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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  November 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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in methuen one person was hit and killed by a car. that person was riding a back from 495 to route 110. that investigation is causing traffic issues in the area, as you can imagine right now. witnesses say the driver of a heavy truck tried to leave the scene but was stopped when people told him that he hit someone. we'll give you an update as soon as we get one. it's been a cloudy and rainy day for most of us, as you can se boston. bad weather is only getting started. >> good afternoon. >> i'm heather hegedus. i was just out there. it's really coming down. our chief meteorologist is here with what's coming not just tonight but what we have to look forward to tomorrow. >> that's right. last night we talked about the heaviest coming in for the evening drive. that's played out. it's coming in right now. this is the boston area. notice the yellow.
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north. here it's along the pike out to the west of boston seeing some torrential rain come on through, just north of downtown lowell along 3-a and 110. out in cape cod, it's the outer cape getting the brunt of it. most of the cape is getting some degree of rain. here is the good news, the ice and snow has pushed. it wasn't that day all day long because the cold air stuck around. it's only 37% 51 in norwood. so that cold air taking it's time getting out of there. it won't be a threat tonight. that temperature will stay above freezing. there's more rain on the way. we'll track that one in here as well as keep an eye on the stormtracker radar for the rest of the evening commute. >> kevin, thank you. you can get the fox25 app on your phone to track the rain and snow and everything else that comes our way. you can get alerts when bad weather moves in.
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the man responsible for a hit-and-run outside of a brockton bar appeared in court hours after he was arrested. we've been following this story for you since this weekend. the victim died from his injuries yesterday. stephanie has been following this story for us for days. soo she's live outside of the spot bar and lounge in brockton. that defendantate patiently admitted that he was the driver in court. >> reporter: the defense and the prosecutor both driving down north main street early friday morning when he hit sergio liconia and kept on going. he's being held on a $10,000 cash bail. now, for most of today's arraignment in brockton district court, nilton golcalves stood behind a wall. the defense described him as a 39-year-old husband and father of four. in court, they say nilton golcalves left the scene of that hit-and-run and went
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damage to the jaguar he was driving, he said nothing happened but two days later he voluntary turned himself into police and admitted to hitting sergio liconia early friday morning. >> he stated after he passed the car there was a car parked on the side of the road and a person jumped out from beside the car. he stated he had no way to stop and tried to brake but hit the person. he stated it happened very fast and and drove home. >> reporter: nilton golcalves is charged with leaving the scene, personal injury and death. if he is released on bond, he has po surrender his passport and cannot drive. i spoke with a family member. you will hear from them at 5:00 and an item apparently removed
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back to you. president-elect donald trump sent a tweet about burning the american flag. this as he continues to build his transition team. here's more on what's been another busy day for trump. >> reporter: another president-elect donald trump twitter frenzy firing folks up. after the future president tweeting early this morning, nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag. if they do, there must be consequences. perhaps, loss of years in jail. although burning the flag is controversial, it has been protected by the first amendment since the late '80s. and revoking citizenship as punishment was ruled unconstitutional in the '50s. mr. trump's spokesman on fox this morning. >> i think one of the great things about the president-elect is he's going to voice his opinion and when he has something to say he will say it and people will know it. >> reporter: the trump transition team announcing this
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nominate republican congressman thom price of georgia to be the next secretary of health and human services. a staunch critic of obamacare, price will become the faith of repealing the fact. democrats say price is far out of the mainstream. chuck schumer said, nominating price is akin to asking the fox to guard the while republicans say price is the perfect choice. >> he's in many ways the perfect person for donald trump to pick to shepherd this appeal. >> reporter: mr. trump announced elaine chao for transportation secretary. we've just learned mr. trump is planning to hold rallies celebrating his win, starting
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back to you. investigators are searching for clues in the death of a local man shot in his home. that victim was found early morning at a home on thornton street in manchester. there were reports of shots fired in the area after midnight. the name of the man has not been released. police have not said if they have any suspects. police shot and killed a man in lynn this morning. this story was breaking on the morning news. police say the suspect had just robbed a store. it happened down lynnway at the gas station on the corner of commercial street. traffic there was blocked in that area for hours during the investigation. and right now, our reporter is at that gas station with what led up to that chaotic scene. crystal? >> reporter: heather, investigators say the suspect went into the station right here with his hand in his pocket claiming they a gun after a struggle with the clerk. he took off down the road. that's when officers engaged him
