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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the behavior leading up in the days attack to have the boy's mom concerned enough to try to send him away. complete news coverage starts right now. this is the stay fox25. just coming up on 4:30 on this friday, december 2, i am daniel miller. >> julie: and i am julie grauert. the chill is back in the air this morning. meteorologist shiri spear from the fox25 storm tracker weather center with a look at the breezy and cool conditions we are dealing with, shiri. >> shiri: of course when you put end up with wind chills this morning. we have nice clear conditions right now. just the wind that i am tracking and the winds running 10 to 15 miles per hour from plymouth to boston over to worcester this morning. nice calm conditions in nashua, new hampshire. you will not find a wind chill there. but it does feel like 33 in boston. a little deceiving because the actual temperature is 40. so it is going to feel cooler. feels like 31 in lawrence, bedford. worcester feeling like only 25 degrees right now. fitchburg, 34. and feels like the lower 30s
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for southeastern massachusetts. your day planner today keeps temperatures out of above 40 degrees in boston through 6 a.m. upper 40s, close to 50 degrees between noontime and 3:00. breezy and bright. a closer look at that weekend forecast coming up in minutes. julie, back to you for live drive time traffic. >> julie: like what i am seeing so far shiri light volume on the expressway. 128 moving along fine approach the pike. north of the pike route 1 are clear. an easy 7 minutes on the expressway. 20 minutes on 93 south. 11 from westwood to the weston tolls. breaking this morning, police are investigating after a cruiser is hit overnight near the campus of the wentworth technical institute. our catherine parrotta is live in roxbury this morning. catherine, actually a couple of different crime scenes in the area. >> reporter: yes, so we are at the second scene where the cruiser was hit to give you the lift a land. ruggles week runs behind me. park are street here. the scene has been cleared and
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this is where the scene was situated. not many details yet about this, but in what we do know. the crash happened in the area parker and ruggles street overnight. a crew on the scene said the officer was in the cruiser that was crashed into. that officer was taken away by ambulance for what and to be minor injuries. a second scene nearby over on mcgreevey way. you can see video of that. several vehicles with their windows shot out in that location, and at this point, we are working to learn how or if those t i connected. we are also learning -- working to learn rather if there had been any arrests in either of these incidents. still a lot of details to come on this. we will be reaching out to to boston police -- by the way boston police headquarters about a minute drive down the street and very close to that as well. we will be bringing that you information as soon as we get it. live in boston, catherine parrotta. back to you. julie all right, catherine. an autopsy is scheduled on
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the body was decapitated. a woman walking her dog made the discovery. one family is concerned it could be a 16-year-old missing for two weeks. they won't release the victim's name until an autopsy is reported. they say this is an isolated incident and the public is not in danger. happening today, rob gronkowski is about to -- is about to undergo back surgery to replace a herniated disc. they expect keep the tight end throughout the rest of the season and waiting for the surgery to be complete before making a final decision. this is gronk's third back surgery in the past seven years. live at gillette stadium all morning long and hear reaction from tom brady coming up at the top of the hour. a 13-year-old boy is facing charges accused of raping a child in north reading. the boy was arrested at leary middle school in lynn where he is a student. parents there tell fox25 that no one at the school told them about the boy's arrest.
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yeah, -- i never heard about that. my daughter is 14, and she comes here, you know what i mean. >> daniel: fox25 tried to speak to the principal and she declined to comment. investigators and school officials would not provide more information on this case because it involves minors. 4:34. investigators may be zeroing in on the motive behind an unthinkable act. a teenaged son is accused of brutally killing his own mother. bob ward said the victim brought a killed. >>reporter: he is just 18 years old but franz polynice is charged with the brutal stabbing death of his mother. they found polynice sitting on the steps his hands dripping with blood. the only thing he told them, she's inside when they found his mother face down in the living room near the front door stabbed up to 15 times in the head, neck and torso. a neighbor is stunned.
