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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  December 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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temperatures return. residents vow to keep on fighting a controversial pipeline they say is putting them in danger. >> i know some people say it's too late and the pipeline is on and the gas is turned on, but it's never too late. >> the mayor's response when we ask him how the city plans to keep everyone safe. now, with breaking news this is fox 25 news at 5:00. complete new england news coverage. first at 5:00, down and out. patriots star tight end rob gronkowski is expected to have surger that will leave him sidelines for eight weeks. he'll done for the regular season and won't be back until the super bowl at the earliest is the patriots get there. >> tough news tonight. our sports director is here now. you saw gronk knocked out of the game and he was struggling. >> that's one of the reasons i was surprised by the initial report it wasn't a big deal. if you saw him walk, you knew it was a big deal. if the patriots make a run at
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have to do it without tom brady's top weapon. he's sidelined and surgery is scheduled for tomorrow in los angeles with dr. robert watkins. rob did not return to action sunday after that play against the jets. proceeded to walk off the field, and where i saw him very gingerly in the concourse walking after the game. you can't forget this hit from earl thomas on the 13th. is it possible it was done on that play? no matter when it happened gronk is out for at least two months. earlier today i interviewed robert kraft for sunday's pregame show. he talked about dealing with adversity. >> it's like life or business. the teams that do the best are the ones that have the best mental toughness and can persevere through adversity. of course, that's so important for success in any field.
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back at the 2001 team, but funny how it's applicable to the 2016 team. i'll be interested to see how the patriots deal with this report tomorrow morning. no statement expected tonight. bill belichick will address the media on friday morning. we, of course, will be there for you. >> the patriots it's always the next man up, right? that man is martellus bennett. they signed bennett in the off-season, and that's a great, great move. the 6'6" and touchdowns. bennett was back at practice today after missing practice yesterday, which is good news because the pats need him. the sun is setting on some sad fans in patriot nation. coming up at 6:00, we bring you team coverage of gronk's injury and srj tomorrow. plus, we hear from patriots fans about this devastating blow to the team. so the pats are without their star on sunday when they play the rams, and you can watch that game right here on fox 25. you want to tune in earlier
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butch sterns and matt light will host an hour-long special called "dawn of a dynasty" to look at the 2001 super bowl championship team honored at halftime of sunday's game. you hear from robert kraft and several stars that played on the team. it starts at 10:00 a.m. new information on the breaking news in lawrence. in the last few minutes the eagle tribune reported a decapitated body was found in the river. and in the water near mccabe court. we reach out to investigators and bring you any new information as soon as it comes into our newsroom. tonight a 13-year-old boy is charged with raping another child in north redding. police say the boy was arrested at lynn middle school yesterday afternoon. jason law has been digging into the allegations and has details you'll only see right here tonight. parents want to know why the school never notified them about the case.
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mark. this 13-year-old boy is a student here at the middle school in lynn. this boy was arrested here at the school around 1:30 yesterday afternoon, and then booked on that rape charge. parents and the students here tell us they had no idea. >> no calls, no nothing. >> reporter: this woman didn't want us to use her name, but she's the mother of a 14-year-old student at fecto leary middle school. if another student is arrested for rape, she wants to know about it. >> what was going on in the more phone calls maybe. >> lynn booked the 13-year-old wednesday afternoon. it stems from a complaint made in north redding. the middlesex district attorney's office confirmed in a short statement a 13-year-old male was arraigned in juvenile court and was charged with one count. they declined to say more because of privacy law regarding children and criminal investigations. we tried several times to get more information from the
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superintendent, and then said this. >> we're just a school. nothing occurred here or at the school. >> reporter: the superintendent of schools in lynn is dr. katherine latham. we reached out to her office several times to find out why parents were notified of this police presence here at this middle school, but also to see if it was possible other kids are involved in the case whether as suspects or even victims. again, no comment from her office. law. a manhunt for shooting suspects forces three local schools into safe mode. they received reports of shots fired on route 1 # this morning. they didn't find the people involved. a guest at the hotel tells us he had stepped out of the shower when heavily armed officers asked to search his room. >> next thing you know, there's an ar-15 pointed in my face and pistols and all kinds of junk.