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now this happened around 4:00 this morning. two lynn police officers caught up with the suspect a few blocks from this station after he attempted to rob t the chief said the suspect kept advancing on the officers. that's when run fired. it remains unclear if the weapon has been recovered. >> the individual had his hands in his pockets. the officers ordered him to show his hands. refused to do so. continued to come at the distance. eventually one of the officers fired his weapon. >> reporter: now, the suspect was pronounced dead in boston at mass general hospital late this morning. we told you about that as it happened the two officers were not hurt. the d.a.'s said they only have a partial identification on this suspect and are working to
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notice we're across the street. i spoke to the manager of the gas station, this shell, that's just inside of this gas station here, the gulf station where this robbery happened. what he tells his employees when they have to deal with a robbery suspect. back to you. police are trying to find out what caused a deadly crash near logan airport on route 1-a when a vehicle rolled over in the northbound lanes. one person was killed. investigators are try may have been involved. the road just reopened before the morning commute. reports that the suspect in yesterday's attack on ohio state university was likely inspired by isis propaganda. cnn is attributing that information to a law enforcement source tonight. police say abdul razak ali artan was from somali but lived in pakistan for several years. shortly before the attack, he
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out attacks, they needed to make peace with isis. he hurt 11 people when he plowed a car into pedestrians and started slashing people with a butcher knife. the campus police officer shot and killed him. thousands across the country took part in demonstrations today calling for a $15 an hour minimum wage. police arrested 34 in central square. hundreds of workers and their supporters gathered outside of a mcdonald's for what any called an act [ chanting ] >> logan airport non-union workers held a protest. they want $15 as well as union rights. the legalization of marijuana in massachusetts may be delayed. bill galvin says the result of the ballot question legalizing the use must still be certified
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results until the end of the year. it may take another year before stores are licensed to sell the marijuana in massachusetts. a massive wildfire is burning its way through part of tennessee right now. still ahead -- the popular tourist destination it's threatening to burn down. that's even after they had some of this rain come through their area. we're getting much more here and there is another batch here. dozens killed including
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rain continues to come down during the commute in the boston area. we're see some of the heaviest to the west of the city between the wes mike and worcester. anywhere you see the yellow, coming down hard. this is the worcester metropolitan area. heavy rain in and around the city. back in a few minutes with an update. at least 75 people are dead afternoon. investigators recovered the black boxes. as phil katying reports, a chartered plane was carrying a brazilian championship soccer team when it crashed in colombia. >> reporter: rescue workers and first responders combing true the wreckage of a charter flight that crashed in colombia late monday night, killing at least 76 people, including almost all of the members of a championship
4:14 pm
to colombia for a south american soccer tournament. >> translator: we're supporting with all of the neighboring municipalities, with all of the logistical matters needed. this is a tragedy. >> translator: we're very sad this has happened to them. this could have easily happened to any of us, to any family member, to any player. >> reporter: authorities say three soccer players were among the five survivors. relatives of the players at rifing at the team headquarters where offial crisis center for family members to get information and support. >> translator: we're very moved and shared a lot of this dream but the dream is over. >> reporter: the plane was en route to bolivia to colombia when the radar contact was lost around 10:00 p.m. monday. it declared an emergency before going down, an electrical emergency but there's no other information at this time about what may have caused that crash. colombian officials are gearing
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>> translator: obviously, in these types of informations we cannot discard our causes. the testimony from survivors will be valuable but we'll have an information. >> reporter: brazil's president has declared three days of national mourning. phil keating, fox news. >> and the team that was supposed to play the brazilian club says that title should go to the team whose plane crashed as a tribute to the those who died. cuba continues t farewell to fidel castro. people waited in line to pay their respects at a memorial in havana. tributes will continue for the rest of the week in his honor. tomorrow his ashes will begin a three-day trip across the country before they are placed at a cemetery on sunday. the driver of in that deadly school bus crash in tennessee faced a judge today for the first time. he walked into court surrounded by police right there. he's facing six counts of vehicular homicide.
