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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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south america. a plane carrying member of a brazilian soccer team has crashed in colombia. there are survivors. one person dead and a police investigation under way. details we are learning of a deadly rollover crash that happened near logan airport. outrage at a boston charter school, one child sexually abused on the bus by another. the reason the parents is not doing enough to a lowell woman dead after getting into a fight at a party. the new details revealed by an autopsy about how she died. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: it is tuesday, november 29. i am daniel miller. >> julie: i am julie grauert. i will be keeping a close eye on the roads this morning as we check weather and traffic he ten minutes because this morning we have some freezing rain that will be in the picture.
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meteorologist jason brewer in for shiri spear with more of the details. jason. >> jason: we have to watch this area carefully northwest of 495. we have that freezing rain advisory issued yesterday and continues through 10:00 in the morning. that threat and temperatures rise. we are tracking the edge of the rain that gets close to orange. we will get over to gardner and keene about 5:10, 5:20. some of that evaporating before it gets to the ground. a little while before icing becomes a problem. look at the temperatures cold in the upper 20s and 30s area-wide. as we head to the afternoon watch this rain that will be moving in as we get to the evening drive time especially. look at futurecast through 10:00 in the morning. really north and west of boston where we have that chance of showers. and at noontime, we are getting closer to the greater boston area and by 5:00, it does look very wet. look at the heavier amounts south and west. we could be seeing less than
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a closer look at that and when another rainmaker moved in just a minute. julie. right now things are moving along on the roads just fine. it is early. not a lot of people. a lot of green which means wide open from 495 on the pike into 128 into the allston-brighton area. no issues route 1 or 93 south. 11 minutes on 128 northbound from westwood to the weston tolls. get you back to that breaking news we have been following this hour from colombia where we learned from five people have survived a plane crash in brazil. the rest were killed. with we told you at the top of the hour the charter plane went down with 81 people on board including a brazilian soccer team. it happeneder in the mederain international airport. search efforts have been suspended because of rain in the area. the plane made an emergency call before the crash, but at this hour it is unclear what caused the plane to go down. we will stay on top of this
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lombbia and when we get the latest information, we will bring it here. evacuations are under that by tennessee as a massive wildfire in the downtown gatlinburg area. it is being fueled by strong winds land continue top grow. shelters have been set up for those who can't get out of town. they believe the fire was intentionally set over the weekend and they are investigating it as arson. so far more than 30 buildings have been destroyed but no reports of deaths or injuries. developing this morning, rollover crash in east boston. it happened along route 1 a and route 145. you can see in the video, the car rolled over. the road was closed for several hours overnight while police investigated but it has reopened in the past 30 minutes. it is now 4:33. after a meeting with school leaders, parents at a local charter school say they are no closer to getting answers of a reported sexual assault on board a school bus. we told but this last week. a 6-year-old boy is accused of
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spoke to christine mccarthy about her push for more information. >> my child is not safe here. no one's child is safe here. >> reporter: parents furious leaving a meeting at boston renaissance charter public school to discuss safety following allegations a 6-year-old boy sexually assaulted and threatened another boy on a boston public school bus >> the parents want to know who, what, when and why, and if this child is still attending the school. we don't know. >> reporter: most are upset about the school's though the school immediately notified the directly affected family, police, and the department of children and families. the department of elementary and secondary education say they weren't notified within the required 48 hours. it wasn't until two weeks later in a facebook post most parents found out. >> i didn't really know what was going to happen after i posted the post, but thousands of people started sharing it. >> reporter: her friend, the alleged victim's mother, did not want to be identified.