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of the shower. crazy. >> students at three nearby schools were kept inside during the search and extra officers were on patrol when the students were dismissed. shock and deep sadness in brockton tonight where an 18-year-old graduate of brockton high school is charged with killing his own mother. it happened at the family's home. we first told you about it when it was breaking yesterday afternoon. we're live from brockton district court. that teenager was charged with ms. mother's murde >> reporter: this case leaves a lot of people in brockton speechless. for many this violence comes from out of nowhere, and that includes one woman who lives right next door. >> there was no signs, no signs at all that he would do this. no signs. he was a good boy. >> reporter: she lives next door to the 44-year-old murder victim and her son is best
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she's stunned. >> i would never think he would kill his brother. he was a good boy. he isn't violent at all. >> reporter: it broke out early wednesday afternoon at the family's home on merritt avenue. they found him shaking uncontrollably sitting on the steps. his only words, she's inside. his mother was discovered facedown in the living room. authorities say she was stabbed up to 15 times in the head, neck and torso. another neighbor told police he was called to the hospital by the victim's mother. >> zombie-like and came lunging through the kitchen at the door where we were standing. i pulled the grandmother out of there, and i said you're not going in. >> reporter: he's now charged with murder, and the d.a. says there's much we don't know about what happened. >> this is a terrible, tragic situation where an 18-year-old person murdered his 44-year-old
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to find out. >> reporter: he's held without bail and due in court later in the month. coming up on the fox 25 news at 6:30, i show you court documents that might explain some of this violence. for now reporting live from brockton, bob ward, fox 25 news. let's look at the mass pike tonight. lots of traffic out there, but at least the roads are dry for the first time in two days. meteorologist is here now. things change for the weekend? >> we finally got the dry conditions, and it was pretty mild. now we talk about cooler weather moving on in. boy, hopefully you got outside and enjoyed the temperatures in the 50s, 60s today. yes, it's nice to finally get a break from the rain. that pushed on out of here quite quickly, but behind it the winds started to pick up and brought in a few clouds this evening. temperatures in the 40s and 50s currently right now. winds still gusts over 20 in
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we're going to have that active wind overnight, and what that will do is drop temperatures back into the 30s in many spots, 40s for the cape. it's a chilly start tomorrow. i talk about the cooler weather arriving this weekend in a few minutes. convicted shoebomber is asking a federal judge to declare him bankrupt. reed is serving a life sentence. the flight was diverted to boston and reed was arrested. he was also $256,000. in the letter to the court, reed writes, i hearby request that as i'm not now nor will i ever be able to pay the fine that a declaration of bankruptcy be entered in my favor. prosecutors have two weeks to respond to this request. the lawyer for the plainville woman charged with sending text messages encouraging a teenager to kill himself blame the tragedy on
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classmate took the same drug in 2014. carter is charged with involuntary manslaughter. the defense claims the drug has been linked to suicidal behavior in other teens. new at 5:00, a trial date is set in the case of rochelle bond, the mother of the murdered toddler once known as baby doe. bond's attorneys appeared for a status hearing this afternoon. she'll be in court herself january 17th in preparation for the trial that begins in february. prosecutors say she conspired to they believe her boyfriend, michael mccarthy, killed the child by punching her in the chest and stomach. her body was discovered near deer island last year. brad cass ler is accused of driving into the west newton restaurant and killing two in march. his lawyers set a court date for december 19th. he's also facing a wrongful death lawsuit from family members of one of the victims.
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charged in an alleged murder-for-hire plot. police in claremont, new hampshire says mnique hired a hitman to kill her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend. people held captive at a florida bank say an armed robber held a gun to they are heads in jacksonville. 11 people were inside whether a robber burst in this morning. police say two other people hid from the robber inside the s.w.a.t. team get inside. >> those two people took an opportunity to flee the bank. when they did that, it distracted the hostage taker and they made entry into the bank. >> members of the s.w.a.t. team ran in front of the hostages. that's when the suspect decided to surrender. residents have fought it for years.