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week when his bus slammed into a tree and killed six elementary school students. five others are in the hospital tonight including three in critical condition. grocery shopping may be getting more expensive in boston. the boston herald reporting the city is debating a plan to add a 5 cent charge on all bags. the idea is to encourage shoppers to carry those reusable bags instead. brookline, cambridge and several other towns already. boston's city council will discuss the plan tomorrow. today is giving tuesday. it's a day where in the middle of all of the holiday craziness, we can all stop and give back. today boston mary marty walsh said we mark hashtag givingtuesday. i encourage you to see what you can to do give back. i visited the food bank to find
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to raise $1 million and the fund-raisers believe they are well on their way to hitting that goal. 100% goes back to dana farber. half to research, the other to patient care. at the food bank, those donations are being matched by webster bank. >> today, a $10 donation provides 60 meals. >> really your dollar stretches. >> every little bit counts. if everyone watching gave 3, 5, $15, it could make a difference. massachusetts is so generous when it comes to this. i'm not surprised. >> and not just jenerous in -- generous in terms of money but also time.
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bank. we'll talk about that coming up. this is incredible. amazon says it was shipping 629 items every second. final numbers are not out but early sales were set to surpass the initial estimate. initial estimates were $3.4 million. hope you bought an umbrella gift. umbrella. no melting out there for me. but there's rain falling certainly still. worcester seeing some rain, heavy rain. we'll zoom down into boston. you will see yellow around here in the city for sure. there's rain coming down, down to the street level. we can go and find some of those spots. there's brockline and cambridge.
4:19 pm
and seeing hane to the northwest of worcester. where you see the yellow is where the heaviest rain is falling. coming in on route 12 minutes away. if that's where you are driving. in and around lowell, it's lesser rain. the heaviest has moved northward of you. newberry stretches north to hampton beach and just offshore. the rain around here has been relative but at heat it's not least it's not snow and ice. some spots around conway but northward into maine, they are expecting a foot to a foot and a half of snow by the end of tomorrow's storm that comes through in northern maine. not semuch in the ski areas but they will get some rain there. you see this right here? tornado watches and warnings in place of your thunderstorm warnings. this is our developing storm system for tomorrow.
4:20 pm
around, picking up up juice and bringing it our way. temperatures are safely above freezing. look at this. cold air has a tough time getting scoured out. and temperatures are in the 30s in northern worcester into southern new hampshire. that is where the coldest spots were and where there's been some icing early this morning. it was spotty but it was out there. now these temperatures will stay where they are. heavy rain continues into the even when i'm talking to you at 10:30, the last of the rain will be pushing on out of here. may get a break or two of sun. it will be a battle between the two of those. any breaks won't be around long. the clouds come back. here comes the next storm system. we have heavy rain coming in again for the evening commute into late tomorrow night and into thursday morning's commute as well. so travel conditions are poor this evening.
4:21 pm
again thursday morning. the good news is temperatures are mild. 40s and 50s, absolutely no threat anywhere in new england except it will be snowing in maine. thursday morning, the last of that rain pushes off at the end of the morning commute. and then we get sunshine and drying. seven-day forecast shows that nicely the rain coming through tomorrow afternoon through thursday. the drying persisting into saturday. our coach for kids o i natick, come out there and bring a coat for the kids. they need them this time of year and really any time of year. the sunshine will be good. no reason to stay away as far as the weather is concerned. i will keep track and have an update. >> kevin, you don't need an umbrella. you are so accurate. you can go between the storms. yes. the patriots play this weekend. tune in for our special pregame
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our news saturday. looking back at 15 years at the pats as first super bowl win. they will interviews with some of the players of the team and then at 11:00, the sunday pregame show on fox picks up the coverage. and then you can watch the game right here. still ahead, why the power company says it's time to tone down the normally festive lights display. here's mark for what's coming up at 5:00. a child near a busy highway. his daycare now closed. and what the boy's mother told us about. and a local police station is in rough shape.