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would kill his mother. he was a good boy. he didn't. >> reporter: poly. nice's grandmother said her daughter was concerned that her son was depressed and not eating and drinking. a mother brought franz a ticket back to haiti because of his strange behavior. at logan airport the day before the murder, the teen refused to get out of the car. the next morning, the teen grabbed a knife after his mother begged him to eat or she remembers him saying not long before he began stabbing his mother. >> we are dealing with a terrible, tragic situation for an 18-year-old person murdered his 44-year-old mother, and you know, how do you get your arms around that. that is going to be what we want to find out. >> reporter: franz polynice charged with murder of his mother. held without bail and due back
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news. a woman from new hampshire is charged in an alleged murder for hire plot. monday creek earley is accused of trying hire a hitman to kill her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend. she is facing felony charges. the victim of a violent home invasion will undergo hip surgery as police look for the men breaking into his home, tying him up and robbing him. the victim poke exclusively to mall pal about his hours-long >> i am 72. i can't be bouncing off the damn floor. >> reporter: a vietnam war vet is the victim of a brutal home invasion. >> going into my house on other end. right there and they tackled me got me and broke my hip right here. >> reporter: it happened on wednesday evening around 5:00 at the victim's massachusetts avenue home. >> the whole area was basically locked down. brockton police and state
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ski masks stormed into his house. >> where is the gold. where is the gold dpoynt have any gold. they said we are going to shoot you if you don't tell me where the gold is. >>reporter: at one point the men tased him after he felt a shock. >> in my ribs and stuff -- they were killing my ribs and on the top of my head. they went nuts. >> reporter: he was tied up with his own suspenders. >> they shot me with something two or three times. they slapped me on the [bleep] with something and took my pants down. they weren't very nice. >> he was left tied up for five hours before he set himself. >> i pulled the suspenders as hard as i could and got them off. it wasn't easy. i had a knife and i cut them off. >> the suspect took off with his coin collection. neighbors were left stunned. >> he drives an old pickup truck. not like he has a lexus up front. he dresses normal. not wearing fancy duds. >> i pray for your speedy
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fox25 news. now 4:37. a trial date has been set in the case of rachelle bond, the moth err of the toddler once known as baby doe. bond and in court for a status hearing. bond is due in court january 17 in preparation for the trial now scheduled to start in february. prosecutors believed she conspired to dump the body of 5-year-old bella bond. they believe her boyfriend killed the child by punching her in the head and stomach. taunton woman accused of killing her boyfriend to kill himself via texting is dealing with a setback. they want an expert to describe antidepressants at the trial. at the time of the death potato were taking antidepressants that gave them suicidal thoughts. he was found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning. she is facing manslaughter
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at sweet tomatoes. brad casler is accused of driving into the restaurant killing two. he is also facing a wrongful death lawsuit from the family of one of the victims. 4:38. a bill calling for you in safety requirement on duck boats is now on baker's desk. the measure took shape after a deadly accident back in april. the legislation would require the ducks to have safety equipment including cameras and also ban duck boat drivers from also serving as tour narrators. boston duck tours said it will add an extra staff member to its tours. there will be a fund raiser in lawrence to help the victims of this devastating fire. 20 people including several children lost their homes in tuesday's fire on haverhill street. it was started by malfunctioning electrical equipment. two local radio stations plan to collect money for the victim at a mcdonald's on
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a.m. the house has passed a bill to put $1 billion in the fight against opioid addiction. new hampshire lawmakers are praising it. kelly ayotte calls opioid addiction one of the pressing emergencies. she is urging her colleagues to support the bill. it is expected to take up legislation soon. check traffic and weather every ten minutes. a look at the drive time on 93 south. 29 minutes from 495 to the zakim bridge. shir in the upper 40s to lower 50s. scattered clouds and gusty out there. a look at the wind chills and what to plan on the weekend just minutes away. he may have lost a spot on the president-elect's, but new
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4: a dorchester neighborhood is banding together trying to help a disabled veteran after he was the victim of a crime. take a look at what was left behind. this toyota venza propped up on cinderblocks all four tires gone. thieves likely targeted the car because the standard 20-inch tires are expensive. the neighborhood is trying to work out to help the victim even trying to raise enough money to cover the victim's
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to try to free up spaces. pretty soon the cost to park for an hour could top $4 in some spaces. jacqui heinrich reports the goal is to try to discourage people from staying too long. >> 30 seconds. >> i got a ticket. wow, how effective you are. >> reporter: you probably will never meet anybody who likes to drive ... much less park in boston. >> at the meter. orange slip. >> reporter: the confusing signs, street cleaning restrictions, limited spaces and strange looking parking spots between moving traffic and bike lanes. if you tried to park in the city tampa. >> how outrageous. >> reporter: designed to make life behind the wheel easier er has left come bostonians wicked mad. the price of parking is about to go up. >> is this a government or a business?
