after a couple days off the patriots are back on the practice field with 1 really notable exception. tom brady was not out there with his teammates yesterday. he missed practice with injury and under center on sunday when the patriots play jets. rob gronkowski will play sunday after an injury against the seahawks. thousands attending traditional high school thanksgiving day games and fox25 will be getting in on the action.
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includes the granddaddy of the games needham and wellesley. last 2 they played at fenway park. this is the oldest public school rivalry in the country. today is one hundred twenty-ninth meeting dating back to 1882 and things pretty even over the years with wellesley holding 1 game advantage against the rockets. >> daniel: after you chow town tonight you can get caught up on the action and turkey day high school special. tom will break down all the games. cyclist hit by truck and knocked unconscious for 2 weeks and talking about the ordeal. >> multiple skull fractures, brain bleed, pulmonary emboli and broken ribs, broken hand and beaten up. >> share message with everyone heading out on the road.
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burned to the ground over the summer responsible for making thanksgiving meals today. coming up next how community helps family business get back on its feet. shiri? >> shiri: forecast in new england for today, highs in the
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>> daniel: 2 police officers honored at hockey game yesterday. richard cintolo and matthew morris dropped the puck since first october 13th shooting. game feature team of bruins alumni playing against the boston police department. event was support police officers as they continue to recover. >> we got a lot to be thankful both home, going to be enjoying thanksgiving with their family. >> daniel: rink was packed with people supporting officers. in the end the bruins alumni won 6-4. troop reported trailer stolen over the summer reports it is back. it was missing in august and turns out trailer was actually stolen from u-haul nearly 20 years ago. it eventually ended up with the troop but then u-haul repossessed the trailer without telling the boy scouts first. u-haul given the trailer to the troop as gift. >> daniel: turkey farm stand back open for business.
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families today. >> these are the turkeys that survived. >> freshest turkey around. >> june fire ripped through the largest barn at bob's turkey farm killing 7,000 young turkeys that hatched. started the business back in the '50s. >> it was kind of disappointing because built all of those buildings and it was a shame that it had burned. >> bob told daughte down may be option with so many thanksgiving turkeys destroyed. >> did you think today was even possible? >> not at all. we weren't sure what we were going to do at that point. >> people started showing up offering help which turned into a fundraiser pouring in. >> getting thing going again so we are pretty lucky. i think town has been very good. >> they were able to recoup half
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showing up in big numbers. >> thank you so much. >> happy thanksgiving. >> it was really exciting. people taking pictures and obvious people are happy they are back in business. >> new barn will be done by next year and family says by that point they will have a full stock of turkeys. in lancaster, robert goulston, fox25 news. >> daniel: thanksgiving day forecast, still cold and cloudy, few spots some >> shiri: dealing with couple flurry, not biggie out there and pretty quiet day on tap and looked earlier this week like it could have been a bit messier this morning, so i think that we lucked out, maybe something to be thanksful here. temperature 36? and dew point and pretty dry, wind so much lighter than they have and you know what i don't have to talk about, wind chills, talk about
9:18 am
will keep temperatures and tons and towns and cities freezing right now and don't see temperatures moving very much between now and 10:00, few flurries on the map and at 1:00 this afternoon, i'm going cloud and he 42, chance for a little drizzle or a little bit of mix here at 5:00 p.m. at 39?, but after that that will actually start to see a lot of the gap to fill in with light rain and temperature at 46 in boston, mostly cloudy, dry until we hit the evening hours as well and upper 40s and cooler at north and west and nashua, fitchburg to worcester, temperatures will have a hard time getting into the lower 40s. so that's spot that we could see a little bit of sleet, seeing flurries right now, but overnight tonight see as things change up. 11:00 this morning, nice in and around the boston area, we could see a quick drop in dash here looking out toward 495 though and get the mixing and couple flurries up into southern new hampshire and temperatures a
9:19 am
very efficiently stick to anything and 6:00 this evening, see the showers are filling in. overnight tonight see mix and flurries actually change over to simply drizzle and showers by early tomorrow morning and out toward worcester hills and southern new hampshire, temperature will be somewhat close to freezing and watch out for icy spots there and don't see any widespread at midnight for crazy shoppers getting up nice and early -- i don't know if it is nice and early but definitely early. 7:00 a.m. 40? with clouds, and keeping spot showers around for friday but i think early in the morning and late at night, those were actually the best chances for getting the rain. into saturday we go and see the band of heavy rain, not going to take much movement of the system closer to bring heavy rain to the coast, maybe a little bit of mixing inland and flip side
9:20 am
opportunity to be a little further out to sea and in that case forecast dryer. right now see how close of call it is. keeping the chance for rain and heavy rain in your saturday forecast and we still have wiggle room with the forecast over the weekend. 44? and system tracked closer and lingering rain and snow into the sunday as well. on monday finally going to brighten this up again at 48? and next weather maker after that middle of next week with temperature near 60 expecting daniel? >> daniel: christmas tradition lost a bit of sparkle. investigation underway to find dozens of stolen nutcracker costume just 1 week before the local performance.
