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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 12, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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future with the red sox theo epstein and lavish party long time traidtion only 15 once wgn news @ 9 wgn news @ 9 chicago cannot afford this kind of government any longer. mayor rahm emmanuel passing budget along to the city council some reseating it while others not so much. good evening top story around the country tonight. what mayor rahm emmanuel is planning and how much will reach your wallet? first budget proposal for the city of chicago. facing a deficit of $635 million. smoke and mirrors and one that time fixes simply will not get the job done. during a 30 minute budget address mayor rahm emmanuel wasted no time in
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reminding alderman that chicago last 10 city budgets in the deep red noting since taking office has cut the budget by $75 million today laid out proposal including raising a host of city fines and fees. >> i think the mayor has put the initiative in place probing consolidating resources that saving money all of those things hopping along the way again increasing fees not always the best solution >> some include raising city water prices hiking hotel tax by 28 percent also $2 per day congestion tax on downtown parking garages. city stickers also for having cars and trucks from 120-135. >> maybe cannot reduce the very least keep it what it is do not want to ask people for more out of their pocket >> also wants more police
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administrators on street patrol merging fire and police headquarters and closing three police districts. on the chopping block >> talked to the superintendent last night assured me it will not lose getting in fact more police officers on the street >> wanting to eliminate police vacancies fell by only 100 vacancies enough to hire enough about two classes of police recruits >> great confidence if he believes he can police the streets and keep them safe with that number of personnel so be it >> also cut library hours by 8 hours a week told the mayor says changes come to $470 million two-thirds of the deficit chicago is facing and the city council will vote on the budget sometime late december.
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>> immediate reaction tonight to investigation catching city labor pension board letting union leaders double and triple dip pensions for one job house republican leader tom cross filed a bill to stop the practice entirely slamming shut lupul pension board using to all-out sweet deals >> the man who okayed at least 8 top union leaders to double dip to pensions for the same job is james capasso jr.. runs chicago labor pension board. investigation found james capasso jr. have broken federal law trying to double dip himself bogus time sheets show worked james capasso jr. for local 1001 but he never did. given the job by sun and all of chicago crime boss tony big tuna accardo two men kicked out of the union for ties with chicago
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outfit signed his fraudulent time sheets. james capasso jr. kicked out of union but did not stop him from keeping his six figure job that he has had for nearly half century. watching over chicago billion dollar pension fund. mayor took questions about pension abuses raised by wgn and tribune editorial meeting today committed to dealing with the pension problem but would not budge on specific abuses we've reported. >> we need to have a comprehensive look at this cannot have the short cut just dealing with stories and everybody else is off of the bestlist without addressing the future >> springfield a blizzard of pension reform coming from representatives, sen. matt murphy proposal wanted to stop
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james capasso jr. this interpretation of pension law as he allows his you get a house to double and even triple dip bellmont can you name and were us in the world where somebody can get two pensions for the same job? even by our standards and illinois beyond belief is insane. we did have a chance to meet james capasso jr. asking about the pension abuse problem read in the face and stormed out of the room we tried calling him before the investigation aired yesterday told on vacation >> judge acquitted a woman accused of killing a man during a party stunt john powell died of injuries after a punch in the face by tiffany startz $5 party bet with his testimony stated the force of the plunge did not leave a bruise not what killed the man medical reports showed
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an artery in his neck burst when his head snapped back after the punch we now know the head varsity football coach fenger high-school charged with assault allegedly threatening a student last week coach cassius chambers surrenders last wednesday charges stemming from beating up fenger student accused of stealing a pair of nike flip- flops'. belonging to one player sounded like a broken record one bank in the loop robbed again today fourth time in the past two months. at the chicago community bank branch lake street another surprising aspect to this story. what you mentioned it newsworthy enough on its own but the strangest part of the story four times in two months. san bank robbery. fbi says the same man the latest time to just this afternoon 1:30 p.m. they said it
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he strolled inside and locked up to a teller made a threat demanding cash suggested he had a weapon and no gun was seen walked out of the bank with an undisclosed amount of money not much of a description african- american 40's arunta 5 ft. 8 in. tall and may be a creature of habit incredibly bold may be both at the fbi tells us they are quite sure the same individual has had the same bank august 12th september 6th september 30th and then again today. they have this picture getting up there as fast as they can on their website take another look at this individual authorities would be glad if you what you can find a link on the website
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trying to close the book on the murder john wayne gacy is once and for all new efforts to identify all of the victims. and from the weather center 78 degrees today that is the last 70 degrees and while big storm spending up thunderstorms and our future also windy and cooler weather what about the weekend? another cool full forecast coming out.