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there's not much now that the gas is flowing. after a mild day of temperatures in the 60s, we have breezy conditions now that drop temperatures tonight. i have a look at the drop towards the weekend. a car left ?? dylan: i was un-athletic and very sedentary in my lifestyle. and then i found parkour and something about it clicked. then i stopped drinking soda and eating sweets and eating all the junk food. i was like if i eat these things i'm going to be heavier and i'm not going to be able to jump as far. my name is dylan polin and blue cross blue shield keeps me healthy. my name is dylan polin will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job,
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the dow closed at a record high up 68 points.
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it was up 2%, the highest in nine years and up 24% since the election. police search for a missing hiker in rhode island say the situation is getting, quote, dire. police just released new information in the last hour. they say the chilly weather will make it harder for her to survive. the woman went into the arcadia woods with her two dogs on monday and has not been seen since then. more than 150 volunteers have been searching for her. a disabled marine the victim of a frustrating crime. someone stole all four tires from his vehicle, and tonight it has one boston community in an uproar. >> robert talked to the veteran now trying to figure out how to get back on the road. >> just no respect. there's no respect, and that's totally horrible. >> reporter: tom sullivan showed the damage but didn't want to go on camera. this is what he saw when he looked outside his window. his neighbors are just as disgusted as he is.
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case could do something like that. >> all four tires were stolen, tom's car left teetering on concrete blocks. what's more frustrating? he's a disabled veterans that served in the u.s. marines for nine years and worked as a nurse close to 40 years in boston. he told us i usually take a ride, and my wife and i go to lunch and go shopping. now it's hard be deprived of your car. how do you get it down with no tires? it's on blocked. the car is a toyota it's 20-inch stiers and they're pricey. the neighborhood is already working to figure out what to do to help, even trying to pitch in to pay his insurance deductible. >> nobody surprised me anymore with what criminals do. >> reporter: boston police are investigating. some residents say there was a suspicious white van in the area recently. tonight everyone is staying extra alert. >> if they're doing that crime, do you think they have any sensitive to anyone?
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new at 5:00, a restaurant destroyed by fire is almost ready to re-open. the owners will reportedly be back in business earlier in month. a fire in october caused $900,000 of damage to the restaurant and art gallery in the building. the interior has been redesigned and they updated the menu. work continues at the scene of a massive water main break in boston. part of chinatown is closed tonight as crews fix a 20-inch morning. a section of knee lan street is still shut down tonight. several buildings had up to four feet of water in basements and there were several manhole explosions. the pipe is 125 years old that broke. >> over the last several days we picked up a good amount of rain, and one thing i wanted to point out is the total rainfall for
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28th. we picked up over an inch of rain, and as of tuesday and wednesday, we picked up nearly the same amount. now you have rain from this morning and although it's december and it's more rain than we saw for the entire month in the last three days. needed it. absolutely. our current rainfall deficit is 10 inches in boston right now. that's actually improved and updated in the last hour. it was 10.6 at 4:00 when i was here. extreme drought conditions still the same. that's because when they went to go check, they did it on tuesday morning before the rain came. so i'm expecting to see some improvements into next week. right now we're still well below average for rainfall. we need rain but don't have that much in the forecast as we head over the next couple of of days. what we do have is a drop in temperatures. 57 was the high today, 46 is the average. so yeah, we take that for
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above average. as we get into the weekend, you start to notice things dip back down into the low hos and feels cool. gusty conditions because the system rolled on through and now the winds on the backside bring in the cooler air and transporting a few clouds, too, across the region. if you're out this evening be aware. there's a few breaks in the cloud cover, but temperatures in the 40s and 50s. this is above avera so a mild evening that's for sure with the winds right now out of the west at about 16 miles per hour. winds continue to stay active through the overnight hour. could gust up wards to 25 to 30 miles per hour. whether he wake up in the morning with those gusts, it will feel a little cooler. breezy conditions hang with us for our friday as well. what we can expect is just the temperatures with those winds out of the west starting to fall
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tomorrow highs cooler than today, butle still above average mainly in the 40s to near 50 degrees. sky cover going to start off with some sunshine, but expect to see those clouds especially through the interior. into the afternoon, we may see a stray flurry or even a shower or sprinkle through the north and west. by the evening temperatures falling back into the 40s and 30s as we head through the overnight hours. it's a chilly start to your saturday and highs don't improve much. sunshine on sunday and we see temperatures into the 40s. at gillette, it's 40 degrees and cool and dry and mostly sunny skies. looking fantastic for football weather, especially for december. i think we can handle that. the risk of some showers moves our way on monday, and we watch for another system by middle of next week. over to you. this video gives us a different perspective of the wildfires that killed ten people in tennessee now.
