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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 28, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> julie: i am julie grauert. the week is off to a chilly start and at least the sun will be out. meteorologist shiri spear in the fox25 storm tracker weather center. shiri, the sun is not sticking around for long. >> reporter: no, about two hours and will brighten up and a fun-filled day. get ready for the clouds and showers this week. 30 in bourne and also up in marshfield. patchy fog at boston at 35. lowell at 32 degrees. clouds won't las as the sun comes up, there will be plenty of sunshine. 28 degrees to get you out the door in worcester. 32 in town send and 33 in keene, new hampshire. the forecast in the boston area. it still have clouds at 6 a.m. 42 and sun at noontime. we have highs in the middle 40s today. milder air though along with the showers as we get to the middle of the week. we will time out the warm-up and the wet weather when i am back but in a few.
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julie is live with more drive-time traffic. >> looking good pike wide anticipate from 495 to 128 in the allston. brighton area. route 1 and 39 south are clear. 9 minutes on the expressway. 19 minutes on 93 south approaching the leverett connector. 10 minutes on 128 northbound westward to the weston tolls. new this morning we are working to get more information about this crash in chelsea. our photographer on the scene says a car and a logan express bus collided on eastern avenue in bellingham street just down the street from the car's engine caught fire and a small diesel leak from the bus and it was quickly contained. three people went to the hospital from that crash. no word on their conditions. the crash is still under investigation. a 25-year-old man remains hospitalized in crit cat condition after being hit by a car in brockton. the hit-and-run is caught on surveillance video. a group of people crossing north main street when a car plows into them.
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happened 1:30 outside the spot bar and lounge. police tell us they have already towed a car that was involved and so far they have not made any arrest. victim's name has not been released. police are investigating. police have released the name of a man killed in a crash in dorchester. they are still trying to peace together -- piece together why the man's car plunge off into morrissey boulevard. state police say 50-year-old daniel lee of chatham drove slammed into a suv. the 21-year-old driving the suv was hurt but will be okay. police are investigate the cause of the crash. in morning a fitchburg woman is recovering after this awful accident on thanksgiving morning. a wrong-way driver hit her head-on along 49. the other driver was killed and the woman has a broken ankle and shattered pelvis. she spoke with fox25's erica ricci think about accident.
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thanksgiving break when she was involved in this head-on collision. even though she never made it on to barnstable because she was detoured to the hospital, she pegs this as her best thanksgiving ever. >> i am so happy that i didn't -- >>reporter: hard to even put words how this crash at 495 in plainville early thanksgiving morning could have ended. as taylor mcbarron speaks to me by phone from her hospital bed, she focuses on how this did end. >> i made it. >> reporter: in this wh uv from college in fitchburg to barnstable when phillip keating was driving the wrong way and hit taylor head-on. he died at the scene and taylor never lost consciousness. >> i was in the fast lane after the crash because that's where i ended up. and so cars were still going by me and not stopping and i didn't know if anyone else had known, so i -- i called 911. >> reporter: at the hospital,
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fractured pelvis in addition to cuts and bruises. mean time, her friends were learning she was the one involved in the crash she had seen op news. >> it was definitely very shocking. >> reporter: for emma's best friend emma mcman. >> we are as close as two separate people. >> reporter: she felt helpless. sheets up a go fund me account to cover taylor's bills since she won't be able to work for at least several months. >> i can't put your bones back i can't make you feel any better physically, but hopefully this can help her feel better mentally and emotionally. >> it has made everything a little easier. >> reporter: allowed her to focus on her recovery. >> after i can walk again, i won't need anything after that. >> reporter: most of that recovery and rehab will be here on the cape. because of that taylor won't be able to return to fitchburg state for the last semester of college which means she will not be able to return to work.
