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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 2, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> catherine: campus police cruiser hit and not the only incident police are investigating. live report coming up. >> julie: donald trump's cabinet nominee he named during last night's speech. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: made it to friday,
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>> julie: i'm julie grauert. breezy and cool to get you out of the door. shiri spear with stormtracker weather center with where the wind chill will drop into the 20s. shiri? >> shiri: cold and temperatures running 10, 15? cooler than it was yesterday at this time. so that means boston at 43?, so was lawrence and norwood, 45 hyannis, still in the 30s in spots like worcester and in orange. for the most part seeing a lot of sun now, get to soak it up the rest of the day in melrose 11:00 a.m. 46?, we got partly cloudy skies this afternoon, so there will be some clouds puffing up. we get close to 50 for the afternoon, temperatures dropping through the 40s for your friday night plans there and, of course, i got winds on top of it, winds currently gusting into the 20 miles per hour range over to the cape and islands and wind chill now and for the afternoon when i'm back in 10. julie back now with live time traffic. >> julie: pretty mellow
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south as you approach somerville. south of the pike expressway is slow spot around freeport street. here are live drive times 27 minutes expressway to mass ave. >> daniel: today rob gronkowski will undergo back surgery that will likelien the season for the brady -- tom brady's favorite target. >> julie: this morning fans are worried that teams posted and also in jeopardy. michael henrich is live at gillette s gronk's injury. >> michael: gronk expected to
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>> michael: rob expected to have surgery friday. we do not expect that he will be able to play for the remainder of the 2016 season but will await the results of friday's surgery before making a final determination. >> more challenging when you lose great player like gronk but we aren't going to give up what trying to accomplish and thoughts with him and wishing him the very best and hope gets better as soon as possible. >> michael: patriots chairman and ceo robert kraft did not directly address gronk's injury. in an interview with our sports director tom leyden but talked about what it takes to win. >> the teams that do the best are the ones that have the best
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>> michael: various injuries have caused gronk to miss time. 6 games 2012, 11 in 2013. 1 last year and 3 before the back injury this season. gronk's career the herald counted the patriots record as 77 and 21 with the talented tight end on the field and 15 and 7 without. patriots are still really good without him. they are just better with rob gronkowski on the field. all eyes now are on how sunday. live in foxborough, i'm michael henrich, fox25 news. >> daniel: right now we are waiting on coach belichick on weekly news conference and talk about gronk. pats will be without him against the rams. you will want to tune in early because tom leyden, butch stearns and former patriot matt
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at super bowl championship team that will be honored at half time of sunday's game. you will hear from robert kraft and several stars that played on that team. dawn of dynasty starts at 10:00 a.m. >> julie: 2 people are dead in miltonar fiery crash. car went off the road and hit tree at 3:30 this morning on brush hill road. the car then caught fire. we have some new video we want to show you from sky fox. they were over the scene ground around that car. 2 people were pronounced dead on the scene and third was taken to boston medical center. state police are investigating why that car went off the road. >> daniel: 9:05 right now. following breaking news right now out of roxbury where wentworth college police officer was taken to the hospital after his cruiser was hit by a car and just feet from the accident gunshot shattered car windows. fox25 catherine parrotta live in roxbury this morning trying to determine if these 2 crime scenes are related.
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>> catherine: good morning, daniel. i have spoken with boston police the past hour and did find out the the crime scenes are related. where we are the area where the crash occurred but want to give you new information. so here is what we know about this. boston police say this is a short distance away in the area of 13 mcgreevey way here in roxbury. officers went there for report of shots fired and when they arrived they saw several men trying to take off, 2 on foot, 1 in vehicle. police say that vehicle crashed into the police cruiser. our crew found that scene near parker and ruggles street. police say the driver took off on foot. they chased him and caught him and they also found a gun in the area of the chase. police say the suspect is 20-year-old trevonon bell of brighton and already a warrant out for his arrest with assault with intent to murder and facing several charges in connection with this including assault with dangerous weapon being a motor vehicle, failure to stop, leaving scene of accident with
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police officer he was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. police are still searching for the other 2 men who they say took off from the first scene on foot. as for the suspect as they did catch trevon bell arraigned at roxbury district court at some point today. live in roxbury, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> julie: after 2 weeks of protest flag amherst. they originally moved it because of backlash. official say they did not intend to make a political statement in removing the flag. >> daniel: donald trump will be back at trump tower today conducting interviews for administration, but last night the president-elect was in ohio for the first stop on his thank you tour. >> we are very divided nation but not going to be divided for
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i know you find that hard to believe. >> despite boast about the traffic in and around cincinnati last night the rally was surprisingly sparse with just a few thousand people showing up but low turnout didn't stop trump from entertaining crowd with speech that touched on most of the campaign promises that helped get him elected. >> today you're older and working harder and in many cases you have 2 jobs, some of that is because of way, we are repealing and replacing obamacare. >> there were also several group of protesters in the crowd as you could see at 1 point trump turned around and told them they should have voted. president-elect is planning more rallies in pennsylvania, florida, north carolina and michigan in the coming weeks, but details have not been announced. >> julie: it is now 9:08. last night donald trump announced his pick for defense secretary and plans to nominate
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matus for department of defense. nicknamed of mad dog served in central command in middle east. he has reputation as tough talking marine with years of experience in combat but little experience in diplomacy. >> daniel: mean team another possible member of trump's camp picking up endorsement. elizabeth warren supports idea of scott brown becoming director of she has no doubt brown would put his heart and soul into helping veterans. warren also praised former governor mitt romney who's under consideration for secretary of state. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. taking a look at drive time on the expressway right now. we are down to 20 minutes as you head from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. shiri? >> shiri: wind chill right now middle 30s in the boston area and still stuck in the 20s out in worcester.