5:21 pm
and a smoky haze that covers the area. national park officials say the fires that reached gatlinburg began days earlier on a trail south of the city. strong winds spreaded the flames. a man whose mother was killed in the fire says it all happened so quickly. >> things went from, you know, the winds picking up to the last phone call she made to ms. brother was the fact that she was really scared and frantic because the house was actually on fire at that incident positive. >> officials say several people are missing. search teams are going house to house looking for victims. much of the southeast is cleaning up right now after severe storms left a massive path of damage. at least five people are dead after a deadly tornado touched down in parts of alabama, georgia and tennessee. those strong winds knocked down trees and power lines and turned some buildings into ruins. in alabama the weather system dumped more than 2 inches of rain. donald trump hit the road
5:22 pm
his first. appearance since election night. still ahead. the campaign problem his team is
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new at 5:00, a local mother receives a great surprise. >> that happened at work at the
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>> oh, my god! >> that right there is marine lance corporal a.j. surprising his mother while she was working at nordstrom's on tuesday night. what a moment here. i don't want to talk. a.j. enlisted in the marines over a year ago and has not seen his mom since then. he's been stationed in pensacola, florida for the last eight months. his mother's best friend helped to plan the surprise. you can see on our web page. great picture right there. >> that hug. they weren't letting go, right? >> you know about that. three boys of your own. >> moms and boys, it's a special relationship. >> they're like dads and their daughters. boston city hall plaza is transformed into a winter wonderland. toned sky fox flew over the area where boston winter will debut tomorrow. there will be wine and chocolate tasting and chalets that sell
5:26 pm
because of today's weather it won't open until saturday, we're told. they hope it's an annual tradition. your personal items are becoming less private. >> coming up at 5:30, the change that is making it easier for the government to hack into your computer and cell phone and why they say it's necessary. a safe place for opiod addicts is proving successful in another local community. still ahead, the number of people who sought help in the first ten days of a program you first heard about right here. plus, a controversial pipeline project is forward, and some residents are not happy about it. we're at the scene where police were planning for protesters we're at the scene where police were planning for protesters i really did save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. i should take a closer look at geico... geico has a long history of great savings and great service. over seventy-five years. wait. seventy-five years? that is great. speaking of great, check out these hot riffs. you like smash mouth? uh, yeah i have an early day tomorrow so... wait. almost there.