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account, head to our web site at, and we will go ahead and link through. in barnstable, erica ricci, fox25 news. a busy day for the president-elect today as he gets ready to meet with eight more candidates for his cabinet, you but it is someone he has already met with that is causing controversy within trump's own team. fox's chris fisher reports, one of the president-elect's top advisors is not happy, but promising to play nice. >> reporter: kellyanne conway already shared her feelings about mitt romney privately with mr. trump and took them public on a very big way. on three separate sunday shows blasting romney as the wrong man, questioned his credentials, loss in 2012 and most importantly his loyalty to the president-elect. >> people feel betrayed to think that governor romney who went out of his way to question the character and the intellect and the integrity of
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president-elect would be given the most significant cabinet post of all, secretary of state. and that is a decision that only one man can make, president-elect donald trump. i will respect it, and i will support it 1,000%, but i am reflecting what the grass-roots are saying. >> reporter: some to of the other top contenders for secretary of state, rudy giuliani, bob corker and david petraeus. mr. trump made four appointment. betsy director of the cia, nikki haley for un ambassador and jess sessions for attorney general. all four require senate confirmation and florida senator marco rubio gave a taste of who will sail through and who will likely run into trouble. >> you are not ready to say if you will support jeff sessions as attorney general. >> i never do until a person goes through the process.
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nikki jaime, they will come to our committee. i think they were a good choice. >> reporter: in washington, kristen fisher. concern of the u.s. relation with cuba under a trump presidency after the death of fidel castro. reince priebus tells fox news sunday that they plan to renegotiate the current agreement between the u.s. and cuba. >> what the deal is yet to be determined but some movement from cuba in order to have a relationship with the united states. >> julie: years, the obama administration took steps to reopen political and economic relations with cuba. republicans saying they don't expect any dramatic changes after castro's death. fidel castro died overnight on friday. cube is currently holding a week of mourning following his funeral. fidel castro was 90 years old. 9 patriots are celebrating their 9th win of the season and tom brady celebrating 200th of his career but not all good news for the
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against the jets. fox25's michael henrich is live at gillette this morning with more details of the injury that took gronk out of the game, michael. >> reporter: good morning, jason. gronk was uncertain to play in the game against the jets. he missed the week with a chest injury, a possible punctured lung. when it came to yesterday's game, yeah, gronk started but didn't last very long. he left with zero catches at the end of the first quarter and with a new injury. this time sports director tom leyden saw gronk in the concord about 90 minutes after he left the game, and leyden described gronks a walking very gingerly as he had his sweatshirt hood over his head and teammates came over to him to ask how he was doing. pro-football talks cites anonymous sources that gronk's latest injury is not that serious. no official word from the team just yet. we are working hard to get that for you.
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sort of official injury update we will bring it to you. live in foxborough, michael henrich, fox25 news. and an autopsy will be performed on a chestnut hill man who died in hawaii. he died friday morning while scuba diving. 46-year-old timothy owe sullivan was pulled from the water after someone reported him unresponsive. the autopsy will help determine how he died. the boston police department is looking at new tools to help them patrol the internet. we reported on this over the weekend. willing to to watch social media for potential public safety issues like terrorism. >> sometimes people post crazy stuff on social media that can give us some leads on some information, so i think it is important. >> jason: the aclu say they are worried of the kind of message that the department sends based on community policing, but boston police say the program will come with strict policies and only look at posts and information online that is already
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we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. taking a look at our drive time on 93 south right around 19 minutes as you head from 495 in andover to the zakim bridge. shiri? >> shiri: highs today in the mid and upper 40s which is typical this time of year. mostly sunny with high thin clouds later today. i have an hour-by-hour look at that warm-up coming up. a place of worship broken into and robbed. this morning, a man is in custody. still ahead in under 30 minutes, fox25's catherine parrotta is live at anthony shrine. the clue that led police to
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researcher also start testing a new hiv vaccine in south africa this week. the largest and most advanced hiv vaccine clinical trial to take place in that country. in south africa 1,000 people are infected with day. researchers will be looking at sexual eactive men and women over the past year. google is stepping up technology for translation. looking at artificial intelligence that taught itself to translate between languages. it can even translate against languages it doesn't know. they hope it will have quicker and more accurate translations. the new smartphone app is called the tinder for kids. the app is called yellow and a cross between a dating app and
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as tinder. you swipe right if you like someone. from there you can communicate with that person through snapchat. online safety advocates are concerned that users can lie about their age and use that tool to exploit children. >> julie: do you like me or not, check yes or no. stick it in the locker. an unusual offer is coming from london's astronomical society. it wants to you adopt some space junk. the goal is to raise awareness of the hundr the earth. each tiny piece can do major damage and even hit a spacecraft. all do to adopt the junk is follow it on twitter. three pieces of junk available for adoption and hundreds of people are already following each piece. people living near canada's pacific coast can breathe a sigh of relief.