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9:11 pm wgn news @ 9 future news from the chicago cubs theo epstein what it may need >> almost a fact not a fact it is crazy a lot of people in trouble several sources it just about a done deal for theo epstein and chicago cubs, five years between 15-$20 million red sox getting competition in the form of cash or a minor league player no word on the official announcement when it that will
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come but if it does not come a lot of guys are reliable sources wrong theo epstein 37 years old 12 titles in boston september collapse had baseball fans in boston state of heightened taking a telex to chicago caught up with a radio broadcaster len kasper >> seems as though this is the guy ricketts wanted from day one is a grand slam if he gets theo epstein long-term has said it really taking ownership of the franchise want it to build it with and through the draft international sighting and the new general manager coming in august 84 loss toobviously the philosophy has to change but the track record is there >> said it will take awhile to
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get them back on track big concrete free agents in boston developed talent within the organization in jon lester clay bucholz dustin pedroia jacoby ellsbury the form that is why the emphasis may be to build from within and then go out and get free agents and a couple of years next two years may be a transition period. hits and misses a bunch of >> they all have mrs. but overall analysis this guy is a top-notch guys and you can build an organization best chance in the long curse of the billy goat to get to the world series batt but by the way could day theo epstein for boston curse of the
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debate come to chicago to crush what rich pointed out was the billy goat live at wrigley field tonight with reaction from chicago cubs fans >> landing theo epstein big for tom ricketts but fans say a very logical move cannot be happier >> similarities between cubs and red sox to a great to ignore both in big cities with storied franchises ballparks and passionate fans pour and our time suffered greatly until theo epstein turned to the red sox around >> also moved a great guy a great general manager beating us to a couple of championships hopefully good a baseball bat knows what strings to pull and what players to bring in and out to match a glove together and make things happen to be a good opportunity >> something they can finally be
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excited about that at long season >> kind of been a bad spot last year did not really get into the game as much as i used to >> place boston fans are getting used to having a winning season until the past debacle when the red sox accused losing blowing a lead in the end it many fans not happy that theo epstein up and left when they feel needed him most >> her legacy by leaving boston doing what is right for him >> chicago has to win with him >> so-called prove he can take another team to that level and i do not think he will take the chicago cubs to that level >> beat really really excited celebrate this but also relax and realize a guy in a suit >> cubs fans were lighting up the boards calling in with hopes
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and dreams for a new chicago cubs team at the dare we say this world series quick to bring them back to reality after all it is going to take time to build up a winning team >> not as if fans can grab a beer and popcorn and snuggled up to the television and watch somebody general manage >> very true chicago cubs fans definitely hoping desperately hoping for a better baseball team than out of this ball park >> identifying john wayne gacy victim's new technology that can help bring closure to families of victims at trial of underwear bomber abrupt end coming up it turn in the case today. ♪ ♪ [ woman ] we didn't know where to go next with eric's adhd. his stimulant medicine was helping but some symptoms were still in his way. so the doctor kept eric on his current medicine and
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wgn news @ 9 8 people are dead after a man walked into southern california hair salon opened fire officer said the suspect was armed with lots of weapons all happened at sot lot and seal beach california of the pacific coast highway police caught the suspect about half mile away at traffic stop. one of the cirque observed suspect leading parking lot taken into custody with that half mile of location we believe only suspect at this time. not talking about possible motive but the suspect's ex-wife apparently worked at the salon. cook county sheriff's apartment
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department looking to identify bodies by john wayenne gacy by exhuming bodies new dna technology able to close cases and give them up eight young men who had futures one of the most evil people ever on the lead to destroy their lives >> for more than 30 years mass murderer gacy 33 victims on identified and in wheat recent weeks cook county sheriff's department teaming up with investigators past and present forensic specialist and pathologists may be closer to cracking the mystery first step the gig up skeletal remains hobbled by determining dna profile. victims all white males between ages of 14-217 out of the eight are originally buried in crawlspace of gacy norwood park home, approximate date for
9:21 pm
each of their disappearances' and now they need help from the public >> public coming forward would allow us to do a dna match is not available for 30 years ago. and it is not interested something very straightforward we have hot lines website set up for people with contacting us short order weeks conducting any matches that need to be done >> with the passage of time relatives of gacy the victims have likely scattered that in mind the sad thing setting up telephone lines for calls across the country for more information >> al qaeda terrorist pleads guilty today trying to blow up airplanes looking for revenge of killing of muslims umar farouk abdulmutallahb attempted to detonate a bomb in his underwear aboard a northwest airlines flight last christmas day 2009.
