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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  November 30, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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>> a mother says a miracle stranger saved her family from this roaring fire and she's not the only one. >> if she hadn't come probably would not have been here right now. and police officers holding signs to say enough is enough. >> that's the one i think they identify the most when they talk about the mold issues. >> we're taking you exclusively inside the police station these officers say is way past its prime. >> and for six hours, a woman scratched, bashed and even stop stomped in this car. >> i'm angry, hurt, frustrated. >> why the victim says the crime
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story the rain that wreaked havoc across the region today is moving on out. but more heavy rainy is on the way. good evening, everyone. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm vanessa welch. kevin lemanowicz is timing out the last of the showers impacting us tonight. kev... >> yeah, as promised, the last bit of it in cape cod is about to get on out of here. there's still some r and some that's heavy off of south dartmouth presence and out around nantucket. most of us drying out and dealing with some patchy fog out there across the area. here are some of the rain totals. you can see much more to the southeast than to the northwest. worcester did well. over an inch of rainy from plymouth to province and out on cape cod with nearly an inch in nantucket before it's likely to rain another inch before it's
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that's producing severe weather and tornadoes, really that tornado is happening here to the southeast of the storm system, the same one that's moving toward us tomorrow with the next batch of rain. we'll time that out for you and how it will impact your commute tomorrow, just ahead. the massive fire in lawrence . >> malini, that mom needs help thank you. >> this over here, nun hours later, investigators are here on scene trying to figure out exactly how this fire started. >> reporter: fire victims share this cell phone video with us and they stood there and watched their home and belongings go up
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>> i just want to cry. >> reporter: the alvarez family and several others were in their partial when the triple-decker went up in flames. >> overwhelmed, worried, scared. >> reporter: a firefighter and another woman were rushed to the hospital. it's like a movie. >> it happened around 1:00 in the afternoon. >> i hear a big banging on the door. >> reporter: janiva alvarez was taking a nap when someone came banging on the door. she grabbed her baby girl and made sure he special needs son escaped the fire. >> the family says the flames were getting close. >> we turned around... >> close to two dozen people are now without a home. some of the fire victims say their belongings can be replaced
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>> so again, you're taking a live look at the scene. 9 hours later investigators are here on scene. the family thinks they're talking about is a high school student from the area. as for that firefighter and the woman, we're told that they are both doing okay. for now, live in lawrence tonight, malini basu, fox 25 news. new at 10:00, a go fund me page has been set up for a tewksbury father and daughter who lost their home in the fire.
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an 84-year-old is recovering from serious burns at boston hospital tonight. his daughter is treated for smoke inhalation. we are posted a link to the go fund me page on our web site fox 25 boston. >> developing tonight. an electrical worker rushed to the hospital after he was hit by a car on the job. jacqui heinrich is standing by live for us in beverly where the work is being treated tonight. >> yeah, that worker is actually a town employee. >> police tell me the man was out of power when he was hit by the car. police haven't said whether the driver is facing charges but they say it did not appear the driver who hit the utility worker was impaired. that driver stayed on scene and cooperated with liss as investigators redirect the traffic around the crash scene. for now we're live in beverly, i'm jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. >> a wareham man is accused of intentionally crashing his car
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the crash happened in carver early this morning. investigators say jordan perry's blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit when he slammed into a large rock. none of the four people in the car was seriously hurt. >> a shark attack off a beach in churro. that white shark is attacking a seal and you can see it is very close to shore. >> the shark struggled a bit getting back into deeper water because it came so close to the beach. a district attorney claimed he had a gun, police found him a few minutes later but he refused to take his hands out of his pockets and kept walking closer to him. police shot him and he died at the hospital. we're waiting to learn the identity of a bicyclist hit and killed on a highway off-ramp