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a warning from doctors. now is the time to get your flu shot. experts say a potential >> one doctor tells us right now there are a number of factors creating a perfect germ storm. >> fever, achy, cough, nausea. >> reporter: massachusetts residents might remember what getting the flu feels like. >> it knocks you out for a week. >> have you got whyen -- gotten your flu shot?
4:26 pm
>> i'm not. >> reporter: vaccination rates remain what low in massachusetts besides a plethora of places to get the shots. the latest day's shows the vaccination rate for one group of beneficiaries at 21% in massachusetts. >> it concerns me. i think this is the time when we should be vaccinated. >> reporter: this doctor is an infectious disease specialist at massachusetts general hospital. he says getting vaccinated remains the most powerful way to keep the flu at >> even in the good years, it's 60%, 70% effective. even those who get it after getting the vaccine tend to have milder cases. >> reporter: this week the cdc reported an uptick in cases in some parts of new england. ? >> reporter: but the worst of it is likely to come. the holiday season is prime time for flu to spread because the
4:27 pm
unprepare dicted. >> it's not too late to get a flu vaccination. >> but keep in mind, it takes about two weeks for that shot to have maximum protected. >> right. firefighters put their lives on the line every day. coming up i will introduce you to those at this year's firefighters of the year award. it's a more tome yum many
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the roof of this burning building has just collapsed. now, in the last hour, we've learned firefighters have been ordered out of that home. crews have been on the scene on east haver street all afternoon. there was a firefighter and another person who taken to the hospital. this is where at least 20 people have been displaced from a triple-decker home. firefighters remain on the scene. our crew is there gathering new details right now. you can look for a live report ahead at 5:00. we're working to get more information about a deadly crash in methuen where state police one person was hit by a car and killed. that victim was riding a bike on the ramp from interstate 495 to route 110. the investigation is causing
4:31 pm
as soon as we get one. drivers along the bridge dealing with rain and much more is on the way. >> slow going. our chief meteorologist is here. kevin, unfortunately, the rain is going to stick around for a while. might as well get used to it. >> we've been waiting it. here it is. heavy rain in and around the area. we'll show you a couple of spots where it's coming down southwest of boston. it puts you through crossing. it's coming down hard. in worcester getting poured on. look at all of the yellow. we'll zoom down to the city. you will see some of the local streets that are being effected including eastern avenue. there's 290. coming down pretty hard. off to the northshore, not so much in the lowell area, it's
4:32 pm
newberryport still seeing heavy rain there along i-95. that will hamper the commute to and from new hampshire. heavy rain in southern new hampshire and farther north it's snow and ice. it's cold in northern worcester county. our next system already taking shape and already here tomorrow. we're tracking that and the time line. killed by wildfires in eastern tennessee. the fires have damaged or destroyed more than 250 buildings near two resort towns. more than 14,000 people have been forced from that area at this point by the flames. >> reporter: out of control wildfires force thousandses to flee. some evacuees to have drive through the flames to get to safety. more than a dozen fires threaten the great smoky mountains of
4:33 pm
mountainside, people feel hot flames and stinging smoke being pushed by strong winds. >> the power went out. it was very dark. smoke was so thick, we couldn't breathe. our eyes were stinging. we just grabbed a blanket and took off running. >> we just watched the building go down in flames to the right of us. we pulled in front of another building that wasn't on fire. but the fireman came and got us. >> reporter: the fire is damaging or destroying homes businesses. >> personally i think i've lost my house. things can be rebuilt. >> difficult to go out into a community and try to protect and serve others when you are on property and everything that you have worked for is burning down. that's what these men and women have done for the last 24 hours. >> reporter: as the firefighters fight the flames, those in shelters wonder what the fires
4:34 pm
probably don't exist anymore. i can just close my eyes and have that memory in my heart. >> pray for us. that's the one thing i know will work. god will take care of the rest. we're learning the cause of a fire that took the life of a 91-year-old man. the telegram says flammable materials placed too close to a heating source sparked a deadly fire last week in charlton. armand st. laurent was killed. today a man attacking another man faced a judge. transit police arrested the man on monday. officers say he punched a man in the face after that victim complained he was smoking on a subway platform. this was earlier this month. the man ran off after the incident. the victim is recovering. the men and women across the commonwealth in the fire department go beyond the call