9:22 pm
surprised the court just a second day on trial 24 year-old sentenced to january 12th facing life in prison without possibility of parole. special celebration for a young latino women inside the tradition panic at the pumpkin patch september 11th call that came from inside a corn maze.
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tonight's medical watch protecting your hard eating right and exercising may not be enough environmental toxins pesticides accumulate in blood vessel walls and iran are released to the heart and causing heart disease. swedish study researchers measured circulating toxins in the blood at all the patients for signs are retarding on to direct link between heart disease and it this toxin. by demand preventing birth defects helping growing child master the language and equivocation new study finds women who take folic acid during pregnancy and pants children's narrow development afterbirth the key to start to supplement before pregnancy man to continue to at least eight weeks researchers and bobbing 40,000 children shows like acid
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reducing risk educating children about six sacks young boys getting the message surprising 80% of teenage boys said they are using condoms. experts say powerful sign changing sexual behavior working critics worry even though they are practicing safe sex the number of teenagers having sex level off after years of decline. overall 42 percent of girls and 42 percent of boys 15- 19 years old reporting having intercourse. another change numbers are the same across the board >> tom skilling forecast sunshine also much-needed rainfall when we will get which coming up.
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your right color. all good things must come to an end. >> 9-7 d date degree-days 70 degree days, we checked fast this point forward average of 16 more, 60 degree days an average of 7-70 degree days and even 180 typically beautiful fall colors. a beautiful shot we also have
9:30 pm
some incredible shots wisconsin during the tour through the upper midwest looking at the colors daytime look at beautiful chicago they are beauteous look at the nighttime shot thought this was very cool captured full moon elimination of the lights and fall color scorcher shots sending those of long mother nature a nice day 78 degrees here in chicago 10 days above normal driest october on the books about to change sky turned ominous in the western suburbs showers moving atoms more to come coming in waves contiguous one band of storms northwest illinois during the day with lots of lightning and heavy downpours. parts of iowa 2 in.