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place say he went into the road on the ramp from 495 to route 110. when a flatbed truck hit and killed him. police tell us the driver didn't realize at first that he hit the man but stopped and cooperated with their investigation. new at 10:00, worcester police are looking for the man who robbed a delivery driver by holding a needle to his neck. it happened sunday afternoon on elm street. plug say the driver jumped out of a car which crashed into a parked car and police are still ra >> he told police he did it. this suspect right here, in a deadly hit-and-run crash in brockton is being held on $10,000 bail tonight after turning himself in. prosecutors say milton admitted he was driving down north main street when he hit sergio lacona and kept going. his lawyers say he panicked but surrendered two days later because he wanted to, quote, do the right thing. >> he said he had no way to stop and hit the brakes so he hit the person. he stated it happened fast and
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>> he is due in court again on december 29th. >> everett police say they arrested a man for drunk driving twice just hours apart. today a judge ordered steven barns be held without bail. business police say he was drunk while picking up his child from school. we're told husband license has been suspended because heat least three other drunk driving convictions. manchester police are not releasing much information about a possible suspect tonight but neighbors say the apartment has been a concern we knew something was going to happen sooner or later, we've seen traffic going in and out all the time. victim's name will be released after the autopsy is complete and his family says tonight they
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privacy. >> today we learned evidence has been taken from the home of the ohio state university attacker and also hearing. >> it all happened so fast. who has evolved into a simple
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there is plenty of available evidence that indicate this individual may have been motivated by extremism and may have been to carry out an act of terrorism >> part of his training goes back to the israeli defense force and involves dealing with an active attacker when there's no time to wait for back-up. >> what we typically see for the u.s., they wait for one and two officers to show up. we don't have time, so this officer ended up doing a
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hero of this response. eyewitnesses say they are seeking counseling. almost all of the attack victims have been discharged from the hospital now. none of their injuries are considered life-threatening. >> donald trump's chief campaign tragedyist will not be coming to hartford this week. bannon is also the founder of bright bart news, the conservative media group has been called an outlet for racist and anti-semitic views. it sparked pla mark,i spoke with one of the men who helped get a question for a pass. new at 10:00, he tells me the possible delay is just one of his concerns tonight. >> a 3-year-old boy somehow walks away from his daycare alone. next at 10:00, why the child's parents claim workers did not
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and big names show up in
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>> december 15th is supposed to be the day marijuana becomes legal for massachusetts. tonight word of that possible delay and changes to the law. >> record voter turn-out and a
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of the reasons why the legalization law may not take affect the way it's supposed to. >> the president of the united states is more important than members of congress than this marijuana matter it's also push that it would take affect the same year it was passed. >> galvin estimates it would only be a matter of days, a former state prosecutor directed the yes on 4 he says it's disappointing but not his main concern. >> i'm wary that legislatures might make broad sweeping changes and i'm also wary that they might slow walk the then through the process. >> state lawmakers are expected to make changes to the law. the possibilities include increasing the 3.75 state tax rate on the retail sale of pot,
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recreational use and tweaking the provision that allows people to grow up to 12 plants at home. >> we hope it's not anything that takes that account the spirit of the law and spirit of the voters who voted for it. >> voters from ashland approved a plan to temporarily block pot shops from trying to open in that town. according to the yes on 4 campaign, the town of west bridgewater is also expected to take up a similar moratorium. fox 25 news. >> suspected killer aaron hernandez is suing the company that allowed access to its jailhouse phone calls. >> unknown pen got access to hernandez's calls while he was in jail. the dallas based company was handling the database at the
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walker slowly walked into court surrounded by police. he is face sic counts of vehicular homicide. he slammed into a tree and killed six elementary school students and five others are still in the hospital including three who are in critical condition. than 4,000 tourists to evacuate the tourist city of gatlinburg. >> we were in our cabin and we didn't know it was a policeman that said he would recommend that we leave because the fire was getting cost to where the cannon was.