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have here early this afternoon and lands us with wind wind chin the middle 40s. that's it. show where you we have 50 degree highs today and more on weekend cooldown coming up next. >> trees already dry from this year's drought and local experts warning frightening scenes like this could become a reality in your living room. >> daniel: coming up a video that shows very little time christmas tree fire to engulf the home. right to head and next how he was able to keep his calm during
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>> daniel: 2 mask men burst into a liquor store and demanding cash. police believe the store was not the only target. it happened wednesday night belvedere liquors in concord street in lowell and clerk said he was behind the counter when 1 man in scream mask and 1 had handgun and another had sawed-off shotgun and threatened clerk it and told money to get out of the register and took off with all the cash and bottle of hennessey and whole robbery lasting minutes and told ted daniel the pair didn't seem to
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>> seem like they were pros? >> no. they came in the counter all at once which was a giveaway. >> daniel: surveillance video captured men hiding behind a car casing the store minutes beforehand. police suspect the liquor store may not have been the robbers original target and about 'hour before the hold-up seen 2 masked men outside the store in the >> julie: frank brown was in credit union when man walked inside with a gun and pitbull and announced to the crowd he didn't want money. he only wanted to see the family and fired a shot in the bank. gunman moved 11 people into a back room while the swat team surrounded the building but bank and another employee hid in the area and they ran into some
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the gunman. >> he thought the police were coming in and ran in the room where everybody was. i don't know how it is. must have ran to the door with my knee and rolled out -- rolled out the door. they said gun. >> julie: gunman facing charges of armed robbery and 13 counts of armed kidnapping. >> daniel: several homes in were hit wednesday. houses on garden, lincoln and windsor roads were targeted in the afternoon hours. no 1 was home at the time. no word on what the thieves got away with. no word on any suspects at this point. >> julie: >> daniel: helping a disabled veteran after a crime. take look at this here. propped up on cinder blocks all 4 tires gone. police say thieves likely
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pretty expensive and still investigating the crime. meantime the neighborhood is working way to help the victim even trying to raise enough money to cover the insurance deductible. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. 9:15 in the morning gotten through the rush hour pretty well. things a little bit slow around freeport street on expressway. 128 moving along fine. volume lingers right now on 93 south right after route 16 and route 60 in expressway, moving along at decent clip. live drive times, 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. about a half hour on 93 south, 25 minutes on 128 southbound from peabody to the weston tolls. >> daniel: 9:16 right now. friday morning off to head start and shiri spear joins us with the forecast. shiri spear, 2 days of sunshine, hi-5. >> let's make it a couple more too because the weekend -- weekend going nice as well and a
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my piece of advice is this. it is december. of course it, it is going to get cooler, 20 to 30 miles per hour, so we have wind chill to consider for friday, for saturday, slight risk of overnight flurry i'm looking at towns and cities far inland for that. no major rain or for that matter no major snow until we get into next week's forecast. 43? in boston and lawrence and norwood, worcester lagging behind at only 37 right now, we got the sunny skies, but feels -- has all morning long. it feels 10? cooler because of the wind. fox25 weather app right there you open it, got the temperatures, got feels like temperature, know exactly what you're dressing for in worcester today we got highs in the lower 40s. this is going to be 1 of the cooler spots. got clouds that bubble up during the afternoon and not bringing in any kind of wet weather so going to be a little bit of mix that we are dealing with here and afternoon of sun and scattered clouds. 50 in boston and ipswich, down
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51 in portsmouth, new hampshire. clearly eastern mass, eastern new hampshire kind of the warmer spots as you travel inland, it is going to be a touch cooler, especially into the higher elevations. this evening i got breezy conditions that continue loon with temperatures 35 to 40?, overnight tonight our lows 30 to 35. so it is going to be near freezing when many of you wake up tomorrow morning and maintain the winds really from start to finish today and i want to pause things up at 11:00 tonight, i know many of you will be sleeping jus see that those snowflakes getting closer to southern new hampshire, perhaps the northern worcester hills, those are more likely areas to see couple of flurry out there and not create headache and tomorrow we have clouds lingering from this stalled system right here but it is not going to be close enough to bring rain or snow, just continuing wind into your saturday. sunday comes along like this. we will pause things at 2:00 p.m.