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on the best network for only $50 per month. gruesome story right now that lawrence. crews found a body in the meramec river. the body was decapitated, and the crime scene blocks an area the newspaper is reporting that the family of a missing teen is gathering nearby, but so far investigators haven't provided information on who the victim is. we're headed to the scene and we'll have a live report in the next hour. if you're just joining us tonight at 5:30, we're following breaking news involving the new england patriots star tight end rob gronkowski may be finished for the season. gronk is reportedly having back surgery tomorrow that will leave
5:30 pm
season is over. we're live in foxborough gathering fan reaction to this tough news. a national gas pipeline that faced years of protests is now on. people living in west roxbury fear their safety is at risk despite federal regulators signing off on this. >> blair miller went to boston's mayor today to find out how the city plans to keep people safe. >> reporter: he said there's not much they can do, and people that live say that and say their fight isn't over. it's a new day in west roxbury, a day many thought would never come. some here have spent two years protesting the five-mile pipeline project to increase the natural gas supply in new england. despite today's scheduled activation to the line, they're not giving up. >> it's really mind-boggling they can do this and it increases our determination to fight this more and more and more. >> reporter: with residents
5:31 pm
can be done from here? is this something local officials are willing to take to the federal courts? i took that question to mayor marty walsh today, who told me the city filed a federal brief related to the larger project. is there anything you can do? >> there's not a lot we can do. it's governed by the federal government and ferc. there's not a lot we can do and the state can do. >> reporter: congressman steven lynch said it's not over. >> we'll keep fighting, but we're here. >> spectra said yesterday that this project meets or exceeds federal safety standards and regulations. it's not enough for those watching workers now move forward and fearing their safety is now at risk. >> the struggle is not over. if the gas can get turned on, it can get turned off. >> the federal lawsuit is pending but likely won't change much at this point. the mayor is hoping it will. congressman lynch also said he's
5:32 pm
but no one else got behind it, he says. his next move remains to be seen. we're live in the control room, blair miller. fox 25 news. >> it was a nice day for a walk in boston. some areas reached near 60 degrees. sarah is here now. tomorrow will be another nice one, but it's going to be windy. >> that enmoos a drop in temperatures, especially from what we experienced today. and 62 in new bedford and 60 on the vineyard and 57 was the high in boston. that's about 10 degrees higher than the average, and that came after morning rainshowers. we had that sunshine and now some clouds fill across the sky. we're going to continue to see the breezy conditions through the evening and overnight. currently it's in the 40s to low 50s, so not too bad this evening. as we go through time, i want to show you that by 8:00 we stay in the 40s. 30s to the north and west as we
5:33 pm
especially through the interior. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, temperatures are down into the 30s away from the coast. if you head to work or school or at the bus stop, expect those temperatures in the 30s. scattered clouds and sunshine along the coast, but the westerly breeze makes it feel even colder. windchill values in the 20s feeling like it's below freezing. we'll talk more about the cooler weather for the weekend and what that means for your town in a few minutes. u.s. marshals arrest a fugitive murder in keen, new hampshire. jeremiah holmes also known as boston shot someone in pennsylvania in september and has been on the run ever since. he tried to escape in keen last night, but they were able to arrest him. a maine man charged with drinking and driving tonight after a late night crash. new hampshire say nicholas drove off the interstate near the
5:34 pm
he's charged with dwi and he's be arraigned december 8th. tonight president-elect donald trump took a break from transition planning in new york and hit the road with vice president-elect mike pence. as karen kaifa reports from washington, the team is claiming
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we worked out the bugs and kinks in our system. here's that story now. president-elect donald trump claims victory on a campaign promise. >> reporter: donald trump took off from new york thursday morning en route to his first public appearance since election night. with the exception of a thanksgiving break in florida, the president-elect has been mostly hunkered down inside trump tower in together an administration that will take over in seven weeks. he made visits to the white house and capitol hill and on tuesday night cameras caught his dinner with mitt romney. >> are we looking at the next secretary of state right here? >> we'll see what happens. >> reporter: a rally in cincinnati, ohio marks his first turn before a large crowd since the final day of the campaign. the event in a state no republican has won the white house without described by the transition team as part of a thank you tour.