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theme park of the charter plane was headed to the south american cup finals in columbia and video show the players happy about a huge win and soon after pilots reported electrical problems and the plane went down. amazingly, six people survived the crash with traumatic injury. >> a daycare has been shut down after a 3-year-old boy was found street. fox 25's robert ghoulston went to lee new hampshire when he track down the boy's mother. s 3-year-old boy walked away from new hampshire. his mother, who did not want to go on camera, says her son has down syndrome so he cannot communicate easily. police say the child was found
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busy highway. the by's mother says the daycare never told her even when she picked him up that day, she says the owner first called her ex-husband saying the boy was a safety concern so they couldn't tax care of them any more. locals say the road the child crossed is treacherous. >> it's 40 miles per hour, and they exceed the state agency is investigating. >> at first they told him nobody was missing. >> it would have to be missing for quite an amount of time. >> 30 families were left scrambling looking for daycare after the abrupt closing. >> she served the community, she
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amazing mom. >> one action the state could take is pulling her license permanently. robert ghoulston, fox 25 news. caught on tape, a woman vandalizes car for six hours. all new at 10:00, what people walking by chose to do instead
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>> new at 10:00, the bucket for the als bucket challenge is hanging in the smithsonian tonight. >> it shows how philanthropy has shake the country. we talked to the parents who inspired the challenge about the honor and they told us it will help keep the movement alive. the viral fundraise here raised
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the people honored at an awards gala tonight. and a lot of big names in the house, just not where everyone
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his 16-month-old son is being treated for rare jay leno even noting gronk's absence tonight and saying they'll improvise while his fellow players are glad to be here for a cause gronk loves. he's a tremendous guy and has got a huge hearth. he's a brother to me and so i'll continue to support all the
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hopefully add a little bit more to that cause. i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. >> the patriots are on fox 25 this weekend and we have you covered leading up to the game at 10:00 a.m. right after our morning news, tune in for our special pregame show dawn of the dynasty. matt laden will be live at gillette stadium looking back at the pats' first super bowl win. some of the other players of that team and get you ready for the mat-u picks up the coverage and you can watch the game right here
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>> more rain raves tomorrow.
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>> a local marine says the contractor destroyed her home and walked off the job leaving her unable to pay for the repairs. tonight new developments in a story fox 25 first brought you earlier this month. fox 25's erika richey standing by live for us in newburyport where complete strange remembers thousand coming to that marine's aid. erika. >> their immediate goal is to help make that weather tight since the original contractor left it exposed to the elements. to do that of course, though, you need money and manpower and fortunately that's exactly what was offered up as a community
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tonight? it's awesome. that's a good way to describe the situation like this one tonight where a group of people don't know each other or the earn in need that came together to help. >> i can do roofing, plumbing, saturday rock, painting, insulation. >> i think i can help with fundraising and getting the word out in the community. >> reporter: this is the woman they're helping. a marine core veteran. >> fox 25 -- >> this one was going to be the sitting room art room, walked off the job after being accused of not following permit plans. after our story aired, newburyport resident and fellow veteran don jarvis would lose the act. >> the action kind of took over. >> reporter: don couldn't manage the overwhelming response alone
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together they organized this public meeting. >> let peel know where we are, how far we've come, where we teed to go. you get a sense of who's willing to help what their skill sets are and how to make it successful. >> i'm a hands-on kind of guy. >> want to have your hands on this project? >> yes, i want to help. >> this shows that they're responding to one in need, and they're not leaving someone behind. it's important. >> and it is important because it's a really big job. the original work has to be undone and redone, and the price tag i'm told upwards of $100,000. it can be lowered, though, through donations of time, service, supplies check out our web say the to see how you can get involved.
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>> season of giving. and it's nice to see folks giving back and helping out fellow veterans and the woman in need there. they went through her house and there's a lot to be done there. they say they first have to get it back to the original and then build it back up. >> yeah, kudos to all those volunteers. >> yeah, and see how soggy it was up there. great job out in the elements playing all of our reporting teams. it was soaking wet. and i look at bree town south of boston. much-needed rain. brewster 1 1/2, mashpee on cape cod. another one here. warren .81 in worcester county. the day looks like this in most places from boston. a pick tour of the day, and boy was it a wet day in boston.
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drive just luke we thought it with a. we're tracking this between 4:00 and 7:00 when you were with us last. we were talking about the last of the rain leaving cape cod at our 10:00, 11 newscast and it's on target to get on out of here. in its wake it's leaving low clouds and fog developing, as well, that'll be the next issue and overnight for the morning drive that we'll have to watch closely. check it sarah wroblewski to see where the trouble spots will be. th could together and pointed rate at new e not directly connected. there is a connection but it's another batch of rain after a break inbetween the two. >> you don't see this low-level stuff. dealing with most of the heavy clouds. you'll see those come back in for lunchtime.