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piece of still have. many feared that a diver had found a missing dummy nuclear bomb dropped by a bomber in the 19 50s. tourists are making their way to china to catch a glimpse of this. after days of rain and low temperatures, the skies at a national park have this incredible view. people were fascinated with tree branches could have had in ice and a sea of waterfall clouds. this park in the hunan province has been recognized a once in a century storm could change rhode island's coastline forever. look at this. what the coast off warwick looks like now and a projection what it would look like if a storm like hurricane carol in 1954 would strike again. anything in red will be pretty much wiped out and also took into account a seven-foot rise in sea level that scientists think would happen at the end of this century. >> reporter: the commuter rail is
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its poorest operating line. keolis said the worcester line has on-time performance of 61% base on the last 3 days. keolis is blaming the delays on slippery conditions during the fall because of leaves on the track. the action group will be examining the scheduled and resources of that line in particular. the t is hoping to improve service with this new machine. this modern wheel-boring device went into service last week at the facility in everett. it cuts cuts metal and can operate five times faster than the old machine helping employees shave hours off of work time. checking traffic and weather every ten minutes. things are nice and quiet on route 1 and 93 south. no issues on the pike eastbound from 495 to 128 and then the alston-brighton area. expressway clear. live drive times. 12 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin.
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avenue. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. and with a little bit of sunshine to look forward to. "little" is the keyword. >> shiri: take a picture. put it in your pocket. because it is lasting today and the rest of the week. but we need the rain actually. the rain is not a bad thing. you know we are in a drought. we can take whatever rain we can get. unfortunately it will last us days. so we have high pressure driving today that will keep us clear and bright. next weather maker here barely get together upper midwest and it will be mild. it will be wet. and this basically translates into our own forecast here for the day tomorrow. to currently boston, 35 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. little bit of a wind chill. feels like the upper 20s, wind in my opinion really not a big deal today. winds run being 5 to 10 miles per hour. that's it. let's just talk plain temperatures here keeping temperatures steady through about 8:00 this morning. we have sunshine and 34 degrees here for 8 a.m. at 10 a.m., 38 degrees.
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get finally back in the 40s. it happens in boston at noontime, 43 degrees. highs in the mid-40s. boston 45 degrees and lowell and nashua. cooler in worcester and gardner both at 42. upper 40s in bridgewater and taunton today. 45 in sandwich and 45 in nantucket and we are all soaking up that sunshine and then we get into your forecast tomorrow and here is high concern. we have rain that will move in during the morning commute. likely the tail end of the morning commute. between 8 and 9 i expect boston to arrive in the worcester area possibly even approaching boston. see how we have pink on the map in southwestern new hampshire. we could end up with some of that pink shading into western massachusetts as well as temperatures are close to freezing initially as the rain arrives. anyone that is arriving out into western mass or western new england. let's be aware there is a risk for a cup of slippery roads here in the morning. temperatures are just mild
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threat. noontime showers continuing north of the mass pike. southeastern massachusetts. getting a little bit of a breezier at lunchtime tomorrow. and showers along with temperatures in the 50s start to intensify again during the afternoon. 3 p.m. with kids coming home from school. a lot of those light showers are turning more moderate even possible possibly heavy. they stay like that straight throughout evening commute. 46 in norwood. 49 degrees in nashua, new hampshire. it will be warmest southward and cooler rain northern mass and southern new hampshire. winter tomorrow, icing concerns. in the low threat category. westernmost new england and patchy. there will likely be fog developing tomorrow. heavy rain will be our big issue any drains that may be clogged by leaves. november in boston. definitely the final will he days of the month. more rain in the forecast because we are running at a
