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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 1, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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a local soldier is amongst the latest casualties in afghanistan. the evening everyone i and robert jordan. our top story now... on the porter in the industry eight american flag hangs out at the neighbor's home with a patriotic message. the ones who knew the young soldier are learning of his death. >> he was a cute little kid
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very finely he got along with everyone but was a bit nicias we will miss him. >> he was a athlete graduating two years ago where he wrestled and played football but it was his recent service as a medic in the united states army he was most proud of. >> he was following his dream he was proud of what he was doing. >> he was killed by a ied.. >> key had been called up to with lead truck after one of his fellow soldiers had been shot and then the ied went off 88..
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her anger i feel so horrible for his parents. what can you say he was a good kid and a horrible thing happened to him. >> a 19 year-old woman died near the university in a fire. she was staying at a friend's house she lived in england and hall others escaped the flames. >> i ran to the window in my room and punched out of the screen and began to yell helped. the firefighters came to the window with a ladder the fire was getting really bad in their. >> a autopsy is scheduled for
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monday. >> after two years it will men were shot to death on halloween is suspect is in court today awaiting trial. a mother of three was killed at a house party two years ago. the bond was set at $1 million for the killer. police say the man was kicked out of the party and returned back to the house and fired multiple gunshots and to the building and crowd. he was arrested a year ago but released because of lack of evidence and it rearrested recently. >> they are looking for political guidance. they are criticizing gop leaders on capitol hill for not taking stronger stance against the obama administration.. >> tea party activist. the star
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of the afternoon was the only republican candidate who showed up businessman herman cain. >> it took a few passionate patriots to start this nation a and it will take a few passionate patriot to save this nation. >> hermain cain brought the crowd to his feet by slamming washington. presidential can get from georgia is considered a long shot but certainly one over hundreds of tea party goers this afternoon. >> they want you to believe that president barack obama is a smooth talker that he cannot be beat. speaking earlier in the
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day was the goal of the tea party is clear. >> to stop this president to shake up the republican party to return a to its conservative groups exchanged the way washington does business. >> taking questions from the audience while many here acknowledged they are far outnumbered they say they are confident the tea party movement is gaining momentum. >> i think you are going to find america is a conservative country. i think you're going to see all be socialism outpost it is unlikely this tea party canada
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can defeat president obama in his hometown state. >> don't forget republicans are running against republicans pete t. party leans republican. last week in florida hermain cain won the straw poll in florida. he was the only presidential candidate who showed up in person all were invited. >> president obama and the republicans are pushing different jobs tragedies strategies. >> our country is in trouble i don't think anyone would dispute that fact, when one out of six work eligible americans cannot
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find a job that is not a economic recovery, that is a economic tragedy. >> both parties agree on the problem but not on the solution . president obama said the 470 billion a jobs plan he outlined. would outlined it calls for tax cuts and new job training and infrastructure. >> now i've won it back it is time for congress to get back together and passed this jobs bill. >> the way to create jobs. >> for year's excessive regulations has tried to stay afloat now with our economy struggling barriers to job
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creation. >> indiana governor is denying that his office is. he called the report faullse.. >> the reliable source says such a deal was true. >> chicago media legend wants you to remember his legacy by buying and. >> with it the baseball playoffs starting this weekend we will take a look at what is happening at wrigley field and here's a tip is not baseball.
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>> and what sparked this fight a high-school football game. >> we are looking at frost later tonight we will have one or temperatures tomorrow more coming up
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a woman has been critically injured and eight apartment fire. firefighters were called to the building on west 76th street at 5:00 p.m.. the 164 unit building housed elderly and disabled people. the woman was taken to the hospital. there are no reports of her injury or cause of the fire. a fire at lincoln park leaves many families without a home. the fire broke out at around midnight. firefighters had to
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pull back and go into defensive mode there's still no cause of fire. >> there was a rally today on the streets of chicago. chicago voices for peace was an effort to bring greater awareness to young people being killed by gang activity. there are too many people who do not realize the long-term of factse fax of young children dying. >> it is sad to see flowers or crime scene tape all over town.