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>> daniel: union square station cord in sticky notes with messages like listen to each other and never quit. people calling it subway therapy. it was started by artist that gave communities sticky notes after the election to express their feelings. >> i feel sad, i feel scared. >> after the election i woke up
9:24 am
9/11. >> went to the wall from the statue of liberty. transit official are okay with the sticky notes for now but what will happen to them in the future is uncertain. if you have a long road to thanksgiving dinner this year, imagine traveling more than 24 hours. it is what u.s. air force doing right now. made a stop in portsmouth, new hampshire. ted daniel there as the greeters gave them a welcome back. >> second time i have seen the peace greeters and they do not disappoint. welcomed home 80 airman out of north carolina and quick stop to clear customs and refuel but the greeters made every minute count. at the end of the runway final salute as charter plane u.s. troops and taxis for takeoff
9:25 am
good-bye after a warm hello. it is first time these members of air force three hundred thirty-fifth aircraft maintenance unit have been on u.s. soil on 8 months and andrew nichols is originally from the state of oregon. this was the fifth tour. >> surreal. don't think it is going to actually hit me. normally it doesn't until boots on the ground back home walking in the front door. >> troops have been serving in southwest asia and no coincidence thathi they get to come home. >> there were extreme efforts made to make sure that we got entire unit home before thanksgiving. >> reporter: many of the peace greeters have been welcoming soldiers for years. for kate morgan and her daughter it is a first. >> it is such a great thing to do, especially date before thanksgiving all the soldiers coming home want to appreciate
9:26 am
michigan. >> really surprised. >> a little overwhelming and see how people come out to come home. >> peace greeters will meet 5 flights this week in 6 years that they have been doing this they are too shy for meeting 1100 flights with u.s. soldiers. reporting in portsmouth, new hampshire, i'm ted daniel, fox25 news. >> daniel: great story, ted. big name here in massachusetts celebrate at thanksgiving a day early. governor cha marty walsh guest servers at good wills thanks for giving dinner yesterday in roxbury. many of the state's politicians join them to serve turkey and mashed potatoes and event reminds him of what he is thankful for. >> thankful i live in state pay attention to brothers and sisters seriously. >> daniel: it wasn't just about eating and got on feet as
9:27 am
dancing with some of the attendees. >> shiri: nice job. 40 to 48?, mostly cloudy, a lot of dry times as well and currently tracking flurries, expecting a little bit of late rain as well, timeline with future cast in less than 10. >> daniel: judge may have saved christmas for thousands of people. still ahead we live in a pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime why settle for this? enter sleep number. don't miss the ultimate sleep number week, going on now.