9:31 pm
of rainfall the rainfall fades latest radar do cumulonimbus clouds southern illinois and missouri northbound as you can see others into wisconsin lightning data fair amount of lightning across the mississippi river last couple of hours more developing to the west rainfall on the way it the view from harvard showers approaching the area late today weather bug camera at the view downstate rainfall afternoon thunder and lightning as well. total rainfall amounts over an inch iowa and the cedar rapids, high temperatures around our area today, the '70s many areas close to 80 degrees naperville up to
9:32 pm
77 degrees today. at this hour in the '60s double-digit wind gusts occurred in the last couple of hours 69 degrees at o'hare airport and 69 degrees at midway. you can see the easterly wind blowing bringing us late cooling during the day today. what happens on the models tonight up to 12 midnight the widespread rainfall but rating to the west you can see closing in on us morning rush hour tomorrow noon time lunchtime shoppers are around fact embedded yellows and oranges indicating showers and thunderstorms mixed in with pretty good rain amounts of 1 in. totals forecast of of the system biggest rainfall in chicago since late september. only a few drops so far officially in the city for this month of october. first wave of
9:33 pm
rainfall later tonight more the better tomorrow nine days of seventies chicago area and there is the 78 degrees today. the air waiting in the wings cool air poll developing loading down on us next week. 69 degrees in chicago more on like feel to the air in many areas midwest reporting temperature drops- numbers there southeast wind humidity 57% the do 0.53 at high mold spore count today, and absent here is what is happening to change the weather powerhouse jet stream cool air building to the north record heat in the southwest today. on the nose of the jet a good deal of lift @staking the air up and cooling making for the break all tomorrow. a step cooler tomorrow coolest on friday and saturday this is the cool air polled here to look at what
9:34 pm
happens extended into next week dumping southward spitting up early weak storm monday-tuesday more rainfall at that time bottom line got to see a cooler look to the pattern that what we have seen on the other hand we knew we were in need of a logical nirvana forever. . of shoppers and possible thunderstorms later tonight low temperature 57 degrees. southeast went 6-70 mi. per hour. not at all day it rainfall but a couple of downpours cannot be ruled out still and not very strong but as a front toaster tomorrow evening the wind picks up showers and storms turnoff after half an inch of rainfall, and sun and clouds friday with a powerful northwest wind blowing in the area, talking more about that wind a factor on friday- saturday autumn storms spending up pressure lowers the wind
9:35 pm
picks up. weather office looking at the map back not something online tomorrow? >> yes that is correct a twitter chat tomorrow folks will be able to talk to was from 10-11:00 using # ask tom the way to get in to us and we will anwer all your questions as best as we can. >> coming up one of the biggest parties quinceanera thousands of chicago teenagers looking forward and look at this special celebration it coming right up. ♪ ooh baby, looks like you need a little help there ♪ ♪ ooh baby (what) can i do for you today? ♪ [ female
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all month celebrating hispanic heritage month stories about culture people and the work. looking at the tradition quinceanera been around for hundreds of years continuing to pick up in popularity falling
9:39 pm
one young lady on young knight >> quinceanera tradition dates back to 500 bc started by the aztecs way to signal a girl turning into a woman all latin american countries have their own version of a celebration quinceanera basically means a 15th birthday in united states tradition does not seem to be going anywhere girls marking the day in a big way. one of the longest traditions you may have never heard of quinceanera begins with a church service. party right of passage into woman but for 15 year old girl but take a look at everything that goes into it. we begin here at angel dance studio >> on this night rehearsal for her and a brother twin celebrating the day together
9:40 pm
lavish party choreographer booming business built around this >> quinceanera but saturday now we have 18 quinceanera on it weekend business is felt >> choreography just one step on the big night comes the rest >> the dance to the address the cake last from being a child we've been talking about it since we were babies consider
9:41 pm
possibility time for change and perhaps tradition outdated but no we asked to do you want quinceanera she said yes >> father worked overtime and they made it happen >> to be our best to do not know how much it cost only by parents no batt but try $15,000 the money could be spent elsewhere would not have it any other way >> quinceanera only once, only quince once out emotional all round todos hope feels as good >> perhaps even more moving for bad wants the same celebration sunday for own children making tradition on this night picture- perfect >> you are probably wondering
9:42 pm
how big a big business is this? no real hard numbers out there with 400,000 latina girls turning 15 each year you do the math some estimate $400 million a year spent on quinceanera vendors we talked to said the economic downturn in united states not slowing down. dad has wedding too. taking kids to corn maze and then you get lost? happen to massachusetts family they panicked and dialed 911 got frantic call later sports constant pressure on jay cobbler finally taking a toll on the chicago bears quarterback.