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>> reporter: but tells us she, too, left disappointed. >> nothing was geared toward us who were hurt. it was more toward defending that kid. i know he needs to be defended, but what about my child? >> reporter: some parents still have faith in the school. >> i have enough confidence that i will concerned my kid k-2 on the bus for the next several years. >> reporter: others have given up. >> after this year, my son will be gone. >> i am taking my s not a school where you want your child to be. >> reporter: in statement, the school acknowledged parents' concerns of notification issues but noted, quote, we want to emphasize that the families of the affected children were contacted immediately and the decision to notify only those families was made to protect the spry see and well being of the very young children. we immediately put in place safeguards of all renaissance students. if you want to see that full statement, go to our web site
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new details are coming out of the death of a lowell woman who died in the arm of her special needs son. "the lowell sun" say gloribel orengo was likely run over by a car. the autopsy shows she suffered a ruptured aorta that was likely caused by a car. a woman admitted hitting orengo in the head with a bottle of booze before taking off with a man. officers arrested her battery. the car may have been involved in a high-speed chase that same night. they are still looking for person driving this car. springfield police found several dangerous drugs and 3,000 bag of heroin this weekend. police arrested christopher olivo and edgar johnson. both are facing felony drug and weapons charges. months after a deadly crash on the pike, the driver accused of rear ending a hotel shuttle bus is facing charges. police found more than just
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>> reporter: the impact of the crash was so severe two people were ejected out of hotel shuttle and pronounced dead on the scene. now three months from the date where it happened, the marblehead man that allegedly struck and killed those innocent passengers was called to court. >> how do you plead to those offenses. >> not guilty. >> reporter: a grand jury indict him on seven counts including manslaughter for the death of joseph rodriguez and sandra the pair were here for visit to northeastern with a stud penitentiary two other passengers and the shuttle's driver had minor injuries. he had a .15 alcohol level and thc in his system, the active ingredient in marijuana. he told investigators a different story. >> he admitted he had bun beer and he takes aderol for his hdhd. >> reporter: they say he struck the back of the shuttle
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both vehicles lose control. he claimed it wasn't his fault. >> mr. gonzalez a passenger in the shuttle beak to mr. bierbaum who said another car struck him from the rear. after a review of other evidence, there is no reason to believe a third vehicle was involved in the crash. >> reporter: they would not answer questions of the facts of the case after released on bail. >> we have no comment. i am not going to comment on the evidence. >> reporter: with the legalization of recreational effect right now, the suffolk county district attorney is using this case to urge lawmakers to come up with an established impairment level or a means to test for thc. birebalm will be back in court next year. i am heather hegedus, fox25 news. >> daniel: 4:38. michigan's recount is over. president-elect donald trump was once again confirmed the winner. crystal haynes spoke to jill stein about her recount efforts and trump's claim of
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including new hampshire. >> green party candidate jill stein tells me tall took was a news release and a web page to raise over $6 million in less than a week to pay for ballots to be recounted in pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin. >> a election with voter machines very friendly and wide open to tampering. you put those two things together and makes for a lot of insecurity for voters not happy with our election system. >> reporter: over the weekend, hillary clinton's campaign came out in support of stein's recount effort having president-elect trump to take to twitter claiming widespread voter fraud in virginia, california and new hampshire, all states he lost in. a spokesman for governor maggie hassan told fox25 that his tweet is completely unsubstantiated and claims of fraud in new hampshire have
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rating of pants on fire. >> a state that takes elections very seriously. like our state sport. >> reporter: attorney general took to twitter himself to set the record straight. >> we run the first in the nation primary. the whole world is watching. so not easy to pull a fast one on champ election officials. >> reporter: david scanlan say new hampshire's same-day voting law puts them under a microscope. >> we don't have any ev and no evidence has been provided to us widespread voter fraud taking place in new hampshire. >> reporter: i am crystal haynes, fox25 news. as some states are recounting their ballots, we are getting a look at how people voted here in massachusetts. take a look at these numbers from the secretary of state's office, nearly 3 and a half million voters cast ballot. 2 million voted for clinton kaine. another 1.1 million to trump-pence. and 78,000 left the ballot
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traffic together every ten minutes. drive time on 93 south, things are moving along fine. 20-minute fried 495 in andover to the zakim bridge. jason? >> jason: getting fresh scans on the radar to show you up to the minute where that rain threat is moving next. we go right in here toward brattleboro down to athol. the west side of worcester county beginning to see that threat for a few drops drop together ground and freezing up. some of us are dealing with ice. a closer look at the timingf involve straight ahead. an elderly man hospitalized with severe burns after running from his home engulfed in flames. the quick action by a neighbor that likely saved his life.