4:35 pm
is recognized in worcester. >> reporter: it's rare to get this perspective to see an emergency the way firefighters see it. fox25 covered this fire in way. the video shows how intense the rescue was. this firefighter called the circumstances a close call. >> the smoke was down to our feet. we couldn't see a hand in front of our face. we heard a woman say help me. help me. >> reporter: from the outside you can see how was. it was a rescue that proved to be the most extreme circumstance of his career. >> i reached out and i felt her shoulder and arm and she had a baby with her. >> reporter: walsh took off his mask as he brought them to safety. he was honored today for his heroics. he wasn't alone. more than 50 firefighters recognized for their bravery. and nominated for firefighter of the year. for many, fox25 has had a
4:36 pm
very close calls. like the chilling radio transmission they made from these home. in january, these flames trapped a firefighter. the family was given back an heirloom that the firefighters got for >> the firefighter of the year medal of valor. [ cheers ] >> you sign up for this job because when somebody calls for help, you want to be that person that can be there to help them out. >> that's the thing. these men and women, they just say, it's part of the job and they move on with it. >> it takes a special kind of person to run towards a burning building. >> yes. a new hampshire man is
4:37 pm
vodka from a local business. police say michael murphy from manchester was spotted searching a car in the mailbox yesterday afternoon. investigators say he went inside and took that bottle of vodka from an officer. he was captured with the alcohol a short time later. officers on the cape need help finding a woman who stole hundreds of dollars from an elderly shopper at a walmart. falmouth police say this woman stole the victim's purse from a evening. investigators say the person had cash and gift cards inside. a teen risks his life over and over climbing some of the tallest buildings in new york city. >> i'm getting nauseous looking at it. >> i know. he's been arrested before. coming up, we'll tell you the
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a woman jumps from a plane at an airport in houston. on cell phone video you can see the woman running on the tarmac. witnesses say the plane from new orleans had just landed when she suddenly opened the emergency exit. the plane hadn't reached the gate but she jumped out the door and dropped 20 feet to the ground. other passengers were stunned. >> as we were sitting on the ground, she opened the door and jump out of the plane and
4:41 pm
toward the terminal. >> the mother was capture and send to the hospital for a mental evaluation. no charges were filed. a man is on the road to recovery after an alligator attacked him when he was duck hunting in the everglades. he was wading through the water when he thought he brushed up against a log. no, no, no. within seconds he knew it was something more serious. police say it was anle to 10 foot alligator. >> i toward me. so my hunting partner shored my kayak between the alligator and myself. i think if he had not have done that, the alligator would have bit me again. >> good thing he had a hunting partner with him. he has a huge bandage on his leg and several stitches but the man's doctor said he should make a full recovery in about a month. health officials say three elderly people died and five
4:42 pm
legion hall. part of the meal was prepared by volunteers from the local church. the rest is donated by area restaurants. more than 800 people were served. what is a holiday season without lights? one town may found out. we're live with the reason why tradition won't happen. heavy rain is not in here for the rush hour. when it will be a competitive runner takes part in what may be his last
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stretch of frank lynn. heavy rain north along 190. i'm tracking it all. an update in a few minutes. an historic holiday tradition in new hampshire is now in jeopardy. officials say because of old wiring down down, the town's christmas lights may stay dark. our reporter is live where residents are not too happy about this. >> reporter: for so many here, it's a family tradition to come gather at the bandstand at the heart of downtown and wait for that switch to be fpp the wiring downtown, utility officials say it could be too dangerous to turn on those lights. now, last week, the holiday committee here was gearing up for the first annual lighting when the company that provides misto downtown notified the officials they could not hangar land or lights from the poles. an inspection revealed code violations that could put the public's safety at risk.