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the month. for the month so far, we had essentially no snow. normal will be about 1.3 inches of snowfall. this month in the city. i don't think we will see any snow here in this upcoming week. so no hope of reaching that normal snow total. hopefully make up ground with the rainfall deficit wednesday night into thursday. more rain in the works and stays partly cloudy friday and straight into the weekend. back to you, guys. >> a a major animal abuse investigation. the action that some protesters plan to take tonight when the board of
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it appears tennessee is one lucky state. in the second time in less than year someone from the volunteer state has won a mega lottery jackpot. saturday's owned $4 ticket was sold in lafayette, tennessee. the winner is yet to come forward. the winning ticket in the $175 billion jackpot was in munford. that family took home more than half a billion. we are coming off a big weekend box office. disney animated adventure "moana" snild first place. it made an estimated $80.1
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million, almost beating "frozen." "fantastic beasts and where to find them" came in second place with $41.1 million. ll beam is kicking it up a notch as demand for their iconic boot continues to grow. they have released a larger building to double the size of their operation. they will hire 100 more workers next year to make the boots. a third molding manufacturer -- a third molding machine to manufacture the rubber will be this summer. annual results have grown from 100,000 a decade ago to 600,000 this year. a big crowd turned out in quincy for one of the biggest and oldest christmas parades in the nation. marching bands and christmas-themed floats made their way through the streets for the 64th annual christmas day parade. this year's parade was traditions of christmas.
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turnout came. >> a great event that people come from all over to see and has that homey community feel to it. >> the parade wrapped up a weekend of fest 80s this began with a tree lighting friday night. as we get into the holiday spirit here at home, not everyone will celebrate with their families. more than 200,000 are serving in the military overseas. fox25's chris flanagan takes a look at a big effort to send in a little holiday cheer. >> reporter: a care package drive was held in braden to serving thousands of miles away little holiday cheer. >> we just want to say thank you to them. and that we -- we haven't forgotten them, and that everybody really cares. >> reporter: one of the organizers of the event. she says she was inspired after her son joined the marines. it was her way to give a little something to those who give so much. >> it is just fantastic. we knew it would be a huge turn out but a lot bigger than we actually expected.
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people out there and they want to help and give back to our troops. >> reporter: people donated all sorts of items ranging from toilet reese to books. they sold raffle tickets to help pay for the overseas shipping. he and three grandchildren serving in the military. >> i was overwhelmed when they said they were doing it. i am so grateful. absolutely i am sure any mother with a boy over there or grandmother would be grateful for what they have >> reporter: chris flanagan, fox25 news. >> julie: great. >> jason: i love the groups that do that over the years. guys and women can use stuff over there. >> julie: kids helping out too. >> jason: very sweet. concern in one community after a boy was approached by a stranger.
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complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: now at 5:00, caught on camera, a car is -- seen on surveillance camera plowing over a group of people. the search for the car as the man is in the hospital. police try catch a brazen thief as he vandalizes a local church. the items he stole that makes weekend mass difficult. a new injury gets gronkowski off the field. what our fox25 tampa reporter witnessed after he was removed from the game. the move to recount voting totals. the new president-elect slams the idea. the claim that people including here in new england voted illegally. good morning monday,
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waking up with us, i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and get outside on what will be the nicest day of the week. shiri spear is here with much-needed rain this week. >> shiri: and we need it. it will be a most of the week thing in fact. just not today. so today, we do have dry conditions in place. 28 degrees in worcester right now. 35 in boston. 30 in nashua, new hampshire. 33 in norwood down to new bedford. temperatures teetering around degrees at 7 a.m. 9 a.m., 35. late this morning at 11 a.m., we should hit about 40 degrees. and we could see highs peaking in the midden-40s and the whole picture ends up changing as we get into your tuesday, your wednesday and thursday. look at those rain chances. they are 100%. imtime out some of the heaviest showers in a couple of minute. we track traffic and weather


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