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>> daniel: 9:30. crisp, cool morning for the plans and see from the picture here downtown boston, kind of gray too. shiri says it is going to be dry though. she join us now with thanksgiving forecast. happy thanksgiving. >> shiri: happy thanksgiving. mostly dry conditions, especially in and around boston. watching central mass though because we have a little something stirring up from areas like let's see north grafton to boylston to groton to leominster and parts into southern new hampshire. i got flurry on the map right now. this isn't going to stick very well. just above freezing in leominster and hollis, might stick to grassy services and overall look for patchy stuff and that's it. boston just clouds, temperatures 36?, 35 in reading, 33 in medway and around natick you can see we
9:31 am
coming down and melting when it gets to the ground. just dry and cloudy with temperature in the lower 40s, upper 30s and let's talk about thanksgiving forecast. 11:00 we we be -- we will anybody lower 40s, 44 at 3:00 today and not until 7:00 p.m. that i really see steadier rain coming in, so in here we have the slight risk for some showers. by the evening though that chance is going to be climbing and go into your black friday forecast as well and latest on that coming up at 10:00. daniel, to you. >> daniel: fresh plywood is what's covering up a house that's charred following an intense house fire in saugus. fortunately for the man inside the house he was able to get out alive after 2 neighbors refused to give up. michael henrich is live in saugus this morning with brave
9:32 am
>> daniel: >> michael: everybody survived and spoke with a little mer than half hour ago and take a look this morning and see how intense the fire must have been. the plywood boarding up windows and doors and see all the burn marks throughout the siding and roof top and side of the house as well. here is what larry apple did and on the was running out to go do some errands the day before thanksgiving when he happened to notice that fire flames were shooting out of his neighbor's home and the way he put it was he knew that if his neighbor who is in his 80s was inside that he would need help. he repeatedly tried to get in and carry him out. he ended up needing the help of second neighbor and in his words this is how he responded after
9:33 am
man's life. >> i don't know if he was in there and needed help getting out and he was. he was right there at the door and in the house further don't think we would have been able to get to him. >> not time to think about it. a little overwhelming. but it worked out great. like i said, everybody pitched in and do what good neighbor is supposed to do, right? >> michael: when i laugh. what good neighbors are supposed to do, risk lives to help each other out. i think many would agree that is above and beyond and who knows how 1 would react if faced with the situation, but man in his 80s was talking when paramedic took him to the hospital. we are working and we have been working throughout the morning to get an official update on his condition but applegate says he started to snap out of it after being a little dazed when
9:34 am
hoping for good news there and get you update throughout the day. live in saugus, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> daniel: thankful. weymouth teen has been charged with manslaughter after an april crash that killed his 15-year-old classmate. police say kate mccarthy was killed last spring when 17-year-old john crowley crashed his car into a utility pole and 2 parked cars on union street. investigators say crowley had been speeding and was not supposed to have other minor in his car. assault and battery for injuries to another girl. this morning we are hearing from local cyclist was knocked unconscious for 2 weeks by a truck. story here only on fox25 and crash happened back in august and man tells the karry kavanagh that he wants etch to move over and share the road. >> remembering nothing about august 17th but ordeal is
9:35 am
fate. avid cyclist at age 61 he rode to work several days a week to stay fit and he was on his way to work but never made it. >> this is what saved my life. >> shattered and bike underneath and driver was trying to beat the light to make the left turn from trapelo road when struck kavanagh and impact threw him into the air as high sign joke multiple skull fractures, brain bleed, compact fracture to the leg, broken hand, i was pretty beaten up. >> unconscious for 2 weeks and assisted back on his feet and says he has an obligation to speak out. >> i absolutely do. i feel like in many ways i was given another lease on life so want to make sure that i help other people be aware that, you know, this kind of thing can
9:36 am
cautious. >> valuable whether on 2 or 4 wheels and life changed in an instant and hopes the experience can prevent future accidents and maybe save a life. >> very lucky man. >> the family has never more to be thankful for than this credits quick response for quick responders in waltham. karry kavanagh, fox25 news. >> daniel: proudy garden at children's hospital now closed. yesterday a judge denied emergency request to stop the closure as part of the lawsuit against the lawsuit filed by group of healing garden supporters. hospital closed the garden to make room for billion dollar expansion. lawyer for the supporter says all eyes are now in the hospital. >> ball in the hospital's court. what are they going to do
9:37 am