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circling the block. the city is hiking the rates from $1.50 an hour to $3.75 an hour hoping more expensive parking will keep people moving. >> some people will -- will park in a parking meter and take the ticket and stay there all day long. and this will obviously change that -- that mind set as well. >> reporter: but some say it is enough of a price jump to hurt. >> park your car for two hours and cost more than a sandwich, right? [laughter] >> reporter: say you parked your car for an legal parking at that rate moving your car every two hours will cost $7800 a year, and could be more in the seaport when testing a new flexible rate program where the cost her ranging florida $1 to $4 depending on time of day and demand. one thing that will stay the same, that two-hour time limit. >> maybe next time i have to run faster. >> reporter: jeck jeck reporting. >> daniel: wow.
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parking tickets. the change will be impacting 2200 spaces in the seaport and back bay. log on to our web site at for closer look at the streets where the price hike would happen. >> julie: good to know. the celtics are taking over the garden playing the kings. 7-8 and 5th in the eastern conference. starts at 7:30. prunes taking on hurricanes. down 1-0. and pulled another man on ice. tori crug buried it. a pretty one for post and ultimately came down to this. the first win of the year and he gets it. bruins win 2-1. they play the sabres tomorrow afternoon buffalo. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes.
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and usually between 4, 5, 5:30, things nice and quiet and nothing is going on right now. route 3 moving along fine. no issues on pike. the expressway looks good from the braintree split through naponset through columbia road. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 20 minutes on 93 south. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound as you approach mass avenue. and today, boston's -- boston's city plaza hall will be unveiled as a winter as you can see skyfox was over the area as workers got ready. the boston winter will include ice-skating, wine, chocolate tastings, ornaments for sale, and a spot to visit with santa. if you are an adult, a spot for you -- not to sit on him, but sit next to him. city organizers hope it will be an annual tradition. the opening is set for 3 p.m. that looks pretty nice. >> the temperatures are cooling off just slightly, shiri. in the 60s that we felt earlier.
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time of the year. over the weekend it gets cooler. >> daniel: i don't think there are any complaints. >> shiri: one at to know something cool, i don't think those lights were up yesterday. i think somebody decorated for the holidays. 40 degrees in boston. nice quiet conditions. other than the wind. the winds right now 13 miles per hour makes it feel like it is 33. we have a little wind chill that i am going to be tracking for you all morning long for the only local news for you on 7:00 this morning, i still have a ton of these low to mid-30s on the map. boston at 39 degrees. there will be a chill in the air already with the 30s which is much cooler than it was yesterday. the wind on top of it makes it feel like it is december, my friends. at noontime, temperature-wise, upper 40s, close to 50 degrees. still sticking with mostly sunny skies. you can find inland towns and cities. a little more cloud cover here and it starts to become enhanced a little bit this
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we get clouds popping up mixing with the sunshine through the afternoon. 5 p.m. going to be dark already so the drive home from work. plan on lower 40s out there. temperatures dropping back into the upper 30s if you have any p.m. plans for your friday night and overnight, you can see northern zones like nashua or fitchburg or keene, new hampshire with a risk of a couple of flurries around. not a big deal overnight and i want you to be aware of it. how about 50 in boston, beverly, lawrence and portsmouth, new hampshire. 50 in plymouth and 52 in nor wood. my warm locatns eastern new hampshire and above-average temperatures for today. chance of showers will be very low. i pointed to a couple of spots and you can see flurries overnight tonight. most of you stay completely dry, keeping the weekend forecast dry and not until next week that we have the slight risk for another round of flurries or sprinkles on monday. not a very big weather maker, but something to definitely watch in the coming days. temperature-wise over the weekend. middle 40s in beverly and plymouth and boston tomorrow.