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you talk about posttraumatic stress with children in schools. >> there is not enough funding to combat crime in the neighborhood. >> the state sale took place at his home he and his wife moved into a retirement warmhome. >> movie night courtesy of groupon. you probably recognize that, that is the 25th anniversary of
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ferris buhlers day off. a screen was held at wrigley field. a high-school football game has turned into a all-out brawl and flooding in south east asia as the typhoon pushes through. >> 8 amtrak train crashes in sent d
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americans traveling overseas are being warned by the state department to be mindful of possible retaliation against united states citizens againstfour of the killing of the outcry that leaderal queda leader. he was killed during a united states air strike attack.
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the only way to bring peace with the insurgents is to have peace topping's with pakistan. robbani was trying to broker a deal with the tasliban. >> troy davis was laid to rest today. there were dozens of eyewitnesses to the crime when he was accused of shooting a off-duty police officer. in later years some of the
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witnesses recanted their testimony. the house band of kathy giffords retired from an asset today. nasa today. his wife is recovering from a gunshot wound she received last year. they are riding a eight dueled memoir. >> the typhoon has strengthened to a super typhoon with maximum winds of 150 mi. per hour. low- lying areas and coastal zones are expected to receive more flash floods. one person has been killed by a landslide triggered by the typhoon.
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another amtrak crash this one in northern california. the amtrak train collided with a semi trucks. there were over 200 people on the train but only minor injuries were reported thankfully the train did not the real. investigators are still determining how the crash happened. >> this high-school football game turned ugly. the quarterback made a running play and after he was tackled the players started fighting. even a coach was punched in the face. police were called in in the game was called off.
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>> 1 competition the men and women who were called upon to save lives in the water. >> why hundreds of truckers participated in a convoy. >> what does it take to grow a 800 lb. pumpkin? all of this coming up. illinois lottery. pick 3- 2-4-8
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pick4- 3-9-6-0 1-10-5-7-21
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lotto jackpot is 2.75 million. 3-36-16-37-21-22 have a great night.
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public safety scuba divers got some realistic experience today. the fire department sponsored the dive team competition they tested the skills of highly trained divers. among the submerged challenges were a boss in the water, it crashed airplane and underwater search for weapons and contraband. >> truckers from all over the country participated in a convoy for the special olympics 2011. it lasted for 20 mi..
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>> it kept the alliance's. it encouraged chicagoans to perform 1000 good deeds. the street was turned into a giant playground. >> you may want to prepare for frost tonight we will hear more about it he says the temperature will drop tonight but we will have one based coming up
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anything to win your trust. i'm more in debt now because the fees and interest on my cards kept piling up. [female narrator] talk to your creditors directly or to find a non-profit agency near you, visit debt advice dot org. tell us about the indian summer. >> there is a frost advisory tonight it will be outside the tri-state the overnight low temperatures will drop to 41-42 degrees just above the defrost threshold.
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if you live up north you will probably wake up to some frost. temperatures were quite cool today 56 degrees. a looks like the next seven days will be sunny and around chicago a great week temperatures are expected to rise. there is a pocket of cold air over the great lakes. we could see a 80 degree temperature at on a few days
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before the weekend. we will have another batch of cold air heading toward chicago a week from sunday. these are temperatures across the great lakes. right now out at o'hare is 49 degrees. this is the aerial coverage for the frost advisory. this is the first sign of winter.
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this is a temperature forecast notice what happens tomorrow morning as we speak this along with time temperatures will improve quite a bit. it is practically, with it winds tonight. skies across the area are clear 45-42 degrees by morning. tomorrow mostly sunny chance of morning frost temperatures will be in the upper 60's for tomorrow. monday take a look at these numbers
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temperatures are around the area should range between it 70-75 degrees that is a good start. the first warm up after a frost is called a indian summer. one restaurant rethinks personality next art critic pigs then. >> a look at some of this week's newcomers. >> later in sports battle for big tent bragging rights.