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not scary for family in massachusetts lost in a corn maze outside of boston. got dark they panicked called 911 that not very scared it very dark
9:46 pm
quickly rescued family offered tickets maze again no word on sources whether or not there will do it i do not think so tom skilling seven day forecast >> and a corn maze bigger than that? no wonder they were frightened to humongous how they have a day to get out of there, rainfall coming in tonight the radar tonight showing showers close again sot that west storm literally up the great lakes region central illinois slipping northward barometer reading bottom drops out air rushing up to the atmosphere into storm increasing speed the entire life cycle of the storm isobars pack the area turning into snow on the
9:47 pm
backside of the system north of lake superior a lot of wind with gusts forecast for models bought here tomorrow this is an ibm early by this time tomorrow night and watch how the red and purple areas strong wind gusts of wind gusts passing 40 plus miles per hour upper midwest all of wisconsin and michigan north into sections of ontario canada that is what is door to happen with wind tomorrow night friday and saturday 67 degrees tomorrow and waves of showers and thunderstorms in a couple of showers developing an afternoon very windy and seasonably cool on saturday not barbaric outbreak 66 degrees on saturday another wave of low pressure increasing clouds rainfall fallen at night sunday morning turning cloudy sunday afternoon
9:48 pm
another storm late monday tuesday and it really turning cool air and '50s by middle of next week a very active pattered after quiet two weeks >> buckingham palace another sign of closing have a good night tom skilling. tonight chicago tribune photos of the day more photos on website
9:49 pm and coming up theo epstein makes his way len kasper cautions arrival in not made an immediate success on the field and taking time off to make doritos sports next.
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new stride whitemint is a hit but it lasts too long. how do we get people to chew another piece? i got this one. oh hey. [ male announcer ] spit it out. or yeti will find you. [ grunts ] i like him. thanks ryan. [ male announcer ] new stride whitemint. the ridiculously long lasting gum. for the smallest spaces, the toughest jobs, and the tightest turns get our lowest prices ever on craftsman products october 14th-20th at sears. plus get a $10 tools cash card when you spend $75 or more in tools during craftsman days. craftsman. trust. in your hands. whenever talking cubs and october >> nothing new and less talk about reports done deal for theo epstein told you earlier appears theo epstein named a new general manager of chicago cubs agreed to five year deal for 15-$20
9:53 pm
million announcing a deal soon red sox get compensation form of cash or a minor league prospect. no comment from theo epstein or chairman tom rickets theo epstein want to titles in 8 years in boston team collapsed in september huge lead in wild card lead blown lamp placed on terry francona and theo epstein but a big catch that this reaction len kasper len >> no question people should be excited 2012 we really do not know what it will look like things to be determined new regime takes over in terms of manager coaching staff veteran players trying to move them i anticipate some boats but maybe not as many of immediately as fans may look for but over the course of next three-four years much different looking organization >> game at fort rangers-tigers lot night for hometown fans in the 11th naploli single to
9:54 pm
center hamilton scores, cruz follows 3 run shot, 7-3 leade 3-1. peppers minor knee injury hopes to play against vikings thank goodness jay cutler is okay under fire three more times making 18 sacks in season, played a superb game kept alive affecting his psyche physically not that big a big deal lamentably deep in the clock in the pocket take your eyes off that check what's going on anything to not want to take
9:55 pm
sack the grid of all as fast as possible we need to take care of things quarterback play sot improvement and if we keep going a lot of starts with the jay cutler and what the quarterback is doing pregnant everybody else a lot with that >> cannot do that when you face a good football team correctable we have to correct that >> soccer chicago fire still in the playoffs marathon season they took a blow tonight dallas up 1-0 all of the corner kick bicycle kick for the score dollars victorious score 2-1, and be a labor talks set for arbitration on monday by cox said brandon scott to the minors and brandon saad and patrick kane and patrick sharp making burritos cocineros at q-doba's today cooks, burritos fans can
9:56 pm
vote whether kane or shrap best burrito competitive in the kitchen sizzling shar-pei hopefully a few votes >> who is going to win that? >> kane kane going to win >> that is the news this wednesday night happy you shared time with us. spanish rich king
9:57 pm
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