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rain. 5:30, evening commute one master time, more rain across the area. doesn't look as heavy as today but in some spots it is going to be heavy and tomorrow night here comes the heaviest across the area late night and into the early-morning hours of thursday. high temperatures tomorrow going to be in the 50s, just like they are now. it's 60 degrees right now in providence and new bedford. this is where the colder spots were this morning in the 30s. your temperatures are going to stay steady or slightly rise. the average will be 47 degrees with foggy areas and the clouds but no more rain, not at wake-up time tomorrow. generally in the 50s across the area. from 40s off to the north. a pretty nice temperature-wise day anyway with the rain coming later. let's fast-forward to thursday. >> there's its rainshower
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we get some sun to start to break out. a mostly sunny afternoon in sunny new england the farther north and west you go. better chance you run that clouds and the potential for rain and a snowshower if you're going northward. some cold air starts to come on in. on friday only 48 after thursday. your weekend always in view, 47 degrees on saturday and 46 on sunday. and on sunday. of course, that football game is happening. kick-off temperature, i'm forecasting 43 degrees. forecasting to be dry with at least partly sunny skies and an update with new information coming in rate now on our next storm tomorrow, just ahead. >> irelessed she had a baby with her. >> straight ahead, we'll give you a rare look inside what these brave men and women face
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ransacking the home. the incident neighbors say had
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former massachusetts governor mitt hit what met with
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their dinner comes after weeks of speculation about romney getting the nod for secretary of state in donald trump's administration. just within the last hour romney spoke outside the restaurant. >> also on the short list for secretary of state. rudy giuliani and retired general david petraeus. >> a first amendment battle could be brewing in the nation's capitol. early tuesday morning trump wrote nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag. if they do, there must be consequences. perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail. his communications director further said the president-elect is a very quote very strong supporter of the first
1:39 am
what absolutely no -- >> reporter: as for the potential consequences, the president-elect mentioned under the law, natural-born u.s. citizens may not have their citizenship revoked against their will but may choose to renounce it themselves. >> i do not approve of burning the flag. i think it should -- there should be some punishment but right now the supreme court decision is they suppress themselves. >> burning a flag is a symbol that expresses an idea. >> reporter: 10 years ago, a proposal to ban the desecration of the flag failed to pass the senate by one vote. >> it is an issue that was beyond partisan political lines and the senate vote in 2006 with 14 democrats joining republicans in supporting the proposed ban. new at 10:00, police hope these surveillance pictures will
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calendars at irving gas station he had a gun and stole packs of cigarettes earlier this month. the clerk saw the gun tucked in his waistband. caught on tape, a woman uses a pipe, a piece of wood, and even a windshield wiper to vandalize this car. straight ahead, the reason
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>> can, light out for an historic holiday celebration this year. >> kathryn burcham explains the safety issue that may leave some decorations in one town dark for the first time in decades. >> for 100 years residents have gathered here to honor the passage of a holiday tradition they say is essential to the fabric of their town. >> in a town that saw revolutionary war rifles, the memories are long and so are the traditions. every november hundreds of volunteers wrap trees in lights and string fresh evergreen branches that criss-cross the downtown streets. the holiday lighting and parade that follow... are what every child here dreams of.
1:44 am
>> reporter: but all that cheer stands to be for the town's energy provider told officials earlier this month the wiring on the utility polls downtown is aged and fraying and holiday lights would be too dangerous. >> it's an old system. old wiring and it's a safety issue and we all truly understood that. >> reporter: holiday chair says she was crushed to tell town leaders last night that streets would remain dark this christmas. but then today... a unitelespokesman tells fox 25 they hope for a temporary fix. >> i don't think anybody involved wanted to see the lights off. beth says she knows it could be a long shot but even she's not too old to believe in a bit of christmas magic. >> probably a minor miracle but one that this town needs to celebrate to bring us back together again.
1:45 am
some things accomplished in the next two days, they may be able to have the ceremony if they postpone it by a day or two. >> the volcano spewed ash into the sky once again tonight. it's located east and warning people to stay away after a huge ash cloud billowed into the air. the volcano erupted in april spewing smoke thieves rummaging through a las vegas bottom's home as she watched helplessly as it happened live on her security camera app while on vacation in thailand. the woman ransacked her house and then found her keys and drove off with her mercedes before police could get there. neighbors in the area said they were already on edge after several cars in the street were recently set on fire? police in south florida are on the lookout for two men who
1:46 am
they used a rock to break the glass early in the morning. once inside they went right for the cash registered ripping them off and taking them with them. they got away with about $2,000. a los angeles woman is undergoing a psychic evaluation tonight after police say she vandalized a car for six hours. security video shows people stopping to take pictures instead of calling police a business owner finally did call officers. officers took her into custody and the car's owner says she parked in front of her next morning she found her car vandalized and destroyed. >> i'm angry, i'm hurt frustrated, and at the same time, i understand that she has a moments problem. >> that who says what makes this even worse is she just lost her job and only has liability insurance. >> a south florida man is on the road to recovery after an alligator attacked him.