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a new special team will be deployed in new hampshire behind bars. it turns out 85% of inmates in the granite state are addicts. only fox25'scat katherine burcham is taking us behind bars. >> this is dutch. >> reporter: the calvary has arrived. dutch, an 18-month-old belgium malamute and his partner are the only line of defense of
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derivative. >> it is directly related to the opioid use with heroin on the outside of the facilities. >> reporter: inmates will swallow packets of the drug. >> there is actually some heroin. >> reporter: making it incredibly difficult for correction officers to detect. but that is where dutch's powerful nose comes in. >> good dog. >> there really has been no technology up until now that is able to duplicate what the dog's nose can . [barking] >> reporter: fox25 got an exclusive look at the k-9 unit. the first of its kind in the state undergoing a 9-week training program to sniff out drugs and cell phones used in the drug trade. can this be dangerous for the correction officers? >> the drugs are introduced into the prison. they can become a serious safety concern. >> reporter: jeff lyon said his officers are receiving large quantities of naproxens
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written to inmates. but fighting a losing battle. >> gang activity and criminal activity on the inside that pushes addictions along. [dog barking] >> dutch! >> reporter: they are hoping dutch and his partner can do what they can not. >> they can do the work of many humans, and they can find things that we are not able to find. >> good boy! >> reporter: in new hampshire, i am catherine burcham, fox25 news. >> julie: prison officials tell fox25 they are also at critically low staffing levels which makedu important. dutch graduates from training in three weeks and will immediately go to work. listen to this, mit police have an offer that is hard to refuse. they want people to settle up their unpaid parking tickets by donating a toy. instead of paying the fine, you can drop off a new unopened toy that will be passed on to a child in need. a look at what they collected so far. the only catch, it needs to cost the same amount as your ticket, so you will need to
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i think that a great trade-off. >> julie: i think so too. >> daniel: more than one ticket, you can buy a game system. >> julie: go shopping. get the super nintendo. i don't know what the cool gaming system is these days. >> hatchimals. >> julie: only 4:46. i don't expect thoyption slow down until 6:30. pike moving along fine. 128 clear approaching pike. expressway looking good from the braintree split to columbia road. 12 minutes on to the tobin. 20 minutes on 93 south. 23 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. something i will be watching along with jason brewer this morning are the chance for some icy conditions out there because of the temperatures and the falling rain. >> jason: we do want to watch carefully northwest of 495 where the biggest concern is this morning because we have the cold air and if you look the radar and the showers are approaching. some of these will be evaporating before they get to the ground. the difficult part of forecasting this.
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evaporates and that can cause the cooling of the atmosphere down to the low levels to kind of reinforce some of that cold air for a time. what we see a lot is it takes a little bit longer to scour out cold air than what our models forecast. play it is smart and safe, freezing rain advisory all the way up until 10 a.m. just to make sure you that we can get rid of the cold air. pepperell, fit i am calling out some of the towns, spencer, athol, battleboro, keene and richmond there. where we find ourselves on the you radar over brattleboro, vermont, light freezing rain likely falling now as this has been coming in over the last several scans holding together. so let's go over to jaffrey by about 5:15. peterborough about 5:30. greenville about 5:30 or so as well. and light radar returns of
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over to freezing rain. you see those temperatures running in the upper 20s and lower 30s in this area all the way to sutton. worcester at 30 degrees. not a freezing concern there, but lower elevation, off this cold air that is draining down. 36 in boston, no ice concerns this morning. but we are waking up to clouds. and you can see right now 31 in natick. 32 in duxbury. freezing i just clouds and i am not concerned of rain coming into these areas before temperatures do rise above freezing. track that 10 a.m., in the 30s out there. still hanging around in southern new hampshire and parts of northwestern mass and above freezing and that freezing rain threat is beginning to end. now back over to boston and plymouth, middle 40s before noontime and even a few spots getting up to 50 degrees for the cape and islands by
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temperatures will be steady and drop a bit. heavier rain and looks to fall south coast, cape, islands today and into the night tonight. some batches of heavy rain are rolling through. your dinnertime plans continue to be soaked, but the story is also that temperatures don't fall after dark tonight. we will have a south wind that stays up. and it will keep temperatures on the higher side. as far as rain. looking at a good soaking. running 11 inches below normal in boston for the in boston for the year and anywhere from a half an notch an inch of rain today and another wave of low pressure tomorrow afternoon on into early thursday. adds on another half an inch to an inch. a good soaking but 50s on the couple of days on the milder side of warm front. then on friday it gets cooler again and the weekend in view, we are looking at seasonable temperatures in the 40s and lows back down in the freezing zone. back to you. >> julie: all right, jason.