4:46 pm
the town holiday celebration. organizers were crushed by the prospect of a dark december. >> the lights in this town are so integral to the hole holiday -- whole holiday season. >> reporter: now since we started working on this story this morning, there have been a few developments as we've been reaching out to the utility has to be done that could provide a small glimmer of hope for this town. for now we're live, back to you. a famous jewelry store says it's losing money because of a security for president-elect donald trump. the flagship store for tiffany's is near trump tower in manhattan. secret service has blocked off part of the area because of anti-trump protests and tiffany's says fewer shops as a
4:47 pm
and sales are down. i think we're alone now, in my bed, is that tiffany? >> different tiffany. >> thank you. there's heavy rain around the area. in the boston area we're seeing the yellow. it stretches southward approaching the braintree split. on the southshore heavy rain and yellow there. worcester, downtown getting a break. but north along 190 and off to the north, lowell, you are doing okay. still raining but not as heavily. newberryport seeing that. plum island into the hampton beach and portsmouth area. much more in maine with some snow, too. that will be all snow in northern maine as the system passes by. there's more. another storm system in the deep south developing. all kinds of severe weather
4:48 pm
place. severe thunderstorm warnings. this one pushing off to the north. they are tracking that severe weather in the memphis area, for instance. back here at home, it's just rain, not severe weather. but it's barely just rain. look at this. to the north in worcester county and into the south and new hampshire, we're seeing temperatures in the 30s. it's tough to scour that cold air out of here, particularly in the valleys where cold air likes to sit. cold air is hazy. it likes to sit in the holes in the valleys and not move out of there's mild out there. it's in the 50s, boston. 52 in norwood right now. quite a difference. but this is the area where we saw icing and where there could be sleet mixing in when it comes down heavily. this is what the rain pattern will look like by 8:00. still heavy rain. pushes on through. and the last of the rain will be pushing on out of here when i talk to you at 11:00 the i expect break, in the cloud
4:49 pm
of moisture and you tend to get fog. i expect that tonight, patches of fog at least. some will see sun before the clouds roll back in. look at this. by the evening commute tomorrow, we're in the same spot we are now with rain and at times heavy rain during the evening and into thursday morning's commute as well. travel conditions aren't good now. they won't be good tomorrow and for thursday morning's drive. tomorrow morning is your best bet. there until thursday night. no, i wouldn't do that. hull at 54. chatham with 54. temperatures in the 40s and 50s all above average now. we went through several days below average. this is the rain during the morning commute. look at 9:30, we get into some sunshine and drying weather. seven-day forecast shows that nicely. look at the fine weather coming up through the weekend. our coats for kids dropoff on saturday and sunday, going for a high of 46.
4:50 pm
rams right here on fox25. 43 degrees. it will be dry, light winds. looks like great football weather. i will keep tracking the rain that's out there right now and have a close eye on the developing storm. >> thank you. the musical "hamilton" broke a sales record. the tony-award winning show sold $3.3 million worth of tickets for eight performances. >> wow. >> isn't >> "wicked" was a great one. >> yes. where is this young man's mother? look at this. he's defying death and the law. >> you will see why she's saying this when you take a look at this. >> no idea how beautiful this is.
4:51 pm
>> no note. >> no permission. he doesn't just slime. he runs across roofs, hangs one-handed from cranes and performs other stunts and doesn't use safety equipment. a neighbor says he's warned justin several times but the teen just doesn't want to stop. >> i said to him, it's dangerous for for you to do this without the proper gear. he said, i don't do it this way. >> nothing will stop this guy. he's been arrested several times in the last few years. he could face reckless endangerment charges. a man in washington state is proving a terminal lung disease can't stop you from pursuing your dreams. >> it took 11 hours to complete the marathon. with oxygen tanks and his wife
4:52 pm
an incredible accomplishment, especially because his lungs were severely damaged. >> it was the most important marathon of his life. >> we made it, honey. >> so inspiring. wilson hopes he's made a difference by bringing in more donations for research into lung disease. he said it's desperately needed and drastically underfunded. >> so much symbolism of him, taking that journey. i'm sure his medical struggles have been a marathon. >> he's an inspiration to a lot of people. recreational marijuana has just been legalized in massachusetts but people in one town are saying not so fast. we'll taking you to the meeting where lighting up was put on hold with a few raised hands. here's vanessa. >> we continue to follow the breaking news out of lawrence where nearly two dozen people have been displaced by this stubborn fire at a triple-decker home. we'll bring you a live report in just a few minutes.