1:47 am
he thought brushed up against a log. no. within seconds, he knew it was something more serious. police say it was an 8 to 10-foot alligator. >> i was going backwards and saw the alligator coming towards me again. so roberto shot between the alligator and myself, if he hadn't, i think the alligator would have bit me again. >> he has a huge bandage on his but the man's doctor says he should make a full recovery in about a month. >> lots of rain out there today. 2-inches in parts of cape cod. millis just over a half an inch. the last of the rain moving off of cape cod right now hugging the south coast, but it will come to the 79 arrested and nantucket in the next hour and thens dry a hefty storm system in its own right gonna bring another batch of rain here tomorrow. the newest information just in
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tonight and here comes the rain moving in by afternoon tomorrow and for the evening commute. more on this storm and what happens beyond and into the weekend at 11:00. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, firefighters keep all of us safe and sometimes providing that safety involves a heroic act. fox 25's elizabeth hopkins take to us worcester where today the firefighters of the year were honored. >> it's rare to get this perspective, to see an emergency fox 25 covered this weymouth fire in may. the video we obtained shows just how intense the rescue was. firefighter garrett walsh called the circumstances a close call. >> it was down to our feet and we couldn't see and we heard a woman say help me, help me. >> reporter: from the outside you can see just how violent the fire was. it was a rescue that proved to be the most extreme circumstance of welsh's career. >> i reached out and felt her
1:49 am
realized that she had a baby with her. >> reporter: walsh took off his own mask to put it on their faces as he brought them to safety. today he was honored for his heroics and wasn't alone more than 50 firefighters from boston to borne, from scituate to swansea recognized his bravery and nominated for firefighter of the year. inside they've risked their lives to in a fire that claimed dozens of victims. at the ceremony, governor baker said firefighters are cut from a different cloth. >> reporter: sent ams echoed by
1:50 am
[ applause ] >> we sign up to are this job because when somebody calls for help you want to be that person that can be there to help them out. >> elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. >> always fascinating to hear the stories and go back and see how it all transpired those people are doing a fantastic job. >> we appreciate all they do to keep us safe. congratulations. >> today is giving tuesday, a day where amid all the holiday craziness we can stop and give back. the greater boston food bank took time out of their donations and make sure food pantries don't receive expired items. also webster bank is matching one-% of donations made to the food bank until midnight a $ 10-dollar donation provides 30 meals and today it provides 60 meals. >> last year more than $46 million was raised for charities worldwide through giving tuesday. >> a live look at the sake
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out of sight is the td garden. straight ahead, the major change to the landscape that's on the way. an elevator lobby used as a place to process fingerprints and gun anyone with type 2 diabetes knows how it feels
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taking to the picket line to protest their own building. kerry kavanaugh was inside the station today to see the conditions the officers claim are unsafe and unhealthy. records moldy and missing ceiling tiles, dilapidated holding cells used for storage. broken windows popped open with a can of raid and paper towels. >> this is the elevator lobby that you use? yeah, we use whatever space is available. >> reporter: metro police chief leo sacko says problems at the police station aren't just cosmetic. >> the health, safety and wellness is the issue. >> reporter: the building is more than 50 years old.
1:55 am
outgrown it and officers say there are real safety issues here as well. i look up whenever i hear a door. >> there's no barrier between the main desk and anyone who goes through the front door and female officers don't even have a pce says. >> there's been many atimes i've had to go home to shower or clean up either from bodily fluid or pepper spray. >> reporter: all the women share this bathroom which they've nicknamed the closet. the men's locker room, which doubles as a gym, isn't much better. of the chief says he believes they'll filed funds and organize to get their facility cleaned up. >> you look by at other
1:56 am
left and right. >> reporter: a group of officers gathered outside city hall tonight sending a strong message, enough is enough. they want these issues addressed now. the mayor says she shares their concerns and this is a priority for her and we can expect immediate improvements. they're sending a cleaning crew in, they'll replace the broken windows and turn a trailer in the parking lot into a women's locker room. we'll keep track, kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 >> carry, thank you. instead of a ribbon they cut a fresh piece of pasta. elee features four restaurants, 10 eateries and 10,000 items for sale in a market place that is spread across three floors of the prudential center. boston is getting a new hotel near the td garden.
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