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swallowed up rivers and tess asteroid, you lawns is affecting the holidays. finding a perfect christmas tree will be more difficult than usual. >> this is not normal. this is drought damage and
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off. those needles will not grow back. >> reporter: mark burnett is trying to weather the drought at the stowe christmas tree farm. >> you can see the damage the drought had on the new growth. this yellowing here. this tree isn't quite dead yet, the needles are still staying on, but obviously it is not doing -- not very healthy and not doing well. >> reporter: owns mistletoe christmas tree farm. he planted 1200 christmas trees and lost about 1,000 of them. >> our trees didn't seem to we had a lot of drought damage and trees that we thought we could sell because they turn yellow on the inside and we are hoping that they will nil a bit and cover up on that next year. >> reporter: his warm is not alone. the massachusetts christmas tree association says most of the affected farms are in the eastern and central part of the state like abbott tree farm in charlton. it posted on its facebook page that it is closed for the season because of the drought. the christmas tree farm is fairing better thanks in large part to a plan b.
4:55 am
supplementing with a lot more precut trees from farms up in northern new hampshire that didn't get affected. >> reporter: he says the drought is not only impacting his farm now but years down the road as well. >> i think what will affect a lot of the farms in the area with this drought is in six years. those of houseplanted trees last year are going to have fewer trees in six or seven. >> reporter: despite the drought, the department of agriculture says christmas tree season adds hundreds of jobs at more than 4 the state and adds a million and a half dollars a year to the commonwealth's economy. we are in stowe, chris flanagan, fox25 news. the tree in copley square is looking fantastic. fox25 was there for the annual tree lighting last night. >> three, two, one! [cheering] >> daniel: mayor marty walsh lit the free with the help from his friend santa and rudolph.
4:56 am
get everyone into the spirit as you can see. the mayor will also light up the tree on boston common thursday night. well, here at fox25, we like to have a little holiday fun as well. you can see skyfox over our studio to show off the satellite dishes all dressed up for the season. >> julie: that's how we have fun lighting up the satellite dishes. michael sam is coming to worcester and have a free lecture. sam's experience working his way up from water boy in high school to all-american playing -- to an at the university of missouri. he will talk about becoming the first openly gay player drafted by the nfl. well, mark your calendar, james taylor is coming home to boston. the singer, songwriter and sox fan will bring his ball tour back to fenway. mark his third year in a row here. boston will be taylor's final stop on the tour. tickets go on sale friday. the show is august 11. 4:56 right now. we continue to follow breaking news stories this morning.
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we are waking up to freezing rain in pots. we are checking your conditions on the road and when temperatures climb to 50 today. breaking news in lynn. part of the lynn way shut down as police investigate a crime scene. we are live with the latest information. also breaking news overnight. a plane with 0 people on board crashes over columbia. just five people survive. what made the search evident so difficult and what we know
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and plus a big announcement -- pardon me -- from the president-elect as former governor mitt romney sits down for another trump tower visit. good morning, everybody, 5:00 on this tuesday morning, november 2829. we appreciate you being with us this morning. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. a busy morning of breaking news. but first get to the weather. a freezing rain advisory is in effect until 10:00 this morning. check in with meteorologist jason brewer who is in for shiri think morning good morning. >> jason: good morning, sara, gene, light icing this morning. light rain. doesn't make much to create a problem on the road. we are watching that light freezing rain over the berkshires now touching the western edges of worcester around athol, around brattleboro, vermont. a closer look at the track of that straight ahead and you see the temperatures in the 30s and 20s outside of the city. certainly cold enough. by 10:00 in the morning, we


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