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so we go from 45 on saturday in boston to 41 here on sunday. we got 40s all weekend in hyannis. we got 30s all weekend in the worcester area. so we got the pats taking on the rams here. sunday at 1:00 p.m. at gillette stadium and i got temperature in the upper 30s. looks cool and dry, mostly sunny, don't think we will have any kind of big winds and wind chill to worry about and 7-day forecast with the weekend always in view has us at 50 today, 45 tomorrow and 41 on into the weekend. 20s when you wake up on monday morning. got high 42 and couple flurries and sprinkles early in the morning and most of the information showing me the system overall looks like it is going to basically fall apart as it gets to us and look down the line to wednesday or thursday for next significant rain. back to you guys. >> local college raising wireness about the dangerous side of the season with dramatic video. moment the blowtorch touches the
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the room to become engulfed in flames. the video was posted online by worcester polytechnic institute and another reminder to make sure you keep your trees watered, especially this year, when many are already in rough shape because of the drought. >> julie: boston duck tours will have to make major changes. safety requirements just approved on beacon hill following last year deadly accident. >> daniel: massachusetts woman that got huge settlement. trauma she reportedly suffered after hanging in the air for 5 hours.
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you. >> daniel: wildfires ripping through gatlinburg, tennessee, claimed 10 lives and people have been treated for injuries. wildfires spread from the great smoky mountains national park acres in resort area 14,000 people that lived there and visiting to evacuate. princess crews lines will pay 40 million-dollar fine after pleading guilty to several federal pollution charges. the cruise line has allegedly been using secret pipes to release engine waste into the ocean for more than a decade. plea deal requires princess carnival to submit ships to 5 year environmental compliance
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from the south pole. 86-year-old picked up by medical plane and doctors say he had fluid in his lungs. aldtrend who had been in antarctica in tour group responding well to antibiotics and stable condition and 1 of the first men to walk on the moon. >> daniel: woman boarded gondola after day of hiking at killington ski resort in 2011 and she says she was for about 15 minutes before it shut down. the ski resort stopped gondola's earlier than usual because of bad weather conditions. hiker was stuck in the air for 5 hours before being found by search crews. she claims suffered from posttraumatic stress disorder after being trapped for so long. >> shiri: 50 and cool into the weekend and town by town look at
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next. >> julie: crash that ended man's wild ride. >> >> jessica: woman find decapitated body on banks of merrimack river. >> i have 14-year-old and wouldn't want to be in this situation. >> jessica: medical >> teammate and hopefully things will work out positively and possible with him and all the information we gave that's really all we have for now. so i'm sure there will be more coming in. as we go through the next few days just take it as it comes. so unfortunate situation for him.
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our attention to the rams, big day for us today pulling together on the rams team we don't know very well and hopefully can take today and nail down situation and tie up loose ends we have had to do things during the week and ready to go on sunday. good test for us and a lot of good players, a lot of talent and very very do a good job. >> how fortunate to have bennett at the position to help fill the void.