is heard. >> daniel: hospital's attorney says the garden is now closed and preparations underway for construction. the lawsuit is going forward even though the garden is already shut down. >> daniel: to grinch in rhode island. police trying to track down person that stole thousands of dollars from costume from the nutcracker production in providence. now the festival ballet scrambling to come up with more than 50 costumes and head pieces and art director said the stolen st money. >> put number of hours decorating and then putting the stones valuable time of the person that put the stones and it is not just fabric and labor. >> daniel: contacting ballet company around the country asking for hem making costume and they will have a team of seamstress on hand before the show kicks off for any last
9:38 am
food fight at the dinner table you're not alone. sara underwood shows us this morning how it is possible to keep thanksgiving civil in post election america. >> sara: this year while emotionally charged election still spiral in the minds of many. >> i think there are protesters with specific beef. >> sara: politics will end up at many thanksgiving table at red >> do you think this year you will talk about the election at all? >> yes. some people are trump supporter, some people are clinton supporter. >> we like to win arguments as most families do skwroeurbg 2016 election has taken an emotional toll. according to american psychological survey, more than half of all americans say it is a source of significant stress. for some. >> some of my family actually
9:39 am
politically divided family members will keep them from even showing up on thanksgiving. >> no, i will not be going home. >> others view politics like football and turkeys. inevitable. >> it is not that we are not going to talk about it. it is like how long we going to talk about it. >> election going to be 1 of the top. >> if you are worried a political food fight might break out, experts say there are ways to navigate the elephant in the room. >> lots of families differ sharply. >> georgetown cycle professor suggests the family come to the table with predetermined the extra joe. whether it is avoiding the topic completely, agreeing to listen to each other without argig or using a trusted family member as mediator. >> somebody that's accepted by everyone and who's more moderate and who would listen to both sides. >> he says the goal should be to focus on what brings you together, rather than what tears
9:40 am
presence and say they appreciate it, what's better than that. >> daniel: that was sara underwood reporting and just in case you need the numbers to prove how much people don't want to talk about the election. cnn orc poll trending thought of talking politics today. putting thanksgiving dinner on the table for hundreds of people coming up this hour, the community program that helps people all yearlong that are going to be able to cook a potentially hazard in cars that could affect the entire family. coming up after the break hidden danger with seat that local senator says car companies need to fix and fast.
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9:43 am
>> daniel: dangerous problem that could impact family and plays out on crash test video, rear end crash the front seat collapses. the driver launches backward, slamming into whomever, often
9:44 am
seat. >> it is causing serious injuries and deaths to children especially in back seats of our cars every single year. >> daniel: told you about current safety standards when lawmaker demanded answers from major auto makers how long front seat backs injury customers. ed mark and he richard blumenthal want regulators to take immediate action and >> the price is too high that american families have to pay. >> daniel: according to center for auto safety 898 children have been killed in rear end collisions in past 15 years all of them sitting in the back seat. national seat standards have not been updated since adopted in 1967. that's despite several petitions to u.s. transportation department to boost regulations. for now auto safety advocates
9:45 am
typically no 1 is seated in front of them. washington d.c. bureau has been calling for safety standards the past year and they have told utthe cost of strengthening seat backs is only a few dollars. judge ruled pilots working to transport packages for amazon have to return to work for the holiday season. the group went on strike tuesday ahead of the rush from black if continuing it could cause harm. it is the first holiday season with the contract. in previous years they have to rely on fed-ex and postal service. >> daniel: no winners in last night's powerball drawings but only raises stakes and estimated $403 million and lump sum caution value on that almost 244 million. this is the game's biggest prize
9:46 am
new hampshire to come forward hundred $87 million back in july. here are the winning numbers in case you got a smaller prize. 7, 32, 41, 37, 61 and powerball was 3. 9:46. shiri spear back with the forecast. cloudy cloudy cloudy. >> couple sprinkles or couple flurries tossed in there as well. not looking at a lot of wet weather we have been watching drought since summertime here and came out yesterday because of the holiday and want to let you know drought monitor remain unchanged and only have 2% of the state not under a drought and got over 40% of the state of massachusetts here under an extreme drought. we are really dry. we could use a lot more rain than getting here and make recovery weekend with more significant system and now mostly just cloud, very few
9:47 am