5:38 pm
president-elect to talk a bit more about what we have ahead in the days in front you haves of us and a change for the country. >> reporter: a sfop in indiana carrying through on a campaign promise to convince carrier to drop plans to move production to mexico and keep 1,000 jobs in the u.s. in his role as indiana governor, vice president-elect mike pence was poised to tax incentives to stay in the state. in washington, i'm karen kaifa. we learn more about the history of complaints about an abandoned home that burned down in roxbury last month killing one person. the globe said the city received complaints about the property for months before it burned down. city inspectors boarded it up several times and found squatters in it daying before the fatal fire. at that time the city boarded up the home again and condemned it. the fire killed michelle trentor
5:39 pm
new at 5:30, a new program that nashua helped dozens struggling with opiod addiction. the mayor said close to 30 people sought treatment in the first ten days at the safe station program at fire stations. 13 people went to the fire stations for help. though many more have called to ask about entering treatment. here are more details now. the program is modelled on a similar program started earlier in year in mahe program last week. more than 700 people have been helped there so far. with the legalization of recreational marijuana use coming to massachusetts later this month, many employers are taking a closer look at the drug policies. now, under state law companies can test employees for marijuana use and can be keep a zero tolerance policies in place. similar laws exist in other states that already legalized recreational marijuana. we get a new look at what's
5:40 pm
developers released this rendering of what the new arsenal yards mall will look like. it will be home to a grocery store, 500 apartments and a movie theater. construction will begin next year and be finished in 2020. the law enforcement community is mourning the death of a veteran police officer shot while responding to a domestic violence call. the officer was shot and killed when a suspect opened fire in tacoma, washington. in the last hour he was identified as officer reginald jake gutierrez. he was with the force since 1999. the suspect used two children as a shield during an 11-hour standoff. >> we took a kid when we had a chance, and he grabbed another kid. one officer felt he had a shot and took it. >> they shot and killed the suspect early this morning. his name has not been released. it's been one year since the terror attacks at a san bernardino office building. the fbi is still working to answer key questions about the
5:41 pm
they have conducted more than 600 interviews and executed dozens of search warrants, but they don't know if anyone was aware of their plot or helped them in any way. 14 people were killed in the attacks. the airline involved in a deadly crash that killed a brazilian soccer team is no longer allowed to fly. the officials have suspended all operations of the airline. a plane from the charter company was carrying bray sglilian club team to col of a major south american tournament when it crashed near med da heen, clutch ya. they believe the plane ran out of fuel. 71 people were on board. 71 were killed and six survived. the championship game was supposed to take place last night, but instead fans at both teams gathered at their own stadiums. in brazil they shed tears for the victims. in colombia fans.
5:42 pm
they released white doves over the stadium in honor of those kills. buzz aldrin has been evacuated from the south pole for medical reasons. they saw his health deteriorated while visiting the area as part of a tourist group. organizers of the group say the 86-year-old had fluid in his lungs. ucurrently in stable condition at a hospital in new zealand. he's best known for being one of the first men to walk on the moon. after a mild day, temperatures still in the however, i'm tracking cooler weather along with gusty conditions on the way. i have that hour-by-hour
5:43 pm
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americans woke up today with less privacy than when they went to bed. >> a rule took effect today that makes it easier for the
5:45 pm
computer or smartphone during cyber crime investigations. it's all new at 5:30. >> reporter: privacy advocates are concerned about a new rule that allow investigators to get into millions of computers at once by obtaining a single warrant. >> it expands the ability of investigators to get warrants for potentially extremely large scale hacking of computers. >> reporter: the rule change is for computers and smartphones investigated for cyber crimes like child pornography or that didn't need congressional approval. >> it should be cause for concern that someone that did nothing wrong has federal agents poking around the computer as a penalty for having been a crime victim. >> reporter: the justice department says the rule is needed and will not permit indiscriminate surveillance. it helps it keep up with the changes in technical knowledge when it comes to the use of botnics, where they infect thousands at the same time to
5:46 pm
data. the deputy assistant attorney general says it does not violate the constitution. the government needs to maybe reasonable efforts to notify americans when their devices are searched. congress can decide to roll back the rule changes. >> congress did not hold hearings on the rule, but it was approved by the supreme court last spring. the united nations is stressing the need to stop the stigma of those living with aids worldwide in honor of world aids day. it is people are infected with hiv right now. a new vaccine trial kicked off this week in south africa. supermodel naomi campbell told the u.n. patients need care, treatment and protection. >> i'm talking about the triple threat. young women face not knowing her hiv status, not accessing life-saving treatment and not being in power to protect herself. >> britain's prince harry pushed
5:47 pm
dade dose today. the tests were negative. >> marty walsh tweeted about world aids day says you're not alone. we stand with you. city hall will be lit ready for world aids day. we turn to the weather. what a day. i was in shorts. i took advantage of it. i went for a run for four miles. >> good for you. >> i thought i was a month back here on the calendar. >> i know, right. if you went early, you you too much. if you decide to go later in the day, the winds pick up. i'll take it. >> so much better than all that rain, right? >> right. december 1st. we needed that rain for sure. look at the rain over the past 48 hours. over an inch, over two inches. we have that little asterisk right there. sterling was since tuesday, over three inches of rain and dorchester as well saw an inch and a third since about tuesday.