9:27 am
players. >> talked about the contribution that does make. >> in locker room and on the field. >> we appreciate all of our players. you want to rank them. they are all important. all important. great player. they are >> are you happy with bennett? >> do what feels best if the football team. >> ability something to do to that and more important now. doing the best we can every
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>> what goes into it? >> statement addressed this and wanted to give you opportunity to clarify there was a report yesterday there miaa been some concern about rob's back coming into add. >> he has a big personality and everybody seems to love him. >> determination to put him on there or not be made today after
9:29 am
>> there's more information coming and right now we have what we have, more comes. i don't know. >> initial report about this came out of buffalo. >> i have nothing to add in statement and that's all we have right here. >> how much more sit down with josh and personality and have options and how much more it
9:30 am
>> do it everyday. >> feel confident that -- tough injury, tough break but plenty of other options and more so than leaned on options throughout the season and helps you in that >> benefit from that? >> sure. >> don't think that's what that is for and every player out
9:31 am
and helps everybody. no doubt. >> talk about everything. >> what do you know and what have you seen from him in practice and what kind of skill set to help going
9:32 am
the other. categorize that and we will see. >> how much have you seen from him in return and ability to make people and talking the other day i wouldn't be out on field if i couldn't make and couple games and better progressively each week and based on watching him practice for a couple weeks before activated him and feel comfortable playing him and that's part of his game obviously quickness. just change direction, acceleration and all of those
9:33 am
evident when returned to practice after original -- to the initial break-in period. >> really rip off too many long runs this year but seems like every game hit 40-yard run. what about him makes him so dangerous when gets to that second levels? >> everything really. he has a lot of power and tackles and just -- can make people do it all. got power, got quickness, got vision. a lot of ways. >> even though hasn't done it this year. >> see him catching ball, making people miss, power. i mean look, not every -- good
9:34 am
to gets to him is 35 yards down field. that doesn't make it a great run. a lot of 5-yard runs where there's nothing there and gets 5 yards and some of the best runs you will see 5, 7-yard run. nobody blocked and think he is going to lose yard and line of scrimmage and almost gets the first out. so there's great runs that are 7-yard runs plays, not 50-yard run doesn't mean it is not a great run. >> breaking tackles, making guys miss, finding yards and doesn't really look like yards there not how many yards a guy gains. i don't think.
9:35 am
>> long. >> hard to throw over, close to receiver, hard for receiver to catch the ball. defensive backs and comes up with it and defensive back doesn't have enough to make the play, long arm, behind a lot of receivers and able to reach across and against arizona and get the ball over his head and good actually has big quickness to even handle some of the receivers that you would think smaller than him and a lot quicker than him and does good job against him and hands on him and they are in trouble. got a lot of talent. good ball skills. you know, gets hands on ball and
9:36 am
>> move them around and don't move him around and over there which i would say is more the situation than not. some teams, some situations where you got him lower percentage of the plays by far generally you see a coroner play and some games are different. we will match to this guy and somebody else match to that guy. teams will do that. there's some of that but by in large, most teams play 1 position and whoever is in that spot that's whoever they cover. >> strictly to match-up or
9:37 am
>> easiest thing in the world match the other and cover this guy, great. what do the other 10 guys do? that's the problem. easy to match up 1 guy and that's simple. and what are other 10 guys do. what if there, go in motion, backfield, what if it is this personnel in the game, what if that personnel and all the rest of the match-up, that's where it gets spending all day literally on that. take this guy. if it is in the same spot a lot easier in term of scheme to match up and make adjustments and so forth. so again, a lot of different ways to match up and match up and put best guy on best guy and
9:38 am
your second best guy on best guy and double them. you know, put best guy on best guy and double them anyway, lessen match-up down the line. setting tennis ladder or whatever. and push bad guy 1 and 2 through 7 and great, put best guy of 1 and beat by their 1 and 2 against 2. so it is -- that's what earning. you know, 3 or 4 man ladder with the receive and we don't have to match them that way. match them however you want. >> same thing. how do you want to match up. 1 against 1. >> defensive line quick similar and how do you get your guys
9:39 am
early in the game. >> hard to duplicate and love to have 2 or 3 and be aaron donald and not have many of those guys. and would do that, they have some bigger more powerful guys too like cam, like brock hurts, guys like that. so they have some different type of player on the very fast off the edge. so that's another different type of player good like donald but different. much different than donald so you try something like that. >> runs well. he has got very good speed. cover sideline to sideline. good range in passing game. so he is kind of like the
9:40 am
timmons and guys like that and alonzo from miami, guys like that that really -- you know, game is range, speed, athleticism and got decent size, not saying that a lot of run backer run down type on third down and run linebacker spot.
9:41 am
athletic coverage type of linebacker also plays so they have a lot of coverage players out there without having to actually substitute into a group. play nickels and nichols with barren and joiner as 2 inside guys and most don't have that. >> make a leap early this week and malcolm brown and took another step and see anything with what you have been able to
9:42 am
very good and what are it was, 3 or 4 weeks in there and rebuilding process and getting back and timing, confidence, meantime the offense accelerated quite a bit where we were in spring and where we were in the first call it 2 weeks of training camp and fourth season game so and timing, confidence, strength, so forth and then it has been good direction i would say somewhere like around third, fourth week of the season, somewhere in there. he came back earlier than that and again, kind of catch-up period that took place to a degree.