cast here paused at 11:00 this morning and have the chance of coastline here in eastern massachusetts, quick little sprinkle or toward lawrence, a little bit of mix with sleet and southern new hampshire, worcester hills, quick passing flurry and temperature though are going to be warming above freezing so not anything sticking today and 6:00 p.m. and between 5 and 6:00 p.m. and see some of the shower really start to pick up and fill in ad of still green and will see a wetter turn once we head into the evening hours and relatives house, dinner time tonight, so expect the best bet for any kind of rain to actually be late in the day. 46 in boston, mostly cloudy, mostly dry, 43 in maynard, 40 in nashua and mildford, 39 in gardner and 39 in worcester, so you can see the cooler spots today. those are the spots that we are going to be watching for maybe
9:48 am
to be alert of -- alert to and foxborough 47 dress, got temperature near 50 in southeastern massachusetts. way milder for you folks. we got dry conditions until that sun goes down and clouds that are going to be so, so stubborn and not plan on seeing anything in sunshine today. tonight i have rain moving in, 32 to 40, a lot of this is going trend to be drizzle into tomorrow's forecast. 42 to 50? scattered showers remain. best on friday. saturday comes along though and this is actually going to be better chance for significant reason. you can see we have a ocean storm right there and goes a little bit further out to see we are going to be nice and dry and look at how close the swath of heavy rain is. not going to take much movement a little closer to us to plant the heavy rain right over eastern new england and that's what we are going to be watching, potential for heavy rain and snow mixing in here in particular saturday you can see
9:49 am
even below average through the weekend here we have a cooler day on tap on sunday with risk of a little bit of linger snow or rain and track of that storm system and temperatures up to 48?, how about 50s on tuesday with increasing clouds and for wednesday bringing us rain with highs close to 60?. we got to get through a couple of damp days, clouds around for thanksgiving but at least have warm-up in the work for about a week away. back to you >> pup necolorado, check this out, showing people simple joys in life, this is loci, and video of her seeing snow for the first time is making her very famous. her owner uploaded video last week but clip remind her to take time to be thankful during the stresses of holiday season and message thankful she has loci to look after. >> her mom came up pregnant from
9:50 am
shelter and if somebody hasn't potential to save a dog she wouldn't be here. >> video has been viewed more than 4 million times online and pup so popular made own facebook page. still ahead 10-year-old boston
9:51 am
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>> reporter: 10-yea through the hauls of franciscan children's hospital with help of special walker with wheels and marks the long of hospital stay with her and came to brighton in september after began to develop weak business. paulinea mother sonia spoke with us through a translator. >> started with a cold and took her to the hospital. >> diagnosed with afm
9:54 am
onset that affects the spinal cord and limbs. >> when she first came she wasn't doing whole lot of moving and in a pool and up and walking while in pool and made a lot of great progress. >> she has down's syndrome but don't think it affected her health and how body reacted to asm and david leslie starts with a common virus, 1 many of us have likely been exposed to and differently. >> enter descriers 368 which was what she was diagnosed with having can cause common cold symptoms, be a problem with some people's asthma but have been prior outbreaks described in print where it has caused -- children where it has been caused. >> reporter: they are hopefully she will be able to walk again some day without the
9:55 am
glad -- >> daniel: wishing her very best. daniel: typical thanksgiving male 3500 calories and suggests use lower calorie ingredients. where is the fun? daniel: many getting turk neoven but some it is not easy. hopkins shows us this morning how community program infections all of that. >> people sick and can't feed themselves. >> 5 days worth of lunch, dinner and snack. >> everyday go across the state knocking on doors, bringing beautifully prepared meals. >> will you make a delivery
9:56 am
>> first stop is here. >> do you know how to use a map? feel like we need christmas music. >> first stop 2 miles away. >> happy thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving, >> we have arrived. >> we provide half million meals throughout the year. >> get vegetables and milk and get that extra food and nutrition that we need. >> this is really special time. friends and family and kids all out there helping us to feed people. >> ton of people out there
9:57 am
>> so important to gift volunteers give help to deliver. >> daniel: so good. >> shiri: spreading joy and meals. mostly dry, get to friend and family's house and a little bit
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
time to have your pie and great holiday videos too. on this happy thanksgiving, "right this minute." >> drum roll, please. >> it's one man's turkey day pride and joy. >> just look at that bird. >> but see the moment his golden masterpiece flames out. >> there it goes. there's the fire. a little girl gets something to be thankful for. >> why that big box holds the best gift ever. time to enjoy the first snow of the season. >> this is making me cold. >> how old man winter moves that's ice water many those veins. we're breaking down the best on the web, including the foolproof secret to a moist turkey. >> this is so good. >> see the hardest system possible to solve a thanksgiving


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