5:48 pm
kind of nice to see that sunshine and those temperatures today, right? 57 was the hite. typically we're around 46, so 10 degrees above average. not close to that record in boston in 2001. that's where we had temperatures into the lower 70s. well, currently it's now 50 in boston, still mild, but you can see back to the west we've got 30s and 40s. that cooler weather will start to filter on in slowly as we head towards the weekend brought us that rain this morning that sheri spear was tracking. the winds out of the west picked up and they transport some clouds and light rain reported in places like worcester right now. we have to be aware for a few sprinkles coming out of the clouds. for the most part, it's mainly dry this evening with temperatures in the 40s, 50s across boston to the south shore as well as the cape and islands. if you get any breaks in the cloud cover, you may want to
5:49 pm
5:53 p.m. is when you have the best viewing chance of the international space station. it will be visible for three minutes. you might see it passing by. it looks like a star but moving slower there, of course, than a up plane. overnight weather. we see temperatures falling into the 30s. mildest along the coast. partly cloudy conditions and more clouds through the interior, but that wind is busy out of the west. it will feel a bit cooler, and that's when we look at the windchill valu a tomorrow morning when you check in, she will talk about the windchill values feeling like they're below freezing out the door. as we go on through the day, we see sunshine and clouds mixing in, too. highs will be where they should be this time of year, if not a couple dries warmer. so upper 40s, but again, feeling like below 40s with that wind out of the west. that could be gusting as high as 20 to 25 miles per hour. forecast highs mid to upper 40s
5:50 pm
we have to say if we get in the lower 50s across the southeast. that's pretty much or best chance. cooler weather aarrives for the weekend. if you head to jordan's furniture, our whole fox 25 weather team will be there. we'll be in the upper 30s and mid-40s. we look fantastic as temperatures are cool,s specially heading into sunday. best chances of flurry activity is across northern new england this weekend as we could be talking about some light accumulations across the higher highs on saturday, upper 30s to low 40s, p and on your sunday we look at 30s to 40s. always in view it shows the potential we see some clouds tomorrow, may squeeze out a light passing shower or flurry especially to the novrt and west and can't rule that out. drier into the weekend as temperatures drop. next week we watch for the few light systems that bring a chance of a few flurries or rainshowers. over to you. >> thank you.