9:43 am
emergency situation and we have contingency plan in place and never presented itself? >> that would be going to the category of inaudible. >> how do you dress that audible? something you want before the season starts? >> like a lot of things as-needed talk about those everyday. still waiting to see them. all right? >> guys spent time for draft and
9:44 am
>> didn't meet with him personally. saw a lot of them 2 years ago when i started on them watching harper and others here as they came up. they have had bunch of receivers and back last 2 years in the draft, probably 5 or 6 dies, whatever it is, so i remember when chris came here talking to this guy and talking about early and whatever and watching him play it would have been 2014, right? yeah. the fourteenth season. then i watched him more in 15 because i had seen him in 14,
9:45 am
there, plus couple coaches out there,cal, kind of followed and apparent this guy nfl quarterback and know what round it is going to be and going back to the freshman sophomore year and haven't had personal action with >> played the slot and a little bit more. >> i think logan really helped us playing in there, we kind of were in a little bit of transition early are in the year with secondary and logan in particular outside inside, i think it was last couple weeks, and good level of communication,
9:46 am
and plays off the edge and again, overall communication consistency in there has been, you know, good, try to build on that, so i think that's -- you know, that's been a positive force here over the last couple weeks. i'm not saying it could go back back to different situation but kind of been and saw this coming over the by and next few games and next part of the schedule and where we are where we wanted to be here through the period and playing not only slot position but again the communication, the decision making, adjustments and come from that inside spot that have to relate to linebacker,
9:47 am
safety and a lot of moving parts in there that good experience player at that position stat sheet and overall operation and communication and smoothness of the defensive play and it is definitely there and he has done a good job of that. however that goes with those guys inside, they are pretty experienced guys that have played together and all the way back to college and confidence and trust and communication and high in there that that's -- i think that's really and something that's become more of a strength force defensively. again, not that it shows up in stat sheet and overall defensive
9:48 am
the last couple weeks. he has done a good job of it. >> daniel: briefly talked about rob gronkowski back surgery calling it unfortunate situation. >> julie: when asked about losing a guy he c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one.
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>> shiri: nice and bright and boston and beautiful blue sky at 43? been -- wind element and noon time go with 47?, 48 close to 50 for some of you at 3:00 p.m. with kids coming home from school, few clouds out there, clear skies into the on tap for your friday night plans. high temperatures do make it into the 50s, up and down the coastline from the sea coast all the way down to the cape, inland find temperatures in the 40s and only 44? in worcester and nashua, and northern worcester hills and flurries and 45 tomorrow in boston, 41 on sunday, all weekend we are going
9:52 am
are expecting here over the weekend and temperature in 40s, couldn't ask for more and seasonable here for saturday to start off the weekend getting cooler into sunday with lower 40s continuing for highs as well for your monday and tuesday. we are watching a couple sprinkles and flurries when you wake up on monday morning, does it look like huge weather maker, of course, going to be tracking closely over the weekend exa next 1 to watch wednesday and thursday with moderate to heavy rain. back to you. >> december 1st has come and gone, officially the most wonderful time of the year and better time to celebrate than by running tpaoeufplt k in holiday costume through boston. jolly jaunt prices for best prizes and jingle bells and raise important funds for special olympics massachusetts. it is a win-win so get in the
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great cause and holiday season tradition and chain of lights. carolers from the marching band and also expecting a special visit from santa claus music that gives back. jazz up weekend with fourth annual charity concert and holiday toy drive is sunday from 6 to 9:00 p.m. at bar and lounge on landsdowne street. enjoy entertainment filled evening, you can feel good about same time. more about what's happening around town, make sure you have the fox25 news app and around
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>> daniel: we made it to friday. >> julie: shiri, how we
9:57 am
and sun and popping up into the afternoon forecast. keeping it dry, tomorrow 45? and sunday a little bit brighter but cooler, waking up to the 20s, so just get ready for a real chill in the air when you wake up on the weekend mornings, 41 weekend average and feeling like winter and december, watching potential for a couple flurries when you wake up monday morning
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it's december 2 7bd. time for great viral videos "right this minute." you don't want to see this coming at you if you're camping at the edge of a volcano. >> very limited resources and shelter. >> what happens when the elements collide on one extreme expedition. >> was this a challenge on survivor? >> tantrum at a train station as a woman -- >> why she's fed up and not going to take it anymore. a sweet cat gets a second chance after it's found -- >> frozen into the ground. >> how rescuers pull a delicate mission to save a life. we have christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle breaking down the best on the web, including an equal time experiment with eye tracking goggles. >> and we find out what women really want. >> see which body type the ladies secretly prefer.


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