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your co angkor can have multiple personalities, but can a restaurant have multiple personalities. >> is catering to several different crowds. is one
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restaurant with personality. it is a contemporary sports bar with flat screen tvs. it is like a dressy club with low-profile furniture. in the middle is it the 100 seat dining room and illuminated pillars. it is a beautiful setting for upscale. comfort upscale start with muscles. a trio of oysters is presented in a pretty roadw.
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there are also have the scallops and short ribs. the fries are delicious innovative desserts include disk key lime piee. i give this to stars. it is affordable and a few blocks from the peter.ier. >> for more on this restaurant
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go on line. what can they truck of my new work and 80 gal. of water get your? a huge pumpkin. >> and thousands of runners to do their part to fight
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to all the peace corps volunteers past, present and future, thank you for your service to your country and the world.
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some are calling it a pumpkin on steroids. it weighed in at 814 lbs.. a man from the chicane and grew it with a truck load of
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moneywort and gave it 8 gal. of water a day. a is on the sale of bond craigslist. >> the hot air balloons lifted off for the 40th straight year in albuquerque new mexico. with the winds over 110 miles per hour they usually stops the the balloon festival but today's lift off it was also a kick off for the albuquerque balloon festival. >> every year i say that i want
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to go. >> we are only going to see frost for a few hours and tomorrow will turn into a relatively nice day. two-thirds of the nation had nice and mild temperatures today. 49 degrees at o'hare airport right now. you are looking at frost advisories from illinois to indiana in to western michigan. the purple area it is eight freeze warningsfreeze warning.
9:45 pm
here is your 7 day forecast. 67 degrees on sunday mid-70s on monday. we have a good chance of hitting 80 degrees tuesday. and tuesday as you can see there is no rain in the 7 day forecast. we are off to a dry start for october. >> after last week we need a dry spell. the annual chicago aids walk
9:46 pm
helps or raise money to battle hiv and aids. the aids foundation says it awarded more than $16 million last year. several big openings at the movies this weekend.. >> another movie focuses on cancer being funny and a woman with a lot of problemsof love problems. 50-50 tells a story of a young
9:47 pm
man who gets diagnosed with cancer. it is a story about how he and his best friend to deal with this cancer. the actors are stellar in this movie. it is first eight tastefully appropriate funny movie but eventually it becomes touching and fall for. if you have ever been through any type of cancer this is a must see and even if you haven't you will laugh and learn something. there is also machine gun preacher.
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is about eight x a drug addict who turns preacher. it becomes a bit of a one note story. then there is this movie what is it your number. anna faris stars in this movie. the story is nothing special there are a few r rated laughs. you can see more of my deans list @
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it has been a wild day with playoffs and baseball. >> and the fighting irish trying to get a win over their indian and neighbors coming up i ate breakfast and got heartburn, third day this week. so i took my heartburn pill and some antacids.
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time now for the sports. >> it took a crazy roller- coaster ride to get the five uno.and 0. it was his first start after the torn achilles' tendon last year. illinois came back. he had a school record for 276 yds. he
9:53 pm
appears to have tweet his ankle and achilles' tendon he sat out for the rest of the game. with under four minutes to go after a fumble they get the score from 6 yds out. illinois winds it 38-35. you have to give the coaches a lot of credit they did a good job at staying in thatit.
9:54 pm
>> we knew there were going to be ups and downs whoever thought it was going to be a easy win did not know what they were talking about. >> the fighting irish came out firing in lafayette tonight. they were no match for a notre dame. notre dame leading 35-3 the huskies came back late but was not enough losing 48-41
9:55 pm
it was a shaky game for the cardinals. he puts this one out for a three wantrun home run. they won a 11-6 and took the lead in the series we were able to add some points on and that made my job a lot easier. diamondbacks. coors had a 2-0
9:56 pm
lead. brewers take to gain 14-one the game 4-1. can't but looking nice and loose against the rangers. the game was tied at 3. this was a double to bring in a run. they
9:57 pm
are now tied one game eyepiece. the nba owners and players met for hours today. that will deliver for us on this saturday night from all of us at
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