5:51 pm
$108 billion to help struggling student loan borrowers, double what the u.s. department of education estimated. the obama administration pushed student borrowers to enroll in repayment programs to factor in the income. it can keep the payments more affordable and prevent people from defaulting. new at 5:30, "self" mag sgeen is coming off the newsstands. their ending their print edition to focus on t website. they're newsstand sales declined. fitbit is buying troubled smartwatch maker pebble. the price tag is around $40 million. fitbit is mostly interested in pebble's intellectual property. pebble released the newest version of its smash watch in october after laying off 25% of staff in march. nestle found a way to make shuger sweeter. the kit kat maker says it will help them reduce the amount of
5:52 pm
chocolate by up to 40%. they will use it by 2018. it comes as many cities around the world place sugar taxes on products to fight childhood obesity. do you love wendy's frosties? if so 2017 could be a great year for you. anyone with this key chain gets a free junior frosty with every purchase. it costs $2 and they donate 90% to the dave thomas for children and foster care. the tags are at sale at most wendy's location. they have sold out online. >> understandable. that's a great idea. we are following a number of breaking stories ahead at 6:00. we're live in lawrence where police pulled a decapitated body from the merrimack river. what we learn about the investigation at 6:00. a big blow for patriots and the fans, rob gronkowski possibly done for the season. when he might return, and how it impacts the team for the rest of
5:53 pm
?? dylan: i was un-athletic and very sedentary in my lifestyle. and then i found parkour and something about it clicked. then i stopped drinking soda and eating sweets and eating all the junk food. i was like if i eat these things i'm going to be heavier and i'm not going to be able to jump as far. my name is dylan polin
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home surveillance video captures a bear and bobcat roaming through the same backyard. >> we discovered that wild encounter nearly became a close encounter for one homeowner. >> it caught him on video red-handed moseying over to huge meal too enticing to resist. birdseed. it was 4 hoochlt 40 a.m. and joy was feet away to pick up the newspaper. you missed him by about 15 minutes then? >> yeah. >> so you could have been out here and been breakfast? >> yeah, maybe. >> reporter: just a few weeks ago, joyce's cameras captured this bobcat, too. she's not the only one dealing
5:57 pm
acquaintance a few weeks ago. >> it was on the back deck. he pulled a quarter-inch round steel post over. ate all the food. it was a week or two, and avenues and he was back again last night. >> this bird feeder was strain and nailed to the porch. he didn't bend everything but he took everything away, gone. >> reporter: they say he left plenty of claw marks on the back deck, this se off the kitchen window where laura makes coffee around the same time the bear comes. >> he's have brazen. i mean, he's on the deck right outside that window. he doesn't seem to bother him if anybody is around or not. >> reporter: now this uninvited guest may have to find a new breakfast spot since the families are doing away with the birdseed. >> when she sent the text this morning, i said, okay, we'll stop feeding them.
5:58 pm
and go into hibernation and we won't have to deal with them. >> quite a sight. a little girl who just lost her mother had a special christmas wish granted this week. the 2-year-old's mom died in a car crash, so her entire texas neighborhood worked to create her dream holiday display. dozens of people brought decorations to help set up the display. >> helping a child on christmas, i have no problem with can only imagine. >> she set up a scholarship fund for the girl. her mother will be laid to rest tomorrow. now with breaking news, this is fox 25 news at 6:00. complete new england news coverage. the gruesome story breaking right now in lawrence. crews have found a body near the merrimack river. cream scene tape blocks an area near mccabe court.
5:59 pm
police say the body is decapitated. investigators are searching on the riverbank and in the water for clues. christine is setting up at the scene and we'll have a live report in a few minutes' time. it was the hit heard round new england. gronk will undergo back surgery toechl. the tight end now out for eight weeks, much worse than what martellus bennett said days ago. >> bennett will pick up the slacks and the pats are yet again without number 87. rob gronkowski won't play for the rest of the regular season. we know that. that's at least. he was knocked out of the jets game this past weekend, but many believe it started with this right here. this hit right here in the seattle seahawks game just a few weeks ago. >> gronk is facing surgery tomorrow and a long road to recovery. we have team coverage for you. ted daniel is live at gillette
6:00 pm
let's begin with our sports director about what we know about the surgery. >> he goes under the knife tomorrow in los angeles. dr. watkins will perform the surgery. it's the third time he operated to i don't think gronkowski's back. they're looking for a pair of herniated disks which limits his mobility. rob did not return to action sunday after this play against the jets, in the concourse after the game. you can't forget the big hit he took from earl thomas in the seahawks game on november 13th. it's quite possible the back damage occurred on this play, not just the perforated lung originally reported. likely out for the season, at least two months, which means martellus bennett is among those expected to step up. >> i mean, i make sure i'm ready to play. i can control what's going on with my bead.


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