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>> elizabeth: new at 4:30 p.m., has chosen xeno phobia as the word of the year, it means hatred of foreigners or people from different cultures. police violence of people of color inspired the pick. >> heather: weeks after massachusetts vote ballot legalizing recreational marijuana, now one town is refusing to issue permits to pot shops. at least for now. i think it's terrible legislation, there's too many flaws in it, there's too many holes in it. >> it's been done in other states, very hadn't had any traumatic events. it's like scare tactics. >> the reporter: election day has come and gone and in massachusetts, it brought the legalization of recreation at
4:57 pm
selling it, the town of ashland says not so fast. ashland residents voted at a special meeting last night, passing a temporary moratorium on pot shops, it blocks businesses that want to sell marijuana from applying for zoning permits until 2018, when the retail sale of marijuana becomes legal statewide, but the decision wasn't unanimous. >> the town is always lacking for small businesses to come in and help our economic base grow, i see no shop or whatever you want to call them, wouldn't be part of that. >> enough people said they do want it, so you have to respect democracy, but i think what you have to do in your political and, you know, public service life, you have to make sure it's the best law out there. >> the reporter: it's also possible the law legalizing marijuana could be delayed. while it's supposed to be legal to use and possess marijuana come december 15th, the law still needs to be certified by the governor's council, and the secretary of state says the earliest that would happen is the middle of december.
4:58 pm
to be certified by the beginning of 2017. delays are not one thing is decided, consumers won't be able to buy pot in any ashland stores, at least for now. ashland isn't the only community looking at issues relating to marijuana. in fact, last night, dudley actually held a meeting as well and selectmen there appointed a committee to make republican strategists when it comes to regulating retail marijuana. in spencer as well, there was a meeting last night with some concerned residents don't want a medical they met with selectmen to voice their concerns. >> heather: breaking news out of lawrence, where firefighters are on the scene of a devastating fire. >> elizabeth: fox 25 news at 5:00 p.m. starts right now. >> kevin: now at 5:00 p.m., temperatures just warm enough, but there's no more ice, but rain moving through for the evening commute. i'm tracking it. >> mark: police shoot and kill a man trying to rob a local gas station. tonight, we speak with another gas station owner on what he tells his employees to keep them safe.
4:59 pm
appeared in court today. the item that the state says he removed from his car before turning himself in. >> vanessa: plus, a massachusetts police department is falling apart. only on fox 25, we get an exclusive tour of the overcrowded and outdated facility officers say is putting them at risk. >> vanessa: a major fire in lawrence, forces nearly two dozen people from their home, good evening, i'm vanessa welch. >> mark: i'm mark ockerbloom. in the past half-hour, the roof collapsed at the home that was on fire. malini basu was live on the scene. at one point, police started evacuating the area. >> the reporter: mark and vanessa, that's right, all firefighters were told to get out of the triple decker home. we are just a couple of blocks away from where the fire happened. officials are keeping everyone at bay, streets are blocked off. many people are now coming home
5:00 pm
scene, this video we shot here, within the last two and a half hours or so. fire officials on the scene tell fox 25, a firefighter and another person, was taken to the hospital. now at this hour, it's unclear how serious their injuries are. that fire started just around 1:00 p.m. this afternoon on east lawrence and prospect streets, right here in lawrence. now, officials tell us at least 20 people have within displaced from the triple decker home, now again, many people were told to evacuate, their homes were -- most of the residents were not home when this happened and just a couple of minutes ago, we spoke with the mayor. >> everyone is accounted for. no fatalities. one woman who lived there, had issues with her heart, but again, accounted for in good condition and we're so fortunate to have our guys on the spot. we have five communities backing us up. >> the reporter: again, back out here live, we are being told to


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