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nashua, new hampshire. for the second half of the weekend temperatures drop by almost 5 degrees. i will keep all snow up in the mountains in northern new england. we have little disturbance out there that could trigger a little bit of snow showers up north and also trigger some local cloud cover here into your saturday. not really a big worry out there. still breezy with gusts up to 30 miles per hour for the day tomorrow and then on sunday, the winds relax and a little cooler and nice and bright and of course if you are looking for somethin the weekend, i will be out for coats for kids arrive at jordan's furniture in natick from 10 to 2:00. we are hoping to collect 300 or more coats. we can only do it with your help. the weather will cooperate keeping things partly sunny. truss in the lower 40s. but the seven-day forecast for the weekend always in view. we have lower 40s bitten of the weekend and into next workweek. highs only 42 monday and tuesday. monday, that slight risk for a little light precipitation here during the day.
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by the time we hit wednesday and thursday, we are looking at another system with with mostly rain attached to it. you can see warm again with mid- to upper 40s between wednesday, thursday. we could be talking much-needed soaking rain. really not a bad thing. we are after in all a drought. back to you, guys. >> julie: okay, shiri. big changes could be coming to boston public schools. the district is considering staggering the school start times over a span of two the reason that change could save the district big bucks. decades after becoming a
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fitbit is buying trouble watch maker pebble. price tag is $40 million. fitbit is interested in the intellectual property. fitbit laid staffers in march. and the most played artist on a major music streaming service. drake's songs have been streamed nearly 5 approximately times says spotify. 3 billion more than last year when it was also number one. the rest of the top five, justin bieber, rhianna, 21 pilots and of course kanye west. decades after their rise for fame, a local boy band is getting ready to tell their
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televisions. elizabeth hopkins sat down with them to talk about their climb to the top. >> reporter: for many the soundtrack of their youth. ? >>reporter: but to boston the anthem of the ones who made it big. >> the first ones to come from the humble beginnings. it is beyond words. >> reporter: bel biv deveau edition. mr. telephone man and these broke up, made up and made music. and it all started in boston. >> it is good for us. because we never seen anybody do it from the inner city. >> reporter: the fight for the top is about to be told in a three-part bet mini series "the new edition story." >> he with start with how we
4:56 am
the store be how we came together, everything we have gone through. >> it has been a surreal situation, you know, being on set and watching people playing you. >> reporter: all six members of new addition from signed on to green light the project. 33 years in the making. while that storied career have taken them all over the world. they left their mark on boston. >> i like when the plane is landing, and i can just see -- you know, the skyline and, you know, the city and, downtown. >> reporter: bell calls the group's boston fans loyal, but said even people to followed their careers closely don't yet know the whole story. >> the perfect time for us to open up and tell our stories. >> reporter: the edition story airs on bet january 24 and the group's latest album released january 27. elizabeth hopkins. 4:56 right now. bad news for the patriots. rob gronkowski could be
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gillette with details of a surgery that have the team preparing for the worse.
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boston police are investigating two incidents in roxbury overnight inc one involving a police cruiser. we will have a live report coming up. rob gronkowski goes under the knife ending his season. the surgery the patriots star will under go today and what his cornerback is saying about the team's loss. and the decapitated body found along the shore of the merrimack river. the concern this morning for the family of a local teen who has been missing for several weeks. good morning, everybody, thank you for joining us on this friday morning. it is december 2. i am gene lavanchy.
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clear skies back in town this morning. what a great way to start the weekend. meteorologist shiri spear says we have got a nice stretch of weather heading into saturday and sunday, but some chilly temps as well. >> that's what we are dealing with this morning, right. temperatures running in the 30s. 34 in worcester. freezing in nashua, new hampshire. 38 beverly down to plymouth. 48 in boston and 40s for the cape. your hour-by-hour forecast does have a decent warm-up that doesn't take off until 8:00 this morning. 7 a.m., melrose. a.m. 42. 46 on tap for 11:00 this morning and highs that will track close to 50 degrees with a cup of scattered clouds popping up and gusty conditions especially day and island. how the winds impacting those wind chills and what to plan around today when i am back in 10. julie grauert up with drive drive time traffic north of the pike. >> julie: looking good route 1 from the north shore. no issues on 93 south through


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